Whistler Advance, Thursday, July 22, 2004

Judith: Someone asked if I would share my story. You heard Aaron's story how Aaron came to Barbara. How Jeshua came to me was an entirely different process. Like with Barbara and Aaron, it wasn't something I expected. It was very different than what I thought it would be. I've said that he's very sneaky, because it was a gradual process of what happened.

In the mid-1980s in the church that Tom had, we were publishing a newspaper with a lot of channeled material because it was really exciting to us, all this channeled material. And we were publishing that in the church newspaper and sending it out all over the country. And Audrey Morgan, who is the wife of Jim Morgan, sent us a manuscript that had been dictated through him in automatic writing in the 1970's as the "Jesus and Mastership" book, that white book. Anyway, she heard of our interest in channeling so she sent us this manuscript that had come through Jim in the 1970's. This was in the 1980's, later part. And when we saw the manuscript we realized it needed to be in print and shared with people.

Now, we'd never done any publishing, and in our innocence we thought, "Well, how hard can it be to publish something?" So Tom took the manuscript and typed it into the computer so that we could then have a printout of it that would be sent to the actual printer to be printed up in book form. And it was my job to sit with it on the computer and proofread it. We didn't have Ted at that point. So, as I sat with it and I read it, I felt a closeness with Jesus that I hadn't felt before.

Now, I had been raised in a Community church and then a Northern Baptist church, then a Methodist church, then Presbyterian, so I had exposure to a few different churches. And then, of course, Unity with Tom. And I'd always felt that Jesus was somewhere "up there". From the time I was little, I felt like if I were good enough, he probably would look down on me and bless me somehow. But he was always "up there" somewhere.

In reading the "Jesus and Mastership" book, he became more personal to me. At the same time, because all these things seemed to dovetail and come together, John Mark Hammer had started channeling Jeshua in Tacoma, WA. We went to his first meeting he had when he was channeling Jeshua. At that meeting one of the other ladies made tapes of it, and Tom had the guidance to transcribe it so that the next time we got together, people could have the written form of it and read the transcript. So again it was my honor and privilege to proofread it. And again I felt him talking to me. And the relationship got to be closer.

So again as I felt this closeness happening, a lot of other things were happening at the same time. We established Oakbridge University as an outreach from the Unity church because Unity itself was having a hard time with channeling, and we were very much excited about all the information that was coming through channeled sources. So in 1989 we established Oakbridge University. In 1990, we left the Unity church and went with Oakbridge University and established Oakbridge University Chapel, which met on Sunday mornings.

And so in the beginning, Tom asked me if I would do the announcements about the classes we were having, because before Oakbridge University, with Eva we had established Northwest College of Spiritual Studies. We had been giving a lot of classes in metaphysics and spiritual growth. We were still giving courses and classes. So when Tom asked me to do the announcements, I said sure. I would do that on Sunday morning. And I would throw in at the end of the announcements, which always seemed a little bit dry, a thought for the day.

And then one Sunday morning I was in the shower and the words came to me, "Go and be amongst the people and share from your heart." I thought two things there: where is this voice coming from? and, "go and be amongst the people"? Now, I have mind chatter, but I don't talk about being amongst the people! So I kind of wondered, what does this mean and where did these words come from?

But I followed up on it and I would do the announcements and then I would walk down to the first row of chairs, and I would share whatever I had read that week that seemed to be spiritually affirming. When I was doing this, I noticed a flow of energy that was happening. Now, I have taught at the college level, I have done workshops, and I knew the feeling of knowing the material in my head or no notes in front of me. But this was different. I could feel a flow of energy that was happening, but I didn't know what it was. And at a certain point the energy would leave. And so I knew that was time to wrap it up and sit down.

This went on for like a year and a half. At Easter time in 1993 Jeshua got very active, and he announced on a Sunday morning, before all these people, the congregation, who he was, and that he wanted to tell the Easter story in his own words. And that I thought that he had been speaking through me for awhile and that I thought I was doing it. So I heard these words coming out of MY mouth. And I'm wondering, what is going on. And yet the presence was so loving, I knew that at any moment I could just close my mouth and sit down, but the presence was so loving that it was one of those choiceless choices where I knew that it was OK. And not only that, but I knew it was supposed to be.

When it started out, it was relatively brief messages in front of the congregation. Over the years, of course, now as you've seen, the messages get longer and more intense, etc, more information coming through. But in the beginning they were relatively brief. I wasn't really comfortable with this because I didn't want to be putting forth something that wasn't true. It felt like I was doing it, and yet it didn't feel like I was doing it. So I did a lot of questioning. One Saturday evening before the Sunday morning, I was again questioning and again not wanting to put forth again, mislead and say something not true. So I was asking him, if you really are who you are, prove it to me because I don't want to get up in front of a group of people and be speaking stuff that's not true, or saying it's from someone that it isn't.

So I heard in my head again the direction, go to The Course in Miracles, the text, and a certain page number. Now I had had The Course in Miracles from the 1970s. I have one of the very first editions of The Course In Miracles. I had tried 3 times to go through the workbook of The Course in Miracles. Three times I had gotten half way through and that was as far as I could go with it. I had never read the text. So he said to me, go to, in my edition, page 362 and read what it says at the top. So I thought, "Well, what have I got to lose, OK." So I went and got it off my bookshelf, got the text, turned to page 362 and at the top it says, "You obviously do not believe that which you are teaching." Well he got that right. "The Son of God is One."

So he has said this to me over and over, that he will not show me separation; that what I am tuning in to when he speaks through me is the oneness of the one Mind. So of course that kind of set me in place. I thought, Well OK, we'll see what develops from this.

And this is what has developed. So in the beginning it was, "You want to use my body to do what? You want me to go where and do what?" And yet it's been a journey of trust. As I say, he was very gentle, and yet very sneaky about the way he led me through all of this process that I look back on now and see the "evidence" of what we as one were doing. And he has told me that this is something we have done in other lifetimes, and that I agreed that I would do it in this lifetime again. I asked him to show me the fine print. Where does it say that in the contract!

So it's been a wonderful, so far, journey and I know it will continue. And one of the beautiful things is being able to share with Barbara and Aaron the one Mind, and as you have seen, the way that you can approach the one Mind just by allowing.

Tom: Also the Essene community, your position.

Judith: Well, I wasn't going to say that, but OK. He also told me that in the Essene community where he grew up, I was his teacher. And that we had a very close relationship in that lifetime. And also, as many of you know, Joseph also speaks through me, and also Mother Mary. And that comes from when I knew them in that lifetime.

So it has been very easy in some ways, and yet difficult in other ways. There was one evening that Jeshua was talking about the circumstances of his birth and the Christmas story. He got to a certain point talking about Joseph and why Joseph was chosen to be his Earthly father. And there was a pause. And this wasn't something, again, that I knew was going to happen, but there was a pause, and all of a sudden Joseph came through and told why he was chosen for that role. I didn't know that was going to happen, but it was obviously something that was meant to come together at a certain time.

So Jeshua and Joseph shared their perspectives on the Christmas story. The next autumn, I'm in the shower, and I do most of my meditation in the shower. And I hear Mother Mary saying, "I want to tell my story." So at Christmas time that year, Mother Mary told her story.

So since then we've had a relationship that then can be brought into this point of focus to be shared. And as you will see, probably tomorrow night, and those of you who have been here other times, Joseph is just so delighted, as he says, to get out! Because he often talks about how he is an also-mention in the Bible. He's just an also-mention. So he loves to be out and be able to share his perspective, his experiences, and he's just a delight. So tomorrow evening he'll probably be here. Well, I mean, he's here anyway.

So that's my story. It wasn't quite the same, and yet the result comes out the same. OK, I think that completes that part.

I take off the shoes because Jeshua has requested it. A long time ago, he said it is very important to be in touch with Mother Earth and to feel the vibration of Mother Earth, and to be in the bare feet with Mother Earth; even if you are in a building that has a floor, you can still feel the vibration of Mother Earth, yes, through the bare feet. Now he's had a small challenge with me because I wear stockings and I'm not willing to take them off in front of people. Too bad! So we've made a compromise, I take the shoes off and he's OK with that.

One winter I had boots on and I forgot to take them off. And they were boots that were furry, like up to here, and zipped up the front. And I forgot to take them off before he came through. And he looked down and he said, "What are these!" The wonderful thing about it was, he's obviously had some experience, probably from his travels in Tibet or whatever; he knew what boots were and he knew how to get them off. So he took them off. He has such, as you know, such a sense of humor. It's great--as Aaron has a sense of humor.

I invite you now just to take that deep breath and to feel comfortable on the chair.

Taking that deep breath, feel yourself relaxing, the body relaxing on the chair. And then taking another easy breath, allow the mind to become quiet. Feel all of the energy of the laughter swirling around and coming to a point of peace within the mind.

And taking another easy breath, draw in the golden white light through the crown chakra, and allow it to flow throughout the body, down through the throat chakra, the heart, down to the fingertips, down to the toes, allowing all of the lights of the body to be turned on; to expand in that light; to nurture, to nourish, and to heal that which may have been constricted. Feel yourself to be expanded light, for truly you are.

And then taking another easy breath, feel that golden white light of the divine essence of you expanding outward as far as you can imagine it, going beyond this room, this location, this planet, to other galaxies as well. For there is only One, and you allow your light to be connected in a great radiance. Feel that expansiveness.

And in that expansiveness of great light and love, we will invite the one known as Jeshua, Yeshua, Jesus, to be with us in this way.

Jeshua: Beloved, and holy, and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means; deeply within the consciousness and contemplate.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing, as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

I greet you always with the same greeting, for repetition sometimes is necessary, as you find with your advertising. They say that you have to see a certain advertising over and over before you buy the product. Therefore, I say over and over the truth of your being. It is in great joy always that I come to abide with you. You have felt the great joy of reunion, one with another, and when you leave this gathering, you will take that joy with you. It will be as the flame within the heart, that some of you already have recognized, that keeps you in touch with the Heart Family that my beloved friend and teacher Judith has spoken of, and it keeps you warm in the heart until the next time you come together.

It is great what you do. It is great that you come one more time with great courage to bring your life to this reality–lower case "r"–to anchor your light upon this plane that yet believes in the possibility of darkness. It has taken courage to take the body form and to agree to the temporary forgetfulness of the whole of your divinity, and to say that "I will be as example, teacher in my own way, to others. I will light my path, I will light others' path by my joy, by my questions, by my smile." Absolutely, by the radiance that is in each person's face as you are turned on by the joy, the love, and the heart. Then you allow others to know that truly there is a resonance, and they can come alive in their own joy. They can come alive in their own realization that there can be something of great hope.

For there are many of the brothers and sisters who walk this reality and do not even hope that there can be something better. When you come in contact with them, and they see you as human, they see you have a body, they see that you come through challenges, your family members come through challenges, and they know that you have a story that is similar to what they have been through, and they see that you are not only coping but you are actually joyful, there is a joy that keeps you going, it gives them an opening. It is as you open a door or a window for them so that they can see some light. And gradually as they begin to see a glimmer of light, because you have brought it and you are in joy even though you have challenges of humanhood, then they begin to feel that perhaps if he has come through challenges that the body presents, the mind presents, if she can come through certain things, perhaps I can also. And you give everyone hope.

I have said to you–there is a saying in your scriptures–that if I be lifted up, I will draw all men/women unto me. And by this I meant, if I be lifted up, and this applies to all of you as well, if I be lifted up in consciousness to the place of joy, of knowing the Christ of myself, the divinity of myself, I will draw all others up into that space as they are willing to receive it. So it was not just I; it is you as well. For as you are lifted up in consciousness, as you allow the joy of being to be expressed through you, you lift up others, for there is in truth only one of us. No separation.

I have said this to you over and over. Again, it is like advertising. We will say it enough times that finally you will know it. There is no separation. Bodies, yes, speak to you of separation. The bodies on the chairs...you say, well this is my space and this is your space. But in truth, the light of spirit that activates you, if you could see this, and you can, what is called the aura, does not stop with the body. It very much is expansive, and it goes into this space, as this one's aura comes into this same space, and the space behind and in front. You are all one in the light of spirit.

So when you say, "This is all there is to me"–no. You are great expansive light beings who have had the courage to bring specific focus of individuated energy, to say I am an individual, and to take incarnation and to live the human life with all of its challenges and to be a light unto others.

Now, the realization of oneness requires that you have the willingness to release–most wonderful thing that you do–to release specific focus of individuality. Now I do not mean that you have to release the body. But the realization of oneness requires the willingness to step into the place of beholder to see what is going on, the dramas that you are involved in, the dramas that others are involved in, and then to step back, to take a step back and behold that as the most wonderful play of energies; not personalized, but be impersonal about it; to be the beholder, to watch it; to give up what you feel to be the specific focus of identity. It requires that you step back and behold the interplay of all of the energies going on.

In some cultural languages, it is called detachment. It means that you see what is going on, but you do not give energy to it as you would own it for yourself. You can step back from it, you can see what is happening, and yet you are not attached to the outcome, the results of what is happening. And in that space of nonattachment or detachment, you have opportunity to have holy vision. In other words, you have a view of the wholeness of what is going on. That is truly the meaning of holy: the "wholly"; to see the whole picture, not just what you see with the blinders on of the specific identity, but to be able to open up those blinders and to see all; to be in the place of the beholder where you stand back from it. And I have said to you many times, you are able to sit in the front row and to watch the most beautiful play going on and how all of the actors interact with each other, play their scripts, play them really well. You have seen the drama queens. They really get into it, and they love their dramas. And if you say to them, "But it's only a drama." "It's not a drama; it's MY drama." And they want it. So OK.

You have the opportunity to sit in first row seats and behold the play that is going on. That is what I am speaking to you about when I speak of being the beholder. Allow yourself to be in the first row of seats and to watch the play that is going on. It is most fascinating. You get to a place where you appreciate what each one is doing because of how they play their roles. You play a certain role, you play a certain role, you play another role; some of you in the interactions will be most demonstrative. And then there is the smile that happens, and everything changes: the improv. You have been with ones who are toe to toe with you. And oh, I have my opinion. I am toe to toe with you. You have your opinion. Yes, it is right. You are right, I am right. And then the improv happens. What do you do? You smile. And this one who was holding such energy of rightness has to go flipping through the pages of the script. What page is he on? He's not on the same page. It has to be the improv to see, to catch up, because you have changed the energy.

This you can do as you are willing; you can do the improv any time with ones. You will step back into the place of beholder with the detachment that says, "I don't have to be attached to the results. It doesn't matter if he or she agrees with me." And you do the smile, and the other one, then, is left holding the energy and has choice then to either stay in that place or to release it. And most often if you are not feeding the energy of the conflict, the energy just dissipates, because you have changed it. You have changed your own energy, and in doing that you have allowed the other one to make change. You allow the releasement of personal identification. You step back into the place of beholder.

Later on in this evening we will do an exercise that will allow you a feeling of how it feels to be beholder. But now, I pause and I invite my brother Aaron to speak with you.

Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. There are advantages to being without body. You don't have to worry what direction you face! We'll move the chair a bit so the voice broadcasts outward.

I find it such a delight to share these talks with Jeshua, because we're thinking in the same patterns, able to build upon each other's thoughts.

You are unlimited, radiant, and all-powerful. Why then do you create the myth of limit? The younger soul aspires toward that power, but once there is personal power and growing maturity, you reach a point of seeing how you can do damage through the ego's misuse of power. As you are aware that negative thought still arises, anger, greed, that fear still arises, so you don't trust yourselves to hold that unlimitedness and power for fear you will misuse it in some way.

Many years ago, before this instrument was conscious of me, she worked as a sculptor and used a welding torch to work with bronze and steel–several thousand degrees of heat. Sometimes she used a cutting tip. You squeeze the handle and a burst of still higher heat comes out that slices through thick metal.

When she held the welding torch, she felt the power of it. And she was also afraid, because she saw how easy it would be to start a fire. She had to play with the experience of burning herself over and over before she finally said one day, "I've had it. Either I stop welding and find some other material with which to work, or I stop burning myself. Why do I need to burn myself? To keep the fear story going. What if I don't burn myself? Then I can weld giant pieces of bronze together without fear. Then I can express my unlimitedness. Oh! What if I do that? Oh my!" Then she had to laugh because she could see through it, see through that fear and know simply, "I don't have to do it this way any more. I don't have to live my life with fear." You each have that choice.

Have you seen the movie, Ground Hog Day? I love this movie. He keeps trying to move through an event again and again and again. He wakes up each morning, and it's the same morning, the same day to run through again, just trying to get it right. This is all you're doing, lifetime after lifetime. But the movie is a bit off the mark in one place. You are not trying to "get it right" in the sense of some absolute right. Rather, you are trying to break through this whole myth of the personal separate self and find that place of deeper interconnection where everything is right. If there is no self or other, how can we harm another? If the ego doesn't buy into the personal story of self – my power, my kindness, my anger – but simply understands it has the angry energy arisen from conditions, fear in the conscious self, also arisen from conditions, and then goes deeper, cuts through all of that surface to the place of infinite and unconditional love, it will relax. From that place of inner being, you cannot do harm.

The stories of anger, fear, greed, and so forth will still come, at least for a while. As Jeshua said, there can be, I use the term "equanimity", about it. That means there's a certain wisdom that sees, "This has arisen," and attends to it appropriately but without contraction.

If you have a garden, weeds will grow. When you see a weed in your garden, you don't hate the weed. You just get out a trowel and remove it; no problem. If there's open soil, a weed will probably grow in it. If you have a two year old, a bit tired and whiney, he may come into the kitchen and shout, "I want a cookie!" You're cooking supper. "Now! I want a cookie!" You don't hate the child. You understand that his whining and neediness has arisen out of conditions. You don't think, "This is a bad child, a whiney, dreadful child." Simply, in this moment, this child is having this difficult experience, and you attend to it. You hug the child; maybe you offer a carrot; ask if he would like you to help you stir the soup.

When you learn to attend to the difficult arisings in the mind and body in this way with kind attention, that dispassion, equanimity, or however we would name it, arises naturally because this is the essence of your being.

I want to explain a bit of terminology here. I spoke last night about the conditioned and unconditioned realm. All of your body consciousness is conditioned. That means it arises out of conditions, and when the conditions cease, it passes away. Everyday mind consciousness is the same, conditioned. Sometimes another language can provide a clue that English lacks. In the Tibetan language, there is a word "sem" which means the everyday mind, the mundane mind. There is a second word, "rigpa," which means the pure awareness mind.

The everyday mind arises out of conditions. Thoughts arise, judgment, plans, and opinions. This is part of the conditioned flow of the human. Beyond that everyday mind is the pure awareness mind. I prefer to use the term "consciousness" for the everyday, mundane experience, mind consciousness or body consciousness, and "awareness" for the supramundane.

Please don't think of these as linked in a linear way. Consciousness and awareness exist simultaneously. Think of a stream pouring out of an infinite underground spring, for indeed the source is infinite. It's underground, you can't see it, and then it bubbles up, pours down the hillside and becomes a stream. There is no linear relationship, but a simultaneous one. If you want water and are a mile downstream where the water has been churned a bit by cattle coming to drink and looks a bit murky, you don't think, "This water is impure. I want the pure water." Of course, you cannot drink that water or you'll get a belly ache. But if you have a water filter and screen out the sediment, right there is the pure spring. Even with the sediment, right there is the pure water. It exists in that underground cavern or source and in the outpouring. We don't deny the existence of the pure water, and we don't deny the existence of the sediment. They come together here.

Divine essence is like the pure spring. What comes out and flows into the world becomes conditioned and may be distorted in various ways. By distortion, I don't mean something bad. Picture a strong light directed at a clear body of water, a still pond surface. As the light hits the greater density of the water, it seems to bend. This is a distortion. A distortion simply means a bend in the energy. Here in this heavier earth vibration, the energy has a bend to it. Because it bends, it's difficult to see around the corner back into that EverPerfect essence, that divine core of being, but it's always there.

The trick I have found is to stop trying to get rid of those energy bends, to stop believing that you have to get rid of fear, impatience, jealousy, whatever, before you can come to that divine center. But instead to know that the divine center is there, right there with these somewhat heavy density expressions. Don't look elsewhere for love; right there in the anger is love.

Jeshua taught me this deeply. Although it was something that I knew, I did not fully trust my knowing. There was a time when I came to seek him out, just after my beloved wife had died in childbirth. I was heartbroken. I was angry. And on the way to see him, I pushed on in the dark through a territory where it was not safe to walk in the dark, fell off a cliff and broke my leg. My son Mark, who was with me, helped to splint the leg and halfway carried me until people came along with a burro and offered to let me ride. So I came to where Jeshua was. He had the power to heal. I had seen him use it. I wanted him to (clap) magically heal that broken leg. He saw much deeper. He knew me well enough to see the agony I was in from my wife's death, how I blamed myself although I was really blameless, how I really felt I should have been able to do something to save her, for I also had much training and many skills..

Each day he came and sat and talked to me. I was angry at him. Why don't you heal the leg? He would put his hands on it and say, "It will be better in time." He knew that what I needed was to find the infinite source of love within myself, right there with my anger and pain, not to go elsewhere, to some place of artificial peace contrived out of denial, to find it. If he had healed me, healed the leg, my heart would not have cracked open as it needed to, allowing grief and love to mingle, allowing the profound letting go of how I thought things ought to be, into the present moment of how things were.

So in those weeks while my leg healed, he helped me find space for the anger so that the love underneath could shine through. I became my true self again and released the idea of the one who was broken.

This was a beautiful experience offered with the support of Jeshua. But each of you has that support within yourselves, since the Christ is there within you. The human Jeshua does not need to walk beside you because He is in you, He is you and you are Him. And the light of His pure awareness is always available to you. The deepest knowing of who you are is always available. Look for it especially when you are troubled, angry, or fearful. Stop and ask, "Right now in this moment, where is love? In this very difficult moment, where is God?" And you will find it because where else could it be but right there? You only have to be willing to look.

I would like to pass this back at this point, my dear brother Jeshua.

Jeshua: "Where is God?" How often have you said that in moments of despair? "Where is God? God! Where are you? Why don't you come and heal me? Why don't you come and make everything right for me? I sorrow. I grieve. I hurt." And you cry out to God and you cry out to me to have some greater power fix things for you. And yet, in the midst of you is God, the love that heals. And yet, as you are in the midst of whatever is going on, your nose very much pressed against the window pane, and your nose very much pressed against what is going on so that all you can see is very close to you, you do not have the wholly vision, the vision of the w-h-o-l-e.

Where is God? It is in the place of love, the place of the beholder. And you find God, you find your divinity, as you will step back a moment or so. At first it is a moment or so. Later it becomes a way of living. And you step back from the drama that is right in front of the face. You take the deep breath, the simplicity of the deep breath.

What happens when you take the deep breath? There is an opportunity for peace. There is an opportunity to step back into the place of beholder, into the place of pure love, the place of God. It is as easy and as simple as taking the deep breath. We have spoken often that the first thing you do as individualized energy of incarnation is to take the breath. The infant as it is birthed, the first thing that it does is to breathe. The last thing you do as you are releasing the body is to breathe your last breath.

Any time you want to move beyond the attachment to what is going on, allow yourself the deep breath. Come again into that place of peace that you know so well, come again to that place where there is the spring of pure water, where there is not distortion, not all of the drama that is going on around you. Yes, you do not deny that there is drama, but you step back from it to observe and to feel the peace that is in the place of beholder, to feel the peace that comes so easily with the deep breath.

Simple, yes? Not always easy to remember, because you get caught up in what is going on and what you feel your personal responsibility is; in other words, your personal response to what is going on. You have been taught by your culture that you must be ready with a response to anything. If you do not respond readily, then you are overlooked. The other person will pass on to someone else their attention. And you have found that if you do not have someone's attention, you may be left behind, or the body may not have what it needs and it will cease. So you have learned from many lifetimes that it is important that you be included in the attention and that you have responses to give very quickly.

Oftentimes when another one is speaking to you, you are already formulating what you are going to say as answer. You do not even wait until they have finished before you are rehearsing what you are going to say to them. And yet, the greatest of teachers, and you are teachers, knows the power of silence, the power that allows another one to come into that place of the beholder, that place of peace, that place where the truth of their being is revealed unto them. The greatest of teachers often will sit with a student and not give a quick and easy answer, but will allow the student to sit at their feet perhaps for a day or two or longer until there is revelation that comes forth from within the student; not from teacher giving forth wisdom to the student, but allowing this wisdom from within to then come up, to be revealed.

You have been taught by your culture and by many lifetimes that you must be ready to fix whatever you would judge to be amiss. And yet in truth, all is in its divine order leading to the awakening and realization of oneness. Everything you have ever chosen has brought you to this place, this place where you stand upon the threshold of knowing your Christhood, of knowing the truth of your being. You have what you understand to be with you ascended masters, Aaron & I, and yet I speak unto you that you are already ascended, otherwise you would not relate to the concept of ascension. You know the Christ of your being, and yet you have set aside temporarily that remembrance to serve as the Christ, to serve in a way that the brothers and sisters can relate to you, and to bring your light.

The "light" is with us; and your love to the place where others can see it. That was what you call the in-house joke. The "light," Gerry, as you know him, there has been a saying over the last few years that his light was so bright that the mate could not sleep at night. The mate was having a problem sleeping; we finally realized what the problem was: the light was too bright. It has been what you call the in-house joke.

All of you are great lights. All have chosen one more time to bring that light. All of you wrestle with challenges of human life, as I did in my lifetime, and as Aaron did in that lifetime, to wrestle with the challenge of how and what it means to have the human experience.

I came as a small one. I grew in wisdom and in stature, as you have it spoken in your scriptures. I knew the emotions of human expression, as did Aaron; as you do. I and Aaron are not different from you. You are the Christ incarnate in this moment. And what you are doing in the gathering here is to realize, to make real in your experience, the oneness of the Christ and to behold the Christ of each one of you and to behold the radiance that we spoke of earlier: the aura, the energy that activates the body, and how it is one in this whole room. One.

As you look upon another one, there is radiance that extends quite a distance. The same for you; let me see your smile. Wonderful radiance! Look what it does. Have you seen, there is a certain facial quality that, as you are being serious about something, there's a certain facial quality. And when you have seen the loved one and the smile comes, what a radiance! Know you that the energy then expands even further. It is most wonderful to behold

Beloved brother, would you grant me a moment? [He strokes the beard.] Beautiful. I have requested of my beloved friend and teacher, the one known as Judith, that she grow for me the beard. For in that day and time as Yeshua, I had a most wonderful beard. Hmmm. So you see, it was a most wonderful boon that you granted me. I admire the beard and the wisdom of the heart that comes with it.

Now all of you have the wisdom of the heart, whether you have the facial hair or not. But it is most wonderful to behold. Aha, aha [another beard]. Would you grant me the same boon? Ah, most wonderful...Beard and mustache. Most wonderful. Most wonderful. (You're welcome.) Let's see, any more? Aha! I have been most fortunate in this evening–two! Sometimes that does not happen. You have a bit. Are you going to let it grow? (I might). Let us feel, oh yes, the beginning, most wonderful. I encourage. But I digress.

The laughter that you have just shared, have you felt the energy that has arisen with the laughter? The smile, the laughter, the laughter that comes from the belly; most wonderful. It allows an expansion where you touch that place of divinity, that place that is not constricted by human challenges, but that place that expands in oneness. Now in that space of oneness and laughter, it would be a good time to take a break, refresh the bodies...and in 10 minutes of your time, we will meet again. So be it.


Jeshua: Now, we continue. Again, the radiance of the laughter. Much joy, much expansion of the vibrations during your so-called break. I don't know exactly what you break, but through the break there was much of the energy vibration of divinity. Yes. Most wonderful.

As you have been sharing with each other, finding out more and more about the deeper part of each one, you have been opening up to others and sharing parts of yourself that usually you keep to yourself. But because there is a oneness of spirit, you know that there is a safe space to open and share with others, and this will continue over the next several days, where you will feel that it is OK that I let down the persona that I hold it in front of me and I say, "This is who I am." You will let that dissolve and let ones see who you truly are, who you think you may be; that is one layer, and then you will come to the place of allowing that layer to dissolve, where only the Christ is seen. And it will be a most wonderful realization, feeling of old wounds, old self-image that you have carried many lifetimes.

And there will be the transparency that my brother Aaron spoke of earlier, where there is a knowing of what the other one is thinking and feeling. So nothing will be hidden. Truly it is not hidden now, but with your persona, you think you can hide, and you think, "Well, she won't know, he won't know, what I'm really thinking, what I'm thinking about myself. I have this persona that says I'm really a happy person. I'm really very wise and very deep." But inside, the self-image says, "I'm not really that deep, and I'm not really that happy. But I have this persona." And as you let that go, because other ones see through it anyway, they behold and mirror back to you your most wonderful qualities, even as human. And it is OK to be human.

Then as there is the understanding that it is OK to be human, then there is an understanding that it is OK to be divine. Most wonderful mirror, when that happens.

In this space of miracles, we have spoken that it is a most wonderful miracle that you do, that you can focus so specifically upon an individuated energy and say this is me, and you can focus on a certain reality to the exclusion of the capital "R" Reality of yourself. It is a miracle that truly you do in each moment to forget, temporarily, the Allness of you. It is a miracle that you do.

What you are wanting to do is to understand the miracle of the expansion of awareness, as Aaron has spoken, of awareness being the understanding, the knowing, the realization of the divinity of you, coming to that place where there is the expansion and acceptance of the totality of the Christ of you. That is why this gathering has the topic, The Realization of Oneness. And yet you are already there. It is not something you have to strive to find. Already you are One, and as you are in the interchange with each other, allowing some of the persona to be dropped, and as you are allowing the deeper feelings of yourself to be shared with other ones, you are seeing how similar you are.

Last evening when there was the opportunity to have the partners, where you would share with each other, most wonderful miracles, how you teamed up with someone that you had something in common with. And you did not know ahead of time on the conscious level that this was going to happen, but there was as a magnet that drew you together. And you found yourself expressing what you would not have thought possible when you walked through the door of this room in the beginning of the evening. You opened and you were accepted, and not only that, but the other person then felt the welcoming so that there was much back and forth of energy that happened; the beginning of truly what has been a process already happening, but the beginning of the understanding of oneness.

So with the miracle of specificity that you have brought, you are now allowing again the expansion to know how you are all joined in the similarities and the challenges of humanhood, coming again to that place of recognizing the Christ of each one.

I pause now and allow my brother Aaron to speak.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I am Aaron. I'm reminded as Jeshua speaks...(adjusting microphone)

This is an amazing device! I have great fun playing with your modern electronics.

As Jeshua spoke, I was reminded of a workshop exercise we once did called an octopus race. Perhaps sometime tomorrow we could play with this out on the lawn. In two groups, with the idea of an octopus of eight people, but of course it can be three or four or six people, or a dozen. Back to back the participants link arms, and then they all make the attempt to move from point A to point B. Teams can race each other, but that's not really necessary. The fun is simply in the doing. As long as there are six or eight or a dozen separate selves, this vehicle cannot move. But when you all stop, breathe, and connect without anybody shouting, "Step, step, step," it becomes one living being. You just feel each other's energy and suddenly you find you can move fluidly. The movement looks like a skater skating on ice, seamless. It's quite amazing to realize that that capacity for knowing your innate interconnection is there. It's a lot of fun to practice it. We'll see if there is a way to actually do it tomorrow.

There is another exercise, a guided meditation, that I enjoy. Very simple. Open your eyes and gaze outward. Breathe. Release the breath out. Where does it stop? Does it stop just six inches from your face? Of course not. Follow it out, and out, and out. Now breathe in. You're drawing the whole universe into you. Use your arms with it; breathe in. And then Ahhh! Breathe out. Release it, surrendering the whole self out into the universe. Ahhh! And then again, breathe in. Ahhh! Open the eyes so you can see where the breath is going and coming from. Ahhh! Great release. Let the boundaries fall away. Bring the whole universe into the self, and then Ahhh!

This works wonderfully at the base or the top of a mountain. Barbara was doing it yesterday, looking out over a vast horizon of peaks from the top of Whistler. Ahhhhh! It's very hard to hold onto an idea of self, limited, boundaries, when you breathe out that way. What is it you breathe into you? Ahhhhh! Then breathe it in.

Pause while we do this.

Perhaps we could do a very simple exercise here for a few minutes. Turn to the person next to you. Look into that person's eyes. Name the selves as Person A and Person B. A's inhale while B's exhale. As you release, release it all to your partner. And then it reverses. Your partner exhales; you inhale. Keep the eye contact.


Keep the eye contact. Move deeply into one another's eyes. If it's too difficult, it's okay to close the eyes. But you'll find it even deeper with the eye contact. Gradually let the breathing become less deep, a more natural breath, but keep the pattern going, giving and receiving. Not just the breath, but the energy, the light, giving and receiving, giving and receiving. You must empty yourself before you can receive. Giving and receiving. You may find that the breathing pattern shifts so that you are both inhaling and exhaling at the same time, so that the two become one. If that happens, it's fine; if it doesn't happen, it's also fine.


Boundaries falling away. Let's try something more here. Each pair please join another pair. Swing your chairs around in such a way that each pair now breathing in together join another pair. Now we have 4 people working together, Team A and Team B.


Team A breathing in, Team B exhaling. Number 1 of one team making eye contact with number 1 of the other team, number 2 making eye contact with number 2. Unite the breathing, one pair and the other pair, giving and receiving. It's a bit complex; I'll repeat. Team A and Team B. Each team has 2 people, 1 and 2. Make eye contact, person #1 in A to person 1 in B, person 2 in A to person 2 in B. Teams breathing together. Team A breathing in, Team B breathing out. Team A breathing out, Team B breathing in. Keep the eye contact. Let boundaries fall away.


You can play with this, make it 3 and 1, change the teams a bit. How does it feel that 3 are breathing in and you are breathing out alone? How does it feel to shift and join the breathing pattern of the 3 others? What helps the boundaries dissolve? What maintains more separation?


Letting go of boundaries. Opening. One breath, one heart.


If the breathing of the entire circle of 4 wants to come in and out together, let it be so. Hands may wish to connect as you do this. No rules here. Whatever feels natural.

(exercise) (Room becomes silent.)

Feel the energy flowing around your circle of 4. No longer "my" energy in terms of the personal, individuated self, but THE energy.


Bring the eyes into contact if you can. Let there be an ease, a smile on the face. Relax and enjoy this exchange of energy.


In another minute we will draw this to a close. But do not withdraw your energy from the circle. Stay open; stay connected.


That was very beautiful to watch, watching your energy fields as you did this dance together.

I will offer the microphone back to Jeshua and we will give you a minute to rearrange your chairs. I pause.

Jeshua: Feel you the rise in energy. Can you feel it circling around, almost to the point where the bodies feel they were caught up in the vibration and still vibrating in love. For as you were breathing each one's spirit, know that you were breathing the spirit of Moses, Abraham, Buddha, for they were breathing the same air molecules that you are. They have left their trace, their scent, trace, their aroma. And as you were breathing together, you were con-spiring–the word conspire means to breathe together–you were conspiring to realize oneness once again.

The vibration in this room...you could feel the energy that was arising and being shared and the oneness of love, of laughter that would come forth. Much of laughter as you allowed the persona to come down and be released in the breathing. At first there was much of the striving to breathe in the prescribed precision, and then there was more allowance of the easy breath as Aaron instructed, "Just allow it to be easy." And you found that with the breathing, it was getting more and more open until at the end you had the arms raised, you were allowing the heart itself to open, one to another, and you felt very much embraced in love, giving and receiving love.

That is the realization of oneness, what you have just done. Did it not feel good? Very good! It transported you from small ego into the place of the I Am Allness Ego, for you started out with the breathing "Am I doing it correctly? Am I doing the hands correctly?" In small ego. And then as it progressed, there were the smiles on the faces that said, it doesn't really matter how I do this. I may be out of synch, but it doesn't matter. I am the Christ expressing.

And the small ego was set aside as you expanded into the divinity of Allness. You allowed the barriers to come down to the place where there was great laughter, where the eyes connected and the heart opened. And there was much even on the physical level that you could feel as an opening that was happening. And when it was time to conclude this most wonderful dance, there was still the lingering of the vibrational energy that has uplifted the whole room. And the ones you would call discarnate, great spirits, were joining you in that vibration, for indeed you are not alone here in this room. This room is filled with ones who come to watch, to encourage, and to be encouraged by what you are allowing to be expressed and experienced. There are many who, as we have said many times, do not have the courage to take the incarnation, but they want to experience through you what it means. And so as you allow the opening and you allow the tears to come from the eyes because of joy, there is an opening that happens for you and for all other energies here present joining with you.

I would do with you one more exercise in meditation, perhaps we will call it. Staying in that place of the uplifted vibration, allow yourself to become comfortable with the bodies. And taking again the breath, the focus on the breath, allow yourself to go to that place of inner peace, that place that has been opened now. Feel yourself to be in that space that you have made for the divinity of you to be known, to be felt, to be realized. And in that space that you have just made for yourself, know that that is the place of the beholder. For as you began, there was the constriction; you were very much caught up in the exercise. And then there was the expansion where you stepped back as beholder. And yes, you were involved, but there was a greater Self of you. You moved into that place of beholder.

I would ask of you now, staying in that space, that open space you have made, to bring to the mind's eye an encounter that you have had with another one in this day; an encounter that perhaps you felt they said something or you said something that was out of place, where you felt a constriction of energy. Watch the energy pattern. Instead of seeing personality, see energy pattern. See how it is an exchange of energy. It may come as colors; it may come just as a feeling. Watch it, the energy, as it interacts one with another. And then allow it to dissolve, stepping back from it, giving it space to be just what it is; giving it space.

And then in that place of space you have made, bring in to the mind's eye an encounter that you have had in this day or past days with one with whom you were in love in a space of friendship, a space where the heart was wide open, and the eyes were alight with love and friendship. And see how that energy pattern flows; what color it may be; how it weaves together, dances together. Just watch how the energy flows; not being attached to the energy, but being the beholder in the space that you have made for yourself, that space of the beholder. No judgment, only space. No judgment, only the beholder watching energy patterns, allowing whatever energy would want to interact with each other, how it would look. No judgment. Feeling at peace with whatever the energy pattern presents itself, however it presents itself. Standing back from it in the space you have just made, breathing in that space the most wonderful peace of the breath, the expansion of the breath, the vibration of the breathing, easy, expanding, unlimited. And now taking another easy breath, bring the focus back to this room, back to the body, back to this place that we share together.

Any time you find yourself in a place of the world where the world is too much with you, allow yourself the deep breath; allow yourself to stand back, to be the beholder, and to watch not personality but to watch energy pattern. Any time you are feeling most caught up in love with another, and that is such a great feeling, but the other side of that is the wanting to hold onto it, allow yourself to step back from it, being part of it, yes, but also in the non-attachment, and behold the energy pattern as you come together and feel the love between the two of you, or maybe more, and allow yourself to feel that love with non-attachment. In other words, you don't have to hold onto it. You do not have to say to the mate, "Do not leave me. I do not want you to leave me. I do not want you to de-cease the body; I want you always to be with me."

Allow yourself to step into the place of beholder where you know that truly nothing can be lost. All is energy, and even when the body is released, the energy still remains. The loved ones whom you have loved, and they have released the body to greater light and freedom, their energy is still with you. Where else would it go, when all is one? It cannot go away from you. This is the great revelation that often happens when the body is released. Ones will feel so free, and they will also know that they are still in energy of love with you, for there is no separation. You will learn that, you will remember that, you will live that, in joy.

Beloved ones, what you have done in this evening is a great shift. You have moved from the place, even as you were in last evening making movement toward transparency, toward the realization of oneness. And this evening you have made a great shift to allowing the persona to dissolve, to allowing attachment to be seen in new perspective, to stand back as beholder and watch energy pattern; not to have to grasp, not to have to fix, only to allow space in the place of beholder. My brother Aaron and I commend you. So be it. (So be it.)

(not recorded, Aaron asks Barbara to share a song.)

Barbara: Aaron doubts my ability to lead it, but he wants me to share the words with you. Maybe somebody here knows it. If I share the words, they can carry the melody. Maybe Hal does, I don't know.

The words are:

All I ask of you, is forever to remember me as loving you. Repeat

(Singing, with Hal)

And then it shifts to Arabic.

ishk Allah ma bood lay la. Repeat.

(God is lover and beloved)

(Singing, with Hal)

(Hal leads group in singing)

I'm going to get a recording of this to you sometime!

(Judith does announcements for tomorrow.)

Namaste. Give the hugs.

(taping ends)