January 19, 1999 Light Dancers

Light Dancer (Private session.)

Barbara: We're talking about tension and the effects of tension on the body.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Good morning, and my love to you, Q. I hear your question. ... What does it mean to be a dancer? You speak very eloquently of expressing the human condition in ways that are meaningful and perhaps even life-changing to others. I want to tell you a story.

Somewhere in your past you did not enter this more solid material form of heavy physical body but expressed your energy in very different ways. One of these is what I have called a “light dancer.” We've talked a bit about the fact that beings exist on many planes, material and non-material and some that are in between. In other words, your present form is not solid, it's a collection of molecules oscillating together with space in between. It's constantly changing, although slowly, from birth to death. Your body is really energy and light expressing itself in form. Certainly you've seen time-exposure pictures of the body in motion. If done well and with special lighting effects, you get a sense not of any physical body but of a flow of these molecules in time and space.

Visualize, if you will, a being that knows itself to be energy and thought and has evolved, in a co-creative interaction with all that is, spinning out light in a kind of ongoing time-exposure. Here it is not the physical body that creates the pattern so much as the light body itself. Not just the aura but the light expressions of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Visualize how it would be if you could truly get in touch with the light expressions. Let me go back a step. You're familiar with the idea of the aura as a light energy expression of the physical body which extends beyond the body. You are also aware that the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies have their distinct auras, also sometimes visable. You know how to feel the energy field of the body.

What if you had so much control over the light expression of these bodies, all 4 of them, that you could co-create with others certain patterns of light? Another metaphor I can give you is that of music, improvisation, players with different instruments hearing and co-creating and sending these waves of sound out into the air in ever-changing patterns. The sound wraps around itself and it mutes and it swells and it mutes again. It is something alive. It is beyond the performer and the instrument, this co-creative sound. In just the same way, light dancers create an entire energy panorama. The light patterns that they create are both their being and their doing. They're both the backdrop and that which takes place in the backdrop.

It is very difficult to find words to fully explain their light dancer mode of being. Again, I would ask you to use your imagination. Choose your favorite color and imagine that you are content and pleased. You would radiate that color. Choose your least favorite color and imagine that if you are discontent, you would radiate this color.

Now imagine yourself as a painter, taking these colors and every one that lies in between and creating great 3-dimensional paintings. Now imagine your peers doing the same thing. If blue was your favorite color, for example, how does it feel to come into a congruence of blue sent out by 3 or 4 of your peers? Come into that place where the others are holding that blueness and feel it. If orange is your least favorite color, how does it come into a similar place of orange? Seeing another being floundering there, would you then send him a blue pathway out?

I would not say that light dancers do not think, there is a mental body, but it does not deal with discursive mind, the intellect. It's a much more emotional base: the fullest expressions of joy and sorrow, of love and hatred, giving and grasping, but there is no intellectual articulation of that possible for the light dancer. Rather, everything is expressed with light and movement, a constant expression of being which the light dancer creates, as it manipulates its variety of energy fields. It's hard to understand what it means not to be able to verbally articulate when such verbal articulation is such a basic human expression. I'm not suggesting that there is not verbal articulation elsewhere in the universe, but only in the human form is verbal articulation caught up with the identification as self.

The light dancer form is not born, does not experience birth and death. It can be enhanced or shrink. It experiences times of strong quiescence where it resembles nothing much more than just a small, dim ball of light. Those experiencing such a quiescent time (and it is not necessarily a time of “childhood” but simply, there are times of more activity and times of quietness) may find themselves guarded or shepherded by those who are in an active phase of energy. That active phase of energy nurtures the slumberers. Within that period of rest, there is restoration, integration. You might think of it what the human experiences as sleep, and the one in the active phase as being the one who guards the sleep. But it goes far deeper than sleep and is not undertaken at such regular intervals.

There is not a specific plan. In other words, there are not specific partners who say, “I will guard you while you rest and you guard me while I rest.” Rather, there is a deep kinship experienced. Beings do not always know when they will come into that rest stage, and as they experience a diminution of their energy and a strong need to retreat into the self to rest, to integrate, they simply seek whatever is in active stage around them as support. It is much as the butterfly draws nourishment from the cocoon. More time is spent in the rest stage than the active stage. All of those in the active stage are very joyous at the opportunity to be the nurturers of those in the rest stage.

There is not individuation in the way you experience the human form, based on the mental body, but there is an awareness of each energy mass as unique and special. Certain energies do become familiar with one another and become dear friends or lovers. There is not so much a mental decision to move into a rest stage together, because as I said, the mental body does not work that way for light dancers. Rather, there is an energy harmony decision, we might say; two who are lovers to each other might each experience the slowing down of the other's energy field, the need to move into this rest stage, and not know this cerebrally at all. Each body reverberates to that new path. It all slows down.

There are gifts within this kind of life form and difficulties, as with any life form. Perhaps the greatest gift is the ability fully to express the self. To express the self's greatest joys and greatest sorrows, greatest love and greatest fear. There is great comfort because when one expresses fear, sorrow or anger, others move very naturally to absorb that energy. Not to fix it. There is no fear of it. It's more like encountering someone who just from their expression, you know how parched they are and you naturally offer them water. If they say, “No, I don't want it,” it's okay. There is a deep intuitive move to offer that which is needed to others, so there is a great opportunity to experience, to practice, deep generosity of spirit. To practice deep sensitivity. To practice deep awareness of one's interconnection with all beings. If this one is parched and you do not offer him water, and he dies of thirst then it's a loss to everyone.

Within the light dancer experience, then, there is the constant testing of balance, a constant move toward harmony, and also a constant testing of the distortions to harmony and the drawing back again. If I may put it this way, to see a thousand beings simply walking down a straight path would not be very exciting. Let's assume they're walking not on a tightrope but just a narrow board. To see 2 of them clasp hands and one lean out to the right and one lean out to the left as far as they can, here you have the makings of harmonious balancing and re-balancing. Every act stimulating a reaction, but more correctly, a response, because it is not reactive but conscious. Seeing someone trembling, your heart opens and you reach out to hold them. Seeing someone balancing very high, you reach out to catch them. Seeing someone falling, you reach a hand to grasp one hand and another hand up to hold on for you both. Constantly moving in relation to each other. Constantly co-creating.

I think you can feel the immense potential for sensitivity to others, for feeling heard and healing others. Touched and touching others. There is never a sense of aloneness in terms of loneliness. Never a sense of feeling alienated. And there is enormous beauty in constant everyday life. What are the difficulties of this life form? Because your energy field is read so completely and immediately by all of those who are near you, there is really no experience of fear. There can be sadness, there can be confusion. I would rephrase: there is no ongoing experience of fear. There can be momentary fear. But it's more the kind of fear one experiences on a rollercoaster where it's tried and safe, a thrill as the coaster drops. But in your deepest heart, you know it's safe.

There is no opportunity to explore the myth of separateness because one does not experience that illusion. So it is a life form in which certain strengths can be built up and nurtured. But in itself it is a lifeform in which it is very difficult to come to full maturity. It is an enormously joyful path.

... I would pause to see if you have any questions about what I have described. I pause.


Barbara: Aaron says that he has never before so fully described this light dancer mode of being and it would be very useful for him to have a copy of the tape before it gets personal. He asks would you be willing to share it.

(Taping ends; new tape is begun for the remainder of the session.)

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