Whistler Advance, Friday, July 23, 2004

Judi: I invite you now just to take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel comfortable in the chair. Taking another deep breath, allow the mind to become quiet. Just feel all of the good energy of the singing, the laughter that we've had to come to a peaceful point within the mind. Don't try to empty out the mind, but just allow it to come to a stillness, embracing all of the joy that we have and are. And taking another deep breath, feel the golden white light of spirit around you and within you. Feel it coming in as a flow through the crown chakra, flowing down through the throat, the shoulders, the fingertips, all the way down to the toes, letting every cell of the body come alive with light. Allow every cell to expand into its natural state, no constriction, just expansion.

And taking another deep breath, allow yourself to feel that expansion, unlimitedness. Feel your light going out, reaching the farthest stars, knowing that truly you are one with their light, for you are their creators. Feel yourself expansive in that light and in the love that is with that light. Know yourself to be unlimited light and love. And in that sacred place of light and love, we will invite the one who wants to speak with us this evening to speak in this way.

Joseph: Beloved friends, peace be unto you. (And also with you.) Thank you. I am the one that you have known as Joseph, Earthly father to Jeshua ben Joseph; that is where he gets the ben Joseph. I am Joseph.

Beloved Aaron, beloved Barbara who allows Aaron to speak through her, a joy once again to behold you. Yes, I would share with all of you the gesture that you have been learning to do–remembering, more, to do–is one of sacredness as you bring the hands together. There are in the palms of the hands chakras, great powerful chakras that you have remembered in other lifetimes, where you would allow the light to shine from palms. There would be ones who in time of battle would stand with the palms this way [facing outward] to allow the light of the hands to shine forth on what they felt their side of battle to be. It would be their job to hold hands up while all of the battle would be happening. Sometimes there were assistants who would hold up the arms, because after awhile they might get tired. So there were ones who would allow the arms to be held up so that the light could shine upon favored army. Now in truth, that was one use of it.

But in truth, you have the light, powerful light, in chakras of the palms. And when you bring the hands together, it intensifies that energy. Can you feel energy as you bring your hands together? There is a heat. As you will do to ones the gesture of thankfulness at the heart, you are intensifying the love of the heart chakra. As you will bring it to the third eye, you intensify the third eye chakra and the energy of the third eye. So you see as you do various positions, there is an intensification, amplification of the energy of the chakras, for you will bring the chakras of the two palms of the hands, you bring it to the heart chakra, which is powerful, and you intensify it. And you will see how it points; where does it point? Right through the crown chakra. And the same when you bring it to the third eye, what does it do; it comes again to the crown chakra. And the blessing of light is sent out to all. That is also why you have even in your culture now the bowing, because when you bow to someone you allow light of the crown chakra to be given as blessing. OK, that explains that good part.

It is my joy to be with you once again. You have heard me often say that it is a grand time when I am let out! To come and speak with you, to be in the reunion of spirit and to see with the radiance, with the eyes to see your radiance, and the smile upon the face, look at the lovelight of the eyes, the twinkle. That is spirit showing forth, and all of you do this. From time to time you allow the twinkle in the eye that shows the spirit and the heart opening out to allow the spirit forth. It is beautiful. Ah, there again, the smile. Very good. It is a joy.

I am famous for finding wood. [Picks up wooden chime.] I have found wood. I will not ring the bell. It is an energy chime. It has been made by a certain person who has signed this. It is very beautiful. We have spoken often that when you take a piece of wood in your hand, it is alive. Even though you would see it taken from the tree, cut down, it is not dead; it is alive with vibrational energy. If you sit with a piece of wood, no matter what shape, you can feel the energy of it, life energy in whatever form. This is why I enjoyed the carving of the wood, for I would sit with a piece of wood, much the same as Barbara does in this day and time with a sculpture, and I would ask of the material–wood, in my case–"What do you want to be? What design do you want to have portrayed to come forth?"

Again, with this piece of wood, it asked to be in a form that could be shared with many of you. Many of these were made, it is telling me, to be shared in the world, to go out into the world in various forms, to bring joy to the heart.

You have carvings upon your doors, most wonderful carvings. Some repeat a pattern; others will ask to be in certain other form unique. One of the joys of my life, and there were many joys, was to bring forth the carving of the temple doors at the Essene community of Mt Carmel. As you can imagine the great piece of wood, for the doors were huge, they were not just the size that you have here, but they were quite huge; to take wood, and it was done in what you would see the panel form because there was not a tree that we wanted to cut down that was this big. But it was done in panel form. And then I asked of it, "How do you want to be shaped?" And I would sit with it with the carving tool, the chisel I suppose you would call it in this day and time, and very gently take off pieces of the wood until there was a certain sculpture of it, of form coming forth. And as I sat with it day by day, there was revelation that came to me of oneness; oneness through the wood, the life of the wood. It was for me an avenue to revelation of oneness.

All of you have your various avenues, pathways, where you find inspiration: through the breath, through the painting, through the dance, where you become one with it. There is an inspiration that comes forth, and you feel the living essence of divinity as it speaks to you. This is what I experienced, for in the carving of the various pieces, especially the temple doors, this was a work that went over what you would see a year or two of time. It was not something that was prefabricated. And so I had time to sit with the wood, to be with the wood in its living essence, and to know that truly I was not different than the wood itself. There was a space of union, communion, you can call it, common union, as my son has spoken to you often, that communion is common union recognizing the common union of one.

So every time I have a chance to be with you in this way, I always seek out the wood. You have seen me do this before, and I will do this again. For it was in great joy that I would play with the, what you call, the bar stool. Yes.

And I have spoken to you often of how when you put the rear on the wood and you sit quietly for a moment or so, you can feel the vibration of the wood. You can feel your oneness of the living vibration of the wood and the living vibration of your form. Even what you are sitting on, which is not wood, has vibration yet, that if you tune into it, you can feel. For every form has vibration. Every form, because you have created it, has life, vibrational quality of life; different vibrational quality, yes.

And then, of course, one will turn it up to see the maker's name. And it says it is made in Japan. Wonderful artisan, Japan! I have said that to you before, but it is very true that when you will place the hand or the body on a piece of wood, if you will be still enough, you can feel the life essence of any piece of wood, the same as when I will approach one who is beloved to me, and I will place my hand upon this one. There is living vibration, oneness. Most wonderful.

Now, you have been speaking upon a theme these days that you are together. There has been a theme, the Realization of Oneness. We have just approached it from a different way, the realization of oneness with the wood, with every living form.

My son, last evening, was speaking with you about being in the space of beholder, a step towards the realization of oneness. Being that as a requirement, you were willing to step back from whatever was going on, just a step, to be the beholder, to not personalize it; not to have to own it or have attachment to the results, but to be able to step back just a pace or so, figuratively, and sometimes if you want, literally, if someone is too much in one's face. There is love there and I would not step back from it.

But as example, if you were with someone and too much they were in your face, if you were in their face, if you will step back from it and be the beholder, to watch not the personality but the energy pattern of yourself and of the other one, and how there is the interplay of energy pattern. To be the beholder. Non-attachment, but just neutral.

We have spoken other times, my son has spoken with you, about the improv. It is one of his favorite themes. And how when you are in a certain confrontation, perhaps with someone very serious about it and you know that you are right and they know that they are right, and you do what you have just done, the smile, and it changes the energy. In that improv, that moment, you have transformed the energy. And as has been said many times, then the other one wants to know what page of the script you are playing from. They have to go to the script to find out, what page are we on? Because it has been assumed that you would be playing from the same script, and all of a sudden with your smile, you have jumped pages ahead. Improv.

I would suggest to you that for the realization of oneness, the first step is to be willing to be the beholder, just to take that step back into a place of neutrality, into the place of detachment where you do not have any attachment to result, or to how it works out, or how you think your persona has to be or the other person has to be. And then I would suggest to you that you take it one step further and you go into the place of interdimensionality, the place where you are not focusing upon a dimension or a density or any level, but you go into that place that is truly your eternal space, inter–between–dimensions, and you allow yourself, from that holy space, to view what is going on.

Again, you will see the interplay of energies. Again, you will be aware that there is drama going on, that there is scripting, sometimes repeated generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime. And you will be aware of the threads of lifetimes, how you have played your part, your thread, how others have interwoven their threads of lifetimes with you. For as my son has shared with you and I have spoken to you, this is not the first time that you have met each other. It is not the first time that you have been with me or with my son, one Jeshua. You have interwoven the threads of many lifetimes with each other. That is why you feel a resonance with each other. It is also why you don't feel a resonance, because you remember past lifetimes where there was a conflict or a constriction, and when you meet one, sometimes those old remembrances come up first, to be looked at from a new perspective in this lifetime, and healed.

Then if you are in a space of love, you can allow the healing to come forth. And then you see the person as they are now, not as they were in a previous lifetime; not the script they were working on in that lifetime and that you were working on, but you see them now as a new being. And there is opportunity then for the space of love, for you have wiped the slate clean. And you have said, "OK, we've completed with the other scripting. I knew you in another lifetime," you will say to one, maybe not with words, but you will say it, "and you were a son of a b.! And so was I. And there was much conflict between us." I'm using this only as example [speaking to participant]. Ah, relief! Only as example here. And when you meet up in another lifetime, there are remembrances, subtle, subtle feeling, that, "Ah, keep a distance." But then as you allow space, and you say, "OK, I will wipe that slate clean. I will allow," well you have a word in your lifetime here, your culture, "I will let bygones be gone." OK? So you wipe the slate clean, and you see this one with new eyes. And you say to this one, perhaps not in these words, but with heart and mind, "Tell me who you are now." And you fall in love with this new person. Of course.

You have opportunity to heal many, many lifetimes where there may have been conflict that you had with ones that you have come now to resolve, because you have new perspective. You have opportunity because of what you have been building upon in other lifetimes, to come to this lifetime with knowing, of questioning, of seeking, of searching. You read your books, you attend your gatherings, you listen to your teachers. And they give you insights–sight inside of yourself. And you are able in this lifetime to wipe the slate clean and to heal whatever you've been carrying, as my son said, in the knapsack on your back that has been such a heavy burden. And you allow it to be cleaned out, dissolved, gone. And you can see with new eyes the person who stands in front of you.

Now, as you allow yourself the certain steps we have just spoken of, of being the beholder, standing back a pace or two from what is going on, and then taking the next great leap, as you would understand the shift to be, into that place of interdimensionality, which is your true self, not focused upon any dimension; now in this reality, you are very much focused on this reality, with the collective consciousness, with the scripting that you have agreed that you will play. You're all on the same stage; you're all with various nuances of the same scripting with the collective consciousness.

But the interdimensional Self is your true being, is your eternal being, that is forever ongoing, forever creating, forever, as you understand realities to be, creating new scripts that you can play out over and over to see what they feel like until finally you are complete with a certain scripting and you move on from the Pleiades to Earth or from Earth to the Pleiades.

For as my son has explained to you, we will go over this as review: time, the concept. Now time itself is a concept. In Truth–capital "T"–there is not time except as you believe in it and you make it a concept. But as a concept, time itself is a sphere, and within that sphere of time, imagine just a big sphere, ball, of time, as concept. There are various points of reality, various lifetime points. And you live, express, in various points as you would understand various lifetimes to be within this sphere. And what connects the points of different lifetimes or different experiences is the straight line, so that time seems to be linear, but in truth, it is all within a sphere.

And there are many realities that do not have time; they do not accept the concept of time. They are more unlimited as you would understand concept of unlimitedness. But there is no judgment. "No time" is not of more value than the reality of time. It is what you have chosen to experience. The same thing with living in the experience of being in the Pleiades, being on Earth, being in the intergalactic brotherhood, again all within the sphere of what you are creating.

So you say, well, within this sphere of what I am creating, I used to live in the Pleiades but now I have traveled to Earth. And I am saying to you, you can go back, if you want to, to the Pleiades. Or you can feel that you're already in the Pleiades, because you are. And it seems like there is a linear progression; in other words, you would say, "Well, I have come from Sirius. I have come from the Pleiades. I have come from another galaxy." But in truth, the oneness of you is already, even in this slice of time as you understand the concept of time, the oneness of you is already experiencing the Pleiades, the galactic brotherhood, the constellation of Sirius, any constellation. That is how vast the one mind, which you are, is.

And yet what I explained to you is a concept, because you are more than the concept. But it gives you a jumping off point, to go to that place that is in between dimensions, in between any density that you see on this earth or any density that you would imagine. Imagination is a most wonderful tool. It allows you to expand into what you bring up as possibilities, even probabilities, and then if you wish, into reality–lower case "r".

So as I speak of moving into that place of the interdimensional self, it gives you new perspective. It allows you to have new perspective, to watch what is happening not only in the drama of right here and now, this point of focus, but any other drama that you want to tune into, and yet not be personalized to the place of attachment. It gives you something to think about. How do you go to this place of interdimensionality? It is as my son has said to you, you go with the deep breath, making space with that deep breath, to know much more of the expanded self; leaving behind the attachment, the focus on specific self, and going to the greater self, and then from that point to the interdimensional, non-focused self.

Now, in great joy, I would invite my brother Aaron to speak.

Aaron: I am Aaron. My blessings and love to you all. Joseph, you used the word "brother" Aaron, and of course we are brothers. And yet with a smile on my face I cannot but help but think of you as Father Joseph. For that was how I first knew you, not as the physical father, but as a beloved father of the community.

A wonderful memory that has come back to me as you were talking. I was a small boy. Jeshua was not yet born. I wanted to make a bowl. My own father sent me to you, said, "Joseph will teach you." You gave me a small block of wood and a tool. First, I attacked the wood. I had a bowl in my mind that could not possibly fit into that block of wood. I wanted to stretch the block. You watched me hammer at it a bit. And then you stopped me and told me just what you have put forth tonight: do not tell the bowl what to be; ask the bowl what it wants to be, and then help it to become that.

I don't know if I ever thanked you for that advice. But it was something that stayed with me through that life, long after your own transition. For as a shepherd attempting to help offer these teachings of higher consciousness to fellow shepherds, it was so clear that I could not tell them, but must invite them and help them to become what they already were, not some idea that I had of what they should be. And of course, this is still true for my teaching now. So I thank you, father/brother Joseph.

It is a great joy to feel your energy again, my friend.

As a boy I was sent away for training, came back, moved back and forth from the life of a shepherd to the life in the Essene community. At times that boy that I was felt that he could not fit in either place. I knew that my own father had done just what he asked me to do, to be malleable enough to live in two worlds, to let go of a personal identity of being this or that and simply to be. When we release that self-identity, we come to know what we truly are, and we dance with everything. But when we hold on to a fixed identity, we're stiff, and we crack.

Last week I spoke to a group sitting in Barbara's cabin in the woods with large skylights overhead. It was a very stormy, windy night. The trees were bending and swaying. It was very interesting how you could see the depth of their movement highlighted by the edges of the skylight. Large trees, they would literally pass out of sight and then back again.

If you hold on to a specific posture such as an opinion or a view, and the world pushes at you, there's no flexibility. When we release some of the self-identity and separation, we come to feel our interconnection with everything. The tree dances with the wind not because the wind forces the tree, but because the wind and tree literally inter-are. They share the same core of being. The wind is the tree; the tree is the wind. And so they dance together.

This was the carpentry Jeshua did. He danced with tools and wood, and there was exquisite carpentry. He taught as much or more through such work as with his words, because he could take a piece of wood and through living illustration of oneness with it by inviting forth its form, he modeled that oneness.

Nothing is separate. We think of separate things, and that things come into being and then die. Then we think that we can lose something, but nothing ceases to exist, nothing. These giant mountains out your window, in some distant day there may be a prairie here, the mountains literally ground away by the erosion of wind and rain. If it could happen in an instant (clap) you would say, "Where did the mountains go? What is this soil under my feet?" It's the mountain, of course. It has just changed its teaching place.

The one who was difficult in a past life, who comes back into your experience now, and is kind, loving, and generous, he has changed his teaching place! The wind and rain of lifetimes have softened his sharp edges. Can you embrace both his past face and this present one? Do not hold anything as separate from you, nothing.

Today you saw the deep blue sky with bits of clouds in it. This piece of paper right here is the cloud. I'm holding a cloud. (Crumples paper.) Here, catch a cloud! (Throws paper). You want me to explain myself. First there is the sea. Let us not use the term "first"; there is no "first," as this is circular; we will simply pick any starting place. The sea. Water evaporates and becomes cloud. It falls on the mountains, settles as rain or snow. It waters the trees. It also provides the drinking water for the logger and the man who runs the sawmill. The tree grows. The tree is cut down and some of the pulp is used for paper. Can you see the cloud now in the paper?

Joseph is sitting in a forest right here. Paper, chairs, wooden doors and flooring, water jar, all here as faces of the forest . Nothing is separate. Views are the same, seeming opposites but not separate, each arising out of various conditions. When I speak a view based on my fear, and you speak a view based on your fear, there is just one fear; similarly when we speak from love.

When you have an argument with another and you believe you are right and she believes she is right, it is important to see the place where these views come together, no matter how different they seem. Both views come from a place that at some level seeks truth.

The truth is filtered by one's own experience, and just as her truth is filtered by her experience, your truth is filtered by your experience. If I give you a red piece of cellophane, ask you to hold it up and I say, "What color is the sky?" you will say "Lavender color". If I give another of you a yellow piece and ask, "Do you see lavender?" you will tell me, "No, I see green." It's the same sky but different filters. One place you come together is that you each use filters, because few humans see with completely pure awareness. When you understand your neighbor sees through his or her own filters, and you see through your own filters, suddenly you can hear one another. You can say, "No, it's purple." She can say, "No it's green." And then you can say, "Well, I see purple. So I must be looking through a different filter than you. Tell me about your filter and I'll describe mine." Then you can begin to get around the differences and find the commonalities.

As that boy, after years spent training in an Essene community, I resolved to return to the pastures. I returned to be a shepherd as my father had been and to continue the work with him. I had been away, intermittently, for many years. When I came back, I saw through a very distorted filter. I laugh now, looking back at my discouragement and thinking, "Where is all my training, that I have so little patience with these people who have so much violence in them?"

My father of that lifetime, and also Joseph and others, were such loving guides to me then, a young man not yet 20 trying to make sense of his life. I remember something else Joseph taught me at that time. He said if you look at them through the eyes of the conditioned young man returning from afar with expectations, you see the distortion of their fear and seeming limitations. But if you look at them through the eyes of love, you see also their beauty. This is the beginning of the stepping back of which Joseph spoke, to be the beholder, without attachments.

There is another step after the stepping back. You must step up close again. Seeing their beauty, you must also understand the distortion and as with working with a piece of gnarled wood, you must co-create within the seeming limitations of the distortion to help bring forth the perfection.

Here is how this works in your daily life. You are faced with conflict with a person. You step back and look through the eyes of love. You come to know your own conditioning, which brings forth certain perceptions, opinions, and so forth. You see that also through the eyes of love. You understand that this person has similar conditioning, perhaps is short-tempered because of sadness or body pain. You see the essence of kindness and radiant light hidden in that person, just as you must know it in the self. You see the beauty as you step back, and feel compassion, but you also must step up close, and when the person is mean and hard-tempered, you must speak to them. You must let them know, "You hurt me when you speak like that." That is also a necessary part of compassion.

This is like gently carving out the wood and removing the weak places in the wood. Ask the wood block what form it wishes to express. When you ask that of the short-tempered person, at the deepest level they would not say, "I wish to express my hatred," but, "I wish I could express my love, but the fear is too great." They cannot answer you thusly unless you genuinely see through the eyes of love and see that innate radiance and goodness. It is up to you what you bring forth in your brother or sister, just as it is up to them what they send forth. But if you do not see their beauty, it doesn't invite them to express their beauty. Your own contracted energy mirrors contraction and invites its return.

There were several years in which I stumbled quite a bit as that young man. Repeatedly, Joseph and others would tell me, "Step back and see through the eyes of love. And then step forward and invite the other to express that love instead of negativity." There were many very, might I call them complex, trainings and initiations, but none of them really went deeper than this. They were simply trainings that built on this foundation. Know your oneness with everything. Know your own divinity so you see it in everything, and then invite it forth. And if it doesn't come forth, try again. It's there.

I would return the microphone here to Joseph, with thanks to my beloved brother.

Joseph: And my thanks to you, beloved friend, and son. For you were as a son to me. I called you brother in the generic sense, for in truth we are brothers, as all of you are brother, sister to me, from the same father, mother, one Creator. So I can address all of you as brother/sister, as you understand gender. And even gender is most wonderful concept that you bring into the physicality.

But you have now the most wonderful miracle that is happening, where ones have the physical make-up of a gender where they do not feel they fit with the physical make-up of that gender. And they do not have to approach someone else who is of different gender in order to have the friendship, the companionship, the love. And they may seek out one of same gender, same physical form. And what matters is the love that is felt. What matters is what is in the heart, not the physical form.

For you have had throughout many lifetimes different forms. You have been male. You have been female. You have been non-gender more times than gender, truthfully. For this, as you live the lifetimes within this collective consciousness that says there will be different form, gender is but one scripting amidst a most wonderful variety of form and even non-form. There are realities where you express where you do not have the solidity of form as you understand this density of form to be, and there is not gender. But there is the fluidity of spirit, yes, of being, yes, and a resonance that you would understand in this reality to be love; a resonance that brings together, as the prism of a rainbow, certain vibrations closer to other vibrations. So in other realities you do not have to bother with gender.

But what is happening now, and this is a bit off of the track but it is still of the realization of oneness, you are having ones who are stepping forward, coming out, a very good term, coming out to show what is important, to show that it is the love that is important, not the form, for form changes. But you have ones of same gender coming together, and there is true love that they feel. And they have the courage to say to others who have certain cultural bent, "Look, I love. I am very much one with my partner, I am very much one with my mate. I want to be recognized in this relationship as having the equal, you call, rights, lefts, in betweens. I want to have equality of recognition. I want you to recognize my love." And these ones who do this service in this day and time are most courageous, for they know they are stepping outside the boundaries of what has been acceptable, and so they are pushing out the boundaries. And they are bringing right in front of the face their love, their example, so that ones who have been very much in a certain cultural limitation have to at least have opportunity to see things differently and to begin to realize oneness of love: that space of oneness, that space of love.

This would be a good time to pause, to have a break.


Joseph: Beloved friends, peace be unto you. (And also with you.) Thank you. You learn very fast!

When we were speaking earlier of the holy gesture of honor, and we were speaking of the intensity of the chakras of the palm, and also of the heart and of the third eye and the crown chakra, there is also another form of this that you know very well that has been shown to you by another great master [Ramtha]. It does the same thing. It will take the power of the heart. [Left hand to heart, palm upward, fingers pointing out] It is receiving, yes. [Right hand joined at wrist of left hand; right hand extending upward and sending energy out] It is also sending. And when you hold it in a certain position, it brings in energy and it also sends out the energy.

These are holy, I will not call them rituals, but holy gestures; remembering the divinity of the whole spirit that you are, and all of the energy that you are. It has been forgotten. You have come from a place of more expansion of the light, as has been spoken of, that when we first as masters, which we are, you as well, came to create this holy planet, we knew ourselves to be light. And we danced upon the firmament as light. Then there was a thought to bring forth more form. But there was still the remembrance of energy that was bringing forth form. And there was remembrance of the power of all of the vortices, the chakras, of energy. That is where the sacred–again, not ritual, but sacred–movement came from. And it is done in this day and time as a remembrance to tease the mind into a place of remembrance; that you will start to begin, as your healers are doing, to remember the power of energy and the laying on of hands, to open up the various points where there are the vortices of energy, spiritual energy.

Now in truth, around the whole body is the energy of spirit that activates the body, and there are certain areas that have been in the collective consciousness termed the chakras, or the vortices of energy. There is also in what you call the wrist area a very strong vortex of energy which leads to the palm. When you knew lifetimes of the slavery or in the jail, the dungeon, you had the heavy chains upon the wrist, and it was not so much to restrain you, but it was to restrain the energy that was flowing from the heart chakra down to the palms of the hands. Again, that has been forgotten. But there is much of energy that flows out the fingertips from the palms. All oneness. All connected in energy, spiritual divine energy.

And my beloved adopted son, Aaron, has spoken very wisely to you that as you will be the beholder and step back, and as you will step back even farther from that space into the understanding and realization of the interdimensional self, there is new perspective. But by agreement you do not stay there; you are as what is termed the bridge people who are able to go into that sacred space of the eternal self and then to come back to this collective reality, not to run into the interdimensional self and to stay there and to say, "I don't want to have anything to do with the world and that reality." But you have agreed that you will be the bridges who will remember the eternal self from which you have fashioned this reality.

So you come with a perspective from the eternal self to this reality, to bring to the brothers and sisters the remembrance of the divinity. I speak to you of the various energy points as a catalyst so that you begin to remember, "Yes, I do remember how it feels to raise the palms of the hands to send forth the energy." One of the things you do in this day and time is the applause. What do you do with the applause but you intensify the energy of the palm chakras. Where does it go? It goes out, of course, as you do that. Or as you have been doing with the fingers [holding up the hands and wiggling the fingers instead of clapping for Barbara]; again you are sending out the energy from the fingertips; very blessed and ancient way to send out energy; very much in motion.

You bless everyone as you remember that you are this, and more. You bless everyone as you walk your path, dealing in the day to day activities in conjunction with the energies of other ones and who they think themselves to be, in a personality with a certain person that they think they have to put forth in the scripting. But at the same time, as the bridge people that you are, that you have agreed you will be, you bring the new perspective, which is truly an old perspective, of the eternal self, the oneness of the one Mind, All That Is, into all that you do with other ones so that they can begin to remember. You give them hugs; you give them the hug which is the blessing of heart to heart. That is why you do the hugs. It is not just to be polite, but it is to share the heart chakra, the love, with another one. So you embrace. You embrace another one and you allow the love energy of the heart to be shared heart to heart. Some of you who are taller, you reach down and you still hug, or you find that you can climb on a chair and you can be heart to heart, or tall ones will sometimes kneel down; I've seen you do that. And you do that in order to be heart to heart, chakra to chakra, in oneness. It is not always consciously remembered, but it is done out of a remembrance in what you would call ancient times, and yet it is now.

So my beloved adopted son has shared with you that you do not stay in the space of the interdimensional self; you go there for the nourishment which you then bring back to put into action in this reality, so that you also dissolve any attachments you have had that have been limiting. And by your example, you allow others to feel their own spaciousness, their own opening. For as you will show another one that there is forgiveness, and by that I do not mean that there has been something wrong and that you have to forgive them–I forgive you because you have done something wrong, but I, out of my great magnanimity, I forgive what you have done–it is not that at all. Forgiveness is giving love for, in place of what has been previously, to give love for. So when you will be in that space of giving love, you allow others the improv, you allow others the opportunity to say perhaps there is another way to look at this. And then there is opportunity for the knowing of oneness, for the healing of the constriction that has been carried perhaps for many lifetimes.

You have come with certain memories of other lifetimes, human lifetimes, where there has been certain density. And you have remembered on the one hand the truth of your being where there is not density. On the other hand, you have agreed that you will play within the accepted, agreed-upon paradigm of collective consciousness, and you somehow will do the greatest of miracles and you will bring them together where there is the knowing of oneness, where everything that has been as dense, heavy layering, which you have done all lifetimes, is allowed to dissolve. It is a miracle that happens in that instant.

And you are the very ones who are stepping up to the plate and saying you are willing to do this. And I and all of the other ones that you would collectively term ascended masters are greatly applauding what you, in your divinity as ascended masters, have agreed to do; to come once again into a reality that yet believes in the possibility of darkness, of density, of old wounds, baggage, and to allow the light of your divinity to heal all of the old beliefs to the place where there is the realization of the divinity of the one Christ–call it Christ, call it the Buddha, call it whatever label fits–but to remember from whence you have come: from the one creative principle, the one Mind; to bring your power, your power of love, love of self, the compassion that you have for yourself as you walk the human path, and the power of love that you offer to others in the forgiveness, giving love for, the power that transforms that which has been held so tightly and judged so greatly to be wrong, sinful, negative. The power of love opens and expands. Feel you that as you took the breath, as there was even the gesture of expansion? You could feel the change in the energy from this to this. As the hands are spread open you feel expansion of self, the divine Self, even.

I would speak with my beloved adopted son, for in truth I did adopt him, not with what you see the legal papers to be, but in companionship, in oneness of friendship. Do you remember the reverence felt within the temple? Do you remember the reverence that was felt in the field, the meadow? Yes. And by the flowing stream. For oftentimes our teachers, ones who were as elders in the Essene communities, would suggest whenever we felt constriction that we go out into what you now call nature, to go to the field, the meadow, the stream, to expand. There was reverence in the temple because there was beauty in the temple, and there was remembrance of sacredness in the rituals of the temple, and ones could feel the sacredness in the temple.

But we were taught that the sacredness was not contained within an edifice, but the sacredness was within ourselves, so that the worship–I will call it the remembrance of divinity–could be and was found anywhere we were. It was the simplest of method to sit with the palms outstretched to receive inspiration, to receive the gift of all of nature, the gentle rain. We would often sit in the gentle rain, and it was very purifying, cleansing. We would sit in the warmth of the sunshine, even to the point you have felt in this day where it was quite warm and there would be the moisture upon the brow. And we would feel the essence of the sun and remember when we had been the sun worshippers who believed that our life was very much connected to the sun, to the warmth of the sun. We remember our oneness in the creative principle of bringing forth the sun and all of the stars that were in the heavens in the night. Oftentimes we would sleep out under the stars. One of the aspects that Aaron enjoyed so much as a shepherd was being in the out-of-doors, being under the sun, the gentle rain, and the stars at night. There was a feeling of expansion, of connection to oneness, in what you now call nature, as you do find in this day and time when you walk your mountains, your trails. Why is there urge within you to do the hiking, as it is called, to be in oneness with the soil, to be in oneness with the earth? That is why some of you enjoy so much the gardening; you get right into the soil with your hands. Again, it is to remember oneness with the soil, with the growing plant, with all of creation to bring forth.

My beloved adopted son returned to what he knew in early life, bringing with him all of the trainings, the initiations, all of the revelations he had gained in his travels. He returned to his beginnings knowing that in truth he had done what you call the full circle; it being somewhat like you have a toy, it is called the slinky, where it is a circle, yes, but you don't come back to the same bottom point. It is a circle, but it is always going upward in expansion, in realization, in remembrance. So he returned to what he knew from the beginning, and not only the beginning of that lifetime, but the Beginning, which was before time, and before beginning as you understand beginnings to be, to know the oneness with the lights in the heavens, daytime and nighttime, and to feel the caress of gentle wind and the blessing of the wind and the sun and the rain; to watch the living forms of the sheep, the lambs as they would be birthed; love incarnate in a small one; as you have seen infants of human being birthed as small ones, and to watch the lambs as they would be with the mothers, and they would learn to stand on their own feet, as they would learn to run with the mothers, to be nurtured by the mothers, and to see the bond of love with the mothers and with the rest of the flock of sheep, the grouping.

There was a knowing within the flock of sheep of oneness. You see this even now with what is called your flock of birds, where there is one mind that says we will go in certain direction, and they fly as one. And they may land somewhere, and all of a sudden there is an agreement of one mind and they take off in a great cloud, and off they go again as one mind. Aaron saw this with the flock of sheep. There were times when there was individual–the mother, the lamb–doing what needed to be done. Other times there was as the flock with one mind that would move, with a gentle persuasion of the shepherd, as one. And it was, again, a most wonderful outpicturing of the one Mind, the realization of oneness.

I pause now for Aaron.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Yes, it is just as Joseph has said, that I came back to where I started, and yet not quite where I started, because we can never come back to where we started. We're like a blossom: always where it started and yet always opening, blooming, and changing.

Within the cities, fear was so predominant, and the voices of fear as greed, hatred, and prejudice. The Essene community kept itself somewhat separate from cities. There were few there who were ready to know their truth. My own father, who had not been born to a shepherd's life, felt that those who lived in that pastoral setting could be more open to this raising of consciousness because they were surrounded by the natural world, by beauty, by birth of the lambs. His work, which he passed on to me, was to aid in the preparation of the world, or at least that part of the world, for Jeshua's coming through the raising of consciousness. It could not all be done within the formal Essene community, so there was the seeking of fertile soil, of people who did not receive training by going away for formal training, but people who were ready to enter into that higher consciousness in their everyday life. I tell you this because some of you were shepherds in that lifetime. You were among those who broke the ground, opened the vibration of love in that part of the world, and made it more available and stable to hold the Earth for his coming. And as my father did, I also did; as did my son, who Barbara was, who followed me. I regret that Barbara, as my son Mark, was but a young child at the time of Joseph's passing, and did not know him in the same way. I rejoice she has this opportunity to meet him more directly.

Joseph spoke of you as being the bridge between the ultimate and the relative. Think you of a bridge. It cannot lightly touch either end or it could slip off. Its footings must go deep at either end. The bridge must have deep grounding in that core of being, and it must also touch deeply into the relative plane. Thus, it must not be afraid of the pain, confusion, agitation, and so forth, that are often experienced on the relative plane or else it will not go deep enough. But it must not draw itself into the relative plane and lift its footings from the ultimate. It must embrace both.

I want to share with you a brief teaching from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. I love that these teachings of non-duality are so widespread throughout the world, popping up in different traditions. A very central teaching is that of the three Kayas. Kaya means body. There is the truth body, Dharmakaya, the deepest truth of being. There is the form body, nirmanakaya, which is the relative expression of the truth body. And there is the wealth body, sambhogakaya. Wealth here is the richness of both as they come together.

Think of a building. It must have a strong foundation and it must have upper floors. The foundation by itself is just a foundation, not livable. The upper floors will fall apart and shatter to the earth unless there is a strong foundation. The totality of this is what you become: the bridge, and yet not quite a bridge. No duality, as in a bridge connecting two disparate elements, but the totality. Feet planted deep in the ultimate truth of being. Arms up to the sky, reveling in the relative world with its sunshine and rain.

You wonder sometimes how you can find that ground, for you feel swept away by the experiences of the relative plane. Many years ago Barbara was swimming in a fast moving river. There were high rocks from which to jump into a deep pool at the foot of rapids, and then whoosh, off she went. A hundred yards downstream the river widened and the current was slowed, but for that first 100 yards, one was tumbled head over heels, spinning. Barbara has no sense of balance. The first time she jumped in and began to spin, she said, "Aaron, I can't get up! The current is too fast." The water was only waist deep. I said to her, "Put your feet down! The ground is always there. Put your feet down." As she put her feet down and made contact with the ground, she still had to be aware of the river, fast current pushing her along. She was in the river and her feet were on the ground.

This is the skill you master. As Joseph said, you have come into this plane to teach and to learn. In teaching, the work is to model this way of being, feet on the ground of your divine truth, and embracing all of relative reality as flowing expression of that truth. This is what you have come to teach, and to teach you must learn how to put your feet down. Whenever you get knocked off your feet, and you will, you can always find that ground again. How? Coming back to the breath, that's one way. Simply remembering, "Put my feet down," that's another way. You might find a token of some sort, such as the blue sky or a flower or a leaf, something to remind you of your ultimate truth. You might simply put your hands together and invite yourself into that deep inner space, the inner temple, mindfully moving the hands, creating the temple. Breathe into it. Hold the breath there. Bring it to the heart. You are the temple. You are the holiness.

I greatly enjoyed our exercise yesterday. I'd like to try another one with you. Here I'm going to ask you with the least possible confusion to form your chairs into two circles, outer and inner, with an inner circle of chairs facing outward, and outer circle of chairs facing inward. There need not be equal numbers in each circle. We will pause while you do this.

(rearranging, further instructions)

Aaron: I am Aaron. Each circle works independently, at least to start. Hold your left hand palm up and your right hand palm down, joining the hands. Right hand sending out the energy, left hand receiving the energy. It doesn't have a starting or ending point. As you can perceive, the energy in the outer circle is going in one direction and the energy in the inner circle is going in the other direction, since you're facing different directions. Simply begin to receive the energy into your left hand. Breathe in, drawing it in, and with the exhale, send it out through the right hand. Breathing in, receive energy again, send it out. You don't have to coordinate your breath with your neighbors, just receiving and sending, aware of the joy of giving and receiving. Take an extra breath and feel it in the heart. Feel it moving up and down in the body, and then send it out. Receiving, and then giving, releasing. And again.

(pause as we do this)

Move deeply into the continuity of energy circling the room. In the outer circle it seems to go what you call counterclockwise. In the inner circle it seems to go clockwise. Receive the energy and breathe it deeply into the heart chakra. Let it flood with light. Enrich it in this way, in your own heart, and then send it out. Giving and receiving are non-dual. You cannot receive without giving. You cannot give without receiving. Let it spin faster. As you breathe in, feel the energy coming in also through the crown chakra and send that out through the right hand. Energy from two sources there: in the left hand, coming through the whole circle, and from the crown.

Feel it coming in also through your feet, if your feet are on the ground. Breathing in, drawing energy in through the left hand, the feet, and through the crown. As you exhale, releasing it. You may be able to perceive the energy of the other circle rushing in the other direction, like two trains passing each other.

(pause for a couple of minutes while we do this)

Can you feel the energy getting stronger? Draw in as much of it as you can hold. And as you send it out to the neighbor on your right, send it out also into the world, to wherever there is suffering, wherever there is fear.

(Pause to do this)

Breathing in light, draw it into the heart center. Feel yourself filled with it. And then breathing it out to the neighbor on your right and out into the whole world. Breathing in light and love. Feeling it circle, coming from you and coming back to you. Drawing it in through the hands, the feet, the crown chakra, and into the heart. As you exhale, sending it out, not holding it for the self but releasing it back into the world.

(Pause to do this)

Some of your hands are becoming quite warm with the energy within you. Take a deep breath and smile, relax. No effort as this energy goes through. Let us call it effortless energy. Relax and enjoy it. Letting go of the small self, become the energy. For indeed you are the energy. There is nothing here but divinity, oneness, love; coming into you and releasing from you back into the world.

(Pause to do this)

We have a limited time, we cannot sit here all night or you will be exhausted tomorrow, nourishing as this energy is. So we will release the hands, fold them together into that temple. Inviting the energy back into the self and then open the hands, as Joseph showed you, releasing it also back into the world. When you are ready, you may open your eyes. Some of you are wondering why we made two circles in this way. My experience is that with one big circle and all the energy spinning in one direction, sometimes people get dizzy. Two circles faced in this way are balanced.

I thank you for joining me in this game, as I title such a joyous sharing of essence. I do like to play games. I would pass you now to Joseph and let him decide if he wishes you to move your chairs back so he may speak again, or simply to say good night. I pause.

Joseph: Beloved friends, it is not necessary to move your chairs. We are out of time, which is a wonderful place to be! We will continue at a later time. Peace be unto you. So be it.