October 24, 2010 Sunday, Interfaith Center, Jeshua and Aaron

Keywords: love, Jeshua/Jesus, unlimitedness, belief, ego, bullying/inhumanity, children, religion, crucifixion

Host: ...Aaron in the lifetime in which Jeshua became a little famous was known as Nathaniel. And Nathaniel was Jeshua's very best friend. They were boyhood pals. They grew up together in the Essene community on Mt. Carmel. And the opportunity to be present when they re-energize their very ancient friendship is simply wonderful.

They collectively have decided that the basic topic for this afternoon will be, The Future Is Now; Co-Creating it with Love. So we're going to ask Barbara to bring Aaron to the front first and then they'll exchange and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions later in the afternoon. Let's welcome Barbara and Judith and their respective energetic partners.

Barbara: (removing shoes) The first thing Aaron does when he comes into my body is to take my shoes off, so I simply take them off beforehand! Thank you. No words from me, just I'm very happy to be here, and Aaron will incorporate.

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Thank you for welcoming me here.

Before I start I simply want to welcome Judi... and my brother Jeshua.

Jeshua: Yes-- greetings, Nathaniel. It is I, Jeshua. Old friends. You know old friends. You know how it feels to meet up with old friends once again. Great love.

(Aaron and Jeshua embrace)

Aaron: I am close to tears, Jeshua, as you always make me feel. . . to restore our friendship over and over again, to come together. Such a joy to share this.

So, I gather I'm to speak first. I will start.

There is so much light coming from each of you. The room is lit up. You are beautiful. We cherish you.

People come to us and ask, "What will the future bring? What about 2012, or 2013 for that matter? Where is it going?" The future is now, today, in this moment, and you are in charge of it.

What if I brought in a vast white canvas and gave you all paints? Your first question might be, "What should I paint, Aaron?" What does your heart tell you to paint? You can paint beauty and joy, you can paint fear and grief, you can paint whatever balance there may be of those.

You always have a choice. Some of you fall into habitual patterns where you repeat the same scene over and over and over, and you feel stuck in that scene because it's filled with darkness and fear. Step out!! Why stay stuck there? Who needs to be there?

What do you wish to create? What does your heart choose? Yes, there is a lot of violence in the world, a lot of fear. Your brother Jeshua came into the world in that incarnation to remind you that you had a choice and that choice was for love. That choice was to move into a higher consciousness that understands the ability to love and the power of love. It's up to you now. The canvas right here is empty, white. Paint what you will.

I will pass this on to Jeshua. Our idea today is to pass the dialogue back and forth a bit more frequently, not give long monologues.

(Aaron passes the mic to Jeshua)

Jeshua: (adjusting mic) I love your technology. I watch how you improve your technology, seemingly with a communication out there and yet you are bringing it closer and closer to yourself.

You used to have an old-fashioned telephone and it was of a good size. Then you got down to the smaller size, some of you may remember what was called a "princess" phone, and yet it was good size and sat on the counter or the dresser or somewhere. And then you got to the smaller size, about this size, of the cellphones that flap over and get very small, put them in your pocket. Then you decided to have the tooth where you could have that plugged into the ear and sticking out.

You are developing smaller and smaller devices, seemingly still out there but the power is within. The power of the creativity comes from within. And so you are coming to a place where you are going to prove to yourself that truly you do not even need the very small cellphone, you do not even need the very wonderful technology of the flat screen where you can (sound effect) and the whole thing changes, or you turn it this way and then it's like that. And you have what are called the apps, that will do everything except make your breakfast coffee.

You're coming to the place where you're going to recognize you can communicate with each other no matter the seeming distance by mind to mind, as truly you are already doing. There is much of intuitive knowing over the distances. And there is much of intuitive knowing of the spirits around you, perhaps loved ones who have seemingly passed on.

Very good terminology, "passed on". They have deceased the body because they do not need it any longer, they do not want to have to activate it any longer. I mean, it's a bit of a drag sometimes to have to drag it around, get it ready to go places, keep up a schedule.

So your loved ones and other masters are here. Sometimes they will incorporate as with Barbara and Aaron, my dear friend Aaron from many, many lifetimes ago, and will speak with you with the tones of the voice so that you can see and hear at the same time and believe what is always going on anyway, because Aaron has the ability to be present with you any time you tune in to him, the same as I have the ability always to be present with you. "Lo, I am with you always." You have that in your holy scriptures. Take it to be truth. It is true. Where else would I go? Where else can you go that there would be separation? Because there is not separation.

As my beloved friend has spoken to you, your world right now is in transition and truly has been for eons of time because you are the creative one who, on a moment's notice or less, do improv. I love the creativity of improv. You will think that your path is going a certain way and within a moment you will decide, "No, I will go this way. I will change. I will see something different. I will go a different way."

Which is exactly what my brother Aaron was saying to you. If you do not like what you've got right now, get out of it! Change it. You are the makers of your world, of your destiny, of your future, even if the future is just the next 5 minutes. If you get bored or if the body has the calling to use the facilities, get up and go, please. I will not feel that you have left me because truly you cannot leave me. I go everywhere with you. (laughter) In love, always, in love.

You are the co-creators of your world. And your world right now is presenting to you the appearance that it is going very quickly into descent in a hand basket. But it is only in transition. It is in change. And you are the ones who are deciding what kind of change you want to see, what kind of change you want to be living in.

So when you come, I know the question has been asked many times about 2012 and 2013, when you come to those dates, some of you will see a world totally changed because that is what you expect, that is what you've been praying for, that is what you've been working towards. Others of the brothers and sisters will not see any difference at all. It will be the employment the same as always, the quarrels, the squabbles, the wars, etc.

But you do not have to see that. You are already moving past that because you have chosen, you have said, "I want something different. I want heaven on earth." Therefore, you change it.

Now I give back to my brother, Aaron, to speak.

Aaron: Thank you, Jeshua. Many of you wonder, "If I am in charge and creating and I want happiness, why is there misery coming? If I want peace and love, why is there anger and fear?"

You have several simultaneous agendas. You did not begin this journey simply with the intention to love or you would have stayed, figuratively, in the Garden. You came for maturity, to bring your free will intention in service to all beings, to learn the power of that intention. You came to learn compassion.

If there's no catalyst for compassion, if nothing stirs you, shakes you, discomforts you, how would you learn compassion? You know that you learn it best when you are challenged and your heart wants to close and yet is reminded to open. Reminded because that's the picture you want to paint. You come 3 steps out and 2 steps back. There is uncomfortable catalyst. Again you come out. The heart opens more and more.

If there was an end to the open heart, an end to the amount of possible compassion, you would learn it and that would be it, but it is infinite. That's the beauty of your human experience: to bring forth limitless compassion, therefore increasingly to open your heart to sometimes painful catalyst.

If you get caught in despair, you forget that you have a choice. You back down, pull yourself into a dark tunnel. But when there is painful catalyst and you can remember the reason why you allowed this catalyst, what you came to learn from this catalyst, then the heart's innate compassion begins to shine forth. The heart's innate light begins to radiate out and you remember your own divinity and the divinity of all beings.

You are engaged here in a progression of consciousness. Think of the, let's call it archaic consciousness of children, magical and mythical consciousness. The very young child thinks it's the center of the universe. Gradually it begins to distinguish itself from its mother, though it still feels it's the center of the world.

As it matures it begins to believe in that mythological realm where if one does the right rituals, prays the right prayers, then everything will work out right. Often that system includes only oneself and one's family or innermost clan. So that archaic level of consciousness pitches this clan against that clan. "We are right, they are wrong!" This was the thinking of the world at the time Jeshua came 2000 years ago. This is what he came to wake the world from, to remind you, you don't have to settle for that archaic consciousness.

Now, much of the world is still engulfed in that consciousness. Just as a child must move step by step through the various stages of consciousness, so must the world. You cannot suppose that in a country where the people are very filled with hate, where many people are thus indoctrinated, "We are the best! We are right. Only our teachings. Only our God," that in such a climate people are ready to open themselves to others. Their vision of God is not an all-embracing god but "our god" who is better than "your god;" "our beliefs" that are better than "your beliefs." And this belief engenders hatred. This is the way the world was 2000 years ago, almost everywhere.

Through Jeshua's teachings and those of many who supported him, the world has gradually evolved in consciousness, and in parts of the world there is now a higher consciousness moving through subtle and even into causal consciousness, and into non-dual consciousness.

Most of you do not live in non-dual consciousness, but most of you do live from a place where you do not believe your religion is better than another's, that your beliefs are better. You're open to hearing, to really hearing others, and really opening your heart to them.

The challenge is that while you are ready to open your heart to them, they may not be ready to open their heart to you. They would rather kill you. Your present work then is to learn how to say no with love. It's just what he taught; turn the other cheek. Hear each other; love each other.

But keep in mind, you individually, your culture, and the whole world are evolving in consciousness. You would not punish the 2 year old who grabs at the dessert and says, "Mine! Mine!" But you would say, "No, it has to be shared." You would not say, "You're an evil child," only understand that this child is still in that archaic consciousness where it believes it owns whatever it wants and it separates itself. How do we help that child evolve? Through love. How do we help the world evolve? Through love.

It must start with yourself. You cannot expect others to do what you are not ready to do. Therefore the work is to go inward and look at the roots of fear, greed, and hatred, and understand how to transcend greed, fear, and hatred, to allow your innate radiance and divinity to show forth.

I pass this again to Jeshua.

Jeshua: Now as my brother Aaron has spoken, you are making the changes in the world. You because you have had a vision of knowing how it would be to live in love with each other, how it would feel to be uplifted out of all of the worries of the world, at least for a moment, you are the ones who are making the changes in the world. You are the ones who are willing to go that extra step to love someone else, to look into the eyes deeply and to behold the Christ that looks out from those eyes. Even if the other one turns away because they are a bit embarrassed, you have made contact for a moment or so, and you have changed their life in that moment because you have shown them that there could be something deeper that would be going on. They may not comment on it, they may not even show you that they have recognized, but deep within them there's a registering that they know something, something has happened.

How do you stay in that place of love? As I spoke with you earlier in this day, (Jeshua spoke at the Sunday morning service) with the crucifixion and why did I make demonstration with the crucifixion, I explained that it was a very human and yet divine decision, it was a human curiosity to know, "Can I do this?" and the divine trust that knew the spirit that would re-activate the body.

As you will allow the old thoughts, the habitual thoughts that come up very quickly of judgment of self and of others, sometimes followed on the heels with anger and resentment, as you will allow those thoughts to be crucified, dead and buried, they do not have to be resurrected. You have already seen that there can be another way. And often times I tell ones the best way to take that first step is to take the deep breath.

Take a deep breath right now. Feel the peace in the openness, the space, that allows for new choice. Just for the simplicity of the breath. The first thing that an infant does even before there is any thinking is to breathe. The first thing that you do when you are born is to breathe. The last thing that you do when you release the body is to breathe out and release the breath.

So while you are activating the body, allow yourself the peacefulness of the breath. Allow that space, then, to be able to look into the eyes of another one and behold the Christ of them, and to know that truly everyone is doing the best that they know how.

Maybe they haven't known that there is another way to look at things. Maybe generational teaching has taught them that all of the shoulds that they have been taught are true, all of the limitations are true. Maybe they have never had anyone say to them, as you are now becoming courageous enough to say to them, "Perhaps there's a new way to look at this. Consider." And they say, "No, this is what I've been taught. This is the way it has to be. My religious/philosophical teachers, my church has told me, my rabbi has told me, my parents have told me, our family has always believed such-and-such." And you take that deep breath and you look deep into their eyes and you say, "Well have you considered maybe there's another way to see things?"

That is powerful because it allows them to see that there may be a door, a window, where they didn't think there could be a door or a window, an opening, a way to go through into a new belief about themselves and about the world.

Your world is crying out for ones such as you. I thank you for hearing that call and for being willing to speak with everyone that you come in contact with and to say to them, "I believe in you." "What? How can you believe in me? You don't even know me?" "I believe that you are doing the best that you can do." You may not say it in those words, or you may. "I believe in you. And deeper than that, I know that which you are. I know that you are the Christ expressing and experiencing in this reality. I know that which you truly are."

You don't, again, have to use those words. They might be a bit off-putting to ones. They might have to turn away and say, "Wait-- another lifetime." And they may not even know that there can be another lifetime. "What? You mean I can try again? Aha! That puts a whole new twist onto things."

But you don't even have to wait for another lifetime, you can do it in this moment. Any now moment. You take that deep breath, you allow for the peace that it brings, and then you open the mouth and you say, "I understand." Do you know how many of the brothers and sisters are longing to hear those words? "I understand." And what underlies that is, "I love that which you are." That is what is changing your world, your willingness to speak the words of love, to abide in the space of peace with the deep breath, the easy breath, the breath that is aware, and then to say to the other one, "I understand."

And you say with your eyes much more than with the words. "You are the same as I am." And you know what you mean by that, "You are the Christ the same as I am." But again, you may not use those words. But you say to them, "I understand. I've been there." Because all of you have. You've been through the dark night of the soul where you wondered, was there ever going to be any light? And you wondered and you wanted, you so much wanted someone to say to you, "It is okay. I understand. You are coming through this." And when you say to someone, "You are coming through this," it opens the door. No longer are they facing a brick wall. "I understand. You are coming through this." "Oh, you mean there's a way through this? Hey, that's really encouraging. I hadn't thought there could be a possibility." You see, in that moment you change the energy.

(A cellphone rings)

Most wonderful music. Thank you for providing that for us. (laughter) I give back now to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: Thank you, brother. I am Aaron. So now let us take what Jeshua has just suggested and do it. I'd like you each to turn to a person sitting beside you or in front or behind you, each person find a partner...

Divide yourself into A and B, just to keep it simple. I want all the A's to think within their hearts of something that's very painful, a place of pain, a place of longheld shame or guilt, a place of confusion. As much as you're able, simply allow this into your heart. Look in the eyes of the B.

B's, your work is simply to allow your heart to come to that "I understand," to come to that place of love where you can fully include yourself and the other and all the world's pain, not as his or her pain, just as the pain.

We'll do this for a few minutes and then switch. If the B feels moved literally to say, "I understand," that's fine, or just let the eyes say it.

It's not only pain you are seeing but joy and love.


Let the other know, "I see all that you are, your darkness and your divinity, and I love you. I understand."

(exercise. In background Jeshua can be heard speaking to someone, "You are <know> that you are a healer?" "No." "You are a healer. Your healing is the love that you give <>. You are very quickly there to help anyone who needs it. You are a healer." "Thank you." "Healer does not need to be defined just on physical terms-- healer of emotions, healer of self-image is much more powerful than even the physical healers, although that is good. But the physical healing often comes after the emotion has been recognized and acknowledged and loved. <>")

Aaron: At this point, one of you was more the giver of emotion and one the receptacle for it. Now you may switch, or let both be both giver or sender and receptacle, each holding space for the pain, no longer mine or yours, just pain.

The looking deep in each other's eyes is important. Don't lose that aspect of it in a larger group.


This is not my love or Jeshua's, we simply are mirrors. When you look into each other's eyes you also become the mirror, seeing the divine self and remembering, "I am that." Inviting and allowing.

From this place you take the blank canvas and the paints and you create, from this place of the open heart.

(exercise; many people are in a very deep place; tears in eyes; seeing and being seen)

I wish you could see the radiance which has increased a hundredfold since we started, and it was already high when we started. Perhaps you do see it. I know you feel it in your hearts. Thank you for participating in this exercise with me.

The miracle here is that the open heart is always there. It's much like the clear blue sky and sunshine. Clouds come. You look at the sky and all you can see is heavy, dark cloud. You don't believe the sun has disappeared and will never return. You don't believe the clear blue sky has gone, simply there is a cloud. Love is what breaks through the cloud.

Jeshua spoke of the improv, these improvisations which are the course of your daily life. You are constantly asking yourselves at some subconscious level, what is it I most need to learn next? And what do I need to invite in to help me remember? Because it's not so much learning as remembering, for most of you and in most situations. What do I need to remember?

Sometimes you go through this improvisation, for example, believing that you want to invite love but at some level being afraid to invite it. And then you turn your back. Look over your shoulder; are they still there? Maybe, maybe...

This is the improvisation. How many times will you turn your back before you finally come and reach out your hand and say, "Maybe I can trust," and let the eyes make contact and see the true divinity of the soul? What challenges you most is not the trusting of another's divinity but of your own because you have negative emotion and you feel, "If I'm truly divine I would not have such negative emotion."

But the question is not whether the negative emotion has arisen. If certain conditions still remain, negativity will arise. What is beyond the negativity, even with that negativity, is the loving heart. How do you access that heart?

Passing it to you, my brother-- you who are a Master at teaching people how to access that heart.

Jeshua: Thank you. So you were beholding the Christ of the one in front of you. Was it difficult to do? (Group: No) Not really. The Christ is always there looking out from the eyes. Even when you are in the most painful situations the Christ is always looking out through the eyes, wanting to make contact.

I would do with you now what is called a meditation. Allow yourself to feel comfortable on the chairs. You don't have to take any special position, just whatever is comfortable for you. And then taking that deep breath that we talked about earlier, that allows the peace of allness to come within, take that deep breath and feel the peace that descends with the deep breath.

Focus your attention on the breath. As you breathe in, notice you are breathing in light. As you exhale, know that you are exhaling light as well. And that light that you exhale goes as far as you can imagine and even farther, for you are connected to brothers and sisters you will not see in this lifetime with the physical eyes. You are connected to ones who live in other constellations, other planetary bodies, other intelligences, with that one breath. Inhaling the light that you are, exhaling the light to all beings.

In that space of light, feel yourself to be lighter than usual. Feel yourself to be light. Imagine how light goes without any restraints, and if it meets a restraint, it goes around a corner and finds a way to keep on flowing.

Breathe light, exhale light. Feel yourself to be the expansiveness of light. In that expansiveness of light, find yourself above the body. Find yourself looking down on the body that sits on the chair. Be able to picture, seemingly in imagination, the clothes, the raiment that you are wearing. What color is the top? What color is the bottom?

Taking another deep breath and exhaling light, feeling yourself to be light and to be above the body, look upon the body lovingly. Look upon the body in its exquisiteness of creativity-- the hair, the color of the hair, the various strands of hair, the halo around the hair, around all of the body that sits in the chair. Feel yourself to be expansive light that takes in the body and yet is more than the body. Allow yourself to feel that peace.

Know that everywhere you go, you are that aura of light. That is why ones say to you from time to time, "You are radiant." They behold the light of you. When you are happy you give off extra vibration of light. Allow the breath to take you to that place of radiance.

Allow the breath to take you to that place of expansion as the light that you are. Feel the bubble of light, the aura of you, blending with the light of the one who sits next to you, and next to that one. Side by side, front, back, feel yourself blending with the light of everyone in this room. Feel how light this room is. Even with the eyes closed you can feel the light. Know yourself to be walking, living light, healing light that heals the body, that heals the emotions, that heals every situation.

Feel yourself to be lighter than air and feel yourself floating above the body. Easily. There is a balloon string attached so you will not get lost. Feel yourself floating above the body, perfectly free, perfectly in 5th dimension, looking down upon 3D reality but feeling expanded into another dimension, not divorced, not separated from this dimension, but expanded, expanded light.

Feel yourself to be expanded light. Being able to see more of the whole picture. Being able to see everyone in this room. Being able to see the Christ light of everyone in this room. Being able to know what each one may be experiencing from time to time, and yet allowing your light to heal. Allowing your light to put space in between all the seemingly dark spaces, for truly there is more light between all of the dark spaces, all of the points of darkness that seem to be there, there is more light in between. And see that light expanding, healing, vibrating, radiant light.

Then taking another easy breath, ascend up above the body, again on the breath, taking an easy breath, exhaling the light. With the exhale, feel yourself ascending into the space of light, into that space that knows no constriction, no limitations, into that space where all is whole, all is holy. It is the aura of you. It is the radiance that you see painted in the depictions around the holy ones. It has been called the halo, the aura of light.

Feel yourself to abide in that light. Feel yourself in peace. Expanded...

Then, taking another easy breath, allow yourself to descend into the focus upon the body. Feel the light coming with you, still surrounding you as the aura that always goes with you, whether you can see it or not. Feel yourself focused on the body. Feel your toes. Wiggle the toes. Feel the arms and the fingertips and wiggle the fingertips. See how the body responds to your light.

Breathe light into the heart and feel the expansion of the heart. Know that you are walking light and love. And when it is comfortable, allow the eyes to open and look with the eyes of light. See how much light is around everyone in this room. Behold the aura of each and every one. Know that truly you can ascend into that place of peace any time you want to, to expand into an easier, less constricted space any time you want to.

And now beloved ones, when you are fully back into the body -- you may have to nudge a neighbor or so because some neighbors have gone very expansive into the light (laughter) -- allow yourself to move the body around a bit. And we will take a break, about a 10 minute break, perhaps 15 if you stretch it a bit, and then we will meet again. So be it.


Aaron: Continuing... I just love being here in this room with you! Now you're all radiating light!

You know that you truly are all powerful and there's much rejoicing in knowing that Christ Consciousness. But there's also some fear because you are aware that negative thought still arises. The belief is, if you really are that powerful and the negativity arises, might you not enact it in the world? If you are small and you enact it, it's a little manifestation, but if you are immense and I enact it, (sound effect). So you believe you had better keep yourself small. That's the myth.

There are more skillful ways to work with negativity and contraction. Negativity will arise sometimes. The world comes along and pushes you constantly. You get stuck in a traffic jam, you get a flat tire, your boss yells at you because of something he believes is late, something that you feel he never told you to do. The kids leave the dishes in the sink. What pushes you? It's constantly happening. Push, push, push!

And how do you react? The habitual energy is to contract and push back.

I've asked my friend John to help me demonstrate something. (John comes to the front)

John is going to push me. I can topple over, that's one option. I can push back, that's another option. In both of those options I bring up a lot of contraction and negativity. One is to make myself small and one is to try to make myself big with anger, with negativity. But there's a third option.

(demonstrates; John pushes hard and Aaron just steps aside, and again; laughter)

He's just pushing. After awhile he'll get tired and go and sit, (lost to laughter). Thank you, John. John, stay here a bit; I want to demonstrate this one step further. Now when he pushes and I simply dance with the push, I might step my whole body aside or just move my arm. But I don't collapse. Then I simply give the energy back to him. He can push again and I give the energy back to him. It goes by me and I give it back again.

I'm standing there firm. I'm not collapsing. That which gives back comes from the open heart, from a place of light. There's no fear in it. There's nobody there that needs to control, just kindness.

(demonstrating) And then I give it back. He takes it and he gives it back. Eventually it becomes a dance...Push, he goes past me, and I give it back.... It becomes a dance... It's actually a tai chi exercise called "pushing arms" and some of you may have met it there. I am relaxed, totally relaxed. Absorbing the energy of the push and returning the energy. Thank you, John.

What pushes you? Do you armor yourself against it? Do you try to make yourself small to get away from it? Do you try to dance with it but from a place of self that says, "Now I'm going to do this right," which is just another kind of push, or can there be that total relaxation? You could really keep doing that all day.

You are creating the improvisation and within that improvisation you are going to invite pushes so that you can learn how to respond compassionately and from the place of light.

Now I'm going to get you up and active again. Again find a partner. You may spread out into the lobby. I want to see you try this. Feel the push. Before you go out of the room, feel the push. Note the experience of feeling pushed. If there's something that wants to become small or to push back, simply be aware of it. Just let that energy flow into you and give it back until you're dancing...


It's important that you feel the experience, feeling pushed. That's part of the learning. In the improv the human is experiencing feeling pushed and then has the opportunity to relate to feeling pushed in a whole new way, from the divinity and light and love.

Q: Are we supposed to do both, resist and then allow?

Aaron: Yes...

(exercise continues)

Aaron: So in this way when the push comes and a negative reaction, tension, comes, you can remember, "Ah, this is just a push. I can just dance with it. If the body tenses up, I don't have to be afraid that the body is thusly tensed but remember: just relax and dance with whatever is pushing me. Not to hide from it, I keep that ball of energy moving. I keep feeding it back. The world will keep feeding it back to me."

The object here is not to stop negativity from arising but to learn how to relate more openheartedly with negativity. Then in this great improvisation you can stop inviting negativity because you've learned how to respond openheartedly to it. You don't need that catalyst anymore. You're done with it. Then you're more able to invite more kindness, more love, more ease, and all of that to which you aspire.

Remember, whatever arises, it's okay. You are not evil because negative thoughts arise, they are simply arising out of conditions and your work as love is to hold a larger space for them.

Imagine if I had a small box here and I put you into that box. I asked you to sit there. And then I came in carrying a tarantula and I said, "I'm going to put it in the box." You wouldn't stay in the box very long, would you?

Now imagine that the box is about 12 feet square, empty, nothing in it. You climb in and I come with a tarantula. Maybe you stay there for 2 seconds, 3 seconds. As soon as it starts to move, you're probably out.

Now I'd ask you to imagine a box the size of this room (it's a large room) with no furniture of any sort in it, no place for that tarantula to hide. You're sitting in one corner. I put the tarantula in the other corner. It has a lot of space. Can you see how you could sit there, even with some degree of comfort. As the creature begins to crawl across the floor to you, you might get up and move to the far corner, and sit down again. How many times would you do that dance with it before you finally let it get close to you?

We are not trying to get rid of negative thought but to break through negative thought and find the Christ consciousness that is always there, to find and bring forth that love, that spaciousness, that ease of being, that can look at the negative thought and say, "Ah, so, here is anger. Here is fear. And I will dance with it. Eventually it will go."

Jeshua and I are told that you would like to hear some stories of our lives together. I'm going to let Jeshua start to talk about that, or perhaps he has something to add to what I've just said.

Jeshua: As we've said this morning, I came to have a human lifetime. In fact, the one that is so famous is not the only lifetime that I have had on holy Mother Earth. But that lifetime I came again, as you have come, to know human lifetime and to desire companionship the same as you have desired to have friends and companionship.

And it so happened that in a nearby village there was a shepherd who had a son about my age and we got to know each other and play together the same as young boys always play together.

I had a cousin who is written about in your holy scriptures, the one known as the Baptist, John, but he was not as compatible, let us put it that way, because he was bigger, being 9 months older than I, and stronger, so that there was always a bit of difference between us, so that he could run faster, he could climb the tree faster, he could jump into the water faster than I could, and I was always trying to keep up with him.

But with Nathaniel, as Aaron was known then in that lifetime, there was a compatibility not only with the physical size and the physicality that we would play with, but also a compatibility of spirit.

We played as young boys play. I helped him from time to time with the sheep. I knew sheep well because of playing and helping Nathaniel with the sheep, so that you have the example in your holy scriptures about the shepherd who would watch over his flock. And if the 90 and 9 were in the sheepfold and if one was missing, you would go looking for it the same as I go looking for you in lifetimes when you have been off somewhere else, and I have come looking for you. I knew this because of the compassion that Nathaniel had shown me in being with the sheep, knowing each of the flock as individuals the same as people, because as you have seen with the four-footed ones and the winged ones, et cetera, they all have their own unique personality the same as you do. And so we knew each of the sheep in the flock and there was great love for each one. And if a lamb would be left behind there was a search to go find the lamb.

Nathaniel taught me a lot about village life and the hillside, about living, sustainability in living off just the hillside, not the village but being out with what you call nature, and being able to be sustained by nature, and to feel at one with the vibration of nature. But as I have said, it was the great friendship that grew up over the years from boyhood to adulthood.

And when I came back to begin what has been termed my ministry, Nathaniel would come to hear me speak and to be with me whenever he could. Whenever he could leave the sheep he would come and be with me and travel with me. But he had responsibilities so it was not always possible to be together. But it was as you have found in this day and time with this grouping, when ones you have not seen for awhile come together again there is great rejoicing, a great understanding of heart to heart that will never be broken by time or distance or even incarnations.

I will pass back to my brother Nathaniel, great friend, as you know great friends.

Aaron: Thank you, Jeshua. I was older than Jeshua by a few years, probably 5 years, but he was tall and I was very small of stature, so as he said, we were somewhat the same size. Perhaps he had to look up to me a little physically but he was far ahead of me in every other way.

He would come with me sometimes for a few days while I tended the sheep and at other times I was there at Mt. Carmel and in the Essene community with him. We were learning in the school there how to manifest energetically, how to invite things to come forth through energy.

Jeshua was younger, he was sitting in on the lessons that I studied. One day we came out to the hillside and it began to rain a cold, wet rain. Now, I knew how to build a fire, rubbing wood together, creating a spark. The wood was all wet. I was trying to build the fire. Finally Jeshua came up and tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Come on, Nathaniel, just light the fire!" I said, "I'm trying!" He said, "Don't try-- light the fire!" He simply looked at it and (whoosh).

He did not shame me in any way; he simply reminded me of my capacity to do this too, that I had forgotten. One does not have to create, one co-creates; one invites. He constantly taught me in these ways.

There was another situation when we were out on the hillside with the sheep and some boys who were bullies came. They said they wanted one of my lambs. They were a bit bigger than me, older than me and bigger because I was small, but ordinarily I would have fought them, I would have protected my lamb. But, I was responsible for Jeshua. He was younger. I didn't want to start a fistfight so I began to give them a lamb.

Jeshua, young boy that he was, walked up in front, looked at these bullies and said, "Why are you taking my brother's sheep?" He was the smallest of them but his energy field grew immense. They stepped back, astonished. Finally one got the courage to say, "Because we're hungry." So he turned to me and said, "Can they come back to our camp? Can we feed them?" "Yes."

They came back and talked. He said to them, "You were attracted by my power. You have that same power. This is not MY power; this is the Father/Mother divine power. But you cannot bring it forth for harm. What is there good that you can do in your life to help invite the manifestation of your own power and divinity?" They began to discuss it. They remembered a widow in their village who had children who had not enough food, not enough firewood, and they decided they were going to take care of her.

So he did not shame them for wanting to take the sheep. He fed them, this 6 year old; he invited them to see their own power and to use it for skillful means. When I next heard about them they were doing wonderful things in their village and they had grown in stature in the eyes of the whole village. People no longer thinking of them as hoodlums but as very loving young men. They had walked into their own power because he guided them thusly.

I never saw him humiliate anyone. He would use people's weakness as a place to point out, right there with the weakness is your strength. Leave the weakness aside and bring forth your strength. He always invited us as children or as an adult to bring forth that strength.

One other sheep story. This was when we were adults. We were walking in the country and we could hear a sheep crying. It was missing, we were looking for it. We could hear it bleating. We found it in a crevice between two rocks with a big boulder holding it down. It was not injured, it was just caught.

Jeshua had done what you think of as miracles by that point. I knew I could not lift that boulder. I turned to him and said, "Please lift it out so we can free the sheep." He said, "No, you lift it out, I'll do it with you." So he would not take over and say, "I am the Christ, I will lift it out," but remind us, you are all the Christ. You are all powerful. You all have the power of love. Simply lift it out, and we did so.

There was a time when we were walking in the country and sought shelter for the night in a barn. The man whose barn it was, was injured, and had been unable to climb up on the barn roof and mend that thatch. There was thatching material stored in the barn. The rain was leaking in. The animals were huddled, trying to avoid the raindrops. We were huddled.

Finally some of us said, in a small break in the downpour, "Let's go up and mend the thatch." It's a hard job on a nice day. On an icy cold day it was a brutal job. No one would have felt worse of Jeshua if he had said, "I will stay inside by the fire," but of course he did not do that, he came up on the roof with us.

We worked for an hour or two; we mended the thatch. My hands were raw and bleeding. When we came in, he was the first at the door and he took each of our hands. But he did not thoroughly heal the hands; no miracle. He just held the hands so that we could feel the warmth and the life coming in. He reminded us, the ever-perfect, the ever-whole, is right there. When I woke the next morning the hands were healed. I asked him, "Did you do that?" He said, "No, you did it."

Jeshua: My brother Nathaniel has made a very good point that hopefully you have taken to heart. You do not need a savior. For too long you have looked outside of yourself, looking for a savior, and for too long your religious-philosophical organizations, because they wanted to have power, have continued the idea that you must look to someone else to be your savior.

So you have come with generational teaching to believe that I am still up on the cross, that I died for your sins, therefore you do not know original sin. Original sin is most interesting. When you see the small infant, how could that small infant have sinned? It has not, of course. Original sin truly means the origination of the idea that there could be a forgetting of your divinity.

So when Nathaniel and I and some of the boys, later the men, worked together, I did not heal them. Truly they did not need my healing. None of you need my healing. You have come through challenges on your own and you have found your strength within. I have heard you as you've prayed to me and I have been with you to give you comfort, but you have healed yourself.

That healing power is within you, to heal any physical challenge, to heal any emotional challenge, to come to a place of most wonderful peaceful realization that there is no problem. Truly there are only experiences and you get to judge whether they are good or bad. And now you are moving into a place where you are seeing them as having the silver lining, a blessing, where you have said, "Whatever comes to me, there must be good in this." And that is true.

You heal yourself by choosing every moment to live in the space of divinity, that space that says, "I am okay. There is no problem. I am all-powerful otherwise I wouldn't even be here." And that is true, you would not be here if you had not chosen as great masters to incarnate. No one made you incarnate, it was always a choice. Every time you incarnate in any form -- it doesn't even have to be human form -- it is a choice.

But there has been within this reality a forgetting of your own power. And it has been on purpose, it has not been a mistake. You designed a reality that could be so unlike your true nature so that you could experience what that would feel like. And you have done it many incarnations, not just once, but you have decided, "I want to know all sides of human incarnation, all sides of the belief in separation and the belief in duality."

And so you have come and you have played different scripts. You've come on the stage of life and you have said, "How would it feel to play this role?" And you have played that role, played it very well. And some of the friends have looked at you and said, "Wow, she is the best drama queen!" or "He is the most masterful drama king. Imagine the creativity that he/she brings forth to play that so well, to play it to the hilt. All the way, the sword to the hilt." "Oh, how I suffer." I did not suffer. You need not suffer.

I do not need to heal you. In truth I cannot heal you, it has to come from within. You have to catch that spark that says, "Hey, I am that which I am. I am That. I Am." And there's a realization, a power, that rises up within you that allows you the realization that you need no savior outside of yourself. You have lived many incarnations where you have prayed unto various saviors. And if the belief was strong enough, the savior said to you internally, "Heal yourself."

This has happened with all of the saviors of the world. When you have prayed -- and you have all known incarnations with various saviors -- when you have prayed to that place where you thought you couldn't go any farther with the prayer, there has come inspiration, the in-taking of spirit, that has said, "I am whole. The divinity of me is always there doing the healing."

So when I walked with the friends there were many who looked to me to change things. I was thought to be messiah, that I was going to drive the Romans out of the country and set up a most wonderful kingdom, and I said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If you look for my kingdom in this world, you will not find it." And you know that. You have tried, you have looked. And it does not look like the kingdom of heaven.

But the kingdom of heaven, seek ye where it may be found, within, in that joy of knowing that you are already healed. You are already whole and perfect. You have purpose, you have value. You are not an accident. There has been said in your world that many ones walking the face of the earth are an accident, where the mother and father got together for a moment of pleasure and 9 months later here you are. No, you have purpose and there was purpose that you chose to be here. And if you chose to be here, and I assure you that you did, what does that say about your power? It says you have and are power. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Take that to heart this evening when you lay the head upon the pillow, for a moment or so think, "I chose to be here. I was not forced to be here, I chose." Under circumstances that sometimes were a little bit strange, sometimes you have been born when the mother didn't know that she was going to be having twins, and along came the second one. Surprise. But you wanted the timing, you wanted the experience. You knew that you had purpose and you knew that you had to be here.

Now, if you chose, and you did, to be here at this time, to activate a body, your healing is in that choice, from the very moment of conception, that very moment that you chose to say, "Yes, I will have that incarnation." And so the power is within you, it is not within anyone else to heal you. Yes, you can go to your medical facilitators, you can go to your herbalists, all of the different ones, and ask advice. And they will give to you the advice that they have, depending on their training and what they believe in, but it is their belief system and it does not need to be your belief system. It can be, if you feel a resonance with it, but it doesn't have to be. Just because they have a certificate up on the wall doesn't mean that their belief system is the same as yours. There is no better or less than, it is what you resonate with, with your belief system. And no shoulds about it.

Many times friends will say that you should not eat certain foods, that you should follow a certain diet, that you should not partake of pharmaceuticals, that you should not take artificial sweeteners, all of the shoulds. That's their belief system and that is fine for them, but it does not mean that it has to be yours unless you feel a resonance with that belief system. And sometimes you cannot know if you feel a resonance with it or not until you've tried it. And that's not a mistake.

Sometimes you'll try various things and they don't seem to work and then you say, "Well, I must have made a mistake." No, you just tried something to see how it was going to be. There are no mistakes, there are only experiences.

So, the pharmaceuticals that you bring forth, where do they come from? You create them. They are your creations the same as the herbal and what is called alternative methods, you create the pharmaceuticals otherwise they would not be. So there is no judgment is using whatever you feel resonance with. Friends may say, "Don't do that! That's all wrong. You should go completely organic." Well, yes, if that is your belief system and it resonates with you. Or if you want to use something else and you have belief that is your way to go, you have resonance with it, choose it for yourself. And do a favor for your friend, don't try to force it onto them. You can just say to them, "This is what has worked for me. You might want to try it." And you leave it at that.

Because you can never know for another person until you have walked in their sandals. You cannot know their background, their generational teaching. You cannot know what is their core belief. Truly it is good if you can get to your core belief, even that is a bit of a job. So you try out various things. No judgment.

So as Nathaniel has pointed out to you, I did not heal anyone. It is even written in your holy scriptures that in some places I could do no miracles. Well if I was all-powerful and a miracle worker, why would it be that in some places I could do no miracles? Because of belief system of the ones who were there. They had another path, another way that worked for them.

I did not heal, only the power of the Father Mother God, All That Is, within, can heal. But I did do something you can do, and I charge you to do it. I did have enthusiasm. I did believe in the power innate in each person. I believe in you and in your wholeness. I know you are whole. Each and every one of you, I know that whatever has been troubling you can be gone in a moment because you are whole. I guarantee that to you because I know that which you are.

You are healed, and every situation around you is healed. There is no problem. You can see problems – well, they jump up at you -- but it is as Nathaniel has pointed out to you: you can do the dance with them as they come. You don't have to resist them, you don't have to try to solve them. You just go with the flow, you've heard that. You just dance with them, not in resistance.

For too long ones have looked outside of themselves for healing, for magical answers to anything that seemed to crop up. Go first to that power within you. How do you do that? With the simplest of things, the deep breath. Go first to that place within and then go as the guidance directs. If it doesn't work the first time, keep on breathing.

And now I give back to my brother Nathaniel.

Aaron: Thank you, Jeshua. Which leads me to one more story. Perhaps in all our friendship, the thing that touched me most.

My wife died in childbirth. I loved her. I was brokenhearted. I decided to go and see my friend Jeshua. He was a few days' walk. I set out and a storm came. I kept walking. It was dark night and I fell off a cliff and broke my leg.

People found me the next morning, put a splint on the leg, carried me on a burro, brought me to where Jeshua was. I begged him to heal the broken leg. I said, "You have that power. You can do that. My other children are at home. The newborn baby is at home. I must care for my sheep." He just patted me on the shoulder and said, "Sit by the fire. Relax."

There were provisions to carry me from place to place in one way or another. Every day he came and sat with me. At first I was frantic, "Heal the leg! Heal the leg!" He was very calm, he just said, "Relax." He didn't say it out loud but he knew what needed to be healed, which was that enormous pain of losing my beloved wife. My heart was broken. That was the big break, not the leg.

I spent perhaps 6 weeks in his company at that time, just feeling his energy, feeling his love, healing the heart, finding my own capacity for healing the heart, although I suspect he had a part in it. Of course a broken leg heals but the heart also healed. If he had somehow miraculously healed that leg and I had gone off in a few days, I would have been carrying that tragedy and fear and anger and grief with me.

Sometimes a friend needs to remind you of what most needs healing. Your friends can do this for you. When your friends look at you, ask them, "What do you see?" and try to listen to them. They may not be right. You can accept what they see or not accept it but it's important not to get caught in your own beliefs of what should happen but to be mirrors for each other. Then the deepest healing, the healing for which you took birth, can happen.

Even the death of my wife was not just about mourning the loss of the beloved, but with her gone I felt incomplete. And what needed to be healed even beyond her death and my feelings of loss was that feeling of incompleteness, that I was not whole without her. My friend Jeshua reminded me of that wholeness by shining the light of his own wholeness at me until finally I grasped it: I am already whole. And then I could grieve her in a different way, not from grasping but from a place of love, and let go.

Thank you for that. I don't know if I ever thanked you back then. I thank you now. (Aaron takes Jeshua's hands)

Barbara lost her hearing almost 40 years ago. The nerve between the ear and the brain was oxygen-starved and died. The doctors told her, "Nerves cannot be regenerated. You will never hear again." Furthermore, she had no balance. She walked unsteadily and with walking sticks because the semi-circular canals were dead. So she accepted their belief, "You will never hear. You will never have balance."

In these past 8 years she has been going to Brazil. John of God also is not healing her. Joao says, "I do not heal, God heals." But this is not some God up there going, "Zap! You are healed," this is the inner divinity that knows its wholeness, releases the belief system of limit, and opens into the unlimited.

You may have seen the postcards of the book, Cosmic Healing, which will be released by its publisher next March. And I believe there is a workshop planned here to help bring out the book, am I correct, D? In May.

This is the core of the book. If you believe in limits then that's what you will manifest. When you look deeply at the beliefs you have held and how they have kept you limited, and find the courage in yourself to step beyond those beliefs, there are no limits. Then we're back to, what if you really are unlimited and all powerful? What is there that is beautiful that you wish to create, to paint on that vast canvas?

Do you believe you cannot paint because you're not an artist? You are all artists. The canvas is glorious! You are all creative beyond measure. But you have forgotten who you are and the whole process of the incarnation. And the whole reason for such as Jeshua and myself to come and talk to you is to remind you of who and what you are. You are love.

Jeshua, if there is more you would like to say, I would welcome it. Otherwise we will open the floor to questions and answers. As you prefer.

Jeshua: I think we will follow Aaron/Nathaniel's suggestion and open the floor to questions. We have about one hour left for the workshop. It would be good to have questions, if you have any. However, you may know everything so you may not!

Yes, what is your question?

Q: Well, this is a strange question because I don't believe in the question. But my wife would dearly love to know, her job is closing and her son is suffering depression. And if you have clear insight into her or this situation, to give any help, uplift, healing, or comfort, I would appreciate anything that you could offer. I have one other question after that.

Jeshua: As you have been discerning, there is much that is happening not only in this geographic/philosophical location here but it is global. There is much that is changing and your world has become globally interrelated. Therefore what happens seemingly on an individual level is magnified out to the globe and vice versa. So you are seeing much that is changing.

Those that are caught, seemingly, in the web individually feel that they are caught. But in truth they are part of the solution. You have all prayed, asked for, desired, no matter what your religious/philosophical leanings were, and I speak to this group here but also globally, everyone has wanted the same thing: love and recognition and enough of the golden coins to take care of the small ones, the family. To keep the food on the table, to take care of the family. That is the basic desire that everyone, no matter what their philosophical leaning may be, that is what they want.

Furthermore, you have had many forces at work for a long time who have been wanting to know their power. And they have been using their power to amass for themselves the golden coins and power of the world. This has been going on for some very long time.

But now things are changing because ones are finding themselves hurting. And they're rising up and they're voicing: there should be equality. The golden coins should not be just hoarded by some corporations or some families from generational means. So there is what has been called the grass roots movement. The ordinary person, who is extraordinary truly, is awakening and throwing over the old. So that which the mate and the son are experiencing is part of the change, and they have agreed that they will be part of the change, that they will make demonstration at this time. And there are many who are joining in to say, "This is not heaven. This is not how it has to be. It can be different."

And this movement is swelling to the place where the ones who have been so tightly holding on to what seems to be their temporal power is going to be changing. It will have to change.

Now, I know that is small consolation when ones are in the middle to say, "Well gee, I chose to be part of this scenario, and I was part of this scripting that said I would play this part." But the important thing is to remember and to keep hope, to know that truly what goes down is going to come back up. To look for creative ways -- and this is another thing that is going to come out of the whole change that is happening: ones are going to be creative in seeing what else they can do to bring in golden coins for themselves. "What other creative talent do I have? Where is there a need that I can serve, that I can fill in?" Not with the idea first of all of getting paid for it, perhaps, but where is there a need? Where can we gather together groups to help each other, to bring about what worked in a long time ago of the families joining together on the farms and growing the food, the crops, learning how to use the materials at hand. Community. Sharing.

Everyone including the son and the mate, your whole household, has much that can be shared with someone else. All of you have cupboards that are shut closed and hopefully aren't going to burst open because you have much of the material goods in there. Pull them out. Share them.

If it feels right, ask for the golden coins in the sharing. If it doesn't feel right, just give freely, because whatever is given is going to come back to you in ways that you need, appropriate ways. You do not have to hoard.

And the families and the corporations who have been so caught up in, "How can we make ourselves have more power?", they truly have not been wanting the golden coins, although that has been a symbol of their power. They want to know their power of being. They've gotten the focus switched a bit so they've thought it had to be worldly, tangible, power that they could take to the bank or keep in the basement or wherever the vault happened to be.

But that is changing because you have asked, "Where is my power?" These corporations that used to hire and pay big salaries and have all the benefits, you have been seeing them crumble. And they're crumbling because it is necessary in the evolution of mankind, womankind, the awakening, for every individual to come within and to see, "What do I have to offer? Where is there a need that I can fill?"

And as I have said, sometimes in exchange for the golden coins, sometimes in exchange for a pillow, a chicken, whatever. And ones have said, "But you're talking doom and gloom. You're talking a return to the old way." No, I'm talking a new way. Using some of the old ways that have worked but a new awakening that the power is not outside you somewhere. You do not have to have the resume and go to the big corporations and say, "Hey, look, see my resume? I'm worth $50,000 every day and I want it in my bank account." Well, those days have gone because you want to get in touch with the real power of creativity.

So the ones who are "out of work," they're not out of work, they're just out of ideas meantime of how to serve and where to serve. And it is a good thing.

Q: The other question. We are having some very wonderful opportunities here. We have an opportunity group that is looking at how we might restructure, reorganize the various aspects of what we do as our current pastor transitions and retires. We're having a chance to think about how we have been in the past and how we might move from religion to spirituality.

And as we joined together to have these discussions, there's great drama. We look at each other as if, this person must be from a different planet! How could anyone come to ask a question from this perspective, or solve a problem from that perspective? And I would just like some thoughts, inspiration, encouragement from you because it seems that we all agreed to be here together doing this. We scripted it. We may have a few opportunities to improvise but it's all one, and we're all in here by consent. So I would appreciate any thoughts that you can do to bring help and harmony, and peace and joy.

Jeshua: Well already as you have seen, you are working through some of the bramble bushes and you're working through to see the talents that each one has and would be willing to give. Already on this day you have had many in the service, and it is a service, of spirituality.

This is not a religion. You come together on the Sunday mornings and during the week with your various meetings and groups because of like mind, because of love and companionship and fellowship. And when you will keep that in front of you, knowing that everyone has their part to play, their expertise, there will come out of the whole grouping several ones that will be seemingly a core to lead.

But in truth, leaders cannot lead if they don't have followers. And so you will want to keep the discussion open, and you will want to value everyone's participation even if it seems like it's from another planet, because after all it does expand your outlook on things.

When you get a certain core together, it will be a harmonious core but it will not be set in stone. You're going to be open to inviting other ones as you are already doing. You have basically right now a master of ceremonies but many of you take part in the everyday ongoings of this work. You may have to find someone who will take on the part of the bookkeeping and the financial. That is important. And you may have to find someone or someones to share the keeping together of the program, in other words the M.C.. It doesn't have to be the same person every Sunday. Already you're alternating many of the different activities, and doing very well with it, and bringing forth the qualities that each one has to share. So you're already in the process of doing that which you want to see already established in the, what do they call the flowchart of who is at the top and who fills in here and there? It's going to be a cooperative effort and you are going to have someone who's going to take charge as being seemingly a leader of it. But the importance is going to lie with the cooperation of a core group. And that's already in process. You're doing well with that.

I'm going to turn this over now to my beloved friend Aaron because perhaps he has more to add to that as well.

Aaron: Thank you. When one person holds the vision, he becomes known as the vision holder and the others assume that they are the ones who follow the vision. Thus they disempower themselves with the belief, "somebody else has to hold the vision for me to follow." But a place like Interfaith and Deep Spring, many of these light centers in the world, they are here to shake things up a bit, to help you remember there is no one person to hold the vision but rather we co-create the vision. We bounce off of each other and the vision expands. Each person has power. Each person has creativity.

If one person has this vision and another person has that vision it does not mean catastrophe. It rather means that this vision is shared and that vision is shared, like planting 2 seeds in fertile soil to see what will grow. What kind of miraculous new plant may come up? Imagine completely new vegetation. Who knows?

Of course you will be careful not to disperse your energy so widely that nothing grows, but to bring attention to the plants that feel most vibrant and wholesome to you. But always willing to let go and see the possibility of a new plant, a new structure. In this way you keep growing.

The work of any light center is not just to provide a physical home where people may come together, but it is instead to provide a place for practice of the skills of being a light being. That's the meaning of light center. It's a place that draws beings of light and invites them to manifest that light. Each being is given that opportunity and each will be found to have their own unique radiance that enriches the whole.

May we hear further questions?

Q: I have 2 questions. The first question is, you mentioned beliefs. And some beliefs are easy to change and some I just have trouble, changing some early learning beliefs. Do you have suggestions on that, something that I could do?

Aaron: What do you get out of holding the old belief? In one way you want to change it and in another there is some part of that belief that says this sustains something, this makes me feel safe in some way. A belief in limits. I have a small yard and a fence. I'd really like to expand but it's also very comfortable in here. The fence seems to keep me safe.

So the first step is not to say, "I want to change the belief," but "Why am I attached to this belief? Why do I hold onto it? What might I do to consider new possibilities?"

I want to come back to Barbara's story for a minute, here. I mentioned her original belief that she is deaf, she just had to learn to live with it. She did learn to live with it. And then seeing the possibility, what if I can hear? It was a wonderful possibility, but also when spirit asked her, "What if you could hear? What is it you do not want to hear?" she began to see the ways that she was uncomfortable to hear all of the sorrow and grief and pain of the world, and that in a certain way the deafness protected her from that.

So she had to grow through that. First to come to, "I am willing to hear the pain as well as the beauty." And finally, "Not only am I willing but I choose to hear it all." What does it mean for the heart to choose to hear it all? Fear that one will be overwhelmed, even destroyed. Opening the heart in that way unto trust of the capacity of the Self, of all selves. Then the belief falls away because there's nothing left to sustain it.

This is what she has been learning in this past decade through these trips to Brazil. They did not create hearing. Rather, spirit helped to support her releasing old beliefs, not by saying, "Get out of here!" but by investigation. "What if this belief was not here? What if there are no limits?" Now gradually she's beginning to hear, not because some divine being is zapping her with hearing power but because the body's innate ability to hear is returning, as is balance. When the auditory and balance nerves are dead, some other part of the body will take over.

Right there with that which cannot hear is that which can hear. Right there with that which is afraid is that which is not afraid. You don't have to get rid of the fear to open to that which is not afraid, only to know the possibility; where is that which is not afraid? Right here with the fear, if I treat the fear with compassion and choose to enter into that which is unafraid; if I allow anger, greet anger with compassion, and choose to rest with that which is not angry; where is that which is not afraid or angry? Anger makes people feel powerful so they hang onto anger. What if I were not angry in this moment? What if I were not afraid? What if I were not limited? What might I be experiencing?

So in this gentle way you guide yourself into that release of difficult beliefs. We've just had a meditation retreat this weekend. One of the predominant issues that came up over the 3 days of retreat for many people was the belief in unworthiness. That's a very challenging belief for people. "I'm not good enough. I'm unworthy." We cannot say, "No, it's not true, I am so worthy" because that's just the flip side of unworthiness. The one trying to be worthy is the one trying to push away the feelings of unworthiness, as if to bury them.

But when we see the whole package of worthy/unworthy and realize this is just a belief, there's nothing I have to hold on to here as true but I can open my heart to the human who experiences this pain and at the same time know I can step through it. What if I'm not unworthy? What does the feeling of unworthiness protect me from?

People start to see that in themselves and know, I no longer need to choose to hold onto this difficult belief. I let it go. I release it.

Other questions? Does Jeshua wish to respond? (No)

Q: The other question that I had was regarding the ego. How do you understand the ego? Could you try and explain your idea, what you see <>?

Aaron: The ego is the small frightened child within that wants to blow itself up like a 2 year old facing some bullies. When love comes and holds the 2 year old's hand and says, "It's okay, you're safe," the ego deflates.

What replaces the ego is not a nothingness but the Christ self. People think, "I need to have an ego. How will I do anything? How will I live in the world?" Live from the Christ self, from the Buddha self, the awakened self. The more you learn to live from that space, the less need there is for ego. But do not try to demolish ego. It's okay that it's there. Just smile to it.

There's a wonderful story about the Tibetan saint Milarepa. He's meditating in the mountainous cave when the demons of greed, hatred, and fear arrive. They are hideous. The flesh hangs in shreds from the bones. Gore drips out. The bones rattle. There's a foul stink. They carry bloody knives and swords.

Milarepa says, "Come sit by my fire, have tea."

"Aren't you afraid of us?" they ask.

He says, "No, your hideous appearance only reminds me to be aware and to have mercy. Come sit by my fire. Have tea."

Ego fits right in there with hatred, greed, and fear. Ego is where those emotions emerge. When he gives them tea he also says, "Shh! We're not going to get into a dialogue." Ego is saying, "Now do this, do that." Just, "Shh! Drink your tea. But I don't have to kick you out. I'm not afraid of you. You can sit there as long as you like. Meanwhile I rest my identity increasingly in the divine self and I live from that divine self." Ego will go when it has no more use. Don't make a problem out of it.

Jeshua: So are there any further questions?

Q: My question is, everyday in our news media there's some child or children that's being harmed or killed, and it just seems to be escalating. What can we do about it? What is it all about?

Jeshua: It is the same as you have been seeing with all of the wars, all of the so-called natural disasters where they come about and many are displaced and are suffering. Your heart goes out to them, especially to the children.

The recent media attention to the bullying of ones -- now bullying has gone on for centuries, a long, long time. Many of you have been the object of bullying as you came up through the small grades. And if you were lucky your parents said to you, it does get better as you get older. Just hang in there. But the media attention now is showing you the inhumanity of brothers, sisters, to each other, the same as your wars do it on a large scale. Now you have the incidence of the bullying and the children who are suffering from it and feeling they have to escape by laying down the body.

They are making demonstration of an issue that, as I have said, has been going on for a long, long time. Even in the time of Nathaniel and me there were the bullies who thought they could use their larger size and power to get what they wanted. It is all part of the shift in the awareness that is happening.

The ones who have decided that the only way they can handle the bullying is to decease the body are watching to see what impact their actions have brought about. And there is impact because there are many who are waking up to seeing how difficult childhood can be if there is not an older one, companion, brother, sister, mother, parent, uncle, whoever, to hold their hand and to encourage them to believe in themselves.

You have your technology now that is bringing forth what is called the Facebook where everyone has their face on this facebook, and they are vulnerable, seemingly, as they put their information out there with the technology for others to come back and criticize, judge, and find them wanting, daily. And if they are not being mentored by some loving companion, then they often feel alone and see no way to handle it.

So what it is pointing out to all of you is to be aware of the small ones in your family, in your extended family, in your community, and speak to them as your Sunday school teachers do, how important they are, how talented they are, how wonderful they are in their own way. Many of the ones who are being bullied feel that they are out of the "mainstream" and they don't know that the mainstream is much wider than just a little trickle of what has come to be accepted as mainstream.

That is changing because ones have had the courage to stand up to, for example to come out of the closet and to say, "Hey, this is who I am. This is how I want to love someone and be loved in a way that is not the traditional way. But hey, I'm still a person. I still have love to give. I still have value. I want to be seen for who I am, not to have to hide," which has been done for generations. All of you have what is called the "family skeletons" in the closet from Great Uncle So-and-So or Aunt Matilda, way back. You have your maiden aunts who never married but lived together. It's not because they could not find a mate, it was because they chose to have the companionship of another woman. But it was not recognized that it was okay to say, "This is the way I want to love. This is the way I find love and want to express it."

Now you have ones who have come forward in the last, what, 3 decades, 4 decades or so who are saying, "Hey, I have value. I am that which I am and the way which I want to express my love is love the same as the more "acceptable" way." All ways of expressing love are acceptable.

So when you find ones in your community or your family or your extended family, reach out to the small ones and see their strengths and compliment them on their strengths and how you appreciate them. Even if it be the neighbor boy who may be acting out, look past appearances as to why is he acting out. Maybe he doesn't have a parent at home who will take and put their arm around them. And you can do that, you can put your arm around him and say, "Hey, what's going on for you today?" And share, maybe share a story of your own. But get them to know that you see them, that you truly see them, and that you care about them.

So many of your brothers and sisters go about with the eyes cast down, not looking. They want to be anonymous. They don't want to be seen, they don't want to look you in the eye. And when you go up to them and you look them in the eye, sometimes they are uncomfortable with it but at the same time it breaks the ice a bit so they can understand that, "Hey, somebody just saw me. Somebody gets it that I am a person and that I have value. And they're paying attention to me."

Because so many of the small ones have for generations been cast to the back because parents didn't have time or inclination to care about them, not only to care for them but to care about them, and really didn't want them. And so ones have grown up with the self-image that they don't have value. And "if I don't have value, why should I stick around and just get bullied some more?" And this has happened down through generations, this is not new.

Now your news media is bringing you as a blessing this news about what is happening so that it can be front and center and you can see that which has been swept under the rug for generations. And it's now all of that old dust and beetles and whatever that's been swept under that carpet that's coming out. And it is good because you are going to finally clean house and have a clean carpet and clean underneath. And I will tell you that there are many skeletons, much dust, and some of the old beetles, under the rug. So your news media is doing you a great favor by bringing this to your attention.

Sometimes ones don't want to watch the news media because it seems to be negative. It is truly a blessing. It is bringing it to your attention what is going on in the world so that you can be aware of your part in helping change it. Thank you for asking that question.

Aaron: This comes back to what I first spoke about, of the evolution of consciousness. A lot of those who are doing the bullying are people of a lower consciousness. That does not make them inferior in any way, they're simply younger souls. These children who are lost, some of them are older souls. They're relating in the world much the way nations do with each other, where a nation comes along and it's a big bully and carrying a lower level of consciousness that says, "This is the way it is and you have to accept my beliefs," and so forth.

The world is increasingly filling with these older, wiser souls. Many of you experienced this as children, that you felt different from those around you. They were just someplace else, in the way they lived their lives, in the beliefs they held, in the values, and you felt different and lost. So it's so important to befriend these children and help them know they're not alone, but also to rejoice in their presence, in the fact that these courageous children are choosing to incarnate into the world and bring forth this higher consciousness.

People come into the incarnation with different kinds of plans, if I can phrase it in that way, what you intend to do in the incarnation. It's not a plan that's written in stone, it's constantly changing and growing, but there may be a plan for people that you think of as victims to come being willing to experience some kinds of pain as a way to teach others. You must always protect the children from that kind of pain but you must also not demonized the adults who have caused them pain or the bullies who have caused them pain, but know that everything is in a teach/learn situation.

It takes a balancing act to trust the place where people are and to say "no" to that which is hurtful to people. If that which says no comes from a place that dances with it, comes from a place of love, increasingly you are able to trust the negativity in the world and not hate it but work to transform it. To meet it with compassion that says "no" but without any hatred. And it is only that that will invite the lower consciousness to evolve, to let go of old beliefs and to step forth a bit to see what possibilities there are.

Q: <inaudible> We have replaced the Old Testament with much more love and compassion. And then came the Koran which went back towards the Old Testament because <inaudible>. But the Koran is an incredibly loving and compassionate <inaudible for a sentence or two>. So I wonder, could you tell us what historical input you had into the Koran, would you be willing to share that with us?

Jeshua: Yes. Truly all religions have started out from the premise of love. Then ones who have wanted to have some control have made structure, organization, and in making organization they have lost sight of the very first principle of love. But it is still there in all religions. It may have gotten covered up with a whole lot of other things down through the ages but the principle of love and the principle of oneness is there and was there with the first person who had the revelation in every religion and tried then to give it to other ones, to have other ones catch that revelation. And some did and some caught part of it. And usually the ones who caught part of it were the ones who were busy writing it down. And then other things got added to it as well.

With the various ones, I have had some input but not just me. It has been many others of the masters as well, the ones who are able to see the big picture of the evolution of mankind and of consciousness. And so yes, I would liken it unto a round table, perhaps, where masters have met and have said, "There is one who is open and receptive to revelation. Let us give this revelation of love, of oneness to this one person."

And every one of them, in the beginning, saw that revelation, saw the truth, and attracted followers to them because the followers recognized the essence of truth in every religion that has come and every religious book that has been written.

But it has changed down through the ages. It is very much the same as if we were to start a story here at this corner and I will tell you a certain story with certain elements in it. And you pass it on to the next person and then they pass it on to the next person. By the time it goes all the way around the room, the story over here is going to bear very little resemblance to what started out.

And that is what has happened with all of the religions down through the ages. They have all started out in pure form given from what you would call ascended masters, from higher Self, really. And the person who caught that revelation was true to it and very much wanted to, and did, give it to a group of followers who then spread it on to other followers who then tried to write it down. And then they found they needed some organization and because they needed organization they added a few more shoulds to it. And by the time they did that you didn't recognized what had started out in the beginning. But every religion has the same truth, basic truth, of love.

Q: Thank you very much for coming today. I appreciate it very much.

Jeshua: It is my pleasure.

Q: I wanted to talk to you about the symbolism of the crucifixion, powerful, obviously, for all of us the last 2000 years of humanity. And you spoke of it earlier. I imagine you get asked about it quite a bit.

Jeshua: Yes, it does come up from time to time!

Q: So some of the information which I've heard, which seemed valid to me, obviously it's a very powerful symbolic event. And my question is around, to what extent did this literally occur? Obviously it was hugely symbolic. I've heard stories of your surviving the event and going to France. And I was wondering to what extent there's truth there.

And tell me more about your experiences during the crucifixion, after the crucifixion, and what else you might have done on Earth as Jeshua at that time.

Jeshua: Thank you. It is almost as if I had put a shill into the audience to ask that question, because truly I did make reference to it earlier this morning. The crucifixion: I was not the only one to undergo crucifixion. Even in your holy scriptures, on the day that I was crucified there were 2 others with me as well.

Crucifixion was a very torturous way of suggesting to one that they decease the body. And you have all come through your crucifixions. When you see the symbol of the crucifixion you relate to it because all of you have been martyrs, as they have been called. All of you have gone through a physical crucifixion. That is why it is in your computer. That is why you can relate to it, you have been physically crucified.

But more than that, you have been emotionally crucified many times. Even in this lifetime you have felt crucified emotionally by friends, parents, etc, society. You have known your crucifixions.

So as I said this morning, I chose to come through that experience. Now, I didn't have to, because I also knew ways to make the body into a light vibration and disappear, which I did from time to time before the crucifixion. But as was written, at the Last Supper, it was known that I had made enough of a nuisance of myself that the religious/philosophical organization at the time was not going to be happy with me and they were going to want me silenced.

I did pray unto my Father in the Garden of Gethsemane that perhaps there might be another way we might put it off for another month, another year, maybe, etc. But when I prayed there was no answer that came back with Plan B so we had to go with Plan A. And as I said, I was curious. I knew how to leave the body and to leave the pilot light on, but I had never, and my teachers had never, completely taken the pilot light away from the body and let the heart rate stop, the blood stop flowing, etc., the whole bit of deceasement of the body and then to reactivate it.

So I was curious. And I also trusted the divine power that brings all of us into existence, whatever form is chosen. So I trusted that there would be something beyond just the deceasement.

I knew that my ministry was not just those 3 years. We went through the experience of the crucifixion and the burial in the tomb and the resurrection. And as I said in the morning, when I emerged from the tomb, there had been such a high vibration of light helping to reactivate the body that ones did not recognize me. And so I had to work with toning it down a bit until the aura of me wasn't out like 6 feet and was more like everyone else's. And I met with my disciples and I met with the ones walking along the road to Emmaus. And I met with all of you from time to time.

And then the rumor got out that I was still alive, that somehow I had resurrected the body. And the authorities were not happy with this. "How are we going to get rid of this guy? We thought we had crucified him. The body seemed to be dead. We put it into the tomb. We sealed the tomb," because they didn't want my body stolen so that there could be rumor that somehow I had resurrected, "and then the boulder was rolled away. How are we going to get rid of this rabble-rouser?"

Question from Barbara while reviewing the transcript: Jeshua, are you saying you were captured and put into a boat rather than going to sea freely, yourselves, as I had thought? Who put you into the boat?

[Jeshua to Barbara: Part of what you have thought -- my going to sea freely -- was true in that we, Mary and I and the children and a few friends, had planned to go to the island of Cyprus where my uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, had an estate. We had a boat readied for the trip, with supplies, etc. When word got to the authorities, the religious authorities, that we were planning this voyage, they came as we were about to set sail, took our provisions and the sails and oars, etc. and sent us out to sea.]

So I and Mary, my wife, and Mary, my mother, some of the closer disciples, my two children, were put into a boat. And Joseph, my uncle, of Arimathea, we were put into a boat and set out into the water, into the sea without oars and without sail. And they figured sooner or later a storm is going to come along and that was going to take care of them. They forgot that I walked on water. But the winds were favorable.

And after a long while, and we knew how to sustain ourselves without food because after all, they didn't put food in the boat either, we came to the coast of France. And there is a place there called Saint Marie of the Sea, St. Marie del Mar, where we landed. And there is a chapel there to Sarah, Saint Sarah. Sarah was my daughter.

So we lived there in that village for awhile, established ourselves. And Mary Magdalene, my Mariam (pronounced MARY-m), I always called her, then later became into Miriam, but I called her Mariam because there were so many Mary's in that time. And I wasn't going to call her, "Mary of Magdala, please come here, wife!" She was my Mariam.

She and I and the children -- and we had some more children, and we also adopted some in the villages as we would stay in various villages. If there were orphans we would take them in because again, we remembered how to manifest food, we could take care of ones. So we stayed in the various villages until it became apparent that we weren't aging but the villagers were. And this could be a bit of an appearance problem. So then we would say that there were relatives in another village farther on that we needed to go visit. And so we would make trek to another village.

So we covered all of France. We went back to Tibet. We went back to India. We went to Great Britain where my uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, had tin mines. And we met again with old friends of the Druids. And as I have reckoned in linear time, I lived and Mariam lived another 600 years because if you once revitalize the body, you can keep on doing it. That's what we did for the sheer joy of it, because we enjoyed people. We enjoyed friends. We enjoyed life. So there wasn't reason to have to let the body grow old and decease.

So you have many legends that have come, even unto this day, about where Mary of Magdala, where I walked. I even walked the Americas, talked with your Native Americans as they are called now. I knew that my ministry was not just of the 3 years. I knew that my ministry was going to be ongoing, and that I was going to teach others as we went along. And there are many of you who were with me in the various places, villages, where we traveled, so that you knew me. Yes, you knew me in the lifetime as one Jeshua, that is so famous.

But you also reincarnated and just happened to come into a village where we were living because there was a soul-longing to be together. You do that before any incarnation. You have a soul-longing or contract that you will meet up with certain ones when the time is right. And there is a knowing, when you meet up with someone, there is a familiarity that you feel in your heart. You know you know this one. You may never have laid the physical eyes upon them in this lifetime but the heart opens and you know that you have known this one before.

So yes, long answer to your question. My ministry extended another 600 years or so. And when we decided that perhaps we had done enough, we allowed no physical trace of bones or whatever, we did not want to have--there were enough shrines already. And we didn't want to have the bones. So we allowed the light to ascend and the dust of our Holy Mother to go back into the soil.

And all of you can do the same if you want to, and have done. All of you have lived lifetimes much longer than what you see a regular lifetime now to be. You have all lived the 100, 200, 300 years because you enjoyed living and you didn't feel like having to reincarnate and start out as the small one, you just kept on enjoying life until finally you said, "Well, okay, maybe I want to try something new." Because you are creative.

Now, I see we are approaching the ending time. Perhaps if you have one more question I will turn this over to my brother, Nathaniel, and allow him to have the last question and the last word.

Q: I have a question for you, Jeshua. Can you take one more?

Jeshua: Well yes, if I lived 600 years I can probably take one more. (laughter) Yes.

Q: Thank you. Your travels have been immense and your time of living as well. Did you have an opportunity to go beyond this planet, and do you know other civilizations?

Jeshua: Of course. Yes. You have stories of my being the space ship commander, Sananda. These are true. You have also been the star seeds from other planetary constellations, and you have come to this reality here as a star seed to spread your light. To live a human life and yet to remember your light.

So yes, I had many lifetimes, incarnations, however you would define an incarnation. Some incarnations are as the liquid crystal that is just flowing or just as Intelligence. Or with a form that is different than the human form.

So yes, there is very, very much that is coming to light now, and that is very good. But there is very much more to you than what is contained between the crown chakra and the soles of your feet. Very much.

Q: Can you fast-forward then to the place when you were on Earth and you have record of, in that Biblical account? There was a time when a woman was massaging your feet with an expensive ointment. And the comment from a disciple was that the oil should have been sold to help the poor. And your comeback as it reached us in the scriptures was, "The poor will always be with you. She has done a marvelous thing." Is there a hope that one day the poor will not be with us? That we'll be able to create a society where no one is in poverty? This gives me pain to think of the reality that we have of the poor, even now. That is how the pain that came up with me, with Aaron speaking.

Jeshua: Right. That is what this truly has been all about, this afternoon's gathering. Every time you come together on your Sunday mornings or with your groups during the week, you are working to bring about equality, recognition of equality, of the divinity of all, and to manifest everything that you need, so that there is not poverty.

Right now it as my brother Nathaniel or Aaron has said, the poverty and the brutal acts are to bring about the feeling of compassion and the understanding that "there but for the grace of God" -- in other words I've already done this – "go I." There's not grace of God outside of yourself but, "I've already done this, I understand it. I understand. I get you. I see you. I understand poverty because I have lived it."

And it is coming to a place, yes, slowly, but it is coming to a place where there will not be poverty because everyone will understand how to manifest that which they need. And you will be living in a time where it will be recognized that each one is wholly and holy Christ.

Thank you for asking.

Aaron: Well, I see it is 10 after 5 so perhaps we need to just stop here.

Q: My question is whether <her twin sister> and I are still on track to go to Poland to see the blessed Mary there and go see <Medjugorge?> <and the blessed Mary there>. And whether or not we're still on the road to her doing the book and me helping her with the paintings.

Jeshua: Yes. (laughter)

Aaron: I have no closing words because we're not saying goodbye, just so long for a bit. Our conversation continues whether Jeshua and I are present with you or not. We are always available to you. Love is always available to you. Your own guidance is available to you.

Thank you for sharing yourselves and bringing your energy and light here today to talk with us.

Something I would love to do if, okay with others and especially with John because we would need you to lead it. At the retreat just now we closed with a song, "All I Ask of You Is Forever To Remember Me as Loving You," just repeat it. And then, "Isk Allah; ma boud leh lah;" The repeated words ...what language is it, John? Arabic.

So let me see if you have closing words, and then if John would like to lead this. <inaudible, off mic>...

Jeshua: I would only say at this point it has been my pleasure to be with you in this way. I thank you for your time. I know how precious your time is to you. I thank you for your love. Know always that I walk with you. Peace be unto you. So be it.

(Host closing, off-mic): I repeat again what Jeshua said to me on Tuesday night. As soon as you, each of you, start living as the Christ, right now or whenever you choose, you will be manifesting the perfect life as your birthright. And that's all there is to it.

The point to be made is, as soon as you make that choice, (not) Jeshua, our beloved brother, Aaron, our beloved brother, nor I, nor anyone else (to) make that choice. You are the captain of your ship and you steer the course.

So here comes John with the harmonium...

Aaron (to Jeshua, off mic): My brother... We continue...No end to it. You/We still will be talking this way.

(John leads singing to harmonium)

(session ends)