December 28, 2009
Private Question and Answer with Aaron

This is a follow-up to an earlier question and answer.

(This tape not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Keywords: darkness and light (polarity)

(Aaron is addressing a question sent by email; the email read as follows:)

When we spoke, this is what you said to me:

"There are very dark forces that control most of your planet."

I typed that sentence as you spoke and sent it to you. When you posted it, it was changed to:

"There are very dark forces that
wish to control most of your planet." (emphasis added)

We feel that these forces ARE controlling most of this planet. So we are wondering why this was changed. The second statement is not nearly as definitive and may weaken the remainder of the strong statement you made.

Aaron: Darkness thrives on fear. We need to not be afraid of fear and we also need not to enhance fear. I spoke a statement, which in that moment was true, and I will clarify what I mean by that, darkness controlling. When I spoke, I saw in you the fear reaction and also the, my English is not up to the task of finding the right word here. Let me look... When Barbara was a conscious channel for me, I could look in her mind for words. Now I must rely on my own vocabulary.

You are both old souls and you are "freedom fighters," servants of Light. Because darkness has harmed you in the past, in this and past lifetimes, you are very vigilant, but at times both of you, and especially Q1, are overly vigilant to the point that you contract.

Words have a powerful effect. Words can only simulate the deepest meaning. So what does it mean if I say, "dark forces do control," versus "dark forces wish to control"?

Think of a chess game. One player makes a masterful move and suddenly he is controlling the board. He wishes to control the board, and then with that move he is controlling the board. The other player parries in a brilliant move and suddenly player one is no longer controlling the board he wishes to control.

The play goes back and forth a few times, each wishing to control but neither controlling, until one player again makes a brilliant move or one makes a small mistake, and one is again controlling the board. If one controls the board., the other tenses. In that moment of tension he fails to see the big picture, including his own tension and how that tension is in itself affecting the big game. He's playing into his opponent's hands.

The chess player who can sit back and watch the game, watch the big picture, and play with as much clarity as possible but without fear, is more likely to win.

For me, it is very important never to feed fear. At the moment when I spoke, Player 1 had made a move, darkness had moved, was planning to move. Then Light parried. Darkness still wished to control but it was no longer in control at that moment. It goes back and forth. That is part 1 of my reply as to why I changed the wording before offering the transcript to others.

Part 2 relates to you personally, and that I see that it is not wholesome for you to hear from me words such as "darkness controls" because you build this up in your minds. It contracts you, it gives you a position on which to stand, and I don't want you to have that kind of position. That's my role as a teacher, to shake you loose of position and help you to see the big picture.

Please do not misunderstand me. There will always be a position, the position of servant to the Light. The servant to the Light does not take a position of hatred of darkness, fear of darkness, or even of intention to control darkness. That last may be hard for you to understand.

If I say light does not take a position to control darkness, then what is it doing? Truly, my friends, it is holding space until darkness runs out of steam and dissolves, because darkness surely will do that if light does not give it energy. When you cease to feed the fire, it goes out.

So yes, I first said to you "controls", then I changed my wording for several reasons, more reasons than I have given you, actually. Let me add one more reason here. I am part of a vast brother/sisterhood of light. I always have free will. I may say whatever I wish to say. I also have teachers who point out to me at times if I have said something that is not as helpful.

When Barbara was reviewing the transcript, some of my brothers and sisters in this fellowship of Light came forth and suggested, and we had a long discussion on it, the clearest wording, not only for the 2 of you but for the whole group and all who will read the transcript, to be as truthful as possible and as clear, but never to heighten fear through the use of words.

So the change of words was not done lightly. I pass this to you. I'm sure you have questions. Go ahead...

(Q on phone)

Aaron: I'm going to read what Q is saying so it will be available to the transcriber. These are the relay representative's words, and may not be exactly what Q said)

Q1: It is helpful to hear that you were being sensitive to what is most helpful to the group. It is true I have been taking a position. I think Q2 has also, over what is happening with darkness on this planet. And it is helpful to be reminded that I can benefit from letting go of this position.

Aaron: So I hope you understand I am not being frivolous in making the change. I am trying to find the best path, always adhering to truthfulness but aware that words have many gradations of meanings and shock value, and that sometimes things have to be said in a way that does not strengthen a position that creates oppositionality. I state this again. One is always opposed to darkness, but holds that opposition without creating fear and duality. At the same time, one is not opposed to darkness since darkness is not dual with light. Then what is there to be opposed to?

One is opposed to the acts of negative beings and the pain and horror enacted by negativity, but never to the beings themselves, who in themselves are simply lost beings on the way to the light. When you understand this then a certain aspect of the oppositionality drops away. The compassionate heart can be very strong in saying no to negativity, but it says it with no contraction or fear.

Go ahead...

(Q on phone)

Q1: I understand what you are saying and that it's important to not strengthen opposition, but I also feel it is important not to be in denial, and I have conditioning that makes it difficult for me to see people in denial of the darkness on the planet. And I was concerned that your words may minimize or make less of it.

Aaron: I understand. Please consider this example.

We have here a tiger cub. It is wild, not tamed, not raised in a human household. It does not feel threatened by the human so is not aggressive, just curious, but it has sharp teeth, sharp claws. It could kill. It is a dangerous animal. I would not want to say to you, "Here is a sweet pussycat, why don't you cuddle it?" It's a dangerous animal. I would also not choose to say to you, "This is a ferocious wild beast. Beware, it can tear you to pieces."

When I talk about oppositionality, I fear that you are taking that position with darkness so I want to draw you back more into the middle. One says of the cub, "This is a wild animal with sharp teeth and claws, but he does not intend you any harm. He has been fed, he is not hungry. If you reach out to him quickly, he'll be wary and he may strike with his teeth or claws. But if you sit here and just hold him in your heart and give him time to get used to your presence, give him time to approach you, smell you, rub against you, you may find that he opens his heart to you."

This is the attitude that I am attempting to foster with darkness. There is no room for denial because the forces of darkness can create great horror and trauma on the earth. They presently DO intend harm, yet they are not essentially evil. But there is also no room for fear, or really anything but respect; respect and compassion.

There's a poem of Thich Nhat Hanh's I would like to read to you. Let me pass this to you for a minute while I open Barbara's computer and see if I can find the poem.

Go ahead...

Q2: I am appreciating what you're saying. I understand the need to not frighten people. Making them aware of the "cub" is also important -- to be clear about just how wild and potentially dangerous the cub could be. And my initial reaction to what you said when you rephrased your initial statement was that it was backing down from reality. Darkness does, in fact, largely control governments, media, finance, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and other areas on this planet. I hear your explanation and I understand why you changed what you said. I agree it's the essential thing for us to hold whatever is in the shadow, with openhearted(ness) and compassion.

Aaron: J, again I am reading your words as you speak, or as the relay rep types them, and I think it will serve the whole group if our conversation here is transcribed and emailed out to the group so that the group understands more deeply the whole question that you're raising. That will pull it out of any place of doubt and make it clear that we have deep respect for the potential ferocity of the tiger cub but also we deeply respect its true nature that it contains within it the possibility to be loving and gentle, to transform itself.

I want to read you both a poem from Thich Nhat Hanh. It's called Promise Me.

Promise me,

promise me this day,

promise me now,

while the sun is overhead

exactly at the zenith,

promise me:

Even as they

strike you down

with a mountain of hatred & violence;

even as they step on you & crush you

like a worm,

even as they dismember & disembowel you,

remember, brother,


man is not our enemy.

The only thing worthy of you is compassion -

invincible, limitless, unconditional.

Hatred will never let you face

the beast in man.

One day, when you face this beast alone,

with your courage intact, your eyes kind,


(even as no one sees them),

out of your smile

will bloom a flower.

And those who love you

will behold you

across ten thousand worlds of birth & dying.

Alone again,

I will go on with bent head,

knowing that love has become eternal.

On the long, rough road,

the sun & the moon will continue to shine.

(Q on phone)

Q2: That touched both of us very deeply. The line that said, "The only thing worthy of you is compassion," this is my absolute aspiration and I believe it, and of Q1 as well.

Aaron: I will ask Barbara to email it to you. So my job here as teacher for this entire group is to hold the space in which people may pull themselves out of their conditioning, which wants to create duality, and into a deeper living of non-duality which is nonetheless deeply aware that within that field of non-duality there is still the semblance of light and darkness.

How do we support the light without giving energy to the darkness?

Q1 and 2, I think we have clarified the question and it's quite late for Barbara, approaching 11pm, so unless you have further question, we'll end here....

Thank you for bringing up the issue. And again I feel that the most important thing is that we keep communication open between me and all of you. All questions are welcome. I in no way feel threatened by your questions but I welcome them.

Go ahead...

(Q on phone)

Q1: We both feel deep gratitude for your willingness to express this with us. We feel great love and gratitude for you... we hope you and Barbara have a wonderful time in Brazil and we look forward to being with you soon.

Aaron: My love to you and I am going to release the body to Barbara...

(session ends)