Friday AM part 2 with Heather, journeying

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Keywords: shamanic journeying, energy, grounding, transfiguration

Heather: I'm a little lacking in words after all of that! I'm very grateful to Aaron...

(pause, Barbara asked what just happened and someone might be signing to her)

I talked to Barbara about a little bit of questioning you were having about whether it was higher self or guides and trusting (the experience) in that way, and Aaron offered to come through and bring some other entities of light through. When we use the word "entities" we are referring to entities of Light. For me it was a truly heart-opening experience, and I hope that it helped you all to have that understanding that we have spiritual guidance and we can trust that, and we don't have to work so hard, even accepting that aspect of love that is willing to come to us, to teach us, to nurture us, and work as our spiritual guidance. It's not so important to know, I believe, whether it's our higher self or whether it's spiritual guidance of another being guiding us.

So without diluting this with lots of words, I would like us to go straight in to a journey, to merge, this time--I will guide you--with your guides you have been working with. Or you could merge with the Sister of Light aspect, or Brother of Light aspect, that were just present.

If you have clarity with your own guides I suggest you merge with them, but feel free–you have the choice of all 3 to work with now, so that you can experience merging with your energy field, and I'll guide you to that point, in the form, after which you're going to drop the form and get that contrast. Okay?...

(break followed by 10 minute journey to spirit guides or other guidance)


(regarding not being able to hear very well immediately post-journey)

Heather: You're just transitioning back from that reality into this reality, so part of your hearing hasn't come back but it will come back. It's just you're bringing yourself fully present back from that journey, back into this present reality.... It's probably just your energy field still a little dispersed.


(regarding feeling ill later after journeying)

Heather: Sometimes... this is a vast energy field that we're working with here, we have Aaron, we have these Light beings too that are coming through, and Aaron is such an enlightened being, so there are huge energy fields. And this (experience of high vibration) is an opportunity that our body sometimes takes to detox, so that's why. Remind yourself to let anything that no longer serves us go into the core of the earth, to be transmuted into healing light. You've also done some dismemberment journeys, dismembering that which keeps you separate from your radiance, and being re-membered in a more light, radiant, illuminated way, sort of stepping into your illuminated essence. So there's often some emotional stuff, heavy-leaded consciousness that gets dispersed. So we always want to send it down with that intention whenever we're doing any kind of work because, as Einstein said, energy once created can't be destroyed. So we don't want to detox ourselves spiritually and leave it there for somebody else to pick up, you know, like a burr. So there's no fear of it, you're just sending it down. Especially if you have healing practices or psychotherapy practices, filling with light, washing through, and going down into the earth to become nutritious for our planet.

At the Casa when we finish, at the end of every session, the entity will choose 2 or 3 of us to do a closing. And he always says, "I don't want anybody to leave here with a headache or with pain." So it's in the those few minutes, 5 minutes that we give a closing prayer, we ask, we visualize the room filling with light, all the rooms of the Casa. That all the mediums, everybody present be filled with light and cleansed, and sending to the earth. And Medium Joao's room, everything to be filled with light, all the hotels and pousadas. And then we ask for that light to go to all 4 corners of the Earth, this current of light that is created.

It's something that's very important for us to do in our daily practice because you can fill your house with light, your offices with light. And especially if you have clients coming in and out, I think there are quite a few of you psychotherapists, as they're dropping off their emotional energy, emotional, mental, physical bodies, that's energy that's getting dumped in your office. So you just want to set up, I do this with each client. As the energy comes out it just goes straight down and the next client comes in and says, "Oh, it feels so clean in here, so good." Just filling up, remembering to ask for the Light to fill it. And at the end of the day as well...also fill the house with light and all the gardens, always connect to the spirits of the garden and the Light and the Earth and the elements.

And you know, this sort of carries on from yours as well, I think, I hope that was helpful, so you are detoxing probably at quite a powerful rate, wonderful energy that we experienced with Aaron and his friends today, very powerful, Aaron's is always such pure love. So we are healing, we are becoming more light bodies. It's always important just to be filling ourselves with light and releasing it...


Heather: ... I'd like to continue our conversation that we were having yesterday. I think it's one of the reasons I had asked Aaron to explain the difference between holy spirit and all of that-- I think when you feel comfortable now, for you to say to your spirit guide, "You know, I'm comfortable with your power, I accept it and I'd like to merge with you," you know when you're talking with people and some people you can go and embrace, like I feel I could always embrace Barbara, she's always so present with a big hug. Some people, I feel there's a distance there, that I wouldn't go into that field. So I respect that. I'm not going to throw my arms around them. I'll perhaps offer them a hand or, just looking into their eyes. And the same thing with our spirit guides. He's perhaps sensing that from you, a little reticence, so building that confidence up. When we meet somebody for the first time we spend time before we're hugging them.

In South America we're a little bit more effusive, I would say. My British background was very much different to that. And some of that comes through sometimes, people find me rather Scottish and aloof, and I'm not aware of it but I try and work with that too, so I'm not putting up a barrier. I don't think you're putting up a barrier; I think you're just beginning to trust that guide, so I think within the next couple of journeys you'll say, "I'm ready for this now, let's just go for it." Does that make sense?

And the other thing I remembered that I was going to talk about is, sometimes you go to a party or to a room or to a meeting, and the energy is like, "Whoa, that was amazing! It was really nice, I feel full." And other times you can go and you come out and you're exhausted, you know? So you can very easily clear that off. We call it spiritual clean-off. Just imagine yourself under a shower of light, or quick drumming, or, you're all such great meditators that pretty soon you can go right there.

I like to use the drum because it takes me deeper, even though I can visualize it instantly. Oftentimes if I'm doing a seeking journey I'll use the drum for answers, those kinds of things, but use meditation too. If you're coming out of somebody's house and you feel overcharged with energy, just sit in your car for a few minutes and see yourself stepping into a cascading waterfall of light and let that energy be transmuted, go down into the earth. Because you're just picking up, you're sensitive, your energy field, picking up people's energy or fears. As Aaron says–I'm always grateful to Aaron for being clear about this –– that there is a negative polarity in the universe. There's a positive and a negative. There's light and there's darkness but we're here to balance it, to work with the darkness but it's not to be afraid, we're not going to be overpowered by that, but just acknowledging that it exists. It's part of the universe. And we're drawn to the light.

We don't use candles in Brazil, in spiritism in general, because the entities say butterflies are drawn to the light but also so are moths. Not a judgment on moths but maybe just a lower vibrational spirit. And they exist, and sometimes they're lost, and we can help them go to the light. We're not going to be working on that today, but a lot of that happens in Brazil at the Casa.

I have a friend who emailed me last night, a very good friend of theirs passed on in Greece. And one of them feels the presence very close all the time, so is feeling that he hasn't crossed over. We're going to meditate together later on even though we're in separate parts of the earth, and then with prayers help that soul to cross to the light.

Barbara says and Aaron says, we're always working with the highest possible intention and service to the light. Sometimes we go into supermarkets and pick up maybe little dense energy. In the next exercise, going to do a transfiguration into our divinity, a transfiguration into the light. Then rather than separate from it, as you just merged and separated, you can actually carry that up through your experience to lunch. We'll tone for awhile for that, to hold it, and then this afternoon we'll be working more on that higher level, not really want to judge levels but we'll be in a deeper place, let's say.

I'm sure you all experienced the merging; it was a very positive experience for everybody, am I right? So now this afternoon we'll be doing the other experience with your guide where you're going to merge with the light, the radiance. So if you think about, Aaron I think would corroborate this, but you know his energy is compressing in to Barbara's body. As he said he uses 20 per cent or a 20th of his energy, and so the expansive ever-present is..., When we connect to our guides in a journey, they're compressing themselves as well. And it's freeing when we can say, "We accept you as the radiance that you are." And it's a very different experience.

For me, it was really night and day. For about 2 hrs afterwards I went into the woods and I would look at different leaves and I would see geometric patterns, still merged with this, and this understanding that it could be... the difference for me was really vast because I'd been working with spirit guides for so long. Now I work with their radiance and very rarely do I see their absolute image anymore. But I used to see the faces very, very clearly. Unless I'm doing journeys for other people and then I see all the imagery. But when I'm working in meditation or working at the Casa, I see really the light of the entities and no longer the form compressed. Although sometimes I will just get the face fleetingly if I'm coming by, if I'm to know exactly, some particular reason. And that's always very nice now because I rarely see those details.

The transfiguration journey: when Sandy Ingerman was writing this book, the last part, this was channeled to her, the last part was transfiguration. And she asked her husband, "What does that mean?" And they looked it up and it means shapeshifting, but it also means, when transfiguring into the Light, or Jesus when he transfigured into the Light and people touched his robe and they were healed. So we're going to merge into, shapeshifting is kind of a buzz word but it means merge, become one with. Does that make sense?

This is a wonderful book, Medicine for the Earth. We've done a lot of work with water. While I was studying with her, she was writing this book. I've trained to be a teacher of Medicine for the Earth. Beautiful book. When you read it, I suggest one chapter at a time. Do those exercises and just work one chapter for a week, and then the next chapter. There's a lot of information.

Actually any books of Sandy's are really good. Another one is How to Transmute Toxins, a small book, a great book...


...Grounded, we're talking about grounding here. I'll show you with my divining tool after lunch, I'll bring it down. I'm a double fire sign, a double Sagittarius. That means I can be really out there, flying off without finishing one project, I'm already on to another project. But I can be really scattered. And so in order to teach or in my everyday world, I have to really ground myself and not be flying around by the seats of my pants, which is pretty much, you know, how I could go through life.

So I'll show you this afternoon my energy when I'm up in my head, my energy when I ground down. So I imagine myself like a tree reaching up to the universe, with my branches going up to the universe, and then bringing down the light through the branches. I just imagine, I don't have to do this, but you can afterwards, bringing it through, right through the center, the core of my being, connected to my essence, connected to the filament of light that I am, let us say, and I send it right down throughout all my being, filling myself with light, sending it right down through all my hips, all my organs, down into the earth and rooting out into the earth.

A sapling can sustain the strongest winds if it's deeply rooted. But if it's badly planted or lightly planted, along can come a big wind and just blow it away. But really strongly grounded in and properly planted, those roots will spread out into the earth and grow into a fine tree that can sustain many storms.

So I bring that energy down and then I feel the energy of Mother Earth coming up and being that, so I'm now flowing the yin and yang together. So not being too feminine, not being too masculine, but bringing the two together, and talking from my essence now. Especially if I'm teaching, I always do that and then I ask my guidance system to be able to teach to this particular group in a way that will make sense for them because each group is different. This group is very much a meditation class, so you embrace this quite easily. So the words flow. If I'm not grounded, I'm constantly searching for words, I can't remember things, I sound scattered.

This journey that we're going to do together is to transfigure into our higher selves and into the light. Then we're going to bring that back down, and we're going to hold that space, and we're going to be that space. Once we bring (it) down we'll start toning to hold it, to really experience that shift in us of really feeling the experience of luminosity within us, radiance within us, the inner brilliance, if you will, all those words... And to be able to shine that in the light and carry that in all we do, not from an egoic place but from serving; but connected to that luminosity so we're not separate, "Oh, now I'm in my personality. Now I'm working..." And now I'm trying to be more connected to our higher selves in all that we do.

I'm going to use Sandra Ingerman's words here. And after you've done it once you don't need to go through all the words, you'll just be transfiguring. And we'll work more this afternoon.

So I'll take you through this journey and then we'll go to lunch, but first we'll tone a little bit here and then we'll go slowly up to lunch, when you feel ready. So some people will leave before others. Just walking up slowly, and holding it, not shifting from it. Trying to hold that space. Does that make sense?

So grounded means grounded, bringing the yin and the yang together, not being up in our heads but bringing all of the energy down and rooting down into the ground. It helps in all our work. If I'm not grounded and I go shopping in the supermarket, I come back with ¾ of the list I haven't bought.

So let's just close your eyes for a second. If it helps you to reach up, you can. If not just do it imagining yourself.

(Guided meditation)

So let's just imagine you're standing out in a beautiful garden and you're reaching up to the Light. Sending up your beautiful tree, an energetic tree of light, sending all your focus up to the Light, to connect to the Light. And then imagine bringing that light down through your arms, through your branches and down in through your crown.

Feel the light permeating through you. Coming down through all your organs. Relieving the tension in your neck and your shoulders, and flowing down your arms, down your spine. You might even feel sometimes a clicking back into place. Just feel the light, this divine intelligence, flowing through in all your cells and tissues, lighting up, remembering this radiance, and then flowing down, inward, outward, sides...

Down through the core of your being, feeling yourself merging with that light that you are in the core of your being. The light permeating out into your field, down your legs, all around your hips like a soothing balm, down your legs and your knees and your ankles and out the soles of your feet. And then imagine sending roots down into Mother Earth, feeling yourselves connected to the earth and the love, that divine feminine love, perfect mother love, the universal mother love, it is unconditional love, not the personal mother love.

Just feeling connected to this loving, divine presence of the feminine that nurtures us unconditionally, and bringing that energy up. So you're sending big roots out, connecting to that, bringing that energy up, so the 2 flowing together, the yin and the yang, flowing in absolute harmony and balance.

And setting the intention that this journey that we're going to do, that this experience that we're going to have, be for the highest good, divinely guided, and our guidance system is present here of the highest vibrations and integrity, and only the divine truth exists.

(a blessing or phrase in Latin(?))

So, is everybody comfy but not so comfortable that you'll fall asleep? I'm going to be turning the drums slightly toward Barbara so that she can have a more profound experience. She feels the vibrations when the drum is a certain way for her.

(drumming begins for journey)

(recording of session ends during drumming)