Wednesday, January 26, 1994

Aaron's talk

Good evening and my love to you all. I am Aaron.

Last week I introduced a new practice. I spoke about the fact that for many years we have been working with the catalysts of relative reality, looking at the arising of fear, of anger, of greed, and talking about how we open our hearts to ourselves and others and become less reactive to our daily life catalysts. What does it mean to live your life with love?

Last week, I said that one could do that work forever and indeed become more skillful at it but never get out of the delusion that you are somebody learning to live your life with love, still caught in that delusion of a solid self.

The practice that we introduced last week was four-fold. Before we began this practice, I asked each of you to think of one painful situation which involved an issue which is continuing in your life, perhaps impatience, fears that your needs won't be met, or a sense of shame. Each of you was asked to remember one moment during the week when you experienced that.

The first step was to offer the intention that this be done for the good of all beings. I'm not going to go into details about these steps. But by clarifying that intention, you remind yourself of your connection with All That Is. It helps to inspire you and to purify the motivation, to connect you with that purest aspect of mind. The second step was expanding outward. We did this later in the evening as a guided meditation with one specific process of expanding outward, but I reminded you of the many opening processes we have learned here in these past years and that whichever is most comfortable for you is fine.

The third step begins from that space of outward expansion, boundaries dissolved at least to some degree, the illusion at separation at least a bit dissolved. As we entered the third step from this outward expansion, I asked you to look across at the relative human, seeing that particular pain upon which you had focused at the start, seeing how that was that the product of old mind conditioning. How have you come into ownership of it? Can you see that it is not who you truly are but just some garment you wear?

You've almost all seen Barbara scrunch up a perfect white piece of paper, wrinkle it, squeeze it and then open it out again. We've asked you, can you still see this perfect piece of paper in the wrinkled sheet. There are wrinkles but the perfect page still exists. For many weeks this fall we spoke of the light body as the perfect template and how those wrinkles came into the light body, how those distortions were picked up. So our step three last week, was to look at this being who was sitting and feeling a distortion of jealousy, greed, impatience, shame or anger and how, through its delusion of a solid self, it was practicing the wrinkle so to speak, and identifying with the distortion rather that identifying with the perfect light body template.

Step three involves the allowing of non-ownership from that space of higher awareness. We see how the human has practiced this fixation on the wrinkle over and over and over until it tended to identify with it. I asked you to notice that distortion was no longer useful once it had served it's purpose. Yes, it originally had a perceived purpose, to allow the human to feel safe or in control. Now it was just habit. When this or that happens, I close up. Who is defending against what? Seeing how the attachment to identification with the distortion comes about, seeing that it is just habit, we move, then to step four.

Four begins with the awareness, 'I do not need this anymore. I let it go! It is no longer useful to me. It is habit and creates pain.' I pointed out that there must be no getting rid of. To move into step four takes a great deal of foundation work of learning equanimity with emotion. You must have made friends with that emotion, not be at war with it anymore. Having come to that point and also seeing how it arises, I let it go. I come back to the perfect templates of the light and sub-light bodies. No distortion. I allow myself to rest in great perfection, to come to a truer identity of who I am.

I want you all to understand that this perfect sub-light body I'm talking about is unique for each of you. It has no self in terms of the small ego self. It is the perfect clear glass. Let us use a metaphor of the sun, light from the sun and a perfect sheet of glass with no blemish anywhere on it. Sun is the Infinite and Eternal. Light body is a sunbeam, projection of that sun, containing nothing that is not within the sun. As this is its nature, it cannot be distorted, although it carries within itself everything, all seeming opposites, all seeming distortion, just as does the Infinite from which it projects. The perfect sub-light body is as a piece of glass through which the light passes. In its true form it is clear so that the divine light and energy can move through. You might also think of it as the magnifying glass that we've spoken of before which, when the sun's light comes through, focuses that light. The light body can never be distorted as it is entirely free of any idea of self. The sub-light body may seem to distort.

Each of you are that, a continuation, an expansion let us say of that perfect light and love of the divine, whatever label you wish to give that divine energy. So when I say rest in this perfect light body, this is not the sub-light body or higher self which still has an aspect of self to it. This is beyond even that.

Those were the steps we went through last week explaining them and then doing a guided meditation with it.

What I want to do tonight, is to pick up just one small piece of that, expanding outward, letting boundaries fall away. I want to spend just a few minutes now on a guided meditation with it. Each week we will work with it for a short while with one of these four steps. Another week perhaps next week we will do the same four step meditation with a physical distortion seeing how that also was released.

For the rest of tonight, I am not going to give a lengthy talk as I usually do. We're going to use tonight as catch up night. I have three very valuable questions here. I am sure there are more questions in the room. Last week, we had no time for questions. I also would like to touch on dreams again, get back into the dream interpretation process, moving you more and more into the awareness of your dreams and into the process of lucid dreaming.

With that in mind during the break, I would appreciate at least one. I don't know how many we'll get into, how much interest there will be, but one brief dream left here. Try to keep it to the size of one of your index cards.

The three questions are all about working with relative reality, at least to some degree. It's important that we not get too theoretical here. We can understand this perfect light body template. We can understand that there are techniques to help open to it. But primary is this part of step three in which there must be no aversion to that which we're letting go of. This is the primary core of our work. How do we open our hearts to our physical, emotional, and mental pain. How do we learn to love more fully?

What I would like you to do is simply take the hand of your neighbor, eyes closed, allowing that physical contact. What do you experience? Can you feel both the joy, feeling another's energy and presence and also a sense of threat? The illusion of self/other is deeply ingrained as protective conditioning. You are deeply conditioned in your human form to contract into self and defend against anything that feels separate from you.

When you join together with others individually or in groups you seek to establish a commonalty. You talk about your interests. You try to find similarities between you, because that is what allows you to feel safe and lower your boundaries. Here we have the commonalty that you are all at this session. Some of you do know one another and may be sitting next to a friend. Others may not know the one whose hand you hold. What I ask you to do is look at this multiple input. Part of you wants to relax into this energy field, and let go of boundaries and part of you that wants to stay safe keep the boundaries maintained.

I'm going to be quiet for a minute or two. Remember there's no wrong or right here, no bad or good. Just watch and label what you are experiencing. If there is withdrawal, know it; if there is desire to merge into, note that desire also.

(Some time of silence.)

Now what I would like you to do is this: see that there is that in you which moves to defend, which moves to create boundaries; see that in this moment you are safe, that the need to create boundaries, is old mind's fear.

Breathing in-know that you are safe.

Breathing out-expanding energy outward.

Breathing in-boundaries lowered-draw in more of that energy that surrounds you.

Breathing out-expand outward.

In-drawing in energy and light. Out-expanding outward.

Each time you notice a bit of a boundary, simply note it-BOUNDARY-'feeling defended' might be a good label. Boundaries keep popping up. Each time one arises, simply note it as old mind. What is this boundary? The reminder-I am safe. This is not contempt for that aspect that is afraid, not criticism of it, this is just a gentle hint to it and a reminder-'It's safe.'

What happens when you touch that defendedness with love. Watch it carefully. If it dissolves, allow yourself to expand into that space. No force. If boundaries want to maintain themselves, just watch them. When you really feel safe, they will go.

Open outward. Know this defendedness is old mind's distortion of fear. Release it, as one would release a bird. Simply open the hand. Allow it to fly when it is ready. You do not push it off the hand, but open the hand and invite it to fly. This is how we release distortion from the space of greater clarity and defendedness.

Begin now to come back into yourself. Release the hands that you hold. Note that you do not need to re-erect a boundary. Your energy pulls back into an intactness. The boundary is not to hold your energy in. It is to keep other energy out, so that you come back to a sense of self as useful to an intactness of your own energy, but allow yourself to stay undefended and open. As you feel that intactness, when you are ready, open your eyes. There is no rush. That is all.

I am repeating this for the tape which was not turned on.

As you go through the rest of the evening I want you to watch yourselves very carefully. What causes boundaries to come back? If somebody says something that you hear as critical, does that raise the boundaries. If somebody accidentally nudges you does defendedness arise. I am not suggesting that this arising of defendedness is bad; it just is. Instead of getting caught in it can you simply notice defendedness arising and ask what is this defendedness? In this moment is it necessary?

What is this defendedness? Is it arising from real need to defend in this moment? Can I release it and come back to openness again? Remember the bird. If the defendedness does not want to go, sit there with your hand open, sending love to the part that is freed. If you feel the need to be defended, allow yourself to be defended. Simply know you are being defended. Increasingly, you will find your heart opens and that you are able to open your energy field and really express the love which is within you. That is all.


I would ask Barbara to read all of these questions. That is all.

Q: Simultaneous lives. Are we having them? Do they bleed through one to the other. Are they all on the earth plane but in different periods of history. I understand that time is really an earth-made illusion, that everything happens simultaneously, but often you will say, 'Long ago, in a primitive society,' as though our lives were not only linear, but followed historical and technological advances. My past lives, as you've discussed them all, seem to be before the present time and none in 2300 AD for instance, yet Barbara drew a diagram, the first time I came, with an up and down curve and a time line on the side, placing dots along the curve to show that one might live in 600 AD, and then 4000 BC, and then 200 AD. That's still sequential.

Q: Related to this, that is a question about Karma. If all is happening at once, how can we benefit by past mistakes? How can the experiences of one lifetime lead to choices to the next? That's a wonderful question. I really want to know Aaron's answer to that one.

Q: I was brought up to believe that we live but one earth life, and during that one earth life, if we do not get 'saved,' which means to repent of your sins and let Jesus come into your heart, no matter how moral or loving or honest you have lived, you are still doomed for eternal hell. This is not the teaching of some minority group but of the larger portion of this nation. I, too have believed this with all my heart and soul all of my life. I was 50 years old before I finally started thinking for myself instead of accepting the brainwashing I have been subjected to since birth. For the first time in my life I began to realize there was something wrong with these teachings. What kind of God would have such wrath he would condemn us to such a fate? Are we expected to love such a God?

Since I have changed my thinking, and spiritual practices and beliefs, I have been totally disowned by my aging mother who is prejudiced and filled with hate and cannot abide anyone, most particularly her own daughter, who does not practice a religion according to her own beliefs. None of my other family members have reacted quite as drastically as my own mother, but I do have to endure a lot of ridicule from family members. They accuse me of belonging to some Satanic cult and that I have been brainwashed. This is not true. On the contrary I am thinking for myself for the first time in my life. Aaron, what would be your thought as to the best procedure for dealing with these people, whom I so dearly love, but who refuse to accept that I have the right to chose my own path.

Please indulge me while I explain a step further. This path I am now following not only causes my family anguish, that I have gone against my own and my spouse's upbringing, it goes much deeper. They pray earnestly that God will bring me back to the true way, their way, before it is too late, before I, and I quote, 'Die in sin and am condemned to spend eternity in a burning hell.' These wonderful and loving but ignorant people are sincere in what they are doing. This is deeper than a desire to dominate my life. It grieves their hearts because they truly believe that I have strayed from the true path and I'm destined for hell.

I know these people and how they think and I also love these people dearly and do not wish to cause them anguish. Yet I know I've outgrown their teachings, that there is much wrong with the plan that we have only one lifetime to obtain perfection or suffer the rest of eternity being tortured. I cannot no longer pretend to believe as they do. That would be deceitful. There must be some solution whereby I can at least make them see that we each have a right to seek and choose our own path. I don't want to cause them pain, but at the same time, having found a better path homeward, I don't want to go back to their old teachings. They are so full of fear. Even knowing the things I know, I still have difficulty overcoming the negativity instilled in me as a child.

Aaron how can it be that such a vast portion of humanity can believe these things? How could they ever believe such teachings in the first place? Isn't it hard enough just enduring earth life without having negative and false teachings and concepts instilled in us at birth? It seems such a gross injustice. How did the truth ever get distorted in the first place? What can we do to correct it, especially with one's own family?

Q: Last week, when Aaron spoke of heavy emotions, fear, anger, as emotions not self, not owned by us, and to accept and release them it was understood. What about love? Isn't love an emotion? Is love self? I understand how to let love in and to release love out. Is the source of love God? Is the source of fear and anger God? Aaron has told us how to empty the warehouse of heavy emotions and give a way to fill the warehouse with love and understanding.

Aaron: I am Aaron. God is love. Love has many aspects. When one acts in selfishness, in service to self, that is still love that is acting but it is the distortion of love which we call fear. Fear is nothing but a distortion of love. When you are afraid, your energy contracts and you move to defend. If there was no distortion of love, there would be no desire to defend.

The one who is my teacher, Ariel, spoke to the group here several years ago, trance channeled by Barbara, about the historical origins of earth, of a different history than is commonly offered. He spoke of the desire of highly evolved energy to create a learning place here on this planet you call Earth, and of how the planet was created out of the loving energy of those high beings, the guardian angels of the Earth plane. They offered to give their energy as the foundation of this place of learning.

I summarize here and leave out many details. At first there was agreement among the guardian angels that those of the earth plane would have free will and that there would be a non-intervention policy around earth. To make that decision took faith in that which they had helped to bring into creation. It took the love that those of you who are parents have experienced when you see your children do something that will hurt them and refrain from saying, 'Don't.' You know they have to learn it themselves. You can tell them over and over and over and they can't or won't hear! But you have faith that their experience will teach them as yours has taught you.

For reasons which I will not detail here, some subtly negative energy entered the earth plane. The angels were divided in their opinion of what to do. There were those who said 'Sit back, offer earth beings love and allow them to learn from their experience. We are the loving foundation.' Others said, 'No; protect them!' That, 'protect them' was the first distortion of love. To protect that which one loves means one feels fear . There is something separate to protect and something else to protect it against. With the idea that the object of love will be harmed, one moves into the distortion of fear.

If possible, we will make this whole transcript available, not next week as Barbara will be away for the next four days, but the following week.

Fear is a distortion of love. It is the first distortion of love. In understanding that, you can also see that fear also comes from God. There is no duality; fear is an aspect of love, shaped by the myth of separation. This is why I so often have said there is no absolute good or evil. There is only light and relatively increasing absence of light. It becomes very dark indeed but even that utmost darkness is still connected to the light.

We can work to see how fear arises in us, how those contractions occur. We can work to stay in the present moment and understand that the contraction for fear does not have to be a catalyst for hatred but be instead a catalyst for compassion. When we note the arising of that fear contraction, we see that our old habit is to be so discomforted by it that we want to escape it. One of the ways we do that is to lash out, to allow anger into our thoughts. But there is something else we can do with fear, which is simply to note it, to note how it solidifies the self with the illusion of somebody who must defend themselves. We see how anger provides a release for the tension, and how old the drama is. Then we can look at the being who is feeling that fear and touch that being with compassion.

Each time we feel that contraction we can allow the beginning of a new habit so that increasingly fear becomes a catalyst for compassion. This is one of the ways for you to allow more love, more open hearted love, to move through you. Please remember that these are part of the same thing. God is Love. The small ego self is also God. The small ego self is the distortion of fear within the mind, body, spirit complex.

Identification as the small ego self is a distortion within the mind/body/spirit complex. When that identification of the small ego self is present, you are filled with it. There's no room for that God energy to be experienced within you. If you want to experience the non-separation aspect of God, you've got to empty self out, to release the illusion of separation. It's as simple as that. But to empty self out is the learning of a multitude of lifetimes. There is no switch that can throw a lever from full to empty, washing self down the drain. Self is illusion, so 'full' is illusion! To attempt to get rid of self just solidifies self, creates more 'somebody' doing this getting rid of, pushing that away, grasping at this. So we learn to look at what allows the illusion of solid self to dissolve. What allows us to come back into connection?

Many different religious paths have specific practices that work with the ego, helping you see the ego and accept how it arises and then to let it go. The most powerful practice that I know for working with the ego is mindfulness. You cannot transcend the ego until you accept the ego. You cannot accept ego until you acknowledge its presence. That is what this guided meditation was all about. What is the defendedness? How does self solidify? Can I notice the rising boundaries on any of the bodies? We talked some weeks ago about the fact that each of these bodies has its own light aspect and each moves independently into boundaries so that you may feel connected on some levels and separate on others.

How does self solidify? How do we keep getting sucked into that delusion? What is our habitual response to seeing we're sucked in? Is it contempt or is it compassion? Can we begin to open our hearts to ourselves and see how we keep getting trapped into thinking we're somebody solid here, separate from everyone else.

Many of you have experienced early life situations which have led to a sense of separation. Perhaps you were abused in some way or abandoned. These did not cause your sense of separation, they emphasized it. The sense of separation was already laid at birth. If you have been raised in a very loving close home, and not been subject to any catalyst which would accentuate that sense of separation it still would have been there, but perhaps not manifest painfully enough to need to attend to it. The early life situations which heightened that sense of separation to the point to where it created extreme pain were the reminder to pay attention. You are not separate. You have never been separate. You've been through this lifetime after lifetime. Can you learn it this time. Pay attention.

What is the illusion of separation? It is not caused by historical details of this life. Rather it's shown upon a screen so you can see it more clearly. Seeing how we keep moving into a solidified self, can we touch those fears with compassion? Can we begin to embrace that human which so aspires to connect with God and All That Is and suffers such a sense of alienation and separation? Can we finally transcend the small ego self and learn to rest in our true being, that aspect which we glimpse when we do let the boundaries down, that aspect which is capable of unconditional love.

There is one more thing I want to say here. In my book Aaron is a chapter called 'The Inner Garden.' Here we spoke about nurturing of generosity, loving kindness, patience, of all those beautiful qualities. You look at yourself and see a bit of impatience. It may be that you are patient ninety percent of the time but you are such perfectionists with yourselves that all you see is the ten percent. Since you are not perfectly patient, you say 'I am impatient!' I call this old soul syndrome. Old souls are perfectionist, perfect perfectionists!

Most of you have heard me talk about this before. You so deeply aspire to that purity which will allow you to feel worthy of God and condemn yourself for every arising of impatience or grief or anger. But that which arises is not bad, it's just an emotion. It is your relationship with it which causes you suffering, your identity with it. In 'The Inner Garden' I asked people to begin to pay attention to the other ninety per cent, not to become proud but simply to open to oneself, to see all the beauty of you and to nurture those seeds of kindness and generosity, and morality and truth. They are fragile seeds that are waiting to burst open in the sunlight. Can you give them that sunlight? Can you begin to know who you truly are and identify with the fullness instead of identifying only with that which you have found wanting in yourselves? Rest in the whole space of love, not only the distortion of fear. It is a wonderful process. It really is the major learning of all of your incarnations-how to dissolve the identification with the small ego self and open the identification to the true Self.

I strongly suggest that any who are interested in pursuing this further, read 'The Inner Garden' and do the exercises there. That is all.

Question: Aaron has taught us how to empty the warehouse of heavy emotions. Can he give us a way to fill the warehouse with love and understanding?

Aaron: I am Aaron. You are naturally loving. You don't have to fill yourself with anything to become loving. You are Love. The warehouse is always full; how do you gain access to the contents? The contraction of fear prevents that love from being known and shared. If you will deal with the contractions of fear and cease needing to manifest these distortions in your life, then the loving energy, the kindness, the generosity, the patience, the desire to serve others all naturally will flow from you. The warehouse doors will be opened. You can nurture the seeds of these beautiful blossoms, but you don't have to create anything that is not already there, just allow it to expand. That is all.

Barbara: We are talking about the simultaneous lives question that is already on the tape. The only way that I can grasp being out of time is through deep meditation experiences where ego-I dissolves and I cease completely to exist in time. What remains is timeless. Then it makes sense completely. When I, with self-consciousness, come back and I try to conceptualize what has just been experienced, there is no way to talk about it. It is just not part of our vocabulary. I'll let Aaron talk about Future time.

Aaron: I am Aaron. As part the structure of the incarnation you have agreed to accept the myth of time. It's part of the veil of forgetting that you move away from the spiritual plane truth of your being and move into the acceptance of the illusion. The illusion is your teacher so you have agreed to play this part in this theater with as much belief as possible. That includes accepting the whole construct of time. On one level, linear time exists. On one level it's all happening simultaneously.

Let me begin with this question. You sit at the table. Your host brings out bowls of soup, sets them before you and before your neighbor. They have been drawn from the same pot. Is your experience with the soup the same? Of course not, because you each bring in your own preferences and your own memories. One might take it one step further and ask 'Is this the same soup?' Once it is served in two different bowls and served before two different people, is it the same soup? If it's the same soup then once you eat it and it's in your stomach is it the same soup? At what moment does it cease being the same soup? On the ultimate reality level it is always the same soup but in relative reality it becomes different. I want to toss this out to you for your discussion before I continue. When it sat out there on the table was it the same soup?

(Group: Some discussion. Conclusion is no; agreement with what Aaron said, that we each bring our own selves to the soup, we experience it with out own set of memories.)

Barbara: Aaron agrees with you; he wants to throw out another thought.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Please consider this question. Somebody has uprooted a plant and divided it very carefully into two pots. One pot is handed to one being and one pot is handed to another being. Remember that you and the plant both give off energy and receive energy. Each recipient had a different response to the plant. If one is indifferent and immediately begins to offer the plant such energy, how will it respond? How does it actually become different than the other half of itself which is receiving loving energy from the one who holds it. You are flow-throughs. As your energy flows out it touches that around you. If your energy touches the soup and one says 'Oh, wonderful; a bowl of hot vegetable soup; just perfect,' and the other says 'Ugh, I don't like vegetable soup,' the energy of the diner influences and actually changes the energy of the soup. Can you see that? Even though the vegetables are no longer alive, they are still giving off and receiving energy. The 'wonderful' soup really does interact with the body to provide more nourishment to which that grateful body is more receptive!

(Barbara holding a piece of paper on which two dates have been written; she folds it in half so the dates touch.) I ask you to picture not just two dates on this piece of paper but four dates. We fold it and refold it. (Barbara folds it in fourths.) It all comes together. If we wet this paper until it was thoroughly soaked and then pressed it hard enough the bits of paper molecules would move into one another. Four sheets would become one; no separation.

You come to an experience, in some cases an almost identical experience as one you have had before. You have been changed by the process of growth, of maturity and you have also been changed by the accumulation of fear. Each new situation that arises is like a new bowl of soup, it comes from the same pot but it differs according to your relationship to it, your reaction to it. You have all lived so many past lives. You move into a new situation. Your energy relates to that situation and in that way changes, as does the situation. This creates one possible future. If you came into that same situation and related differently, you'd get another future.

There are so many different planes. The dot here (Barbara holds up folded paper.) is not identical to the dot there although they touch and there is no separation between them because the dot here is surrounded by this bit of paper and whatever energy it carries. The dot there is surrounded by the other bit of paper and the energy it carries.

Think of a river. It begins from pure spring deep underground, and it flows out with a passion, moving strongly in one channel for a ways. Then the ground rises and the river divides, one strand going to the right and one strand going to the left. They come from the same source. Are they the same river? Channel A breaks up into five or six streams, channel B breaks up into five or six streams. Into one of these stream is poured much industrial pollution. Another stream flows in a place where it is very protected and the water is warm. A third travels past farms and picks up soil run-off.

They now distinctly differ but it is the same water flowing through. Each has been changed by its environment. The latter observation is simple. What is forgotten is that the base of each is identical. The same pure water from the same source is still present in each, and each has had factors added which influence the water. The pure water can still be found. Your language does not provide adequate words to talk about this. We can only use the words 'same,' 'different,' 'comparable,' or 'similar.' There are non-earth plane languages which are very specific in defining the relationship between all of these branches flowing from the same source.

The rivers and streams all continue to flow and eventually they empty back into a large river again. Some of them have meandered for miles while others have gone straighter. They all return. Is what they came back into the same as it was at the source? There is water at the source and simultaneously, water a hundred miles downstream. If you scoop out a cup of each you've got different water, and yet by your linear time in several days the water at the source is going to be a hundred miles downstream.

To apply this to your lives, pick up at any point in any one lifetime; there are an infinite number of possible futures. You make certain choices based on your own energy bodies' relationships to the energy around you, which take you into one stream or another. All of these streams are possible. You're in this particular water because of the choices of this moment. The present manifestation of the water is influenced by how turbulent or still the water is, which in turn depends on the terrain it chooses to run through; how warm or cold it is, which depends on the climate. Your consciousness is constantly interrelating with experience. In another, perhaps almost identical, lifetime this energy stream that you are has met much the same catalyst and made different choices because you were so different then.

Here is spot A on the paper, here is spot B. (Barbara holds up and folds the paper again.) They come together. Simultaneous time, this one one thousand BC and this one a thousand AD, simultaneous. The choices made in this lifetime are influenced by the choices that were made in the other lifetime. If in lifetime A you made certain choices that led you to not blame others but to be more responsible and compassionate to yourself, those are going to influence the choices in the other lifetime.

Now we get into this question. What if the lifetime where I learned these things was as in this timeline Barbara drew a lifetime in the future? What if the last life that I lived was in the year 2500? it doesn't matter. Most of you have chosen to incarnate more or less in agreement with that myth of linear time. Each of you has an occasional life out of that straight linear time.

If the future has already happened, where is free will? Is the past not then pre-ordained? No! It is all happening at the same time! The future influences the past in the same way the past influences the future because there is no past and future. It is all in process. But you do not have the words in your vocabulary to express this. I can only give you metaphors like the folded up paper or the stream. My dear ones, may I humbly suggest you cease to worry about it; it will be clear when you move beyond the limits of the incarnation.

Let us go back to the stream. The water is flowing from one source steadily down one stream. At its source, the stream was perfectly pure. Follow a bit of water until it is 80 miles from the source. In this moment, 60 miles upstream, someone throws chemicals into the water. In this moment, do these chemicals affect the water 80 miles down? In linear time your answer would be 'No.'

I ask you to pick up that stream as if you were a giant and hold it in your hands, the right hand holding the event 20 miles down from the source, the left hand holding the 'present.' Fold it together. Yes the chemical 20 miles down affects what is 80 miles down. Yes your old anger, old fear, old habits affect the present.

Now my dear ones, reverse it. Toss in the chemicals 80 miles down. You might say no it doesn't affect me 20 miles down because the water is flowing downstream. That is the myth of your linear time! You who think you could not have lived in the future, fold it. It didn't happen in the future. It is happening right now; all the anger, fear, greed and delusion are right now. So is all the love!

If one must put it into linear time, please remember (holding up folded paper, dots touching) it is happening right now on the other side of the paper. There is constant bleedthrough. You are always learning simultaneously on all of these different planes.

The wonderful gift that you are given on the earth plane now is that you do not need to pay attention to any of these blends and bleedthroughs except to know that everything that you have experienced and will experience affects who you are and how you manifest your energy. It's all catalyst. You really don't need to know more about it than that. Just to keep asking yourself the question 'How can I manifest my energy more purely?' How do I clean up the water? It doesn't matter whether this past life where I harbored anger and blame on another happened linearly a thousand years ago or a thousand years ahead. How am I repeating that pattern in this moment and what do I do about it?

Karma seems to follow the myth of linear time. Noting that it doesn't matter where on the river it happened, if I agree to honor the illusion of linear time and hold the event behind me then it has planted the seeds which I am reaping now. Wherever on the river the distortion came, the now carries the fruit of that distortion. The now also holds the possibility for release of distortion. All the 'nows' are at once, but we honor the illusion of linear time which accompanies the incarnation. I know this doesn't begin to explain it. For most of you it has simply raised more questions. If you are intrigued by this discussion I am certainly willing to continue with it at another time.

I ask you though not to get too lost in the mental games which are very enjoyable but a very much of a sidetrack to that basic question how do I live my life with more wisdom, compassion, and skill? That is what you are here for. I promise you that once you are free of the illusion it will all be clear. I do not mean that to have the tone of the parent who says you will understand when you are grown up. This is not to demean you in any way, only to remind you to honor where you are. You have agreed to the illusion because you know that it is the tool for your learning. Know it is illusion and allow it to continue to teach you. That is all. Other questions.

Question: About the illusion of linear time. He gave examples of the relationship between one lifetime and another. Is what he told us also true for the various densities we move in? In other words, are we ultimately experiencing the sixth density and say third density simultaneously?

Aaron: I am Aaron. This river springs up from a pure source. This branch on the right spreads out through a wide, flat river valley. The branch in the middle goes through deep rapids. The branch on the left enters into an underground stream bed. Picture the spot just before it divides. It has been one intactness of water; then it divides. It flows as it must, underground, through the rapids or spread out over the shallows. Then it comes back together. In this way you are in all densities at the same time but the present consciousness is aware only of where it perceives itself to be and not of all the place it touches. Mind does not know of the underground tunnel or the shallow valley but of the rapids if that's where consciousness is. When you move into profound meditation experience and all concepts of self dissolves, consciousness expands and suddenly you are underground and in the rapids and in the shallow plane all at the same time. We may call this expanded consciousness pure awareness.

Then you come out of your meditation and you are back in your own branch of the stream. You are always everywhere but the conscious, waking mind of relative reality can't grasp that so it stays with where it is in its own stream path. When you transcend the illusion through your meditation you know you are everywhere, in all densities and at all times. Do you understand?

You may wish to try this as a meditation. (Dots ( … ) indicate pause.)

Allow your consciousness to be with the stream as it arises from the source. It flows through one single bed. … You are the water, running in turbulence and stillness. Feel the different qualities of the water as surroundings change. … You are aware of the riverbanks and their different elements of rock and soil; you are aware of the sun and shadows; you are aware of the slope which creates current. … Pure awareness knows this. The river does not know itself here as separate from the banks and sunshine. Suddenly the river breaks up into these three stream beds, the wide and shallow valley, the rocky waterfall and the underground stream. Choose one, any one. … Here we shift into a self-consciousness. Can you feel that shift, as you choose to be this or that and accept the illusion? The only one you can know now is the body you are in, which is this lifetime. Rest here and experience it. … What of the others? You may come to them through deep meditation experience where you transcend self or through memory of having been there at another time. In this way you remember or deeply understand that which this incarnation has not experienced. You shudder at starvation although this human has not starved. You reach for a connection this human has never fully experienced but dimly remembers. … You are literally in all the stream beds at all times but the only one that conscious, relative mind can understand is the present relative reality. Pure awareness knows them all.

(End of tape.)