January 30, 2012 Sunday, Abadiania, Brazil

January 30, 2012 Monday, Abadiania, Brazil

Again we are gathered in the pousada courtyard. Tonight Aaron is incorporated but is strictly monitoring his energy; very little of his energy coming through

Aaron: Let us simply begin with your questions. Please let me know if the energy goes up.

Q: I heard you said that many people here are Pleiadeans.

Aaron: Not too many; some.

Q: What are they? Where are the people from?

Aaron: Let me put it in this way. If you had Chinese ancestors four generations back but your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents were born in the United States, you are fully American and yet you have Chinese ancestry. Pleiadeans are fully human but they have a Pleiadean ancestry. That means they came from the Pleiades sometime long ago. It's not a great great great great grandparent, it's a great-great karmic ancestor who came from the Pleiades.

This is only one place from which beings may come. There are many material realms, many quasi-material realms and many non-material realms. Beings who are human come from all of those places: material, quasi-material (such as the Pleiades), and non-material. But once you are human, you are fully human. The person with Chinese ancestry does not have a tendency to prefer chopsticks over a fork just because four generations back his grandparents came from China. So let us not discriminate and say this is this kind of person, that is that kind of person. There is only one kind of person, a human being, with different degrees of evolution  and different backgrounds.

The Pleiades is a system in your universe in which the beings are what I have termed quasi-material. For you as humans, you take incarnation and then eventually pass out of the incarnation into the bardo state. You don't cease to exist, you simply transform into another form and then you take a new incarnation. It's the same energy stream but you are not the same person you were in a past life. There's are karmic threads that run through.

For the Pleiadean there is no birth or death. They move into a more solid form at will, able to choose what kind of form they wish to emulate in order to learn something they need to learn. When the learning feels complete, they pass out of that form and into a more non-material phase, just as you are really in a non-material phase in the bardo state, but there's more a conscious continuation of consciousness for the Pleiadean. For you there is less conscious continuation of consciousness. You usually don't remember who and what you were in past lives. The Pleiadean retains the memory. So there is no death for a Pleiadean. There is simply the release of one form, a move into a more non-material phase, and the decision to move into another form.

They are excellent imitators. When you imitate in that way, deep compassion can develop. You can really learn what it feels like to be that kind of life form. For example, somebody might decide to be a snake, to find out what it feels like to be a snake, and often, to be loathed in the world. What is the experience of a snake? By the time you come out of that, you're no longer going to loathe snakes. You really know what it feels like to be a snake.

The difficulty with this life form process is that there are no full repercussions of choices. If you find yourself as a small fish eating even smaller fish, and suddenly a big fish comes along and is about to eat you, you can say, “That's it. Let's get out of this particular scene. Let's move into a different phase of being. I've experienced enough.”

If you are drawn to anger and hurt somebody, you don't really have to be responsible for your choices. Karmically, yes, but not in the same way as the human form does. So the Pleiadean is a highly successful life form, in some ways, in terms of learning, and it's not so successful in other ways.

Through a long story I shall not repeat here, it's in the Deep Spring archives, the Pleiadeans came in, play-acting to convince humans that they were the same as certain negative energy on the Earth but with the intention to shift that negativity to positivity. Humans were imitating the negative, those who wanted power and control, so the Pleiadeans imitated that life form perfectly, except they were gracious, generous, loving and kind.

Please see this transcript for a fuller account; March 12, 2004 Aaron on Earth History

It is in the DSC site/ archives/ Aaron/ special topics/ 2004. A further search for Pleiadeans and for ‘earth history' on the DSC site will give still more talks

This was very helpful for humans, who now had a different model to follow-- different gods from outer space, as it were. But the Pleiadeans also got caught in the karma of the Earth. It's very hard to imitate something that's negative without picking up some traces of that lust for power, for example. So, most of the Pleiadeans that came in, in this way, became trapped in the Earth's karmic field and, for those few of you who have that background, here you are, working out that particular karma. Others have come from other backgrounds and you're working out your karma. There's no difference.

Pleiadeans are what we call “shape-changers”, so they have the ability to take on any shape at will.

Other questions?

Q: I seem to have a very strong affinity with Francis of Assisi, and I know that he is revered here. Can you tell us a story about that?

Aaron: There actually are two St. Francis' that show up as Casa entities. St. Francis Xavier comes more often than St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis of Assisi is the epitome of loving kindness to those who are helpless or weak. The illustrations you see show of his caring for birds and animals. He had deep concern also for humans, but that's not told so often in stories. The animals loved him because of his pure heart, and he offered out such an energy, not only of harmlessness but of commitment to honor and cherish and care for. That energy poured out from him, so he was trusted.

Q: So he incorporates and does healings here?

Aaron: Does he heal here? Occasionally. Not as much as St. Francis Xavier. There are many beings here who do not actively participate in healing but simply hold the space and energy into which that healing can happen. They are, let's call it part of the Current, but a very powerful, major part of the Current. For example, Jeshua does not so often directly participate in the healing, but he is a core, like a radio tower, emitting the energy, that helps hold the Casa together.

Q: So, St. Francis is similar?

Aaron: St. Francis is similar. Jeshua does not incorporate in Medium Joao's body. That doesn't mean he's not here.

For any of you, if you feel a strong connection with an entity, it's probably because you had a past life connection with that entity.

Q: I would like to know more about that sometime.

Aaron: Right now it's more curiosity and I don't think it's useful. We are trying to release, not build up, ego!

Q: I agree.

Q: How can we best tell where we have chakra blockages?

Aaron: I have three answers to that. First, it will eventually show up as physical distortion in the body, but one would like to catch it before it turns into physical distortion in the body. Honest meditative investigation and looking at one's life issues will help.

For example, how many of you are fully comfortable with your power, your sexuality, being fully in a body? Anybody? I'm saying really fully, deeply comfortable. Some of you are, more so than others. This is a base chakra issue.

How comfortable are you in interpersonal relationships, with your family, your friends? This is a spleen chakra issue.

How comfortable are you with organizations, political organizations, your church, whatever organizations you belong to, and the way power comes and goes within those organizations? This is a solar plexus issue.

How much can you really stay present in your heart, the heart open, even when things are painful around you? You can feel the heart's tendency to close. This is a heart chakra issue.

How able are you to speak your own truth, even when others may strongly oppose your truth? I don't mean to fight for your truth in terms of slandering others, but to simply be able to say, “I know you don't agree with me, but I feel this very strongly. I'm open to hearing your point of view, but right now, this is how I see it.” This is a throat chakra issue.

Opening to the deepest spiritual essence, seeing deeply, right view-- this is the third eye chakra. Seeing deeply into who you are, how the world is, the Noble Truths, deep understanding of such. This is the third eye—deep seeing of how things are.

Opening to spirit, allowing yourself to connect deeply to spirit, to hear spirit, to hear what Barbara was describing as the drilling of the hole, energy pouring in, this is the crown chakra.

Be honest with yourselves. I don't want to say it in a way that implies that you should work to fix all of these issues. Simply, see what's predominant for you. Of all that I mentioned, right now this week, one will probably be predominant. The others are there but not predominant. Maybe this week you're having a hard time expressing your truth to others, so the fifth chakra may be blocked. Or maybe this week there's anger at what's going on around you and it's coming from the belly. Simply bring awareness to what's happening in this moment in your life. What is predominant? What recurs over and over and over? Then work with that chakra, and with the intention, not to fix the chakra, but to bring attention to what seems closed and invite it more fully to open.

Q: Some mediums can connect with departed people. Can that happen if they reincarnate?

Aaron: Not in the same way. It's very easy to connect with departed beings who are available. The hard part is to know when not to disturb them because they're busy with their work and it would be a disturbance, but to respect the process that they're going through. Anyone can ring your doorbell. Knowing when it's wise to ring that doorbell is the hard part.

After a being has reincarnated, my experience when I seek such a being is that I see-- you need to understand that time is not linear. Let me use this as an example. (Aaron is holding two spots in Barbara's dress) Here is the being in the bardo state. Here is the being in the new life. There seems to be a linear time span between them. But it all folds together like that. (Folding the two spots together so they touch)  It's touching. There's no space between.

When I am looking for a being who has reincarnated, I see both that being in its past life, in the bardo state, and in its present life. In its present life, if it's in a human incarnation, especially as a child, I would not want to disturb it to try to talk to it, but I can still communicate with that awareness aspect of the self, really its higher self. When I approach the higher self of a being, I'm simply approaching the spirit level of that being, and it doesn't matter whether it's in a new incarnation or not. The higher self is beyond the incarnation.

So, in short answer to your question: yes, one can talk to it at any point, but you are not talking to the new incarnation, you're talking to the higher self. Because beings move through a transition period, at times they are more accessible than other times. The damage that I see done by mediums who are unskillful is that they say, “Oh yes, we'll find that being,” and they pull the being out of a process in which they are deeply involved, and which pulling out is harmful to them, rather than saying, “This being is not to be disturbed now. We can come back in a couple of weeks and see where they are, a couple of months.”

(asking Aaron to check his energy level; he reduces it)

Q: What happens right before you die, and where do you go after you die?

Aaron: There are phases of death. Before the final transition phase, there may be a lot of fear and feeling out of touch with the spiritual realm. As one comes closer to the transition, the energy of your guides, of loving angelic presence, strongly begins to bleed through. If a person has been skeptical about any after-life throughout the incarnation, they're probably going to believe they're hallucinating and push away that experience of guidance and angelic presence. If they have at least been willing to consider the possibility, then they may open to it. If they have been open to the reality of spirit presence, and that death is simply a transition into another mode of being, then they will very strongly feel these angelic presences.

Then the life function ceases in the body. Here I'm creating a capsule of a very precise and vast process, discussed in depth in books like The Tibetan Book of the Dead. One moves into a bardo state, a “between” state. The predominant characteristics will come forth. If one was an angry, distrustful person, one is not simply going to drop that because one died. If one was deeply mindful and strived to be loving and kind, one is not going to lose that because one died. Whatever wholesome qualities you have established will endure. Whatever unwholesome qualities you have established will also continue, with the opportunity for mindfulness to observe those unwholesome qualities.

There will always be a large congregation of angelic presence, and also your loved ones from past lifetimes will gather to welcome you. If you're open to that presence, you'll experience it. You'll experience with great joy the welcoming committee. If you're not open to it, you won't experience it.

Eventually everyone will start to experience this full transition, and start to know their deeper self. Some will experience enormous anguish, remorse, pain, guilt, and shame, because of terrible deeds that they did in the lifetime, and will move themselves into a place of darkness because they believe that they are evil and trapped in that evil. There is no Hell, as such; rather, there is the Hell that you create for yourselves through the putting of yourself into such a place of darkness.

Those who have practiced the dharma in whatever form, have learned deep forgiveness, and really understand that everything arises out of conditions, will understand there is no evil here, but certainly acts arose out of unwholesome conditions that are not yet purified, and now one has a chance to work on purifying these conditions and with this angelic support. The heart will open to the self. One will experience the angelic guides. One will experience the loving support and pull oneself out of the darkness and into a place of light. At this point, one will either serve on that astral plane in some way as a way of balancing and releasing some of the karma, or begin to formulate the plan for a new lifetime in which that unwholesome karma will have a chance to be balanced.

So that's a capsule of what happens. There's an excellent book called Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves. Helen Greaves was a medium, and her friend, who had been a nun but left the order of nuns to explore a wider spirituality, said to Ms. Greaves, “When I die I'm going to come and tell you about it.” And she does! It's a brilliant work. I think it's very accurate, with the exception that it may mislead some very literal people: the nun finds herself waking up in a garden cared for by Sisters of her Order. Well, a man who was a sailor on the sea is probably not going to wake up in a nun's garden, he's going to wake up on the seaside. It does not give many examples so it can lead one to an erroneous interpretation. Given that one small distortion in the book, and it's not really a writing distortion, it's a reader's distortion, it's an excellent book. I recommend it.

Let me add one thing to that. Dying is not hard. You've all done it many times! It's the fear of dying that's hard.

Further questions?

Q: You have spoken of the arts of the Essenes that allowed you to live an extended life.

Aaron: I have lived an Essene life, but when you say arts, do you mean arts such as music and poetry and so forth, or...

Q:... Skills and science. Are those skills lost? Can we regain them?

Aaron: This is one of the reasons I and the other entities are here, helping to train those who are ready to learn such skills. First, the skills did not originate with the Essenes. The skills were relearned and carried through a dark age by the Essenes. They originated more with Lemurians. So these are Lemurians trainings, skills, that were kept safely in various places: the Essenes, the Druids, other groups, some shamanic tribes in remote places remember these skills. I've spoken to some of you of a lifetime I lived as an aborigine in Australia. Many of these skills were existent there. So, threads of these skills have remained.

Today they are being reawakened in people who are ready to use that power with a deep commitment to non-harm. This is part of what the present Cosmic Healing class at Deep Spring is about, a predecessor to remembering some of these skills. The class that will begin in fall of 2012 will deepen this learning. This is part of what Venture Fourth program was about. So as people become ready to relearn these skills and able to hold that energy, power and focus, then the skills will come back. For many of you, it's not a learning so much as a remembering skills that you once had long ago.

A part of this learning process is the reconnection of certain lost DNA linkage. Some of you have heard me talk about this. One of the things that the Casa entities are doing, one of the things that I am doing, that other highly positively polarized guides are assisting with, is your own shift into the full opening of your original DNA, much of which was temporarily shifted and now is ready to reopen, .

At a certain point you had the power to create and destroy but not the emotional centeredness to not misuse that power. With your agreement, never against your agreement, but with awareness that you were going to destroy the world, there was a pre-birth agreement that you would come into a new body with a much more limited DNA, and over and over again into countless bodies with a limited DNA. But now it's time to reopen it. Part of this whole shift into 4th density Earth is the reconnection of your DNA as 4th density beings.

At that level you are telepathic. You understand your wholeness. You understand that you co-create the world. You don't pray to a god to fix things for you; you know yourself as an expression of that divinity, and that it's up to you to create the world as you wish it to be.

So all of these skills will be revealed in time. The book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus some of you have been reading talks about this to some degree. It talks about the fact that these skills are being relearned, that there are initiations, and when you are ready, you will recognize the way the initiation comes to you,  in a different way than it came to Anna or Jeshua but real, none the less. You will have your own different initiation. Barbara speaks about some of the initiations she experienced in Cosmic Healing. They will not be your initiations.

An initiation is simply a, let's call it not quite an exam, because you don't flunk out if you fail, but rather an opportunity to bring forth what you have been learning and express it in an often challenging situation. And then to look back and see, how did I do, here? What needs more clarity in me? Where do I need to work? And what is really resolved and open? But as you move through such an initiation, certain deep opening will occur, and you'll find yourself much vaster and more whole than you had thought you were.

Is my energy okay? (responding  to a suggestion that it's a little higher than it was) I am trying for a compromise. It's very hard on Barbara's body when I don't bring in enough energy, because she verges on coming back into the body, because she feels the wavering, and when I'm firm in the body my energy is higher. So I'm trying for a compromise so as not to harm Barbara and not to harm you.


Q: Where did the Lemurians go, and how did they disseminate into humans? How did they mingle with the population?

Aaron: The vibration of the Earth was becoming lower. Lemurians were not a carbon-based entity, as you are. They were a crystal-based entity. So the whole Lemurian sphere was a highly energized, crystal-based world. The Atlantean civilization was somewhere between Lemuria and present-day human. The Atlantean civilization brought in the carbon base. The Atlanteans brought in the process of birth and death. They still understood these old trainings and skills, but they were more limited in the application of them.

The challenge for the Atlanteans was that there was an emotional body and not always the control of the emotional body, so that because of their vast power, there was increasing amount of harm done. It was at that point that the decision was made to cut back on the DNA, and at that point the human form emerged.

The human form was the next step, after the Atlantean. The severed DNA limited power. Before it could be restored, one had to understand how to work with the emotional body, with kindness, with awareness,  not to enact emotion or physical sensation; not to get caught up in self-identification with it. And this is what we do with vipassana practice. This is why I've emphasized this for all these decades, to give you the deep tool of presence and awareness of what's arising and that it arises out of conditions and is impermanent and not self.

How many of you have read my essay called Trainings? This is an essential reading, and you'll find it on the Deep Spring website. I actually dictated that to Barbara her first or second year here as she was reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, in response to some of her questions. So it explains this whole transition and how the Essene community raised children. The basic trainings are to find kind presence with physical body, mental body, emotional body, and not be caught up in the stories.

There are three steps that I illuminate within that talk, a steadily ascending spiral. When you get to the third rung of the spiral, you are ready to shift the DNA, and to start to work with these higher trainings.

Q: Does everyone here know Barbara's connections with Aaron in former lives? I don't. What are the past connections between Barbara and Aaron?

Aaron: Many. She has been my child in numerous lifetimes. At the deepest, furthest-back level, we are soul mates. In my final human lifetime, she was the son of my brother. She wanted to become a monk and I was a meditation master, so my brother brought this son to me. He became my senior disciple as many years passed. Then the brother's elder son died in an accident, so he came storming into my monastery, angry. He said, “Now the son must disrobe and come home with me, because I cannot take care of my elder son's children and my farm and myself.” The one that Barbara was said, “No, I don't want to disrobe.”

My fault there was not that I did not make him disrobe, but that I did not send him and another monk to go and help until the father got things sorted out. But I loved this nephew as a son that I would never have, and he was my foremost disciple. So when he said, “No, I don't want to go,” I said, “No, he doesn't have to go.” The father became incensed and threw a weapon. Not a long spear, not a knife, something in between. Threw it at me. The monk that Barbara was, stepped in between and received that missile.

It did not hit the heart but the belly area, so he did not die instantly but slowly over about 24 hours. My brother and I were both equally distraught. He had killed his son. He was enraged. He said, “Look what you made me do!” And I had to try to open my heart with compassion to him and to acknowledge my own fault in it.

I realized then that I was not yet enlightened, as I had thought perhaps I was. I saw my attachment to my disciple. I saw my anger at my brother. So I went off into the wilderness. I left the monastery that where I had taught and went off into the wilderness for about 10 years, until my true enlightenment, which I have described in some transcribed stories. And then I came back and began to teach again.

Since that lifetime, I have been with Barbara in each of her lifetimes, but not always as directly as now. In one lifetime, the Native American that she was channeled me, as she channels me now. In other lifetimes there was less conscious awareness of my presence.

There's no karmic need for me to do this with her, I simply do it out of love. The one she was gave his life to save me and now I will give my time and energy to see her reach full liberation. And I am happy to teach anybody who wishes to listen.

Q: Thank you.

Aaron: You're welcome! Perhaps one more question. It's 9 o'clock.

Q: How can we best support Barbara?

Aaron: Love her. Hold her in your hearts. You support her very well and very lovingly. To love her does not mean never to be angry at her. It does not mean never to correct her. It can be loving to correct somebody who says or does something that is hurtful. I don't think she does much of that, but if she does, it's fine to correct her. Simply cherish her, take care of her. Do this in the same way you cherish each other. Do not put her on a pedestal, but do show her your love.

What I do through her body is extremely draining on the body, so she needs time to restore her energy. But it is also her joy to do it, as it is my joy to be here and have the grace to use her as an instrument through which I can speak. For both of us our highest intention is service, and healing, and love.

Recognized that Barbara is both fully human and not fully human, in ways a bit different from each of you. She must live simultaneously in a very high vibration and also connected to the heavy vibration of Earth, and that's sometimes challenging for her. In spirit she soars and rests in light; at times in the body and emotions she knows greater darkness and heaviness; this is true for you all, but more so for her because of the high vibrations I bring through her and the depth of her spiritual practice.  

Like all humans, she seeks friendship and affection. And yet as a teacher she knows she may not, for example, choose one student over another and create special relationships which could be hurtful to people. So sometimes she is lonely, not because she is afraid to express her emotions, fear or her pain and so forth, but that she must always be aware of karmic consequences in terms of harm to others in what she expresses or lacks to express. She must not ‘play favorites' as you put it. Again this is true for all of you but Barbara has a deeper realization of it than most do.

Simply know this of her and do not take it personally if she does not choose to be your best friend. And do not take it personally if she DOES choose to be your best friend and yet sometimes seems unavailable! But try to understand that her situation is difficult.

Thank you for asking.

Have we had enough for the night? Let us close the circle, then. Closing it with much love.

(singing “All I ask of You”) I'll release the body to Barbara while you sing....

(session ends)

 There are numerous transcripts from Aaron and his teacher Ariel, on earth history Lumuria, Atlantis and the Essenes. We will try to pull them together so they are available in one section of the archives. For now, you will probably find many, scattered, if you do a search of the archives.