Volume 15, Number 2

Letter from Barbara
Barbara Brodsky

Dear friends,

I';m in Seattle at midnight, on my way home from a teaching weekend, heart full of dharma and belly full of sushi offered me by this loving Sangha as we came to the airport from the retreat center. I don';t really live my life in airports, but that';s when there';s a quiet hour to write these letters.

You';ll have noticed this newsletter is very small. We';d have loved to see it larger, but we haven';t found a layout volunteer, so here we are, reduced to these four pages.

The newsletter started in December 1992, as a way to share Aaron';s teachings more easily in a time before most of us had email. For several years I did it all: writing, layout, printing, mail labels, and mailing. Then others stepped in to help, and along the way, transformed a very simple series of pages, adding a lovely presentation and careful editing and rich material. The newsletter staff are all volunteers. There have been three people working together at most times: a content manager, a copy editor who checks for typos and makes sure everything is in order, and a layout editor.

Last summer, after three years of loving service, our layout editor needed to step aside to give time to personal work. We';ve asked, but no one has stepped up. So here we are, four pages¹ and a very clear statement: if you value this newsletter and have the skill (or strong interest in learning) to do layout, please volunteer!

It';s been our belief at DSC that if something is valued, it will receive the attention it needs. If that doesn';t happen, maybe it';s time to consider whether we';re hanging on to something that has outlived its value and needs to be retired. Now we email transcripts and we have a DSC web site with archives. We';ve felt the newsletter still served a purpose, to keep us connected with Sangha information and various articles of interest, as well as talks from Aaron. But maybe it';s time to let it go. Our decision will depend on your response.

Please let us know: Is this newsletter still of value to you, and if so, do you have the time and skill to do layout? It';s a job that comes up three times a year. Please email our content manager, Delyth, at dbalmer@comcast.net.

Deep Spring is a volunteer organization. If you lack the layout skills but would like to help in some way, please let one of our board members know. Tell us your skills and interests and we';ll connect you to the DSC function that needs your energy.

This giving of ourselves is part of our spiritual practice, releasing the fears, “I don';t have time,” or “I';m not talented at anything,” or “What if I commit and then don';t have time? What will people think?” Generosity takes many forms. Those who organize our retreats, serve on the Board, keep our library and bookstore functioning, teach classes, maintain the archives of Aaron';s teaching, and more, are all giving of themselves, as are those who freely themselves, as are those who freely offer financial support to the Center. That giving comes back to us, as we learn to both give and receive with joy. We learn how unlimited we truly are. In opening our hearts to our nature of kindness and generosity, we transcend fear. And we find the joy, too, of our Sangha or spiritual community, the joy of co-creating with others. Please consider becoming a more active member of DSC in whatever roles best suit your time and interests.

With love,

1. Only this one article/letter in this newsletter; the other pages were the calendar and listing of Board and Newsletter members.

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