February 19, 2012 Sunday, Corinthian Church

(This tape not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Barbara: Thank you for your welcome. It's a joy to be here with you. As they noted, we just returned from the Casa one week ago. There's a poem, “... trailing clouds of glory, do they come...” by Wordsworth, I think. It feels like we're all trailing that glorious energy behind us. A group of 20 were with me and about half of them are in this area and are here, or a few more, but I think others of you have also been to the Casa. How many? How many have been to the Casa ever? Many of you.

For those who have never been there, it's an alternative healing center in central Brazil. The man who runs it, who is affectionately called John of God but his name is Joao, Joao Taxeira de Faria. He's a very powerful medium; many different healing entities incorporate in his body and work through him. It's a very powerful experience to go there and see the enormous shifts that happen for people, the deep healing on a physical and emotional level.

I'm not going to talk at length about it today, but my book, Cosmic Healing talks in depth about my experience of losing my hearing, meeting Aaron, and eventually finding my way to the Casa. “Casa” is the Portuguese word for “house”, this house of healing. The book has some in-depth explanation of the amazing things that are done there, like visible physical surgeries with an incision cut without any anesthetic, with little bleeding, how it heals so quickly. Aaron talks some about some of these “mysteries,” but not all the mysteries. There need to be some mysteries remaining.

But much of their work really is not a mystery at all. We are energetic beings and surrounded by hundreds and thousands non-physical beings, spirit, that are always with us. Our bodies are not solid. So Aaron talks, for example,  about how there can be an incision made with a knife and it doesn't bleed. Basically all that's happening is this non-solid structure of our body is parted not by the knife but by the energy. The knife doesn't cut the skin; the energy separates the molecules. It opens them so that the Entity can reach in and remove perhaps a tumor. He takes his fingers, no gloves—the high vibration is enough sterilization. He reaches in, gently reaches in and pulls out the tumor and drops it in a pan. And then moves his hands in a closing gesture and the incision closes.

For people who have never seen this and can't imagine this, it's startling. It really shatters your old belief systems, if you did not believe in anything beyond the mundane physical realities of life. How does he do that?

The reason we're talking about this is that today Aaron's plan is to invite in many other discarnate entities to help support the healing in the room. So I want to shatter your old belief systems, if you have them, which only believe in the physical realities that you can see. Why should there not be hundreds and thousands of spirits hanging out here in the room with us? Why should they not support us in our healing efforts?

That's enough from me. You're not here to hear from me but from Aaron. There is one question that somebody brought up. I'll answer that before Aaron incorporates.

Q: When you are incorporated, where is your consciousness? Are you in a higher vibrational dimension? Can you hear what is being said? Also, what does linear time feel like to you then? Is it the same length of time we perceive here?

Barbara: When Aaron incorporates, I'm gone. I would say I'm at a higher vibration. I'm in a very light-filled space. I'm not making any effort; I'm just resting in this space. The effort is just to stay tuned and keep myself in that space with my highest intentions.

In the past few years they've been teaching me more and more to keep an edge of consciousness present. First I had to be gone so as not to interfere with Aaron, as a backseat driver. Once I was completely comfortable with relinquishing the body in that way, then coming back, “Okay, now you may sit in the back seat of the car”—no back seat driving, but if Aaron needs traffic directions, he can turn to you and say, “Which way do we go?” The traffic directions being, “What is the word for ...?” I have a better vocabulary in English than Aaron, so if I'm on the edge of consciousness, he can use my vocabulary. So the effort now is not to get in his way, to simply supply the word he's asking for and then drop back and be quiet again.

Linear vs. simultaneous time. There really is no difference. Picture yourself in a river. Your friend is a mile downstream in the river. Are you both in the same river? You're there simultaneously, the same water. Obviously if a bottle floats past, it floats past you and then downstream a mile past your friend. That's linear time. The continuity of the river is simultaneous time. We also use a piece of cloth as an example. Linear time. You bring them together. (folding a cloth so two points touch)It's simultaneous. It exists in both places and there's no paradox. It's linear and it's simultaneous. I experience both at once.

Today we're going to ask you to be more in the moment, the place where the linear flow of time stops and you are just in this one present moment. Is that linear or simultaneous? Does it matter? It's just now. As Ram Dass put it, “Be here now”. That's it.

So that's enough from me. Aaron is going to incorporate. From here on, the day is up to Aaron. I have a basic idea of what he plans, but I'm not running things, he is. For those of you who are curious about my relationship with Aaron, it's in Cosmic Healing and it's also in the Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues in even more detail. Both of these books provide a lot of background. All 3—Presence, Kindness, and Freedom, also. They all have a lot of different pieces of the story of my meeting Aaron, my relationship with Aaron.

(Aaron incorporates)

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. You are all radiant beacons of light. It's such a joy to be here with you and share this morning with you.

What is healing? On the surface there is that which would cry out to be healed, on the physical or the emotional level. But at the core of your being, how could there be any disruption?

Please imagine your dearly beloved child, shining face, curly beautiful hair, freshly bathed an hour ago. And now the child has gone outside and played in the mud. Not only that, but he or she comes to you bearing a big armful of flowers, some blood where the rose thorns have scratched. And the flowers have not been cut carefully, but you can tell by this bundle of flowers that the bushes have been, in a certain way, massacred. And your garden club is coming next week to see your beautiful garden. “Mom, Dad, I cut these for you!”

There's mud all over. The clean clothes are all dirty. There are leaves and thistles in the hair, bits of scratches and blood. What do you see? Do you see the radiant core of the child, or do you see only the dirt and your torn flowers and miss the love behind the picking of the flowers?

I would hope you see it all because they are all aspects of this child. If you get caught up in, “Oh, my garden! What did you do to it?” you lose the radiance. You lose the gift. If you push aside the “Oh, my garden. Oh, you're filthy and we're about to leave for church—Oh! Oh!”, if you push that aside and just try to focus on the radiance, you're not seeing the completeness. You're not open to the whole human dilemma in which there is both openhearted love and radiance and catalyst.

You are here on Earth to learn how to respond more lovingly and compassionately and wisely to the catalyst, not to deny the catalyst. Your bodies and your emotions provide you with plenty of catalyst. By catalyst I mean the challenges: the pain in the back, the knee, the toothache. The ongoing disease. The feelings of unworthiness, helplessness, fear, anger, and doubt. These are all gifts given to you so that you may work compassionately to connect to your own innate divine radiance, the beautiful child that you are. And so that you may also look at the thorns, stickers and mud and say, “I no longer need to carry this. I release it. I do not despise it. I do not chase after it with a stick. I simply know this is no longer an essential part of my being and I choose not to carry it anymore.”

When I look at you, each of you, I see you in layers. There is a radiant core of light. It cannot be diminished. On top of that is what I call the spirit body; beyond that, the mental body; beyond that, the emotional body; and, finally, the physical body. Each layer has different aspects, what we might call a heavier, material aspect, even in the soul body, yes. A light aspect, a karmic aspect, and more.

When there is a distortion, it is never held at the level of that center light but it may show at any of these ever-expanding outer layers. I see it as a diminishment in the radiance of the field around you. This isn't just the aura I'm talking about, although the aura is part of it. That's one aspect of each layer. But I see it as a bit of shadow here, a bit of disrupted energy there. And often, for example in somebody who has knee pain, the shadow may begin at the soul level with a little bit of distortion, some self-identification with yourself as the one who is damaged in the knee. Just self-identification. And then the mental level, little bits more of flares coming out from it. Moving into the emotional and finally the physical expression of it as pain in the knee. It's never at just one level but goes all the way through.

The same would be true of an emotion. I doubt it there's anyone in this room who has not at some time felt a feeling of unworthiness. Of course, nobody can truly be unworthy; it's just a concept, a mental form. Conversely, none of you is worthy, either. There is no worthiness or unworthiness. And as soon as you get into, “Well, I'm not unworthy, therefore I'm worthy,” you have to keep striving to be worthy rather than acknowledging that the whole thing was a fraud to begin with, just a mental concept. You are love. What else could you be? But we look at the feelings like unworthiness, despair, depression, confusion, whatever it may be for you, and I can see these at each level also.

What I'm going to do today will happen in three parts. First, I'm going to lead you in some exercise, probably a song, to help you remember this light within you and that you are that light. All the rest is outer clothing. If Barbara's shirt here gets dirty, she puts it in the wash. She doesn't believe that the inner light within her is soiled. The outer expression has picked up some dirt. It will wash clean with care.

So the first step is to help you feel and tune into that core of light. Then I'm going to ask you to enter a phase in which you sit quietly. Your eyes may be open or closed, as you prefer. And to ask each of you to choose one ripple of distortion, some physical ailment, some emotion, something you can truly say, “I do not choose to carry this anymore and I ask help for its release.” I'm going to invite many entities into the room-- they're already here; I don't really have to invite them-- to invite their full participation to assist with this release.

There may be resistance. If you've forever been the one with one leg shorter than the other and limp, there may be a lot of self-identity: “I'm the one who limps.” What would it mean to let go of that limp? I'm the one who is deaf. What if I were not deaf? Can I find the one who can hear right there with the one who is deaf? Can I find the one with stable walking right there with the one with the limp? If there's any fear or resistance, that's part of what is released.

So first, to tune into this inner light. Second, sitting quietly to choose one aspect of your being, physical, emotional, mental, that you ask for help to release. And then I'm going to ask you to sit, what may be, certainly not for the folks who have just been to the Casa and sat for 3, 4, 5 hours, but for some of you, sitting quietly for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, it may seem a long time. But I'm going to ask you to sit quietly and invite spirit and focus not on getting rid of that distortion but on knowing the innate radiance, the innate perfection within which that distortion simply dissolves and melts away. I ask you to ask for help.

I will walk around the room. Other entities may incorporate in the body. I don't know, I'm simply right now responsible for the body and if somebody whose work I respect asks to use the body, I'll hand it over. So the body may go through a number of entities as we work here. They may approach and touch you, just the head or shoulder or some other place. They may simply work energetically. But remember, it's not just the incorporated entity that's working but so many loving beings supporting your intention to heal. This is a partnership.

Joao, John of God, says, “I do not heal anyone, God heals.” And God is not, in this case, some being up there in the clouds saying, “Zap! You're worthy, I heal you, but you're not worthy, I won't heal you.” God is this core of light. Far more than that, but your expression of the Divine is this core of light. Rest in and know this core of light. Knowing your own radiance and divinity supports healing.

So these entities, we're not healing you. We're helping you to support and further your own intention, but we are with you and love you. So don't be afraid to release that which has become a burden to you.

At the Casa there is a beautiful entity named Dr. Augusto. While Barbara was there he came out on the front platform one day and spoke for about 10 minutes with such deep passion and sincerity and love. What he said, essentially, was, in your healing you heal the Earth. If you want this Earth to move past 2012 and into 2013, if you want people to be fed on the Earth, to end their wars, to open their hearts to each other, you must do that work in yourself. So, what you do here today and in any healing to which you aspire, what you are doing is healing not only yourself but this particle of the Infinite, of which you are totally connected.

If you have a hand with a cut in it, and it becomes infected, some cells cannot heal without all cells healing. You can't have bacteria and dirt into one half of the cut and expect it to heal because you're tending the other half. The whole heals together. You are all part of this One, and as you heal yourselves, you heal the Earth, and the cosmos, literally. This is why Barbara's book is entitled Cosmic Healing. It's not about you, only you.-- of course it's about you but it's also about healing the whole cosmos. And in this case what I mean by healing is the release of contracted energy and opening into love, opening into the ever-loving heart.

If I may offer a small joke here as a reminder to release contraction. A friend at the Casa, D, who is a wonderful Portuguese teacher and grew up there in Abadiania, told of a woman who was learning English. She was a volunteer in what they call the Current room, the room where people sit to meditate, and was giving some instructions in English. And she was a bit tentative about her ability to speak correctly, but people assured her, “You're okay. You can do it.”

So she finished the meditation she was leading in there. Prayers had been said. And now she was to say to people, “We are finished. Please open your eyes.” But instead she said, “Please open your ass.” (laughter) Well, people were a bit confused by this, and she was very ashamed of herself, but it's perfect, in a way. What I'm asking you to do here is essentially to open your ass! Just sit, open, relaxed, free of contraction. So if you find yourself contracting as we work, remember this little joke.

Now, we're going to start with a song. I'd like you all to stand up—more energy. Most of you know this song. It's an old spiritual: This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine. We have 3 verses here. I'll go through the words, for those who don't know it.

This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine

I'm gonna let it shine

I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

Let it shine

When my body's aching...

And then the next verse:

When my heart is breaking...

A reminder, when the body is aching, when the heart is breaking, you still can let this light shine. So I want you to connect deep into this light and feel even with the aching body, even with the broken heart, how you can focus, not push away the broken heart, not push away the body pain, but focus deeply on the ever-existent light.

(singing and clapping to piano accompaniment)

Thank you! You may be seated.

Please reflect now on that within you that has begun to seem like a burden. A physical ailment—just one, I know there may be many, but for now, just one. Or an emotional issue, some area of deep sadness or confusion. Reflect that this issue blocks you from your highest intention in life, which is to live fully and with love, fully from that light, and offer the intention to release it. If it's an old habitual pattern like a feeling of unworthiness, you may experience what we call “compassionate regret” that this pattern prevails habitually, over and over. Or even if it's something like an ongoing back pain, that same compassionate regret. “I choose to have a strong back, not this back that is frequently painful.” Reflect for a moment on this physical or emotional distortion, and also on the innate wholeness, the part of you that is not damaged in any way but radiant. And ask for help to release whatever would release, for your own highest good and that of all beings.

Together, we invite in loving spirit, whatever loving entities can come and support this intention to brush off the dirt, as it were. To reveal the radiant light within and provide healing...

We're holding open a door, a vast portal. We have set the parameters that only highly positively polarized, loving entities may enter, only with the intention for the highest good. We invite these beloved brothers and sisters of light to fill the room and to come to each of you in your need. There are more than enough entities here to go around...

Hold your body energy open. Feel any contraction and relax around it. Focus not on the area of brokenness but looking through that to the innate perfection. Looking through sadness to joy. Looking through pain to that which is not in pain. Visualize the perfection and ask for help. If there is any resistance in that asking, gently note the resistance as fear, and instead ask for help to release the fear...

(pause for many minutes; there is strong energy presence filling the room; the incorporated entity walks around)

Some of you find resistance or fear to let go of what has become a familiar companion. A brother of light came into the body for a while and walked around the room. Now I am Aaron again. And now a sister of light is going to incorporate and perhaps speak a few words, but mostly offer you her Mother energy to help support you.

(sister of light incorporates)

SL: You may think of me as a sister of light. I am an aspect of the Divine Mother. If it would be helpful to you, feel free to open your eyes and look into my eyes. I am not fixing you—there's nothing to be fixed. But rather, I am reminding you of your own luminosity and of the deep love within which you are held. Aaron is far more articulate than I am. I will refrain from talking and simply look into eyes...

(pause for about 15 minutes; the sister of light walks around the room looks into many people's eyes for anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute or more for each person, holds some people's hands. Some people are crying as they take her hands. Her loving energy is very clear)

Now as your hearts are a bit softer, go back to your intention. I'm going to invite Aaron back into the body.

(Aaron reincorporates)

Aaron: I am Aaron. Holding your intention, continuing to ask for support, and feel the softening of the heart, the real possibility of change, of release, of becoming that core of light. Let it shine! Let it shine! That is what you are. That is your essence. Your emotions, your physical body, these are beautiful garments you wear, sometimes with stains. But there's nothing bad there. But that which is no longer comfortable to carry, let it go. Once again, inviting spirit to fill the room and help support release...

(pause; Aaron continues to walk around the room)

We must close... These spirits will not leave you, not abandon you. Take them home with you. Work with them always, your own guides and all these helping brothers and sisters of light.

Through the healing that we do here, may all beings everywhere find healing.

Through our own hearts coming to a deeper ease and spaciousness, may all beings everywhere find ease and spaciousness.

And may we know the true love that is our birthright.

You may open your eyes.

Thank you very much for allowing me to share this time with you. I wish we had another 20 minutes just to sit here, but you can continue this at home. So, we will end. I will release the body to Barbara.

(Barbara reincorporates; some pause)

Barbara: From me, Barbara, here, thank you for participating. I hope your experience is one that will help you open to that radiance within. I love you all.


Host: As you come back into linear time, simultaneous <>, just enjoy the beauty that is in this room. We thank you so much for being here because by your presence, being here yourself, as Barbara and Aaron said, this ripple effect is huge in this world. And bless you all for being willing to be the vessel, to be here.

Barbara: Aaron is asking if each of you would turn to the person sitting next to you, take their hands, look into their eyes, and say, “I love you.” Threesomes are fine... Look deeply into eyes...

People doing this.

Host: Please stand for the closing prayer... (inaudible)

(session ends)