Wed, July 21, 2004 -- Introduction

July 21, 2004, Wednesday PM, Whistler Advance, Introductions with Jeshua and Aaron

Judith: ...And now, I think it's time to introduce Barbara and Hal and have Barbara tell her story. If she wants to speak about meditation and workshops as well as story, that would be wonderful. (Barbara's intro of herself and Aaron, not taped.)

Aaron: Good evening, my blessings and love to all of you. I am Aaron. My dear ones, what a delight to be here with you, to experience your radiance filling this room. I only want to share with you that Jeshua and I have had a wonderful time planning this week! And we are both so happy to be able to share this time with you and with each other. At first we started to make a plan, and then it got too complicated, and we said, "Forget the plan!" Spontaneity. So we know you will join in this circle of spontaneity, with your questions, your thoughts, your experiences, and there will be much richness and love in the sharing.

I only asked to greet you briefly here and thank you for this opportunity to share these days with you. I know we will have a lot more time together. That is all.

(The following paraphrased section, Judith + Jeshua, is not on the tape but was inserted from the on-site transcription.)

Judith: That was wonderful. Such a good explanation and so re-affirming of what Jeshua has been saying to us. It is as you can see of one mind. I don't know how this is going to go but I know it's going to be fun. So I invite you now just to take a deep breath and feel comfortable on the chair. Just allow the chair to support your weight and relax the body.

And taking another deep breath, allow the mind to become quiet. Feel the energy around you and within you, coming to a place of peace. Visualize the golden white light around you. Very expansive, and visualize this golden white light coming in through the crown chakra, going throughout all of the body, energizing every cell of the body from the crown to the shoulders to the fingertips, to the toes. Just feel yourself expanding in light.

Allow this feeling of peace to take you to the heart, and feel yourself abiding in the heart in that place of sacred silence, that the world does not know. And in that place o f sacred silence, we will invite the one known as Jeshua, Jesus, to be with us in this way.

Jeshua: Beloved, and Holy, and Only child of our Heavenly Father, Child of the One Source, Child of Light, Divine, that is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus, you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening, as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Always great joy of reunion, as I have observed you coming together once again, meeting after a year or so, or perhaps a lifetime or so, coming together in great joy, strangers and yet not strangers in the heart. The resonance of family, familiar with each other. There was a knowing... that there was love from other lifetimes where you were with others on the journey, and it was a joy to behold each other another time, to smile the most wonderful smile that lights up the room. It is a joy to behold you.

In the days that we spend together in these 5 days, we will be addressing the topic of realization of oneness, and we have brought together by invitation you who have come from various locations, various background of religious practice, we have brought masters, all of you in truth are masters, to share experience and expression of the divine. In the 5 days we spend together you will feel yourself opening to the realization of oneness. You have already begun that as you greeted each other, already felt it at a subtle level and this will grow...

There will be teaching, and yet it will be more as catalyst for the remembrance of oneness. You will remember being with me in other lifetimes, we shared more than one lifetime, one is recorded in your holy scriptures but it's not the only lifetime we have shared, sometimes simple lifetimes where it was not recorded and yet there was great joy of friendship, as there is great joy with the discarnate masters. We have known the human life and its challenges, and we have known also as you are so courageous in expressing human life... all from the one mind.

So in the days we spend together, there will be great joy, laughter, tears, perhaps, as heart opens, and old hurts, wounds, old beliefs being shed, wounds being healed with the opening of the heart. For there is safe space within this group where you will know it is safe to share what is in your heart, perhaps not this evening but as the days go by, a knowing of oneness where you will feel it is safe to be who you truly are.

In this evening we have a brief introduction to the topic, remarks from me and from Aaron. It will be enough to give you a taste... making real in your experience, that is what realization means, making it real in your experience, so that you truly know. You have traveled a great distance to be here, and the bodies are a bit tired. So this evening will not be a long one, but it will be what you call a tease, to give you some thoughts to ponder. I pause now and allow my brother Aaron to share with you.

Aaron: Once again, my blessings and love to you. I come to you in light and love, the light of that One, the love of that One. And as Jeshua has said, we invite you to join us in remembering who you are. It is so important not to confuse our title with the statement, "attainment of oneness." How could there be anything to attain, when this is already the deepest truth of who you are? And yet, as we look around the room, there are seemingly separate people. Each of you is unique. Each of you is a unique expression of God.

Yesterday Barbara saw the ocean. Today she saw a glacier; the water melted by the sun and dripping from the glacier was running down the mountainside, the great waterfalls that you saw on your way here. The glacier is a glacier. The river is a river. The waterfall is a waterfall. The bay is the bay. The ocean is the ocean. But they are all one water. We would not want to minimize the beauty of each separate aspect of the experience of waters. But we would not want to forget that there is nothing there but water in all its expressions.

This is the balance we hope to bring to you and help you to remember in these coming days - as I said just before - the ability to live the unique expression of God that each of you are, and yet to transcend the fear that comes when you believe in that uniqueness as separation. But when you remember the divinity within you, fear disappears. And then you are able truly to live your lives in love. Love is not absence of fear. That which is aware of fear is not afraid. We rest in the divine awareness, able to watch the experience of fear in the human with compassion, but without getting caught in the stories that fear presents because we see them as stories. That awareness which is free of fear can tend to the human experience with love.

Those of you who are parents, this is what you have done with your children. Barbara's children used to come in to wake her sometimes. "Mommy! There's a monster under the bed!" She didn't disrespect the child's fear. She didn't scold the child and say, "No there are no monsters, go back to bed!" Nor did she get out a gun and say, "I will shoot the monster." She held the child tenderly, and from that place that knew there was no monster, she recognized the child's fear and said, "I hear you are afraid. There is no monster, but I hear you are afraid. I will come into your room and lie on your bed with you. I'll be here with you until the fear recedes."

This is how you must learn to be with yourselves, not choosing to build up the stories of the monsters and demons in your lives. And not choosing either to deny them. They are part of the human experience. You are here to learn compassion. The difficulties in your lives are your teachers. So it's a hard thing you have to do, to use the human catalyst as teacher, allowing the human experience and still maintaining that thread of connection to the deeper truth so that you do not get lost in the stories.

But as part of the human experience you are meant to experience the catalysts of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. How else would you learn compassion? I am not telling you anything you do not already know; I just want to remind you. In these days we are not here to fix the human situation. There's nothing that needs to be fixed. We are here to open the heart as the doorway to love, so that you can bring deeper love to these human situations.

I pass the microphone back to my beloved brother, Jeshua. I pause.

Jeshua: Most wonderful to hear already the oneness of the message, to resonate with it in the heart, to feel that yes, although there be 2 bodies seemingly speaking to you, there is yet one of us. All of you have felt the resonance with the words that were spoken, so there is not what you would see the 33 or 4 or 5, however many the count would be, but there is but One: one message, one mind, one heart.

I would ask of you at this point, as we have spoken of diversity and where you have come from, coming to this location to be in remembrance with each other, I would ask of you to say where you are from.

(group introductions)

Jeshua: Thank you all. As you can see, you have all come from many different backgrounds, many different experiences you will be sharing with each other in the days to come, and yet there is a oneness that has brought you to this gathering, to share the heart, the divinity of you. This will become more and more real to you in the days that we spend together. It will be on the one hand most easy, most gradual, and yet by the time it is appropriate to leave to go back to your dwelling places, you will feel that truly what has happened in the 5 days has been a miracle. You will feel yourselves transformed by the remembrance of the divinity that resides within the physical, and you will remember the spark of heaven, which you have brought here to give expression to, and to share with, all of the brothers and sisters who still live in the reality (lower-case r) that there could be separation from divinity.

For the remaining time of this evening, I would ask, as we have done in the past sometimes, that you pick someone with whom you are not so familiar and you spend some time in conversation with them to again realize the oneness, not only of why you have come here but of where you have come from and where you are going. Also I would suggest that when you choose this person to converse with, that you make commitment to that one that you will be companion to that one in these days, and that if one or the other of you is feeling in the need of a hug, for a word of encouragement, you will be there for that one. You will be support one to another in the realization of oneness. So, without further ado, as they say, I will allow you to choose someone you want to get to know better, and we will allow the time for that to be up to you, however short, however long, you wish it to be. And we will meet again in the morning for the meditation with Aaron and Barbara.

In love, so be it.