Aaron On Supplements, Elements and More - September 10, 2006

Q: I understand that through balancing the elements and other energy practices one can release karma. Could you explain how taking these supplements are different or complimentary to that?

Aaron: There are different but related processes. Ongoing imbalance creates a chemical shift in the body. Balance of the elements and ongoing practices such as mindfulness and forgiveness avoid the creation and storing of toxins.

The toxins of imbalance are stored in the body. Once they are stored, they will need to be released. There are various ways to release the toxins. Your meditation practice will have the gradual effect to release toxins from the cells of the body. I say 'gradual" but it can be hastened in certain situations. A deep realization experience has the side effect to release many of the toxins stored through many lifetimes of physical and emotional trauma. In a less profound way, toxins will be released through a deep resolution of trauma, although that resolution does not involve a complete realization experience.

The body cells carry toxins through many lifetimes. Through karma any seed that is planted continues to mature in those cells. For example, if one experienced a mortal knife would to the belly in one lifetime and died with great hatred and anger held in the belly, then in a future lifetime the toxins stored in the cells of the belly and resultant from that anger, will lead to a tendency to physical distortion in the belly. There will also be the habit energy to store further anger in the belly. The belly will be a weak place in the body. It becomes the body's dumping ground for negativity. As with any toxic dump, it becomes increasingly impacted with that negativity. There is less spaciousness, energy movement and health.

Thus we see the need to maintain as much purity as possible and to release the impure. Please use your lake as an example. Forty years ago the water was very clear, with few weeds. Fertilizer runoff, the seeds themselves, and other elements created conditions for weed growth. As weeds grew and died off in the lake the decay created fertile soil for future weeds. The water chemistry changed. Slowly the lake has choked up.

To reverse the process it is not sufficient to simply kill the weeds. You must prevent the spreading of the seeds of future weeds and must create a balance in the water so it is no longer such a serviceable host to such weeds.

The balancing of the elements is akin to the cleaning up of the water. Your meditation practice is equivalent to paying mindful attention to new seeds and to removing the present seeds so they cannot take root. A nutritional tool like the Zeolite is a way of removing the weeds that are already growing from the lake so they do not add further to the decay.

Please look at the traditional statement of right effort:

Right effort: The energetic will to:

  1. prevent unwholesome mind states that are not yet risen from arising;
  2. cause to cease unwholesome mind states already arisen;
  3. Cause to arise wholesome mind states not yet arisen; and
  4. develop wholesome mind states already present.

Let us rephrase:

Right effort: The energetic will to:

  1. prevent weeds that are not yet risen from arising;
  2. cause to cease weeds already arisen;
  3. Cause to arise the fresh pure water not yet arisen; and
  4. develop the purity already present.

Meditation supports steps 1 and 2. As long as the water is choked, so to speak, #3 cannot develop well. Any means that releases the old and clears the water supports #3. Then the wholesome of #4 can more easily manifest.

So there are three needs. One is to release the weeds that have been forming through so many lifetimes. One is to investigate the habit energy that plants new seeds, and shift that habit energy so new toxins are not created. Third is to clean up the water.

The water will clean itself naturally when steps one and two are taken care of but the process may be speeded up. Meditation and balance fulfill steps one and two. The 'water" is cleansed in numerous ways. Just as filtration cleanses your lake water, a tool such as Zeolite releases the toxins from the cells. Meditation can also do this, just not as fast. Breath-work releases the toxins and speeds up the meditation release. The release of the toxins is assisted by exercise, massage, sweat release with heat, and the use of certain oils. Zeolite, oils or breath-work detach the toxins. Exercise, sweating and massage then help to wash them away. But unless you are conscious of the intention to invite them to wash away you will re-ingest them. There must be conscious intention, invitation rather than force. Just as the bringing of fresh water through underground springs recharges the lake water, so various nutritional supplements can invite health in the cells.

It is essential to add here the caution we issue with any teaching of Right Effort. There must be this processing on the relative level. On the ultimate level you must be aware of the ever-perfect. There is nothing to release. The perfect purity is already there. But since you live more on the relative level and the cells consciousness is on the relative as well as ultimate levels, it is helpful to address both levels.

The lake water will restore itself naturally once the weeds, seeds, and base environment for weed growth are removed. The underground spring speeds the process as does water filtering. The water is a result. When you change the conditions the result changes. The lake will restore itself naturally once the conditions for distortion are removed. The body will restore itself to health naturally once you change the conditions. You can support that change to health and help it to happen faster.

The second law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy, tells us that everything is dissolving into chaos. People sometimes fail to note that chaos creates it's own order. You have an immense prairie covered with grasses. People come and build homes on the prairie. Their debris collects there through the decades. Wind and fire come and destroy the homes. All the human structures decay. They dissolve into the soil and the grasses take over again. This processes is mirrored in the human body and karmic fields. Everything decays and yet it is always evolving toward its innate perfection. It will express that perfection if you allow it.

If the human keeps coming back to the prairie and trying to hammer the bits and pieces of old structures back to life the prairie cannot return. There must be a letting go if you wish the prairie to return. For the innate perfection of the body to express itself, there must be a willingness to let go of the structures of cellular distortion that ego has constructed in the body. Without such willingness you have the same situation as in the prairie where scavengers come and keep trying to build with the old debris.

Thus any cleansing agent in the body is insufficient in itself. There must also be a willingness to release that old debris. I think you can see now how these three factors, meditation, the clean up of toxins and the inviting of the wholesome and beautiful work together.

Q: There is concern that the enhanced healing through the use of supplements and massage is only available for those who have the financial ability to buy them. Could you speak to that?

Aaron: I hear your question. There are many tools to release the toxins. If your intention is to release the toxin an appropriate tool will be available. Barbara has had the intention and it called forth this tool. For another person another tool may be called forth. For example, the work that Barbara has been doing with energy has been a powerful means of releasing the toxins. To purify the diet is a powerful tool. Deep, fast and thorough purification is possible through harmonics, especially chanting. There are many natural foods that help release toxins. I know you've heard the quote, 'when the student is ready the teacher appears." Similarly when the intention is formulated the means will be available. The universe will always provide. Note that those yogis who attain the rainbow body at death have not taken such supplements! Meditation has been their vehicle. Each will find what one needs.

There is another aspect to the reply. If one intends to clean the floor of one's house for the purpose of walking upon it, one need not scrub so deeply as if one intends to eat from that floor. The needed level of purification is different for different people. You get the whole house that was filthy swept out well. You live there awhile until you re aware of the need for deeper cleansing. Then you begin to wash. Only at the end do you scrub out every corner, every surface. So you may at first have only a broom and it is sufficient. Then you see the need to wash and it is only then that the mp and water appear. The scrub brush is no manifest until later. What is needed will be called forth by the purity of your intention.

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