April 7, 1992, First Ariel Talk

Ariel: I have a name that your tongues cannot pronounce, but translated into your words it would be "the multi-colored light that dances," which of course describes many of you. Yet, the essence of what I have been is that which is called a "light dancer." I am very old and have seen many of your civilizations come and go, both on Earth and in other universes.

What we have settled for here is not quite trance channeling, which I would have preferred. Barbara is not completely ready to let go of control of herself to that extent so it is conscious channeling with Barbara in a far deeper trance than usual. And yet, it is still being run through her. Therefore, there is more possibility of her distortion of words, although I will correct her if that occurs.

Some of you are thinking that I sound a good bit like Aaron. This is the combination of the fact that the words are coming through Barbara's consciousness and the fact that Aaron and I have been together for a long, long time. In a sense, we are part of the same group entity, of which I am an elder and he, a younger. And yet, not so different for all that.

It has been considered that I speak to you today of things which that dear being you know as Aaron can only speak to you of secondhand, to give you a bit more of your very distant history, and, beyond that, to help you begin to let go of the duality of good and evil.

I want to describe a place to you, both the physical environment and the people there. This is not Atlantis, but a ... let us call it a predecessor of Atlantis, which was called in your language, Lemuria. Your science tells you how life evolved on Earth, and that it did, indeed, from smallest microorganisms into the great variety of life that you know today. And yet, as with any planet and any universe, there is always loving guidance for that life, as well as a very strict "hands-off" policy which does not distort the directions that life would choose to take, but always honors the free will of every entity.

You are familiar with so-called guidance from UFOs; and yet, unfortunately, many of the UFOs that visit your planet are what we would call negatively-polarized entities -- I believe you are familiar with this term -- and their violation of your space is a distortion of the law of free will. There is a problem here in that those of positive polarity take it upon themselves not to violate your free will. And yet, it is difficult to reach you when there are those who would violate that free will. It is not a violation of free will to work with the spirit on the astral plane and those of you of high enough density -- high enough clarity, let us say, and high enough vibration -- will choose to work with teachers on the astral plane and make your choices for the coming incarnation relevant to the service that you can perform as it relates to the past lives that you have lived and the skills that you have attained.

Are the limbs of this vehicle usable? (The teacher tries them out.) Thank you (to Barbara for the use of her arms?). As an example of this ... One moment, please. We are having some problem getting this entire body working in coordination with itself. (Long pause.) As an example of this, we have the being such as the musical prodigy, who retains the skills from past lifetimes and brings them back into this present incarnation. Each advance of humankind in knowledge and skill and understanding is, in essence, a gift given on the astral plane with the decision made by that being to come to Earth, to incarnate, and to manifest that skill. There is always guidance in developing that skill, be it a material skill or a depth of wisdom and understanding.

This does not, by any means, indicate that you are puppets. Each of you has free will, but you are wearing blinders and only aware of the small part of your total existence that is here in a physical body, and not of the many decisions that you've made on the astral plane as to what work you chose to do and what ways you would serve in this incarnation.

Now, let us suppose that humankind is ready for some new degree of wisdom. Let's use atomic science as an example. A deeper understanding of subatomic particles -- which will help to clarify for you the real nature of all life -- carries with it simultaneously the possibilities of the misuse of atomic energy. We have what is world-wide karma here and, at a stage where those who are your elders feel certain that you are ready for such knowledge, then those beings choose to incarnate who are capable of channeling and relaying such knowledge.

When I say "channeling," it is not necessary that that information is channeled by a spirit that is wiser than yourselves, but may be channeled by its own higher self, as all of you have deep wisdom at that level of your being. Still, there is strong guiding energy behind it. The positivity can use this route to reach you without infringing on your free will, as contrasted with that negatively-polarized energy that might come in UFOs. This is not to say that all who come in such UFOs are negatively-polarized -- there are those who watch -- but all intervention that changes the course of events on Earth is meddling, to say the least.

With this in mind, let us go back to this civilization of Lemuria. There was very wise energy, which saw the capability of the human form, and understood the deep possibilities for learning and for service through that form. There was a ... let's call it a protective umbrella around the Earth in those days, and that energy which channeled through to share deep spiritual understanding and to allow a race that truly was free of fear and free of any sense of separation -- from the Earth or from each other -- that energy created a protective umbrella to guard and protect that which it was nurturing.

In a sense, what I'm telling you here is the story of your Garden of Eden put in other terms -- more fantastic sounding in some ways, and yet, far more accurate than that biblical myth. I was among this nurturing party so I am able to tell this story firsthand, and believe that is why Aaron asked me to do so.

Distortion of light is always possible. (I believe it is easier for this vehicle where I do not use its hands.) Distortion of light is always possible. There were those among this nurturing party who became so involved in the work that they did that they sought to possess it, in a sense. Rather than having a deep level of faith and love and offering that as protection, when negatively-polarized beings became interested in this depth of spiritual beauty that was being created, they sought to get rid of that negativity. That awareness of self and other -- because, in effect, that's what it was ... until that time each of us in that nurturing party were part of a sixth density group entity beyond any sense of self and other -- but with the desire for protection of that which had sought to nurture came a sense of self and other, and that was the first distortion that created self-awareness and other-awareness. And that distortion among part of this nurturing party was, of course, carried to those whom it sought to nurture because these beings were very clear channels of spirit, all of them. There were no doorways at all, no walls, but a very clear passing of spirit and thought back and forth from guides to incarnate beings. It truly was that Eden that your Bible speaks of, a place where all learning and love flowed with total freedom and without distortion.

Picture, if you will, that you are planting a garden and the first flowers are coming through the soil. There is a group of gardeners, all beloved sisters and brothers, and you welcome together the rain and the sun, which nourish your garden. Carry this visualization a step further. Some of your brothers and sisters notice that the garden at times seems to receive more sunshine or more rain than they would wish for it and, rather than welcoming each and trusting that the balance will be found, they strive to bring in more of one or the other, to protect the garden, but also, to own the garden, in a sense. Can you see the distortion that that would create? And the conflict?

Because the humans were such clear channels, this distortion of possessiveness -- even if possessiveness grown out of too much caring, too much attachment -- became carried to the humans there, thereby breeding that first distortion of self-awareness and distinction between self and other on Earth. This was the birth of fear and separation on Earth and it is interesting to see that that sense of fear and separation did not grow out of negatively-polarized entities, but out of positively-polarized entities who moved into distortion of negativity through the attachment that grew out of their love.

I want you to see this and understand it because it is a part of all of you ... that your own negativity is not something to be hated or despised, but is a distortion of the strength of your love -- a misguided distortion, yes, but not absolute evil. Nothing to be feared or hated, but a part of yourself to be reintegrated into the whole so that the distortion may dissolve.

Lemuria continued, but now with negative distortion as part of it -- still open to tremendous spiritual insight, but also, the path had now been opened to negatively-polarized entities to move in and speak through. At that point, to separate it further from Earth, the entire area of Lemuria lowered into the sea, excepting several mountain peaks which became islands. Those of Lemuria continued as a separate race, let us say, that the distortions might not spread so readily. A result of this episode was that those guardians who had been positively-polarized and sought to defend, moved themselves into some degree of negative polarity. It was a time of great anguish for those of us who partici

pated -- one that I will speak about further at another time should it interest you to hear that.

Many of you have had contact with Lemuria at some time in one or many of your incarnations -- not all of you, but many of you. This doesn't make you special -- better than, other than -- it simply may interest you to know that, and I will not increase your speculation as to which of you. I think you will know within yourselves if this touches a spot of "home" to you or not.

Our connection is a heavy drain on this instrument's energy. She will learn to raise her vibrational frequency to a point where I can channel more clearly through her, and it will be far easier for her when she is able to allow full trance channeling. I do not wish to tire her or drain her energy further and will stop here for today. I will be glad to return at another time and I honor you, my brothers and sisters, with my loving respect for your deep spiritual work which draws you to know such things. I thank you for hearing me and ask your blessings with mine that all beings may find wholeness. I will return you to Aaron.

Ariel - 4