May 20, 2011 Friday Night, Venture Fourth

Aaron: My blessings and love to you. It's been very fascinating to hear your discussions today, very beautiful. I'd just like to touch base on the work we did with states and stages of consciousness. Does anybody have a copy of Cosmic Healing here? This is the chart I'm referring to (showing it to Donald).


(Barbara while reviewing; I want to paste this in, from the book PDF, but cannot figure out how to turn it 90 degrees)

Donald was speaking of a paradigm shift, and to me, that shift is this (pointing) shift from gross into subtle consciousness, and from rational through vision logic and all the way up to Causal and eventually into non-dual consciousness. You're all involved in this change of consciousness. There are many different issues that you're facing: racial, cultural, gender, and so forth, thousands of different issues. Part of the reason that there's not so much emphasis on any one issue at this time is that people are so fragmented with so much to be attended.

What ties them together is that in each of these issues, the basis of transformation is the shift of consciousness from lower -- I don't want to call it lower consciousness, that sounds like it's not as good--a two year old's consciousness is just as good as an 80 year old's consciousness. The difference is that the 80 year old has more maturity. -- the shift of consciousness from Gross, through Subtle and into  and beyond Causal.

What this shift means is that as you mature in consciousness, you come out of the “me/I” framework and “We're the best, we're better than you,” and into seeing the big picture, me and you and the field. This shift into taking the whole field as basic, knowing the non-duality of everybody and everything, is basic now; it's this shift that's happening in many fragmented ways through your different movements. They become the catalyst for the shift. The individual issues seem to be predominant but they are also the catalysts for the shift.  

I think it will be very valuable for people to start to understand what they're doing,  engaging in a shift, a growth, in consciousness. People must also understand that just as you can't really reason with a two year old that's having a temper tantrum, you can't reason in the same way with somebody who is still in magical consciousness, very group oriented, self oriented. You have to speak to where they are, and yet not speak down to them. You respect them and know them as equals, love them, but also to make it clear, just as you do with the two year old, that two year old behavior is no longer appropriate in the world. This to me is the challenge that you face.

I'll talk more about this tomorrow, I just wanted to raise that point. I'll stay in the body for a bit.

I want to share something with you. This seems like an appropriate place to share it. I've been holding on to this demonstration tool. You are One. This is a little toy that D's wife gave to Barbara. Turn the big light down, please... It has 2 contact points. When you touch both contact points, it lights up (and makes a sound). If I touch one contact and P touches one (D: And you have to touch each other, hold hands), it lights up. If we break the contact, it stops. Now, make a chain of hands all the way around the room, one chain of hands...(it buzzes). Any one person break the link... break it again... join it. (Group: Wow.) Your energy is moving around the room. Your energy is all connected. Just a point to keep in mind. They say, what goes around comes around. Literally. Your energy is all connected.

When you pick up the energy of those of lower consciousness and begin to react in those ways, then the whole energy that's moving around the group becomes a lower energy. If you want a higher, more loving energy, it's up to you to sustain it and invite those of a less mature consciousness to raise their energy to that level of consciousness.

Thank you.

(recording file ends)