April 20, 2014 Sunday, Easter Morning Service, Corinthians with Jeshua

(This talk not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Jeshua: ...Wonderful! (holding the audio recorder after being shown how to use it) Now this is a miracle! (laughter) My rebirth is not a miracle. I simply withdrew my life energy and brought it back again.

There are no miracles. You have enormous power, all of you, to create whatever it is you wish to create. Are you going to create a world of love? Are you going to continue to create a world of fear? You have the choice. You are beautiful, radiant beyond measure. Do not be afraid of your power. Together let us create and rebirth this Earth as it was meant to be, a place where all sentient beings may flourish with joy.

Why would you do otherwise? What is the resurrection that you celebrate today? It's not about me. It's about each of you and birthing yourselves from the small to the infinite. I think of the fetus in the womb. Its limbs are compressed. It's in a space that's too small. Finally it realizes that it cannot continue in that small space so it bursts itself forth, birthing itself into the world. Are you ready to birth yourself fully into the world? What does it mean to make that commitment? Let us not celebrate my resurrection today but each of you birthing yourselves into the fullest being.

Now think of that infant again. What if it came out into the world, saw bright lights, felt the cold, felt discomfort, and said, “No, I'm not going out there,” pulled itself back into the womb? But this is essentially what each of you is doing.

Stretch your arms out with me. Big breaths—stand up. Feel the spaciousness out there. Soar with me up into the heavens. Let us fly everywhere together. Do not put me on a pedestal; I am simply an older brother. Come with me. Take my hands. Take hands together. (They take hands, creating a circle. It ends up, unplanned, taking the shape of a heart) One circle, the fullest circle of being.

Now invite into that circle the trees, the butterflies, your Easter bunny. Invite into that circle the poisonous snakes, the angry and hurting people. Can you invite them into the circle fully, too? One circle of love. Feel your power to draw everyone and everything into this circle, into this heart we share, which you think of as the loving heart of Jesus. Our heart. (pause)

Now think of the person who is most troublesome to you in the world, the one who does or has in the past caused you the most pain. Draw them into the heart. Invite them in. Hands up, welcoming. Breathe it all into this heart. We are love, unconditional love. And on this morning, I ask your commitment to be Unconditional Love with me through this year, that we truly manifest the world of which you have dreamed, the rebirth of love and of the highest vibration on this Earth. That is what today signifies.

Thank you. I'm going to sit on the chair up there. I would rather meet you standing than be sitting and you standing before me. I want us to be equals, but I don't think this body is up to lengthy standing. The body needs to sit. But please don't take it as an indication that I am in any way better than you because this body is sitting and you are standing. Simply, we respect the body that carries my energy.

(tape paused)

Jeshua is seated on the chair. The table beside him holds a tray with tiny seedlings, each in a pot. We were later told they are sunflower seedlings; The volunteers for the service begin to come up for darshan. After the first, he breaks to say the following.

This pot that I will give each of you has a small seedling in it. I don't know what kind of seed it is. You'll have to discover that for yourself. Let this represent you, the freshly sprouted seed, able to grow into a giant beanstalk, an eight foot tall corn plant or a lush tomato plant, a sprawling vine, able to feed the multitudes. Take care of this plant that I give you, and let it symbolize the inner plant that you are nurturing.

People coming up; mic left on for a while.

You are no less the living Christ than I am.

I am with you.

I love you.

This is your heart. It doesn't matter what happens to this seed. Even if the seedling should perish, the seed is forever rooted in your heart. Keep it growing. In that way you most honor it.

When you take these seedlings home, for some of you they may end up in too hot a window or with too much or too little moisture and they will fail. It does not matter. At the moment when I hand you this, know it is taking root in your heart. Do take care of the seedling out of love. But consider this a metaphor for the seed that I am planting in your heart during our darshan, and nurture that seed. And in this way you best honor me and that which you call awakened or Christ consciousness in you. The seed is really already planted and for most of you it's growing, but where it has lain dormant, know that during our darshan I am awakening it.

(recorder mostly paused as people come up to Jeshua


Please join me here rejoicing for this beautiful spring morning.


I don't know if there's anybody who can lead the melody of this song. It's a favorite of this medium.

Give thanks to the Mother Gaia.

Give thanks to the Father Sun.

Give thanks--

—Yes, will you come up and lead this with me? You can sing the music. Come and join your brother here. Help me teach this to them. You are the one who taught it to Barbara.


Give thanks to the Mother Gaia.

Give thanks to the Father Sun.

Give thanks to the flowers in the garden

Where the Father and the Mother are One.

Give thanks to Brother Water.

Give thanks to Sister Air.

Give thanks to sacred spirit

Dwelling everywhere.

Give thanks to the Mother Gaia.

Give thanks to the Father Sun.

Give thanks to the trees in the forest

Where the Father and the Mother are One.

Give thanks to Brother Water.

Give thanks to Sister Air.

Give thanks to sacred spirit

Dwelling everywhere.

Thank you...

(long pause, background sounds of people moving about)

I will speak briefly. I will have darshan with those who have just come upstairs and then if we have a bit more time, I'll speak a bit more. Otherwise I'll end.

End of the time with the volunteers; all the seedlings have been given out.

Jeshua speaking now to those who have arrived for the main service.

We have a change of venue here, today. Instead of the one we have called the Mother, you have welcomed me, the one you call Jeshua, into your heart and building. You don't have to believe I'm real, that I am truly Jeshua ben Joseph. I am simply a Brother of Light. That's all I am. And you are Brothers and Sisters of Light. But I speak from my experience in that lifetime, and your celebration of what you think of-- (pause, Aaron is prompting Jeshua to check that they're recording)

You welcome me today because you celebrate what you think of as my rebirth, a miracle. But there are no miracles; there is simply that which you co-create out of the fullness of your heart. Whatever I can do, you can do, but you persist to live with limiting beliefs.

My prayer for you today and my gift for you today is to ask you to pop off these limiting beliefs. Think of a small flower, a sprout, tiny, emerging from the Earth, and a seed pod is enclosing it. For it to grow it must pop off the seed pod, yes? But for many of you, you're trying to grow while the seed pod is enclosing you, so you walk around with this over you, holding you tight. Burst it off! Release it! What need have you of it? This tiny sprout grew within the pod and found safety within the walls of the pod until it became strong enough to live in the world. Why do you dream you are not yet strong enough? You diminish yourselves and you diminish everything when you keep the seed pod tight around you. (demonstrating; Jeshua holding the i-pad and case over his head) Shall I walk around like that?

So burst out, and when you come up, let me put my hand—I don't want to break the rules of the building, here. May I touch the heart area? (yes) I put my finger here in your heart to support the awakening of that heart, the bursting into what you sometimes call Christ Consciousness, which is not my consciousness or your consciousness; it is simply the awakened consciousness that is your true nature. Open your hearts to it. Together we can co-create the Eden that this Earth was meant to be.

Come... So as you come up, simply take my hands and look into my eyes, and hold that moment of shared awakened consciousness with me.

(tape paused during darshan)

So let us talk for a few more minutes about the true meaning of Easter, of the resurrection, the rebirth. You on Earth today are in the midst of a transition of consciousness. The Earth is moving into a higher vibration, a transition that you sometimes call the transition into a higher density. You are all evolving and the Earth is evolving with you. When I took birth 2,000 years ago it was literally to jumpstart this transition of consciousness, to refresh the seeds that were in your hearts. I didn't put the seeds in your hearts, then or today, I simply blessed them. The seeds have always been there, but they lay dormant. You just had a bitter winter, with deep snow and freezing temperatures, but beautiful seeds lay dormant under the earth, and now everywhere you go, flowers are emerging. Are you ready for this emergence?

The tiny seedling that sticks its head up out of the soil, knows it faces a late frost. It could even perish in that late frost. But it will re-emerge again. You must take the risk to allow yourself to emerge and know that yes, sometimes it's going to snow or hail on you. That's the experience of this earth plane. But your work here is not to avoid catalyst but to greet it with love, because it is in that love that you find the true transition of consciousness.

Each of you has an enormous capacity to love. You think of me and my capacity for love, but I am you and you are me. I am not better than you. It says in your scriptures whatever I can do, you can do. You are the Awakened One. You are the future. You are the transition of consciousness into its highest vibration. And when we do this together we will truly transform the universe.

We are not trying to get rid of negativity but to invite negativity into this transmutation. Whatever that worst nightmare that you can imagine, the most “evil” being that you can imagine, they contain this awakened consciousness also, but it's deep underground and dormant. Just as the seeds grow when the sun's warmth hits the earth, so the warmth of your love is what transmutes this darkness into light. We do not try to get rid of the darkness; we invite it into the light. The more fully the Earth is bound together in a higher vibration, the more fully even those most deeply planted seeds, deep in the darkness, are drawn up into the light.

Some of you have asked me, what of those who choose not to enter the light? They have free will. They may go where they wish. There are other planes that are more grounded in darkness, as your Earth was many thousands of years ago. But the Earth is becoming a planet of light, and those beings that are so deeply in darkness, with free will may move on into a different plane of darkness. But their weight will no longer hold the Earth, no longer bind it into their darkness. And eventually even those other distant planes of darkness will evolve into light, because everything is evolving into light. Light is your nature and the nature of all that is. Darkness is real, but is simple a diminishment of Light.

I'm not used to wearing the wristwatch and watching the time. Please tell me when I have three minutes left. (removing the watch)

We speak sometimes of what I call the crucifixion initiation. All of you have experienced that in your lives, in your many lives, repeatedly. Anybody here who has not experienced it? You are not literally nailed to a cross, but you have the cancer, or the loved one dies. You lost your job. You were hungry. You saw your child sick and did not know how to help. When you bring fear and power from a place of darkness in answer to these crucifixions, you deepen the power of negativity. When you learn how to open your heart with love and hold the truth of love as an answer to pain and sorrow, the darkness releases.

You agreed to experience these “crucifixions,” to experience these kinds of pain and trial. You agreed to experience this because of your strong intention to do what I demonstrated on the cross, to offer love to darkness. You quote my words in your scriptures, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” It's not just forgiveness but you go a step deeper, into compassion, because with the fullest compassion there is nothing left to forgive.

This is your human work. This is why you came into the incarnation, and each year on the celebration of Easter you have an opportunity to remember that you are here to rebirth this higher consciousness, to resurrect the whole Earth into a plane of light and love. Please remember that you, each of you, have that power. It is not my power, it is the power that we all share, based in love. Based in the infinite Creator, the Source of all love and light, which is the intimate part of each of our hearts.

You do not need to believe that I am truly an expression of Jeshua incorporated in this body. Maybe it's Barbara here with some delusion. The whole point is, have these words been useful to you? If they are useful to you, make them your own. You are the divine essence of all that is. You are the spark of God out of which light and love are evolving.

May this be a blessed Easter for you all, and a blessed year. May this year bring us ever further into awakening to our own true nature, each of us, and to inviting the Earth into that true nature, for it is only then that fear, hatred, suffering and darkness shall fall away from the Earth. This is our commitment. Always with love.

I offer you my deepest blessings, and thank you for inviting me, to be with you. Brother and Sister, (addressing the co-ministers of Corinthians) I thank you for inviting me into your home today.

I will release the body. (aside) Do we have time? (Q: Yes.) Are there any questions you would put forth to me? (none) (smiling) We've said it all. Good! Then I will release the body.

(session ends)