December 9, 2009
Private Question and Answer with Aaron

Keywords: negative polarity, offering light/compassion to darkness, earth evolution in consciousness

Aaron: I am responding to a question sent in by email from a student. I have felt the answer was important enough that I would like to record it as I reply through the telephone. The question is basically about the darkness that seems to control much of the policies of the world. (from Barbara: Unfortunately, after the initial e-mailed question, only Aaron's side of the phone dialogue is recorded.)

E-mail: I do, however, want to address the issue of darkness on this planet. I have been studying what is going on politically for a long time. It seems that there is a group of powerfully rich individuals who hold most of the wealth and therefore the power on the planet. They make up 1% of the population, but control 90% or more of the money. They appear to control this government, and most others. I call them the Global Elite. The main problem is that "they" appear to be completely malevolent. They are so dark and so much in disregard for the well being of others, that many believe they are actually Luciferian and worship Satan. Some people believe that they are working with dark ET's. It is difficult to know what is actually true, but if you look at what is happening politically, economically, and what is happening to our schools, medical corporations, the food industry, the media, etc., etc., etc., it is clear that greed rules and that not only are those in control disregarding the welfare of others, they are actually causing intentional harm. The more I learn about this, the more alarmed I get. It is extremely difficult to face this without fear and anger. I have been working on it for the better part of 10 years, and still fall into fear or anger sometimes, but not for long. I have chosen to face this rather than "bury my head in the sand" like MOST people are doing. It is traumatizing to look at the possibility that very malevolent, dark, psychopaths are running this world. So, most people don't look at what is obvious, once you allow yourself to see it.

 I would like to know what Aaron has to say about this. Who are these people? Do they have higher dimensional beings helping them? Do we stand a chance against them? I know that all I can really do is dedicate my life to the Light and serve the highest good of others each day. But why is there such a heavy darkness here? I have been disturbed by this for a long time. And, I feel very alone in looking at it. Almost no one else is. People especially do not want to see that President Obama also appears to be serving this Global Elite. 

I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you. What you say is completely accurate. There are very dark forces that wish to control most of your planet. That is why we created Venture Fourth, to bring about a light center that helps to create a balance.

The response to negativity can never be negativity or you are simply playing into the hands of negativity which thrives on fear, greed, anger, and so forth. Thus the importance of learning to respond, even react, to negative catalyst with kindness so that the practice carries you so deep that the immediate response to negativity is kindness.

Kindness does not allow itself to be steamrolled by negativity, it knows how to say no but a this is a "no" that is free of fear, revulsion and hatred, based in a compassion that is so deeply grounded in light that it cannot be knocked aside.

This is why we created Venture Fourth, as a response to the negativity that wishes to take over the earth and plays on the lower consciousness of people. Everywhere on the earth now there are pockets of light, and there are strong forces at work to join these pockets of light creating a web, a network, of light. This joining together goes beyond hope. It is the plan of the forces of light, the angels of light if you want to speak in those terms, to support every bit of light on the earth and help it build into an ever-greater radiance, to nurture it as one nurtures the tiniest spark until it can grow into a blazing bonfire.

This work must be done in 2 ways: by the individual who works with great love, consciousness and dedication to release his or her own negativity and to nurture positivity, and by the spiritual communities who support each other. Conscious work to support light deeply understands that the abandoning of that negativity of the unwholesome simply means turning one's back on it and never with hatred but only with compassion. And that the cultivating of the wholesome can happen while there is still negativity.

This is why I place such a great early emphasis in Venture Fourth on the practice that sees the simultaneity of anger and that which is not angry; for example. the practice we have done seeing the ever-perfect radiant clear glass and the smudges on the glass. One steps out of the habit of breaking out the window or scrubbing it with a wire pad that only scratches it, but rather one attends to the smudges with love while noting the ever-perfect nature of the glass.

Please understand that if I and others like me felt the situation was hopeless we would not be here supporting you. It is not my intention to waste my time. Let me phrase it a little differently as I do not live in linear time: not my intention to futilely dissipate my energy. But there are many of you "lighthouses" all over the earth, and we, Brother and Sisterhood of Light, firmly believe that with support and training you are capable of turning things around.

You wrote in your earlier email that denial disturbs you and I understand that. But please remember that those who are in denial are simply afraid. Looking with compassion, you understand the situation and strive not to judge them, and if judgment arises, to release the judgment without aiming it in ways that do harm. You also light a bit of a fire under these people and help them to wake up both to the true situation and to the fact that they can help.

A friend of Barbara's years ago used to say, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." How do you become a part of the solution? How do you engage yourself in the practices that change the way you are in the world, to further live your life with greater and greater kindness and compassion and awareness? It is only in this way that the direction of the world can be shifted, and indeed it can be shifted.

Beings will experience the karma that they have created for themselves. Many of you on earth who have lived for lifetimes in greed and negativity are reaping the results of that negativity now.

If I might use a simply metaphor, imagine yourself with a splinter in the sole of your foot. You look at the foot and think you could pull it out but it's very deep. You dig at it with a needle and tweezers but you can't reach it so you say, "Well I'll just leave it alone." You walk on it. It festers. The more it festers, the more bandages you pile on top of it to try to cushion it. You keep reaping the hurtful results, until finally you make the decision, "It's time to go in and remove the splinter. I cannot take it anymore. I cannot live with this splinter anymore."

Are you going to cut the foot off at that point? Of course not. You may need to go to a doctor, have him anesthetize the foot and cut deeply in to remove the splinter and put a stitch or two in; that's possible. However it is removed, it's done with kindness, holding the foot in kindness, wishing the foot well, knowing the innate wholeness of the foot and the simultaneous splinter and infection.

Many humans have lived many lives piling one bandage over another, over the infection. Now they are limping and bleeding and in pain. How much pain will it take before they finally are willing to allow healing and invite healing? Now there are many of you at that point where you're ready to invite healing and there is a strong need of leadership that understands how that healing can happen.

This is what I hope for those who participate in Venture Fourth. Not all will be dharma teachers; each will teach in their own way, as a therapist, a business person, farmer or a parent. But each will help beings to see the potential for light in themselves and how to attend to the darkness in skillful ways.

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(Q on phone)

Please understand that the nature of darkness is to try to spread itself, to control and to create fear and pain. However, there is no such thing as ultimate darkness. There is ultimate light and there is increasing absence of light to a place where it seems very dark. We do not measure light as absence of darkness, we measure darkness as absence of light. So there is light and then there is the steady reduction of light until it seems dark.

With this in mind, please regard the forces of darkness with greater compassion. Theirs is indeed a futile journey. All they can do is prolong the period of time in which they seem to be in control. And of course they can create enormous hardship throughout not just the world but the universe. But ultimately they must fail. The question to the Brother/Sisterhood of Light is not if they fail but when they will fail, and how much damage they will do, how much pain they will create before they fail.

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(Q on phone)

Please remember that the intention to give yourself to the light fully and completely means that you do not regard darkness with fear and revulsion, nor even with pity, but only with compassion. Anything less simply feeds darkness.

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(Q on phone)

You say this is what your heart wants and that is exactly why I suggested the program. You are a being of light. However, please remember when I say to be fully grounded in compassion, well, this is beyond the ability of almost every human. Part of the training is when you fail, when there is darkness and negativity arises toward the darkness rather than compassion, can there then be kindness for that human in whom that negativity has arisen, seeing that as just another opportunity to practice?

Gradually that habitual pattern of fear will largely die away, but perhaps never completely. Each time that pattern does arise, it simply is a reminder, "There is still work to do. Keep my heart open. Cultivate compassion and forgive myself when I fall short."

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(Q on phone)

That is correct, it is never complete. That is why we always talk about approaching liberation, never finally realizing it totally. Even the arahat still has some bits of old karmic tendency to be released perhaps embedded in the body and expressing as illness, for example.

One is always working toward the fullest manifestation of light. If one could realize that light completely, it would mean light itself was limited. But since light is unlimited, since positive polarity is unlimited, one can never complete it, one is always expressing it more and more and more and that journey is very beautiful.

It is this potential that negativity most fears. This is why negativity has become more intent on controlling the earth, because it sees the potential of higher consciousness on earth that would devastate such negativity.

When the earth was at a time of, let's call it the old magical consciousness, a lower vibration in consciousness, negativity could play a bit with people and sometimes play a lot with people and support terrible wars and so forth. To support terrible wars-- it cannot create them, people create them and negativity supports them. But negativity did not fear that the earth would turn into a light planet even though that was its potential because it seemed so far away. But the closer you get to that potential, the more negativity fears you. Thus, more forces of darkness are coming in; more highly negatively polarized beings are incarnating. But there are also more very positively polarized beings incarnating, and more and more beings such as myself and such as the guide with whom you have made contact in a more direct way, who are accessible to those of you of high vibration, to support your work. Please do not lose hope. That only plays into negative polarity's hands. Know your power and your radiance and continue to hold yourself and the world in the Light.

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