August 28, 2009
Venture Fourth Fall Intensive

August 28, 2009, Friday evening

Keywords: crystals, Lemuria, guided crystal meditation

Aaron: We're going to do one more, I hesitate to call it a journey, but adventure, tonight, and then have some time to ask questions to me and Heather. Heather will be with us for a short time tomorrow morning but is leaving before 10. Then we will pick up our program from there... (scheduling changes)

Heather, I am so grateful to you for what you have offered here. It has been a true blessing to have you here. Thank you.

We talked about this last January, I shared my vision with Heather, and these days were just what I hoped they would be. I think it has opened many doors for all in this group. We of course welcome you back at any time if you'd like to come and participate and just visit the program, not to put you back to work but just to visit.

You have all had the experience of meeting your power animals, guides, your higher selves, and have opening to your own power. Some of you have met these blessed companions, some of you have not yet fully connected with them, and I know you will because they are there. They want nothing more than for you to be aware of them. They want nothing more than to be able to assist you, as I do.

People ask me, "Why do I incorporate in Barbara? What do I get out of it?" My joy is service. My joy is to help alleviate human suffering and to bring forth peace, happiness and understanding, to help you be a little less confused with this whole human experience.

You've had a meditation connecting with the lake. Many of you have done meditations with me before connecting with the elements, and we did a bit of that this week. The tree, here (pointing out the window to a large tree . I've noticed a lot of you connecting with this tree. A lot of love is going out to that tree and coming back to you.

Trees, of course, are sentient beings, as are butterflies and whatever other animals you connected with. You don't normally think of a crystal as a sentient being, but a crystal has intelligence. It's awake. It does not experience emotion in the way you know emotion; it's really a Lemurian object. It has a physical structure, a physical body. It has an intelligence that I would hesitate to call a mental body. It doesn't think and plan in the ways that you think of as mental thought, but it has intelligence, and it has the ability to communicate its intelligence. It does not have an emotional body that suffers through emotional upheavals, but it's capable to experience love, and to generate love.

If by accident it fell on the floor and shattered, it would not experience pain, but if somebody in anger threw it with the intention to destroy it, it would experience sadness. Pain of a sort, not suffering, but pain. Pain for the emotion that was so overwhelming that it brought about its destruction, and that it could not communicate its love successfully and help heal that anger and fear.

So these crystals are alive (pointing to Barbara's tray of crystals). There are many kinds of crystals. Some are very clear. This is not quite clear one... (holding a crystal). This one is very clear; there is almost no grain in it. It has certain qualities because of its clarity.

Some have what we call rainbow light in them. When you hold them up they reflect different colors of the rainbow through the texture within.

They are different kinds of quartz. Here we have rose quartz, and a smaller, more pale rose quartz. Rose quartz has many qualities that connect with the heart chakra.

This more lavender colored crystal has a lot of rainbow light in it. It also connects with the heart chakra but also a lot with the third eye. Many of them connect with all the chakras. Some are more powerful with one chakra or another.

They have different shapes. This one has a large flat plane coming up to a point. It's a very useful crystal if there is a place where energy is contracted, to help to release that energy a bit. Like an eraser, almost. And then the point can be used to bring energy in, in that way that you hold the crystal against your hand so that the energy is coming through you and in. When working with the flat plane to release, I don't hold it against my hand, I don't want it to release into me, I'll hold it this way (demonstrating) inviting it down into the earth. It soaks up the energy, the pain, distorted energy, and then releases it.

This one has a double point. Usually there's a male and female end with a double point, and when you hold it, the one end gives off more female energy and the other way more of a male energy.

This one is very neutral in its polarity, no strong male or female end. But a crystal like this is often very good for healing because you hold the point into your hand, and your hand, instead of being a flat surface at the base, there's a point, the point is more able to collect the energy that's coming into you–not your energy, the energy you're opening to. Flowing into and then out toward whatever it is that is seeking healing. So it serves the way a magnifying glass serves when you have the sunlight shining into it, and then the magnified light shines down on a piece of paper and it can become very hot.

This 2-pointed crystal has a special ability to give off more energy for the being who is capable of drawing in that energy and sending it out for healing purposes.

I don't know the names of all of these in English. This one with yellow light is especially good for healing illness, especially supportive of the one who is, let me phrase it carefully–all of you have distortions of the physical body, but for one who has distortions that are of greater concern, not just a temporary distortion of overcoming the surgery but something like abdominal problem or heart problem, this can be a very powerful healer.

The blue crystal can be very helpful with the throat chakra. There are different kinds of blue crystals but any crystal of this particular energy helps open the throat. The predominant color of the throat chakra is blue. This energy helps to support the throat chakra.

Many years ago Barbara had a blue pendant, not as big as any of these, but on a chain. It was the first year when she began to channel me. She was learning how to open the throat chakra and use the energy of the throat chakra, and she literally leached all the color out of the blue crystal! It became white. It lost all its color. Of course the throat chakra was energized. It was a small price to pay.

This (one) has a lot more rainbow light in it, like this crystal does or some of these. Here's one with a lot of rainbow light in it. Not sure if you can see it... Can you see the rainbow light in it at all? You really have to hold it up to the sunlight... So this has the lavender color that supports the third eye and it also has rainbow light which is especially strong for healing.

This crystal has different qualities. It has some rainbow light in it, quite a bit, small sparkles of rainbow light, good for healing. But it's not a lavender-colored crystal in the same way that supports the third eye, it more supports the solar plexus chakra and the opening of the solar plexus.

Take a look at this one, Heather, it's very interesting. Can you see the little specks of rainbow light in it?

Heather: Oh, yes I can... Very warm, here's lots down here, rainbow light...

Q: Are diamonds crystals and do they have this energy?

Aaron: Diamonds are a form of crystal, yes. They are crystals. These crystals are cut, very much cut, but they are not as highly shaped as a diamond. A crystal likes more to be left in its natural state. Sometimes it's cut at one end and left natural at the other. Different crystals have different work to do in the world. People tend to like the appearance of the ones that are cut. They are not always the most powerful ones.

Each crystal has its own story to tell and its own work to do. So cut ones can be powerful. The diamond has often been so severely cut and manipulated that it loses some of its power. So it's a crystal but it's been deprived of its power in the attempt to beautify it.

Green is good for the heart, as is the rose quartz. Green is also helpful with the abdomen and spleen. Finally, for those who are deeply connected to the outdoors, a green crystal can help you connect to the environment.

I'm glossing over this really very quickly. I'm not a crystal expert. I don't even know the English language names of most of these. Clear quartz, yes, and rose quartz. But I don't know the English language names of them–do you know the English language names of them all?

Heather: This is smoky quartz... citrine... amethyst... (informal discussion of names)

Aaron: We'll show you a picture of a large uncut crystal or partially cut crystal. Sodalite is a very calming energy. I said it's good for the throat chakra, which is so, but it also has a very quiet, calming energy, good for somebody who is experiencing agitation.

Q: Can you explain "all crystal is intelligent"?

Aaron: Perhaps not in words but we're going to do a guided meditation with these and perhaps you'll discover the answer for yourself. I'm not sure I could articulate it. Can you, Heather?

Heather: I connect to them, I believe as Aaron does, by connecting to the essence, to their divinity, and then hearing them... (inaudible) ...You can connect to the divinity and then feel the energy and divine presence.

Aaron: There's more, though. That's helpful but there's one more part to it. You know from your experience with the study of karma that the cells in your body, the individual cells carry a karmic pattern, and that karma is passed literally through the cellular structure of the body.

For example, Barbara had bad damage to this foot in several past lives. She came into the incarnation not with an apparently damaged foot but with it more prone to damage. Some of you literally seem to have been born with a bad knee or bad back. It started to ache at a young age. It was always troublesome, maybe before you were 10 or 12 you kept spraining one knee, or kept finding you had headaches or stomachaches.

This is the cellular message being passed literally into the body, the flow of karma in the body. The being who has stomachaches in one lifetime after another has the opportunity to bring healing not only to this lifetime's stomach ailments but to the whole history that brought forth these stomach ailments. For example, a tendency to hold anger in the belly, tighten the belly. So one begins to look at that pattern and see how it can be released. And the healing of it in this body heals it back through time.

Now, in the same way, crystals carry an imprint literally from the time of Lemuria. They have a memory, so that if you hold the crystal, and much in the same way as you went to your power animals and asked for help for some kind of question, and received an answer to some kind of question, if you hold the crystal and ask the question, you begin to get an answer, after you've become friends with the crystal and get to know it.

So it's hard to explain the intelligence but you will start to feel that the answer is coming from the crystal. Now the answer is not specifically coming from the crystal, it's coming from your interconnection with the crystal, and the force of that energetic connection. But the crystal does have a memory of what the Earth was like in these days before there was the forgetting of your deepest truth. When you work with the crystal it helps you to remember who you are.

So it's that kind of intelligence. It's not the kind of intelligence that can do algebra. It's the kind of intelligence that knows your highest being and can remind you of it and steer you back to it. But it can, I would not say communicate in words so much as in feelings and images, though sometimes in words.

It's not here now but Barbara has a round, sodalite crystal. When people come to see her who are very agitated and sitting there squirming, she hands it to them. She says, "Just sit and hold it a few minutes," and invariably they calm down. It just reminds them of that which is calm and centered in themselves.

So it's this kind of intelligence.

I do not know if I can answer your further questions about crystals but I'm happy to hear them. There are good crystal books that will tell you about the specific qualities of different kinds of crystal. What's more important to me is that you take a crystal and hold it and begin to speak to it, to get to know it as a friend, just as you did your power animals today or your guides.

With that end in mind, when we were last at the Casa, Barbara selected a tray full of crystals. I pointed out this one, that one, that one. Of course, none of you had enrolled in the program yet so I did not have specific people in mind, only crystals that I thought had good, strong, clear loving energy and the ability to communicate, and a variety of types of stones.

So since you've now enrolled in the program, I've chosen one for each of you. And if you will allow me to choose it for you rather than to pass the tray around, I will be giving you the crystal that I feel is most harmonious, not only with your own energy but with your own needs. And with what will be most supportive to you. It might not be the one where you would look at the box and say, "Oh, I like that one." But I would encourage you to work with the crystal I've given you. If anybody truly dislikes their crystal, let me know and I'll see if I can choose a different one for you.

So I'm going to get up...(distributes crystals)

In Lemuria, everything has a crystalline base so the crystals were not used for healing. There was no illness of that sort to heal. If there was distortion, people sang to the distortion. It was healed in imagery or simply holding the ever-perfect. If people wanted to cut blocks of crystal to make a building, a group of people together might sing to a giant crystal stone and literally cut it in that way and levitate into place. If a being experienced some kind of distortion, but very few did, harmonics were used to heal.

So what you have here is not crystals as they were used in Lemuria but crystals that have the memory of Lemuria. In other words, memory of that plane of awakenedness, that plane of power and wholeness. Your crystal can communicate that memory to you.

Q: I have 2 questions about Lemuria. One is, can you tell us when this timeline was? ...

Aaron: Long ago. Your linear time completely escapes my comprehension. I do not function in that linear time. When was Lemuria in existence? Now. Everything is now. But linearly it was an earlier now than Atlantis.

Q: The other question is, can you describe these beings, what they looked like? I'm having a hard time imagining crystal-based life form. Did they look like people with hands and walk around and have kids?

Aaron: Water is a form of crystal. Bearing that in mind, you know that water is fluid. So these weren't rigid beings. It was not crystal in this kind of form; it was simply a crystalline essence.

The beings in appearance were very tall and slender bearing both masculine and feminine energy but not sexually oriented one way or another. They did not have sexual organs in the same way you think of them. They were very beautiful beings.

Q: Humanoid looking?

Aaron: Humanoid looking, very much humanoid looking, but tall and slender. Flowing, graceful. The top of the skull was large, there was a large brain, basically a human face, long slender fingers. An inner glow. Clothing was worn but not because there was some cultural prohibition against nakedness but rather because it was a beautiful fabric or drapery for beauty's sake. So the naked body might be beautiful and the naked body might be draped to accentuate certain flow or colors. There was an inner ability to radiate the predominant color that was desired in coordination with the fabric.

There was no hair as you think of it, but one did not look at them and say, "Oh, they're bald." One would not call this bald, just beautifully patterned, and the texture, the lines of the crystal radiated through the inner skull and the patterns changed, just as this crystal, when I hold it up to the light you can see the colors in it... (pause)

I want to be sure that none of you are thinking, "Ah, I got my crystal just at the end so I didn't get the one he meant for me." (inaudible over laughter) D, do you see all the rainbow light in yours?

D: Not yet.

Aaron: Can you see it in this light? No? Tomorrow in the daylight. That has perhaps the most rainbow light so share it with the others and let them see how that rainbow light looks.

Q: As soon as I sat down with the crystal, I felt all this love coming for the crystal. I felt the crystal loving me. It was so beautiful.

Aaron: I'm very happy to hear that. Truly I chose amongst hundreds of crystals, all of these crystals had strong loving energy. I did not specifically designate in my mind, this is for this person, this is for that person, so much as a cluster of them, one of these for this person, one of the rose quartz for that person. But they're somewhat interchangeable. It would have been fine if I had given you a different one instead and you would have felt the same loving energy from it.

Part of what you're feeling is the Casa energy. All of these, when I say they've been blessed by the Casa entities, I did not pick them up one at a time and say, "Please bless this for me to give it away." But Barbara brought them all into the Current room, a few at a time, and sat with them 3 or 4 at a time, open in front of her, to let that energy come into them and invite the entities to bless each one, with the intention that she would be giving it away.

Q: The crystal showed me Abadiania right away.

Aaron: Good, good! And also just before Barbara came here they all were cleansed with Casa water. So anything that got into them in the months since she came back from Brazil was released.

Before it gets too late, let us now dim the light, not all the way off but dim, and let's do a guided meditation with these...

First I want you simply to hold your crystal and feel the weight and texture of it in your hands. Acquaint yourself with it. Let the eyes be closed. Just feeling the energy. No attention at this point to whether it's clear or with rainbow lights, lavender or rose. Just feeling the energy of it.

Introduce yourself as you would to any new friend. "My name is... Hello. I thank you for coming into my life. I welcome you as a friend. And I know that we will share much together."

Imagine how it might be to sit with a new friend and just look into each other's face and eyes, no talking necessary at first, just getting the feel of each other. Feel your crystal in this way, connecting with it.

Now again thank it for being willing to come to you, and ask it, what do you have to teach me? Why have we come together? Simply raise the question without seeking some kind of articulate answer. Raise the question and let it go.

Whatever images might come, colors or lights, realistic images, just note them. Inviting a language to develop between you and your crystal. It may take some time for that language to develop just as it takes time for any friendship to blossom.

The crystal of course will not answer questions like, "Which job should I take?" Rather, it will respond to questions like, "What blocks my heart from opening? Or "Can you help me break through whatever separates me from knowing my true being?"

Try to trust and follow whatever kind of message you get, even if it sounds a bit silly at first hearing it.

A few of you are getting a message from your crystals, and yes you can trust it, to focus on a certain color or light, so do so.

A few of you are getting messages to breathe in a different pattern, deeper into the heart or into the belly. Try it.

Take your crystal now and bring it up to the heart, with awareness of the heart chakra. Do this regardless of whether it's a clear quartz or rose quartz or green, whatever it may be. Invite it into your heart. Ask it to help you relate to the radiant heart within the self, to awaken that radiant heart.

Feel it begin to melt into your body, not so much to touch the heart but to become the heart. You may begin to feel the pulsation in it.

I repeat that I chose crystals of a very high vibration, a very positive polarity. As it melts into the heart, feel the love it offers and simply love it back.

Feel its energy begin to flow upward into the throat and third eye and crown. And downward into the solar plexus, the sacral chakra, the base.

Let it help support the alignment of this energy from base to crown, inviting it to help you to open the chakras. We've not yet done work with the chakras here, and we will not do so this week but in November or March.

Meanwhile, just hold it to the heart, allowing it to melt into the heart and feel its energy moving up and down, feeling the chakras opening, as the crystal invites opening. The heart is the center.

Now bring the crystal down to the base chakra just above the pelvic bone. Ask it to help support energy coming into the base chakra, life energy, joy. You may feel a throbbing in that area, pulsation. You may feel energy coming up the spine.

Hold it up now near the navel, the sacral chakra, and again invite opening, asking it to support the opening of this second chakra. You may find it helpful to hold the crystal against the sacral chakra point, over the navel, and very lightly with your fingers, to create a small vibration with it, just a very light touch.

And now, bringing it up to the solar plexus. We never force the opening of the chakras, we invite. Let your crystal help you to invite opening. If something feels closed, simply touch it with love, and again, use that very small, gentle vibration.

And up to the heart. Breathing it into the heart. And up to the throat. Depending on your crystal, you'll experience different results with these chakras. Every crystal will support the opening of every chakra but some will be especially receptive to one chakra or another. For example, the blue one that P received will be especially helpful in opening the throat chakra.

Moving it up now to touch the third eye. D, you'll find your chakra is especially powerful here. J, yours also.

Moving it up to the crown. Some of you are wondering if there's any special part of the crystal that should be touching the chakra. It's fine that the point touch but it doesn't have to be the point, whatever feels comfortable for now. As the months go by we'll learn more about how to work with these crystals.

Feeling the energy coming up to the crown. And then releasing out through the crown. Bring the crystal back to the heart and let the chakra feel like a fountain, light radiating out of the crown chakra, releasing, for the highest good of all beings. Offer the intention, "Through my melding with this crystal, may all beings be served. May all beings benefit with increased ease, joy, and peace. I offer this energy for the highest good of all beings and in the service of love."

Now, thank your crystal. You don't really need words, let your heart speak your gratitude for this beautiful new friend.

(bell, bell, bell)

We'll do a lot more work with these in the coming weeks. We'll explore the tones that go with each chakra and how the crystals can relate to and help to invite the opening of the chakras. We'll explore how we work with chakras. Perhaps we'll do a bit of that this weekend, perhaps not until November.

For now, simply get to know your crystal, in the same way you're getting to know your guides, higher self, and power animal. It is part of your support team. Let us pause here.

(recording ends)