June 28, 2013 Friday, Private Session with Jeshua and Aaron on sound, energy healing an dmore

A, M and Y asked Aaron to speak about the use of sound for healing. Instead of Aaron incorporating as expected, Jeshua incorporated. He asked to use this opportunity to speak to a question raised by T about something He had said at Easter and that relates to sound for healing. T's question is below.

This is also the day before the first of four planned weekend workshops with Barbara, Aaron and other Brothers and Sisters of Light and Jeshua makes reference to the workshop series too. Barbara also spoke of having some feelings of uncertainty about her ability to pull this very broad workshop material together, but that she trusted Aaron fully. Jeshua reminds her she does not need to pull it together fully, just to be a clear channel, which she can do well. She mentioned her meditation this morning in which Jeshua had come with much love and light, and reminded her He was also present to support the workshop,

T's question:

Quoting Jeshua as  channeled through Barbara at Easter:

“...teaching this process of the resurrection initiation. On the physical level, there's a specific process. We used harmonics. There were three caves, triangulated in such a way, and with underground caverns and sound, so that the sound (chanting) OOOMMM... in various tones, reached the body. There were various fluids in which the body was soaked. It  (the restoration of the body) could have been instant. Instead, it took over 24 hours. It took linear time mostly because some of those participating didn't really believe it could be done. Intention is vital”

T: I've read accounts of others helping to revive his body, but he has never mentioned the use of sound harmonics to do it. 


T: I'm not going to bother you with questions.  I will ask at our July Jeshua session in Sequim, at the same time sharing with the others. 


Jeshua, through Barbara: I come as a brother, grateful for your participation and Barbara's to bring this material into this present-day Earth, material that has been buried for so long. Some of it is ancient, and for some of it just 2,000 years since it was last remembered. But the practices we did 2,000 years ago were the ancient practices that have been forgotten. Through these 20 years Aaron has been helping Barbara to bring together a community of people with a strong commitment to non-harm alleviation of suffering, and to loving service, ready to remember these teachings, and with a certainty that they will not misuse these teachings.

Some of the people who attend this weekend may fall away. They may feel they are not ready. That's their decision. There are a few who are intending to come who I think are not ready, but their curiosity draws them, and perhaps they will find that they are ready. I do not shut anybody out; only, those who are less ready will have to work harder. Their lack of readiness is more about the place that ego presently plays, and the fluctuation between service to all beings and service to self. They will need to refine that. And moral awareness will be an important part of the sharing of that intention.

Your Earth badly needs these teachings now. You may say, “We're only a handful, 40 people,” but the teachings spread and spread, one to another, mouth to mouth. In part it's the energy of the teachings that spreads, and the light of them. I am a spokesperson here, as I was 2,000 years ago, but there are so many of us here to support you humans to bring forth this work, and you, daughter, to carry to home with you to another continent (speaking to Y, from Amsterdam). So the remembering will flourish, hopefully all over the world.

That's all I wish to say, just to thank you, and to say that Aaron and I know where this series of workshops with their profound message is headed. We remind Barbara that all is well and all will be well, that we have this completely in our hands and she may relax.  

Aaron suggests that I stay here to respond to your questions about sound healing. Let me first answer your questions as I am able, and then let Aaron come in to further articulate. I also wish to reply directly to T's questions. Through of course I am also directly available to him through Judith.

In a talk at Corinthians at Easter, I talked about the use of sound in the resurrection. Barbara had an email from T, the man who takes care of my talks as spoken through Judith Coates, saying that he had never heard it exactly that way before. He said that at the next session where I speak through Judith there in Washington he would ask directly. Please do ask that expression of me that comes through Judith so that it may be fully clarified for you. But I'd like to share this thought today with Ted and anybody who is interested.

The use of sound and especially triangulation of sound was very common in those days for the initiated. (Pardon my hesitation, as Aaron sometimes feeds me words to clarify concepts into English) (reading this, I asked why he needs such help, since he speaks very clearly through Judith. He responded that with Judith he is not fully incorporated and her mind is available with her command of the English language. With me, when he is fully incorporated, he has no access to my vocabulary). The uninitiated had no idea of what we were doing. This triangulation was a way in which we went into the akashic field, holding the intention, triangulating, and then offering the tone to support the intention. The tones related to the chakras, the elements, and even to the states of consciousness; tones that will support the highest consciousness. These sounds were also used... (Jeshua pauses)

(pause) I am enjoying the splendid play of light coming through the curtain and hitting the door, sunlight. It comes, it goes, very beautiful.

Sound was also used for healing, specifically, entering the akashic field. Sound could be used without the akashic field. Such was helpful. It was not nearly as effective as when used from the field.. Each cell of the body resonates to a variety of tones, just as it resonates with Lloyd Mear's numbers, so that tones given, not necessarily do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do, in that order but do, re, fa, la - different sequences of tones - will provide different movements in the cells in the body. One strong tone will also do that.

For the work that was done as part of the resurrection, there were different sequences of tones coming from three triangulated areas, so that the cells of my body could reap the benefits of those harmonics and be reminded of their wholeness, to release the distortions that had been inflicted through the crucifixion.

By the crucifixion, we are not just talking about my being nailed to the cross. We are talking about the entire crucifixion initiation, where I suffered also before the actual event. The night before the crucifixion, feeling the human fear, feeling sadness and grief at leaving this incarnation, for I was young. I was more than human, and yet still human. That human expression was essential to my ministry. And throughout that lifetime, there was grief that I could not save all who suffered. That pain is part of what I call the crucifixion initiation, as you each experience it also. As you experience it with your hip, (Y fell 2 weeks ago and broke her hip);  that's a part of the crucifixion initiation. Each experiences this initiation in his or her own ways. We come through it broken, or fully healed with a heart bursting with love, as has been your experience, Y. When we are broken, then angels pick us up, work with us, help us to heal to the point where we're ready for another one of these initiations and are perhaps more ready to open with love.

So sound is a very valuable part of healing, affecting all the bodies, not sequentially but simultaneously. Ted, I hope this offers some help to you. I'm very happy to speak further on it, as Aaron would be, and perhaps can be more articulate.

If any further question to me, I will answer. If not, we will bring Aaron in for your specific questions.

Q: Going into the akashic field, are these sequences of sound emerging from the field in a way that is accessible to us?

Jeshua: If you are not resting in the akashic field, If you are in egoic consciousness, they are not accessible. But let me clarify. I am channeling Aaron... (laughing) he says it is not necessary to be in the ground of the akashic field. This is something that needs to come out as we speak within these workshops; the most accessible place to access and how this relates to pure awareness. Aaron says that the class he and Barbara will lead next year will be partly focused on this, consciousness and its objects, and beginning to know the different states and stages of consciousness, where they are grounded and with which kinds of objects those states and stages of consciousness can most fluidly work. (restating with Aaron's assistance) The states and stages of consciousness, and the objects with which they can most fluidly work.

I would like Barbara to speak to you of this after I'm done. She's been exploring this for two months since she first met Lloyd Mear. She can speak to it clearly.

Part of what you will be learning in the workshop, each at their own pace, is how to rest in the ideal state or stage of consciousness to do whatever work you want to do. You don't need to be in pure awareness to dig a ditch, although it might help. You do need to be in pure awareness to hear and repeat the appropriate chain of sounds. You are not necessarily asking spirit to teach you. You are working with your own higher selves, because each of you has these memories back from Lemurian times.

Q: For practical purposes of helping people to open to make sound, is it important to actually vocalize the sound? Or can one imagine the sound internally?

Jeshua: You can imagine the sound, but they may not be able to pick that up as easily as the vocalizations. However, you can use tuning forks or some other sound, such as your big horn or whatever is appropriate, to create the sounds.  Aaron says there are also recordings of sounds. Or it might be helpful for you to work on creating a short recording. Aaron, what is it called? He says there is some kind of circular tape that can be made that goes just for 2 or 3 minutes. That necessitates a tape recorder, or perhaps there's a way to put it on an electronic instrument, he does not know, so that you could create a basic series of sounds. Then you would need to turn it off and fine-tune in the moment. But it will save your voice and can be used with those who find it challenging to reproduce a specific tone. . You could play that for 10 or 15 minutes. And then when something is shifting and you feel a different tone is needed, just one long sustained tone, then you turn the first sound off and use the new tone.

After the person is keyed into that tone, open to it, you no longer have to give it vocally. Then it can be energetic. Do you understand that they cannot hear you until they're ready to hear you? It's the sound, the actual physical sound that helps their readiness.

Q: Let's see-- so many questions!

Jeshua: Please ask the ones to me that you think are best to me and then we'll bring in Aaron. I have a broad knowledge based on my own human experience, but Aaron is a master of this, and in some ways knows more than I do in the broad picture.

Q: Okay. In your lifetime as Jeshua, did you use sound personally in your meditation?

Jeshua: Yes.

Q: Did you have a specific series of sounds?

Jeshua: Whatever was called for in the moment. I also used what you just described, the internalized sound, for healing. There are many aspects of this. (pause, thinking) Trying to put together a map, synchronizing the different parts of it. One is the intention to support others, to invite remembering of wholeness both in the body and in the mind and in the community.

Everything has a sound. Everything is capable of issuing that true sound. When I say everything, each individual cell. If the body has a million cells, each has its own sound. How do they come together harmoniously?

Right here, (pointing to the chronically painful shoulder in Barbara's body) the distortion is comprised of bone cells that are weak, tendons, ligaments, and the soft tissue of the body. I would go into this place of distortion and, with a hand on it, singing or using tuning forks, explore with several tones until intuitively you feel the one it needs to hear. Direct attention first to the bone. The bone in itself has two weaknesses. It is degenerated; there is, Aaron says osteoarthritis, decay of the bone structure. That needs a specific sound to remember how to regrow itself. There is bone hitting bone as the shoulder moves, and that would invite a different sound to invite it to remember how to invite the cartilage to regrow. The tendons are weak, here (pointing). They would need a different tone. Muscles are weak.

Start with the area that feels most vital to the one you are working with. (laughing) Aaron says, “the one with whom you are working”... He says, no dangling participles. My English teacher! Find the one which calls out the most, whichever area it is. One is not more important than the other. They must all come together to support each other. The pain here is in the tendons, so I would start with a tendon. As the tendon begins to release some of its contraction, then I would move to the muscles supporting the tendon, seeing what tone best supports that. Ligaments, bone, keep asking, “What's needed here?” You're not asking me, you're asking your own deepest wisdom, “What's needed here?” and your own guidance.

Eventually you may end up with 6 or 8 tones, not in an ABCDEFG order, but in a seemingly erratic order. But in the order dictated by the cellular distortions. H ere is where we connect with Lloyd Mear's numbers; the tones offer the same kind of energy. They are transmuting the distortions, remembering the already existent wholeness and inviting it forth, which is what his numbers are also doing, awakening the system to remember that energy.

Q: How does the sound of nada relate to this? Can it heal?

Jeshua: Let us bring Aaron in to discuss nada. I will not be far away. I will be happy to come back.

(Jeshua crosses the room; speaking to Y) It is healing well. Perhaps we can invite the healing to hasten a bit, and less pain. You do not need the pain. (pause while he attends to the hip)

Thank you, all of you, for your support to this work..

Aaron: My love to you all. I am Aaron. Perhaps we will bring down the energy level of the room a bit, too, so you don't all fly out the window.

Thank you, my brother. Your love, as always, sustains us.

Regarding your question, we have mundane and supramundane objects. The consciousness that experiences those objects is mundane or supramundane. This shoulder-- I'll use what Jeshua was referring to—this shoulder is a mundane object. The distortions in the various aspects of the shoulder are mundane. The sound that relates to this is a more mundane sound level accessed through semi-mundane channels, ideally within that place between mundane and supramundane consciousness; the pole meditation. Rest in that place. You know it from my pole meditation. Grounded. If you are not grounded, you cannot feel the energy of the shoulder. Be also up there in the supramundane.

Nada may continue as a background sound through all your work. You may be toning, offering sound, and still hearing nada, because an aspect of consciousness is connected to the supramundane. If you're not hearing nada, it may be an indication that you're too settled into the mundane and need to pause and bring yourself up until you can hear nada again. But it should not be so powerful that it pulls you away from the mundane. Is that clear? (yes)

Other questions?

Q: I have usually done sound healing from an intuitive place. I could not tell you what note I am making.

Aaron: You are doing it perfectly. It is not just from an intuitive place; it's from a place of very deep ancient experience. I would guess that Jeshua could not tell you what notes he would have invited, nor could that triangulation group. It was intuitive. But, it is intuition grounded in knowledge. This is what I want you to speak about with Barbara, because she's been exploring it. She's finding that if she goes deep into the base of the akashic field, it's harder to connect with those first tendrils of expression. But if she comes up just above the base - like the pole meditation, still grounded into the base, and yet expressing out -she can connect mundane and supramundane expressions.. So we're in a sense doing the pole meditation within the akashic field, grounded into the ground of the field and expressing out where we can see the distorted expressions, see the wholesome expressions, know what needs to be released and what needs to be supported. And yet that releasing and supporting is not done from up here (pointing to the head), but from the heart center It's not done from the ego self; it's done more from the ground.

Barbara is finding in working with Lloyd's numbers that the most useful practice is to be just above that ground. During her session with Lloyd, this was confirmed for her. He was reading some new strings of numbers, and put his right hand on her left shoulder to feed those numbers into her. At first she went into the akashic field, and she found that she could not utilize what was being sent.. Then she came back up to everyday consciousness and she could not utilize. She played with just where to be, to best experience that, and found the place resting on the ground but slightly extended beyond it into everyday consciousness.

I would say it is that place where you are seated, not just standing, seated in the akashic field, fully connected with the ground of it. And yet able to see the expressions; able to be with the mundane levels of experience.

Other questions? To you, you are doing this intuitively. I'm tempted to say, don't mess it up by trying to figure it out! As you become more confident of the experiences of the different aspects of the akashic field, it will help you to understand it, and then let go of the intellect and just go back to the intuition. You're already doing it skillfully.

Q: I am thinking more about how would I teach this. One thing is getting people comfortable with just letting sound come out. A lot of people are conditioned not to.

Aaron: Have you done any of the Transformational Breathwork, as taught by F and L and J?

Q: Not here, but...

Aaron: There are different forms of Breathwork. Talk to J. When there is some place of pain in the body, and she puts her hand there and you feel the place of pain, she asks you to tone. You've been breathing, and now to tone. Sometimes she tones with you. It feels to me like her tone is coming from an intuitive place, because Barbara doesn't hear but she felt the tones in both mind and body.  

I think that this form of Breathwork may be helpful to people. If you're working with people, it might be helpful to have a facilitator come in and do a session, helping them, especially with touching the place where there's pain—(toning) OOOO—inviting in whatever tone wants to express, and helping them learn how to connect the direct body experience and the tone that the body is offering as healing to that experience.

Barbara found that when there was a sensitive area and she toned for a few minutes, the sensitivity would release. We did not talk about the intellectual aspects.

Q: So I know sound as the carrier for the intention. So, relating that to the akashic field, would one have an intention, and could they use sound to help connect to the place in the akashic field where the distortion can be released? Like a bridge.

Aaron: Yes. I'm not sure I would use the term “bridge,” although I understand what you mean. A bridge is something that is built and can be un-built. This connection is always there. It's more what I see as a vast network of webs, connective tissue...

The akashic field, remember, is a place. Some level of awareness or consciousness touches the akashic field. That consciousness becomes aware of the distortions within the body or distortions within a community of people who are angry, or whatever it may be, and it feels the distortions as rips in the energy. One then sinks into a deep place to find the (pause) I'm asking for some confirmation from my colleagues... One moves into a deep place within the akashic field, seeing both the ever-perfect and the distortions. That's part one.

Part two is then the intention for hearing the tone of the distortion, and hearing the simultaneous tone of the ever-perfect. However, the body may not be able to respond immediately to supply the tone of the ever-perfect. It may need some stepping stones. So if this is screaming out in high C, and we want to bring it down to D of an octave lower, I would come down step by step by step. This is where the chain of sounds can be helpful, each one sustained just for a few seconds. As you feel the shift in the body energy, keeping it going until you reach the tone that completely clarifies the distortion, and then projecting that for a longer time until the body becomes more stable with it.

I've been very curious as to whether this method of toning would be helpful to support Lloyd's numbers. I think it would. Barbara does not have the confidence in her ability to tone accurately. She can; she does not have the confidence.

It doesn't all have to be answered today. I would be happy to speak of it at another time. You'll find the same thing, M and Y, as you're working with acupuncture and acupressure. That toning, feeling the distorted tone in the area where there is distortion, and feeling the true tone that you want that particular meridian to remember, and toning to it in a series, using tuning forks if your voice does not hold true. This is much of what Dr. Cruz had Barbara doing for many years with her tuning forks.

Are there questions?

Q: How about combining it with the crystal bed?

Aaron: The lights are simply sound reflected as light. Again, this is exactly what Dr. Cruz was doing with Barbara. He had a crystal placed on each chakra, using a tuning fork on each chakra, the entities helping to bring energy to each chakra. Not really any different than the crystal bed. She would work daily for 15 or 20 minutes. She still does, although not daily anymore, toning—C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Moving through that, sustaining it to help open the chakras.

Then transferring that toning. She did not intellectually know what she was doing; she was just following the guidance. But feeling where the nerves were dead in here. Dr. Cruz would supply whatever tone he wanted her to use, telling her to pick up this or that tuning fork and use it. And then, (toning) OOOOOOOM, and so forth.

It's all integrated together. I hope that we get quite far with this in these four workshops. I'm not sure how far we will get, but this is my intention.

Q from Y: Could we try and do a teleseminar for the Dutch people?

Aaron: I have no idea how that is done. I would be happy to participate. But I have no idea how it would be done.

Q: We can figure it out.

Aaron: If you can figure out the technology, I am very happy to include it. Because you of course will not be here for the others. And N would benefit by it...

Q: We would like to video-record each one. Markus has a camera that can do that.

Aaron: The people participating in that way, of course, will need to be those ready and responsible to do the exercises themselves because they will not have the support of the group. I envision some of the Venture Fourth group from far away, D and J, for example, would be delighted to participate, and J in Seattle too. So that would be wonderful. I assume if you create that kind of video, it can just be sent out, made available in some way. It won't be live. They won't be able to ask questions.

Q: No, but also we could break it into segments, steps, and then have people post questions on an email or website that then you and Barbara could answer to a group.

Aaron: Barbara would need to answer to this question, because I personally cannot commit her to giving many hours of her time to answering a wide variety of questions, to my channeling answers to a wide variety of questions. But perhaps just through the group, supporting each other, and then condensing the questions so that there could be one 1 or 2 hour session in the interval between the workshops when these people could come together by a conference call or whatever, with the condensation of questions. Your technology is amazing, and I am happy to participate in any way that's appropriate.

So, are we done for now?

Private question deleted. Session ends.