March 12, 2004 Aaron on Earth History

Aaron:  I am Aaron.  Thank you.  I would be very happy to have a transcript of this information.


(Note: This is one  of a series of "History" transcripts, recorded at different times and places, usually as a part of a longer talk. Those who know Aaron will realize this is not a usual topic for him, but he does touch on it now and then. Aaron had started this talk at a private session, then asked if we could set up a second tape recorder and have the non-personal historic material recorded there and transcribed.

The recorder is shut off occasionally when there is personal material, so there may seem to be some lack of flow. The beginning of the talk was missed, and then briefly summarized.)

Some curious beings wanted to come here and see what was happening.  They were not highly negative or the force field would have kept them out, but they had a fair amount of ego involvement, some distortions.

They came in space ships, a technology far beyond that of humans of that day.  They were looked up to as gods, those “Gods from outer space” about which some books exist.  People began to emulate their behavior.  They brought with them the bias of control, not so much born of deep fear, but of subtle fear, that wants to protect that which it loves.  They did not love the Earth.  Their bias of fear and control was in the ways in which they interacted with each other.  People began to model that behavior.

There was already at that time the great intergalactic council we call the “White Brotherhood/Sisterhood.” I want to make it clear that white here is not any kind of a racial reference.  As white we are simply speaking about light versus darkness, transparency versus opacity, beings of the light and of a high vibration.  

There was a council gathering to consider what to do about these visitations.  There was a non-intervention policy on Earth and these beings were clearly violating that policy, and yet there was the need to honor free will.  One can state the policy, but one cannot forcibly prevent people from breaking that policy.

Some beings in the council argued the importance to support that policy and to protect what they considered as yet very immature humans from this visitation.  Others were more inclined to the idea to trust humans.  “This is part of their learning experience.  There must be a choice between negativity and positivity, if beings are to choose positivity consciously, rather than simply to fall into that choice because no option has been offered.  If they choose consciously in this way, it will support their move into positive polarity.” The reply? “What if they choose negativity?”  

Those who... (I want to phrase this in a politically correct way; because of course I have my preferences, as my teacher, Ariel, was a part of this council)...there was the side that said, “Trust.  If they experience negativity, they will bear the results of it and that will teach them, as growing pains.”  And there was the side that said, “Protect them.”  Remember this council could not make decisions that must be abided by, but only suggestions.  There was a consensus agreement not to directly intervene.  

There was a group of beings from the Pleiades who were shape changers.  These beings had the ability to mimic those of high distortion who were visiting the Earth in their space ships and said, “We can come in appearing as those others, but we can model loving kindness, model positive rather than negative polarity, so that people have the opportunity to see both modeled and to choose.”

Some of the more conservative of the council were uncomfortable with this, feeling it would just bring more confusion, more opportunity for negativity to appear.  Others said, “Thank you.  This might be helpful.”  Ultimately, those Pleiadeans were the ones who had to choose for themselves, according to the deepest dictates of their own hearts.  They decided to thus visit the Earth.  

These were beings who were all shape changers; that is, they had the ability to take on any form, energetic or heavy material, to create an environment around that form, to remain in that form for as long as they chose, and then to slip out of that form.  This is not so different than what the human does, but there is complete consciousness throughout. The difficulty with the shape changer form of learning is that there's always this out. If things fall apart, one does not have to experience the consequences of one's choices.  One just says, “Not working,” and moves back into the basic shape-changer energetic form.  And there is constant knowledge of that out.  Even though they may deeply mimic the human, the veil of forgetting is not there, and they know that they can back out.  This is why the shape changer form was not, ultimately, a workable form to the highest levels of evolution where beings needed to come into material form on one plane or another.

So, this first shipload of beings, with the surface appearance of the other visitor, but who were really Pleiadean shape changers, came to the same areas where these other visitors had come.  Their intention was deeply loving.  They did model positive behavior.  They also were affected by the habitat into which they had come.  They more deeply experienced fear, fear about whether their actions would be helpful or not, fear in terms of the negative response to those more negatively polarized guests.  

Eventually they became caught in the karmic field of Earth.  They were so deeply entrenched in these heavier physical, emotional and mental bodies that they did not know how to keep the doorway open, how to keep the veil from forming, and they began to forget who they were.  They moved into a more solid ego.  Then karma was created and there was need for them to come back to this plane, to reincarnate here; not to come as shape changers, but to truly take birth here.  When they took birth here following that first journey they had become aware that coming as shape changer had not been useful, that they had to take birth both for their own karma and to model and to teach positivity.

The second wave are those who agreed to take birth here as the children of these shape changers.  There was a shift in the genetic coding and in the forces of the Earth field itself to the degree that those who took birth as children of these shape changers were not themselves shape changers, but were fully human.  In many cases they had a parent of each, shape changer and human.  In some cases the humans did not know of the nature of the shape changers whom they had wed.  There was no need to know. This was not a lie, but the shape changers had committed to stay the course,  had committed to stay here and to allow themselves to seem to age. Especially were children born who were fathered by shape changers with human mothers.

I want to back track one giant step.  In the beginning of the earth experiment there was no fear.  I talked (before we double-recorded) of the five guardian angels.  As they saw negativity or, let us call it “mischievous spirits” - which are younger spirits, beings not fully evolved - paying attention to what they had created, four of them were deeply grounded in commitment not to intervene.

The fifth so deeply loved its creation and so deeply wished to protect it, that he/she/it felt ready  to intervene, felt that we must intervene.  It began to contract more, and more, and more, at first from fear of harm coming to that which it had worked so hard to create and so deeply loved, and which held such promise.  Increasingly the contractions built upon themselves, fear stimulating more fear.  This being, in this way, became what you call ‘the fallen angel,' the one who fell into darkness, negativity and control.  

Please note the relationship here between negativity and unbalanced contraction. This state of unbalanced contraction is, for me, the clearest sign of negative polarity. It does not matter whether the unbalanced contraction is cause or effect. Result goes on to become cause. It is circular.

There was discussion amongst the other four.  “Should this one literally be forced away?”  And there was the clarity, “We cannot do force him to depart without participating in his fear.  

How do you say, “No!” to negativity?”  The decision was made that if the Earth plane was to be a truly viable ground for learning to choose love over fear, than we must not be afraid of fear.

There was the argument, “Great damage can happen, terrible harm,” and the response, “What is harm?  If you are continually warned not to walk barefoot on a splintery deck and yet you do so and finally get a deep splinter in your foot, one that is painful and the removal of it painful, have you truly been harmed?  You have suffered pain.  Have you been harmed?”  

That argument is easy where it concerns a splinter and not so easy where it concerns brutality and loss of life.  And yet, it's the same principal. From the perspective of many incarnations we see this truth.   Sometimes the splinter goes so deep it pierces the heart; we lose the incarnation.  I'm not being callus here.  Only, this is the ground of the structure of the earth plane with free will and karma, that beings must take responsibility for what they create and understand the freewill choice to choose love or hatred, love or fear, and that each choice bears repercussions.  Only in that way do we invite forth the commitment to non-harm and to loving kindness.  That commitment may take many lifetimes, but once one arrives at that point, one is a very strong model of light and of love.  

This was the whole process intended from the beginning, to see if this kind of a plane could bring forth that degree of light and love.  This idea was first suggested by these guardian angels because of the power of darkness and negativity in the universe.  The Earth was to be a training ground for positivity.  

So, it was decided that this fallen angel could not be barred from the Earth plane, nor could those who followed him.  Light would just need to work harder.  This was the earlier history and this is part of what drew forth that group of Pleiadean shape changers, making their commitment to stand forth as models of light.  We cannot say whether it was good or bad, helpful or unhelpful.  It did bear both positive results and painful results.  It simply was as it was.

Hearing this may give you a bit better idea of why the Earth plane exists and why so many beings, positive and negative, on all planes are watching the movement of this experiment.  Is love really the strongest force in the universe?  If we believe that, are we willing to, as it is said, ‘put our money where our mouth is'?  Are we willing to try to live this and prove it?  All in all, I think we are proving it; we are doing it.  I see this despite the enormous amount of hatred,  misunderstanding and fear in the world.  

Repeatedly and more often in recent years, Earth's history has demonstrated people choosing love over fear, each to the degree that they are capable of doing so.  It is a slow learning, and yet beings are learning it.  There is, on the whole, a great deal more light, more radiance over the entire Earth than there was a thousand or even five hundred years ago.  

(tape paused)

We are speaking here today of light weavers and light dancers, who are beings especially interested in the patterns of light.  When two beings filled with great love and appreciation for one another draw together, the density of the heavy bodies is lessened and more of the innate radiance is released, showing a higher spectrum and more energy.  When there is some dissonance between beings their radiance is dimmed.  So, light weavers and light dancers were primarily interested in how to relate to themselves, to others and to their world in ways that created the most powerful, and direct, and clear expressions of light.

By "light weaver," I don't want you to create an image of beings who simply move back and forth, and back and forth, all day.  It's more the way it would be for all of you if you were like a firefly, with a light that expressed out into the world; and if, like a time-elapsed photo, for weeks after you had passed, the trail of your passage showed, as you went about your every-day lives.  But with fear the light dims. In places of turmoil and fear,  if you scanned the whole pattern from high above, there would be areas of darkness or dimness and places of much light, like in your loving family's home.  Great radiance will come out as you move back and forth.

The trail of light gave beings an opportunity to look and to see with a very clear perspective, “How are we doing? If this block is an area of darkness, what's going on there? If that block is an area of immense radiance, what's happening there?  How can we better learn from what's happening in the lit places and bring it to the place of darkness?”

There would be periods of frequent looking and communication, teaching and learning from one another.  It was a highly interpersonal expression of existence.  People entered direct personal relationships and offered this direct, almost bio-energetic, feedback of how intense the light was or how dimmed it was.  What if humans on Earth now had such a trail of light and could look behind them and say, “I'm burning bright today,” or “I'm rather dim today.  What's wrong?  What fear, or sadness, or anger am I holding in that has dimmed my light today?”  And others could also look in that way.  “You're dim today.  Can I be of help to you?”  You are offered other forms of biofeedback, but you do not have trails of light.

(Speaking of a battle, beings at odds with each other; personal material)  Not beings of great negativity, but beings who'd learned negativity through their culture. When one was wounded in that battle, left alone on the field to die, there sometimes was assistance.  The beings who came were priests and priestesses of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light.  They are the ones who eventually became known as the Essenes.  This was before the Essene tradition was fully evolved.  But the Essenes are as direct a descendent of that original Brotherhood/Sisterhood as has walked the Earth.  They washed your wounds; they gave you water.

The injured one was carried into a cave where he was attended with much kindness.  These beings did not take sides.  Their intention was to bring healing.  Their understanding was that any being was capable of misunderstanding that could lead to fear and violence, and that only through loving kindness could that distortion be healed and could one be invited back into the light.  Thus, healing was their path in service of the bringing forth of light.