August 28, 2009
Venture Fourth Fall Intensive

Friday AM part 1 Aaron and Q&A

Keywords: guides/higher self/teachers, four bodies, densities

Aaron: Again, my blessings and love to you all. All these electronic tools... I hope you have slept well and are enjoying the rain. The sun does shine in Michigan, but not today. Perhaps to phrase it differently, the sun is shining, there are just some low clouds that are blocking our view of it.

There is some confusion about who the guides are, to whom you might be opening, and discernment of the difference between the higher self and the guide. Each of you has a higher aspect of your being. We use the simple term "higher self". You have a physical body, you understand what that is, and a mental body, an emotional body and also a spirit body. Each body has different levels. There's the physical level of the physical body, there are etheric and astral levels, and the same with the mental and emotional bodies.

The highest level of the physical body is what we might call a template for this present physical body. It is the expression of the ever-perfect level of this physical body out of which this outer expression comes.

The same is true of the other bodies. There is thus a highest expression of the spirit body which we would call the higher self. It's the deepest essence of what you are, and it moves with you between lifetimes and into lifetimes. So this highest expression is part of what you are now.

If you look at the bodies in the room, you can't see the heart but you know it's there. Without the heart, the body could not be alive. You don't have to see the heart to know it's there.

This will complete the totality of what you are. Without the higher self, nothing would be here. There would be nothing to hold you together. But you often do not have contact with that highest expression of your being. You touch on the emotional and mental bodies, even on different levels of consciousness, and you think "Ah, that's it!" But consciousness is not the spirit body, consciousness is consciousness. The spirit body uses consciousness as a tool, just it uses the physical body and the mind.

In between your lifetimes this highest level of your being is more accessible because you're not caught up in the heavy density of this plane. There's more sense of knowing who you are, although there's still not perfect connection with it.

This higher self can serve as a guide to others, and others' higher selves can serve as your guide. You ask, "How could I, who am ignorant, ever be a guide to another?" I'm not talking about this present incarnate experience that you're having.

Picture yourself with a friend about to walk into a lake. There's a course set underwater, a clear track on which one my walk, and if you go off the course you could stumble into dense, thick ooze, but there's a firm path and on the surface there are small buoys that mark where the path is.

The two of you wade into the water. You can see the buoys but the water is rising. Once you're underwater you won't see the buoys anymore. You stop and look at each other. What are we to do? And one of you says to the other, "I'll climb on your shoulders and then my head will be out of the water and I can see the buoys. And I can turn your head a little bit one way or the other to help guide you so that you can follow the track. You're going to have to trust me. I'm just going to sit on your shoulders but I'll be able to see all the buoys. I'm going to have to trust you because if you go off the track, we'll both fall into the mud."

So you climb on your friend's shoulder or your friend climbs on yours, and you walk through this path. Your higher self is guiding you in just this way. But with you were on the bottom and the friend sitting on the shoulders, the friend was turning your head this way and you can say, "No, I'm supposed to go that way, I'm sure!" So you ignore the friend on your shoulders. How often do you do that?

The guidance is there and you have within you the capacity to hear that guidance, and what we call spirit guides are there. These guides, ... I think Barbara mentioned my description of the university system yesterday. When I first came to Barbara consciously, when she was first conscious of my presence, she could not hear me in words–not a lot of words, a little bit but not much. She had to tune and bring herself into a vibration that was high enough to hear me, and I had to learn to tune my vibration to hers.

So she worked with several intermediary guides. One she described was her grandfather. Another was simply a beloved friend who she perceived as a Native American woman. They gave her tuning exercises, especially to focus on certain colors and lights, to do certain exercises to raise her vibration. Meanwhile she and I just sat together and shared our energy together. And gradually it became possible for her to hear me more precisely and to trust what she heard.

You have a family of guidance. There will be the beings that are 3rd density beings like yourself who sit on your shoulders, figuratively speaking. But if there's something deeper that you need to understand your guide will bring you to his boss, so to speak, to a next rank up, the person who knows a bit more. If they determine that you still need a higher level of guidance, it goes up and up.

We talk about the densities and that you are 3rd density and moving into 4th density. Fourth density is a density in which you will be telepathic and compassion grows. And in 5th density, wisdom deepens. Sixth density is, let us call it a density of service. Each of these densities has a broad range. We talk about children in school but they go from kindergarten to 12th grade. Then you have graduate school, several years of graduate school.

So there are beginning and middle and end 4th density and 5th density and 6th density beings. You will find the level of guidance that you need is always there. Some guides may surprise you. Once in a deep meditation, Barbara found herself talking to a tree, and she later asked me, "How could a tree be talking to me?" Well, trees are sentient beings also. So it was sharing its wisdom with her. She had back pain and the tree did not just communicate thoughts but actually talked to her about how she was holding her body rigid, and how to move like the tree, how to be flexible. So the tree had an important message to impart. It came as a friend and a teacher. It was not a primary guide; it was a teacher.

There's a difference also between guides and teachers. A guide is a being who has determined to be with you and guide you for a period of time or sometimes through the whole life. There may have been a decision before the incarnation, "I will be your guide, and while you are incarnate I will not take incarnation. I will be available to you in this form through your life."

I don't want you to suppose that a being who is incarnate cannot also be a guide to others. It's rare but it can happen. In other words, a great wise being who is very mature can come into the earth plane and be incarnate and still on the inner planes serve as guide to others. But for most of you third density beings, you don't do that--- you're either incarnate or you may serve as a guide to others.

A teacher is not someone who is committed to be with you through your life but to whom you turn for whatever period of time. It might be lifelong or it may be very short, maybe even just one meeting. That person comes as a teacher. So the tree was not really a guide for Barbara, the tree was a teacher. But the other beings I mentioned, her grandfather and this Native American woman, these were guides.

Having helped her raise her vibrational frequency so she could speak to me, they stepped into the background. She still experiences their loving energy now and then, they're still with her, but they're not the most primary guidance–I am.

So there are guides, there are teachers, there is the higher self. And they are not different, they are all the highest spiritual level of being. How can we say there are separate beings? Your ancestors died and presumably are buried somewhere, or their ashes lie somewhere. And they've infiltrated into the soil. Food grows from that soil and you eat the food. The food becomes part of your body. Can you say you are separate from your great-grandmother? Everything is part of everything else. Nothing is separate.

Your guides seem to be separate. I'd tell you I am separate from Barbara but I am here to teach you that nothing is separate. You'll have to deal with that seeming paradox! There are no paradoxes either.

You've come to know me with a certain personality. This is not who I am, and my true name is not Aaron. "Hey you" was not useful for Barbara, she needed a name. Aaron was a being that I was in a lifetime about... let's see, the lifetime of Aaron ended just less than 2000 years ago and began about 2400 years ago and he lived about 400 years. He was a very wise and loving teacher. So I felt this was a useful personality on which to base this being that I bring to you.

You feel my energy strongly. You think you know my energy field, as Barbara does. There was a time, once, when Barbara questioned something I said, thinking to herself, "Oh, it's just Aaron." She thought of me as this kindly grandfather figure. It was not that I wanted to have my way or push her into accepting my way of thinking, it was more that I wanted her to understand that there's more to me than meets the eye. Not necessarily to be respectful to me but to serve herself by listening more carefully to me and then deciding, "Is this useful?" So she doesn't have to accept everything I say and we do disagree on occasion.

But I came to her with a burst of energy using, not the maybe 1/20th of my energy that comes through now but a quarter of my energy, perhaps. She suddenly experienced me as an immense being. Her whole body trembled with that power for just a moment or two and then I backed out. And I said, "Now, do you want to think that out again? Please consider what I just said without the, "Oh, it's just Aaron.""

"Please think that out again and consider what I've just said." Not on the basis of, "I'm Aaron, I'm powerful, therefore I'm right," but also not on the basis of, "Oh, it's just Aaron." If you respect me and the power I have, you will respect yourself and the power you have. If you disrespect me, you will disrespect yourself.

So what I come to you as is simply the personality of that being who I once was. We had a friend 20 years ago who wanted to work with me but said she had a problem working with a male teacher. So I shifted my energy a bit. Not sure if I can do it easily right now...

(shift to gentle feminine voice and energy)

... and I said to her, "Shall I come as Arianna? Shall I be a female? Would that be easier for you?"

I'm not fully making that shift but I'm not male or female. Neither are you. In this particular incarnation you're coming as a male or female but all of you are a balance of both.

We are not asking you to become mediums, emptying yourself so that a spirit may incorporate in your body and speak to others, we're only suggesting you have the capacity to hear your guidance. That's a difference, maybe just a difference of degree, but there's a difference. So the work we're doing here this weekend is to help you communicate more fully with your higher selves and with your guidance.

Thus far I have been the incorporated spirit in this room. A friend suggested that he pay a visit to give you a sense of a different entity. So we're going to do that.

(pause; Aaron leaves and a different Entity incorporates. )

Do we need this electronic device? Can it go in the pocket?

(visit not recorded, continuing with next file)(aside from Barbara: interesting that while we did have the recorder on, it did not record! Recorder was in the pocket and mic attached to shirt.)

Aaron: Are there any questions? Do you feel the difference between these entities? (Group: Yes!)

Any questions? Let me phrase it differently–any questions that we can answer <inaudible> (laughter)

Q: During the processes yesterday <> been contacting my guide. I was able to see, I don't know what to call it, sparkles of light,... that kind of thing, with my eyes closed. Not much felt sense. And I was frustrated.

Aaron: You're trying too hard.

Q: Yes, I was. This morning after meditation I sat and sensed a being, a tall, blue-white form, or column, just very gently being with me. And I invited them to be with me, to kind of overshadow my meditation and show me their meditation. It was quite beautiful.

Then later after the breakfast time, I went outside, they seemed to be with me, I asked them to be with me and show me this scene through their eyes. It was non-conceptual, very beautiful and very connected. Non-cognitive, very beautiful, and very connected, a sense of oneness with the lake, the rain, the trees, the earth, the space.

Aaron: Good....

Q: The question is, was this my guide, my higher self, and how do I attune sufficiently to have more... like question and answer communication?

Aaron: First, you do not need to know right now whether it is a guide or higher self; it is simply a high energy with which you wish to establish deeper communication. Come into connection with it, as you have, and then ask it, "How can I tune to hear you better?" What you receive may simply be in visual images or harmonic sounds. There may be an impulse to tone with the harmonic sounds or to move into a color and merge into that color. There may be a feeling to work with the elements to better balance them. It may seem as if it's coming just intuitively. But in some way this guidance is conveying what it feels will be most supportive to help you tune. It's highest intention is to support you, and in order to do that you need to be able to communicate. So its intention is to help you communicate.

What you are seeing – you are transcending the form level and seeing the entity simply as its deeper level of light and energy. And this is wonderful. I think yesterday you were trying too hard to see a form because the meditation was led toward seeing a being, seeing a face, and you were not seeing a face, you were seeing the sparkling light. And today you let it settle into simply energy.

I don't know if any of you have seen Barbara's sculpture. Many years ago in her studio she simply saw forms that seemed to move so she made bronze portraits of them using, she used the copper tooling that's the unwound, and coated it with bronze, and made very light, airy, moving forms. She asked when she finished, "What should this be named?" "Ariel, Lael," different names. Only years later in meditation did she meet these beings and realized she truly had been doing a portrait. She was a sculptor, she sculpted. What did she sculpt? Her deepest spirit friends.

So it's good that you're seeing beyond the form level. Just keep working with this guidance and if you have a question for it, ask it. And don't expect to receive it in verbal form; receive in whatever form it comes.

Q: I want to thank you for the experiences of love. It's difficult for me to feel love(d). And when I met with you yesterday, I felt love. It causes a lot of emotions. And I'm very grateful to feel loved. I feel it had a profound effect on me in some deep way I don't understand. I appreciate knowing there is you and other beings I can be with and feel loved. And I want to know if you have anything to say to me about the question I asked you in the journey.

Aaron: Daughter, only to trust yourself, to trust your own experience.

There is the human heart that is afraid, and there is that which knows no fear. That aspect of you that knows no fear, you know it's there but it feels foolish at times from the human perspective to trust it.

This is a process of learning who you are, learning to trust the deepest aspect of yourself, both the capacity to give and to receive love, and the power that you have. Much of your fear is about that power because you understand that you have the capacity to do harm, because negative emotion still arises. Therefore you choose to limit your power rather than moving through the negative emotions and finding that which is so pure and radiant beyond it. So what is so important is to begin to trust that purity and radiance. I'm not denying that there is negative emotion, but stop self-identifying with it, stop being afraid of it, it's just part of the human package.

It's after 10 and I want to leave Heather plenty of time... so perhaps enough talk for now. Does that sound suitable?

Heather: Wonderful, come back later!

Aaron: I will not be far! Thank you all for sharing with me and good journeys to you all. I'm very happy that you're having the opportunity for this process. I'll release the body to Barbara.

(Heather whispers to Aaron)

They (the Entities) hear your thanks and they are grateful to you for being willing to receive them into your circle.


The Brother has said as he walked in this body around the room that he was not so aware of the extent that the human still lacks balance. The balance is improved but not as much as it might be. Please tell her that there will be assistance to improve the balance.

(session with Aaron ends; Aaron leaves the body)