Ba and Carla Introduce The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues

December 16, 2011

Barbara Brodsky, Carla Rueckert and Aaron

Introduce The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues 

Moderated by Anna Marie Henrich

This interview originated in the Deep Spring Meditation Center,

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Barbara: Welcome to you all. You probably all know me, I'm Barbara. I see one or two faces I don't know well, but I think I know you all. So I'm delighted to introduce Carla's and my new book, The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues: An Extraordinary Conversation between Two Spiritual Guides. Carla and I are going to introduce this book together. Carla is down in Kentucky. She's going to speak via Skype, so that we can share our joy in this book with all of you.

I want to tell you a little bit about how the book came about. A few of you don't know much about me. In 1972 I lost my hearing, and I struggled quite a bit with it. I felt very cut off from the world, very angry, very stuck. I prayed for help. I don't know what kind of help I was expecting but it most certainly was not to have a discarnate entity suddenly appear in my living room! I had no familiarity with that at all. I had heard the term “channeling” but it wasn't part of my world.

I wondered if I was hallucinating. I walked into the kitchen. “What is this?” I could feel his energy so strongly. I could see his face. I got myself a cup of tea and I thought, I don't know which is worse, if he's real or if I am hallucinating! I didn't know which was scarier. I came back in. I could still see him and feel his energy field.

I sat with that in silence for a day or two.

Then I asked, “Who are you?”

He said, “You asked for help. I'm here to help.”

“How are you going to help?”

He said, “You're suffering. Let's start there. Let's look at the causes of the suffering, and how it ends.”

So he began to teach me insight meditation, in a deeper way than I was already doing. Then some people began to ask if they could talk to him. “How can they talk to him?” Aaron said, “Just listen and say what you hear.” So I started to do it. Then someone said, ‘You're channeling.”

I was a bit confused by what I was doing so I went to a bookstore in town and asked for a book about channeling. The bookstore owner tried to give me books of channeled material - this is a long time ago -[and he gave me] Emmanuel's Book by Pat Rodegast and The Ra Material from Carla.

Aaron said to me, “No, I do not want you to read channeled material because what I'm teaching you now is new to you. But if you read this channeled material then you're not going to trust that it's coming from me, you're going to think, ‘I'm just repeating what I read.'”

I asked again, “Isn't there any book about channeling?” “No.” I went back to the shelves to look. I came back to the counter, and there was a brand new, beautiful blue book on the counter that was titled A Channeling Handbook. I picked it up and leafed through it. I said, “This is just what I want. Thank you. You found it on the shelf for me.” And the bookstore manager looked at it and said, “I've never seen that book before in my life!”

He gave me the book. He wouldn't let me buy it because he said, “It's not my book.” But he handed it to me. I took it home. I read it. And I wrote to Carla. I said, “What is channeling? I need help.” I sent her some channeled messages from Aaron and I asked her, “What about this? Should I keep doing this? What do I do about this experience?” Some of our letters are excerpted in the introduction of the book.

Carla, I pass it on to you. I am so thrilled to have you here on the other end of this platform, invisible, but then Aaron is invisible and he's a pretty potent force. So, you can be invisible, too.

Carla: My name is Carla Rueckert McCarty and I write under the name Carla Rueckert, which is my birth name. And for my part, my introduction to Barbara was when she wrote me, having found this book that I wrote called The Channeling Handbook, having miraculously found it and taken it home and read it. She sent me a packet of her channeling. I often get samples of people's channeling because I've been working in this field since the 1960s and I've been channeling since 1974. So people know that they can come to me and I can perhaps talk to them about channeling.

I kind of hesitated to open Barbara's package because usually the channeling that people send me is very poor. Perhaps it is beautiful and has the consistency of marshmallow fluff, but it doesn't help people. Or perhaps they've gotten a bad connection and they're talking about doom and gloom and fear. But Ba was different - I call Barbara “Ba”. Barbara's channeling was clear and beautiful. The personality of Aaron was distinct from Barbara completely. The material was full of integrity. The discussion was extremely intelligent. And I became excited.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s there was a sudden rush of people finding channeling stylish and fashionable, and they would go off on weekends and learn to channel. “Open Your Channel” was usually the kind of advertisement that you saw for these weekends. These could be rather dangerous for the simple reason that there are some people, perhaps 1 in 100, 1 in 50, that are gifted. And whether or not they are picking up a good channel, they are picking up something. So it's as though they're dialing any number and then hoping to talk to somebody.

Now, obviously you're not going to dial a number at random and expect to have an intelligent conversation. But Barbara's conversations with Aaron were wonderful. I had thought to myself many times how wonderful it would be if I could find someone that was totally unlike me, had a different background, channeled a completely different source. I channeled an extraterrestrial source, Barbara channeled a Buddhist master whose last incarnation was over 500 years ago. The two approaches are completely different.

What I wanted to do with this co-channeling project was three-fold. Firstly, I wanted to show that you could check your ego at the door as far as being a channel. Channels do not have to one-up each other. They do not have to prove, “I'm a better channel than you. I'm more psychic than you.” or anything like that. Secondly, I wanted to show that the sources themselves were not competitive, were not trying to indicate they were the better channel of the two. Thirdly, I wanted to show that positive information, from whatever source, harmonizes.

So I suggested to Barbara that she come down from Ann Arbor to Louisville, Kentucky, which is a long drive, but I was frail in health, which I still am, and I couldn't make the trek. Barbara, on the other hand, was full of vitality, and she showed up in her big van with a helper because she's deaf and she needs help with communication and so forth. And we sat down for our very first weekend of co-channeling. We started out with Barbara's first question, and so the conversation began.

About a decade passed, I suppose, and during that time, Barbara and I spent nine weekends together, either here in Louisville, or once or twice I went up to Ann Arbor when I could and worked with Barbara up there. Every time we met there was a larger group because the material was magical and it really fascinated people.

The reason that it ended was that, once again, my health took a turn for the worse and I was unable to get together with Barbara anymore. But the result of these nine weekends is a very substantial amount of material that hopefully will help people in their walk of spirituality and seeking. We don't put it out because we think it's right. We offer it because we feel that we would like it to be a good resource that's available for anyone who might find it helpful.

Ba and I became the best of friends. Aaron, Ba's channel, and Q'uo, mine, became the very best of friends. And we had a most remarkable conversation. Barbara, do you want to add to that?

Barbara: Thank you, Carla. I remember the warmth with which I was greeted, that first weekend. I was feeling really unsure of myself. What was I doing here? Yes, Carla had told me repeatedly, “This is good channeling, come down,” but I still felt like a kindergartner walking into a college classroom. But as soon as we started channeling and Aaron and Q'uo exchanged dialogue, I relaxed and just let the material flow.  

I was also still caught in what I considered the challenges of deafness. How would I communicate? I remember people typing to me -- Jim, I think, and other people. We figured out different ways for me to get what Q'uo was saying. The welcome was so warm and any obstacles melted away.

What strikes me as I look back at the beginning of this is that we did not plan this as a workshop. We came together with my questions and Carla's questions, and the very few people who were there at the beginning with us, the sincere questions from our hearts.

I looked in the book to see what to read tonight, and of course it's 600 pages long. Where do you start? Aaron just said, “Open it to any page and read.” That works, but I decided to start on page 1, the very first question-- I'm not going to read it yet, I'll read it in a few minutes-- but the first thing that I asked Aaron and Q'uo: “How can I learn to love and accept myself fully when I see in myself so many imperfections?” Weekend One.

So we were talking from our hearts about the things that really mattered to us, and I think the sincerity of our seeking called forth the very high energy and clear answers. We were not just playing around. We really wanted to know.

The answers were so helpful! We shared the transcripts and, as Carla said, more and more people started to come. The first weekend there were a half dozen of us. Then there were ten of us. Then there were 15. Then there were 20. We kept getting bigger through these nine weekends, over nine or ten years.

Then the manuscript sat for a long time. It was a lot of pages, a lot of technical material, and [it was] chaotic material because there were transcripts from Aaron and transcripts from Q'uo, and they weren't merged. In those days we were using separate recording tapes. How do you put it together? But a very dedicated woman, Judy Romine, took all this tangle of material and put it together.

Just at the point where I had connected with a publisher for my book, Cosmic Healing, Judy sent this [Aaron/Q'uo transcript] to Carla and me and said, “It's ready to go! Whatever you want to do with it, it's finally all assembled and as clean as I can make it.” I had just signed the contract for Cosmic Healing, and in the contract it said that I would promise to bring any other book to the same publisher for first chance at it.

Simultaneously, Carla had participated in some kind of workshop, I don't remember where, Carla can tell us, but she spoke to somebody who said, “My nephew is a publisher. I bet he'd like to publish this.” So she came home and emailed me and said, “I found a publisher!” Meanwhile I had sent [the manuscript of The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues] off to Richard Grossinger of North Atlantic Books, the publisher of Cosmic Healing. He wrote me back immediately and said, “Send me the whole book. I really like this. I want this. I want to publish it.” He really was strong about it. Well, it turns out it was the same man!

Carla, your turn!

Carla: I was so tickled. Suzanne Taylor was the lady that was the aunt of the fellow at North Atlantic. And it was so incredibly coincidental. There I was in Kona, Hawaii, watching the waves lap up on the shore, while she was telling me that she thought she'd found a publisher for the book, and when I read Ba's note, I wrote back and said, “Well I also have found a place we can get the book published.” And it turned out to be precisely the exact same North Atlantic Publishers. So we realized that kismet was definitely right there, and we said, “Well, I guess it's time to publish this book.”

And I must say we have to give all kudos to a wonderful lady named Jude Romine because she took 3 sources-- I had a tape recorder at my seat during these weekends, Ba had a tape recorder at her seat, and then my husband, Jim McCarty, was typing as Q'uo spoke so that Ba could see what was going on, so that Aaron could respond. And Judy took those three disparate sources and created a seamless manuscript. It took her about 7 times through the material, and it's a lot of material. It took years. But when she finished, we had a beautifully clear manuscript of a most remarkable conversation.

I'm so pleased and thrilled that spirit found it was time to let this material be part of the public record. Neither Barbara nor I claims to have any truth; we are both those who seek, and we seek with all our hearts. We seek to serve and we seek to know more about ourselves. And that's the spirit in which this whole book is written.

Actually the first questions were from Barbara, mostly, because she was just getting started, whereas I had a head start. But as we grew larger as a circle, more and more people wanted to ask questions. So the whole energy of this project was driven by sincere people of intellect and integrity who genuinely wanted to know, “What's the truth? How can I serve? How can I move forward?”

Barbara, what do you have to say?

Barbara: Carla, at this point, what I'd like to do-- I'm trying to stick with our schedule, and my schedule says, “7:30 Read a selection from the book.” So I'm going to read something from the book. Then Aaron is going to speak for a short while on behalf of himself and Q'uo both. Carla is recovering from surgery so we decided not to have Q'uo speak directly tonight but just to let Aaron speak to us. And then we want to leave space at the end for Carla and I to answer questions.

So as I said, I sat there with this book and sticky notes and yellow marker and said, “What shall I read?”

In the very beginning - it's page 30 but it's the second page of the manuscript beyond the introduction - “How can I learn to love and accept myself fully, when I see in myself so many imperfections?...”

Q'uo: We do not find it difficult to love your self. We gaze at your courage as you walk in spiritual darkness, making choices by faith alone. We are deeply moved by the bravery of those who choose to express manifestation when it seems risky and almost hopeless.

The solution to perceived lack of perfection is so simple that it escapes notice. This third-density experience was designed expressly so that perfection would be quite improbable. In the furnace of self-perceived fire, the fire of ever ongoing, never decreasing imperfection, the third-density spirit learns to become flexible, supple, and strong. Were an entity to express perfection in the third density, such a one would be responsible to all to whom that incarnation became known. Such a responsibility is beyond the intention of your higher self at this moment. The imperfections of which you speak are your links to those to whom you wish to offer heartfelt love.

There is one state in which perfection may be well realized, and that is the sitting in the presence of the Infinite Creator, the great original thought or Logos that is love. That perfection does you great good. When you are in tabernacle with the infinite One, there you may be fed the infinite perfection that is Love. When you open your eyes, retain that sharing of perfection.

This spoke so deeply to me and it was so parallel to what Aaron was teaching. Q'uo speaks of the Infinite Creator. Aaron, coming more from a Buddhist background, speaks of the Unconditioned. They both speak of the Divine, this infinite source, Love, and that we're part of this source. They're both teachers of non-duality.

So what struck us right from the beginning was, while they spoke from a different perspective, they were so united in their thoughts. And they had so much love and respect for each other. I'm not sure if I can find that. I don't think I marked it. But each time one or another comes in, he/they say, “With thanks to my brother Aaron” or “With gratitude to my Brother/Sister Q'uo.” And they show so much loving respect for each other.

There are times when they're not completely in agreement, but it's a very amicable disagreement that simply induces them to look deeper into the grounds of their different perspectives and explore the difference, with respect for any difference. There's nothing basic or essential on which they disagree, though. They're both such high vibrational, highly positively polarized entities, and both are coming with strong intention to service.

So I don't want to read you huge stretches of the book. I'm going to go on a few pages. There was a question about working skillfully with anger. This is in Section Two. What I'm trying to do here is read a little bit each from Sections One, Two, and Three.

Aaron: (top of page 53) have arrived at a point where you understand the usefulness of moving beyond that anger, of letting it drop away, and it is the work of a lifetime; yet you are working on it and making progress. You are in that tunnel that I just spoke of with all these strands across. And when present anger arises, you have learned skillfully to look at that anger and not necessarily need to attach it as a strand across the entrance. But there are still all those strands from the past.

I suggest that it would be useful in meditation, as you feel the courage and readiness, to lift each strand and examine it. Do not start with the heaviest ones. Build up your strength with the lighter ones. As you recall some moment of intense anger where the self felt attacked in some way by another self and felt that it was wronged, just gently look at that strand and the feelings that came, asking yourself, “What is this anger? Why is it here? What was its function? Do I still need it, or am I ready to set it down?” Always know that if you feel vulnerable and afraid, you may put it back again into place if you need to, trusting that as you grow you will have less and less need to do that.

Each of you is here to learn to love yourself and others more fully; to learn faith and love. The anger is quite simply one of your learning tools. It is very easy to love unconditionally in a situation where there is nothing that arises to provoke any feeling but love. But how do you love when you are provoked to defend yourself, when that separation arises? Can you continue to love when noticing the fears, when noticing the separation and how anger arises from that? As you become more skillful with doing that with each small resentment that arises in your present life, you will find the faith and love to go back to loving in the moments of larger resentment.

There is one more thing here. You say you know this is what you need to do. I feel a sense of judgment in that. There is some sense of your feeling that until you do, you are not quite adequate or there is something wrong with you that needs to be corrected. You do not need to do this; rather, as you grow you allow yourself to do this. Can you see the difference? Allow yourself to be where you are, always reaching for the next step, but reaching out of a sense of love, not out of a sense of despising that which is. It is essential to treat all of this within you with love, because your contempt will only further enhance the sense of separation and further fragment the self into what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

And so they dialogued on with each other. I'm only reading you a small part. Somebody asked a question, I asked a question, Q'uo answered. Somebody asked another question, Aaron answered. But as you read through the dialogues, you see how they pass it back and forth, and each one seems to sense, “The other one wants to speak now. I will pause here so that the other one can speak,” so that they're just blending this response beautifully.

Weekend Three contained a group question about fear.

“Aaron: (bottom page 56)

Each of you has different understandings about fear and questions that come from a different need, a different place, so that we start with a very basic question, “What is fear?” Not even, “How does it arise” or, “Where does it come from” but “What is it?” Essentially it is an emotion that also touches on the physical and mental bodies, not just the emotional body; and finally it affects the spiritual body. So it is a feeling that totally enfolds you.

Fear is rather paralyzing to many of you. It distorts your way of seeing. It creates confusion and chaos within you. Because of the turbulence that it creates within you, it easily moves out of control. It is even harder than anger to step back from to get some perspective because of the ways it paralyzes you. As with any emotion, it is not fear that is the problem but your reaction to it. Fear in itself is just a mind/body experience, but it does lead to all these reactions within the physical body and in the spiritual body as well.

I have left out the mental body in talking about reactions to fear, because fear does not provoke a reaction in the mental body so much as it grows out of both the emotional and mental bodies. The emotional body feels the fear. The mental body in a sense creates the fear, unless it is a purely physical fear in response to a physical stimulus, such as a fear of falling as you feel yourself falling.

The mental body originates the fear. It is then picked up by the emotional body. For example, when you are in a car about to crash, at that moment you are safe; but you move from that present moment to an image of what you perceive will happen in the future. You feel yourself skidding and suddenly you envision yourself folded against that tree beside the road—an image which comes from the mental body—or you move back to the past; to your past experiences with a similar situation. Again, fear arises from the mental body; so the mind creates that situation where fear may enter, by moving out of the present and into the past or future. Then the emotional body picks up on that fear. Fear then moves on to the physical body, this being such a quick process that I would not expect you to be able to break it down. But there is immediate physical tension and at that moment the fear enters. Fear cannot coexist with love. Along with love I also place those experiences of faith and trust. At the moment when fear is that strong, the spiritual body loses all sense of trust that this will be okay.

Let us speak about this more specifically. Firstly, fear is never in this present moment but always in the past or the future. Think about this. Put yourself again in that skidding car. It is just skidding. You may be fine. Can you see your mind moving to that tree and the collision with it, or your mind moving backwards to the last time you skidded? Can you see how you have moved out of the present moment?

Aaron goes on for another page talking about how we work with fear, his general teachings about being mindful with fear and how we're reacting to fear. Then he says, at the top of page 60, “There is much more I could say here. I would prefer that others speak.” and he sends it to Q'uo.

Q'uo: Much fear is caused by a need to control the environment in a way helpful to the physical animal which houses the consciousness of each of you. This animal has a need to survive, which predisposes consciousness in manifestation toward control over the environment in order to obtain comfort, relaxation, and a feeling of security. Thus, fear is a perfect example of that which we would call a negatively polarizing thought. It assumes separation and usually hinges upon gaining or keeping control of that situation.


Look at fear and ask, What am I trying to control? It is well to know that it is only an illusion that we ever are in control of anything. Not that entities are not free to make choices; but that the reality which eludes the illusion you enjoy is that all are parts of one flowing fountainhead of an active, creative, beautiful, and living ocean of light. All flow into each other, through each other, through the self. Whatever condition the flow experiences, this condition is experienced not only as harmonious or aesthetically beautiful, but perfect. Each of you, as a spark, perceives the self as imperfect and at risk. That stops your spark of light from joining in shared heart as one.

I will leave the rest of it for you to read. Carla, I'd like to pass this to you. This is a perfect example of how we worked with this, passing it back and forth. I want to pass this to you while Aaron incorporates. So talk for a few minutes and we'll let you know when Aaron is ready.

Carla: In these dialogues Aaron and Q'uo talked over wonderful subjects together so that each one lent substance to the next, and there seemed to be a harmony that went deeper and deeper until Barbara and I both felt that Aaron and Q'uo were completely enjoying this conversation and were together united in their desire to share the highest and best information possible with those questioners who came before them.

I think that one thing that has struck me about this material is that, more than almost anything that I ever tried to edit, whenever I opened the manuscript, within a couple of pages I was hearing something I needed to hear that day and that moment. It met me on my path. And I have heard others say the same thing. It's really a thrill when you find that, for some unknown reason, spirit has offered you this magical way to offer the truth. And I'm very grateful that Barbara and I, and others,  persevered and made this material available.

(Aaron is now incorporated)

Aaron: I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you, and to you, my dearest sister of my heart. I am so glad you can be here with us in this way and participate in this circle of sharing.

Carla: It's a thrill.

Aaron: It has been too long since you and Barbara, since Q'uo and I, have been directly in each other's company. Of course, Q'uo and I do not depend on physical proximity.

(There is a pause to check equipment. They remark on a beeping noise)

I want to speak for both Q'uo and myself. The deepest joy started the first day when Barbara and Carla came together, two deeply sincere spiritual seekers who were willing to do the hard work and wished to look deeply at themselves and at the reactivity that they both still carried as humans. They asked, “How do I open my heart to that negativity? If I aspire to be a positively polarized being and in service to all, what do I do with that negativity?” It was not a conceptual asking but a deep opening of the heart. [They were] willing to do the hard work to bring the answers into themselves and live those answers.

For both Q'uo and me, our intention is to be of service. If a being comes to me and can only swallow a small cupful, we don't want to drown that being by giving them a gallon flask. So we give them a small cupful. We hope that they will swallow it, digest it, and come back and ask for another cupful. But with Barbara and Carla, the joy was that they were gulping down these gallon vessels and asking for more and more, digesting it, and this was also true of those who accompanied them.

I want to acknowledge the part in this work of Karen Weber. Karen came with Barbara and signed for Barbara at almost all of these sessions for a number of years. Finally cancer caused her to slow down, and eventually she left the incarnation with the cancer. But in the beginning, Karen transcribed all of Barbara's material, signed everything for Barbara, and this book would not exist, truly without Judy Romine and Karen. So acknowledge her in your hearts and thank her for her participation, as you read this book.

So at first it was Barbara and Karen and Carla and Jim and maybe one or two more people down there in Kentucky, and they were all taking it in and swallowing it, digesting it, asking for more and doing the hard work. It brought Q'uo and me so much joy!

We did not perceive at that point that this would be a book, only that we were talking to those people who came to us, asking. And there was so much joy in answering these seekers. And then more came, and more came.

At a certain point, I'm asking Q'uo here, we agree at about the seventh meeting, it came to both of us that this material could reach out much further than just these small groups. We began to be a bit more careful in trying to make sure that no part of the sequence was lost. But then we are spirit. We don't transcribe. We don't type. We don't manage the material. So we were delighted with those humans that came forth to support the work.

Also of deep importance to both Q'uo and to me, as Carla said, [was that] there are differences between us but the places where we come together are so much more significant than the differences. Both of us are highly positively polarized entities. By that we mean that we exist in service to all beings and that that is our highest priority. We define positive polarity with a slightly different emphasis, Q'uo defining it more as service to all beings and I defining it more as non-contraction. But where there is contraction, you hold it into yourself and you cannot serve all beings, so we're basically just approaching the same thing from a different view, as we do throughout the book. In these ways, Q'uo and I also learned.

One of the delights to both of us is that some people got positive polarity as service-to-all beings and some people got it as non-contraction. One doorway led you into the room, the other doorway led you into the room, and then there was the fullness of the room and the knowing of both doorways. This came up in many places. I use that “positive polarity” as only one example.

So often with spiritual seekers, there is a certain subtle self-centeredness: “I want to fix myself. I want to make myself more perfect.” It's a lovely aspiration, but there's also a selfishness in it, a grasping energy.

With this group, the group that came together, drawing more and more people, the whole energy of the group was not in, “What can I get out of this?” but, “What can I give through doing this work? How can this work enable me to be of service in the world and to all beings?” And people saw the inner work that we were guiding them to in this light and worked hard to manifest it in themselves. So there was so much joy in this sharing. It was not just the sharing from me and Q'uo but the whole energy from the group that was so beautiful.

I have strong memory of the light that filled the room each time the group gathered, as it does here tonight with all of you. [It was] not really any different. Each of you offers the intention to purify your energy as best you can and for service in the world. And yet, you are often caught because you don't know what to do with the negativity, what to do with fear, anger, doubt, and confusion. Each of you has been willing to look deeply at these distortions in the self.

I do not use distortion as a negative term. What I see as distortion is, if you were to shine a beam of light at water, at a smooth lake surface at night, the air has one density and the water has another heavier density, so the light seems to bend. It's not a bad bend, it's simply a distortion. As humans you dwell in a realm of distortion.

When anger, fear, greed, confusion, or any of these emotions arises in you, if you fear them and say, “No, I must beat that away with a stick!” you simply move yourself further into negative polarity, into contraction and negativity around that emotion.

What Q'uo and I were intent on teaching you, both of us with the same central message, is love; to see when any negative thought arises, that it's not bad. You don't have to condemn yourself because of that thought. But you can bring awareness to it, not become reactive to it, and open your heart with compassion to the human in whom it has arisen, and not get so caught in self-identity with it, but hold spaciousness around it until it dissolves.

Basically that's all we say in this 600 pages! Love yourself. Love each other. And trust your path.

I just want to say thank you all for being here, sharing this with me. Please, as you read this book, put yourself in this room with all the other seekers. Trust. As Carla said, simply ask the question and open the book. Don't use the index at first. Don't use the Table of Contents. Ask the question from the deepest sincerity of your heart and trust that when you open the book, within a few pages the answer is going to come. And remember that it is not my answer or Q'uo's answer. We are simply reminding you of what you already know and helping you to remember it and bring it into manifestation.

I would also like to say, as an aside before Carla talks, and at risk of embarrassing her,

(Speaking to another C)

That you were not here when Barbara first introduced how she met me and how she came to Carla. The first week, when Barbara met me and she said, “What am I doing here? What is this energy?” she called her friend C and said, “Could we talk about this weird thing is happening to me? I'm hearing a spirit. Am I developing some kind of mental illness?” As we are offering thanks tonight, we thank you, C, for helping Barbara to hold her faith and walk this path.

Carla, if there's something you would like to say here, I'm going to release the body to Barbara in a moment and give her a chance to settle herself a bit. So please, my sister, you pick this up and talk for a few minutes, and then we'll open the floor to questions with you and Barbara.

I release the body. My love and blessings to you all. I hold you all in the light and love of the Divine, of which you are a part.

(Barbara re-incorporates)

Barbara: Thank you, Aaron. Carla, will you please speak a bit while I get myself together?

Carla: Yes, I certainly shall. One thing that occurred to me as we were talking is that we use terms like “service to others” and “it's all about love” and so forth, and we think we know what those things are. We think we know what they mean. One of the great advantages of having a deeply disparate background, Aaron being an accomplished Buddhist master and the Q'uo group being brothers and sisters that aren't from around here but come from elsewhere, is that from two completely different points of view, they're dealing with these terms. And as we see them talking back and forth, we can sort of triangulate and get a much clearer idea of what love is, what service is, what polarity is, and how this spiritual life operates. Because there are simple and firm protocols for the way things work.

One of the great things about this book is that as the information that is positive harmonizes between the Buddhist look at things and the E.T. look at things, we also are able to see that the great wisdom of the infinite and eternal world that they share is far more powerful than anything that might be called a difference of opinion. And I don't remember either Aaron or Q'uo creating any conversations in which they disagreed. It was a gentle nudging here and a nudging there, and a working towards the common goal of creating this tabernacle where all of us in the circle were sitting, where we rested in the light and we heard those who are far more capable than perhaps we humans may be of seeing into the unknown and the unseen realms, and just feeling and experiencing that ineffable feeling that comes when you sit in the presence of true love. Neither Ba nor I could ever claim to be a perfect person of great love and light. Although we think each other are, we know our secret thoughts! And so we are perfectly aware that we're all bozos on this bus.

But the atmosphere in that circle, and the atmosphere that's made available by the beautiful job of North Atlantic Books in this book, brings you into that circle, brings you into that citizenship of eternity and infinity where you become aware of your true self and your true worth. And I think it's a very powerful book because of that.

Barbara: You mentioned the publisher. We mentioned how we found the publisher. I'd like to publicly thank Richard Grossinger for jumping in and saying, “Yes, I want to publish this,”  and his company, North Atlantic Books, for the great job they did in the presentation of  it.

Anna Marie: We'd like to open the floor to questions.

Barbara: Before we hear questions, I'd like to thank Anna Marie and Jack [Koepfgen] for all the work they've done to get this together, to advertise it to people. How many people do we have listening in on Skype? Eight now; it was eleven earlier. Great. A wonderful technology.

(Carla notes that she will be away from the microphone for a few minutes.)

I find this technology amazing.

Anna Marie: Questions?

Q: My question is for Barbara. When did you start channeling Aaron, and how did it come about? Were you in a meditation at the time? Were you asking for someone to channel for you?

Barbara: You must have come in a little after my introduction. That's okay. I lost my hearing in 1972 and I struggled with being deaf. It was quite a challenge;  I felt myself cut off from the world, angry, living my life, coping, but cut off. I prayed for help. There was nothing in my life to lead me to the idea of discarnate entity. I didn't have that as my background. But I was meditating in my living room. I prayed for help. I came in and sat. And there was strong energy. I could see him. I could feel him.

As I see him, it's an almost biblical-looking face. It's interesting because I occasionally see an overlay of that Thai Buddhist master, but mostly I see the lifetime in which he was Aaron, which was before the lifetime that he speaks of, of knowing Jeshua. So, 2500 years ago? He has a high forehead, long white hair and beard, very high cheekbones. It's a strong face, with very deep blue eyes. So I saw this face I asked, “What is it?” I thought either I was hallucinating or it was real, and I didn't know which was most frightening.

So at that point, I told the group earlier how I found Carla's channeling handbook, contacted Carla, and said, “What's going on here? What's channeling?” You can read about this in the introduction in the book and also in greater detail in my book, Cosmic Healing. All the books are on the table for sale. When we end here after this discussion, feel free to go in there and help yourself to snacks. Choose a book, or several. I will sign books.

Cosmic Healing tells the story of my losing my hearing. It's my story with large pieces of journal from Aaron of what he was teaching me. The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues are different; they're just these dialogues between Aaron and Q'uo.

There's also a book in there, Presence, Kindness, and Freedom, which is the first book of Aaron's teachings, much similar to Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues but just Aaron and small bits of transcripts of the deepest things that he was teaching us through many years.

Q: Thank you.

Barbara: You're welcome.

Q: I would like to add just a little fact to what Barbara was saying, which may be significant to some people here. When Barbara says she lost her hearing in 1972, it occurred about 2 weeks after the birth of her first child. So it wasn't just that 1972 was the year; it was a milestone event. The child was born in April of 1972 and two weeks later she had no hearing. I just wanted to clarify that.

Barbara: It was very hard. We had a newborn infant and I couldn't hear. For whatever reason the blood vessels were dilated and couldn't carry the blood supply and oxygen; the nerves became oxygen-starved and died.

Other questions?

Q: I consider myself a layman on this spiritual adventure. I feel like I've been on it for a long time and without a real rudder, but yet I continue to be pulled in this direction. And I'm not sure for what reason these other people are here. There are many of us here, whether [because of] curiosity, a particular path, some desire for some healing on whatever level, emotional, physical, spiritual. I'm wondering, what do we do now that we're here?

Barbara: Meditate! I always start with, “Meditate.” I think the intention for growth is the most important thing, really holding in your heart the sincere intention to live your life with increasing love, to release negative feelings. When we start with that, with open heart, spirit leads us to where we need to go.

You're taking some big steps in your life this winter. You are moving into a situation in which you're opening yourself to very high vibrational energy and so forth.

(Q is going to see John of God in Brazil with Barbara's group.) 

That's going to challenge you. It's going to teach you. You're taking our Cosmic Healing class. You're opening yourself to these new ideas.

The important thing is that each person must choose for themselves, from their own free will, what resonates for them. There's no right or wrong path. It's more a process of trial and error. We try it. If it works, we go a little further. If it doesn't work, we slack off and try a slightly different direction. What really speaks to your heart?

Explore your deepest intentions, with as much honesty as is possible. Don't condemn yourself when you find some fear or contraction in the intentions, such as desire to be safe or even to become enlightened and free of suffering, to finish this work. Every catalyst offers us the opportunity to practice love, and there will be catalysts!

For me, one of the values of the book is, while we had very sincere spiritual seekers coming to these weekends, they were not all highly experienced at all. There were many people who were pretty new who just were asking the questions, Where do I go? How do I do this? So the book is not just for experts. Read into the book and take out what benefits you and leave the rest. Probably six months later as you read through it again you'll find something else that speaks to you.

Q: This question is from Roman in Louisville. Barbara, would you talk about your thoughts on a balanced way of sharing this book with other seekers? Thanks.

Barbara: First of all, Hi Roman! It's been a long time and a big hug to you. It depends whether you're sharing with one other person or a group. I see the book as being a very good facilitating tool, where a group of seekers can go to a chapter whose question resonates for them, and sit together. It may be two or three people; it may be a dozen people. They might talk about why the question is so important to them; having pre-read what the book says in that chapter. And then discuss it. How does Aaron's or Q'uo's  idea or suggestion work for me? And in that way you can deepen the meaning of what they say by sharing your own personal experiences with the words and ideas.

Roman, it's not much different than what we did in those circles, when spirit talked and then they left the circle temporarily and we as humans all talked about it. You were there. Just doing that, talking, sharing, reflecting.

Roman: The thrust of the question is sharing without infringing on free will.

Barbara: Basically, if somebody asks a question, you can share your answer, making it clear, that it's not, “This is the law” but “This is how I see it.” If they say, “Fine, thank you,” and back out, that's enough. If they say, “Can you tell me more?” tell them more. Give them a little and ask, “Do you want to hear more about it?” so that we're not pushing ideas on people but getting into a dialogue with people. So start with a little and ask, “What does this mean to you? Does this resonate for you? In what way could this be helpful to you? Or in what way does this seem contrary to your experience?” So you're dialoging with them, not lecturing them.

Q: This question is for both Barbara and Carla. The question to Carla is, is language a barrier in channeling Q'uo, or does Q'uo channel in English? That is my first question. And second question is, I'm really fascinated about these two spirits talking to each other through humans. This is also to Barbara. Can they not talk to each other without humans? Do they communicate without human intervention? I'm really interested in that.

Carla: In the first place, they communicate with each other the way that we communicate with ourselves. We have images and feelings and ...

(Carla's voice fades and disappears; returns.) 

What you have to realize is, in the unseen realms words are not necessary. We use words because we can't use telepathy. We don't understand each other's consciousness without help so we need to use words. However, in their experience, they are aware of what is thought by concept rather than by words.

A concept is a different thing than a bunch of words. A concept is an almost infinite whole. And I have found in channeling that I get concept information from them and I have to translate those concepts into English. So I don't think they speak in English or any particular language. We pick up the words like rolling out the concept and cookie-cutter-ing letters and words and sentences and getting the most we can out of this infinite concept they're offering.

It's never complete. It's never everything. If you try to exhaust a concept, you'll lose the contact. So I just catch the concept, put words to it, translate it into English, because I speak English. It's like a game of catch: you catch the concept, you translate it. You catch another concept, and you translate. I have never in my life finished a translating (= channeling)  session and felt that I had gotten everything that they gave me. I'm still working on that!

Does that answer your question?

Q: That answers the first part.

Barbara: Let me add something to that. I remember with much humor a couple of times when I was down there, waking up in the morning and greeting Aaron as I normally would, and him saying, “Go and meditate, I'm talking to Q'uo.”! I can remember at times Aaron telling me that they were talking with each other all night and they had a lot of plans for us for the next day. So they're communicating, they don't need us. But as Aaron also said, “You're here. Carla's here. You're here, so I'm here. Carla's here, so Q'uo's here.” So they communicate across any distance but also, there we were.

I have a different experience with channeling than Carla. In the beginning I did the same conscious channeling that Carla is talking about. Then about seven years ago, at John of God's Casa in Brazil, I said to the entities, “I am exhausted after I channel.” And they said, “You're simultaneously holding Aaron's very high vibration in your body and your lower vibration in your body. In the beginning that was fine, but now as he bring in a higher and higher vibration, it's causing too much friction in the body. You need to get out of the body and let him into the body.” And they taught me how to do that so that the channeling changed from conscious to trance channeling. Now I literally move out of my body and he comes into the body. I'm no longer aware of bringing in the concept and finding an articulation of it. I can't say I'm not doing that, but I'm fully unaware of doing that. Aaron has said that he first had to learn enough English to be able to use my body and speak English before he no longer needed me to translate his concepts but could use the speech mechanism himself.

After a year or so of full trance channeling the Casa Entities teaching me started to ask me to come back, just staying at the edge of conscious in the body so Aaron could turn to me for vocabulary if he needed it. But I'm not channeling him in the same way that I was ten years ago, of hearing the thought and finding words for the thought. I just mostly stay out of his way and let him use the body. So it's a different experience. Neither one is better than the other. It's just, for me this creates less exhaustion in the body. It seems that I just rest there and let him use the body.

Are there other questions?

Q: The entities that you channel, do they have organizational structure? Do they belong to any association?

Carla: I think Barbara and I have two different answers to that. For my part, the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the Infinite Creator has organization. And in the channeling I have done by an entity call Ra, called The Law of One, they talk about this organization. And although we are all one, there is organization and so forth in the way that they are organized and the way that they serve. They are from outer planes, planes not native to this planet.

Aaron, on the other hand is a Buddhist master of the inner planes, and he has an individual relationship with Barbara, so that doesn't need any organization behind it at all. So from my point of view, yes, there is organization. From Barbara's point of view, no, there really isn't organization. It's just a conversation between the teacher and the eager student.

Barbara: There's more to it, though. When Aaron first came in to me, he said he was my teacher but he was also happy to teach anybody. Aaron and I have a past-life history together. He is a fully liberated being and he has no need karmically to teach me. He just does it out of love. He's happy to be available to anyone. But also I am increasingly aware of the bigger organization. I hesitate to use the word “organization”; the bigger energy field of which he is a part, which he simply calls the Brother/Sisterhood of Light, and which I would assume includes both terrestrial and extraterrestrial energy.

Carla, do you agree that the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light includes both?

Carla: I think that you have to remember that truly all is one, and that the entire universe is an expression that is endlessly organized from the One to the expressions in all vibrations and scales of vibration. So it depends on the point of view and the place from where you're looking as to whether there's organization or not.

It's a very multi-level question, organization, because it's an organization that we can only understand, if you think perhaps of the body. In our body, we are not aware that our liver is talking to our kidneys, or that our kidneys are talking to our heart. But on the other hand, our body is a field of nested energy fields, all of which are working to create health and providing for one mind-body-spirit complex, as the Confederation tends to call people. In that understanding there is always organization. Does that help?

Barbara: There's a difference between organization and hierarchy. There is always free will. Within this Brother/Sisterhood of Light, beings are free to express their feelings, their ideas, their choices. Other beings are free to respond to what is expressed, but no being controls the other being.

Aaron has talked about how this Brother/Sisterhood of Light created a non-intervention policy around the Earth so that beings from other realms cannot come in and control it. There's an energy field that protects the Earth. That doesn't mean they can stop a negative being who says, “Nah, get out of my way! I want to come in!” But this energy field has a high enough polarity, a high enough vibration, that the negative being is going to be so uncomfortable that he's going to want to back away, he's not going to want to come in.

So part of our work as light beings is to try to hold an ever higher vibration which supports positive polarity through the Earth. Thus we are all part of this Brother/Sisterhood of Light. Even beings of a great deal of darkness, who would not consider themselves-- this is in the book, there's a good discussion between Aaron and Q'uo about this. Beings who would not consider themselves to be beings of light-- we're all beings of light, simply some are in relative darkness. We're all evolving toward the light.

Is there one more question?

Q: I wanted to find out from Carla how she met Q'uo.

Carla: Okay. In 1962 I began attending a meditation group that was part of a scientific experiment run by a physics professor at the University of Louisville. He taught mechanical engineering and physics. And he had run across some material that was of great interest to him because it explained, in the context of a UFO contact, how a person could contact extraterrestrial sources of information without the need for a close encounter of the third kind. They simply said, sit in meditation together on a regular basis and see what happens, basically. And I did that.

And for twelve years, until 1974, I watched twelve other channels become active and channel for a while. And then, because of the fact that all of the people in the group besides the professor were students, they gradually moved away, went to jobs elsewhere and so forth. So Professor Don Elkins in 1974 said, “I'm almost out of channels and this experiment is going to end unless you will see if you can learn how to channel.” I didn't particularly have an interest in it, but, reluctantly, I did try to learn to channel. And after a couple of months I became aware that I could do this, and I received various sources of information who called themselves things like Hatonn, Oxal, Latwii and Laitos, my favorite of them being Latwii

(Pronounced Lah-twee.)

Shortly after Professor Elkins died, I began receiving information from someone called Q'uo. Now, I challenge all spirits before I will accept them. I'm a Christian so I challenge in the name of Jesus the Christ. I ask them to say that Jesus is Lord, and if they will say that, then I will listen to what they have to say. And Q'uo passed with flying colors.

After a few months it finally occurred to me, me with three years of Latin in high school, that Q'uo in Latin means various things, among them being “who”. So I said, “Who are you, Q'uo?” And they explained-- this is a large group of people speaking as one, that's why I say “they”--they explained that because of the way I tuned and prepared myself to channel-- I ask for the highest and best contact that I can carry in a stable and conscious manner that might be of service to those who are seeking--I had a conglomeration or what they call a principle of three so-called social memory complexes. One was of the Density of Love. That was Hatonn. One was of the Density of Light. That was Latwii. And Latwii does the actual speaking for Q'uo. And one was of the Density of Unity, which was those of Ra. They would consider questions and then Latwii would respond with their answer. So finally I found out who Q'uo was.

Q: Thank you.

Barbara: Thank you, Carla. If you are not familiar with Carla's wonderful metaphysical classic, The Ra Material, it's a multi-volume classic, I deeply recommend it.

Carla: If we're wrapping up, I should say here that if you want to look further into my work, the two websites to look at are and if you're interested in networking, there's a place that you can log and enter forums and discuss questions that you're interested in called Barbara, what is your address,

Anna Marie: This information is in the book, I believe. All of the websites are in the book.

Barbara: Carla, I love you! I love you very much and I am so thrilled we could do this tonight. We need to explore further ways to do it.

Carla: It's been a pleasure, Ba. It's been a real pleasure. And God bless everybody.

Barbara: We have a circle of, I don't know, we had about 30 people here, maybe, with chairs and meditations cushions in a circle at Deep Spring Center. I'll send you a picture of it.

So that's all. We will end here. Books are available for sale back there... I'd be happy to sign them for you. If you want Carla's signature, you're going to have to send it to her! Aaron and Q'uo basically let us sign the books.

Thank you all for coming. Much love to you.


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