March 31, 2013 Easter Sunday with Jeshua, Corinthians Church

The meaning of the resurrection, with Jeshua

Barbara: Please remember that Aaron is not Aaron; that's just one aspect of his being. This is who he was 2,500 years ago, before the lifetime he spent with Jeshua. But he tells us Aaron is not his name; this is just one portion of his energy. We could not pronounce his true name and I could never hold the whole of Aaron.  Similarly, if and when Jeshua incorporates, this is just one strand of that energy. The whole of Jeshua could not be held in this room or come into this body. What comes through with Aaron and, I trust, with Jeshua is a very clear and loving strand of that energy.

You don't have to believe anything about it. You don't have to believe this is really a being, Aaron, rather than me, Barbara, just sitting here with this idea in my mind. You don't have to believe that this is Jeshua. The important thing is the message, and if the message is of value to you, then retain it. If it's not, release it.

That said, I'm simply going to invite spirit in.

(Aaron incorporates)

Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. I will begin.

What is Easter about? We talk about death and rebirth. We talk about falling asleep in the human life, and then waking up. You are waking up, a rebirth! A rebirth into what? Into your essence. After the meditation a few minutes ago, Daniel said, , “Now come back.” The way I heard that is not “Come back into this physical body again, after moving into an expanded space in the meditation,” but rather, come back into your essence and stay in your essence. Remember who you are.

As we considered the message today, it felt to me that you should hear it from the authority on rebirth, and that's from Jeshua. So I'm very happy to have Jeshua come in and share his ideas and heart with you.

I am quite articulate in this body. I know your language. I have learned Barbara's large vocabulary. We may have some pauses where Jeshua needs to turn to me, actually, to find a translation into English for the intent that he wishes to convey. So please bear with us if there's an occasional pause.

Please simply open your hearts and welcome him, with his love and radiance.

(Jeshua incorporates)

Jeshua: (speaking to someone about the recorder and mic) Will you carry it? If you want to record what I say, it needs to travel with me. Lots of electronics. We need to move past that stage where we're relying on electronics and into the stage where you know your full power. Why record? Why broadcast with a microphone? You can hear a pin drop. You can remember word for word everything that was said. You can remember how to do this. For now, we'll use these tools. (it was decided people could hear without the mic)

I love you, and I know you love me. We are entered together into this bond of love.  I thank you for coming here to be with me, and for trusting me enough to let go of some of the old limiting beliefs and begin to know your wholeness, your true essence.

When I came into the earth plane 2,000 years ago, it was to demonstrate and teach one simple fact: you are eternal love; Love that cannot ever be destroyed. You lost the sense of that love. You have a story in the Bible that you have come to interpret as being booted out of the Garden of Eden. You were never booted out of the Garden. You chose to leave the Garden because it was necessary to the next step.

Within the Garden, everything was provided and there was no sense of separation from the divine. The umbilical cord had not been cut so how could you mature? You could rest there forever, but not utilize your free will and not learn to take responsibility for your choices. Your free will and our Father's free will are one and the same, but there is the small ego based in fear that says, “Oh, but I need this! I need that!” So you began to explore. You bit into that apple seeded in the illusion of the individuated self, began to hold onto that illusion, and began to travel down this wide path, exploring, “Who am I? And where did God go?” God, Goddess; our loving Mother/Father/All That Is. Where did it go?

Your path slowly has led you back to the edge of the Garden and you yearn to return within. So many of you are, like the prodigal son, coming home feeling, “I am stained. I am tarnished. I could not be accepted. I am unworthy.” So you yearn to be that immaculate light, and you see a stain of self, of ego  and of distortion. You think you have to scour it off. That only leads to bleeding from these harsh scouring pads. It is only more negativity and suffering.

But the path is not one of suffering; the path is one of love.

At the time that I came 2,000 years ago, so many of you were caught in the illusion of darkness and separation, in a place—I'm asking Aaron for the word—in a place of belief in the negativity of the self, rather than seeing that negativity as present but not caught up in self-identity with it or hatred of it. Simply knowing, as Aaron would put it, it arose from conditions. It will pass. Who are you beyond negative thought and belief and action? I came to remind you of that, to help you open a door and make a conscious choice.

In leaving the Garden, one moment please... (pause; Jeshua carries a bench back to the center aisle) I can feel the tension here (points to lower back) within this body. I am fine, but I don't want the body to feel pain after I leave it because I'm holding it standing for too long a time. (Jeshua will sit for a while, get up, sit again, get up again as the body requires...)

So my intention was to remind you of your wholeness and bring you back from this place of wandering in darkness, through my own modeling of the human experience. Leaving the Garden, immediately at that point, you began to enter what I might call a crucifixion initiation. The Buddha puts it a different way: life involves suffering; you become aware of the suffering. Each of you, carries the little bits of betrayal by others, betrayals of the body, of the moments of anger, the experiences of abuse. For example, this body that cannot stand for an hour without tightening in the back muscles and radiating pain afterward.

So, for some of you, the crucifixion has been enormous: terrible loss, terrible betrayal, terrible body pain. And for others of you, it has been mild. It's a vital part of your path, as it was a vital part of my path. But my hanging on that cross, my removal to that cave, and the resurrection are a reminder: after the crucifixion comes the resurrection, the rebirth into whole life!

It is less a rebirth than a remembering. You are all whole. Each of you is arising from that crucifixion initiation and coming into your wholeness. Radiant. Coming back to the Garden, as it were. It was necessary for me to demonstrate this to remind you that you have the courage, the love, and the support to do this, each of you in your own ways. None of you is ever lost. None of you is ever without the support you need.

You ask, “Why am I so alone?” How could you ever be alone? I am with you. I am with every one of you, constantly. You can never be alone.

Your path now is about opening the heart, and learning that there are only two options in your life: love or fear. It's not that fear will cease to arise. It's not really a choice between love and fear but trusting love, even when you lose the way and fear closes in. If I close my eyes, here, and walk, (walking down the aisle, eyes closed) I trust that this path is before me. I know I'm not going to blunder into a bench, because I have seen the path. You have all seen the path. You know it in your hearts. It is the path of love.

The body was taken from that cross and carried into a cave. So much work had gone before to prepare for what we call the resurrection initiation.

Many beings at that time and also from the time of Lemuria understood how to replenish the cells in the body. My dear friend Aaron, here, who I knew in that lifetime as Nathaniel, he came to that lifetime after a prior lifetime as Aaron, after living 500 years. Through the Aaron lifetime he maintained an appearance of about a 50 year old. He could have made himself younger, but he didn't want to appear too much younger. He wanted the authority of being an elder, the ease of being an elder, but not so old that people disregarded him and said, “He's too old. He doesn't know anything.” So he maintained an age of 50 for over 500 years. I will not say this was a common knowledge, but there were those that knew how to do this and who passed this on to others.

My friend Nathaniel made the generous decision to leave that body in that lifetime and come into a new lifetime at the time and place where I would be born, to help support the work, in part through teaching this process of the resurrection initiation. On the physical level, there's a specific process. We used harmonics. There were three caves, triangulated in such a way, and with underground caverns and sound, so that the sound (chanting) OOOMMM... in various tones, reached the body. There were various fluids in which the body was soaked. It could have been instant. Instead, it took over 24 hours. It took time mostly because some of those participating didn't really believe we could do it.  But I did not suffer because of that time span. I was beyond all suffering. I just rested and invited all efforts to support the restoration of the body.,

There was much pain for some of you at the time of my crucifixion, feeling, “We loved him. Why did he abandon us? Why did he have to go? It could have been different. Could I have saved him in some way?” You didn't have a choice in that. This was my plan, with our Father. And I still think now, 2,000 years later, that it was a good plan, but I regret the suffering so many of you have experienced. There was anger at those who crucified me. Some felt helpless that you couldn't save me. Some felt furious with me for abandoning them.

There was nothing to save me from. I came to demonstrate the divine essence of all beings that cannot be destroyed, as it rests here with our heavenly Mother/Father/All-That-Is in love; to demonstrate the power of love. I came to remind you of your wholes and power, innate in your loving essence.

Your Earth is shifting, now, transitioning into a higher vibration. There is indeed negative energy out there, as well as positive. Don't think of that as dualistic. Think of it more as the flashlight battery. It has a positive pole and a negative pole, and it cannot be a battery without both. But we feed the energy off the positive pole. Essentially the negative pole absorbs into the positive. There is nothing but love. But in your world there is still that which is filled with fear and hatred, and believes in an eternal negativity, which I know not to be real. I would not use the word belief, here; I know it not to be real. There is no eternal negativity. There is still that which can do great harm.

So, our effort at this time, as Earth moves into a transition, is to invite the highest vibration, the highest positive polarity for this transition. That is each of your work; opening your hearts and finding that which is love in yourself; not denying the negative pole of the battery, but using it as energy to energize the light; committing yourself, that whatever pieces of the crucifixion initiation still linger within you, you will use that energy to transform every bit of yourself into love and light. You commit to carry this out into the world, for the highest good of all beings. If enough of you make this commitment to honor your true essence, without denial of the little bits of dirt that are still stuck on, just brushing them off when they appear, and knowing your light, being that light, this is the resurrection that all of you are entered into.

As I stand here before you-- I cannot say “alive,” as you know life, only alive in this body for the moment, but very much alive and present with you in spirit, I promise you that each of you has the ability to come back and manifest your own radiance and wholeness. Just as a million candles outshine one candle and a billion outshine a million, so let us fill this Earth with a billion radiant candles, bringing forth light throughout the universe and filled with the power of love. Know that love within your hearts, and know your ability to bring it forth. Follow me until we walk side by side and you also know yourselves as the living Christ consciousness that transforms all with love.

Son, how long do we have here? (Q: 5 more minutes) I have learned not to overstay my welcome!

Is there any question any would like to ask?

Q: You talked about the healing part, rejuvenating the body, keeping the body young. I want to know if it's  (the process?) going to be revealed, at some point.

Jeshua: If and when it is needed. Right now you are learning how to be non-attached to this body by allowing it to age, allowing it to pass on, and then moving on into a new body. So right now, you don't need that skill. But when it's useful, it will be revealed.

Let me add to that. It's not that we are holding something from you. The skills are in your souls' memory, and your souls' memory will allow this information to be revealed to you when they are needed. This is not somebody else coming and saying, “Okay, now you're ready. You can learn this.” It's up to you. But in your souls' wisdom, you know it's not appropriate now.

And yet, you are all learning so much about skillful use of energy, and how to use the fullness of your energy in the world for transformation of the world. This will feed into remembering that skill at the right time.

Other questions?

Q: You speak of the word soul. What is it, exactly?

Jeshua: Soul is a label, just like Jeshua is a label, or, your name is...? (Q: D) D is a label. The soul is that light body essence of what you are. It is not the physical body, of course. It's not the mental body, not the emotional body. It's not even the spirit body. It goes far beyond the spirit body. Because if we call it the spirit body we are still speaking of the world of dualities. There's your spirit body, your spirit body, your spirit body, but the soul is one soul. Like the octopus with many arms: this arm is part of the core, this arm is part of the core. The soul knows itself to be part of that divine essence, expression of that divine essence, and feeder into that divine essence. It has wisdom, let's call it, and awareness. But there is no ego in it, no sense of separation. It is grounded in love, and it is ablaze with light. And I see it burning right there in you!

Q: But there's one big soul that's everybody?

Jeshua: Hindus use the Sanskrit words atman and para-atman. In English you don't have  similar words. Atman meaning soul or spirit that presents in individuated expression and para-atman as master or Great soul. But they are not separate. In English you call it soul and God and that immediate creates a duality. But the soul is only an expression of God/ Goddess/ all-that-is. How could you ever have been separate from that Divine Essence?

Buddhism avoids the issue. The Buddha does not say there is no soul; he only says it is not useful to speak of it. Be present with what you can experience directly. In your deepest meditation, you experience what Aaron calls it a dissolution of body and ego; coming into a place that is only awareness and light. This is awareness, an aspect of consciousness or citta in Buddhist terms. This awareness is not the soul, but takes “soul” as object of awareness. Every consciousness must have an object and also awareness, which is a specific form of non-personalized consciousness.  Awareness must have an object. The awareness that's left when the ego and body seem to dissolve, touches on the own innate radiant sense of being that is soul, and it sees that it's unlimited. It sees the divine, at the same time as it knows the inner light, and that they're part of each other, nothing separate. Here Atman and Para-Atman merge.

So now, two more minutes, let me just walk up the aisle. No more words, daughter. I appreciate your questions, but your heart can answer them. I just want to share some energy and light with all of you.

(walking among group) As I walk past, ask in your hearts for all that you need. I don't say for “what” you need; but for all that you need. There are no limits. Know that love reaches out to you and is always with you... (touches some hands; hugs someone;  hand on another's shoulder; looking in eyes; smiling)

Now, don't feel badly because I didn't hug you or take your hand. You are not lesser than those I touched. My touch is everywhere.

Thank you (to the ministers, inviting them forth to take His hands) for holding this space and offering me a place to share my love and my words.

(Barbara reincorporates)

(recording ends)