August 3, 2013 Saturday evening, Trainings Workshop two

Questions by the campfire on the beach.

A question has been asked about use of sound and tuning forks and spirit has incorporated in response. Though he uses the name Dr. Cruz, Barbara has emphasized that this entity differs in some ways from the Dr. Cruz coming through Medium Joao (John of God) at the Casa, and is a different strand of that energy since he is coming through a different instrument.  The metaphor is offered, if you milk a cow and drink some of the milk, make cheese or ice cream with the same milk, the cheese is not the ice cream; each is developed through a different process. But it comes from the same milk.

Dr. Cruz: What a beautiful setting you have invited me into. I've been watching you a bit today, quite charmed by your work and your sincerity. I thank you for inviting me into your circle. I want to speak about two different related things here.

First, for Barbara, the nerves between the ear and the brain are dead. So another entity who is her primary doctor at the Casa and I have been working together to help understand how to restore hearing in the most straightforward way. On the one level, the nerves from the ear to the brain are dead so she cannot hear. The sound goes into her ear but it cannot be conveyed to the brain. So the entity, let's simply call him Father John within this circle, suggested that we can build a new neural network from the ear to the brain. That's fine; that's what he is doing.

I suggested in addition to that let's help the body remember how to hear so that we're not only depending on this neural network. There's nothing wrong with the neural network from the back to the brain, from the heart to the brain. Let's wake up these different neural networks so the body learns how to pick up vibration and receive it as sound.

With that in mind, I directed Barbara to a specific series of eight tuning forks, and was very specific. I wanted large weighted tuning forks in a low octave. As Amy said, you don't have a specific note for each chakra. There are different notes that can suit a chakra. But I chose specifically C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C, those eight, in specific vibration. This is in Barbara's book Cosmic Healing. You can find the information if it interests you.

In the beginning I had her tap the tuning fork and hold it to her ear. Because it was a low octave, there was clear vibration. Then I asked her to recreate that sound—OOOMMM--- hearing the tuning fork. Then to strike and hold the stem over whichever chakra. OOOMMM....

What I'd like you to do here-- let's each choose a note. Not one note; whatever note your heart prompts. I'd like you to choose one tone and repeat it loudly... (higher) OOOOOOOOOOM, or (lower) OOOOOOM. Really feel the vibration of it in your body. Feel the whole body vibrating with that.

I am learning through observing Barbara's experience that when you tone in this way, repeating-- I use the simple syllable OM. Your personal guides may give you other syllables you can use. That's fine, it doesn't matter what syllable. But when you repeat this in a clear, loud way, the whole body picks up the energy. If a chakra is blocked and you sing to that chakra, finding what tone it needs, not necessarily the C, D, E, F, G, and so forth, but what tone or series of tones that chakra wants, the chakra opens. The sound opens your energy. So that's one part of it.

The second part; we discovered for Barbara that as she did this toning, more focused on the inner vibration in toning, she reached a point where if she struck the tuning fork and held it up, or even if somebody else did so she wasn't touching it at all, she could hear the tone. The whole body was hearing the tone. So this is wonderful. As some of you know, she now often can hear music. So I believe she would have heard some of this sound bath, not just the vibration, but literally heard it. (she had gone to her cabin to rest and was not present) 

I'm still learning about this. It's a wonderful field, vibration, as Amy said, not healing but remembering, opening to vibration. Each of you has your own natural vibration. I don't mean just the heart chakra or the third eye, each of you has a very specific natural vibration.

Let's try something here. Take a deep breath and simply give voice to your own natural vibration, here by this fire and lake in this moment. Loud, open. (loud group toning) You may be tempted to sing two together, as overtone chanting.

What happens as you tone in that way? You're all harmonizing because you're all in harmony. If we brought in a group of people from the street who had been out drinking, and they were somewhat belligerent and angry at being pulled in here, do you think they'd harmonize? Not at first. If we persisted, they would eventually. It's one of the ways of connecting people. This is why music is such an important human tradition. This is why gathering around a campfire and singing connects people.

I'd be happy to answer further questions.

Q: I wondered about listening by way of headphones or stereo versus the tuning fork right on the chakra.

Dr. Cruz: The tuning fork has vibration, and Barbara needed vibration. Headphones would not have had any meaning for her. Now that her whole body can read vibration, I still don't think she could hear with headphones, but when you all began to tone just now, she picked up that whole harmonic flow. Her whole body vibrated with it.

I think it's an individual thing. For some people, especially the one who is not physically deaf, the headphones would be fine. There is an iPhone application that gives forth tuning fork sounds. It gives forth a very clear tone. You can probably get recordings with those clear tones and listen to them.

Q: That's why I'm asking...

Dr. Cruz: It's sound but you're only receiving it through the ears that way and not through the entire body. The headphones direct the sound only to the ear and block it from the remainder of the body.  If you sit down at a piano, then you get the full vibration into the body. Many years ago Barbara's children played the cello in the children's Suzuki music program. She learned how to tune their cellos. She would play a note on the piano, get the first string in vibrational harmony with that note, and then tune the other strings to that string, holding the cello against her body, feeling the vibration. She became the tuning mother for the whole class. When the class met, all the parents sent their children to her. She tuned the cellos. This is before I had any opportunity to work with her.

Q: I have been practicing with the tones to open up the chakras. I don't know if I'm doing this in a good way or a bad way, but when I sing a note, I want to hear it resonate in my skull. Is that helpful in finding the right one for the chakra?

Dr. Cruz: Identifying because it resonates in the skull? Does it resonate elsewhere in the body? (Q: No.) Son, can you bring your voice down? Try toning a note now here in the chest. Instead of giving the voice up here, feel it down in the belly. Try it... (he tones eeeee) until you can feel the vibration in the belly.

Amy: Try more of an ooooo.

Q: Ooooo...

Dr. Cruz: The OM sound, OOOOO, goes out, MMMMM stays in because the lips are closed around it. There's more vibration to it. OOOOO, feel the energy, all of you, of OOOOO. And it goes out. Now, OMMMMMM, closing the mouth around it so it goes in. Can you feel it more? For working with the chakras it's more helpful to have a sound that works more within the body than OOOOO, sending it out, which is more in the head.  It depends what results you seek. Each way gives different results. Does that answer your question?

Q: So in the head is not a good idea?

Dr. Cruz: It is not that it's a bad idea, son, it's simply more helpful to bring it down lower into the body if you're interested in affecting the chakras.

Q: When I OM, I feel it in my lower teeth. Could I use that to tone chakras?

Dr. Cruz: As long as you hold the intention to direct that sound down into the chakras, yes, that's fine.

Q: (inaudible, about how the Essenes used sound)

Dr. Cruz: I'm going to give you to Aaron or Father John for the question. That is not my specialty. Before I leave the body I'll take a moment to enjoy the sunset.

(pause while he(they) walks over to look?; An Entity incorporates; recording becomes increasingly less audible)

Brother of Light: Dear ones, you do not need my name, only that I have clear awareness of how the Essenes used sound. Simply think of me as a Brother of Light.

When there is distortion in the body, physical or emotional, the sound doesn't come through as true tone. As we pay attention to the vibrational energy being emitted by the body, we can more clearly discern the nature of the distortion and invite the distortion back into clarity by giving it a sound to mimic.

For example, this bite on her abdomen, which has developed into a serious wound. Doctor Cruz has given her a specific sound to chant into this spider bite, into the deteriorating tissue, to remind the tissue to reveal its true wholeness and re-express that wholeness.

Every part of your body, every tissue, for the most part all of your bodies, expresses distortions. Why do you do that? Aren't you tired of these distortions? So go into the body. Ask your guides, ask your heart, what is the true sound that this portion of the body wishes to express, in order to invite the body to remember and express its wholeness rather than its distortion? This is not a statement that the distortion is bad, only that there is a preference for the undistorted.

If anger comes up, the anger is not bad, it's just energy, but it's causing discomfort for you and for others. Children in the Essene community were taught first to notice anger, and then to sing to their anger, literally.

Think now, if you will, about something that has  brought up anger in you this week. Try to remember how you felt pushed or insulted or abused or short-changed in some way. Try to remember the feeling. Now sing to it. What note does it want, to clarify and release? Sing whatever note comes to you. Singing not to fix the anger but to invite the anger, the whole body energy, the elements, the chakras, everything, back into balance. Or think of a moment of neediness, or feeling grasping or deprivation, ands sing to that. I'll be quiet for a minute.

(group tones, many in harmony)

This is very beautiful. Can you feel it bringing you back into balance? Maybe not completely, but beginning the process. So this was taught to the youngest children.

When a body was severely injured, I don't want to call them healers—rememberers, rememberers would gather around the person who had been injured, perhaps somebody who fell and broke a leg or even a back, had bad cuts on the body or whatever distortion, and they would feel energetically into the body, feeling the distortions that the body had picked up through the break or the cut in the skin. Helping the body remember its true tone around that broken bone, or around that cut area. They did not necessarily do this by toning aloud to the body, but simply by thinking the sound, helping the body to remember the sound, but sometimes by actually toning the sound. Aaron speaks of aborigine tribes that would gather around somebody with a broken leg, for example, and sing it back into wholeness.

When you walk into a room and there's a lot of angry energy, can you feel the anger? You would all feel the anger, and you could decide whether to go with that angry energy and add to it or to stop and open your heart and bring spaciousness and kindness to it. When someone was grieving, we would sit with and sing with him. It's really the same thing. When you sense a physical body distortion, then you ask within your deepest self, what will help bring balance to this distortion and invite it back into its most clear and undistorted expression? And you find when you do this that the injury, physical or emotional,  heals much faster.

In extreme cases sometimes there was a triangulation of sound, so that the injured one was placed in the middle, and sound coming from three sides. If it comes from two sides, it hits right there (indicating opposite forces) . If it comes from three sides, it merges and it swirls around. There's more movement and energy with it. So often in the most extreme cases of body distortion, there was triangulation of sound to help invite the body to remember its wholeness and heal.

Those who are thought of as being healers, ones who had the power to heal, some indeed had that power but often chose not to use that power in ways which led others to feel that this being had the power and they did not, and thus feel disempowered by the other's power. Such masters could use that healing ability when it was essential that it be used, in a critical moment, but more often the preference was to remind the body of its wholeness through sound and other energetic means, like the remembering wholeness and the work in the akashic field that you've been doing. Does that answer the question?

Private; Aaron to Barbara as I review the transcript; he is reminding me of his story with Jeshua when he was seeking out Jeshua after his wife died in childbirth. Aaron (Nathaniel in the lifetime) fell of a cliff in the dark and broke his leg. He was carried to Jeshua. He says he knew Jeshua could have healed the leg instantly but did not do so. Instead, while it did heal quickly, he sat with Jeshua most evenings and they chanted together. That helped his heart to heal. That was the more essential healing.

(some shifting, voices now audible)

I'm going to let Aaron come in. He wants to say something to you about the elements, here. My deepest love to all of you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to spend some time with you. I will be happy to return to this group and speak further.

(Aaron incorporates)

Aaron: I am Aaron. Your question?

Q: It's to you and also to Dr. Cruz. And the question is, do you see and experience the sunset, wherever you're at, on the other side?

Aaron: Not in the same way. Yes, of course I experience sunsets, but differently. I have what I've referred to as my cat, who comes and sits on my lap and purrs. A small ball of energy that likes to follow me around. But that's very different than having a live cat come and climb on my lap and purr, than looking through these borrowed eyes and seeing the magnificence of a sunset, tasting food, and so forth. I have strong memory of that sense delight as a human. But that's a memory, not the direct experience. Sitting here as you are, by the warmth of this fire with a cool breeze, the beautiful sky, the sunset, the lake, the colors of the sunset in the lake, for me that is a memory, and also the experience generously shared by Barbara. Your own guides appreciate it when you share in those ways.,

A different topic; you can see the reflection of the sky and the sunset in the water, and you see clouds in the sky which contain water vapor. Where is the water element? Where is the air and space element? The sky is in the water, the water is in the sky. The fire is in the lake. The fire is in the fire. Look at the smoke coming up; is it fire element or air element? Both. So I want you to think outside the box, see how the elements work together.

I have a question for you. Could you feel the difference between my energy and the Brother of Light that was just here, and Dr. Cruz's energy? Three different energies. Some of you, yes. For those who could not feel it, that's okay. With practice it will come. For those who could feel it, honor the depth of this discernment in yourself. Begin to trust yourself. You can feel energy. An entity doesn't have to come up and hit you on the head with a 2x4 to get your attention. When you feel an entity wanting to talk you, stop. Challenge it to make sure that it's resonant with your own highest values, and then ask it, what have you come to share with me? Listen. We're here. But you have to open the door. We won't force our way in.

Tomorrow morning I will speak more to questions, for those of you who are here. I know some of you will not be here until the formal start at 1pm.

Q: I have a question. Maybe it's an observation, but as you were speaking about the sunset and all of this, it made me think and realize, we tend to talk of how rough this life is, or how hard it is to come here. But we have experiences that are amazing all the time, like touching each other, the sunset, the smell of the smoke, the water, and the rain about to come down. This doesn't happen everywhere. And to be able to come up and touch each other and hug, and all that good stuff, this is an amazing gift.

Aaron: Thank you, son. People become so armored and tense around the pain that is a real part of human experience. The heart becomes so closed that they can no longer touch the beauty. The beauty is everywhere; your love for one another; this dark storm cloud overhead; the blaze of the sunset; the sounds in the distance. To have a body is quite a wonderful gift. And I agree, it's also hard work.

I remind you, you knew what you were signing up for! (laughter) You forgot that you knew. But before you agreed to come, you knew what you were getting into. Can you open your heart more and just be present, and on a daily basis say thank you? “Thank you for all of this. Thank you also for the pain that teaches me. Thank you for love. Thank you for everything.” Who are you thanking? We're not talking about a father god figure up there, although that's part of it, this divine essence of being. But you're part of that. You're saying thank you to yourself. “Thank you for choosing to come into this incarnation.” Speaking to yourself, “I thank myself for this choice that's allowing me now to sit by this fire with wonderful people and dialogue, and the sunset, and the rain (the sunset is shining forth but overhead there is one black cloud and a few small raindrops). How precious it is! I thank myself. I made a wise choice.”

Thank you. (scheduling discussion)  I will release the body to Barbara. Thank you and I will see you tomorrow. And these other Brothers and Sisters of Light will be around from time to time and helping as their help is useful.

(session ends)