April 25, 2012 Wednesday, Cosmic Healing Class

(This tape not yet reviewed by Barbara and Aaron)

(A member of the class is feeling shaky and short of breath. The class holds space. A healing entity incorporates. 38 minutes.)

(With long pauses)

Entity (a Brother of Light with healing skills is helping the woman who was dizzy and finding it hard to breath; first he is addressing the whole class, who are holding energy for her) : As Barbara related earlier, feel any distortion and simply move through it. So, feel any distorted energy expressing from this daughter, and move through it into what you see as her clear energy field and the innate perfection.

(long pause)

Is my energy too strong for you, daughter? (Q: No, it feels good.) I do not have much English vocabulary. I am relying on Aaron to translate. Asking the circle here to see a clear light coming through this daughter's crown chakra, down into her body. And any disturbance of that light, just releasing it as you would if you were walking through mist, letting the wind sweep it away so that the clarity is there.

(long pause)

The pulses feel back in balance. Do you feel better? I thank you all. Daughter (speaking to another woman), would you like to come forth while we are sitting here. Please have a seat and let me see your eyes...

Do you have Casa water? I would like you to put a compress of Casa water on the eyes regularly. Use a clean handkerchief; just wet it and put it over the eyes. I am helping you.

I do not want to interfere with the flow of your class. I am happy to meet with others if there is need, or simply relinquish the body back to Aaron or to Barbara.

AM: I think people would be fine with you helping them.

Entity: Is there anybody who would like to come up here?

(someone with surgery the next day)

What are you going to do with it? Replace it. When is that scheduled? Tomorrow. Do you stay in the hospital with it? For 3 days. I will be with you. It will go well. We will all be helping you. When do you begin to walk on it again? 3 days. So they take out the knee joint and replace it with an artificial one. And is it a big incision? I'm sorry we were unable to resolve it sufficiently to make that unnecessary. But we will work with your doctors to make this as perfect a repair as possible. (Q: Thank you.)

I know it's not a pleasant experience to look forward to. It's a chance to practice vulnerability and release, to trust the competency of your physical doctors and of the loving energetic physicians that surround you, and truly to put yourself in their hands.

I don't want to go back and forth with Aaron, so I am in effect channeling Aaron, paraphrasing Aaron. He reminds you of your own tendency to want to control things, and that this is a wonderful opportunity to let go and to watch it without needing to enact it. You are in wonderful hands.

(holding knee)

I'm simply pouring a lot of energy into it, and especially into the places where the new knee will connect.

Daughter, how are you feeling now? Okay.

(next person) How can I be of service to you? (Q: Stress and exhaustion.)

You are exhausted, Daughter, you are carrying the world on your shoulders. I am not surprised you are exhausted. Can you let it roll off for a bit? This is your practice. Aaron can talk more with you about it. I will help you.

(the brother spends a few minutes just offering energy to each person who comes up, and looking into his/ her eyes)

(next) How may I be of service to you? (Q: I had an accident. My temporal bone was broken. July. And I have tinnitus, a hush sound, constantly.) Come forward...

The tinnitus is the result of conditions and as the conditions resolve, the tinnitus will go. I am not going to try to fix the tinnitus, simply to attend to the conditions. There is some tension in the skull here. Have you seen a craniosacral therapist? (Q: Yes once.)

I will help you. I would recommend you see a competent craniosacral therapist, anyone who can work with spirit, who can work with us to help support healing. I am helping you, but it would benefit from ongoing subtle shifting intervention and balancing. The whole flow of your energy field is out of alignment. And while we can help support its coming back, sometimes a hands-on approach from humans is also important.

(next) How may I be of service? (Q: Emotional healing around my father, who is dying and very nasty and mean.) Another entity is going to come in... (The Mother incorporates) 

The Mother: Daughter, please see yourself as I see you. Do not take up the mirror of the father's negativity, but rather of this Mother's love. See yourself in my eyes. This is a much more accurate depiction of the truth of your being. The father offers a distorted mirror, like the fun house. You don't need that.

I am with you. I am helping you. Turn to me when you're feeling that emotional distress and simply ask to feel my cherishing of you. And then do not say, “I imagined this. It is not real.” It is real. You are cherished. I am here. (Q: Who are you?) Simply call me the Mother.

(spends time looking in her eyes)

Another comes up:

And today your heart is open. Thank you for letting me in. (Q: I love to see you and talk to you.) And I you. But even when I am not incorporated in this way, where would I go? I am here. Just ask for me. Keep your heart open to me because that way I can help you more. I will not abandon you. (Q: Thank you.)

AM: Anybody else? (she comes up)

Brother incorporates: I know you have the crystal bed, yes? I would like you to lie on the crystal bed, arms out like this, perhaps an electric heating pad turned to low behind the shoulder, and simply relax, breathe space, visualize openness and space between the fibers, the cells. There is what we call connective tissue. The connective tissue has a spiral form and it sometimes twists in such a way that it's like a tight rubber band. I want you to envision it releasing. Visualize space between the strands of the connective tissue. Visualize space, and the fascia floating in that spaciousness. Breathe into it... just releasing.

I am paraphrasing Aaron so as not to shift the body into another incorporation. He is suggesting that you work with mindfulness a number of times through the day, any time you're feeling pain through here (touching). Pause. Run your hands under hot water. If it's possible, even stand under a hot shower, feeling the release, choosing the release. This is simply a physical manifestation of an emotional/spiritual/karmic pattern of tension. We will help you.

Son, will you come up? You hear me frequently with you. I am helping you always. You are another one that needs to let go of the burdens of the world. You're carrying too much on your figurative shoulders. This is not about being a good husband and father and veterinarian. Of course those things, you expect those of yourself and you manifest them. But it's about the way you manifest them, with the fear of being insufficient in some way so that there's constant subtle tension. Why carry it?

The Mother is not in the body right now but is still here and says when you're feeling that tension, give it to her. She has plenty of space for it. How is the strength in the limbs? (Q: Neutral)

I am helping you. Continue to feel my presence, and don't be afraid if the limbs shake, it's just me working energetically with you. You look worried. (Q: I'm very tired.) Not just the physical body tired, but exhausted.

Son, this is more about the human who feels that it must carry everything, cannot do enough. Is not doing his share, as he does 3 times his share. It's an old idea. Aaron is saying it's born of old karma and is no longer who you are. Aaron is asking, do you have time for play? (Q: I can make time.)

Aaron: I am Aaron. (smiling) Q, your reply, “I can make time” sounds like one more obligation! When I suggest time for play, get out on the lawn with a croquet set or badminton racquets with C. Spend 20 minutes simply being silly. Play a game of tag with your children. Find a mud hole and wallow in it. (laughter) I'm not demanding you do that on a daily basis. I know some of your days are very full, but at least once a week find some time where you truly can play and just enjoy. Play mindfully. Feel how good it feels to feel free of burden and restraint, even for a short time, and start to choose that, that you choose to live that way.

One of the ramifications of this disease is that it limits you, subtly, but limits you, and gives you the illusion of being limited. Thus you have an excuse, well I can't do everything anymore because I have this disease. Well I would rather you simply say, “I cannot do everything anymore,” because nobody can do everything. So, “I simply let go of this. I don't need the disease as an excuse.”  Do you understand? (Q: Yes.)

The brother will come back...

Entity: When there is, I don't want to call it just exhaustion but a deep emotional exhaustion related to, despair is too hard a word, but discouragement, you close your energy field and I cannot work with you as easily. Try to stay open to me, but try with that effortless effort, just relaxing into our presence and knowing we are helping you. Perhaps at another time Aaron will talk more to you personally.

Is there anybody else for whom I may be of service?

Daughter, the Mother asks if you will come and spend a few minutes with her.

The Mother: Just a visit between two friends. I am with you, daughter, and I love you. (Q: I love you.) Thank you for trusting me that challenging day in Brazil.

And as the brother has asked, I would ask, is there anyone else for whom I can be of service?

Then I will release the body to this instrument and let you get back to your class. Thank you for letting us be with you this evening.

(Barbara reincorporates)

Q: So much for that lesson plan!

AM: But, tonight was about working with guides!

Barbara: I'm paraphrasing Aaron, he's saying, channeling and inviting in entities and co-creating healing insight with entities, that's basically what it's about.

Q: Last week we worked with chakras. How do you know if and where you have energy blockages?

Barbara: I feel an energy blockage in two ways. One is simply within the energy field, if I put my hands on the different chakras. I usually am lying down and I have a crystal on each chakra, and I'm toning with the tuning forks. If there's a place where it just feels dead, there's no energy—I can feel the energy moving here, I can feel the energy moving here, but here in the middle it's just flat, whichever chakra it may be. What happens is the chakra is not spinning.

If you picture centrifugal force, a ball that is spinning, tails come out at either end and connect up and down to the next chakras. But if it's not spinning, it's not giving off those tails in either direction. The energy may try to circumnavigate that dead area, get around it. It's not so much so that it's blocked. On one level it's always spinning but on a more physical/energetic level it's not spinning.

The second way I can feel when a chakra is blocked is about the issues that that chakra mostly relates to. Like speaking my own truth, the throat chakra. Or holding my heart open, the heart chakra. Relationships with other people (2nd). Relationships with organizations and groups of people, individuals (3rd). Basic survival, life issues in the base chakra. Clear seeing in the third eye. Opening to spirit in the crown.

So if I see I'm having a challenge with one of those issues then probably that chakra's going to be blocked. Like if I'm angry at H, I'll feel it in the belly! I cannot force the chakra to open. Mostly I sing to it. I just bring compassion to it, to the human that's feeling tension in that area. I visualized the ever-present flow of energy and acknowledge the present condition of blockage.

Let's say the heart is closed. I focus on that solar plexus and throat and invite them to reach up and down into the heart. So instead of focusing on the heart I focus on the chakras next to them, inviting and stimulating the energy.

Sometimes there's a clear reason why a certain chakra is closed, like for a couple of weeks my base chakra was somewhat closed. I had a lot of shoulder pain and I was only sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night and I was totally exhausted. So I could see how I was closing off energy from my base chakra, cutting myself out of the body, and I needed to acknowledge the reality that I was closing off, and the intention not to close off. I held the deep intention to remain grounded and present and alive in every respect; and, regardless of the pain in my shoulders, to bring forth this loving energy. Bring it in. Hold it. Allow it to come in. In a sense it was just affirmation: choosing life. And now, the doctor did steroid injections into the shoulders and they're great. I've slept 10 hours a night for the past 6 nights, catching up on the long-lost sleep. And I can feel the chakra opening. So sometimes it's just due to a physical cause like that. There's often a related physical and spiritual cause.

That may be enough to answer your question. Is it? (Yes.)

Q: When you feel a chakra is closed or blocked or has some debris in it, do you see the color as a darker shade?

Barbara: I relate to the chakras more by energy and feeling, and by tone. I see the colors but they're very secondary to the energy. For some people the colors are much more primary. If the color is primary for you, it will become muddied when the chakra is closed. When the chakra is open, it will be very bright.

Q: I think of it as translucent when it's open.

Barbara: Some people may see it as translucent. Some people may see it as brilliant clear color, not translucent but brilliant clear color radiating light out. But when it's closed it will always have a muddy, heavy quality. But the color may not be predominant for you and you may hardly notice it, or it may be very primary and what you first notice.

Okay, let's go on with our evening program.

The preparation. When the chakras are not open, we can't really strongly affirm our highest intention and values because we're deceiving ourselves at some level. Something is closed. It's fine if it's closed, that's not the problem. The problem is any denial that it's closed. So there has to be an acknowledgment and a willingness to work on whatever is causing the closure, whatever personal issues, body issues, emotions, etc.

Then we open to our guidance. It can be our higher self. It can be a personal guide. It can be a master teacher. It can be a power animal. It can be any of a number of things. Whatever guidance is there. So I'm not going to say it's got to come in this form or that form. Simply, I request whatever guidance is present for me right now.

We ask a question, usually a place where we're somewhat stuck. And I know you've all read Cosmic Healing. For me, I was asking, what do I do about this anger? How do I get out of this stuck place where I'm so filled with anger about being deaf? It was the deep need for an answer that was resonant with my own values that really called forth Aaron and my opening to Aaron.

What you hear will not necessarily come in verbal articulation. Hearing Aaron, at first I was not channeling him aloud like I do now. I was just hearing his thoughts. But it was clear they were thoughts and they weren't my thoughts. I started by writing them down because that was easier, and then I could read them afterward.

Sometimes, though, you simply see colors or light or feel a certain kind of energy like a deeply loving or peaceful calm energy. Your guidance can come many different ways. Somebody reported to me they were having a lot of physical problem with their body and a lot of body pain. And they asked their guidance, what do I do about this? Not much answer came. They went out, they were driving in their car, and about 10 times within a few hours, a truck passed by with a big sign on it that said “Spring Water”! The person said, “Okay, I'll buy a couple of gallons of spring water,” and started drinking a lot of water. And water released a lot of the body pain. So they were not able to get a message telepathically from the guide, but the guidance will find a way to get through. This person said, the first 2 or 3 trucks that went by, he thought, “There sure are a lot of Spring Water trucks here.” And about the fifth one, he thought, “I wonder if this is a message for me.” And as he thought that, another truck went by!

So we just stay open to receiving the information from spirit in whatever ways it's able to reach us. Sometimes it will come in dreams at night. Some people in meditation experience, do you know what power animals are? Some people will experience their power animals as part of their guidance.

I think that's everything you need to know right now. We're going to do an exercise. We're going to skip the meditation to meeting your higher self, which we also skipped on Monday morning. I would recommend that if it interests you, you record it on a tape or your iPhone etc, a way that you can start and stop it, and then listen it and follow it as a guided meditation...

(group channeling exercise instructions not transcribed)

(Barbara notes that the entities will only speak one at a time, so there will not be two people inspired to speak at the same time.)

Aaron: (paraphrased, not incorporated) I've asked people to state their question to themselves, to know their question. Now, stating your highest values to yourself, “I seek spirit's support to co-create clarity around this question. Any being that comes must be fully resonant with my highest values.” And state your highest values. I'll be quiet a minute while you reflect on those.

And I put shielding also around this whole room. That will help keep it safe. That whoever comes as we open doors to spirit must come for the highest good of all beings, and with love, and with harm to none, fully resonant with the energy of the Buddha, the Christ.

Brothers and Sisters of Light, we ask your help. We seek answers to these questions but we also seek to understand how we can meet you more easily, connect with you and feel your presence in our lives. So we each seek to forge a direct connection with a guide or our higher self, power animal, whatever comes forth to offer loving clear insight and support. We open our circle to you.

As you feel an energy or entity pushing to speak, just ask it, “Do you come for the highest good of all beings and with love?” Or some other short version of your highest values. Once you're in a dialogue with that being you do not need to repeat that challenge, each time you speak back and forth with the dialogue. But the first time, challenge it.

With that, we open these two circles. There are many guides here with each of you, and I think many of them are happy to participate here, and support each individual for whom it is the guide, and for the whole circle.

(exercise not recorded)

Aaron: We have just closed the circle after a half hour of sharing.

There are many means of opening to spirit. This is simply one more simple one. If we had several evenings to spend with this, I would lead you on a guided shamanic journey, a guided visit to find your higher self or guide, a guided meditation to meet your power animal.

You can try many of these yourself. In a future class, we will go deeper. This class is meant as a survey. But I would encourage all of you to practice what we have done here tonight. To remember, you do have guides. You do have a higher self. You do have power animals and other kinds of spirits of positive polarity who are supporting you in your life journey. It's a lot less lonely a path, a more joyful path, and also a more instructive path, when you work with them. So I beg you not to exclude them.

I thank you for your attention. That is all.

Barbara: We're happy to hear questions. And if there are no questions, we will simply close. Please take this home and work with it, practice with it. Just sit quietly and ask, is there guidance?

One of the things we did at the last class was, for those of you who weren't here, we had people bringing energy up, and the person raising their hand when they felt that energy. We also tried knocking, and raising their hand when they felt knocking. So practice this, just different ways of feeling energy around you.

And coming back to what we did at the very opening tonight, where I asked you to feel the ripples of disturbance that were coming from whatever was going on with the emergency vehicles across the street. Start to feel ripples of disturbance in the world, and just a willingness to bring release of them and to go through them to the place where there is no ripple of disturbance. Listen for your guides energetically, whatever comes to you. Get in the habit of asking questions. Getting into conversations with whatever guidance is there. And, if something doesn't resonate as truth for you, don't be afraid to say, “No, that's not what I'm looking for. Is there a higher vibrational guide who wants to speak to this issue? I'm not looking to have my anger justified, I'm looking for a way to release my anger,” for example. So be very clear about what it is you're looking for.

Are there any questions?

Q: Can you give a brief description of what a power animal is?

Barbara: Brief? Not really! We each have power animals, just as we have guides. They are the deva of that life form, not a specific animal. They come to us-- just like our guides, we've usually taken birth with a power animal or with a number of them. Different ones come at different times.

For example, when we were exploring power animals with Venture Fourth at Sunnyside with Heather, she did some energetic healing with drums and things with me, using me to demonstrate. In meditation afterward I felt myself to be a turtle. Its forelegs were stuck into its shell and I couldn't move. I was guided to go into the lake and swim and start to move my arms freely. I could feel that turtle with me, helping me move my arms out of its shell and reach out, and a lot of the pain reduced in the shoulders. This is a couple of years ago.

This was a temporary visitor of a power animal, that came to express something specific to me. As a child, I used to go to a little island, through the woods and in the pond across the road from where I lived. I would paddle over there and meditate. Sometimes I'd be afraid, like a storm would come up, or something would frighten me. Seeing people walking on the shore, and who are they or some other fear? I saw a very clear image of a big silver stag. He broadcast courage. Whenever I was in a frightening situation, the silver stag would appear to remind me I wasn't alone and to have courage. So he's really been a power animal for me all my life.

Sometimes the power animal appears temporarily to help you and leaves, and sometimes it's one like your guide who's been with you through your life. Sometimes people find it easier to experience power animals than other guides, especially people who love to be out in the woods, who love nature. Some of us with pets find dogs or cats are our power animals.

They offer support of one sort or another, and they rarely speak to you in words the way your guides do, but express a quality that's inherent to that form. Like somebody who sees a bird as a power animal, and perhaps it's about learning to fly and be open and spacious, elevate themselves. Or a butterfly, even. So these small creatures can be power animals as well. A power animal is not necessarily something like a tiger or another big powerful animal.

Does that answer your question? Yes. You can simply sit in meditation and ask, do I have a power animal, and will it appear to me? You can ask before you go to sleep and see if one comes in your dreams. Aaron is saying, Or you can ask, what is my power animal? And suddenly you're sitting out in your backyard and there are all these little chipmunks scurrying around! You can ask, are you my power animal? Or a hawk flying overhead. So if you ask in that way, suddenly they may come around, literally be there.

Any other questions? Okay, good night. I'll see you in 2 weeks.

(session ends)