April - Death and Awakening - Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Teacher(s): Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni Level: Suitable for those new or experienced to insight meditation.
RETREAT Date: Fri April 8, 2016

Reg. Open Date: Mon February 22, 2016
Reg. End Date: Sun April 10, 2016
 Dates: April 8-10, 2016
Time: Begins Thursday 6:00 PM Location:
Howell Conference and Nature Center
1005 Triangle Lake Rd.
Residential retreatants with 2-4 per room: $275; commuter $185

This retreat is suitable for those new or experienced to insight meditation.
Commuter spaces are limited, once they are filled you will be placed on a wait list. 

We start with the simple and direct practices of bringing attention to the body and breath. This allows for relaxation, stillness, renewal and letting go. To discover the body is to discover a portal into awareness itself. Wisdom is the result of clear seeing. Compassion flows from wisdom that sees the inter dependence with all things - a heartfelt way of relating to ourselves and the world. The union of wisdom and compassion is both the path and the result of access to our essential nature.

Residential retreatants 2-4 in a room - $275
Commuter - $185 (full)
Retreatant teams are responsible for providing meals. This usually averages an additional $20 per person.
Contact deepspring.org for further information.

Held at Howell Nature Conference and Nature Center in Howell, MI.

Amma Thanasanti Bhkkhuni has been meditating for over 30 years and has been a Buddhist nun for more than 20 years. She has taught internationally for over 15 years. Her work spans rigorous understanding of Buddhist teachings, meditation, subtle body energies, and the use of nature as an access to pure presence.

Sorry, registration for this RETREAT was closed on Sun April 10, 2016.

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