Thursday, June 7, 2007

(This tape not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Aaron:  ...I'm speaking to X and Y. Some time ago at Y's house, the subject of Lemuria came up.

Y: Barbara gave me a quartz crystal from Brazil.

Aaron: And it brought forth that past lifetime in Lemuria...

I told Y a bit about that lifetime in Lemuria and said that I would share more when X came because X also lived in that time. And the two of you truly knew each other, at that time. So I thought it would be helpful to both of you to both share some history, and to speak about some of the personal things that went on for each of you.

We start with the already-given transcript (Emerald Isle Retreat)...

Let me begin with the universal. You have this background material; do you have questions?

There was no birth and death as you know it in Lemuria, there was simply being in more conscious awareness and moving into a letting go of conscious awareness, letting go of, I don't want to call it a sense of a self because there was not a sense of a separate self. And yet there was a sense of beingness. There was awareness that, for example, if two people played some kind of a match with each other, just in the spirit of recreation, one was moving game pieces or a racket in one way, another was moving the energy or physical pieces in another way. So that while you were one, there was still free will. There was something, I don't want to call it self, but rather would call it awareness, which was the individuated expression of the one moving through each energetic expression. The individuated mental expression <>, <living/moving> through the energetic expression, and sometimes the individuated physical expression of the one, as well.

Both of you spent time on that plane in Lemuria as part of both of your history to at some level consciously remember the ease of co-creation, and <to> feel the frustration that it is not so easy anymore! Both of you were part of that move to Atlantis, that evolution into Atlantis. The first time that you come together, this is hard to phrase in English because when I say “knowing each other,” how does one finger know the other finger? They're all part of the same hand. And yet, this finger bends, that finger bends independently.

The brother/sisterhood of light was raising the question of making the shift. Let me see how I said it here...(checking transcript) I want to use the same metaphors since we <> the transcript...

There was the decision to bring what was perceived as an idea of other into the experience in order to create a contraction. You can't play tennis with yourself. You don't have to be aggressive nor to be fiercely competitive to play a game of tennis, but there does have to be an opponent, and there has to be some interest to play a better game of tennis than the other one.

So movement first on this more at the play level, as there might be if you play a game of solitaire with yourself. The brother/sisterhood of light observed this natural movement. It was not a decision, “Now we will do this,” it was a natural evolution. As the evolution advanced itself, there was an increase in becoming lost in the illusion, where brothers and sisters would have to come say, “Don't take it so seriously. It's just an illusion you created.”

As long as some held that clarity, it was fine. People learned how to move into the illusion while their partner was holding the clarity. The difficulty with working with illusion when one consciously knows it is illusion is that one knows it is illusion. In the game of solitaire, when the hand becomes unworkable, you can pull out an extra card. You know there's not really an opponent. I will not call it cheating, just, game is stuck—let's pull out an extra card so the game can advance.

So there was this quality of pulling out the extra card. One could not truly become stuck and therefore there was not the catalyst for compassion, nor for the deepening of wisdom. I'm reading here from the transcript:

“The slight discomfort amongst those who perceived the lack,” the lack of wisdom and compassion, “became the gradual catalyst that led people into playing with the illusion of separation, fully knowing it as illusion as one would on a stage set, playing the roles, pretending, ‘What if we truly WERE separate?'...

“So there was the playing with it, trying to draw forth these emotions so they could be met with greater compassion and wisdom. And yet of course it was a dangerous game because some people got lost into the illusion and moved into negativity.

“Until that time there was no unbalanced contraction... There was in your linear time quite a long period where beings were able to play within the illusion without getting lost in it, but gradually beings did become lost in it and moved into unbalanced contraction. At that point, the civilization of Lemuria began to crumble...

“The civilization of Atlantis followed Lemuria.” Here is where the two of you come in. Both of you saw where this was going, that people were becoming stuck, caught in the illusion. Y, the one you were had a sense of trust. If people get caught in the illusion, it's okay, they all come out of it. X, the one you were was more cautious. You thought if people get caught in the illusion, there could be great harm to them, so we should not play this game with the illusion.

The two of you had deep respect, each for the other. You were at a stalemate with this. You talked about it at great length. Finally, because the one Y was fully believed it was safe to become stuck, and that eventually it would work out, the two of you agreed that X would be more or less the guide who would watch Y go through the process, perhaps becoming stuck, and if--remember we're not talking in terms of linear time here, so I can't say, if in a month she was still stuck, but if at a certain point you felt from your perspective that she was deepening into negativity and that it needed to happen that she was <taken> out of the illusion, that you would take that role to do this, to support her withdrawal from the illusion energetically.

In terms of your human time, I would have to call it “timeless,” centuries, a very gradual shift, as you, Y, became more and more caught into the illusion. There was negativity that arose. Because of the innate purity of your being, you did not use that negativity in any way as attack on others, but you did use it as attack on the self, moving into the feeling of unworthiness and shame, shame that negative emotion arose. So you were not yet learning compassion, you were not yet, I would put it, there was not readily accessible a wise teacher of compassion to help you understand the negativity, so that it began to spin more and more and more.

You (X) watched your friend and colleague move into this, and I don't want to imply that there were just the two of you alone, there were a great many beings with whom you were in connection, but the two of you had this agreement to work together, and you watched her with increasing concern. The fear, “just what I thought would happen, is happening.” And with that fear, X, you also became caught in the illusion, so that instead of being available to help her pull herself out of the illusion, you became sucked into it. Such is the power of illusion and negativity.

I don't think that there's any great work that either of you need to do with this now, it simply was of marked interest to me that you were coming at a time when Barbara chose to give Y the crystal and it brought forth that Lemuria lifetime, <and> that it would be helpful to share this story with you. You're both doing the work you need to do. Nothing to forgive... there's no one to blame for the situation you found yourselves in; rather, you moved into exactly the situation you needed to move in, and as Y suspected, eventually one comes out. And as X is learning, one comes out. One does not have to be afraid of negativity.

Y: Why? What has been accomplished over these millions of years by this journey into separation?

Aaron: For you and all of you, it was the same necessary journey as it is for the baby, who must move into the illusion of separation from the mother in order to mature and eventually move back into knowledge of non-separation. If the baby continues its life thinking that it and the mother are one, <that they are the same identity, same <>>, it cannot mature. It cannot know its free will.

Y: I'm still not clear, because prior to the illusion of separation, beings were aware of their divinity and totally existing in non-duality.

Aaron: They did not know their own unlimitedness.

Y: But if we are non-dual, we are, there is only unlimitedness. I don't get it.

Aaron: It <hinges> on free will and the power of love. When there is nothing seen separate, nothing to provide the catalyst of contraction, then there is no motivation to bring forth the free will intention to open and hold that openness. It's just experienced as the natural state.

Y: But it WAS the natural state. Everyone was completely open.

Aaron: Let us use this example. What if the earth were completely covered with water. Under the water, of course, there's earth, but you can't see the earth because water covers it. There is no real understanding of dry land and of earth and of things that can grow on the earth. The earth is there. But it's covered with water. When the water recedes so the earth can emerge, then you move into the idea that there are two, earth and water.

But of course they are not two. The earth is filled with water, and the water has earth element in it. It's the ground of the water, it's the earth. But you cannot explore what you can do upon the earth until you liberate it from the water and see it as two. But then you must move back and see its non-separation again.

The same is true for all of the elements. Sitting there, you're feeling the fire element. The fire element is in everything, so in that original water-covered earth (I'm not stating that as fact, simply stating that as hypothesis or <>), on that water-covered earth, the fire element is there but if you're underwater, you don't experience the fire element <>. But if you come out, you get to know the fire element directly. And then you move past the duality of the separation of these elements.

<inaudible, about does that answer it, is it clear>

Y: I hear it. I know the depth of personal experience. What I'm not aware of was how deeply, how it was in Lemuria when people were swimming in non-duality but not conscious of non-duality. I get it, basically.

Aaron: Okay. It's that precisely to bring it into awareness. The fish is not aware of the water it swims in. Bringing it into awareness. So that's what this entire process is about, and your power comes from your free will intention, which is shaped by knowing your own divine radiance and unlimitedness. But if you simply are part of the sea, how do you bring forth that intention for love? And especially how do you bring it forth with such power if there's nothing negative to, I would use the example of growing plants. If Barbara put them in sterile sand, they couldn't grow. It's not quite a good example. You need nourishment for <>. The catalyst here of the illusion of duality created the nourishment for growth. The illusion of duality was uncomfortable enough that there was seeking of return to knowing of the non-dual, and the understanding of the need to do the work on oneself to resolve the negativity.

Y: But there was no negativity in Lemuria.

Aaron: There was no negativity in Lemuria. There was love. Very hard to phrase this...

X: But when people tried to play with the illusion, then there was fear.

Y: People created fear and separation. You're saying because they were not conscious of their non-dual, loving, creative nature...

Aaron: Let us use a stage set as an example. <> come onto the stage day by day, and deeply co-exist, each with the other. There is no sense of negativity, no idea of separation. There is love. There are many expressions of the One. Negativity is a distorted expression of the One. Through negativity, we more clearly might see the beauty of the One. If all around you was flowers, everywhere, and you never saw mud, you would take the flowers for granted. This is simply the way things are.

If all around you there was warmth and never a moment of cold--not heat to the point of discomfort, just gentle warmth--would you fully appreciate that warmth? No. So it's in this contrast that you come to appreciate and then, through free will, to bring forth the intention to enhance that which is radiant and beautiful and good. And this is where you begin to express your unlimitedness and your power. Your divine power to create, to create love.

So coming back to that stage set, eventually one of the players says, “We need something different here.” And says something a bit harsh to the other. And the other contracts. And then the first one says, “How did you feel at that contraction? Can we both sit together and send love to it?” And they find that they have a certain power that they didn't know they had, that something can contract them and bring pain, and they can hold it in love. And in this way, they grow.

Yes, further question? You are both working with this throughout this lifetime. You have been working with this through many lifetimes. You are both growing in beautiful ways. You both know, you each know, the work you need to do, and you're both doing it.

It may help you to remember that at one time there was a place where it was totally light, and that you each of your own free will made a choice to explore darkness in order to further enhance, bless, and create light. And that you are not alone in this. Of course, the two of you are not the only ones going through this, by any means, so that as you look around, you may think of each other, and how you moved each into your own specific journeys, but you may also look at all the beings in the world who are experiencing or are still caught in the illusion, and feel the deep compassion for them, which is you intended as you underwent this experiment. So you're coming out of the end of the experiment. And as you come out, you will each be increasingly able to be a source of that light out into the world and hold that light in the world for all the beings who are still caught in the illusion. And many who are still caught in the illusion are on the brink of release from it. But they badly need that source of light.

Do you have questions?