Wednesday, March 9, 1994

Aaron's talk

Good evening and my love to you all. I am Aaron. Let us start with a meditation. We've been talking much about the light bodies and about light and have been asked, what is light? I intend to speak about this tonight, but I want to start with a meditation in which I hope you can experience the vibration which I call light.

Light is energy which may manifest as illumination, but it is not quite illumination. Rather, it deals with the frequency vibration of the subtle energy body which we label the light body. Let us do the meditation as simply as we can and then I'll offer explanation and answer questions.

Visualize yourself, as much as you can, as a stringed instrument. Sit with hands open, palms up, spine erect. Feel, see, or in whatever way you are able to sense a line moving from the soles of your feet up the back of your legs. It joins at the base of the spine and runs up to the crown chakra. Visualize another line from the crown chakra to just below the rib cage at the solar plexus . Lines run up the insides of the legs through the base chakra and to the solar plexus.

See, feel, imagine these energy tracks in your body. Think of them as an instrument's strings … I would like you as much as is possible to visualize a brilliant light coming in to the top of the head, to the crown chakra … What I want you to do is very simple: remaining deeply aware of these lines of energy, feel the energy entering the crown chakra and moving through to the other chakras. Relax and allow awareness to rest on those energy meridians which seem predominant. Don't force it. If attention rests only in one, that's okay. If in all, that's also fine …

Inhale … and draw in light through the crown chakra … See, visualize or imagine intense light … Inhale and draw it in … Exhale and allow it to rest upon these strings … Inhale light … You are not actually inhaling the light. It comes through the crown chakra regardless of what you do. You are inhaling awareness of that light entering …

Relax as if you were taking a sun bath and just let this light play over the strings, the energy cords of your body … Let each inhalation be a reminder to be aware … to allow as much light in as you can … What you are drawing in through the crown chakra is actually pure energy which manifests itself as light …

The energy, light, tightens these strings thereby raising their vibrational frequency … It is subtle. You may feel a tingling or burning on the line of any of these strings … You may become aware of a very subtle internal hum, a kind of internal 'Ommmm.' …

Breathe in light … Keep awareness focused on any or all of these lines … Be aware as you can of the subtle changes in body energy … You may feel precisely as a stringed instrument whose strings are being tightened … a sense of subtle inner tension …

Barbara is not capable of leading this. If there are some of you who are familiar with the 'Ommmm, ahhhh, uummmmm' chant that John leads and wish to lead others in it, it will help to heighten this experience. (Group continues the meditation, adding the chant as Aaron suggested.)

I thank you.

If you are not experiencing anything different, you are not a failure. There's nothing wrong with you. It will come with practice. As with all the subtle senses, often you experience and are not quite aware of what you are experiencing. Like seeing an optical illusion, the face in the vase or whatever. It's there and you see it, but there's not quite yet awareness of it.

You have just met your subtle energy body and experienced the bringing in of light to that body. If your energy feels very high as we conclude, you may wish to offer some of that energy to wherever in the universe it is most needed, simply to literally breathe it out and offer it.

As you are ready, open your eyes.

I wish to talk now about what we just did. My talk tonight is not the inspirational talk I sometimes give, but simply of a factual nature. I want to talk a bit about light, vibrational frequency, the light bodies. With J the other day, we got into a discussion of taking in food/nutrient and how it affects the light body. With P, we recently were in a discussion of dance and movement of the body, hearing music, the way that affects the physical energy body and how the dancer's body, moving to that music, truly becomes tuned to the music. So, I would like to explain some of this to you and how it goes together.

We begin simply with the four light bodies we've already met: physical, emotional, mental, spirit. For any of these light bodies, there is both the light body itself and the physical reflection of the light body. I will explain what I mean by light body in just a few moments.

Let us speak first of the spirit light body. An analogy that maybe helpful: Think of God as an ocean. Within that ocean there is a bucket of water which is the pure spirit light body of the individual. I can use temperature for analogy better than vibrational frequency as you are more accustomed to the measurement of temperature. The temperature of the ocean is of a certain degree. When that bucket of water with a lid on it is immersed in the ocean, it slowly comes to the temperature of the ocean. In just the same way, the spirit light body is aspiring to move into perfect harmony with the vibrational frequency of that which we call God, the vibrational frequency of that energy.

Within the incarnation, there is only a small slice of that spirit light body. The whole of the soul's energy cannot move into the incarnation; it's too big. Let us visualize that incarnative spirit energy as in a cup, again with a lid, put into the bucket before the bucket is sealed. The water in the cup is colder, heavier. The water in the bucket is warmer than the cup but cooler than the ocean. You can see that they will all eventually come to the ocean's temperature.

The vibrational frequency of the incarnation strives to mirror the vibrational frequency of the soul, of, let us call it for consistency's sake, the spirit light body. The spirit light body vibrational frequency strives to mirror that of God.

For another analogy think of it as a stringed instrument. That energy that we call God vibrates to a certain pitch. The string of the soul must constantly be tightened until it vibrates to the same pitch. Then the incarnation attempts to sing that tune.

Before I go on, let me try to explain why we use the term 'light body' rather than 'subtle energy body.' They really are synonymous. That which we call God is energy. It manifests as light. Light is simply the visual aspect of that energy. It also manifests as sound. But more of you are aware of the illumination of God than the sound of God, although for some of you in deep meditation there may be certain ongoing sounds.

It is difficult to speak of frequency vibration. Perhaps some of you have felt this subtly in your meditation just now. Your vocabulary doesn't give you adequate way to express the heightening of that frequency vibration. There may be burning or tension. There may be a sense of the body's or soul's singing. But, for the most, there's no vocabulary to talk about it.

Each of the other three bodies is an octave lower. The strings are heavier, they're denser. There is effort for them to vibrate in harmony, thus we speak of the harmony of the body, mind and spirit. Usually the spirit light body leads the way and the other bodies follow in turn. When the spirit light body is tuned a bit higher, then there is effort to bring the others back into harmony with it. And then the spirit is tuned a bit higher again and, again, you bring them back into harmony with it.

Sometimes you stray from that pattern. In my conversation with J2 this week, he was asking me about diet. Fasting or certain purification diets can raise the physical body's energy and vibrational frequency so that it's no longer in harmony with the upper bodies. If you lighten the physical body beyond that which the other bodies, especially the mental and spirit bodies, are ready to go, the being may move into the conditions that are sometimes called 'spiritual emergency.' Here are distortions with kundalini energy, not a smooth flowing into kundalini energy but trauma from the opening into that energy. The being may simply feel ungrounded, may have a difficult time staying in its body.

Some people have erroneously thought they could find a shortcut to spiritual growth through such fasting and diet, but unless attention is paid to the emotional, mental and spirit bodies at the same time as diet is changed, you simply throw yourself into distortion.

The usual pattern is that the spirit aspires to oneness with God. Through devotional meditation it proclaims for that which we call God. Be aware here that the label 'God' need not be used. We can call it the Buddha, the Eternal. We can call it Pure Awareness. We can call it Love. It is simply devotion to that highest energy of which the human form is capable. Pure joy. Pure love. And an aspiration to merge with that energy.

The mind begins to understand the process of that merging. First there is intellectual cognizance of the path. Then awareness of the blockages that the emotional and physical bodies seem to place in that path. Finally, an opening to the emotional and physical bodies, a falling away of judgment of those, an embracing of the emotional and physical which allows their vibrational frequencies also to come up so that the whole being is again in harmony, singing a higher and higher note, always moving toward that vibrational frequency that we might call God.

One has asked about the term 'enlightenment.' Essentially, what I think of as enlightenment is a lightening of the heavier densities, a bringing up of the vibration frequency of the bodies harmonically. The bodies become clearer and clearer and clearer. I once said to you that if you put a being such as myself in front of that energy that we call God, visually you would see a bit of a silhouette. I'm not yet perfectly clear. If you put yourselves in front, there would be a darker shadow. If you put a perfectly realized being, such as Jesus or the Buddha, in front of that energy, they would be invisible. In the analogy we have given, the water temperature of the cup and the bucket has stabilized into the same temperature as the ocean. The vibrational frequency of all four bodies is in perfect harmony with the spirit body, vibrating to the identical frequency of that which we call God.

You know that it is not my way to offer information merely for curiosity's sake. So of what use is this information? As you deepen your meditation practices, you may become increasingly aware of which is out of harmony with the rest. And then you can ask yourself, 'How can I more skillfully bring this into harmony?' Is one part moving too fast? How do we keep balance? Thus, you shift your deepest attention to that which is most out of harmony, gradually working with each of these four bodies and allowing them increasingly to vibrate higher and higher, clearer and clearer.

This which we call light is something some of you may see at some steps in this process. It is not necessary to see it, any more than it's necessary to hear that eternal om. If you do, that's fine. If not, no problem. If you do experience this light, remember that it is simply a manifestation of the divine energy and not the divine energy itself. Don't become attached to the light, but simply allow it to play through you. Enjoy it.

Finally, in speaking of what use this all is, I want to emphasize the importance that one not force any of these four bodies beyond the vibrational frequencies of the others. It must be done patiently and with it all in harmony with itself. I emphasize this because some of you have become fixed on work with the emotional body, feeling 'Aha, this is where it's at,' and neglected the other bodies a bit.

The most skillful way I know to raise the frequency vibration of the spirit body is simply to allow oneself to rest in God, to rest in pure awareness, to pray to whatever it is you wish to offer that prayer, to allow yourself to experience your own and the universe's divinity and rest in that divinity. This provides the push and aspiration.

You might think of it a bit as climbing a ladder. When you reach one hand up a rung and grab as high as you can reach, that hand can help pull the other hand and legs up. You're more likely to push with your legs when one hand is holding as high as it will go. But if you over-extend yourself, you're in danger of falling. You reach as high as you can stably reach, not standing on tiptoes on this ladder and grasping with fingertips for one more rung, but grasping at a stable level. Then the mental body with its awareness comes in. Awareness rests on the actuality of the divine and also on the actuality that the emotional and physical bodies are denser and slower and that they must also be lifted.

We come to the emotional body. Just as it would be very difficult to climb that ladder if you took your hands off the upper rungs, so it's very difficult to raise the vibrational frequency of the emotional and physical bodies unless you are in contact with the divine in yourself and in all things. It is that awareness of the divine, by whatever name you give it, that helps you keep your heart open in compassion, that helps you release judgment. And it is the open heart that allows the heightening of the vibrational frequency of the emotional body. That is the only way to do it, by keeping the heart open, by allowing the heart to open, by watching what closes the heart, and over and over by touching that fear with compassion.

While you are doing all of that work, you can be aware of the physical body. If awareness and perception are deep, your diet will intuitively be correct. What you eat does influence the vibrational frequency of the physical body. You wish neither to hold it back nor to push it too far, but always, as in climbing the ladder, to simply use the leg muscles to lift up, to use the diet to keep the physical body aligned with the others.

After our break, I will be glad to answer specific questions about diet, about body movement such as the dance that we spoke about to P, about the vibrational frequencies of any of these bodies and how one may most skillfully work with them. There are many more questions to be raised about this, both the technicalities of it and how it may be applied to your lives. I will stop here and welcome any of your questions after your break. That is all.

(Break. Then some share their experience of the earlier meditation; not on tape.)

Barbara: You experienced it much stronger with the chanting? Could other people experience it more with the chanting? (Yes.) Aaron asks, even if you did not experience it strongly, did it give you a sense of what this is that he calls vibrational frequency? Are there people who are confused about what vibrational frequency in terms of your own physical experience? Are there people who would like Aaron to talk more about that later? (Yes.)

He's saying that some people are visual and the word 'light' has more meaning. Some people are more physical and they feel it in terms of identifying with what a stringed instrument going 'hmmmm' feels like. We each need to use our own way of experiencing and honor our own way of experiencing. Some people are auditory and using the chanting is very powerful in terms of experiencing it.

C1 is asking about the line up the inner leg from the base chakra. Aaron is saying (paraphrased) that if that is blocked, the best way to bring it into balance is twofold. One is the work in consciousness with the emotions, looking with meditation with seeing the arising and dissolution of emotions and finding non-identification with those emotions … (Tape ran out. Tape begins) … see it as, 'I just don't need this,' and release it.

That continual release of offering the heavy emotional energy up to the divine with no getting-rid-of to it helps to open that energy. It's a mixture of mindfulness and devotion. Aaron is saying (paraphrased) that this physical body is always the last to open in the human because, if that opened first, then we would be having all kinds of kundalini upheavals because the other bodies weren't ready to carry the high frequency.

Q: Are light bodies energy centers in the body?

Aaron: I am Aaron. The light body is not an energy center in the body, rather the energy center resides within the subtle energy or light body. The energy center is a part of the whole. The light body may be defined as the whole light body-spirit, mental, emotional, physical combined-or as any one of those four aspects. When we use the term light body, we are talking about the harmonic whole of all four levels. The light body, then, is the subtle energy body which is divided into the spirit light body, mental and so on. Within each of those are the specific energy centers. This means there are the spirit body heart center, mental body heart center and so forth. Does that answer your question?

C1: Is the light we were channeling in during the meditation Paramatman light? How is it the same or different?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Mother Meera uses the term 'Paramatman light' and says she is bringing this light to the Earth. My own understanding of that statement, 'atman' is soul, 'Paramatman' is the God soul. This is what she brings in, and yet, of course, that divine energy is not new to the Earth.

I wish you to visualize a giant braid. There are three strands to a braid. Let us say that each strand is made up of hundreds of smaller strands. That which we call God is infinite, so its energy is of an infinite number of strands. Each one adds to the whole. When Mother says she is bringing down Paramatman light then, it is not that that light has not been there before, but that she brings down a new strand of that light which is a particularly profound, powerful strand in terms of the way that human energy vibrates in harmony to it. There are some notes that are more pleasing to your ear than others. This is a particular vibrational frequency which she brings down.

What you were drawing in was not just that frequency but, on an individual basis, as much of the whole as you were able to bring in. If I sent you all outdoors and said, 'Bring me a sample,' some of you would bring me earth, some would bring me water, some would bring me rocks or tree branches or flowers. Some would bring a collection of many of these. But nobody could bring it all in. What you each bring in is individual and is related to where your own specific vibrational frequency is in this moment. You draw in that to which you resonate.

Because what Mother is bringing down is so powerful, it has within it that to which most of you resonate, so it's a part of what you are drawing in. I find her term 'Paramatman light' to be very general. It is all that most people need to know; it is not necessary for you to understand specifically what that frequency is which she draws in.

If I may use this analogy, what she does is like the rosining of the bow. It is not only the bringing of the light itself but that which makes the light more accessible. It has the same quality as the light, but it also heightens that frequency vibration in such a way that the human may better relate to it. Does that answer your question?

C1: Yes, and just as Aaron was about to answer, I saw the image of Niagara Falls and a pleasant little waterfall. I think it is also a matter of quantity.

Aaron: I am Aaron. If you shine brilliant light through multi-colored filters, those filters seem to remove some of that spectrum, some of what comes through. Actually all the light comes through, but it's tinted in such a way that it becomes more comfortable for you. What she allows through is not quantitatively different, but is transmuted by her in such a way that you are able to receive it.

Ultimately, the quantity is not different. What is different is the speed with which it is poured in. Please understand, for those of you who did not visit Mother Meera or who feel no particular affinity with her, that it is not necessary to feel that affinity. For those of you to whom it feels useful to have this intermediary between yourself and that divine light, that's fine. For those of you who prefer to go directly to the divine light, that's fine. The divine has many different filters. You need not be consciously aware of them. You will each be offered what you need when you ask for it and ready yourself responsibly to carry that which you receive. That is all.

C2: Light and vibrational sound are energy. But in earthly terms, energy is the ability to work. Does this definition have any connection to the divine definition of energy? In the Helen Greaves book(Testimony of Light) she says over and over, 'Let light descend to the Earth.' And Aaron talks about light being energy. What is energy? Is it work?

D2: I have a similar question about what Aaron means by light. We say that light is coming from that candle. In that sense, light is energy with particular properties that are noticed when the light interacts with other things. For example, the particular energy carried by the light determines what color it appears to our eyes. What relation does all this have to Aaron's use of the word 'light.'

Aaron: I am Aaron. We get very technical here and perhaps move beyond what is useful for you to know. The different qualities of energy shine out as different colors of a spectrum and give off different hues. However, since you rarely only get one slice of that spectrum, often it comes together and what you end up with is white light. This is when all of the strands of the braid I was talking about are coming down together.

C2: What is energy and what has it to do with that energy definition as 'ability to work'? Essentially it's the same thing in divine terms. Love is a peculiar kind of energy, a very specific kind of energy. It is the core of this braid. By love we mean total non-judgment, total compassion, empathy-with offered in a completely non-distorted way: no distortion from the emotional, physical or mental bodies.

This love, in a sense, is unbridled energy. It is what propels the universe and all within it. Within this concept of love is the desire to perpetuate and expand, not for small self's sake but out of service to all that is. Within love is infinite intelligence as well, and infinite wisdom.

It's hard for me to explain this as Barbara lacks the physics background to give me precise terminology. But each of these qualities-compassion, wisdom, patience-is a part of this central energy that I would call love. Each one burns with its own color. That which I would call wisdom is a distortion of love. I use the term 'distortion' not in a negative way, but simply to say if one were to equate wisdom with God and say, 'God is wisdom,' one would be distorting. One would be only taking a slice of the whole. Like a sunbeam with all the rays coming out, you can't take any one ray and say, 'This is the sun.' But there's nothing within that ray that is not the sun. There is nothing within infinite wisdom, or intelligence, or compassion, or patience or generosity that is not God, but none of those by themselves are God but are a distortion of God in that they direct themselves out from the central unified core and proclaim their uniqueness.

Coming back to C1's question, that which Mother brings down which she calls Paramatman light, my own prior understanding of Paramatman light would have been 'the sun itself.' Yet, the Mother does not bring the sun itself down, but one strand of the sun, a strand that has particular affinity to the current level of most human vibrational frequency and which is particularly helpful in raising that vibrational frequency.

We have not fully explained energy and its relationship to 'ability to work.' I would say that that which I previously termed Paramatman light, the whole sun, is nothing else than that ability to work. That could be a synonym for it because without that energy there is only void. With that energy all things become possible, specifically all things: both love and the distortions of love manifest as fear, grasping, aversion. You have previously heard me talk about fear as a distortion of love. There is no duality. I will not go deeper into that now unless there are questions. But this is the core energy which feeds all of those strands.

Have I left you all confused? These are too many words for some of you. That is all.

C3: Talk about dance and music and how we resonate to different vibrational frequencies. P talked about being able to sing on key and being off-key when he was tired or high when he was energized, and being on-key when he had equilibrium. Aaron said that in a highly attuned dance group, it becomes obvious when someone in the group is not attuned, not just to the music and motion, but to the energy moving throughout the group.

Aaron: I am Aaron. To take that just a bit further, there is already a vibrational frequency of the physical body. The music heard through the ears affects the vibrational frequency of the physical body. If the music is also heard by the soul, if it's felt by the heart, if one allows oneself to vibrate to that music not only on the physical level of hearing but on the emotional, mental and spirit level, the bodies' movements flow necessarily in harmony to the higher dance of the spirit. If the spirit is not brought into it, the movements may be lovely but they clearly do not reflect spirit.

If your dance, walking, any movement is to reflect spirit, then the bodies must be in harmony. It can be as simple as that kind of a gesture. Sometimes in the smallest gesture from another, you see the soul. That happens when the bodies are in harmony. When they are not in harmony, all you see is a hand moving. C3, do you have specific questions about motion? (No.)

M1: Aaron has talked about there being a template for each of the four bodies. Which responds to the energy vibrations, the bodies themselves or the light body templates?

Aaron: I am Aaron. We come back to the analogy of the ocean, the bucket and the cup. The vibrational frequency of that which we call God exists on the spirit, mental, emotional and physical levels. The light body is part of the ocean. The sub-light body template is like the bucket. Because it is closest to God, it moves faster into harmony with that energy.

Have you ever tuned a musical instrument? When one string is in tune and you turn the tuning peg to bring another string into tune, if you play the first string and touch the keyboard to create a note and the second string is in tune it will start to vibrate, not because you've played the second string but because you've played the first with which it's in harmony. This spirit light body template reverberates to the God-string. It is in perfect tune. All four of the bodies have a light body template, sub-light body template and the 'cup,' the small slice of the physical manifestation of those. They are slower to reverberate in harmony.

The light body template need not be tuned, but one must remember that it is part of the ocean, it's not the whole ocean. It always draws itself toward the frequency vibration of the ocean. When I say it need not be tuned, there is not a conscious process of tuning. It is always in process of being tuned. It's never perfectly tuned, it's always coming into tune, but there's no conscious doing of that. It simply draws out of the aspiration of the soul to merge with God. You want to join with that energy so, at a totally unconscious level, you move yourself in all physical, emotional, mental and spirit phases into harmony with that energy.

The cup, the physical manifestation of that light body template, needs consciously to be tuned. This is what your spiritual work is about. This is why we say the soul is already enlightened, is always and has always been divine and never been separate from God. If you could totally let go of your illusion of separation, the physical manifestation would instantly come back into total harmony. In a sense, this is what enlightenment is: the total falling away of illusion so that that strand of energy that is the individual self moves instantly into total harmony with the divine.

However, because the enlightenment experience is what it is-is experienced by the relative human who has momentarily transcended that relativity-the enlightenment experience, moments later, becomes a remembered experience as opposed to a living experience. As soon as it becomes remembered experience, it's like tuning from the memory of a sound. What was that sound? A little higher? How much higher? It's the difference between tuning your instrument while the note is being played or tuning it from memory. Because you are human, you are constantly tuning from memory. However, with the enlightenment experience, the memory is fresher, more current.

All of you can tune from memory because all of you have been out of body between lifetimes and, at that phase of your being, the string is experienced. But when you move into incarnation, the physical and illusion of separate self cuts off the direct experience of the string being played, except in those moments of profound meditation when all self falls away and the string of God is experienced.

Does that answer your question? Are there further questions about this? That is all.

C2: Aaron made some reference to the sun. It made me wonder if the sun were energy satellite of God's energy.

Barbara: Aaron is saying he simply uses that for metaphor. The sun in itself has nothing specific to do with God's energy.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Every form of energy offered to the Earth relates to God's energy, is a manifestation of God's energy. But the sun is no more God's energy than Niagara Falls is God's energy, than is an opening flower God's energy, nor is it any less God's energy. And none of these are any more or less God's energy than the kundalini energy and other energy that moves through your own energy meridians.

I did not mean to cut you off, C2. If you have further question, please continue.

C2: The other question was, when we have low physical energy or are ill, is that an indication that our four bodies are not in harmony?

Aaron: I am Aaron. This is correct. When you have low physical energy or are ill, usually your four bodies are not in harmony. At those times, the emotional and physical bodies will be especially out of harmony. That is all.

M2: How do the light bodies relate to chakras?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Just as there is a light body template for each of the four physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies-for each of the Earth plane manifestations of those light bodies-so there is a chakra template within the light body template. If you look at the light body template for the spirit, you will find all of the chakras fully open and spinning within that light body template. If you look at the physical manifestation-in other words, that small cup-which is the soul's energy brought to the body, those same chakras will be there but will not necessarily be open. They strive to reflect and resonate in time to the light body template. They do not always successfully do so.

This is made much more complex by the fact that those chakras exist on all four levels. The heart chakra, for example, exists in the spirit, in the mental, in the emotional and in the physical body. It will be increasingly open usually, through those four bodies. But not always. Sometimes the physical heart center may be very open and the mental heart center more closed. This is less usual.

Each of these relates to the template. The best example I can give is of transparent overlays. Think of a transparency, the vague outline of a figure, but blurred, the edges aren't hard. Bright areas of color where each of the chakras lay. That is the spirit sub-light body template. And one for the mental, emotional and physical. The colors become duller as you move down to the physical. These are the sub-light body templates.

Now shine a brilliant light-let's call this one Paramatman light-through those. See it reflected on a sheet of paper. Because the heart center on each overlay lies directly under the one above, the light that shows up on the piece of paper reflects the amount of clarity or density of the heart chakra in each of the four templates. It draws increasing density because of the distortion of the piece of paper on which it lies. It strives as much as is possible to mirror that which has created it. Does that analogy help to clarify it? Do you have questions?

M2: Aaron speaks of the physical body with heart center? Does he mean the organ?

Barbara: No, he means the heart chakra as opposed to the physical heart.

M2: I am still a little confused but I think that is okay.

M1: What were the lines that Aaron described in the meditation?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Think of yourself as totally connected with all that is. Your sense of boundary is illusory. In essence, your feet are connected to the earth and the crown chakra is connected to heaven, and all of heaven and earth flows through you. The lines flowing up the back and inside of your legs are the fundamental earth aspect of this God energy. The lines coming down, entering the crown chakra and flowing down to the solar plexus chakra, and also the continuation of energy from the base chakra up to the crown chakra, we might call the heaven aspect of that energy. You become the rod that ties it together. You are harmonizing not only these four bodies within yourself, but harmonizing heaven and earth. The ultimate and relative would be another way to put it.

When the energy is flowing freely through all of these channels, that harmonization of heaven and earth has been allowed. When there is blockage-such as when I spoke of awareness of blockage of the inner lines-there is in that one some clinging to the heaven energy and, not quite aversion, but resistance to the earth energy, or deeming it as less. The earth energy relates to the lower chakras, the heaven energy to the upper chakras.

Are there further questions about this? There is much that could be said about it, such as deeper definition of earth and heaven energy. Because there is so much that could be said about it, I don't wish to get into a lengthy discussion of the whole thing but to answer your specific questions. That is all.

I have given you a lot to think about. May I ask that you not over-intellectualize. Practice this meditation that we did. See if you can become aware of where there are blockages. See if you can become aware of grasping to change the vibrational frequency in one or another of the bodies. See if you can become aware of subtle disharmonies and consciously allow more harmony by focusing attention on the places that are somewhat out of alignment.

I would welcome moving further with this same topic next week if there is interest. I know that there are still questions about it. Don't let it get too intellectual. Remember this harmonization of heaven and earth is the basis of these teachings. My love to each of you. That is all.