Sunday July 25, 2004 Question and Answer Session

Jeshua: We continue. This is as my beloved friend and teacher has said to you, the one you know as Judith, this will be a special evening where you get to ask your questions. We will have it informal; in other words, we will not start with one end of the row and work through, but as you wish to come up. Who would like to come? And as was stated, you can ask of Aaron or of me.

Nancy: Good evening Jeshua. Thank you for being with me many times this spring. My job has changed again four times in four years. Each has been very good, but each has been a bit of a surprise. My energy has been a little bit low this spring. I was hoping to stay with my last job, but the shift into the new job feels that it will be fine. Was my lower energy level perhaps because of the uncertainty with the job?

J: Yes, you are going through many changes, many choicepoints with the old job ending and the certain disappointment you were feeling with that and then moving into a new placement, and having to do the adjustment so quickly over the last four years in your timing. And it was as part of you was saying, I'm tired of these changes. I'm tired. And so yes, the energy level was a bit lower, as you experienced it. Now in truth it was not lower, but it felt like it.

Nancy: And was it your visit in the early morning, the sort-of surge through my spine? (J: Yes) Thank you. I woke up and I moved in bed, and my water jug would explode!

J: Yes. In truth it was not so much my energy as yours joining together. It was a shift that you were ready to make, and it seemed to be quite dramatic.

Nancy: Yes. Thank you.

J: Don't be shy!

Maureen: Speaking of shift, good evening, I feel that recently I have made the bigger shift of the fundamental blocks that were holding me back from sharing what I'm here to share, in the way that I have been looking to have happen. There have been so many points in the past where I felt that I've come to that point. And I guess I just am looking for some reassurance, if I have made that big breakthrough into the next level, that I can feel confident about that.

J: I would ask of you, what is your knowing of this?

Maureen: It feels like I have.

J: And you have, yes, you knew it already. But it is always nice to have the affirmation of what you already know. You have done in your lifetime many shifts. You have done much travel, much study because you have been drawn to what you have known in other lifetimes. So you have gone through what you would call many of the, as you would understand it, smaller shifts, but truly they were great shifts because you were doing completion with a lot of areas where you were almost complete, but you wanted to know it again, so you went back...well, you didn't go back in this lifetime, but you went back to what you knew in other lifetimes and experienced all the various avenues of things as remembrance. And because you laid the foundation stones, then you have done what you see now to be the great shift. Well done.

Q?: Good evening. Why is it that these days in time and space, so many people are developing Alzheimer's disease? I think that in bigger reality there is no suffering of that person with Alzheimer's disease, but the suffering appears very bad to me in the world of time and space. So is the suffering as great as it looks when the mind is gone, or during that time is that somehow taken care of by the soul?

J: This would be a good question for Aaron.

A: I am Aaron. We're going to experiment with something here. Barbara paraphrases me with her eyes open but has never channeled me directly with her eyes open. I don't know if she can focus clearly on my speech and open her eyes. We're going to try that, so this body can move with greater ease.

What you see as suffering, and certainly there is sometimes suffering involved, is from the fear of not knowing, of uncertainty. With Alzheimer's, people do not see the gift in it because they only see the outer surface of suffering. There is a real gift in it both for the person who is experiencing it and for those around them. Often the gift is given to those who will care for that person.

We will close the eyes. We will practice with the eyes open at another time!

With Alzheimer's, the predominant characteristics of the personality are retained even though there is no mind, no memory. Because there is no memory, the past conditioning of shoulds and should nots, the childhood or life conditioning, is not as strong as this moment's experience. The person with Alzheimer's lives much more in this moment. When there's pain in this moment, there will be whatever is the predominant personality reaction to that pain, such as anger at it, or patience with it. The mind does not enter with how it should be. There is just what is, in the moment.

I know it seems that a lot of Alzheimer's sufferers are angry. Perhaps that is because the people around them are so tense and angry. What I have seen in my experience is that when those with Alzheimer's are held in a container of love and that when their anger or fear do emerge, they are reassured, told repeatedly, "It's okay, you have simply forgotten, but you are not a different person. You don't recognize me but I am the person who has loved you. I am your sister, your brother, your daughter. It's okay that you don't remember me. Just be who you are in this moment," then new possibility emerges. When that gift is given to the Alzheimer's person, that person is able to respond authentically from whatever is deepest in their heart. If there is fear, and the caregiver or a friend is able to point out that fear, without taking it as personal attack, the one experiencing Alzheimer's can learn.

It's very powerful to watch that. You say, how can they learn when there's no memory from moment to moment? They learn because their fear is met with love. And it's so direct in this moment, and this moment and the next moment; each time fear is met with love, that the fear dissolves. Then the inherent loving personality can emerge.

I think there is more Alzheimer's these days. I don't see it as a problem although I know it does bring great pain to people. I pause.

J: I would add unto that that truly there is a gifting, because nothing is ever done in isolation, for there is no separation; that the one who will exhibit the symptoms of Alzheimer's is also giving to the caretakers a gift, where they can give to the Alzheimer's person their love and their service. If there were not a condition such as that, many would not have opportunity to love, to give their love. So the one who has agreed that they will release the body in this way gives unto others a gifting. It is not always an easy gifting, either to give, for one will recognize in the first stages of it that they are losing the grip upon reality that they have had, and it is not an easy gift to receive, because the loved ones feel a gradual loss of someone they have loved, and they want to hold onto that one. So it is not easy to give this gift, it is not easy to receive it, but it is truly a gift.

Ones who choose this method of releasing the body, in the later stages are truly no longer within this reality, this dimension, even the lifetime. The body has what you would call the pilot light still on, but the individuated consciousness is already moving on to the choice it will make, whether to stay in what you see to be the greater Allness or to choose incarnation again. Oftentimes they are moving into the new environment even while the old vehicle is still breathing, has to be attended to. But they are no longer 100% activating it. It is with the vestiges of spirit that has been with it. They are still activating the body but only with a small percentage; the greater percentage of them is moving on to the next incarnation, if they are choosing incarnation.

So it is a most wonderful avenue that sometimes ones will choose rather than doing the sudden deceasement of the body. They have an opportunity where they can come through their own fear of the deceasement, and do it gradually, and also give that gift to the loved ones, although as I have said, it is a double-edged sword. Very good question.

A: I am Aaron. I just want to add that this is not just about Alzheimer's. Consider the stroke victims, those who you term the "vegetable". Spirit doesn't have Alzheimer's, nor a stroke and becoming the vegetable. In the final stages there is no one with Alzheimer's or stroke, just this body.

Remember that you only see the lifetime as linear. As Jeshua said, there is really a simultaneity there, and this consciousness may be busy elsewhere, alert, awake, and fully present. Your loved one is still there, but perhaps not showing itself through this body. Or if there is choice to experience helplessness, then spirit will remain present, just as spirit may choose to be present in the fetus, but not be an active participant making choices in the everyday world.

About the gift of which Jeshua spoke: a beloved meditation master in Thailand, the head of many monasteries, had a stroke. Nobody knew whether he was aware and alert in any way or not. He needed complete care of his body for many years. Various monks took care of him. I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak to some of those monks. They said they learned more from taking care of him in his final years than they learned through all the years of working with him as the teacher, and that was not a negative comment on his teaching but a comment on the strong power of taking care of this helpless body, loving the teacher, unconditional love, and the power of what it called out in their opening hearts. I thank you.

Ted: There were a couple articles in the Tacoma newspaper last week which tried to discredit NESARA, to put it off as a hoax. It was very convincing. It even put doubt in the heart of some believers. I want to know if the CIA was behind that article because NESARA is gaining momentum, and it looks like a threat to them and they are trying to put it down now.

J: It was not the CIA as such. It is more that the collective consciousness is not ready for it. There are many who share the idea that NESARA puts forth, who want to see it manifest, and it will become manifest, but the greater percentage of the collective consciousness has no idea what this is about, and it is something strange, therefore your media, which is always several steps behind the forefront of the thinkers, is always going to put down any new idea. And they will use logical reasoning to come up with whatever supports their belief. But what is important here is for ones who do believe in the vision to hold onto the vision and to know that it is a matter of timing.

Ted: Right. OK. Was the NESARA bill actually passed by our Congress?

J: In an alternate reality, yes.

Ted: The original idea behind NESARA, did that come from St. Germain, already back when he was in Europe?

J: This idea is as old as you can imagine. It has been put into practice in various cultures as an experiment many times. You are working with it once again. The idea in this reality has come through what you would see the cosmic osmosis. You can attribute it to St. Germain if you wish.

Ted: The article attributed it to some person who was at a university 15 years ago, said he presented the idea to every member of Congress and expected that they would pass it. But nothing happened.

J: Of course.

Ted: Is that true, did he originate it?

J: He is one of many who has grasped the idea once again, because it has been something that he was involved in other lifetimes. So it is a passion of his heart. So he brought it forth once again. And it was presented to your representatives. But as you have seen, they are not so much leaders as followers of the collective consciousness.

Ted: The prosperity programs...I haven't got real good information on that. Most of the information comes from this person who calls herself Dove. So a lot of the information is not really hard and fast stuff; it's alternate reality stuff.

J: As yet.

Ted: Is there money being built up in accounts in Europe as she has brought forth, that was started by St. Germain?

J: There has always been money that has been secreted away for various purposes. Is it true in this time? It has not come to light yet. But the money will be there.

Ted: Thank you.

Jane: Good evening, Jeshua. Thank you for coming in dreams and visions all year, especially when I need it. (J: Yes, it has been my pleasure). I have two questions. They just popped into my mind and I guess spirit wants me to ask them. The first one is about Shanti Christo, about how the board of directors inadvertently or otherwise turned the land over to someone else who has other plans for it instead of your vision of it being a hospice. I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about that?

J: First of all, Shanti Christo is a great vision. It is coming into manifest form with these ones who are willing to support it; ones who support it from a distance, others who are on the location. This has changed, as you have seen; the players have changed over a certain number of years. They are working out their own organizational relationships. They are completing their own individual issues as they are in relationship to other ones. The vision is true, it is held true, but it is the interworking of the, as you call them, the board members. So you get a change of direction from time to time.

The vision that has been held is not only to be a hospice, but to be a place where ones can come to know true healing. And that is part of hospice, in that they will come with that in mind, and yet by soul choice they will heal the body and go away from that place to then share that experience with others in other distant places. So the board has been playing with various means and methods of bringing together enough of the golden coins to keep the vision alive. And as I have said, it is a bit of the organizational relationships that is going on here. But the land will not be lost. It has already been dedicated to the vision.

Jane: Oh, that's wonderful. Thank you. And the second one is about my daughter-in-law. She seems to be having more episodes of MS. She's feeling quite negative about the whole thing, understandably. I was wondering, on a soul level or on an interdimensional level, if you think that she would be ready or willing to work on something alternative, because I've always hesitated to say, John of God in Brazil would be wonderful for you. She can't walk very well any more and only a year ago she was still riding a bike. Or Reiki or something like that. But I always sort of don't quite know where I fit in. She thinks I'm too loud. She thinks that I'm...She loves me, but her mother's name is Jane, and my name is Jane. And her mother is Jane the Bitch and I'm Jane the Ditz. Can't figure that one out! She only wants to take me shopping to buy dark clothes; I'm sure it's for her comfort level. I think I've sort of painted the picture. Just wondering what guidance on how to proceed.

J: It is to love this one and allow her her choices on the journey. That is difficult to do because you want to get in there and fix it for her, or at least to put her in a direction that would fix it for her. She is making her own choices, at the soul level even. And then this is being outpictured in what is on the physical level. She is very much as Aaron has spoken of the one with Alzheimer's, and as I have spoken, she is giving a gift to ones to care for her and to provide for her the love and the support as she goes through this. You may speak your truth to her. Whether she takes it up or not will be her choice, and according to her belief system. And the belief system, although everything is always open to improv, we have said that many times to you, the belief system as it is seen now is quite set. So you may speak unto her your truth, and she will see beyond appearances of the Ditz that truly you believe this and you know ones where it has worked for them. So it will be important to offer her the opportunity as example; in other words, the friends that you know who have tried what is called alternative therapies, and then to love her, as you have been doing.

Jane: Thank you very much.

J: Thank you for asking.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Have you watched a young child try to build a structure with blocks? He puts two or three blocks on a pile and, it seems purposely, edges them off to the side so the pile tumbles down. He does it again and again. The adult may wish to come in and correct him, show how to pile the blocks directly on top of each other so the tower will stand. You show him how to do it. He smiles, and then he proceeds to build them off-center and it tumbles again. At some level he is needing to make the building off-center in order to learn. First he has to make it fall before he's ready to make it straight. He must experiment with the falling.

In just the same way, your loved ones who have disease may not be ready to build the straight structure. And it takes a lot of patience to show them a possible way of straightening out the box, and then letting them make it fall as many times as they need to, and simply loving them. I pause.

Robert: The question would be about our son and some of it may have been answered already, but is there anything more specific we can do to bring him to health?

J: To proceed as you have been doing, to find all avenues and to try them, but mainly to believe in the mastership of this one; in other words, this one is a great master the same as you, the same as the Christ. And as Aaron has just said, sometimes it is necessary for ones to build the building blocks in certain pattern to try to see how this is going to feel. What can I create in certain ways? So again, it is a gifting unto you as parent, for you want to fix it. Try the different ways. Follow your guidance, and love. I will not say to you that one method is better than another, for truly your heart knows, and this other one's heart knows. So there is not a "should" about it. But try everything that the guidance suggests, and then allow the space for love.

Robert: One other question It's about our property in Arizona. We would like to build a spiritual center there. Is that a practical thing for us to do there? Any suggestions?

J: Now, what is your knowing of this?

Robert: I already know we could do it. I know it's practical.

J: Very good!

Robert: Thank you, Jeshua.

Aaron K: Good evening, Jeshua. The last three or four years have been a very exciting time for me with the path that I've been following on this vibrational physics. One thing has been showing up in a very powerful way the last five to six months or so, is my interest in ancient civilizations. I seem to be getting a lot of contacts, things about Lemurian, Atlantean times, other civilizations. I'm not sure how that is supposed to fit in with this vibrational physics that I'm working with. It's exciting, but I'm not sure how to proceed andwhat it holds for me.

J: How to proceed is to keep on going as you have been going. You are inviting all of this information to come to you. Right now it is as a piece of the puzzle is here, a piece there, and you are finding all of the pieces, but they don't quite fit together yet. They will. There will be a time when you will look back on this and you will say, "Oh, that's why, etc." The hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20. But when you are in the middle of it, it's like you have a piece here and you have a piece there.

What you are doing truly is restructuring what you have known from many lifetimes and to bring it into this point of focus, this reality, as catalyst for remembrance of others. You did that a couple of days ago when you presented the information that you have had revealed to you, and also with your enthusiasm for this information. Your enthusiasm, your belief in this information, is contagious. And you are doing for others the offering, as you would bring it on a silver platter, and you are saying, "Hey, look what I've found! This is really exciting." And so ones will look at it and they will say, "Yes, I resonate with that too." So you are bringing the different pieces together for yourself. But as there is no separation, you are offering it to all as well. So keep on going with it, as you are. The unaware self, not the conscious mind that is aware, is very much tuned in to what is happening, what the plan is, and it will be more obvious to you as time goes on.

Aaron: I get a sense that at some point that I'll be using my skills as a map dowser to reveal things in various locations. Does that seem...?

J: Yes, you will do that as well. In other words, it will not be the only thing that you do. It is a passion that you have. Would Aaron add to that?

A: I am Aaron. There is so much richness of the past that has been laid aside. My brother, you came into the incarnation with the intention to be a bridge, to bring forth the past into the present so that it becomes the present and not old history. Please view what you learn as vital to a present that is becoming the future, as part of this whole transition of the Earth into 4th density. As Jeshua has said, trust the path and the pieces will fall together. I pause.

Karen: Greetings, blessings. I have a question for either you or Aaron, whoever would like to answer. You know me well. We talk a lot. I hate to harp on this, but I'm going to ask again about my career space. I feel an energy shift this past week, especially as I completed a set of interviews, and circumstances and divine right order, those jobs were not available to me, or really anybody else. The job that I presently have is sketchy and iffy with being cut due to low census, but I also chose to leave a more secure position because it's my intention to leave the place. So I'm thinking to myself, "Hmm, now what? What else can I be doing in the meantime?" Or really is there such a thing as a full time benefited job for me. I am very creative and free spirited, and I don't know that I always fit in so well to the fulltime 9 to 5. Care to comment?

J: Where do you go from here? Truly, you stand on the threshold of making a big change. The conscious self and the underlying layer has been a bit hesitant to make a big change, as it would seem to be a big change. But you are also at the same time desiring to make a big change. You have been there, you have done it; in other words, been there, done that. You want something that is totally exciting to you and new, where you feel really vitalized and realized. In other words, you're making real in your experience that which you already know to be true, and you want to be able to put it out there freely and to see it manifest.

Now, you're very good at manifesting, but you have held back a wee bit, because what you are going to manifest, because you stand right on that threshold and it will take only a feather to push you over it, what you are going to manifest is big. It is a big change. It is totally different than anything you've ever done because as we have said, you have already been there, done that.

So what you have already been beginning to do is to look outside the box. You have already said that you are a free spirit, that you are not perhaps wanting to fit into the 9 to 5. Even with the present employment you have had, it's been a bit, you've had to be the pretzel.

Anyway, what you are going to want to look at, and you've already started the process so this is not new, is to look outside the box and say to yourself, "What would I really like to do if I didn't feel I had to earn the golden coins? If I were completely taken care of by the universe, by Mother/Father God, All That Is? What would I really like to do? I'm at a certain point in my life. I have certain responsibilities. I feel a bit tied because of those responsibilities, but if I were totally free to do something in a win/win situation, what would I do? Would I go back to school again? Would I do on the side some counseling? Would I do on the side in addition to the counseling some writing, which you are very good at? Would I do some of the readings, in addition to everything else? Could I handle all of that?"

Well, you're already handling 110%. But what would you really like to do? What really excites you? And you can answer that now or in time, as you contemplate it. What is important for you right now, you're feeling very stuck, like you've come to the edge of the box, and you have. Where do I go from here? Well, it is to open out that part of the box and see what else is outside, and to go for what really turns you on. Play with that idea for awhile. Yes, I know there are responsibilities. Yes, you need to earn the golden coins. But you are also creative in being able to say to ones, "I represent a certain class of person. Is there free funding of some sort for what I represent that could allow me to pursue what I want to do?" But first you have to sit with what you want to do and then to look to the possible ways that you can be supported in this. I pass to my brother Aaron. You will have insight to give.

A: I am Aaron. As you speak, my friend, I see a constriction, perhaps a fear to be as free as you dream of being. As soon as there's fear, it shuts the energy field down so that that which you envision and would manifest cannot come forth. So there's a pattern: reaching, and it's almost in grasp, then pulling back. Seeing it again, reaching, pulling back. I would ask you, my sister, to ask within the self, what is this fear? Because I think the fear is a habit energy in you. It does not have any roots. I don't think you believe in the fear. It's just, it's as if I offered you something delicious to eat and there were other people around, and perhaps a bit of nervousness about greedy feelings. You would think, "Oh yes, I want it," and then pull back. Why not take it if it's offered? What blocks that free taking? There is no greed here. There is no setting oneself above the other. There is only the abhorrence of the possibility of that in the self, so the habit energy pulls back instead of continuing to reach out and receive what is freely offered. I pause.

J: I would add unto that that already in the previous few days you have made great shift.

Beloved one, I greet you.

Sue: It's so good to be here.

J: There's a radiance about you that happens when we meet in this way; or on other planes.

Sue: I want to say too, I've really missed our one to ones. I'm sure that's for a reason.

I got a little bit from the last person's answers for myself, but as you know, right before coming here I had a period that became a very dark night of the soul for me. It feels since arriving that it was to go deeper with some of the habit energies and see them more clearly. And I've been given a lot. I guess what my question is, is, I keep, like she is, coming up to the edge of the box of trying to make a big change, whether it's moving to a location closer to Tom and Judi and maybe changing my job, I don't know, and I seem to get to the edge and check it out and then I go back to where I am. This last time I felt so constricted and so alone, I think more than I've ever felt before, and I don't know if that's getting ready to spit me out so I'll leave, or if the answer is really moving at this point. I know I'm in a different place now, going home, but I don't want to crawl back into that box.

J: It is not so much about geographical location as it is about allowing self the freedom: freedom to have the loved ones around you, to be able to have the interchange with them, to spend time with the loved ones and also to spend time with what you see the extended family to be; to feel free. You have felt constricted by the job, by the circumstances; you have felt, I need to stay here, and yet there is a movement within myself that wants to get on with the rest of my life, but I'm not really sure what that is. It is not the geographical location. You feel that within yourself. You would feel a great pulling if you were to move to another location. You would feel a pulling to go back to the loved ones. Better you should stay where you are with roots there and allow yourself the freedom to go to visit other friends and family and know that you are free.

Sue: That is what's been coming to me.

J: Exactly.

Sue: I guess that's the only other question I have. I just want to really thank Aaron and Barbara for the whole teaching they've given me, and deepened my vipassana practice immensely. The whole practice of working with the habit energies has been a very powerful tool that I know is very important for me to keep working with. Thank you.

Q?: Good evening, Jeshua and Aaron. I have a question that's been bugging me for a long time. It concerns a book that's entitled "Urantia." I'm very interested in the book and I have participated in a study group about this book. For instance, Part 4 deals with your life on this Earth in great detail. And I guess my question is, is this book very truthful, and if so, is it something I should be studying for my higher good and the good of the others that are in the group?

J: To answer the latter part of your question, yes, it is something that you will want to do. There is no "should" about it, but it is something that you have been drawn to, and the group, so that you serve each other in remembering.

The work itself, the book, it is great tome, much information in it. Very big, yes. It was a great work, as a gift that has come to this time period to be again, as we have spoken so often, a catalyst for remembrance, a catalyst to say, is this my truth? Does it resonate with me? And you will pick the parts that do resonate with you. It will be your truth. The tome, the whole book, is true with a lowercase "t". It will reveal the capital "T" Truth as you are reading it and as you feel a connection to it, a resonance as we have said. It is not by accident that you have been drawn to it, and not by accident that you have been drawn to the study group. You have been together many other lifetimes where you have wanted to get your hands on every kind of book, manuscript that you could find. You are one of the ones who has always been questioning, seeking, studying the heavens, to see whatever would be revealed within you, whatever you would read in front of you. Sometimes you would read between the lines, and the truth would be revealed to you. It will be the same; it is the same with this book. Take what resonates with you and allow the rest to be someone else's truth.

Q?: That sounds just like me. My father used to say, "Why do you always ask why?" Thank you.

Trudi: Greetings, Jeshua, Aaron. First of all, I just want to say that my longtime friend and companion, now husband Don, wanted to say hello to you, he wanted to greet you, and I know he would have wanted to greet Aaron too had he known Aaron was going to be here.

I have two things I wanted to ask about. The first one has to do, I finally gave a Sunday lesson at Lakeside Temple; it was last April. My friend, the one who has encouraged me to be there, she was there, and she talked about seeing a light coming into me, a light shining into me as I did this, which made me feel really good. It was a really, really good time. When I told our minister emeritus Jeanine about it, she said, "Oh, that wasn't coming into you, that was coming out of you." Now, she wasn't there, but she seemed to feel like she knew about these things, and that was coming out of me. And that kind of threw it; I didn't know what that meant. So I wanted to ask you what the greater fact was.

J: In truth there is no exclusion. In other words, there was light that you were giving forth, there was light around you, it was coming through you. It is not exclusive. So one has their way of seeing, another has their understanding. They present it to you, and then you take what you feel to be true.

Trudi: I like the thought of it coming down through me.

J: Very good.

Trudi: The other question, like so many others, has to do with my job. I have been there a number of years. I got there rather miraculously, because it was a place where, you know, you have to be on-call and this and that, and I just found myself in a full-time position. It's never been easy. I was told once that I had been placed there as a point of light which, you know, is a nice thought, but it's never been easy. Recently, after it had been easy for awhile, recently, all of a sudden there was pressure on me. It was like the battle days had returned. And the last week that I worked before coming here, the manager was putting extreme pressure on me, and if I didn't shape up right now, she's ready to put me out. And I've kind of wished I could be out, but I'm not really quite ready. And I just wondered what thoughts, if any, you have. What's this manager business about? Is that something personal, or is that...?

J: First of all, it is not important what my thoughts are on it; what is important are your thoughts on it. Again, you have opportunity to be in love with this one. No matter what words are spoken, to be able to look past appearances and to see where this other one is feeling frustration, impatience, hurt, and to love that part of her. Because in doing that, you are loving that part within yourself. If you did not already understand that, you would not resonate with what she is throwing at you. In other words, if you did not have a computer program in your computer, it would be as nothing.

So you will acknowledge the appearance of what is happening, and then you will look beyond that to see where she is coming from and how you are in this relationship with her. And you will bring a sense of peace to the situation.

It seems in human relationships to be difficult. Sometimes the other one seems to be the sandpaper that is rubbing off any rough edges you might have around. And that is all for the good. Because as you become smoother, you allow that light that is coming down through you to flow more easily.

Trudi: OK. Can I ask one more question? I don't need a long explanation. But I have a cat who is a reincarnation of my cat Casey of 40 years ago, only he has come into this incarnation...he's a bit of a fraidy cat. He has long fur, including on his paws, and when he tried to leap as a kitten, he slid and couldn't, while his sister could do everything in the world. He's having difficulties. Can you see anything about him, or anything I can do for him?

J: Again, it is to love this one. But what you see with the four-footed ones is very much as you see with the two-footed ones. They come with certain personality and they come with certain experiences that they want to experience. Two, as you have seen, will approach the same circumstance in different ways, the same as the human ones do. So what you would do with this one is the same as what you would do with the small human one. Encourage, love, speak with this one mind to mind. Hold this one as often as you can, the same as you would do with a small one.

Trudi: That's pretty much what I've been doing.

J: Yes. That is as your intuition has told you. For the four-footed ones are life, the same as you are. They are intelligent, the same as you are. They have their own personalities, the same as humans. They have their own experiences, the same as you do. They meet those experiences in different ways, the same as you do. Just because they are in different form doesn't mean that they are lower or higher than human. Human has often put itself at the top of the pyramid–great arrogance. But as you come into the realization of oneness, you see that all life is equal, even the blade of grass. And of course the four-footed ones with their intelligence, their personalities, they are exhibiting life. So you love, you realize the oneness. And as you are in a space of love, they feel it, of course. They are sentient beings and they feel your love. So just give to this one love as you would do with the small one who might be a bit timid. He will grow through it.

Trudi: Good. Thank you, and to Aaron.

Diane: Aaron, Jeshua. I would invite an answer from either of you. I guess it comes down to how clearly am I seeing myself? As an example, I'm wondering if I'm being clear about humility vs. pride, about sharing things in excitement vs. self-aggrandizement. I just don't want to be fooling myself that maybe I'm further along the path than what I'm actually doing in terms of my self-growth.

J: I pass to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. My dear Diane, I do not see pride or self-aggrandizement within you. I see the fear of those, knowing the potential that in certain conditions they could emerge, and the abhorrence of them. There is a pulling back from expressing the fullness of the self for fear it is pride.

Look at yourself as clearly as you can. Look at everybody in this room. What pride could come forth that could be grander than the truth? You are divine. You are holy. You are perfect. Of course, we acknowledge the human distortions, the places where we do not fully express the innate perfection. But you are not stating that you express the innate perfection, you are stating the potential to express it. And the more you know and trust that potential, the more you can express it. If you draw back and say, "Maybe I don't have that potential," how can you express it?

Trust your divinity. Trust your deep remembrance of who you are and why you came into the incarnation and allow this energy to flow forth, radiate. When doubt comes up, know it as doubt. Don't buy into the stories of doubt: "Am I really that good?" Just say, "Here is the doubting mind; hello, doubting mind." Don't make a monster of it; it's just the human doubting mind. That which is clear and radiant and holy in you knows the doubting mind for what it is. Trust that side of yourself. I pause.

Diane: You also reminded me of unlimitedness, and knowing that we are all unlimited. Thank you very much.

J: How are the bodies doing? We'll take one more question; then we will allow the bodies to stretch a bit.

Mary: Greetings to each of you, and thank you, Jeshua, for all you do for me. I have a rather simple question. I more or less critique religious programs on Sunday mornings, but one minister I do enjoy, and yet he will talk about Satan and the devil and your returning, Jeshua. Are they gleaning this from an area of the Bible? I don't quite understand where they're getting this.

J: Yes. They are getting it from the Bible and from their teachings, where they have gone to study the certain, what do I want to call this, seminary, but the schedule of teaching that is given to ones, and it is handed as to this is the truth. You have to take this and you have to spread this message. So they feel it behooves them to spread the message far and wide, and the message is good. It allows for ones to sit as you do with it and say, is this truth? What is my truth about this? And to question, where do they get their truth? But the main point of it is to see what resonates with you, deep within. What do I remember of the divinity of myself? What is true for me?

Because you will have even in a group such as this, where you have 30-some people, you will have 30-some different perspectives. And you have that with your programs where the ministers will speak; they are speaking from a certain perspective. And it is most rich, what they put out there for you. As to my coming again, I'm already here! I never went! (laughter)

Mary: Thank you very much.

J: Thank you for asking. Now it would be wise to allow the bodies to ingest some water, to release some water, to stretch a bit. So be it for the time.


J: Now, we continue.

(To Barbara hooking up to her microphone with a wire)Yes, beloved one, you need the necklace around. You will be as the beloved pet with the leash! (laughter) It is a puzzle. (more laughter)

Feel you such joy, such expansion that happens when you laugh; you're totally into the moment of that laughter. I watched you during your break and it is most wonderful to watch the love that is shared. You cannot wait to speak with each other. It is wonderful to behold. And I will say this again, and I have said it before, that truly you think you come to hear me and to hear Aaron, but in truth, you come to be with each other. We are only the reason. But the deeper reason is that you want to be together, to be in love, to be in laughter. It is wonderful to watch.

Now, do we have further questions? We are at your service.

Adele: Good evening, beloved Jeshua and Aaron. As you know, I have a lot of fun playing with the what if's for other realities.

J: Of course.

Adele: So I think I've asked this before. I feel I have other, and I'll use the word aspects, because I'm not really sure what else to call it, and I feel it's the Middle East and China. Is that in this reality, this timeline? Or another?

J: It is in this reality, in that you are focusing the conscious mind upon this point of the reality. But in truth, you are multi-focused. There are, as you have said, aspects of you in parallel in this lifetime. And once in a while there is what is called the bleedthrough where you have an experience of yourself somewhere else. And then you come back and you say, "Oh, that couldn't be." But it is like you would meet yourself. So there are times when you have remembrances, or you feel yourself somewhere else, as there must be part of me somewhere else. And yes, it is true.

Adele: So I have this great desire to know what it's like to go to another reality, and I've been playing with that. And I'm going to ask is it's possible, but I know it is. So do we script that? Like, did I say this lifetime I wanted to come down and actually play with consciously going to another reality? Because I know, this reality is the one I said I would come down and be in and live in, but as I've said before, I feel it's...and I have a totally different viewpoint now. I used to say it doesn't appear to be that great, and now I treat it all with love, so it doesn't matter. That's been a big shift for me. So do we script, as you said, the improv, that I can go to another reality?

J: You have scripted the possibility, yes. As you are awakening to the all of you, you have scripted that this lifetime you will play with the questions, and as we have often said, the possibilities, the probabilities, and then the reality that you know, that you can be and are, all. So yes, you scripted that into this lifetime of awakening to the realization of oneness. So play with it; have fun.

Adele: It is, it's so much fun. So a little bit of the Karen question...I'm at this point where what excites me, and I laugh and I say I don't appear to want to be a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker; you know, there's nothing...Go for my passion; well, my passion is in another universe somewhere thinking, "Gosh, what's it like to be out there?" And you know I've come across this healing that I think I would like to do, and I'm really excited about that.

J: You have passions. As you have gone even through this lifetime, you have gone to one thing with passion and then to another thing with passion, and to another thing, and that has not been by mistake. It has been by the drawing to know certain things in totality. And so you are now studying with my beloved brother the Ram. And that is exciting enough, there is passion there. But as you have been the gypsy in spirit, you are saying, "But what more is there?" And that is OK. You are going to have what you have always had, the certain understanding of a reality. But there's always this question of what is beyond this reality. And so you have the passion to go forward. At the same time, it is to have a bit of patience with yourself and with all of the other pieces coming into place. But the passion, it is good.

Adele: One more question, unless Aaron...

J: Would Aaron like to address that?

Aaron: I am Aaron. As I listen to this dialogue, I am struck with the fact that you seem to be creating a problem that doesn't exist, because only on the surface do other realities exist. The deepest work of spirit is to break through the seemingly separate realities and find that which is permanent, which is love. Certainly, visit your other realities, script them. That is, intend to open to them, and then in meditation, bring them forth. But when you come out of that meditation, ask yourself, "How do I connect that to this present moment?" Because you do not visit the other realities for a vacation. You visit them to see what wishes to express itself from there into here, into this moment, and to study how to bring it forth in this moment. I pause.

Adele: I thank Aaron this weekend. For me, your meditation has brought me so much into the understanding of the now moment and the presence. As you said, other realities are only there if I create them and deem them so. And it doesn't matter what reality you're in as long as you're living in that unconditional love. And I thank Aaron very much for that this weekend.

One other question about my cat. My older cat is not well. She's been on antibiotics for quite a while. I don't know if she choosing not to stay?

J: She is preparing you for her leaving. And yet she cannot leave because always she will be within your memory and in your heart. And she will reincarnate and come back. The four-footed ones are much more adept at releasing the body, not clinging to it, and then coming back.

Adele: Thank you.

Rob: I wasn't gonna ask anything because I'm so blessed to be so close to Oakbridge. But I've been prompted. Two things. There first one is, is there a picture of Aaron in publication? And was that Aaron that came into my consciousness the first time during the channeling?

A: I am Aaron. Yes, indeed it was. And I am always here; you have only to look for me, any of you. As for a picture of me, I see myself very clearly! (Laughter) I'd have no difficulty drawing you a picture of me. However, the material doesn't exist with which I could draw it that would have permanence on your plane.

I am light, I am energy, I am love. Lacking the physical body, what would you photograph? You are light, energy, and love. Look beyond the physical appearance, as in the photos you took today. When you took those photographs, the faces were so superficial to you, and the radiance was what was important. I pause.

Rob: Was there any significance to the redness of the being I experienced?

A: I am Aaron. I don't think so, no. Most perceive my energy as white light. If you have experienced me with a red glow, it is because you are seeing with rose-colored glasses! (Laughter)

Rob: I have been told that before. (Laughter)

I thank all of you, and I thank everyone here for attending, and everything that's happened. And I thank the Lord God of my being and the Holy Spirit that I may become a better channel of unconditional love this year. (Kneels and bows head to floor.)

J: What you have just done, beloved one, is to infuse the whole room with your light. As we have spoken, the crown chakra, all of the chakras in truth, but the crown especially is most blessing as one will give the bow, as we spoke earlier. When you put the head, the crown chakra to the floor, it goes out, it radiates, it touches every foot and every being. Great blessing. Thank you.

I would add unto his question about the picture of Aaron. The same is true for one Yeshua. You have pictures of me that ones have had vision and have portrayed in their paintings or in their charcoal sketchings or whatever. These depictions are just that. They are given to you so that you can look upon them in your reality and have resonance with it or not. As you have seen the variations, some you have resonated with, others you have said, "That is not the Jesus that I know." Or, "That is the Jesus, the Jeshua, that I know."

There are ones who are most solemn in their understanding of me and my message, most serious about it. And when they see the depiction of the laughing Jesus, they say, "Oh, that can't be. I'm sure he never laughed. Wept, yes, that is in the holy Scriptures. But laughing? He has to be most serious." I did laugh. I continue to laugh. I did weep. I knew all of human emotions. But as Aaron has said, I see myself, as I have said to you many, many times, as you are the great golden white light, that is how I see myself. Others have understood that I have shown myself to them in certain form. And that is what they have understood as revelation, and they give it forth to the world so that others can look upon the depictions and to say, "Yes, that is what I resonate with," or "No, that is not what I resonate with."

Many of the depictions of me are not as I remember myself in that lifetime. I remember myself as being what you would see quite tall, full-bodied, with the beard that we have spoken of, mustache as well, and a bit swarthy. I was out in the sun, quite rugged. Many of your depictions, especially one that is most prominent, shows me much more feminine. And this is good, because it allows the aspect of the feminine, of love, to be shown forth. But as I have said, what I remember of my appearance in that lifetime is a bit different. But then it would be said, all of you would say that of yourself, except that you look into your looking glass, and even that is distorted. Ones will take photographs of you, and you look at that and you say, "Do I really look like that?" You are a great light; let it be said that way. And beautiful hair, yes. What color? Auburn. Hints of the red-gold.

A: I am Aaron. I just want to confirm what Jeshua just said. He did indeed laugh, and he was quite a teaser, in a playful way, of course, never with any intention to harm. But he would pick the qualities in another, with which another was working, and touching with kindness, he would tease. "Are you still doing that, Aaron?" My name was Nathaniel, of course, but, "Are you still doing that?" The poke in the ribs with a big laugh and a hug. He was full of laughter. He still is.

J: Laughter is a great teacher. You have seen that. The best way to teach is to be it and to live it, and to laugh. I did as Aaron has said, or Nathaniel; I enjoyed a good laugh, I enjoyed a good joke, and the best laughter is the belly laugh. You have been taught in your culture so much that one must be firm of belly. But in truth, the belly is there for your enjoyment. Allow it to be there, and laugh often from the belly. Do not hide it. Allow it to be out there, and laugh, truly when it vibrates...

(To Hal) You have a good belly. Do you allow it to vibrate? (Yes.)(laughter) That is not a putdown; that is actually a compliment. Yes.

Josie: Good evening. Good evening, Aaron. I didn't say Jesus--you know the thing I've got with that name, Jesus–I'm not comfortable with it because of past lifetimes, right? Like, I don't even know if I pronounce it right–Yeshua? (Yes.)

When I left here last year and you sent a newsletter back to my house, and I saw myself on the back, I didn't know it was me. I said, "What in the world is wrong with Oakbridge, that they would put a picture on the back of a newsletter and you can't see the person behind it." I did not know it was me. Since that time, well, the picture had, I was all in the mist or clouds or whatever it is, so you couldn't see me. And since that time I've been photographed everywhere. People are taking my picture–TV, whatever, whatever. And I'm saying that it's not the personality that's being taken. It is...when I left here I must have left here in high energy, and so they're using that image to expand when they see it through who they think is Josie. Is that correct? (That is correct) OK. Now, if all that's true, then why hasn't Josie healed herself yet?

J: Because you still believe in process!

Josie: Oh, not that answer again! I just got it this afternoon! (Laughter)

J: The truth of the answer there is that you are already healed. The aspects of yourself that you would judge to be not healed are just that, aspects of human expression. You are already healed; you are already perfect. It is just a certain teaching that your culture teaches that to have a certain expression of energy within the body is not right. Well heavens, child, whatever you are expressing is divine! So be at peace with it. Work with the symptoms, yes, as they are a nuisance. Beyond that, be at peace with it and give the joyfulness to it.

Josie: So is that why I'm waking up every 2 hours?

J: It is. You are very much filled with the spirit. And you are one of these who is not escaping. Many ones use the nighttime, or even daytime, resting, sleeping, to escape. But you are not doing that. So you awaken; you say, "Ah, I am awake. I see this. I understand myself." And then after awhile you go back to sleep.

Josie: And I'm rested too when I get up in the morning. I also want to ask a question about a trip that's coming up to go to Africa. My husband really wanted to know was that in divine order. That the people that we're going with, that everything is in divine order. (Yes.) For me, am I going to be a teacher?

J: You are always a teacher. And it is in divine order, yes. It has not come by accident to you; the invitation has not come to you by accident; and you have responded to it, not by accident either. It is in divine order, and you will enjoy it, and you will be a teacher because you are everywhere you go.

Josie: And I also have the same type of situation as Diane. When I'm teaching, I tend to hold back because I'm feeling like, "How can you teach others this and that when you're having your own issues?" That seems hypocritical that you're saying this and God is that, and so on and so on. And you're not demonstrating yourself, so how can you tell others? So I've been holding back.

J: Would Aaron have comment?

Aaron: I am Aaron. First, going back one step, Josie. The sleeping question. I see the kundalini energy very much opening in you, and I think this is related to the sleep patterns. So long as you are rested, it's not a problem. If it starts to feel too strong, remember you are always in charge. You have the right and the ability to say, "This needs to slow down." But the opening, of course, is wholesome and positive. It simply needs to come in a way that does not create discomfort, and your intention is not to be discomforted.

There is such a strong intention in the self to offer perfection, and I think there is a bit of self-judgment, as it sees the places where the aspired-to perfection is a little bit off-center this way or that. You become impatient with yourself, when that aspired-to and clearly visualized perfection is not what emerges. It is like somebody creating a beautiful painting, and there's one line that goes a little up instead of the other direction. It's beautiful just the way it is, but the mind says, "I thought it would go that way," and doesn't see the perfection of its going the other way. Then you constrict around that whole pattern, and thus hold back your teaching, hold back your energy, because the aspired-to perfection does not seem to fully manifest on the physical plane. Please try to see the perfection in what does manifest rather than holding tight to some other expectation. I think if you just do that, the teaching will come more free and clear. I pause.

Q: Thank you. Thank you, Yeshua.

Stephen: Hi.

J: That is a very good greeting. It is an affirmation!

Stephen: I've realized over the past couple of days that my remembering is, well I've come here more to meet this group, I feel, than to see not just one but two burning bushes! (Aaron and Jeshua) But I can't resist two burning bushes. I have a partner who owes me a lot of money right now, and I'm wondering what to do to receive what he owes me.

Jeshua: What have you tried?

Stephen: I've tried squeezing him. (Laughter)

Barbara: Aaron asks, as in the hug or the pinch? (Laughter)

Stephen: The pinch. Well, can you clarify? In hugging, may I just send him positive vibrations? He's in another section of the world.

J: You have means of communication with this one, right? It is to state your desire to him again. And to say that you feel that the time now is appropriate that he should at least begin to give you some of the money back. Perhaps not the whole, but to make with integrity some payment, and to set up a plan, of some installments, it is called, that would be reasonable in his mind and yours so that it is a win/win situation. To recognize also that this is a situation that the two of you have been in in other lifetimes, where you have done the dance, where you have done even the swordplay with each other to the deceasement of one's body.

Stehen: Which one? (Laughter) I'm just curious.

J: Well, in truth, you stuck it to him! (Laughter)

Stephen: I hope it wasn't in the back. (Laughter)

J: It was not in the back. But this time around you want to see the situation and to handle it with more equanimity, with more love. With the communication that this is my desire; let us work out a win/win plan. For the communication has to be there, the common union, communication. From there, then, the manifested results come.

I would ask my brother Aaron if he has comment.

Aaron: I am Aaron. In your efforts to be compassionate this time, please remember that to allow somebody to hurt you is never compassionate. You cannot ask with love until you recognize the anger and tension and step outside of it enough to find the place of true spaciousness and love; love for him and love for yourself. Then the asking has a different texture to it. It is simply a statement of a loving truth rather than a statement of fear. I pause.

Stephen: And billions of people are dying to know, which SUV would you really buy? (Laughter)

A: I am Aaron. None of them! I prefer to walk. (Laughter)

J: We will take one more question and then allow a few minutes for you to have in enjoyment with each other, for the management of the building here has asked that we be finished at 10.

Martine: Good evening, Jeshua, and good evening, Aaron. I have more than one question. The main one is that, I think, feeling for many years that I had something to do with people. My interest in life is discovering as much as I can by myself and what ____ ____ ____ can be and is. And it feels like something I want to share with ones who are interested in that. And for some reason I'm never starting. With myself it started a long time ago, but with others it's like, well, when it's just doing it time to time with some people, I can connect with them and it's fine. And when it's like going fully into it, I never find a way to really do it. And I don't know... there is something wondering if there is an arrogance within myself in thinking that I can really help the ones who are seeking. And I wonder if instead of being this, it is just laziness. And I keep thinking that I still have to learn more in order to make myself available. So I keep waiting for a sign that doesn't seem to come, either! So I don't know.

J: Already you are being the giver of love. Ones see that as they are in conversation with you. There is a feeling upon this plane at this time, that in order to be of value, you must draw the large group to you and give it in a big way. But truly what is done most importantly is the one-on-one, with no thought of great purpose beyond just being in companionship with another one. You do that as you sit with another one, as you have the discourse with them. And it does not have to be a big thing. You have already shared much with this group here and with the ones back at your dwelling place, wherever that might be. Just on the one-to-one level.

There is a feeling of judgment that comes because of learning, cultural learning, that you have to be a certain way, that the only ones who have impact are the ones who do the big things. But truly the impact, even with the ones who do the big things, is from heart to heart, and that you do very well. It is not laziness; it is not waiting for sign; you are already doing it. What you wait for is the acknowledgment within yourself. But you are already spreading light and love and do not have to be in judgment of yourself.

You are a great light. The ones who have been in connection with you in these few days, they see the wonderful smile upon the face, the twinkle in eyes, the heart that opens. Even though sometimes you feel that you want to be in the background a bit, you cannot stay in the background; you are too great a light! (Laughter)

Would my brother Aaron have comment?

Aaron: I request a pen. (He makes a "sign" for her, writing "sign" on a bottle cap.)

You are already doing it, as Jeshua has said. But in your mind in some way you are holding yourself back waiting for a sign. (He gives her the "sign".) (Laughter) Now, my dear one, go do it! (Laughter)

Martine: OK! Can I just ask something else? (Yes) This morning during the session with Mary and Nathaniel, I felt extremely close to Mary and also to Nathaniel. I was just curious if...what was the relationship eventually in that time? Because I really felt a closeness that surprised me.

J: In truth, as you have discerned, you were there. It was a lifetime that you shared with Mother Mary, my mother, and with me, and with Nathaniel. You were as a small girl with the exuberance and the innocence that you now portray as well. You played, you sang. You were as the brilliant sunshine. Whenever you would come into the room, ones would feel the presence of light, of sunshine. You came skipping into that lifetime, and you skipped out of it as well. You knew joy. And yes, you were there.

Martine: Now, you know, that's the way I was also in this life when I was a child. And somehow I don't ____ me to get out of here(?), but I'm going back. [Tape volume too low to hear]

J: Yes, very good. (Applause)

Martine: And I have a sign now! (Laughter)

J: Whenever any ones of you need a sign, take the bottlecap, make your own sign. And then look at it. And behold; behold the sign, behold the Christ.

Now beloved ones, as you have seen, each one's question was your own. There were things you were pondering, either in conscious thought or just below. You were thinking these thoughts. You all had the same questions. It comes back as evidence to prove to you the realization of oneness. There is but one of us here; it is the Christ, the Christ expressing as the many; the Christ expressing as the young one in body, the wise one, all ways; the child that has grown taller; all of you remaining the child within. It has been a great pleasure to share our time together with my brother Aaron and with all of you. I say unto you peace, joy, love. And I pass to my brother Aaron for final comment.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Only this. In the eastern traditions there is a beautiful word, namaste. It means, that of the divine within me bows in respect and love to that same divinity in you. That is all I can say to you. You are brother, sister, self, and I love you. Namaste. (Namaste.)

Thank you for the richness of this time together, and for opening your hearts. And to my beloved brother Jeshua, what a joy to laugh with you again. Namaste.

J: Namaste. So be it. (So be it.)