SSE (Society for Scientific Exploration) Group
April 6, 2009

Keywords: Consciousness, dependent origination, mundane/supramundane, healing, polarity, earth history/evolution, densities, earth history, Also: Barbara’s biography, Ra Material, Atlantis/Lemuria, UFO’s/ ET’s/abductions

Note: The local SSE Group group meets together regularly. A few have met Aaron before. S, who knows Aaron well, has initiated this meeting.

Barbara:(starting the tape recorder) I’ve just started introducing myself, telling how I lost my hearing, and so forth. So my deepest meditation told me nothing is separate, and yet the greatest pain was in feeling cut off from other people.

I was feeling stuck. One morning in my meditation I simply prayed for help. The next day while I was meditating, immediately when I sat down in the living room, there was a sense of a presence there. I could see a face, feel his energy. And I thought, “I’m hallucinating.” I got up and went into the kitchen and got a cup of tea, but basically I knew I was not hallucinating because I was a stable person and I didn’t hallucinate. And the alternative was scarier; if I was not hallucinating, then he was real.

So I went back, I just sat in silence and felt his energy for about 2 days, and finally I got up the courage to say, “Who are you? Why are you here?” He replied, “You asked for help.” “How are you going to help me?” He said, “You’re suffering. Let’s start there. Let’s look at the nature of the suffering.”

I would have said that the suffering was because I was deaf, but clearly this was not so. Deafness is just deafness, we can suffer from it or not. The suffering was about the grasping, not wanting to be deaf, wanting things to be different than they were. So he taught me through several months to watch how grasping came up, how much anger there was around the deafness, and to look at the experience of just being deaf. What is that experience? No stories, just not hearing. It was very powerful, it shifted everything for me.

Several months into this, friends who had been watching this process as I went through it, asked, “Can we ask him questions?” I said, “I suppose so.” At first they were yes-or-no answers, then there was a longer answer. Aaron simply said, “Listen and repeat what you hear me say, one word at a time. Just hear my thoughts like you hear them for yourself, and say them out loud.” Then somebody said, “Oh, you’re channeling.” So that’s how I got started as a medium.

I already was practicing insight meditation, vipassana meditation, and had done that practice for many years, but now Aaron was teaching me at a deeper level. People asked if I would teach what he was teaching me. I had just installed a big outdoor sculpture that month before I met Aaron. My studio was empty, so I put my sculpture aside. It felt to me, “This is what I came to the incarnation to do. It’s been fun making sculpture but now it’s time to get to work.”

This was more than 20 years ago and this is what I’ve been doing since. About a year into it, people who were coming to my living room for classes with me and with Aaron said, “Let us form an organization to support the outer works so you can just focus on teaching; together we created Deep Spring Center. In time it was appropriate for it to move out of my house, and here we are (indicating the large room where we are meeting at the Center).

We have about 15, maybe more, active meditation teachers, We teach in Ann Arbor adult education, sometimes at UM, hospice, prisons, many different venues, many different kinds of classes. There are newsletters up there on the counter and calendars; you can get a glimpse of what we’re doing, and of course anybody is welcome to join a class. It’s been wonderful watching this growth.

Aaron tells us that in his final human lifetime in the 1500s he was a meditation master in Thailand. He points out that he’s not self-identified with that lifetime, that was just one of the lifetimes in which he lived. But it is the lifetime in which he found liberation from this whole cycle of birth and death. One doesn’t throw out useful tools. The word “Buddha” simply means “one who is awake.” Aaron doesn’t see himself as a Buddhist, simply as one who is awake. So he points out he is not teaching Buddhism or any form or “ism”, he is simply teaching us how to wake up, how to be more present with our life.

A lot of what he talks about is consciousness, which is an area of your focus. I have a list of your questions. I want to hear if you have any specific questions to ask me. If not, I’m going to get out of the way and let Aaron come in and talk to you.

Q: If a question comes up, can we ask Aaron or Barbara?

Barbara: You can ask Aaron anything. The channeling process has changed in this 20 years. Then I was doing conscious channeling where I heard his thoughts and phrased them in words. Now I’m doing trance channeling. In other words, I get out of the body and he comes into the body, I’m gone. A good question for you might be, where am I? I can tell you from my perspective I’m just in a light-filled quiet place. I don’t hear what’s being said; I’m not involved in it. After a time, I feel an energy pressure of Aaron nudging me and saying, “Time to return to the body,” and then he releases the body and I move back into the body.

So once he’s here, you can just talk to him. You will still need to talk to him through Fs signing. Because I don’t hear, Aaron doesn’t hear. Now of course he’s telepathic, but this is my karma, that I don’t hear. And he can’t circumvent that karma by hearing in this body. So he’s never told me how much he actually hears. People say that he seems to hear a lot better than I do, but F will still sign.

Are there any other questions before I move out?

S: I might add a couple of things. You were a Quaker before you met Aaron.

Barbara: Actually, I’m still an active member of Ann Arbor Friends Meeting. Among my Buddhist teaching colleagues, people see me as a Buddhist. I try to stay out of that labeling. What does it mean to be a Quaker, what does it mean to be a Buddhist? If I experience emptiness, is that a Buddhist experience? If I experience God, is that a Christian experience? So it’s good to let go of these labels. But yes, I’m a member of Ann Arbor Friends Meeting.

S: And you and Aaron have actual conversations, and that Aaron will sometimes talk about things that you as Barbara have had no knowledge of in your past.

Barbara: Correct, correct. He has talked with professionals like medical doctors or scientists about things of which I, as Barbara, am completely ignorant, and using terminology I don’t know.


Aaron: Good evening. My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. A few of you look familiar to me and others of you, I’m happy to meet you. I’m very interested in your subject here, human consciousness.

S presented me with a list of your questions. With your permission, I don’t want to simply take these in order but to talk a bit about consciousness, to begin with. What is consciousness? Let’s be sure we’re using the same terminology, here.

First, there is a body, there is a mind. These are sense organs. The eye touches an object and with that contact, seeing or visual consciousness arises. The hand touches a surface, contact, and tactile consciousness arises. With contact comes consciousness. For there to be consciousness, there must be contact. That means there must be an object and a sense organ that touches the object.

You have 5 mundane physical sense organs: the eyes, the ear, the nose, the tongue, the body itself (touch), and you have a mental sense organ, the mind. If the mind touches a memory, contact occurs, and remembering, a specific form of mental consciousness, arises.

Here we are talking simply of the mundane and conditioned realm, that is, the realm of those objects that arise out of conditions and pass away. When I use the term I mean that which exists simply because the conditions are present for it to exist. The snow out there, it’s temporary. It arose out of certain atmospheric conditions and by tomorrow probably will be gone. A plan, it arises out of certain conditions and it goes. Whatever has the nature to arise in the mundane realm has the nature to cease; it’s impermanent.

These conditioned experiences do not arise out of or take place within a permanent self. Who are you? Are you the same body and mind you were yesterday, or a year ago, or 10 years ago? Of course not. You’re constantly changing, and how you perceive is constantly changing. The “who” that is perceiving is constantly changing. So there is an illusion of a self . This receiver and an object come together. The sense organs, body and mind, contact the object and consciousness arises.

We also have objects that are not conditioned, that is, they do not arise and pass away. Buddhism calls this the supramundane. In the Pali language the words are kuttara for mundane and lokuttara, the supramundane. So there are very specific teachings in Buddhism, such as the Abhidhamma teachings, that talk about the seeming arising and passing away from experience, of mundane and supramundane objects.

Supramundane objects come into your experience and they pass away from your experience, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. When we talk about the Unconditioned, we are talking about that which does not arise or pass away. You might call it God. Buddhism simply calls it the Unconditioned, that which exists free of conditions. We cannot prove that there is such, but every religion in the world addresses the so-called Unconditioned or divine.

When you meditate, you may have a direct experience of this Unconditioned or divine. The mind seems to stop, there are no thoughts arising or passing away, no sense of a thought or a thinker, the body seems to dissolve. Awareness explodes into this vast spacious realm. There’s light, there’s energy. What is it? Because so many people have experienced this through so many different kinds of spiritual practices, we’ve got to assume there is likely to be some validity to it.

Much of what I teach concerns itself with the non-duality of the conditioned and unconditioned realm. You’re so used to looking at the conditioned realm that you forget the unconditioned. Let me ask you, what is the primary thing in this room what catches your attention?

Q: Space.

Aaron: (laughing) That’s the answer! Usually people say the carpet, the walls, the ceiling, the people. Space, the biggest thing in the room is space but most people don’t see that at first.

Hold your hand up in front of your face. Wiggle your fingers and stare at the fingers. Here is the body (pointing to one finger), the mind (indicating another finger), thoughts, feelings, perceptions, they’re all there, that’s all you can see. Now keep them wiggling and look through them, just look across the room. You can still see them wiggling and you can see that vast field beyond them. Of course, this is a metaphor. What you see across the room is not the Unconditioned but just a metaphor for it. Come back to the fingers. As soon as you come back to the fingers you lose the space beyond it. When you go through the fingers, that space is out there.

I have specific terminology that I use. We can call it mundane vs. supramundane consciousness, but in place of supramundane consciousness I prefer the term awareness, pure awareness.

We can learn how to rest in this field of pure awareness and simultaneously, to live in this world of conditions. You don’t lose either. You’re present with everyday moment-by-moment conditions, but you’re not stuck in that conditioned realm but present in the vastness of the Unconditioned, of God.

Consciousness is a fascinating thing to study. How many of you have had this experience of non-duality, of conditioned, mundane consciousness, and that vastness? Has anybody had any taste of that? Yes; a few of you. So after our talk when your group is meeting it might be good for you to explain to your colleagues a bit more of what this experience tastes like, what it’s like. Can you live from that place where you’re connected to both? What helps you to live from that place? What helps you not to lose that field of supramundane consciousness? When you’re busy driving 75 mph on the highway or debating with somebody, can you stay connected?

Looking at a few of your questions… Should we take them in the order that they’re written or would it be better to ask people to rephrase the questions to what is most important now?

S: Let’s try rephrasing and then you get more of a sense from the person’s spoken question.

Aaron: Okay, let’s put the paper questions aside then and simply just go around the room and give each person an opportunity to ask.

Q: How can I be of most service?

Aaron: R, you cannot be of service, love can be of service. The way to serve best in the world is to lose the self so that your service is coming from a more egoless place. To do that you need to investigate the arising of ego, the arising of self, and see what’s beyond it. Your meditation will take you to that experience.

This does not mean one does not attempt service in the world before one has reached that place of emptiness, but you must keep reflecting on the service that’s being offered and “who” is doing the service. Keep coming back to the question, who is this that’s serving? It’s not to get rid of any sense of self but rather to find simultaneity of the self and that pure heart from which service can come more clearly.

Do you have further question?

Q: Not right now.

Aaron: We could spend an hour with your question; this is a very brief answer. It’s a very important question. In fact we are about to launch in August a 2-year program based on that question.

Q: My oldest son has ALS. Last year, all the people around him said that losing the ability to speak or losing the <>… would make the quality of life not worth living. The doctors said this, relatives said this, but I want to know what Aaron says, is it not true that even if he had only a computer to speak with, life has some meaning?

Aaron: First, I’m sorry to hear he’s going through this. Where is the progression now? Can he still speak?

Q: He can speak, yes, if he’s sitting up.

Aaron: So not a lot of use of his body…

Q: No, breath is very short…

Aaron: But he still can speak a bit. Is his mind clear?

Q: Very clear.

Aaron: Life is always worth living. Even when the mind is not clear, things can be learned, but for one whose mind is clear, I’m not saying it’s not painful, but there is so much to be learned, and this is his opportunity to learn it. It’s a challenge, it’s a painful challenge. And I would go so far as to say it’s a challenge that he accepted the possibility of before he came into the incarnation. I’m not saying that he planned to have ALS but he planned to learn certain things. He’s not here in the circle, so I will not invade his privacy to see why he came into the incarnation. But this whole situation is his teacher. He chose to have some kind of teacher to teach him whatever it is he needs to learn. Because of various conditions, the ALS is what came.

It’s very important that he be protected from people who are pitying him, and that people acknowledge that watching him lose his body functions is frightening to them. This fear is about them, not him. It may be frightening to him, too, that’s understandable. Basically he’s in a process of dying a little faster than some other people are dying, that’s all.

What does it mean not to have a body? We get to the extreme of that in what they call locked-in syndrome, where people with a brain injury, for example, can understand what’s happening around them but no communication is possible. They’re still human beings and they’re learning.

What seems most important to me, and perhaps this is something you can share with your son, is that he is not his body. He is not the movement of the body, the breath in the body, he is not even his mind. While his mind is clear now and may continue clear throughout the illness, he is not his mind. He is not his feelings. He is not his emotions. He is not his perceptions.

This gives him an opportunity that people have engaged in many ways, by going into a cave to meditate for 20 years, for example. It gives him an opportunity to do it in this civilization. What’s important is that he be supported in treating this illness as a spiritual practice, to whatever degree he’s ready to do that. His life is certainly worth living.

If I may be of any help to him, I would be happy to do that. I would assume he doesn’t travel, (Q: No)

Q: It’s probably obvious that I have a condition called essential(?) tremors. And I look at these as more of a handicap than an opportunity. I would like to know if there is a possibility for healing the tremors.

Aaron: My brother, there is always an opportunity for healing. And yet, the healing of the physical body may not be the soul’s deepest plan. Sometimes one lives with one’s challenge, and yet one must always release beliefs that hold one back from healing too. This body, Barbara’s body, has been deaf for 37 years. The nerves between the ear and brain are dead. The medical doctors at the university said she will never hear again, the nerves are dead. There’s no possibility for hearing. And furthermore, the semicircular canal nerves are dead so there’s no balance, no possibility for balance.

And yet, in these past 5 years, she is beginning to hear. How is it possible? When we think in terms of limits, we think in terms of, “I am this, and if I do the right things and come into the right situations, then I will be that.” How much better to start with the fact, “Right there with the tremors is that which doesn’t shake.”

Let me ask you a question: can you imagine the experience of anger? You have felt anger, yes?

Q: Rarely.

Aaron: Rarely, okay, but sometimes. In that moment of anger, that which is aware of anger is not angry. Do you understand what I mean by that? There is the mundane consciousness that’s feeling anger and there is a deeper place that’s not angry.

In the physical body, right now the body is experiencing tremors. Is this Parkinson’s? Something different?

Q: No completely different, but different. Not Parkinson’s.

Aaron: Right now the body nerve impulses give rise to tremors, and yet right there is also the body that can hold still. I want to demonstrate something…Again, I’m using the body but I use it much the way Barbara does. F and S will attest to the fact that 3 years ago, Barbara could not stand with her eyes closed. She could not walk without either using walking sticks or watching, to hold a visual balance, and now the body balances well because she has learned to rest in that which is innately balanced, right there with the imbalance. She can close the eyes. She can do this herself, it’s not just that I am in the body. She couldn’t stand like that with the eyes closed as recently as 2 years ago. (Aaron is standing, walking, closing the yes, demonstrating) So how is this possible?

Barbara has been going to a healing center in Brazil run by a man named John of God. Along with their help at healing the ears, her deafness, they said to her one day, “Put the walking sticks aside.” She said, “I’ll fall over.” They said, “You only think you’ll fall over. Try it.”

So she tried it and she found that the fear, “I will fall over,” was perhaps the main facet in creating her falling over. She practiced for a week walking without the walking sticks. Then they said, “Okay, now ride a bike.” “How can I ride a bike?” She swung her leg over the bike seat and she fell, and she said, “See, I knew I couldn’t ride a bike.” And I said, “Can’t or won’t?” I think I irritated her a bit (laughing). She got up on the bike and she rode off. She spent the rest of her month riding a bike.

Nothing is impossible. I would suggest to you that you consider a trip there to Brazil. At least that you send them your picture and ask, “Can you help me?” Barbara can talk more to you about what they do there. (Q: I have read the book…)

But for you now, here, I would ask you simply to focus on that which does not shake. Find that which is stable and quiet in the body, even when the extremities are shaking. Feel the stillness in the belly, in the chest, then extend that stillness out in the arms, even as they tremble. (Aaron walks over to Q.) Can you rest your arms in your lap like this? Rest them out.

May I hold your hands and arms? Just relax and breathe. (breathing) Breathe from the center of the belly out into the arms, relaxed, still. On one level, the hands are still trembling and on another level there’s stillness. Can you feel that small inner stillness? The final quieting of the tremors may take quite awhile but you begin by experiencing the possibility of stillness, knowing that that innate stillness is right there.

My brother, think of water, a lake with no wind on it and the water is still. And then the wind blows and there are waves. What is the nature of the water? It has the ability for stillness and it has the ability for motion. So what I would ask you is to see that the body has both possibilities too; invite that stillness.

Good, did you feel that moment of stillness? (Q: Just a moment.) Just a moment, that’s enough. Keep working with it in that way. (Returns to seat)

Everything happens in the brain. It’s not just what you expect but it’s the whole belief system you hold in your brain. When you believe, this is the way it has to be, then that’s the way it has to be. When you open to new possibilities, you shape the world, quite literally.

Barbara lost much of her vision 4 years ago in a serious accident. The orbital bones around the eyes were broken by the impact. The central retinal vein in the right eye burst and the blood seeped into the left eye; there was so much blood and so much graininess that she could barely see in the undamaged eye–not completely undamaged but the bone was unbroken. There was still possibility of vision but so much blood she couldn’t see. So she was totally blind in one eye and had 20/200 vision in the better eye. It was very, very frightening because she was deaf and suddenly blind also.

She went back to Brazil; they cured her. Don’t ask me to explain how, I don’t understand the specifics of it, but this eye now has 20/20 vision and this “blind” eye has 20/100 vision. Where the retinal vein was torn there was simply no vision, not even dark and light. Vision is returning. There is no longer a black hole.

Somewhere in that period, she was given an article on a study done at Johns Hopkins University that said that, I don’t remember the specific percentage, but perhaps 95% of vision happens in the brain.

I’m lingering over this question because it’s so central to consciousness. You are what you believe. But you also must recognize you are not a failure if you don’t heal. The great masters know how to shift into a place free of limiting beliefs. But most of you are not great masters. You haven’t learned that yet. So there’s a balance. On the one hand, yes, you can heal at least some of it. On the other hand, perhaps part of what is needed most right now is to ask yourself, “What would it mean to end my war with this? Just to relax and let there be tremors.” Like Barbara said earlier, just deaf. Just tremors. Inconvenient, unpleasant. Can you relax and let that be okay, because this is also a form of healing, to be with the body as it is?

So there’s the twofold answer. Yes, healing is possible in the physical body, and yes, there is a much deeper healing in the emotional, mental, and spirit bodies that is possible.

Q: I have so many questions. Can Aaron see the future?

Aaron: I can see possible futures, even probable futures. I do not predict the future. You have free will, and free will is one of the most important things on this plane. Imagine if 2 people are playing a chess match and I was a chess master. I walked up, looked and said, “Oh, he’s going to win.” Then they will both play as if one is going to win and one is going to lose. So my prediction shapes the future. I must not violate free will that way.

Q: I guess in my role as a peace and human rights activist, I have become very sensitized to the real existence of evil intentions by human beings towards other humans. And I rail against this and try to work against it, and despair of the future of our species and our planet. I would like to know if outside help is coming in the form of extraterrestrials, angels, gods, and how to deal with evil.

Aaron: Daughter, I hear your despair. I’m going to speak at length to your question. It also relates to some of what was asked here (indicating written pages), and I think it’s a crucial area for each of you to think about.

Your world is very much at a balance point right now. There is not what I think of as absolute evil, but that which is negative is indeed quite negative. Ultimately everything is of the light but some have drifted so far from the light that they cannot express it or even bear to be in it. There is a great deal of negative energy in the world.

When I use the term “negative energy,” or what we might call a negatively polarized being as opposed to a positively polarized being, I’m talking in essence of those who are serving mostly of the self versus those who are more concerned with service to others. Of course, the self is also an “other” but a positively polarized being does not serve the self at the expense of others.

Learning how to do this is perhaps the primary human experience and the primary path of evolution into a positive polarity. Beings first incarnate more as neutral and then fear may push them into negativity. They may go very far on a negative path through many, many lifetimes before they finally acknowledge, “This isn’t working,” and need to backtrack.

I’m going to speak some things here that may seem totally nonsensical to some of you. I don’t know your backgrounds. I only share what I can from my own experience. I’m not pushing these ideas on anybody as absolute truth, only stating my own experience of the universe. This question of polarity really concerns the whole evolution of your planet. Your planet was created long ago as a training place for compassion and positive polarity. I don’t mean somebody said, “Zap! Let’s have an Earth,” just, the Earth was thought of and from that thought the reality manifested. It was seen that there was a need for what we call a heavy density planet, that is, a planet with a lower vibration where people could forget their divine origins and might choose to act in wholesome and loving ways as a free will choice, and not simply because they said, “Well, this is what’s expected of me.” Here one would be in a situation where one has to choose for one’s own welfare solely or the welfare of all. And to open one’s heart with compassion to the suffering of all so that one is willing to put oneself at risk a little bit, to be uncomfortable a bit, in order to support the well-being of all.

In this way the soul grows, if I can put it in that way. This is hard to phrase because the words seem to have a duality. On one level the soul does not evolve, it just is; it is light. It’s already perfect at the level we call Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature. It’s already there. It’s innately what you are. But on another level this truth has been forgotten. One returns to knowing truth by living it on the Earth. Some succeed more than others. Love is the key.

When people express hatred, and you express hatred of those people, it’s just more hatred. When somebody expresses anger, which brings up anger in you and that you enact in the world, that’s just more anger. It is possible to return kindness to hatred and anger. And yet you can also not just be bowled over by people’s hatred and anger and say, “Nothing I can do.” So the question becomes, for the positively polarized human, “How do I live with a compassionate action that knows how to say no to negativity in the world from a place of kindness, and yet it still says no?” It says no even at risk to itself, but it says no only from love and not from hatred.

All of you are being called upon to learn this in one way or another in your lives. You may simply learn it in the supermarket line when somebody jostles you with their cart, anger comes up. You see that it’s a parent with a screaming child. It’s not going to help that situation for you to scream also, “Why are you crashing your cart into me?” Breathe and ask yourself, “What is compassionate in this moment?” If the person is crashing right and left into carts, you probably want to stop them and say, “I see you’re upset with your child screaming. Could I take the child here in my cart and try to entertain him while you do your marketing or pay your bill?” You stop the situation in a wholesome way, you act. But to crash your cart back into him doesn’t do any good.

I’m using the shopping cart example because I want to make it clear this is not about some kind of extreme spiritual practice but is about what comes up constantly in your life, hundreds of opportunities a day to practice compassionate action in the world.

Are you familiar with the word ahimsa that Gandhi used? Ahimsa basically means compassionate action. Gandhi’s whole work in India was based on saying no with kindness. He was willing to risk his own life because he saw that the others’ conditioning was so strong that something had to shake them out of that conditioning. Thus, he was willing to put his own safety at risk and to invite others to do the same as a strong way of saying no. This is compassionate action. To allow someone to continue to harm you is not compassionate. Now, you don’t have to put yourself in front of bullets, knives or clubs; it may just be the shopping cart, and saying no in a compassionate way.

Each of you is a part of this shift of the world into the light. One of the questions on my sheet, here, that S gave me was about what was going to happen in the year 2012. Nothing specific is going to happen in the year 2012. It’s happening now and will still be happening in 2020. But yes, you are in a transition from the age of rational man into the age of non-duality. You are each called upon to reflect upon the dualities that you create in your daily life and to ask yourself how you can live with more kindness and less duality. What you do, each of you, is going to determine what happens in the world of 2012 and 2112.

One of these questions asked about morphic fields and field theory. Picture a forest. If one tree falls down, does it affect the other trees? Yes. When the tree that falls down decays into the forest soil, it enriches the soil and a new tree will start to grow. Everything is relating to everything else. In that space that opened when the tree fell, small animals may come to bask in the sunlight. They may carry kinds of seeds that have not been seen in those woods before. Suddenly something new is growing in the forest. Everything is interacting with itself. I don’t say with each other but with itself, there’s only One in all its different guises.

You are each an expression of that One. When somebody is acting out what you consider an evil act, from evil mind or consciousness, it’s just an expression of the negativity within yourself which you’ve been able to hold under control and supervise well. They are not yet able to control their share of it. But everybody has both negativity and positivity in them.

Literally acting on a conscious level, not just by rote action but with conscious intention, when you act in ways that are kind, kindness spreads. And when you act in ways that are unkind, negativity spreads. So we’re not just talking about learning from example, here, we’re talking about the idea that one being can learn something from others who are not in the immediate physical vicinity–the 100th monkey idea. This is about the monkey washing something in the water. Other monkeys watch him do it. They start to imitate that behavior but then the behavior leaps, and we see that behavior happening 100 miles away where no monkey has actually seen the washing.

You’re all related. If you have a plant with many branches and I add water to the roots, the flowers will grow on the branches, yes? The flowers are an expression of the roots. You’re all an expression of each other, worldwide. What are you creating in the world and what is it you want to create?

I was just talking to our friend about the possibility of healing. This takes it beyond personal healing and into the healing of dualistic consciousness, by holding in your heart the reality of non-dual consciousness and knowing your innate connection with everything. And knowing that whatever you do interrelates to everything.

Again, we could spend the whole evening on this question. I hope that will suffice.

Q: There was another part… Perhaps I’m asking a question that someone else is going to ask. (It is agreed to come back for her additional question if there’s time.)

Aaron: If there is no time I would invite you to come on my open Aaron night which is once a month… perhaps the 22nd of this month, 2 weeks from Wednesday. I give a talk and then open the floor to questions. So we have an hour for questions there and I would be delighted to have more time to talk about this.

S: Let me interrupt… Barbara’s schedule is online on the Deep Spring website.

Aaron: Once a month we have an open house, all are welcome. My brother, do you have a question?

Q: Can you tell us anything about UFO’s?

Aaron: Oh, the things that fly in the sky! Yes, they’re real, of course they’re real. Do you think you are the only intelligent beings in the universe?

Q: No…

Aaron: I don’t mean to make light of your question. There are beings watching the Earth, both negative and positive. Positive polarity holds a force field of loving energy around the Earth. Positivity is avowed to honor free will so it cannot say to negativity, “You may not come.” Rather, it holds a positive force field that makes the Earth an unpleasant place for negativity to visit, but still some are persistent. So there are very positively polarized entities in some of these UFO’s watching to see what’s happening, and there are negatively polarized entities.

Some of them have landed on the Earth at times in the past; some of them land today. You’ve probably read or reflected on some of the accounts in Biblical times about what were believed to be gods from outer space. These accounts describe some beings who were more negatively polarized and who came to the Earth. People looked to them as gods. They were powerful. They had the ability to levitate heavy material, for example, could do things that the human did not believe it could do. So the humans began to worship them as gods. But they presented a negative, self-serving focus. They did not exhibit kindness, compassion and concern for the welfare of all beings. Their interest was self-power.

Some beings of the Brother/Sisterhood of Light brought their concerns to the Brother/Sisterhood and said, “What can we do about this?” Some of the Brother/Sisterhood felt, “Just let it be; trust the humans to learn from this experience and do what they need to do.” And others thought, “We have to protect the humans.”

The Brother/Sisterhood of Light is an advisory body, not a governmental body. We do not make decisions, we simply advise. There are beings from the Pleiades who are what we call shape-changers–I know this may sound a bit weird to some of you. Again, if it’s useful, use it, if it’s not, dismiss it. The Pleiadeans had the ability to change their shape so as deeply to mimic a life form; they seemed to be that life form. They said, “Let us come mimicking these more negative extraterrestrials, yet display positivity so as to give humans a different model, power and love.” Since they had free will, it was up to them to choose, and they did thusly come. On the one hand they brought forth the model of power and love, which they hoped to bring forth, and on the other hand they also brought forth the idea that humans need to be protected.

Much of the same struggle still goes on. The Brother/Sisterhood of Light holds loving energy around the Earth. There are many beings like myself that support the evolution of the Earth and hope to invite that evolution into a highly positive polarity. But because we must respect free will, we cannot prevent negativity. We can only try to help humans learn how to say no compassionately to negativity, whether the negativity is of extraterrestrial or internal human origin.

Are you familiar with the set of books called the Ra Material?

Q: I don’t think so… No, I’m not.

Aaron: I would suggest reading this might interest you. It was channeled 20 or 30 years ago, perhaps. The Ra Material or Law of One, channeled by Carla Rueckert McCarty. I think you’ll find this to be very powerful material, the Ra energy group, it’s not one individual as I am but more a group energy, has never been incarnate on Earth. It’s a very wise, very positively polarized extraterrestrial source, very clearly channeled. So it’s material that I think you’ll find of use. (from Barbara: see

Q: What can you tell us about your level of consciousness or your experience when you’re not here right now?

Aaron: These are two questions, my level of consciousness, and what I experience when I am not incorporated in this body. Let me begin with a brief explanation. I use the term “density” related to consciousness. There are 8 densities. This is fairly common metaphysics. First density is gas and mineral, second is vegetable, and animal to some degree. Third is human, although the most highly conscious animals are also third density or close to it. Third is the density of self awareness.

When you move beyond this human density you will become 4th density. Fourth density has not usually incarnated on Earth but increasingly there are 4th density beings taking incarnation on Earth, and most of you are moving into 4th density. Earth is becoming a 4th density planet; that’s what this 2012 transition is about. Earth is becoming a 4th density planet. That means you are moving into a readiness to experience from–I keep going back to the same terminology–a place of non-duality. You are approaching a readiness to open to skills that you lost long ago, to be more telepathic, to know your interconnection, to know your unlimitedness and power.

Beyond 4th density we have 5th density. Each density has its work. In 3rd density your work is to learn faith and love. Fourth density is more the density of compassion, and 5th density of wisdom. By the time you graduate from 5th density, you no longer view yourself as separate self. There’s complete clarity that the arisings of the mind and body simply come out of conditions and pass away, and you are not self-identified with your body sensations, your emotions or your thoughts.

You also don’t identify others with their thoughts. You know if something triggers a thought, it will arise. You’re able to be telepathic with another and see the anger or jealousy arise in them without condemnation, because you see it simply was triggered. So there’s no fear of it. You trust that people are learning how to take care of what arises in them and not to push emotions out into the world.

At the end of that 5th density experience one shifts into 6th density. Sixth density is a large density. From the beginning of 6th density where the being is new to this total non-self-identification with mind and body, to the point where one is really ready to let go of everything and move into 7th density.

I would consider seventh density like the dropping of the drop of water into the sea. The drop of water does not cease to exist but once it’s in the sea you can’t pull it out again. If you drop millions of drops of very pure water into the sea, it raises the vibration of the sea. The 6th density being who moves into 7th density adds to that space of whatever we want to call it, Unconditioned, divine, God. It simply adds to the high vibration and purity and love of that space, the light of that space.

So to move into 7th density is a gift to all beings. And yet there are also beings like myself who hold ourselves at the upper edge of 6th density because once we drop into that water, we can’t pull back and talk to you. So I hold myself on the upper edge of 6th density experience, much of my consciousness resting in that place of spacious emptiness, light and love. And yet awareness stays back just enough that to maintain the mental body. I have no self-identification with the mental body but I need it as a tool.

To answer your question, when I am present with all of you, my consciousness is here as a very present awareness. When Barbara has no need of me, when I’m not talking to others, I move into the kind of experience some of you move into in meditation where I release any sense of self. There’s already non-ownership of the mental body but I release the mental body. Thoughts stop. There’s just spaciousness and light, seventh density spaciousness. So I take a bit of vacation, like getting your feet wet, in 7th density. Resting there, experiencing it, but always able to step out. Let me expand that image. A hot day. You get your feet wet but behind you, children are cooking hot dogs by the fire. You’ve got to be ready to supervise so you’re not going all the way into the lake, you’re always ready to come out if you’re needed. So I just rest there with my feet in 7th density.

Q: Following up with D’s question and the answer, is Aaron then on another planet or in another dimension? And related to that, when we die and before we’re incarnated again, where are we? I’ve read some books about it…

Aaron: I must tell you I am enjoying your questions very much! Where would you go, Q? The body dies. You’re not the body. Where would you go?

The great spiritual teacher Ramana Maharshi was on his death bed. His disciples were all gathered around and crying, “Don’t leave us, Master! Don’t leave us!” He opened his eyes, looked at them and said, “Where would I go?”

Imagine a stage. I give you a costume and a script to read. This is your part. You go out on the stage. You play your part. You play it to the best of your ability. You co-created with the script and imagined the character. Perhaps you decided you wanted to be the most loving, kind, skillful character you could create. It is going to face different catalysts on the stage, some terrifying things. Your attempt is to have it be as clear and loving on stage as possible but sometimes it simply is overwhelmed and begins to scream and hit. It acts according to its deepest habit energy, its karma.

Then the curtain falls. You come back off the stage. It takes a few moments, or in the case of transition experience, as long as it takes, hours, days, weeks, to realize that was just a play. You are not that character anymore. What’s left? And to remember who you truly are. Your guides are around you and supporting you. You have all the help you need.

Then on the astral plane, you reflect back on the past life and you begin to see the places where the strong habit energy or karma pulled you into certain kinds of interaction that you regret. So you notice what needs work. Your guides help. You might be able to say, “Well, I did pretty well with anger but not so well with greed.” Or loss or fear. What were the places that were hardest for you? Then you begin to reflect, again with no special time limit. In your linear sense it could be weeks, years, decades, centuries even. We don’t think in linear time on that plane. But when you feel ready and your guides agree that you are ready, or sometimes without your guides’ agreement if you’re a bit impetuous, you jump into the next incarnation.

Does that answer your question?

Q: Somewhat, yes.

Q: Can you tell me what agreements I made before entering on this level?

Aaron: I can but I will not. I would prefer not to bring in these kinds of personal questions within the group. If it would feel useful to you, I would be happy to arrange with you or any of you to meet privately and then we can talk about some of the more personal questions. You may also feel free to come on the Wednesday night in 2 weeks and I will speak to more personal questions then. But because of our time limits I want to keep this directly relevant to the whole group.

Let me simply say, then, brother, that each of you did have intentions and agreements with which you came into the incarnation. You agreed to what we call a veil of forgetting, to forget who you are and why you came. If you remember everything, it would just be a matter of gritting your teeth and stoically forging ahead, but that’s not what you’re here to learn. You’re here to learn faith, not stoicism; you’re here to learn love. It takes a lot more faith and love to move ahead when you don’t know where you’re going. But when you listen to your heart, you have a clear sense of where you’re going. What are the areas that are the most troublesome? How can you attend to them more skillfully?

When you ask, what agreement did I have, what was my plan for the incarnation, I think all of you, if you take this into meditation and reflect on it a bit, and ask yourself, “What is easy for me in this life and what is challenging?” you’ll be able to see your plan. Remember it’s not always a clear-cut plan. And also for most of you, a big part of that plan involved simply learning to live with kindness. Watching negative impulse and learning how not to enact the negative impulse and not to hate yourself that there is negative impulse.

You are human. If there was no negative impulse that remained, if there was no karma related to any negative impulse, you would not have needed to incarnate. The habit energy that most of you have is a predominant one, because you are all by and large old souls–that is, all mature beings working toward the ends of this whole density experience. The primary inclination many of you have is, when negative energy arises in you, you condemn yourself for it. “No, there shouldn’t be anger.” How often have you heard yourself say, “I shouldn’t be angry.” Does that come up for you?

If you were walking barefoot on the carpet here and you stepped on a tack, there would be pain in the foot and a drop of blood. Would you say it shouldn’t hurt? That’s how the body is. Would you say there shouldn’t be blood? That’s the way the body is. But when you stub your emotional toe so to speak, you say it shouldn’t hurt. “I shouldn’t feel angry. I shouldn’t feel jealous. I shouldn’t feel impatient.” And because of your strong aspiration to purify yourselves, you try to scour off that negativity. You grab scouring pads and you scrub and it just makes you bleed.

We can’t see the windows here but imagine if the window became covered with mud, maybe a heavy rainstorm. So the window is filthy, covered with mud. Would we have to get hammers and tear out the window? No, we wash it off. The nature of the glass is clear. And if it gets covered with mud, there’s no denial that it’s dirty. But the nature of it is clarity.

So for most of you, and yes, here I’m speaking of part of your intention for the incarnation, is to come to know that clear nature, that innate purity, without any denial of the negativity, without fear of the negativity, and without hatred of the negativity. You come with the intention not to enact that negativity in the world and to keep bringing yourself back to a centered, loving space. You know, as we discussed earlier, that which is aware of anger is not angry. You come to learn to hold space for and to take care of the anger, and to be sure it is not carried out into the world. Anger, greed, fear, jealousy, impatience, doubt, confusion–to find that centered place and rest there, and learn how to live from that space.

When you stop giving energy to the negativity, you stop feeding it. The more you say, “I won’t be angry,” the more you feed anger. But when you relax and just say, “Ah, so. This anger arose out of conditions. I will hold space for it and take care of it until it dissolves,” then you’re practicing loving kindness. Then you’re practicing the innate clarity.

Q asked about the death experience. Nothing really changes when you die. If you die hating your anger, on that astral plane you’ll still hate anger. If you’ve practiced to the degree that even when fear or confusion come up you can hold space for them and know, “I am responsible to this but it is not me and I am not self-identified with it,” then as you move through the transition experience, what you are identified with is the innate radiance and light, and everything else dissolves. In that moment you become enlightened and liberated.

Q: I want to ask about extra-terrestrials. My question has 2 parts. When will they reveal themselves to the world? And how will they do it?

Aaron: We must consider again that there are positively polarized extra-terrestrials and negatively polarized extra-terrestrials. Both are revealing themselves in the world and the world does not want to see them. The positively polarized ones will never force themselves.

There are more and more beings like myself helping in the world. I have lived many human lives so am not what you consider extra-terrestrial, yet I have also lived on many other planes, so here I am, at least a partial extraterrestrial who has revealed himself. But more important than that, but more important than ETs and their role, all of you are evolving into what they already are. In other words, you reflect on highly evolved extra-terrestrials and think of them as something that maybe someday you’ll be, but you’re there.

There are more and more what you call Indigo children taking birth. These are simply, many of them, beings that a hundred years ago were visiting the Earth as ETs. And now, they are 4th density or 5th density beings, many of them, and they’re coming in to help guide the Earth, not as ETs but simply coming in as humans to help aid this transition.

Many of you are evolving even while you are here on the Earth. Again, a bit of information that may seem like mumbo jumbo to some of you. In the times of Lemuria, many of you had–when I say many of you, I mean specifically some of you; yes, you were there, some of you–you had many abilities that you don’t have now. You were telepathic. You had the ability to use the mind to co-create with matter. You had the ability to transform the self and to live very long lives. You had an inherent crystalline structure more than the organic structure of today.

You did not forget; you knew who you were. So the difficulty with Earth at that point was there was no catalyst for learning, there was no learning of compassion because there was no lack of compassion. There was no judgment. There was no fear.

I am encapsulating what we could spend several hours discussing into a tiny bit of history. The shift to Atlantis was basically a shift to some degree of forgetting, a willingness to go out on the stage, put on a play, put on a role, move into the illusion. The Atlantis beings were aware of it as an illusion yet they did not step back off the stage so quickly. They got caught up at times in the illusion.

It became clear that you were going to blow up the Earth if you continued with the abilities you had as Lemurians and were caught in the illusion. There was a willing agreement to limit some of your abilities, which came through by… unlinking some of the DNA–I don’t really know how to talk about this scientifically, but there were DNA changes. You as humans for all of these times since Atlantis have been living with these DNA changes. But now you are moving back into the re-linking of these DNA strands as you are developing the ability to step out of the illusion, hold space for the illusion, not get caught in it, release it, and live in a place of mature love. It’s very different to be loving because nothing has ever challenged that love, or to be loving with things that challenge love. So when there’s fear and negativity and the response remains loving, then you are proving to yourselves and the universe, “We are maturing. We are ready.”

ET’s and your guides are supporting this transition but they are not doing it for you. This is your Earth, this is your work. Many of you are going through just such specific DNA linkages, re-linkages really, very real growth in these ways.

I don’t think that positively polarized ET’s are suddenly going to come down in spaceships and start to walk around, at least not in the near future, not in the next century. They are constantly offering support. Yes, some of them will come down but not en masse. This is not a prediction of the future, I do not predict the future; it’s simply a guess.

Do you have questions?

Q: What about the ones with negative energy?

Aaron: They are coming. They land now and then, they influence, but the higher the vibration, the more uncomfortable it is for them. It’s as if you had a being that thrived at 0 degrees–I’m using temperature only as a metaphor. If you had a being that thrived at 0 degrees and could not tolerate anything above 50 or 60 degrees and you kept it warm, they’re not going to come because it’s too hot for them. Well, if you keep this vibration high, a vibration of love, you protect yourself.

Positively polarized entities will support your work but they will not protect you. What you call God does not protect you. Your own love is what protects you. Free will and responsibility; welcome to mature citizenship in the universe!

Do you have a further question?

Q: Would you, Aaron, also call yourself a ghost?

Aaron: Am I a ghost? Of course I’m a ghost! I’m teasing. You come here on Halloween; I tell ghost stories. Because I’m a ghost, I can tell ghost stories.

What is a ghost?

Q: I don’t know, I’ve never seen one.

Aaron: People tease me and say, are you a ghost? Between incarnations, are you a ghost? What are you? All of you have guides who are here in this circle with you, all of you. Are they ghosts? So I suppose on one level I’d have to say yes, I’m a ghost, but I would ask, well what is a ghost? Do you simply mean a discarnate being? If so, then I suppose I am a ghost. If a ghost is a discarnate being, then yes, I’m a ghost. But please reflect that in the time after this incarnation and before the next, you are also a ghost. The ghost and the incarnation are not separate.

Somebody asked, have I evolved fully on the Earth plane? No. And most of you have not, either. Many of you have evolved largely on the Earth plane but most beings do experience some of the other planes, both material and non-material planes. There’s a vast galaxy out there and many planes for learning.

Q: Have we been to the Pleiades?

Aaron: A few of you have… That’s just one of many places you might experience.

Q: Regarding the UFO question and some of the things you said about DNA and changing DNA, what are we to make of the so-called abduction phenomena?

Aaron: There are negatively polarized entities. They will come down. They’re no different than the kidnapper on the street who takes a child for some benefit of their own and without concern for the welfare of the child. I am not in any denying that there are negatively polarized entities and that occasionally they do land and they do abduct people. This is not the norm, but it happens.

What we find is that those who are most negatively polarized are repelled by the higher vibration on Earth, both the higher vibration on Earth held by the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light and by your increasing high vibration. So those who come down in negative polarity and do something like abduct a being are more like the servants of those more highly negatively polarized ones. In other words, somebody with a less negative polarity can tolerate the higher vibration of Earth and come down and do this work in service to their masters, so to speak.

Q: Is it related to, you were referring earlier to Atlantis and changing the DNA in humans so that they would not be so carried away and not destroy the planet. Does abduction have anything to do with that process?

Aaron: As the DNA linkages are formed and you become increasingly capable of holding a higher vibration, spreading out to the whole Earth, it will protect beings from this kind of abduction. For the most part, those who are abducted are those who are curious about it and in some way have sent an invitation, “Choose me!” They don’t think it through and realize that they are giving themselves to something that is more negative. There are always beings who leap before they look.

The changes in DNA are supported by positive polarity, not in any way by negative polarity. They’re part of the transition to a more highly positive polarity. We might liken it to the stages you see in the growing child, where you give the child more and more responsibility and more and more freedom as they demonstrate the ability to use that responsibility and freedom wisely. If they misuse it, then you suggest they take a step back. That which supports, that loving spirit which supports the shift in DNA, the new DNA linkages, will step back its support if you as humans don’t use these linkages wisely. It’s not as punishment, it’s simply the way you would withhold the car keys from the teenager who is not driving safely. Not as punishment but because you don’t want them to kill themselves.

Wisely, you do not support them killing themselves, you do not extend free will to that point and say, “Sure, go ahead and kill yourself if you want.” You say, “No, I will not support you doing that.” “I will not support you blowing up the Earth so I will not give you these tools to blow up the Earth so readily. You must become mature enough to handle these tools wisely.” But, most positively polarized guidance feels many of you are evolving to the degree that you are ready to handle these tools wisely, and negative polarity is becoming stronger so you need to step up the pace. You need to do your work. It’s like 2 basketball teams out there, one has been training and one hasn’t trained. The one that’s not training is not going to win the game. Get to work! (We are ending early to all go watch the basketball final four)

Q: Thank you.

Aaron: S, I have enjoyed this very much and I would be happy to do it again if your group wishes.

S: Wonderful, thank you.

Aaron: It is 10 after 9 so we’ll end here. The body is tiring, also.

Thank you all for coming to hear me tonight, for sharing your questions with me. I’ve enjoyed your questions very much. They will be transcribed and then the transcript will be put onto the Deep Spring website. We will also email a copy to Sandy and he can send it out specifically to all of you so you can find it on the website or receive it in an email.

Every meeting with me is transcribed and sent out to an email list. If you would like to leave your name and email address, we’d be happy to add you to that list so that you may get mailings from Deep Spring. If you prefer it not that way, that’s fine, just offering that.

Normally Barbara would tell you these things but she’s not going to be able to function well for a few minutes when I leave the body. Please help yourself to the literature there. Please take a look at our library and bookstore…

With deepest love and blessings to all of you, thank you. I’m going to release the body to Barbara now.

(session ends)

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