Introduction to Transcripts

Introduction to Transcripts

Dear friends,

On July 21 through 25, 2004, Aaron and I were invited to join together with Judith Coates for 5 days of shared channeling with spirit friends. The workshop was titled "The Realization of Oneness." Judi channels Jeshua, an expression of Jesus. At Jeshua's request some years ago, the name of this annual workshop was changed from "retreat" to "advance," as he stated his assumption that this was the direction people hoped to move. Thus, this was the Whistler Advance held at Whistler, British Columbia. Judi also occasionally channels Joseph and Mary, especially at this annual workshop.

Through 5 days we had many and varied sessions. Most of you have received the two transcripts from the mini-workshop led by Aaron on two afternoons. Other short sessions touched on other specific areas of interest. I led morning meditation that offered vipassana instruction and practice. Most channeled sessions were a joint dialogue with Aaron and Jeshua, or at one session each, Joseph and Mary.

We began with introductions. Below is Judi's introduction of herself. My introduction of myself and Aaron was not transcribed, nor were Wednesday's opening talks. The short Saturday evening talk is also not included in these sessions. Most of Saturday night was a relaxed group exchange.

It was beautiful to watch spirit flow through these dialogues, with much love and respect each for each, in a seamless dance. Together they talked in depth about the realization of oneness, and led us in exercises. I also was fascinated by Aaron's revelation of much that he has not told us before of that lifetime as a "simple shepherd" 2000 years ago, and also of the lifetime as Aaron. I hope you'll enjoy this collection of talks from the Advance.

With love, 


Introduction to Jeshua and Judi (Also see Oakbridge University)

Judith Coates: Someone asked if I would share my story. You heard Aaron's story how Aaron came to Barbara. How Jeshua came to me was an entirely different process. Like with Barbara and Aaron, it wasn't something I expected. It was very different than what I thought it would be. I've said that he's very sneaky, because it was a gradual process of what happened.

In the mid-1980s in the church that Tom had, we were publishing a newspaper with a lot of channeled material because it was really exciting to us, all this channeled material. And we were publishing that in the church newspaper and sending it out all over the country. And Audrey Morgan, who is the wife of Jim Morgan, sent us a manuscript that had been dictated through him in automatic writing in the 1970's as the "Jesus and Mastership" book, that white book. Anyway, she heard of our interest in channeling so she sent us this manuscript that had come through Jim in the 1970's. This was in the 1980's, later part. And when we saw the manuscript we realized it needed to be in print and shared with people.

Now, we'd never done any publishing, and in our innocence we thought, "Well, how hard can it be to publish something?" So Tom took the manuscript and typed it into the computer so that we could then have a printout of it that would be sent to the actual printer to be printed up in book form. And it was my job to sit with it on the computer and proofread it. We didn't have Ted at that point. So, as I sat with it and I read it, I felt a closeness with Jesus that I hadn't felt before.

Now, I had been raised in a Community church and then a Northern Baptist church, then a Methodist church, then Presbyterian, so I had exposure to a few different churches. And then, of course, Unity with Tom. And I'd always felt that Jesus was somewhere "up there". From the time I was little, I felt like if I were good enough, he probably would look down on me and bless me somehow. But he was always "up there" somewhere.

In reading the "Jesus and Mastership" book, he became more personal to me. At the same time, because all these things seemed to dovetail and come together, John Mark Hammer had started channeling Jeshua in Tacoma, WA. We went to his first meeting he had when he was channeling Jeshua. At that meeting one of the other ladies made tapes of it, and Tom had the guidance to transcribe it so that the next time we got together, people could have the written form of it and read the transcript. So again it was my honor and privilege to proofread it. And again I felt him talking to me. And the relationship got to be closer.

So again as I felt this closeness happening, a lot of other things were happening at the same time. We established Oakbridge University as an outreach from the Unity church because Unity itself was having a hard time with channeling, and we were very much excited about all the information that was coming through channeled sources. So in 1989 we established Oakbridge University. In 1990, we left the Unity church and went with Oakbridge University and established Oakbridge University Chapel, which met on Sunday mornings.

And so in the beginning, Tom asked me if I would do the announcements about the classes we were having, because before Oakbridge University, with Eva we had established Northwest College of Spiritual Studies. We had been giving a lot of classes in metaphysics and spiritual growth. We were still giving courses and classes. So when Tom asked me to do the announcements, I said sure. I would do that on Sunday morning. And I would throw in at the end of the announcements, which always seemed a little bit dry, a thought for the day.

And then one Sunday morning I was in the shower and the words came to me, "Go and be amongst the people and share from your heart." I thought two things there: where is this voice coming from? and, "go and be amongst the people"? Now, I have mind chatter, but I don't talk about being amongst the people! So I kind of wondered, what does this mean and where did these words come from?

But I followed up on it and I would do the announcements and then I would walk down to the first row of chairs, and I would share whatever I had read that week that seemed to be spiritually affirming. When I was doing this, I noticed a flow of energy that was happening. Now, I have taught at the college level, I have done workshops, and I knew the feeling of knowing the material in my head or no notes in front of me. But this was different. I could feel a flow of energy that was happening, but I didn't know what it was. And at a certain point the energy would leave. And so I knew that was time to wrap it up and sit down.

This went on for like a year and a half. At Easter time in 1993 Jeshua got very active, and he announced on a Sunday morning, before all these people, the congregation, who he was, and that he wanted to tell the Easter story in his own words. And that I thought that he had been speaking through me for awhile and that I thought I was doing it. So I heard these words coming out of MY mouth. And I'm wondering, what is going on. And yet the presence was so loving, I knew that at any moment I could just close my mouth and sit down, but the presence was so loving that it was one of those choiceless choices where I knew that it was OK. And not only that, but I knew it was supposed to be.

When it started out, it was relatively brief messages in front of the congregation. Over the years, of course, now as you've seen, the messages get longer and more intense, etc, more information coming through. But in the beginning they were relatively brief. I wasn't really comfortable with this because I didn't want to be putting forth something that wasn't true. It felt like I was doing it, and yet it didn't feel like I was doing it. So I did a lot of questioning. One Saturday evening before the Sunday morning, I was again questioning and again not wanting to put forth again, mislead and say something not true. So I was asking him, if you really are who you are, prove it to me because I don't want to get up in front of a group of people and be speaking stuff that's not true, or saying it's from someone that it isn't.

So I heard in my head again the direction, go to The Course in Miracles, the text, and a certain page number. Now I had had The Course in Miracles from the 1970s. I have one of the very first editions of The Course In Miracles. I had tried 3 times to go through the workbook of The Course in Miracles. Three times I had gotten half way through and that was as far as I could go with it. I had never read the text. So he said to me, go to, in my edition, page 362 and read what it says at the top. So I thought, "Well, what have I got to lose, OK." So I went and got it off my bookshelf, got the text, turned to page 362 and at the top it says, "You obviously do not believe that which you are teaching." Well he got that right. "The Son of God is One."

So he has said this to me over and over, that he will not show me separation; that what I am tuning in to when he speaks through me is the oneness of the one Mind. So of course that kind of set me in place. I thought, Well OK, we'll see what develops from this.

And this is what has developed. So in the beginning it was, "You want to use my body to do what? You want me to go where and do what?" And yet it's been a journey of trust. As I say, he was very gentle, and yet very sneaky about the way he led me through all of this process that I look back on now and see the "evidence" of what we as one were doing. And he has told me that this is something we have done in other lifetimes, and that I agreed that I would do it in this lifetime again. I asked him to show me the fine print. Where does it say that in the contract!

So it's been a wonderful, so far, journey and I know it will continue. And one of the beautiful things is being able to share with Barbara and Aaron the one Mind, and as you have seen, the way that you can approach the one Mind just by allowing.

Tom: Also the Essene community, your position.

Judith: Well, I wasn't going to say that, but OK. He also told me that in the Essene community where he grew up, I was his teacher. And that we had a very close relationship in that lifetime. And also, as many of you know, Joseph also speaks through me, and also Mother Mary. And that comes from when I knew them in that lifetime.

So it has been very easy in some ways, and yet difficult in other ways. There was one evening that Jeshua was talking about the circumstances of his birth and the Christmas story. He got to a certain point talking about Joseph and why Joseph was chosen to be his Earthly father. And there was a pause. And this wasn't something, again, that I knew was going to happen, but there was a pause, and all of a sudden Joseph came through and told why he was chosen for that role. I didn't know that was going to happen, but it was obviously something that was meant to come together at a certain time.

So Jeshua and Joseph shared their perspectives on the Christmas story. The next autumn, I'm in the shower, and I do most of my meditation in the shower. And I hear Mother Mary saying, "I want to tell my story." So at Christmas time that year, Mother Mary told her story.

So since then we've had a relationship that then can be brought into this point of focus to be shared. And as you will see, probably tomorrow night, and those of you who have been here other times, Joseph is just so delighted, as he says, to get out! Because he often talks about how he is an also-mention in the Bible. He's just an also-mention. So he loves to be out and be able to share his perspective, his experiences, and he's just a delight. So tomorrow evening he'll probably be here. Well, I mean, he's here anyway.

So that's my story. It wasn't quite the same, and yet the result comes out the same. OK, I think that completes that part.

I take off the shoes because Jeshua has requested it. A long time ago, he said it is very important to be in touch with Mother Earth and to feel the vibration of Mother Earth, and to be in the bare feet with Mother Earth; even if you are in a building that has a floor, you can still feel the vibration of Mother Earth, yes, through the bare feet. Now he's had a small challenge with me because I wear stockings and I'm not willing to take them off in front of people. Too bad! So we've made a compromise, I take the shoes off and he's OK with that.

One winter I had boots on and I forgot to take them off. And they were boots that were furry, like up to here, and zipped up the front. And I forgot to take them off before he came through. And he looked down and he said, "What are these!" The wonderful thing about it was, he's obviously had some experience, probably from his travels in Tibet or whatever; he knew what boots were and he knew how to get them off. So he took them off. He has such, as you know, such a sense of humor. It's great--as Aaron has a sense of humor.

I invite you now just to take that deep breath and to feel comfortable on the chair.

Taking that deep breath, feel yourself relaxing, the body relaxing on the chair. And then taking another easy breath, allow the mind to become quiet. Feel all of the energy of the laughter swirling around and coming to a point of peace within the mind.

And taking another easy breath, draw in the golden white light through the crown chakra, and allow it to flow throughout the body, down through the throat chakra, the heart, down to the fingertips, down to the toes, allowing all of the lights of the body to be turned on; to expand in that light; to nurture, to nourish, and to heal that which may have been constricted. Feel yourself to be expanded light, for truly you are.

And then taking another easy breath, feel that golden white light of the divine essence of you expanding outward as far as you can imagine it, going beyond this room, this location, this planet, to other galaxies as well. For there is only One, and you allow your light to be connected in a great radiance. Feel that expansiveness.

And in that expansiveness of great light and love, we will invite the one known as Jeshua, Yeshua, Jesus, to be with us in this way.

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