May 12, 1992 - Tuesday Group

(This transcript has not been edited by Aaron or Barbara.)

Aaron: Good afternoon and my love to you all. I am Aaron. I'd like to speak to you simultaneously about two things today and I believe Ariel will have a part in this as well. Last week, Ariel spoke of the nurturing, loving group entity which is the Earth itself ... the way that that energy was co-created with God in the creation of the Earth. Several weeks before that, Ariel spoke about Lemuria and the guardian angels of Earth, in fact, the story of the Garden of Eden. Its emphasis in that talk was the idea that negativity is not opposite to positivity but a part of it, a distortion of positivity, a distortion of love. Now that it's spring, many of you are busy planting gardens or at least a flower or two. So, I'd like to talk simultaneously about two things: the ways in which you serve as co-creator and the ways in which your fears, as you are co-creators, may create distortion and negativity.

This, of course, happens throughout all of your life. But planting a garden is a very simple, clear project, so it's one that we can relate to as an analogy for a much broader picture. We've talked about the different nature spirits and the ways that you may work skillfully and lovingly with those spirits or may push them aside a bit and force your own will upon them. They don't like that. They don't try to force their will upon you and don't enjoy your will being forced on them. On the surface, they seem to take it more gently than does another being. If you don't ask another being where he wants to sit but just say, "Sit there!" that other being is much more likely to say, "No!" If you don't ask your tomato plant where it wants to be planted, it doesn't have a way to say "No," but simply doesn't thrive.

I'd like to look at the ways this works through your whole life. An example is what Barbara was just speaking of, this channeling session last Wednesday. There were only nine people--six newcomers and three who were sponsors. What would have happened if Barbara had felt fear or anger, if she had felt a sense of rejection? To go a step further, even if it was not a rejection grown out of her own ego, not a personal rejection, but just a sense of disappointment or anger? Yes, an ego, but an ego saying, "I want to give and to offer this and I've come all this way and there's just a few people. It's not fair, it's not worth it." That negative energy from her would have distorted what came through.

This situation is repeated over and over and over in your lives. When you come to something with an expectation and it's not the way you expected it to be--we're going to have a picnic and an hour later it rains--is that okay? Yes, of course, there's some level of disappointment, but is there a deep down fundamental level of trust: this is okay? As Cassie pointed out about the retreat, had there been the forty people there, those beings who really needed intense time and personal interaction would not have found it. Is the good of one less important than the good of forty?

It is only when you really begin to trust exactly the situation that life places you in that you can move into being a true co-creator. Without that trust, there's always some fear, some need to manipulate.

Now, there's a clear difference between manipulation and wisdom, let us say. If you want to plant a garden and you have poor soil, you don't simply put in plants and if they die, say "I'm not meant to plant a garden here." You ask them, "What do you need?" and you enrich the soil in that way. If you do everything possible to enrich the soil and they still die, then you ask "Why?" "They didn't want to be here, they wanted to be there." Or perhaps the answer is, "You are not meant to be spending your time planting a garden; go and buy it from the food co-op. You have other things you need to do with your time." Or, "Your plans were too ambitious. We're asking you to make it very small." Or, "There was too much grasping at what would grow." Whatever the lesson is, it will be offered. But first you do need to provide the basics: rich soil, the healthy seeds.

In the case of this channeling session, Barbara was speaking to some of you before we began about other advertising that she saw at this center: glitzy advertising for a channel who titled herself as this or that state's leading  psychic, back for a world tour and so on and so forth. Cassie said that she didn't like the idea of the glitzy advertising. Barbara agreed but said, "It is necessary to be honest and tell people who I am." Is it false modesty to just say the five or six words that were on it: "Aaron channeled by Barbara Brodsky" and the date and time? In what place is there fear of saying, "This is who I am?" Not enhancing who you are in a dishonest way, but being honest about it: this is who I am and this is what we offer. Then if people choose to come, if people need to come, that will happen. If only a few people need to come because those few need the personal time, that will happen. At that point, you're really being a co-creator.

I'm offering the idea here that fear works both ways. You don't advertise in planting a garden, but you do need to tell the devas who you are, what you're willing to do and what you're not willing to do. I think what we're talking about here is honesty, a level of honesty that can only come when you really are present with your fear so that you don't need to be reactive at all to it. Is there a fear of, in your words, coming on too strong ... with your work, with the plants in your garden, with any of it? Is there something in you that says, "I need to be meek and humble?" Why? Can you see that pride is an offshoot of ego, the need to boast and build oneself up? But false humility also comes out of--not out of the same kind of boasting ego--but out of a lack of self-worth. It's the same fear, it's simply manifest in two different ways. On the one hand, I boast; and on the other, I'm overly humble. In either case, I can't honestly share who I am because there's too much ego questioning, "Will I be accepted? Am I forcing myself on others? Am I doing this right?" There's still an "I" that's very involved with the "doing".

When you can be fully present with that "I", give yourself a hug, and acknowledge there is this human aspect that's feeling some fear, that doesn't really know how to do this with other people or with plants or whatever, then you start to lose that "I" presence. You stop being "me" and "them", regardless of whether the "them" is the plants in your garden or an audience, or people you work with, whoever they may be. You start being "us". "Us" ... that is the key word for co-creator: "us", no "me" and "them", just "us". Then there's nobody doing, nobody giving and nobody receiving, nobody manipulating and nobody being manipulated. It's just "us".

Here I am and this is what I can do, and I'll do it as lovingly as I can. If it's something that can flow into you and be a help to you, fine. What can you do? How can we put it together? If I'm doing the talking and you're asking the questions, that doesn't mean I'm a teacher and you're a student. We teach each other: you learn through hearing the words that I offer and I learn through hearing the questions that you offer. Us.

We plant a garden. The human does the physical work of digging, watering, weeding. The plant does the physical work of growing. They talk about it together and decide mutually, "What are your needs?" "I need direct sunshine," the plant says. "Fine, but you can't be in this part of my yard; that's where my volleyball court is." "I don't like that part of the yard," the plant says. "Fine. What other part of the yard do you like? This part is offered and that part is offered."

I believe in Machaelle Wright's book, she talks about the plants demanding that she work at two or three in the morning, or some odd hour, until she finally said to them, "I need a night's sleep. I can't do it this way. I don't work anymore between six at night and seven in the morning," or whatever parameter she put on it. Do you see the false humility, the absence of self-esteem, that is there when you feel you must say, "However you want to do it?" There has to be anger that comes out of that. You have to end up feeling manipulated and pushed by your garden or your work ....?...... when you can't say "No, my needs count, too. We need to find a way that we--us--can come together on this."

That is the essence of being a co-creator in anything in your life. At that point where you finally reach "us," there's no more fear--neither fear of harming another through your own reactivity, nor fear of being harmed. There's no more self manifesting with a strong ego that needs to defend, just a willingness to move into this universal energy. For when there is "us", it's not just "me" and "the plants" or "me" and "those I work with," it's "all of us" including the energy of the universe, the energy of God, the energy of every being however large or small on any plane, not just the Earth plane. That's all part of "us". When you enter into that "usness", your choices do reach out to many beings on many planes. It is a much larger circle than you could ever begin to imagine.

So much for inspirational talk. Now, we're back to that same old question we've hit a thousand times: How do I do this? My dear ones, you've heard me say how you do it a thousand times and I'm not going to repeat myself. If you have specific questions, I'll be glad to answer them. What I want to emphasize is that each time you move from "us" to "me" and "them", that's a priceless gift--the arising of fear--to remind you of what you still need to learn. It's like a student playing the piano and each time that student hits a wrong note and hears it sharp or flat, he or she doesn't say, "Oh, darn it, I've made a mistake!" but "This is a place I need to practice. Let me go through that phrase again." and plays that measure over and over until they've got it just right. Each time you sense a shift from "us" to "me" and "them", pull out your music and practice your skills a bit more. This is the opportunity that you need to practice it. What is the fear? In what ways am I relating from a base of self? How can I move back into love and connection so that I may manifest this energy of mine as co-creator as purely as possible?

There's one more thing I would say here. When you have eventually purified this energy that you are, moved back through the higher densities and are at that threshold of letting go of the mental body, of fully moving back into purest spirit, that energy is on its way to becoming co-creator in the fullest sense of God. I wonder how many of you are familiar with the book of Revelation? There is much there that we might look at. When that book is fully understood it clarifies the process of returning to be at God's side as co-creator. No, you are not God; you are a spark of God. And yet, you are no different than God. That divinity is within you and when that divinity can manifest itself perfectly, purely, completely as love, it expands God.

I believe we used the image here once of a brilliant spotlight of fire and talked about what happens if you bring in mirrors--not just two or three, but thousands, millions. There is only one energy source, only one fire, but each mirror reflects that back and forth to each other so that one is not only reflecting the original fire, but all the other mirrors that surround that fire, on and on and on. Can you picture how brilliant that becomes? That energy may then find new ways to manifest itself in ever deeper love. Your universe is finite, but there are many universes. They are infinite. Many of them are very much in darkness. The power of love and light keeps expanding so that each small spark, broken off that and left in a place of darkness, may eventually feel that warmth and light. That is its birthright.

One of you is offering a bit of a "So, what?" Several of you, in fact. Is the process only to bringing in more light? I simply remind you of what I believe Ariel said last week, "Would you choose to grow up in a cold and inhospitable home or in a home filled with love?" I don't know what's going to happen thousands or millions of years from now to this steadily increasing love energy. It's only clear to me that I must serve the light in whatever ways I can because that is the heart of joy, of peace. And I see the grief and fear and pain that those who live without love dwell in. I will end here and be happy to hear your questions. Ariel would also like to speak to you for awhile. Questions first. That is all.

(Cassie shares some feelings/concerns about the concept of densities as a hierarchical organization of life, that she senses there is distortion in our understanding of these concepts due to the limitations of our language.)

(Doron talks about first density beings appearing to be more in harmony with nature and the actions of higher densities doing more harm than good in nature, which challenges this idea of "higher" densities as wiser and more evolved.)

(Barbara shares a story about a plane where the rocks are the most evolved expression of life. The forms in which different densities express themselves on the Earth plane are not universal. There is much diversity in the forms through which beings express themselves in first through fourth densities.)

(Cassie is confused about the idea of negativity and positivity being part of each other on the Earth plane. She understands that densities can be looked at as learning cycles, not one better than the other. She believes that there is no real hierarchy; it is a distortion for our learning.)

(Barbara talks about free will and deciding where--at which density--one may best learn one's lessons.)

(Aiji asks why a being would choose to move through the lower densities when there is a choice on some planes to begin one's "life" at fourth density? Why go through all that misunderstanding and pain?)

(Doron shares a friend's experience that a psychic told her that a guardian angel snatched her soul to protect it when, as a child, she was abused by her father. He asks Aaron's comment.)

Aaron: In a word that you rarely use: bullshit! I'm not saying that this psychic was intentionally trying to bullshit your friend, trying to mislead her, but that she had some very real misunderstanding about how the process works. One's soul is never taken away. A guardian angel may be counseling the higher self at the same time that the physical self is experiencing trauma of some sort so that the higher self does not move into misunderstanding. Nevertheless, the physical body reverberates with those misunderstandings. They do distort the energy. The higher self may have no problem with it, but it still needs to be understood by the physical human. This is subtle. We say that the higher self learns from the physical experiences and the higher self leads the physical being into those experiences it needs to clarify the misunderstandings. And yet, on some level, the higher self already understands. It's very hard to put it into words.

You've heard me talk about the deep wisdom of the higher self. You've also heard me talk, at least a few times, about this or that being whose higher self was deep in misunderstanding. A higher self is still a mental body along with the spirit body. While the emotional energy is clear, if there is grasping and fear .... I don't know how to explain this. There is fear that is experienced as an emotion and there is the concept of fear that is played with with the mental body. Even once the emotional body is purified so that one moves into sixth density and is fully higher self, there are still mind concepts.

Last year we talked about sixth density negatively-polarized energy and how it became a dead end and it finally had to reverse itself. To have become sixth density, it's moved past the emotional body in that it is no longer reactive to fear because, in the deepest sense, it is fear. That has become its god: fear, hatred, anger. There is no aspiration to serve others that makes it dislike itself for being greedy or harmful to others. Its god is service to self. So, it can move past the emotional body, past reactivity to the emotional body, and eventually have that emotional body completely dissolved, while being so purely service to self that it acts with the utmost anger and greed. It feeds off the fear of others rather than being nurtured by love.

When a being reaches sixth density in that place, there is deep misunderstanding. It's gone as far as it can. It's so totally service to self that it cannot move beyond the confines of the mental body and on to seventh density: union with God. Yet, obviously, there are many very powerful beings of sixth density. Ariel is a very powerful being, a very strong sixth density, positively-polarized, energy. All of these original guardian angels of Earth were highly positively-polarized sixth density energy, but in some of them, as Ariel described to you, their love became distorted with the experience of fear that that which they were creating would be damaged. That shifted them from "us" to "me" and "them" and somebody controlling, and created a radical distortion in the energy so that they became negatively-polarized. Can you see that that negative polarity can't move past sixth density? And yet, there can be very strong negativity--in your vocabulary, strong evil--manifest as sixth density negative energy?

To come back to your question then, Doron, the higher self of beings who are positively-polarized is very deeply service to others. It is also aware that there is no real self or other, that when you serve another, you also serve yourself. When Barbara goes to a retreat and channels for others, of course she's learning something, she's getting a lot out of it. And yet, she's not aware: I'm doing this for a selfish reason. Her concern is an end to suffering for all beings, not "You can suffer, I'm not going to." That's the difference.

Now, your friend experienced a strong trauma in her childhood. It led to an arising of anger and fear. What the guide (guardian angel) did was to help the sixth density higher self--the mental body and the soul--understand the lesson in this abuse so that it would not be twisted into negative polarity. Thus, the physical being was able to experience this abuse, perhaps feel deep rage or bitterness about it, hatred, but the higher self did not move to hatred. In that way, the higher self was protected. The soul needs no protection. The soul cannot be harmed. Even when it is 99.9% negativity, it's still a spark of God. There is no such thing as absolute evil. Does this answer your question or would you like us to go into it further?

(Group decides to move on to Ariel.)

Ariel: I am Ariel and I welcome you my brothers and sisters of light and rejoice in your presence. You ask me to speak to you of negativity. Brothers and sisters of light, do you understand that while you live in a world of suffering, that suffering is offered to teach you love? Your Earth plane is truly a heaven realm, a very blessed and sacred place, because the beings that are the foundation of that plane are love.

Can you begin to formulate in your minds what it would be like to take birth on a plane that had been founded in the same way I described to you that the Earth was founded, had been created by beings of fear, hatred, and negativity? By beings whose prime directive was service to self? To live in a sphere where you could not trust that if you opened your hearts you would evolve in directions of love, but a sphere where you must constantly be on guard? Where no love is offered as a foundation, how can one learn love? It is learned, but it is a slow and torturous path.

This is the foundation of the myth of hell. No being is forced to enter such a sphere. Beings who grow in negativity, who are strongly service to self to the point that the higher self is deep in misunderstanding, so that all those around have agreed that the only way this being is going to turn back to a positive path is to fully enter that negativity until it comes through the other side, those beings may choose to take birth on such a plane.

This instrument once read a story in which there was an Earth where there were no prisons. Beings who acted in harm to others were simply taken to a large gate, so to speak, a part of the world that had been walled off by a magnetic curtain. It was no better nor worse in its physical attributes than any other part of Earth. Behind that magnetic screen there was no law; beings were free to act in service to self. If you refused to act in service to others, with consideration for others, on the other side of the screen, you were given a choice: to be put to death or to walk through a gateway and live on the other side.

Many beings who robbed or in some other way hurt others rejoiced in reaching the point where they were given that choice. They said, "Now I'm coming to a place where I can finally be with others like myself, where people really understand what power is. Now I can fully grow into my potential. I'm going to be big on the other side." In the story, as they step through the gate, of course, there was no law on the other side. They were allowed to bring any possessions with them that they wanted, but they generally lost them within the first thirty seconds. They weren't killed; there were simply those on the other side with whatever weapons were necessary who took whatever they had, left them standing there in their underwear with perhaps a jug of water and the information that the closest town is ten miles that way.

For some of those beings in that story, being subjected to the constant brutality of that world finally kindled in them what no amount of kindness on the other side had been able to kindle: somewhere deep in their hearts, a desire for love and a desire for peace. This was a science fiction story in which, if I correctly recall the ending, when they had reached that desire for love and peace strongly enough, sent out that message strongly enough and acted upon it in their own lives, making an effort to bring peace and order to the hatred and chaos of the place where they lived ... when they had sufficiently manifested their energy in that pure way, then they were simply lifted out.

Beings on your plane who are so severely steeped in negativity, the higher selves so beyond understanding that no other path on this Earth plane seems open to them, move into such a plane ... such a universe, let us say. There are powerful beings who control such universes. It is there that your myths of such as Satan evolved. Yes, there are very powerful negative beings. Yes, they would like to take over the Earth plane. There truly is a .... I hesitate to call it a war because the word "war" evokes thoughts of hatred and animosity, but there is no correct word in your language ... a movement of one energy field which tries to absorb another energy field, and the other energy field simply offers loving resistance, not drawn into it as war but, nevertheless, aware that all that shields it from being drawn into the opposing energy field is the power of its love.

There is .... You will understand when I use the word "battle" how I mean it. There is this battle between light and darkness. On the Earth plane, there is far more light than darkness, even with all the suffering you experience. In some of the heaven realms--the light planes where beings are not manifest at all into form--there is very little negativity, very strong light. But there is there not the catalyst to learning because there is so much light. In the hell realms, there is strong catalyst to learning because of the tremendous suffering, but there is not the support to learn because there is so much hatred and greed and negativity. The effort of a being to move through that must be enormous. Beings that enter into such realms spend a time there that would seem staggering to your imagination.

You are incarnate in one of the true gifts of the universe: a realm where there is enough suffering, enough negativity, to offer a strong catalyst for your learning, but an Earth that is truly created of love and light because of those dear beings who are its foundation and whose very essence is the deepest love. Cherish what you have been given. Its value is immeasurable.

We have not tried to work with questions here. This instrument's energy is sufficient today that I would judge that it can move out of its trance state, hear your questions and move back into trance to allow me to answer them. The process of moving out of this trance must be as before, but she will not need to emerge as fully. I will rest within her as if she were consciously channeling me. I find it very difficult to deal with your concepts of time. I am not certain that we have the time by your clocks to continue today, and if not, that is fine. We will continue next week. I leave this instrument now with gratitude for your having allowed me to speak with you and with the deepest love and reverence for each of you.


Ariel: We do not measure the negativity by how many beings that one has hurt but by how deeply in darkness it is. Thus, one who moves deeper and deeper into negativity in its lifetime, deeper into service to self, may have no other path but to move into such a negative realm; and yet, on the Earth plane, may not have manifest that negativity, only have felt it, have wanted to kill, have hated, but not have done it. Do you understand?

The one known to you as Hitler was strongly service to self, but was also distorted, was not fully service to self, but partly service to other, but misunderstood what service to other meant. His misunderstanding was not a desire only to serve himself, but a misunderstanding about the equal value of all life and the reverence one must have for all life. This, in itself, while it led him to do much harm in that lifetime, does not push him into such a hell realm. Do you understand?

A being who would see his children die, who would do whatever it took to survive himself regardless of what that brought to those around him, such a being is deep in such negativity, although his acts may harm only two or three people, but his acts are deeply service to self to the point that his higher self .... There's another factor here: he has been through this in many, many lifetimes. That being that was Hitler had exhibited negativity in previous lifetimes, but never to the extent of that latest lifetime. Remember that each of you has been a torturer, a murderer, a tyrant in some lifetime. To be a murderer does not necessarily mean that you are service to self. Do you understand?