Wednesday, December 1, 1993

Private excerpt

Aaron: I am Aaron. I am speaking about intimacy in relationship to both animate and inanimate energy. We tend to think of the energy field as one field, which it is, but has four aspects: the physical energy field, emotional, mental and spiritual.

On the light plane, when two energies relate they blend. I will define terminology not as any absolute definition but only so that we may use it consistently and with understanding of what is meant. By 'blend,' I mean this: envision ten thousand molecules of red and ten thousand of blue. The red are contained within the red body, the blue contained within the blue body. These bodies may come together as a physical blending-sexual union-an emotional blending-heart opening to heart-a mental blending of ideas, a spiritual blending-souls moving together. Or there may be any combination of these.

On the light plane there is no physical body, but there is an energy template of the physical body. The outlines of red and blue dissolve so that the red dots and blue dots mingle freely. There is no longer any outline. This is how it might appear:

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On the physical plane, such full blending is rare. Instead, energy tends more to merge. The best metaphor I can give for this is fingers resting not only within one another, but so that the fingers move onto the hand-the red fingers onto the blue hand, the blue onto the red. If these were transparencies, you would still see the outline of red hand and blue hand, the outline where they overlap, but still the delineation of boundary.






At a very deep level, you aspire to blend. This is your original form, blended with the Source. With the first emergence of illusion of self, you drew into an intactness of form, created boundaries from which this 'self' could relate to others. You have spent the time since attempting to re-blend. We will discuss this in depth tonight.