Interfaith Center
November 9, 2008

Keywords: Awareness/True nature, wholeness/innate perfection

Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. On the wall there is a beautiful painting of a candle. I look around the room and see 60 or 70 reflections of it, or perhaps that art is reflecting you. There is so much light filling this space.

You come here every Sunday morning to celebrate love, to rejoice, to share each other’s energy. You also come for a deeper reason. You come to remember who you are. When you come into the incarnation, there is a natural forgetting of who you are. When the soul moves itself into a lower vibrational mass, it’s not that the soul’s vibration diminishes, but it doesn’t send its energy out as strongly because it’s balanced and held down by that heavier vibration.

But all of you in this lifetime, and at this time in the world, are here to remember to step outside of that lower vibration, literally to bring that lower vibration of the body, of the earth itself, up to this brilliant celebration of spirit, and to live that spirit fully.

The body and emotions can pull down the vibration. We learn to bring energy into the body, to feel the fullness of the body, and we learn to attend to the emotions. They’re truly not a problem. There are no problems, only situations that need your loving attention.

When you make something into a problem and dwell on it, you keep giving out energy to it, and that keeps it spinning. It is as if I had a child’s toy spinning, a top. It spins fast and then begins to falter. It runs out of energy. That’s natural. If every time I see it running out of energy I spin it again, I just will keep giving it energy and it will spin.

So your feelings of unworthiness, your depression, your anger, you keep them spinning by saying, “Oh my, what am I going to do about this?” instead of just saying, “Ah, the top is spinning.” You watch it to make sure its spin doesn’t crash into somebody; you take care of it. But you don’t have to fix it or worry about it.

What if every time that figurative top started spinning, you were to remember your innate stillness and depth, your connection to the divine? The harder you feel the top spinning, the more you bring yourself into that divine connection and remember it.

You look into each others’ eyes and you see God there. That beautiful ceremony you just did, “Namaste.” take it literally. “I celebrate the divine in you. You are beautiful and radiant. You are god and goddess. You are loved; you are love.” Don’t cut yourself short.

(Walking around) Daughter, you are love. Son, you are love. And each of you… You are opening to my gaze and yet here and there is somebody who pulls back a little, feeling a bit of shame. “If only he knew me, he wouldn’t say I’m divine.” Is anybody holding that myth?

You hold the myth, “I am less than perfect,” and it’s just another spinning top…

Such beauty, so much light…(continues to walk around)

I don’t have to stand right in front of you because our energy reaches across the room… (looking into people’s eyes across a few rows)

I am told you painted that beautiful scene in the front. It radiates light, the light of your heart coming through and shining onto the wall. You are light…

If some hidden shame lurks down there, hold it in your hands and offer it out, not trying to fix it but being willing to release it so that you deeply know your radiance and divinity…

You are so beautiful…

And the one hidden in the booth back there…

A little doubt, let it go, release it. You are beautiful. You are love…

And you are love. Trust that. You also are God, and you are loved. There are angels around your shoulders, loving guides…

You are my tree-climber friend. Right there at the top of the tree, but you are as close to God right here in the chair. And our musical friend…

Letting go of fear, letting go of old beliefs in the limits or flaws of the self…

There will always be seeming flaws. Your work as a human is to look at those flaws and say, “These are not me.” Just like the clothes you are wearing. If your clothes have a stain you can wash it out.” It doesn’t go into the skin. You attend to it, without any self- identification with it.

So much of your work in the incarnation is to let go of these self-limiting beliefs. You are not your anger. You need to take care of your anger so it does not do harm, but you are not your anger. You are not your depression. You are not your fears. Why hold yourself to a belief in limits?

There are no limits. You are here to deeply understand that and to manifest it. You are here to remember. To remember the time before you had a heavy density body and why you continue to take care of this body; to move your self-awareness into this divine essence and stop believing in limitations.

What would happen to a baby who grew up in a house where all the adults crawled? He saw adults on their hands and knees going from room to room. They never rose up on their feet. Everything was down at a low level, the stove and so-forth, and everybody crawled, not because they were incapable of walking but because they had never learned to walk. Would the baby learn to walk? He would believe, “This is how it is, this is how we get around.”

And then one day, something is out of his grasp, and he finds himself reaching up, and suddenly he’s on his feet. “Oh!” He might even feel shame because he’s doing something that nobody else does. He might think, “Maybe I’m bad to reach up like this when everybody else crawls.”

For so many millennium, this world has crawled. You are here to rise up and live your radiance and divinity. Earlier you sang the song, Amazing Grace. There’s a favorite stanza of mine in that song, the words being,

“The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures.
He shall my shield and portion be
As long as life endures.”

What is it to be the shield and the portion, and who is the one who has promised good? Is it something out there that has promised good? Now I am not saying that each of you individually is God, but there is nothing in you that is not God, and there is nothing in that, how would we best name it, in that innate divinity and radiance, that intelligence and love, of which you are not capable.

“Namaste,” the bow to the deepest divinity in you, that knows this promise, “The Lord has promised good to me.” I have to reach out and receive it. As long as I keep crawling around on the ground, that wonderful light is not available to me; it’s dark down there. The Lord has promised good to me. I am unlimited. I am capable of love even when there’s great anger or fear. I am capable of living my life in a deeply compassionate and wise way and knowing my interconnection with everyone.

This word, “Namaste,” says you are divine; this is the word that secures your hope. It becomes your shield so that when strong negativity attacks you, you hold this love and center yourself in it. It becomes your portion, that which sustains you, the knowledge of who you are, the remembrance of who you are.

So please do not settle for the belief that you are limited and less than whole. All things are possible. Barbara’s son gave her a shirt a few months ago with the slogan on the front, “Everything is possible.” It’s a perfect statement. “Everything is possible.”

This human body walked for years with walking sticks for balance because she had no balance. And then spirit said to her, “Get up and walk! Put the walking sticks down.”
“I’ll fall!”
“No you won’t, you only believe you will. Walk! Walk!” (Aaron is dancing around)
"Ah, I can!”
And thus, she could walk. The body can walk. Now I’m walking the body, of course, but she walks just as well as I do.

She was in Brazil at the healing center of John of God, and these Entities reminded her, “Remember who you are. You don’t have to crawl, you don’t need the walking sticks. Walk!” Right there with imbalance is that which is balanced. Know it; use it. Right there with feelings of unworthiness is that which knows the soul to be radiant and divine. Right there with fear is that which is not afraid. Right there with greed is that which is generous. Right there with anger is that which knows kindness.

When these objects arise in your experience–imbalance, fear, greed, unworthiness, bow to them and say “namaste” to them. Literally. Bow to your anger, “Namaste.” “I bow to the divine even in you, anger; in you, fear; in you, shame; namaste. And I re-center myself into that which is divine. And I will bring that forth into the world because my highest intention is for the good of all beings, not to keep us crawling around in the dark but for us all to express ourselves into this new consciousness of light and love.

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you today. It has been a joy to be with you.

(recording ends)

Copyright © 2008 by Barbara Brodsky