July 15, 2012 Sunday Morning, Spiritual Energy Healing Service, Corinthians Church

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Who is Aaron? I am simply another Brother of Light, one who has been with Barbara and channeling through Barbara for over 20 years. And I am grateful and honored to be part of this system, with the many Brothers and Sisters of Light as entities and all of you who are Brothers and Sisters of Light here in incarnation. We come together to co-create Light.

We have called this “spiritual energy healing.” What is healing? It's really a misnomer, because healing implies that there's something broken that needs to be fixed. But my dear ones, you are whole. There is nothing broken. Let us instead call this “spiritual energy remembering.” Remember your wholeness, the wholeness of the body, even to the cellular level. Remember the wholeness of the emotions and the mind. It's very easy to forget, in your human aspect. The body and emotions move into certain distortions. These distortions are not who you are.

I'd like you to envision a river bed with a forceful flow of current. Gradually as it swings around the curve, it erodes the river bank, causing the possibility of flooding, cutting away the bank. But we remember how the bank was originally, and how it contained the river. We pick up the rocks that are there and place them in a skillful way to redirect the flow back, contained within the bank, because your intention is not to invite erosion and cause flooding.

This is what the Brothers and Sisters of Light do to support you. We help you to remember, according to your highest intention. We help to support the manifestation of that remembering, but you each have free will. Just as within the river, if we help to restack the rocks and rebuild the bank and the river does not want to flow within the bank, it will flow back out and push the rocks away. We would never force or control the river; the river has free will.

Each of you has free will. This is why the formulation of your intention is so important. Let your intention be for remembering your wholeness and the deepest manifestation of that wholeness on as specific a level as you wish. Whatever you ask for that is wholesome and for the highest good, we will support you in that wholesome intention. We will support you energetically and, using the river again, where the rocks have been washed away, we will intervene and restack the rocks according to your plan. But we will not force. We will not control. You have free will.

We give you these interventions on a spiritual level, in the body, in the mind, in karma. We offer them to you. It is simply offered, and it is up to you to take what you can use. Leave the rest for the next time. We'll be here. We will continue to offer. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Our intention here, all of us, human and spirit, is for the highest good of all beings, and with love. Simply that: to remember our wholeness, live our wholeness, and reflect that radiance out into the world; to model such wholeness for the world so that all beings may have well-being, happiness, and peace.

One of the things you may do as you're sitting here today is what I call the pole meditation. Picture a tall pole planted deep in the earth and rising so high into the heavens that you cannot see its top. Raise your hands up with me now... Opening to the light. Opening to that radiance and love, and bringing it down into you...

For most of you, there is a desire for the light and some resistance to grounding into the heaviness of the earth plane. But we must bring that light down into the earth, into places of darkness and pain, or we cannot transform them with light and love. Imagine a plant that reached up to the light but refused to send roots down into the soil; it could not thrive. You are the pole. You hold together heaven and earth, quite literally.

So as you sit, ground yourself through your feet into the earth, and do not be afraid to reflect on areas of pain, of sadness, of confusion, without self-identity with them, without getting caught in their stories, but simply acknowledging, “Yes, such pain is real on this plane. And this light and love is real. And through my heart I hold it together.” It's a simple reflection: the willingness of the heart to be touched by pain without losing the reality of love and light. In this way you best support your own remembering and support all of those here.

With that introduction, I will close here and we will start the service.

(recording ends)