September 28, 2013 Saturday Evening, Trainings Workshop Three

September 28, 2013 Saturday Evening after pot-luck dinner, Trainings Workshop

Barbara: A question was asked about why she felt such a sense of homecoming at the end of the journey. I'm going to repeat a little of the end of the journey since some people couldn't hear Aaron over the drums.  We've come through our journey and we're floating in a beautiful bay, dusk approaching, and rainbows overhead, huge butterflies flitting around. Slowly the water starts to shimmer and vibrate a little, and a land mass raises up out of the water, a crystal land mass. It's not endangering our canoe; we're back far enough from it. We just see it rising up out of the water. Crystal turrets and towers, pyramid shapes, big arching spans, all picking up the rainbow light from the sky and reflecting it back at us, just rising up out of the depths.

There's a harbor, and we begin to approach. We see crystalline figures, two-legged, two-armed, humanoid-type figures, although not fully human looking but elongated, and animal-type figures, beckoning, “Come, come. “ They are welcoming us. Feel their welcome. Feel how much love is being sent to you.

As the canoe comes to the dock and you start to step out, for each person loving figures, two-legged and multi-legged, four-legged and other, approach you, welcoming you. “You are home. Welcome home.” You look at your arms and legs and you see that the heaviness of the flesh is fading. The flesh is still soft, but suddenly, it's crystal in essence. You can see through it. It's radiant, it's pure. You are home.

So that is in brief what he said. I wonder if that has a resonance for other people.

Q: When you repeated what you did, I realized I heard that earlier but wasn't totally aware of hearing it.

Q 2: The same for me.

Barbara: Because it's telepathic energy. He's not just talking in words but he's sending it all telepathically. And I think a lot of you got a lot more telepathically than you think you got.

Q 3: I feel resonance of humming in my body here, root chakra, actually on the physical level, relaxes, and a feeling of waking up from a dream that was tossing and turning, and just....

Q 4: With the idea of a rainbow, I visualized, I could hear some of what you said, I just felt that this had come into my body and this was part of the chakra and energy, and each of those colors of the rainbow were part of me. It was healing energy.

Barbara: Did you hear him in the guided meditation? We came down the river again from the volcano into this big bay. The sky was clear. Dusk was approaching, and there were beautiful rainbows across the sky. Suddenly the sky was filled with butterflies and small birds. As we reached out to them, saying, “Ah, I need that piece of the rainbow, that little bit of color or that range of color,” butterflies were flying up into the rainbow and bringing them back and landing wherever we needed them to land, and just depositing that part of the rainbow into us. I found that a very beautiful image. I found I was able to see what was not fully developed in the whole chakra flow, to see it up there, and just ask the butterfly. The butterfly-- “Shhhh!” Softly carrying it back to me. Others?

Q: Can Barbara or Aaron talk about why we would have a strong resonance with the crystalline city and crystals.

Barbara: Let's let Aaron talk...

(Aaron incorporates)

Aaron: I am Aaron. How many of you have never heard me talk about wanderers? (Group: About what?) Wanderers. Wanderer is an established metaphysical term, not my term. And I'm actually not particularly fond of the term, but it is one that is often used. Beings come from many planes onto the earth. Once you are here, you are fully human, but you have different history, different backgrounds.

If somebody came here whose parents, grandparents, great-grandparents for many generations had been raised in China, in a more rural part of China with Chinese traditions, culture, food preferences, and so forth, this person was born in the United States and yet his parents served many of those Chinese foods and had many of those attitudes from their home country. He's fully American, and yet he is Chinese also, and his ancestry and grounding.

Others may have ancestors for many generations born in this country so they have a different background. Many beings have been gas and mineral, vegetable, animal, fully evolved on the earth plane. But others have come from other planes, material and non-material. The traditional name for those beings is “wanderer.” I do not love it because it implies that you wandered. But you more or less said, “I need to move to that plane,” and directed yourself there; you didn't wander or meander. But I use it, as I said, because it's the traditional phrasing.

So, many of you have dim memories of having lived on other planes of existence, often crystalline planes. Some of you have memories of being non-material. How many of you have dreams of flying? How many of you have dreams of great spaciousness? How about dreams with crystalline cities, buildings, structures? How many of you have experienced at times a sense, “What am I doing here? What is this strange place?” (laughter) How about, “What am I here to do? I'm here to do something and I can't remember it.”  (many are nodding yes to all of this) These are all indications of the possibility, perhaps likelihood, that you are a wanderer.

Now, it doesn't matter. You are human, you are fully human. However, it helps to understand and normalize your experience to know, “Ah, I'm experiencing this because I've lived on other planes, because Earth is not my home planet,” you might say.

Barbara, at first when she was young, she asked her parents, “Am I adopted?” “No.” And they showed her pictures of her infancy and so forth. And then she asked her parents once and they just brushed it away, so she never asked again, but she said, “Do I come from some other planet?” I would believe a lot of you had that question when you were young. “How did I get here? Why am I here? And why are people so cruel to each other?”

“Why is it so hard to do things?” How many of you have some memory of wanting to start a fire. Instead of gathering the wood, cutting the wood, etc., kindling and lighting it somehow, just looking at it and inviting it to light? Building a house or doing laundry, all these processes are so heavy on this plane because you cannot communicate your intentions to non-material things. Many of you have experiences of sitting in a group, saying, “We need to build a house.” Okay, the crystal quarry is there behind us. Cutting the blocks energetically, just sitting, hands connected, envisioning together, you didn't sit down and draw it, you just shared the vision in your heads, and lifted the blocks and placed them. Some of your pyramid-type structures were built with slave labor, yes. But others were built by levitation in this way by beings with the power to simply move blocks and put them where they wanted them.

So you have the memory of being higher density beings, often crystalline high-vibrational beings, and here you are in this heavy plane; what's going on? And of course you want to fix it, because it doesn't seem to work. But you all volunteered for this job. (laughter) You all came here with the intention to help support the Earth into a higher vibration, and into, let's call it unconditional love and non-dual awareness, non-separation. To invite that result, you need to open to it within yourself, to know who you are and what everything is. Once you see that divine essence in everything, you cannot try to manipulate others anymore, because you are divine and all is divine and you co-create with it, not force it around.

So I think in this circle, a group of people like yourselves who are drawn to this form of workshop with a big commitment, four weekends, most of you are either wanderers having originated on other planes of existence, or you may have originated on the earth plane and then traveled into other planes of existence, gotten to know them, and then, because of your commitment, came back here, saying, “Okay, I will teach and learn on this plane to help the transition of consciousness here on this plane.”

Now there's one more part of this. Many, not all, but most of you in your travels were Lemurian. Is there anyone who does not know of Lemuria? Lemuria and then Atlantis were two expressions of life on the earth. I'm not going to repeat things that are in the transcripts. Barbara will try to find them and mail them out so you can read something of earth history in these transcripts. Shall I send them to everybody? Yes. If you don't want it, just delete it. We'll label it appropriately.

(Three different perspectives on earth history found by our dear transcriber, Janice, from Aaron's files. Thank you Janice.:  

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The Lemurian experiment was failing because Lemurians could not develop compassion, because there was such a strong sense of non-duality that there was no catalyst for compassion to open. With no sense of a separate individuated self, so how could there be compassion? Compassion for who? There was no strong emotion. So the progression moved into Atlantis, which were no longer crystalline beings with that high vibration but a more carbon-based being, as you are, but with many of the qualities of Lemurians. Atlantis also had its flaws, though different ones from Lemuria.

As those carbon-based Atlanteans, you had a different DNA structure. You were much more telepathic, as the Lemurians were. You had a lot of power, that same power to go and construct something. Here's the quarry. (sound effect of construction) There's my house, instantly. So you had a lot of power, but now in this heavier body you had heavy emotions. There was a fear of those heavy emotions because you were so foresworn to non-harm and to non-violence, but you didn't know what to do with your emotions or how to tame your power so it was never used for harm.

So you agreed to let go of the whole Atlantean/Lemurian form and come back as this heavier-density human with a limited DNA, certain aspects of the DNA strands cut so that you no longer had that power to create or destroy. Then it was safe for you. You could handle the emotions. There was still murder, there was still violence, but it was not so simple to just go (sound effect) and destroy a city. Now you've moved to a point where with the touch of a button you can send up missiles and destroy the city again. You are all moving into a deeper maturity where either you will learn to handle these emotions and not use them to destroy and to get your own way, or you will destroy yourselves.

I do not believe you will destroy yourselves. I believe you have all read my talk “Trainings,” which was sent out at the very beginning of this series. Have you read that? Some yes, some no. We will send it again. It's essential. It's the talk given 10 or more years ago upon which all this series of workshops is built. In that talk I talk about the spiraling through different levels of trainings. In the beginning, you were learning simply to hold space for emotion and not enact it, and not be afraid of it. Then as you move up, beginning to reclaim more of your power. Feeling confident in your ability to hold that power and use it for the highest good, in ways such as we have been learning here: the journeying, working within the akashic field, and other ways of empowerment. Knowing the divine self.

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Now we're moving into a new level of the spiral. That's what this series of workshops is about, how to reclaim your power and reclaim the trust in yourself not to abuse that power, and how to begin to teach that in the world. How to prepare yourselves, and for some of you this has already begun or is moving well into the process, how to rebuild these DNA links. Some of you, as the years progress, find yourselves increasingly telepathic, for example, because certain DNA links are restored. Many of you are moving through this shift in DNA. Now, that's what I was saying might sound like New Age mumbo jumbo, and you're free to just drop it. But if it resonates for you, think about and trust the process. I will ask Barbara to send out something about working through the changes in DNA. It may be helpful to some of you. [see appended excerpt below]

So you are becoming increasingly mature citizens of the universe. Earth has been under a non-intervention policy since the beginning, and you have been protected by many guardian angels. There's a vast universe out there. You're becoming increasingly ready to take your place as mature citizens of this galaxy, mature beings, no longer children; to co-create with the greater Council, the Brothers and Sisters of Light, who work not to control but as advisors, holding in love the whole movement of the universe and the growth of beings.

So we're coming back to the question about crystalline form. It resonates for you because you've been there and you've longed for it. You want to go home. Whether it was as Lemurians or Atlanteans, or whether you were simply on other planes, non-material planes of existence or crystalline planes. Whether you merely visited there briefly or whether you matured there for eons. There is a sense of coming home, for many of you, and if you do not feel a sense of coming home, there's nothing wrong with you, you're just one of those beings who has matured on the earth plane, and that's wonderful, too.

Are there questions?

Q: The article that you're referring to about the Trainings, I think it leaves off somewhere around Training 16 or 17. It ends.

Aaron: It goes through the first two or three revolutions. Now we are coming to the top of that and ascending higher up. That's what we're doing here.

Q: Much of material at that level talks about healing with light. And many of the more recent mailings from Aaron have incorporated a concept of seeing deeply...

Aaron: Healing with light and with sound, both. This is all part of what we're learning. We will be going into this deeply in the second semester of the DSC class, consciousness and its objects. We are now in semester one, laying a foundation.

We work in two different levels. One is to understand how we are interconnected with everything? In meditation we may know the power we have with light, with sound, with envisioning, and not just envisioning but holding the highest truth. We want to move into the akashic field and live from that space. And then we need to ask: how do we do this on the earth plane?

A lot of what we'll do tomorrow is explore the experience of ahimsa, dynamic compassion, and how that then serves for a ground for satyagraha, soul force. What is this soul force? We're not yet ready to incorporate light and energy and such into the work with soul force until we understand the power of it and our responsibility as we enact it. When you feel stable in understanding that power and responsibility, then we can add to it.

Here we have Obi Wan Kenobe: “May the force be with you.” You all have that ability. This is a wonderful film because it's demonstrating through Darth Vader what happens when you slip off into the negative distortion that's self-centered and contracted, and the incredible power—I have an image in my mind of Obi Wan not wanting to be seen, and just moving his hand like that, and the guard turning his head. He was not aware his head was being turned. You all have that ability. But what if you all had that ability now? Are you ready to wield that power? How do you prepare yourself for that readiness?

This is where we come back to our dharma practice, to sila, to deep commitment to non-harm, to knowing your deepest interconnection with all that is, so that you're increasingly living from that place of love, and simultaneously watching the arising of negative emotion without fear of it, without reactivity to it. Just saying, “Ah, here is anger. I will hold space for the anger.”

You've probably heard the story from Barbara from a year or two ago, when she was at a friend's house, a student's house, and the little boy was building with Lego blocks that would not stick together. She was sitting in the room, reading. He picked up the pile of blocks and threw it against the wall. She said to him. “You look very angry.” He said, “Yes, I'm angry!” She said, “Can I help?” He said, “No, I'm taking care of my anger.” She said, “Can I sit with you while you take care of it?” So she sat. His fists were clenched. He was breathing hard. And gradually the fists unclenched, the breath quieted, 3 or 4 minutes. And then he looked up at her and said, “I'm all done. We can play now.”

This is what you're learning. Where I lived 2,000 years ago in an Essene community, this was taught to 2 year olds, 1 year olds, even. How to be present with our experience and not take it personally, not fling it at others, not judge ourselves for it, but hold space, because it arose from conditions and when the conditions are resolved, it will go. We don't resolve those conditions by clenching and trying to fix, but only through love. Again, not New Age. The Buddha said it 2,500 years ago. “Hatred will never resolve hatred. Only love resolves hatred.” That's basically what we're doing.

So it's 5 past 8. Are you tired, shall we end here, or are there more questions?

Q: One time about 13 or 14 years ago I got really angry at my mother because I thought she was doing something really wrong with one of my children. And without meaning to, I sent the anger at her. And before I knew it, it seems as though I had zapped her energetically with this anger. And she really felt it. It was upsetting to her, and later it was upsetting to me, once I had cooled down. But I never forgot it. I apologized to her later and told her I didn't mean it to happen.

Aaron: And have you forgiven yourself for it?

Q: I don't know.

Aaron: That's the next step. Because you're here learning and it was a learning experience for yourself and your mother. You caught it. You apologized for the damage that you did. But forgiving yourself does not mean saying it's okay, it didn't matter. Forgiving yourself is just forgiving yourself. “Now I know better, and I am more careful.”

Others to share, or questions?

Q: I have a question from the morning meditation. How do you recommend that we use the pure awareness practice with the vipassana practice daily at home? How?

Aaron: My recommendation is that you start the sitting with your eyes open, outside, looking at the sky, or looking out a window, or if you have an altar with a lovely flower or candle, eyes open looking at it. Sacred pictures. One single flower with a dew drop on it. Ahhh... letting your energy move into that object and let it move into you. Just five minutes, ten minutes, it depends how long you have overall to meditate. But if you have, say, 40 minutes, then spend the first ten minutes this way, letting the mind become stable and quiet, expansive, feeling that connection to everything.

Once that Awareness is established, as you close the eyes and move attention to the breath or your primary object, mind may still be all over the place. But you're not caught up in it. Awareness knows that this busy mind is not self. It just watches it. So you're much less pulled off-center by it. Then just shift into your vipassana practice. Don't jump back and forth. I find it's generally more helpful to start with pure awareness. If you end up wanting to stay with the pure awareness practice for the whole sitting, that's fine. Do not forsake the vipassana practice, but for occasional sittings where it feels really good to stay with pure awareness, do it.

Now in this beautiful fall weather, try to do some pure awareness practice out under the trees, under the sky, at night looking up at the stars. It's a beautiful practice to do sitting in your back yard when the wind blows and the leaves are falling, just sitting under the trees, the rain of leaves coming down on you. Just resting in spaciousness. Be the tree, be the leaf, be the grass it lands on, be the sky, because you already are all of that.

In pure awareness practice you are not trying to fix or do anything. You are not trying to make anything happen. You are just resting in spaciousness. What I want for you all is to begin to experience this spaciousness in your daily life, little glimpses of it. You're sitting in traffic. The light has turned three times already and your car is inching forward. Tension, tension. Suddenly, recognition of, “I'm suffering and I don't need to be suffering. I'm caught in a traffic jam, yes. I may not be able to help that. Can I just start to send loving energy out to all the drivers here?” Look up at the sky. “Ah, thank you for this opportunity to meditate.” Ahhh, opening. Begin to feel the spaciousness that's there right there with the tension, and then ask yourself, which do I choose, to keep the tension going or to open to the spaciousness? But you can't space out, because when the traffic starts moving, you've got to be ready to move forward. Balance between both.

Barbara created a beautiful visual item that she did not bring with her; maybe next time. It's basically two cylinders, one that nests inside the other, and a little teddy bear that fits inside. The teddy bear is inside in relative reality. Now and then he opens the lid and looks out, then he goes back into relative reality. He doesn't know that his relative reality canister is inside ultimate reality. All he sees is relative reality. But he's always been in ultimate reality. Finally he begins to catch on. He separates the cylinders and sees relative and ultimate, believing them to be two. He sits astride them, one leg on each side. He learns how to stay balanced. Eventually he understands the simultaneity of them. He doesn't abandon relative reality for ultimate reality, and he doesn't continue to abandon ultimate reality and believe only in relative. But he balances.

So this is what I hope you will all practice in this coming month. Let us say good night

(session ends)

Excerpt from VF090827CompleteC, on Earth History and DNA:

Aaron: So 4th density beings are telepathic, and in order to be telepathic with comfort, in order to invite such telepathic ability, there has to be a reconciliation with the emotional body and spaciousness with it.

As this change happens in the emotional and mental body, the physical body has a corresponding change. Fourth density babies being born today have a different DNA structure than most of you were born with, a more evolved DNA structure. This takes us back a bit to some Earth history.

I'm going to give it to you in a brief capsule. There's more complete material available on the website. In the ancient time of Lemuria, Lemuria was more or less a crystal-based land and beings had a crystal-based body, a more crystalline structure. Everything was of a very high vibration. Everyone was telepathic. Everyone was in deep communication not only with each other but with the Earth itself.

If one wanted a fire for cooking, wanted not to rub sticks together or strike a match, one simply invited the wood to pile up, and envisioned it alighting with energy. Then again, back in that time, if one wanted to cook, one would simply envision the food cooked! But let's say you wanted the comfort and beauty of the fire.

If one was working with giant blocks of stone to build a structure, one did not need tools and leverage, one simply lifted a stone energetically. Blocks of crystal, let us say. Lemuria had great towers and buildings formed of many large blocks of crystal that were simply levitated into place energetically.

The fatal flaw with Lemuria for beings who desired growth was that there was no catalyst that brought forth any kind of negative response. So there was no catalyst for compassion to grow. So it was a heavenly realm of sorts but it also was stagnant. There was the strong intention among the Lemurians for the growth of compassion but there was nothing to catalyze that compassion.

Beings then began to work with imagined scenarios and the form of drama to try to create stories that might evoke compassion. I'm drastically capsulizing here, but the result of this new direction eventually was the creation of Atlantis. There was an overlap between Lemuria and Atlantis.

Atlantis had a lower vibration. There was a mixed crystalline and more carbon based structure to it. Atlantis was still a very evolved society but beings began to shift into the whole delusion of a separate self and get caught there, which idea was impossible in Lemuria.

It's as if you came out, you played a role in a stage play repeatedly for many centuries, playing the same role until you began to not only act the character role and understand the character, which is necessary for such good acting, but to truly believe you were that character. So people got caught. And this was where the karma began to grab at people.

This is a whole different talk. I'm not going to go deeply into karma and how that shift happened in Atlantis, not today, or not now. But if there's no sense of a separate self, if everything knows its full connection with everything else, then there's no karma. When people move into the illusion of separation, then whether it's wholesome or unwholesome karma, there's a delusion of a self, and that self experiences the effects of karma.

You've heard me talk about resting in rigpa, resting in pure awareness, and how in that moment of resting in pure awareness, one is free of karma. But since you don't stay there, the everyday mind returns to its involvement in the karmic field! So for the Atlanteans, there was the experience of increasing karma and yet these beings still had the ability of telepathic thought and of the immense power to energetically manipulate their environment. I'm using that word specifically: no longer to co-create their environment but now it was to manipulate the environment.

There was much discussion of this among the Brother/Sisterhood of Light, who were and are simply a guiding and not a governing body, spirit plane beings. These are ones to whom your spirit guides relate. This Brother/Sisterhood of Light and humans of the time, the Lemurians, the Atlanteans, decided that as this progression came forth and people got more and more caught up in the drama, the personal drama of being, that they needed to carry that drama through. They couldn't just say, “Whoops, let's leave this path. Let's go back to being Lemurians.”

This consciousness shift, in a sense, is the apple from the Garden of Eden, the forbidden fruit, the fruit of knowledge. Until you have knowledge of your power to do harm or good, there cannot be personal choice to choose the good, and personal responsibility.

This is part of your evolution. So in some ways the Lemurians were children. Can you see that? They were very immature in some ways. There was no choice given them, they simply followed the course of a flowing stream of energy, a loving stream, but there was nothing to challenge.

As beings progressed, the choice was made, not individually—let me say this differently. The choice was made to limit the DNA structure in humans, to cut certain strands of DNA in such a way that there was no longer the ability to levitate giant rocks or change the course of underwater streams, or move the earth in these ways, or other people, because that power was too dangerous. The Earth would have been destroyed.

Those who chose then to incarnate chose to do so willingly knowing that the now-human body they would incarnate into, going through all the historical phases of humankind, that this new body would have this more limited DNA structure.

Now, new children being born are being born with those DNA linkages completed, and many of you are experiencing a shift in your own DNA;  perhaps over a period of a year or two, it happens. It's something we'll talk more in detail about at another time; today I'm just giving you an overview.

The shift in DNA can be very disorienting both physically and emotionally. The vipassana practice is a strong platform from which to address this shift. Such shift is never done TO you, it is something you evoke in yourselves as you feel ready. In other words, you see that you are ready to hold more power because you have tamed the emotions, the personal relationship with the emotions. You are no longer afraid of your power and because of the strong intention to do good in the world, you invite whatever shifts are necessary—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—in order to do the work that you came to do. To move beyond the limits of the small human and into this large, can we call it Self with a capital S, that aspect of you that is totally connected to everything else.

In a sense you've come full circle but you're no longer the innocent that the Lemurian was, but you understand both power and responsibility and you are ready to take responsibility for that power because of the strong commitment to the highest good, and because of your strong sense of the interbeing of all that is, and knowing that if you do harm to another, it's harm to yourself. It's harm to all.

And from VF090829Ampart2C:

Barbara: ...(Aaron) says the whole shift in DNA, when I first experienced this shift in DNA, I was very angry, I said, “What's going on? What's manipulating me?” because I was aware of these changes. There were strong emotional ups and downs, a lot of fatigue, much less equanimity. There were a number of different experiences that came. And I felt that spirit in some way was manipulating me without my agreement because nobody had ever come to me, spirit had never come to me, and said, “We're going to support the shift of the DNA.”

But Aaron reminded me I've offered this body to the highest service and asked for Spirit to bring forth whatever is necessary to support that intention. So I had already given my permission and they didn't feel they needed to spell it out specifically.

Q: You are experiencing less equanimity and more anger and more emotional highs and lows, didn't that not make you also more vulnerable to negative energy?

Barbara: No, it just makes me work harder to ground myself and stay centered in that place of equanimity and not to be careless. The practice is there and stable. I need to be responsible. And it's brief and temporary.

While reviewing the transcript. I looked up in my journal to find the list of changes I had noted as I moved through this experience. I will also attach more information on DNA changes.

-feeling very fluctuating emotions,  

- a lot of past life recall and healing, involving a lot of emotional and deep inner work.

-feeling exhausted.

-needing a lot more sleep, or wanting to sleep

-shifts from constipation to diarrhea and back,  

-low appetite,  

-moderate back pain after these now almost daily, intense energy sessions,  

-occasional muscle weakness, coming and resolving. Occasional tingling and numbness in feet and hands.

- very occasional shortness of breath, sometimes even while lying in bed.

-erratic heartbeat at times

-much more inner ear sound, ringing, drumming...