April 6, 2014 Sunday, Intuitives Gathering talk from Aaron

April 6, 2014 Sunday, Intuitives Gathering (group meets twice a month)

(This talk not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

guided vipassana background and instruction; challenging when opening to channel; guidance and inner growth; lifejacket metaphor; release of negativity; incorporating different entities; wide variety of Q&A;

Barbara: talking informally as people are coming into the room early, before the formal start of the session; not all transcribed, and during AG (the organizer's) introduction. Barbara has introduced herself and described how she met Aaron and how she started channeling.

AG has mentioned they will not meet on Easter Sunday so I spoke about what I will be doing. I'm introducing Remembering Wholeness. We think we're broken in some ways or others—gimpy knee, feelings of unworthiness, all the places where we feel broken. But at some level we're already whole. Remembering wholeness is not a healing service. It's a service to help you remember your wholeness.

For this service I incorporate, not Aaron, but an entity we call the Mother. She comes into my body and people come up to her one at a time, sit at a chair in front of her, take her hands, and simply look into her eyes. People often have a profound experience. She takes you back to knowing who you are. She's just so deeply loving.

Since it's Easter Sunday I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen in that service. Aaron has said he or perhaps Jeshua will incorporate and talk a bit about the resurrection, so I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen. There will be an abbreviated darshan with the Mother for everybody who wishes it. But there will be a lot more talking than usual. It's at Corinthians Center in Jackson, Michigan. We start at 9am.


Talking about DSC, not recorded or transcribed.

Now we are starting formally:

I want to introduce you briefly to vipassana. We'll do a 10 or 15 minute guided meditation so you get a sense of what this meditation is about.

Begin by finding a comfortable posture, but not slouched. Let the spine be erect so energy can move through. Eyes softly closed. You can open them to look at me when I'm talking, and then when we meditate, close them. Or you can just keep them closed.

There are many forms of meditation. No form is better than another. What is the purpose of the meditation on that day? Meditation has many purposes; deepening calm, wisdom, opening of the heart and more. . If you say, “I want to eat,” do you want something that's more nourishing or something that's just a tasty snack? What is your purpose in eating right now? What is your purpose in meditating? So if we want to move into a very light-filled experience, that would be one form of meditation. It's a common result with practices that have a fixed focus of concentration, focused on a specific object as in Transcendental Meditation that uses a mantra. TM is a form of concentration practice. With any practice, if you bring your attention to an object, and keep pushing everything else away and stay focused on that object, eventually you're going to absorb into that object and have some very light-filled, spacious experiences. The difficulty is, when you come out of that meditation period, whatever challenges there are in your life, they're still there and you haven't really learned anything about how you're relating to them.

Vipassana or insight meditation does ask us to use concentration, but it's a different kind of concentration, present with whatever is predominant in ones experience. We often start with the breath as the predominant object, and call it the primary object, although other primary objects are possible. The primary object is simply the decided place where we rest, and to which we return when something else has pulled away our attention, and then released the attention again, Primary object: it's like walking into a room and this is the chair I'm going to sit in. But, if I'm sitting in this chair and somebody starts screaming out in the hall, I'm going to get up and see what's happening. I want to take care of it. I find that a child has fallen down and skinned her knee. I hold her, comfort her. She's okay. She goes off to find her mother. I come back and sit in my chair. I don't let the mind keep spinning with, “Where was the mother? Why was the child alone? What if she had been more badly hurt?” These are what I call stories. This is not happening in the moment. The child was not badly hurt. The mother was only a moment away, around the corner of the hallway. Ahh, just come back to this moment.

So the breath is a handy place to sit, so to speak, a handy place to come back into this moment. If I am sitting in that chair and the doorbell rings, I don't ignore it and try to push it away, with “No, I'm going to stay with my meditation.” I get up and I open the door. Somebody hands me a package. “Ah, thank you.” I take the package in. Then the thought comes up, what's in it? Maybe this is the cookbook I've been waiting for. --Just put it on the table by the door and go back and sit in my chair. Right now I'm meditating. So I let go of the objects. I don't get caught up in the objects.

I could open the package and say, “Oh, it's the cookbook. Let's see, here's the recipe I want. Do I have the right ingredients? Where are my car keys? I need to go to the store.” So this is not meditation.

But vipassana meditation does not involve pushing anything away, just remembering, “Right now I'm meditating and I will come back into the present moment.” And in this moment, all of the memories, all of the stories of anger or fear or pain, these things are not really in this moment. They're arising because certain conditions are present for them to arise, and then they fade away. Each time one arises and then passes away, I come back to the breath.

I'd like you to try something with me. Hold your hand right here in front of your face. Wiggle the fingers. Look hard at the fingers. It's all you can see. Now keep the fingers going and look through the fingers. Can you see the people on the other side? Can you see the space? The fingers are still there; can you see the space? Let the fingers stop. Rest in the space. Then move the fingers again. When the fingers are there, eye sees, contact. Consciousness of moving fingers, seeing. And then it's just fingers moving. Connecting back into the space.

So this is the heart of our practice. It really is simple. It's not easy because we're so conditioned to going after things. But it's simple. Whatever arises, be present with it, and be aware of the texture of that presence. We're so habituated to grabbing, fix it, to control. Can we come to whatever has arisen in our experience with spaciousness and kindness?

The title of one of my favorite of Aaron's books is Presence, Kindness, and Freedom. To be present with what arises with an attitude of kindness, and that leads us to freedom. This is where vipassana takes us. We don't have to keep repeating the old karma. We get off this spinning wheel. We start to create a different relationship with what has arisen in our experience, and a new way to be with things like body pain or sadness or anger.

Aaron is fond of saying, that which is aware of anger is not angry. That which is aware of fear is not afraid. We start to see how we get locked into being a solid ego self and that that's not who we are. It's just the emotional body, it's just the mental body. Who are you when you're not this body? When you're not this mind and these thoughts? So there's so much possibility for freedom to respond lightly and joyfully in the world. This is what vipassana teaches me. It's a beautiful practice.

So now I want you to close your eyes and we'll have a short guided meditation.

Breathing in and breathing out. Feel the breath touching lightly at the nostril and upper lip. Know the in-breath, cool, and the out-breath, a little bit warmer. It's really touching, touching, the breath touching at the nostrils and upper lip. Don't try to hold the attention to the breath. So many people tell me, “Well, I can't meditate. I can't stay with my breath.” Well you're not intended to stay with the breath, only to remember to return to your breath. We liken it to training a puppy. You tell the puppy, “Sit. Stay.” It's there for 3 seconds and then it jumps up. You don't wallop the puppy; you just take it gently, push its haunches down again and say, “Sit. Stay.” You just keep inviting it. Eventually it gets the hang of the possibility to just stay there. And the mind is the same way. It will gradually become more centered.

Because we start to pay attention to the places where the mind is going, and see the simultaneity of the still mind and the busy mind, we develop the ability to watch the busy mind come up, to watch unpleasant body sensation come up and so forth, and not get pulled away by these objects.

This is what I want you to do now. Breathing in, breathing out. Bring strong attention to that touch of the breath. (breathing)  And then (bell) hearing, hearing. As the sound fades, come back to the breath. (bell)  (pause)

Then maybe a thought will come: is she going to ring the bell again? Ah, thinking, thinking. Note thinking and come back to the breath. Hearing (bell)... and come back to the breath. Or perhaps as the sound fades, there's a deep sense of spaciousness. Just rest there. Don't force attention back to the breath. If there's spaciousness, rest in the spaciousness.

(bell) Hearing ...

Present with the breath or whatever is primary. If something else becomes predominant, be with it with kindness, with spaciousness, with an open heart. As it changes or dissolves, come back to the breath.

I'm going to have us sit here for about 10 minutes, just practicing this.

(sitting) (bell)

As we watch physical sensations and thoughts arise and pass away, we may reflect, what remains? Who am I when I'm not so self-identified with the body and the thinking mind? What is this essence of my being? It's not an intellectual question. It's the place where meditation takes us. When I know this true essence of, I will not use the word “my” being but just essence of being, we know it as the essence of me and of you and of all of us. For the interest of this “Intuitives” group, it's at this place that we're able most clearly to hear spirit, because there's not a “me” trying to hear that but, simply, there is the flow of awareness.

My work as a medium, then, is to keep the channel as clear as possible. If I have very clear spring water, I don't want to put it into a dirty glass. One of the results of meditation is not so much to clear the glass but to let us see the already-radiant and clear glass. If we have a window that's very dirty, we don't break out the glass and install new glass, we wash the window. Meditation is a way of washing the window, and the resultant glass is radiant and clear and pure. Thus we become a clearer receptacle for spirit's use, clearer mediums.

Moving us now toward your mediumship interest. As we open ourselves to spirit, first we want to release as much as is easily released of the ego self. Not to get rid of the ego, just to know who we are beyond the ego and rest in that clarity and love. Then we state our highest purpose. Here I'm going to share with you the method that I use, always, before I channel.

It's a reality that there are positively polarized, negatively polarized, and neutral polarity entities. I want to invite in the most highly positively polarized entity possible. To do that, I state my highest purpose. I do this every time I channel, even as well as I know Aaron after 25+ years, because something that's an equally powerful negatively polarized entity could come in, posing as Aaron. It's like a scale. The positive is out here, the negative is out here. And what seems like Aaron, what seems like his vibration, could attempt to come in as a negatively polarized entity. So it's my responsibility as a medium to state my highest intention and to make a clear statement, “Something negative, bound up in service to self and wanting to do harm, may not come through this mind and body.”

You may keep your eyes closed or open your eyes as you wish. I'm going to go through the method that I use to invite Aaron in, and to invite spirit in. And then Aaron is going to incorporate and if you would like to watch, that's fine.

As I finish the process, I will make the statement, “I consecrate this body to the Light.” That's Barbara's final statement. And then Barbara consciousness literally releases out of the body through the crown chakra and Aaron comes into the body.

Once he's in the body, it looks like me. I can't prove it's Aaron. And he comes to teach us that there is no duality, no how can he really be separate than me? Yet I find it interesting that while I kind of limp upstairs, he runs up them two at a time. He knows a lot of things I don't know. But there's no proof. He always tells people if what he says is useful, use it. If it's not useful, discard it. Don't get caught up in whether he's real, who he is, where he comes from. Just, is it helpful?

So I start with the statement, “Nothing may use this body unless it comes for the highest good of all beings, with love for all beings, in service to all beings.” And for me, this is my own personal center, “...harmonious with the Christ energy,” but you can substitute whatever is appropriate for you.

I feel Aaron's energy, then. I literally challenge him: “Do you come in the highest service to all beings, with love, and harmonious with the Christ energy?” He, it, whatever entity is there, is forced to answer honestly. It may be evasive. With Aaron I get a very full, “Yes!” But if get something that's saying, “Well, the highest good of all beings... well, I'm a being, I come for my own good...” But it can't outright lie. This is just part of metaphysical law. They agree if they're going to use this body, they may twist truth, but they can't just say, “Oh yes, I come for the highest good of all beings.” You'd feel the difference. You'd feel that there's something negative there.

If I feel anything negative there, I stop. I realize that in some way I am inviting this negativity. Maybe I came into the session stressed or carrying some old anger with me. I need to stop. Even when I have two hundred people waiting, I still need to stop for a minute or even 10 minutes and re-center myself. Sometimes it happens because there's a lot of angry energy in the room and I start picking that up. Like tuning a radio, I have to fine-tune it onto Aaron and release the negative energy, offer loving energy out to the negative energy.

So I don't proceed and open my body to spirit until I feel confident this is—it may not be Aaron, it may be the Mother or one of the other entities that I channel—“This is a highly positively polarized entity here in service to all beings, with love and with deepest intention to do no harm.” You really have to know your deepest values. Channeling is not a parlor game; it's serious stuff. I've seen people get into trouble because they treat it too lightly. I'm not trying to scare you, but you must do your homework.

For those of you who are interested in following this further, my book Cosmic Healing talks in the beginning about losing my hearing, meeting Aaron, and learning how to hear Aaron and the work I had to do to clarify my own issues, pain, anger around the deafness, fear. I had to do that before I was able to start channeling for others.  It was clear to me I could trust Aaron, but I could not trust myself at that point. It was possible that I would distort what was coming through based on my old fears and conditioning. I had to clarify that before I was ready to go further.

So we do this kind of challenge. “Do you come for the highest good of all beings? I invite spirit in.” It may be Aaron, it may be some of your guides, whatever beings want to speak through us here. Let me say as an aside, this is Barbara talking, there is both conscious and trance channeling. Most of you are probably doing conscious channeling, which is what I did for the first ten years with Aaron. It took a long time before I was ready to fully release my body to him. Conscious channeling is what I described earlier, hearing his thoughts and putting words around them and speaking them out. This is a valid form of channeling. It's really harder because you have to listen carefully and find words for what's being said, whereas now he just comes in and uses the body and I'm resting under a tree somewhere! It's much less challenging, much easier—much easier on my body, much easier on my energy. But it's a process, and you have to grow into it.

Again, “I invite in whatever guidance there may be that comes for the highest good of all beings, with love, in service to all beings, as uncontracted, expansive, radiant energy. We invite this guidance in to help us learn to live our lives with more love, to help ease us out of our confusion and negativity. Only those beings that are of the highest intention to service to all, to non-harm and to love, are welcome to speak. All are welcome to listen. If there are beings out there who are not of such high polarity but are curious about what we are doing and wish to listen, they may listen, but they may not intrude their negativity on this circle of sharing. I ask for protection from the guardian angels: Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael. I ask you to hold a circle around this space, a force field of love, so that nothing strongly negative may enter.”

“Whatever being wishes to incorporate in this body, do you come for the highest good of all beings, with non-harm, in service to all, and with love? I consecrate this body to the light.”

(Aaron incorporates with a large breath)

Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. And I hope I did not alarm you with that burst! My vibration is high. I liken it to a woman putting on a tight girdle. I have to squeeze myself into this. It's not a small body physically, but the energy field is not as big as mine. So I've got to squeeze my energy into this space, and the body shakes. It doesn't harm the body. I would never harm her. But the body shakes, and then it relaxes. It accepts my energy coming in.

I'm sure to some of you it simply looks like Barbara is still sitting here and talking. And some of you may feel my energy. I'm curious—how many of you could feel the shift in energy as I came in? A few. I'm keeping my energy quieter at this point. Now I'm going to step up my energy...

Can you feel the energy raising in the room? Not more than you can hold. In the beginning, in Barbara's home, every time I incorporated, everybody fell asleep because the energy was so much higher than what they were accustomed to they just couldn't sustain it. They listened to the tape recordings later!

Gradually all of you are maturing to the point where you have a higher energy vibration and are able to sustain this kind of vibration. Each of you has your own guidance. Some of you have more conscious recognition of that guidance. For some of you it's not yet so conscious.

When people ask me, “How can I best meet my guides?” the process that I like to introduce is simple. I ask them to take a notebook and a pen. To first do what we just did: to state your highest intentions. Think of a question. Not, “Should I buy the red house on Brown Street or the brown house on Red Street?” But, how do I get along with my neighbor who keeps yelling at me on my walk, or my boss, or whatever? How do I open my heart to this person? What question is there in your life that's pressing for you, that you haven't been able to resolve?

You sit there with your pen and your paper. You challenge, you invite spirit to come, not into your body so much but just to be present, and you ask the question. Normally when you write, you think of what you're going to write, plan it, read the sentences. Here you're not going to plan, you're just going to write. You feel an impulse to write. It's really automatic writing. Allowing it to flow through. It may be a few words, a few sentences, even paragraphs. Don't read it until the flow stops.

When the flow stops, then read it. If it speaks to your heart, and Barbara was not writing when I first met her—well, she was writing because she was taking notes. But she was hearing me. She didn't use this process but just heard me, but then wanted the notes, as she records in Cosmic Healing, the beginning dialogues we had together. But I came to her with ideas she had never thought of before: how work with her deafness. How to work with her husband, who was very angry about her deafness. How to work with her anger at her husband's anger. There was love between them, but there was also much pain and anger. How do we resolve this?

She spells her learning process out in her book Cosmic Healing. Cosmic Healing is more her book. The other books are my books, but I speak often in Cosmic Healing as she shares what she learned from me through her journals.

So it's this process. You write something down. Perhaps you're asking, “How can I get along better with my boss? He's so critical.” And what you've written down is, “Just insult him back! If you stand up to him, he'll back off.” This doesn't feel like what I want to do. I'm looking for something that brings harmony, and this will increase disharmony. Pause. Ask yourself, am I holding on to some old anger that's influencing this feeling, this “I want to get back at him!”? Ahh, opening to compassion for him and yourself, and then ask again, “The entity that's speaking to me now is not speaking to my deepest truth, searching for harmony. I ask again for another entity to come in, klne pledged to lovingkindess. How do I create more harmony with this co-worker?” Write again.

So just because it came through and is written doesn't mean it's truth. It's somebody's truth but perhaps not your truth. Feel free to release and say, “No, this is not what I'm looking for.” And then something comes through. Barbara demonstrates in Cosmic Healing, I asked her to begin to think about Hal's pain rather than her pain. She was feeling, “I'm the one who lost my hearing, and he keeps saying, ‘Poor me, I have a deaf wife.'” She felt very abandoned by him. So I asked her to think about what it would be like to have a deaf partner, what the loss means to him. Open your heart with compassion for him. And she began to see that she didn't really want to have compassion for him because she was so angry at him. And that she had to open her heart to her own pain and allow that experience of anger, and allow it to heal, so that she could have compassion for him and hear him. And when she could hear him, he was better able to hear her.

Keep working with the guidance. Read the sentence or paragraph or page that comes through. If it resonates, then you have your work to do with it. It's not just reading about it, it's manifesting it. What do these words mean? What changes might I have to make in my life, in my thinking, in myself? How do I invite the fullness of this wisdom into my being? And then the next day after you've done some work on it, ask the next question. Just keep it going.

You live in a university town. You're familiar with the university system where there are teaching assistants, people close to the student, and then perhaps assistant professors, associate professors, full professors. Most freshmen are not in classes with the full professor, nor do they need to be. The TA is close in experience to the student. The TA better understands where the student is. But as the student advances and needs a higher level of teacher, that higher level is continuously available.

Most of you will connect first with a guide that does not have as high a vibration. If its vibration is up there and yours is still down here, you can't hear it, it just soars over you. In the beginning your guidance may simply suggest exercises to help you raise your vibration, such as working with the chakras, with light, with loving kindness meditation and so forth. As your vibrational frequency becomes higher, then you become more capable of hearing the higher level guide, and these guides will be available to you.

But we're a family. One is not better than the other. You've heard the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This is a consecutive row of teachers, each one coming in as is appropriate. So you begin in just this way, from your heart, asking for what you need. Stating your readiness to do the sometimes very hard inner work to release some of the old holdings and concepts, opinions, anger, and pain.

We have to look at why we're holding onto that old pain. A metaphor I enjoy is one I call my lifejacket metaphor. Imagine you came to a lake on a hot summer day. All your friends are out there swimming. You want to swim, but you don't know how to swim. You desperately want to go out there and join them. I'm there on the dock and I hand you a lifejacket. We strap it on, buckle it. I ask you to climb down the ladder. Timidly at first, you let go. And you see, ah, it buoys me up, it supports me. After a few minutes you begin to doggy-paddle out to your friends, and you're very comfortable after a while, floating there in your lifejacket.

All summer you swim with that lifejacket. It was skillful to put it on. You didn't know how to swim. You needed a lifejacket. You all have lifejackets. Belief in unworthiness, that's a kind of lifejacket. What does it protect you from? Even strong physical distortions. I asked Barbara in the beginning to ask herself, what does deafness protect me from? She wanted to hear but there was also the very important question, what if I could hear fully? What is there frightening that I might hear? She began to see how the deafness protected her from hearing all the cries, all the pain of the world. She could close herself off easily.

Why am I holding onto this lifejacket? This is the beginning of your work.  We note that in the beginning when you accepted the lifejacket it was skillful, because you could not swim. Most of you put on these lifejackets, each of you your own, because you were drowning in some way. You needed them. But now ten years has gone by, and I come down to the same dock on a beautiful summer day. And there you are, strapping on this moldy, mildewed, rotten old lifejacket. “What are you doing?” You recognize me. “You gave me this ten years ago. It's my lifejacket. It keeps me afloat.” So I ask you to climb down the same ladder and let go of the ladder and see if it really supports you. And of course it's waterlogged and moldy. You let go and don't move your arms and legs, and-- glub, glub, glub—down you go. You paddle your way up to the surface, and you see that you can paddle your way up to the surface. Now you know how to swim.

You climb back up the ladder, and I say, “Okay, are you ready to take it off?” Are you ready to take it off? Even though you've just proved to yourself that you do know how to swim, there's such an ancient habit: this lifejacket protects me, I need it.

This is where the vipassana practice comes in. We can begin to look at the habitual lifejackets. I often use the idea of unworthiness because it's such a common human experience—feelings of abandonment, feeling not good enough, feeling unlovable. What is unworthiness? I would venture a guess that everyone in this room has felt this at some time or another, even if it's not a predominant habitual pattern for you. Nobody is unworthy. I call you “angels in earthsuits.” You are radiant, beautiful beings, but sometimes you're unskillful.

We work to release the unskillful patterns, but we don't have to build up a story that says, “Me, I'm no good.” What's the value of that? So you begin to understand the radiant angel that's there in the heart, and to see all the old patterns that have kept you trapped in these old myths; to see the possibility to release these old lifejackets.

A lot of your work with your guides at the beginning will be in this direction. What old patterns am I holding that keep me from being the fully radiant angel that I am? How do I limit myself? Note that if you have difficulty meeting your guides it may be that there is unrecognized resistance there; for some reason you wish to hold the old patterns, to hold on to the lifejacket, and the guidance is probably going to offer to support the release. That is frightening, to remember and open to your wholeness rather than holding to old limits.

This is part of the work that Barbara does with the Mother, the Remembering Wholeness. Remembering who you are. Now here's an interesting thought, something we might try. The Mother is going to incorporate for a minute. I want you to see if you can feel the difference in her energy, as she comes in. She's not going to go around and have darshan with each of you, but I want you to just feel her energy. And as she looks around the room, meet her eyes as you're able to. For some of you there may be a feeling of shame, looking into this radiant light and feeling, “I'm not good enough.” Seeing the darkness of the self, the radiance of this light, and wanting so much to come home to this light, wanting to scrub off the darkness. Can you just look in her eyes and remember who you are? So let's try that as an experiment for a minute or five minutes or so, and then I'll come back and talk just a little bit more. I have one more topic I want to talk about, and then we'll have time for questions.

Basically what's going to happen is I'm going to release my consciousness from this body and the Mother's consciousness is going to come in. Barbara consciousness is not aware of the shift. Barbara is not aware of the body. She has entrusted the body to me, so I am the one who does the challenging to make sure that what comes in as I leave is of a very high vibration. And I feel the Mother's energy here, and she's willing, so we'll do this.

See if you can feel the point in which I leave the body and the Mother comes in. Some of you will feel it and some of you will not, and if you don't feel it, nothing is wrong with you. Just, some of you may feel it more than others.

(the Mother incorporates)

Mother: I love you. Do I look like Aaron? Do I look like Barbara? People say that there's a bit of softness in me that they don't feel in Aaron. But our vibrations are basically very similar. So now, keeping silent, I'm just going to meet eyes here and there...

(meeting eyes)

One heart... No one is separate.


Letting the self go. Just join me in this one heart. Nothing is asked of you. Just the love that is already your essence.

(continuing for some time)

And then, always with your soul's agreement, I can work with energy, seeing in places breaks in the energy field, and inviting—the break is on one level, and on another level, how could there be a break? So I'm not healing the break, I'm inviting the release of the idea of a break so that the wholeness begins to be reflected again.

I wish I could be here for 5 minutes with each of you, but I think that would push us to 7pm. So this is just a taste of the experience.

Hold your arms out a bit, welcoming all the loving energy. Invite the support of all the Brothers and Sisters of Light, because the humans are just a small percentage of the intelligence in this space. Everywhere, inviting in these loving Brothers and Sisters of Light, each of your personal guides, with gratitude and joy. Let each of your hearts ask for the help you need. Feeling this loving energy surrounding us. Releasing all ideas of brokenness and limitation.

Now, as the energy grows higher in the room, I'm going to invite in a senior Brother of Light whose energy is even higher than mine. Just call him Brother of Light.

(BOL incorporates)

BOL: Beloved ones, thank you for inviting me into your circle. Please do not fear me. I will never violate your free will. My intention for you is simply the highest vibration and love of which you are capable, always. The highest healing of the body and of the heart. I bless you all.

Take in whatever is comfortable and release the rest. (some are crying) My intention is never to overpower you, only to support you. Some of you perhaps can feel the difference from the Mother's energy to mine, some not, and that's okay.

Let me ask a simple question, and this will happen with me simply standing here. If you have a special need, if you are in the midst of a special area of body or emotional pain, or some other special need, grief or fear, I would ask you to raise your hand, that I may give special energy. Put your hands way up, to let me see who you are. (smiling) Most of you!  

Now I'm going to ask your participation. You may put your hands down. All of you, seeing this need in each other, (forming circles) the left hand receiving the flow, the right hand passing it on. As much as is possible-- there may be several circles here, a threesome is okay-- I want you to feel the loving energy coming into the left hand, running through the heart and passing out through the right hand, so this energy truly circles the whole group. It is not only I that heal, all of you heal. All of you have this capacity. Join me in knowing your divine essence. You are safe. We are in a protected environment. Each of you, think of the healing that you seek and invite it in through the left hand and into the heart. And then pass that love and light on through the right hand, so that all beings in the circle may be touched by this love.

(passing energy)

Releasing the separate self. One heart here in this circle. Rest in my heart, in the heart of divine love. And then, gently releasing the hands.

May the light of love shine upon you. May the light of the divine heart fill you. I am with you always, and you are also within me. We cannot lose each other; only in your minds, as Aaron would say, the concept of separation.  Love is all. The awakened one is within your heart always. Love is within your heart. The Divine Mother is within your heart. You are That, and you are capable of living it.

I'm going to release the body back to Aaron.

(Aaron reincorporates)

Aaron: I am Aaron. Could you feel the vibration come down? It's not that my vibration is really lower, it's that I have learned through these many years to taper it down so it doesn't bowl people over. So sometimes when this Brother comes in, who just came in, people pass out in his presence. It's a strong energy. But I want to be able to talk to you, I don't want you to pass out!

I want to say just a few more words and then we'll have time for questions. This circle of intuitives, you've been drawn together here, and I thank Amy for creating the circle, because all of you came into this incarnation with many intentions, but among them an intention to be of service to the Earth as she goes through a major transition from what we call a 3rd density to a higher density planet. Everything is changing around you.

I'm not going to take the time to explain what I mean by 3rd density and 4th and 5th density, it's all in the Deep Spring archives, and you can read many talks that I've given about it. The question is simply, on Earth there is still so much pain and violence. People are still thinking in the old “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” mode, self-centered, living in fear. This Earth transition is about moving the Earth into a vibration where people are much more telepathic and connected and living much more from the heart of love.

But there is so much violence, you ask. Yes, because the negative polarity that does exist is very discomforted by the power of love that it sees emerging in the Earth. If there's not a strong power of love, there's not much for it to fight against. But when it sees that you're getting stronger, it wants to fight back. A habitual response to that fighting back is to push back again. (pushing arms with Amy) She pushes; I push. It doesn't work, though, does it? She pushes and I collapse. That also doesn't work. She pushes and I just let the energy go past me. She'll keep pushing as long as she wants to push. I feel compassion for her that she's so impelled to keep pushing. I know that eventually she'll become exhausted, and meanwhile I'm not using a lot of energy at all. I'm simply feeding her energy back to her. We could keep going for hours. Eventually she'll stop.

This is not what we might call New Age teaching. Let's go back to the Buddha. In his beautiful scripture of Dhammapada, he says, “Hatred never resolves hatred. Only love resolves hatred.” The question is, when something is pushing at you, how do you shift the habitual tendency to contract into fear and push back or to collapse - fight or flight - and begin to find that which is capable of dancing with the push, feeding back compassionate energy?

This is what all of you are learning and teaching, and it's an essential support for the earth transition that you are undergoing right now. None of you are here by accident, because all of you have guides, one or many guides, and you are all here with the support of your guides to learn how to bring love where there has been fear. How to bring spaciousness where there's been contraction; how to live with the open heart. As you all learn this, you are supporting the transition of the whole Earth into a higher vibration so that the Earth will indeed become the Eden that was promised. You are part of that intention. You are essential to it.

That's all I wish to say on the subject. We have about a half hour, so let's hear your questions. I welcome any of your questions.

I'm curious: how many of you could feel or at least maybe could feel the difference between me, the Mother, and the Brother of Light? Each a distinct energy. There's a difference between you and you and you; you each have a distinct energy. It's interesting because I'm here to teach that there is no duality, that everything is part of everything else. And yet, I am Aaron and the Mother is the Mother, and this Father of Light, Brother of Light is the Brother of Light. Each being brings its own unique expression as the heart of that vast beingness, and you are also a part of it.

So you can learn to, first, just feel the presence of your guidance and say thank you when they're there. Just hang out with them. Don't be too caught up in fixing or doing; just enjoy their energy. And then begin to ask your questions, and use the writing process I described. After a while, when the writing begins to feel unwieldy and you feel you have a clear contact with your guidance, then let go of the writing and just talk.

So I welcome your questions.

Q: What are the names of my guides?

Aaron: I will not go into that kind of an answer. Ask your guide. My name is not Aaron. Aaron is a being that I was in one past lifetime. Barbara did not want to call me “Hey, you,” she wanted a name. She was calling me Teacher. So I brought up this being Aaron who I was in a past life, but it's like saying, who are you today? Who were you yesterday? Who are you tomorrow? Your guide has a name you could not possibly pronounce. The essential expression of your guide is energy. Get to know your guide's energy and then ask, “What shall I call you?” Take responsibility for that asking.

Q: I'm wondering about being a clear channel. Do you think it's possible to do healing work while you're simultaneously working on your own negative patterns?

Aaron: Not only possible but necessary, son, because if we didn't do that, nobody would ever attempt to do healing work. You're never finished with that inner work. What's important is the self-honesty and the intention to keep going deeper, to watch any places of distortion, and to hold so strongly to an intention to do no harm that when you see something within you is distorting what's flowing through as healing energy, as channeled energy, you stop and say, “No. Before I go any further, I ask for help to release this blockage.” Just keep going.

Your intention to do this work, to be of service, is part of what gives you the courage to keep going and cleanse the self. Because of your intention for service, you are moved to do your own work.  Otherwise who would do it?

Q: I believe you are acquainted with the Lloyd Mear energy balancing numbers and have done some channeling regarding questions about them. There are questions in the group that is working with them with regard to, should we clean them up a little bit and disseminate them to begin using, with a very significant warning about their use and that one should not use them if they start experiencing negative experiences and so forth, and a few other caveats.

Aaron: Have you seen the channeling that I did several weeks ago with AM and J on these questions?

Q: Yes. And I wanted to know, is that safe to move ahead with strong caveats, or do we really need to test each number further?

Aaron: Lloyd's work is very powerful. This is the beauty of it and the danger of it. So it's very important that anybody approaching Lloyd's work, even if they receive the number directly from Lloyd, if they feel that there's any negative effect, that they stop. If Lloyd is available to ask, “This is what's happening, there is this negative effect,” then that's fine, otherwise just drop that number. But if you publish even part of his book of numbers, I feel that there should be a Foreword that says, “This is powerful and can be dangerous. Do not push ahead unless you are feeling it to be beneficial.”

Now, sometimes there can be temporary distortions that come up. Barbara met with Lloyd a few days ago, and he continued to give her some numbers toward hearing. One of them was an “eliminate” number. She started saying that number and began suddenly to have severe memory problems. I said to her, “I think you're pushing this too far. Instead of saying it 7 times, 3 times a day, say it once, once a day.” And as soon as she tapered back, then the memory problems released. So she was eliminating something in her system through the number that was necessary for memory.

You have to be responsible for yourselves. The challenge I see is that people who are not ready can pick up this work. But this is always the case, isn't it? Barbara has been teaching a practice for many years, a practice from the Tibetan tradition called dzogchen. For many years dzogchen, or pure awareness practice, was a restricted practice and people could not learn it except by coming to retreats with a high lama. But it was seen that this knowledge was needed in the world. So people were asked to hold the intention to only share the teachings with people that they thought were ready. And somehow I trust that it will be for the good as long as there is an overall intention for the highest good and without harm. Anything can be misused. Look what's happened with nuclear power. But we hold the intention, “This is only to be used for the highest good.” Of course, negative polarity can come in and use it and cause harm. But there has to be a level of trust that just holds on and says, “I offer this for the highest good,” again and again and again. Because I think the world is ready for what he's teaching. And it's not just about the numbers; this is just the tip of the iceberg. What he's offering is extremely powerful and is a part of this whole shift into a higher consciousness.

How many of you are familiar with Lloyd's number work? (Not that many.) You can look him up on Google and read something about what he's doing.

Q: First of all, I'd like to thank you for coming today and being with us. I happened to find your book before I went to the Casa for the first time, Cosmic Healing. The questions that you answered in there just made it such a much more profound experience, to be there, to know what was going on more or less behind the scenes. I was able to share that with many people when I was there. So I just want to say thank you for that. Anyone who's interested in going there, it would be a beautiful book to read beforehand. It explains a lot. So thank you for that.

Aaron: Thank you for the endorsement. I would add here, is there anyone who does not know of John of God and his work? John of God is an alternative healer in Brazil. He is a medium. Many different, high vibration entities incorporate, as I'm incorporated here in this body, and do healing work. This is a bit different than the Remembering Wholeness done by Barbara with the Mother; the Casa Entities are actually doing healing, removing tumors and so forth. So they address both the physical expressions of illness or of emotional distortion, and also the karma and spirit behind it.

There is a lot of love and a lot of power in the work. We have seen some truly astounding physical healings, a cure of cancer, MS, and such, among the people Barbara has brought as a Casa Guide, and very profound emotional healings. So, you can Google “John of God”. Barbara and Amy take groups to the Casa. Amy will be bringing a group in the summer, just Amy, and Barbara and Amy will bring a group next February. Barbara's frequent teaching partner, John Orr, will also bring a group in the summer. John of God will also be at Omega Institute in New York sometime in the fall, so this is a possibility for those who don't feel ready to go to Brazil. But if you have the option to go to Brazil, it's a far more powerful experience than just three days in upstate New York.

Q: Can I have some direction, specifically, who I should help <heal>, what type of people? (inaudible) Like, cancer kids... my focus (inaudible).

Aaron: It's irrelevant, daughter. If you come into a large place where thousands of people are starving and you have food only for hundreds, not thousands, are you going to sit there saying, “Who do I feed?” or are you simply going to feed the ones in front of you? Your intention to service for the highest good will call forth the ones who most need what you have to offer. And those who do not most need what you have to offer will be pulled by somebody else's intention, to go elsewhere.

There are many healers, and it saddens me when I see competition between them, because each is offering what is needed, and there is a soul contract at a certain level—this draws these people, that draws those people. And then later, these people go here, and those people go there.

So release the concern “who?” and instead simply nurture the intention to be of the highest service for the highest good, and to invite forth those who can best use your help. And sometimes you'll be perplexed—why is this person here? Trust. Maybe this person is here as a teacher to you. Who knows? Trust that you're doing work together for some reason, and bring as much love to it as you can. And you are doing that, so relax.


Q: When you're in this group of people and you look around the room, are you able to see their, either highest vibration or their abilities?

Aaron: I see all of it. There's no separation. The higher self is there, all the expressions are there, all the skills, the abilities, the learning, it's all part of one parcel. When I look at you I see your aura, your energy field, the blockages in your energy field. I see what's already open and what's still somewhat blocked. I see all your intentions, all your fears, it's all one parcel.

And then, for me, my own work is that I-- let's use a metaphor here. That window, the glass is innately clear and yet there are streaks on it. I help you to take the cloth and wipe away the streaks a little bit. And I also remind you the glass is innately clear—come back. There's nothing to fix.

So with each of you, and with all the Brothers and Sisters of Light that have been working here with you today as you're sitting here, we are all both gently inviting you to join us in releasing the streaks, and inviting you to remember that higher self and rest in the higher self. The simultaneity is what's important. If you focus too much on fixing, getting rid of the streaks, there's too much contraction. If you just say, “It's all perfect,” nothing happens.

There's a favorite line in a book called Flight of the Garuda, a dzogchen teaching song:

Butter is made of the essence of milk,

But if the milk isn't churned, the butter won't form.

Sentient beings are made of the essence of perfection

But if they don't practice, they won't be enlightened.

So it's all part of each other. Balanced effort is needed to attend to the distortions without a contracted “Fix! Fix! Fix!” but to be aware that there are distortions and not say, “Eh, it's nothing. I'm perfect.” Find that balance. Rest in the higher self. And do daily work to attend to the distortions.

Q: What are vibrations?

Aaron: Energy. (holding up iPad) Some of you can see it, some of you cannot. There's a green line on the bottom of this. When there's no sound, there's no moving line. (bell, bell) That's a vibration. Speaking into it, because my voice carries power, it's creating a vibration.

The bell has a sound (bell), and if you hold it as I'm holding it, there's a vibration. Vibration is essentially an outplay of energy. Everything is vibration. Love has its own vibration. Hate and fear have their own vibration. Everything has a vibration. The vibration of love is higher and clearer. The vibration of fear is heavier. You can feel that energy in yourself, what fear energy feels like. I'm not sure if that answers the question.

Q: I know my guides are trying to talk to me but I can't understand. Is there anything in particular that they want to tell me right now?

Aaron: I love your questions. I will not tell you what your guide wants to tell you. I will tell you to ask your guide to help you tune yourself so that you can hear more clearly. We do not want to foster dependency. You don't need an intermediary. You have the power to hear. Nurture it. And also ask yourself, is there something I'm afraid my guide might want to tell me that I'm not sure I'm ready to hear? Is there some resistance? There may be. I'm not saying there is; there may be.

When I first met Barbara, we spent a long time on tuning the chakras. Just opening the energy and the core meridian of the chakras, so that her whole vibrational frequency was higher so that she could hear me more clearly. One of the things I did - this is all in Cosmic Healing - I asked her to bring in colors of light, bring them down into each chakra and simply to meditate on them. Some were sticky, and it was clear this chakra needed more attention. As she did that, her whole energy field opened so that she could tune to me more clearly.

So there are a number of different things that can help you. Ask your guides. They are the ones who can help you best. And you say, “But I can't hear them.” A different, not such a high vibrational guide will come in, or simply a book will fall in your hands. When you ask for guidance, it comes in many different ways.

Long before Barbara met me she was struggling with the anger about the deafness that she described. She walked into a bookstore in Ann Arbor, this is over 30 years ago. She was looking for a book that would give her some answers to how do I deal with this anger and pain? A man walked up to her and put a book in her hands, simply said to her, “This is the book you are looking for.” She was deaf but she was able to lip read what he said. He said it clearly to her, although she had never met him before and theoretically he would not know she was deaf. But he simply said, “Here is the book you are looking for.” She looked at the book for a minute. It resonated immediately for her. She looked for the man; no one was there. She went to the desk and asked, “Who was the man who was just here?” And the bookstore owner said, “Nobody has been in here but you all afternoon.” But here was the book. So she bought the book, of course, and took it home and read it. (BB during transcript review: It was Stephen Levine's “A Gradual Awakening”)

The answers come in many ways. If the seeker is sincere, the answers will come.

Q: This is a lot like what she just shared. But this is my experience when Barbara was channeling the Mother (at another time and place). I was so intent on wanting an answer, “How do I show up with the gifts that I have? I am so afraid.” What happened is that I went up to The Mother for a blessing, and I'm thinking this question. And she says, “You really need to stretch (and relax) more, because your neck, some trouble with your neck.” And I'm thinking, there's nothing wrong with my neck. How do I show up? She smiled at me, gave me some water, and when I walked away, I said, “Well, she showed me. She shared what she got. And she didn't apologize. She just loved me and gave me what she got.” It was great. I mean it was so clear. Wow, how often I just don't <how up.

Aaron: Was this on an actual direct session with the Mother?

Q: Yes, the healing to me from the Mother was that she showed me rather than told me what to do. This is a while back, at Interfaith. I was so grateful. Thank you.

Aaron: I am delighted to hear that. When your hearts are open, the answers come. That saying, “When the seeker is ready, the teacher appears,” so many of you are still clutching your lifejackets. And you ask, “How do I get rid of the lifejacket?” But (demonstrating—clutching a lifejacket?). So you have to look at the readiness. And it's scary, but you have all the support you could possibly want. It's all available to you, constantly. And nobody is forcing you ahead at a speed that's too fast for you. You are in charge. If anything ever feels like it's pushing you, you have the right to say no. You should never feel pushed by spirit, only invited.

(announcements about upcoming events)

Q: As we learn from our guides, do our guides ever learn from us?

Aaron: Of course, of course. I constantly learn from all of you, and I'm grateful for it.

Q: As the Earth vibration rises and a lot of us are rising with that vibration, the people that are not able or do not want to have their vibration raised, is this the mass destruction in the world, the mass death? What is going to happen to these people?

Aaron: The question is, what will happen to those people who are not ready to move into a higher vibration? They will simply take rebirth on another plane. Nothing will ever violate their free will, including their free will to stay in a lower vibration. No, I do not perceive mass destruction of those unready to move higher; lives end and they will take rebirth elsewhere. This is not a prediction, just my expectation.

One of the books there, The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues, Q'uo is another Brother of Light channeled by Barbara's friend Carla Rueckart; she is the channel for the books called “The Ra Material.” Q'uo and I found great delight in talking together. Q'uo is basically an extraterrestrial entity, evolved through extraterrestrial planes, whereas I have evolved through the earth plane. But of course right now I'm not human. But we have a different perspective. So we get into some of these questions. Free will, evolution, transition, what will happen to people, many of these questions are spoken to in The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues.

Q: The way I'm understanding this, our goal is to improve our own vibration, with our guides' help.

Aaron: No, your goal is simply to learn love. Learning love has the result of raising your vibration, but the basis is simply learning, when something pushes you and the impulse within the human is to push back, to do otherwise. You have been pushing back forever, and it's not working. How do you respond in a more loving way? As long as you're thinking, “My intention is to raise my vibration,” there's too much self and grasping. The intention needs to just be service to all beings, opening to love, and everything else will follow.

Q: Would you like to share your lifetime with the one Jeshua?

Aaron: Two thousand years ago I lived in an Essene community at the time Jeshua was alive. I was about 5 years his elder. He was my friend. The book “47 Stories” over there has the excerpts from the stories I tell each year at Christmas. Each year in December at this Open Aaron Wednesday night I share memories of my time with Jeshua and what I learned from him.

What can I say about him? He was my friend. He was and is; he continues to be a beloved friend. He is no less accessible to you now than he was then. A radiant and loving being. The “47 Stories” gives excerpts, but if you go to the Deep Spring archives you'll find the Christmas Stories all in one place.  Aaron—Christmas Stories. And you can read the longer stories out of which these excerpts come.

I would add, there are some additional transcripts there. Barbara has a friend Judith Coates, who is a medium in the state of Washington and who channels a very clear expression of Jeshua. And Jeshua, in this expression through Judy, and I have done numerous evenings and long workshops together. Those transcripts can be found online, and I think some of them are very interesting.

Q: You were talking about John of God and how the entities work through him. I would just like to say that if anyone is interested, I have a crystal light bed available that offers the same energy of the entities that work with John of God, they work through the crystal light bed. Because just this January I was in Brazil with Barbara and Amy and was guided to bring one back. I am also a Reiki master and channel Reiki at the same time, with the crystal light bed, and have found amazing results for those that have experienced this so far. So if anyone is open...

Aaron: These crystal beds are very powerful. Amy and her husband also have one. There are several places where you can find them in and around Ann Arbor. Anybody who is curious about them, I recommend this. It's a good way to meet these entities and their energy.

Let us end here, then. My deepest blessings and love to all of you, and thank you for including me in your circle today. Thank you, Amy (host), for inviting me.

(tape paused)

As Barbara comes back into the body, where would I go? I'm simply no longer in the body. But if you want to talk to me, I'm here. Ask for me. In your meditation; ask for me. I'm here.

(Barbara reincorporates)

Barbara: Thank you for having me here today, too.

(session ends)