December 18, 2011 Sunday, Corinthian Church, Aaron's Christmas Stories

Aaron: It is a joy to be with you this morning and, following Barbara's words, thank you for your warm welcome, and thank you Connie and Daniel for inviting us.

This celebration of Christmas, of Jeshua's birth, is always a very important time of the year for me. And no, he was not born on December 25th, but close enough. It was winter.

I want to give you a bit of background here and tell you a story that I think your souls will remember, although the humans that you are may not fully remember.

Your world in those days was filled with anger, greed, fear, and hatred. Not for everybody, of course; there were deeply loving people, as there are in every age. But the predominant pattern was service to self and a fall into negative polarity, limiting one's world to one's self - perhaps one's family, perhaps even a few close friends, but everyone else was other. Here was the separation of self and other..

There had been preparation for several centuries for the coming forth of one who would model the essence of light in each of you and help you awaken to your true nature as light.

There is no duality. Each of you contains positive and negative polarity. Where do you focus your attention? If you become angry and then say, “I'm bad, I shouldn't be angry,” it's just more anger. The whole teaching is, if negative emotion such as anger arises, and it will because you're humans, can there be kindness for the human experiencing anger? In that way you begin to bring forth a higher vibration of love.

For the most part, your human world was not taught these ideas in those days. There were pockets of that learning, especially the Essene communities and in some parts in the East, some native cultures in Africa, South America, Australia. But for the most part there was a tense contraction of “me, my needs”, against “you”.

For many generations work was being done to welcome this teacher of love. He is sometimes called the Teacher of Righteousness, but the word “righteousness” has a kind of self-righteousness to it in your modern context. I prefer not to use that but simply, the teacher of love.

Five hundred years before his birth I was a man named Aaron who lived in a place quite distant from Bethlehem. Aaron lived part of his life in an Essene community and in other advanced cultures, and learned many of the teachings of cellular regeneration, which was practiced by small groups of wise ones in those days. So with these teachings I had learned as I aged to use the practices, the skills, to bring myself back into youth, and thus in the decades before Jeshua's birth, I was over 500 years old. My learning was not just through the Essene training; In those 500 years I had traveled also to the East and studied, not with “the” Buddha, the Awakened One himself, but with learned and loving Buddhist monks who followed this master. I also had traveled to the area you know of as Australia and learned many skills there. So all of this was part of my background as Aaron. But I was not yet an enlightened being, despite all these skills!

In a meditation, perhaps 50 years before Jeshua's birth, the man who would be my next human father came to me and asked, was I ready to release the body of Aaron and come into a new incarnation as his son, this father to be, to help support the coming of this master of love? This entity was a beloved brother. Of course I said yes. Five hundred years is really enough in any one incarnation! It's time to move on.

I did not suddenly decease the body but simply allowed the body to age without the restorative practices, passed from the body, and very quickly came into birth with my new father. The mother died in childbirth so this loving father and a very dear Essene community in Mount Carmel raised me. My father in that lifetime was both a teacher at Mount Carmel and a shepherd in the hills nearby. His intention for me was to come and do the same because he felt that the shepherds who lived simply in the fields had much more ability to understand and bring into their hearts these teachings of selfless love than did the people who were caught up much more in greed and competition in the towns.

We lived a simple life, much of the time spent in the Essene community and other time in the fields as a shepherd. It was important to my father that I learned both.

At the age of five, I was a small boy but aware of what was going on around me. This was the time of final preparation for His coming. Some of the young men and women in the community including Mary and Joseph had been learning the practices of light conception for many years.

What is light conception? You think of the sperm and the egg meeting to bring forth conception, but of course there has to be a spirit involved in that, not just cellular matter. The physical material is much less important than the spirit. With light conception, the woman invites in the full expression of spirit and of that specific being who will take incarnation within that womb, and there's no need for sperm as seed to fertilize the egg. Spirit enters and gives life to the egg. The Light itself fertilizes it and brings forth the new  life.

This may seem miraculous to you now, when you think of Mary's “virgin birth”, and it was certainly not a known practice, only in several Essene communities and being recalled at this time to support His coming. It was handed down from Lemurian times, as were many of these practices. Much of the teaching in these Essene communities was passed on from Lemuria. This doesn't make the miracle of his birth any the less. Certainly there was divine intervention. It's no less miraculous, but it's rational, also.

When it was known that Mary was pregnant, the whole community rejoiced. Other women were also pregnant through light conception, beings that had come forth to support him in his ministry. It was not known at first which woman carried the soul who would grow up to be the Master. Each new life was beloved.

After the conception my father took me from Mount Carmel to a southern Essene community, Qumran, which was much less family oriented, much stricter. But it was important for some people from Mount Carmel to come to Qumran and work with them since the birth would take place near there.

About three months before his birth we arrived in Qumran and spent much of the time in the fields, speaking to shepherds. A few others came also. Because this birth was going to bring forth some very strong signs that might frighten people, my father wanted to be there in the field with the shepherds to comfort them and help them understand what was happening, because he strongly believed that the shepherds could lead the way in their loving acceptance of him and acknowledgement of him.

Thus I had the blessing to be in a field near Bethlehem this night of his birth. Remember, I was just barely 6 years old, a young boy. I understood conceptually that something special was to happen, and I had seen Mary pregnant. I understood it was her child that was the center of all this attention. But for me as a 6 year old, what I most remember was sitting there on that hillside on a night in which the sky grew increasingly bright. There was a convergence of two planets and a star, something that happens maybe every 3,000 years, a very rare astronomical event. As they came together, there was a radiant light, and the light truly was shining down into the town of Bethlehem.

There was a heavenly music filling the air. It was not just music that could be heard from the heart but from the ears as well. A resonant choir of angels is the only way I could describe it. And of course the shepherds were afraid, and then it was my father's turn to comfort them and tell them, “It is safe. What is happening is a miracle. Rejoice.”

Some shepherds went down to see what was happening. My father was responsible for some sheep and he did not want to leave them, and he also did not want to leave his human sheep, so we stayed up in the hills that night. As those who had gone into the town returned, their faces were so filled with radiance, and they said, “They say He is the Prince of Peace, and He is come to lead us, to know the light within the world and within ourselves.” Finally I curled up with my head on my father's lap by the fire and went to sleep.

Just at first dawn, my father aroused me and we went down the hill. My father carried a young orphaned lamb, and I had the blessing to see this child and offer him that gift. His mother told me, “We are leaving, so you take care of the lamb until he returns,” which I did.

It was amazing to look into his eyes. They were not an infant's eyes but the eyes of deep wisdom, deep love; the understanding of the ages was in those baby's eyes. And then we left as the holy family left; almost immediately my father took me by a way that had been prepared. We were returning to Mount Carmel. It was not safe to stay at Qumran, not safe to stay near Bethlehem.

As you know from the biblical story, the Holy Family fled into Egypt. “Fled” is not quite the right word. To flee implies fear and there was no fear in it, only the wisdom, “We must leave now.” And again, the way had been prepared, and there was the readiness to receive them at the-- there was an Essene healing community in Egypt and that is where they went and spent the years there until it was safe for them to return.

Some years later they returned to Mount Carmel. So it was here that I had the chance to get to know Jeshua; now, he as a several-year-old boy, and me, 5 or 6 years older. The first thing that I did when I saw him there was to give him back his lamb, now grown into a sturdy sheep, and he was grateful to receive it.

There were other young people in the community but Jeshua and I became good friends even though I was older. I was older in physical age and he was older in wisdom. So I had the opportunity as a growing boy to spend time with him.

Some of these stories are in the book back there on the table, Forty Seven Stories of Jesus, the Christmas stories I have told through the years. Many more are available on the Deep Spring Center website. The book contains excerpts from these longer stories.

I'm going to tell you a few of my favorites. First, people ask me, what was he like as a boy? Was he always peaceful and loving? No, indeed he was not! What angered him most was when people were unkind or unjust to one another, and immense anger would come up in him. But within the Essene community we children were given the training with how to work with such anger, starting in infancy, really. We were never scolded for being angry but advised how to take care of our anger, how to acknowledge that it had arisen out of various conditions, and that we did not have to be ruled by it. We did not have to act it out, did not have to be afraid of it but were expected to be responsible to care for it until it released.

Like all of us, Jeshua learned this but perhaps his anger was more intense than others‘. He was not angry at what ordinarily angers a child, such as not getting one's own way, but extremely angered by injustice, by one doing harm to another. He learned how to go off quietly and sit and breathe with his anger, make space for it until it diminished. And he learned also how to speak up in a clear, kind, and direct way and express what had brought on the anger and what shift he wished for. “Can you apologize to him? Can you pick that up which you threw on the ground? Can you help right the wrong you have done?” So this was his way as a very small boy, but he never made those requests out of anger but only after the anger had passed. And this was out of his training in the Essene community.

He sat in with us older boys and girls, listened to what we were being taught, which was appropriate because he was more advanced than we were in so many ways. We were being taught how to manifest with light and energy.

On several occasions, but there is one I would speak of, he accompanied me into the hills with my sheep. I spent about an equal amount of time in the Essene community and living in the hills with my father, moving back and forth. So Jeshua was permitted to accompany me, and we spent several days out in the fields under the quiet beautiful sky.

It was cold; it was winter. There was a baby lamb that was shivering, so 5 year old Jeshua said to me, 11 year old Nathaniel, “Light the fire!”

Well, I gathered kindling and I went through the tedious process of rubbing sticks together to get a spark. Jeshua looked at me for a few minutes and said, “Nathaniel, what are you doing? Just light the fire!”

“But I AM lighting the fire!”

“But remember your training: if you want to manifest a fire, you don't need all of that kindling and such, just bring forth the fire; light it!”

He gently nudged me out of the way and invited the fire, and there it was.

This is an example of the ways in which he was so advanced, because for me, although I had been learning about this for the past year or two, I still fell into the mundane practices where if you want to light a fire, you've got to get a spark. You get the spark by rubbing wood together, or using a flint, not by going inward or upward. But Jeshua knew how immediately.

Through his youth he was often taken away from the community to different places of learning, so there were years at a time when I did not see him. But each time he came back, we rejoiced again in our friendship. Because I was an only child with no mother, the whole community were my parents. Jeshua's parents, Joseph and Mary, always welcomed me into their home. So I had the opportunity, as the occasions came when he was present, to spend time with him and with his parents and to learn from them.

He was always a peacemaker, but he never lectured. As a boy of 12 or 13, you know how boys that age can be, pushing each other a bit, part serious, part playful, trying to establish their seniority in the group. When boys became rowdy to the point where there was anger and one doing harm to another, Jeshua would always step in. And sometimes he at 10 or 11 would be stepping in with older teenage boys. He would never chastise the one who was using force. He would simply go to the one who was being pushed and take his hand or stand by him, look in the eyes of the one who was being abusive, and ask, with kindness, “Do you really want to create this kind of hostility in this circle of loving brothers (and sisters) that we are?” (but this was more among the boys). So from that early age he was a peacemaker, and he understood how to deal with people, never to condemn or shame them in any way but simply to lead them to find the light and the love in their own hearts.

Jumping forward many years to the time when he had begun his ministry. Much of it was in that area around Bethlehem, but he also traveled further afield. In those days I was married with children and was a shepherd. Young children-- I was a young man, 6 years older than Jeshua, still quite young.

I was following the work my earthly father had given me, to help the shepherds understand these teachings. But whenever I could, I went to where Jeshua was to listen in for a few days. My oldest son, Mark, sometimes came with me, or at times I would leave him at home to watch the sheep.

One night we had been traveling together and sought shelter in a farmer's barn, a small number of men, not a big number. It was raining hard and the farmer had graciously offered us the shelter of his barn, his home being too small for all of us. The farmer had been in an accident and could not climb up on his roof to repair the roof of the barn; it was leaking. There was adequate thatching material but, because of his injury, he had not been able to repair it. So the animals sheltered in the barn were getting wet, and we were getting wet.

Jeshua suggested, “Let us fix it.” It was cold, a raw sleeting kind of rain. We climbed up on the roof. No one would have thought less of Jeshua if he had stayed warmly in the barn, but he accompanied us. We had wrappings for our hands but you couldn't fully enclose the hands, the fingers had to be able to work with the thatching. The hands became raw, numb, bleeding. It seemed to me the work went much faster than it might have. Now looking back, I know He could have energetically thatched that roof, and seen that as a “miracle,” but we would have learned nothing except that HE is capable of miracles. Instead we wrought our own miracle: we fixed the roof.

When we came back into the now-dry barn, a fire had been lit and Jeshua was sitting by the fire. I remember he took each of our hands and just said, “Thank you.” My hands were raw, they were bleeding. Again, he did not instantly fix my hands or I would have just said, “Yes, he can do miracles.” Instead he simply took my hands in his and held them and said, “Thank you. We did good work.” WE did good work. “Oh, my brother, your hands are so raw. Let me hold them.” And he did. And then we went to sleep, and by morning the hands were fully healed.

He never said, “Well, I did that for you.” In fact, some of us asked him and he said, “You can bring forth your own healing. Love and spirit assist.”

He taught me several principles of healing.

First, to build on the skills that we had learned in the Essene school and were still practicing.

Second, to co-create with spirit. Not just your spirit guides, not just angelic presence, but with the elements, with everything of spirit that surrounds us. To connect and co-create.

Third, at the point when you have done what you feel you can do, to turn it over to the divine. not a divine out there but the divine within you and the divine everywhere. This means a surrender of the small ego self. One says, “This ego has done all it can, both with skill and with co-creation. I reach out and invite the larger healing force of divinity in all that is. I surrender the small self and its power to the greater will, for the highest good.”

And the fourth essential part of this is gratitude, to offer gratitude for your ability to join in this co-creation for healing and participate in it for the highest good.

So, that morning when I woke up and found my hands healed, I thought of these teachings that I had heard in my Mount Carmel days and from Jeshua. He did not heal me; love healed me.

There are so many stories. I'm looking for one more that will most deeply show his energy and thought and love.

Accompanying him once, we were walking in the countryside when we heard a cry. He immediately swerved off the main path and up into the hills from whence he heard the cry. He motioned to us that we could stay down there or follow him, as we wished.

Most of us followed him. As we came up into the hill just a short distance, we heard that cry again and again. We knew that there were lepers in these hills, and some of the group stopped as the way got steeper and the cry came closer. I walked with Jeshua.

There was a leper woman giving birth and the baby was stuck in some way, not presenting itself in a way to be eased out. The woman's mother and other women were with her but nobody knew how to help her.

They were all lepers and leprosy was thought to be contagious so I was afraid. Jeshua turned to me and said, “Nathaniel, you're a shepherd. You know how to bring forth a lamb that is stuck in the birth canal. Can you help her?” At first I just wanted to flee, I was terrified. Me, touch this leper woman? And then I realized my beloved brother Jeshua would never put me in a situation in which I would be harmed. I had to expand that to the broadest level of harm. If I contracted leprosy, then he knew that that was for my highest good, and it was safe even to become a leper, if that was what was necessary. I also knew he could birth the child. If he was asking me, there was a reason. So at that point there was a release of fear and hesitation. I was given hot water and able to wash, and then able to help by inserting my hand to shift the baby in the right way so that it could be eased out. The mother pushed it out, and it was a beautiful, whole baby.

They invited us to have some hot beverage with them and then we walked back down the path to the rest of our comrades. Before we left, he took so many of their hands and spoke to them, walked around simply extending his love to each one.

Several weeks later, returning past that way, he said to me, “Let's go up that hill and see how that baby is.” So we climbed up the hill. The others again waited below. As we approached, what I saw astonished me, but it should not have surprised me. The first to greet us was a woman I had noticed before in an advanced stage of leprosy, and her whole body was healing. Others were healing and some fully healed, including the mother of this child.

They asked him, “Did you do this?” They had known who he was, that he was the one called by various names, the Teacher of Love, the Teacher of Righteousness, as he was called. “Did you do this?” He said, “No, your own love and faith did it. I do not heal; God heals. And when you invite healing and trust your own inner capacity to heal, it can happen.”

We spent the night there. They feasted us. It was a joy to hold this baby and to see the radiant mother, literally growing new fingers; her hands, her body, healing. But what was most important to me of that memory was his saying, “No, I did not heal you,” because his work was not to make himself important but to help each human know its own divinity and its own power to co-create wholeness and love. The essence of his message was to empower through pointing out each one's own divinity.

There are many stories. They're in the books. Read them.

His message was this, and it is this that we truly celebrate on Christmas: Not his divine birth, although it happened, not that he was special as “Son of God,” but the birth of all beings from everyday consciousness into divine Christ consciousness; the awakening of this divine consciousness in each of you.

Your Earth is coming to the point now where if the Earth is to survive and flourish, each of you is asked to take this step to open most fully into knowing your own divinity and that of every other being, and seeing every other being as God. That means that you must look at anger, hatred, greed, and such, as it arises in you  - not with self-condemnation but with the free will decision not to get caught up in the stories the emotion is presenting, because such limiting belief is not in accord with your highest intention. It brings harm.

So you are not releasing these negative emotions because they are bad. You are releasing them because you have a higher intention to know and enact the divinity within and without, and embrace that divinity. When enough of you do that, it's going to shift the Earth. And the time has come now for that shift, for the Earth to move into the higher vibration of love.

As you rejoice in his birth this week, please also rejoice in the birth of your own higher consciousness opening into a knowledge of your divinity and give thanks, because the Christ is not someone who died 2,000 years ago, the Christ is alive in you; you the awakened one, the one who can carry and live that message of love. You CAN do it, and you came into the incarnation to do it.

So don't despair when you feel like you fall short, just note, “I've slipped back into negativity and lower vibration. That is not my highest intention. I release the negativity.” Practice the various ways in which it does release, and keep reopening this heart of love. And eventually it will establish itself stably in you,.

You are love. And I love you.

I would like you hear your questions.


Aaron is walking around the room, up and down the aisles and making eye contact with people.

You are so beautiful! I love you all! You are so very, very beautiful.

All questions were not caught completely on the mic; they are paraphrased.

Q: Jesus was crucified, but did that kill him? Did he live more years on earth after this crucifixion?

Aaron: Yes, many more years. I danced at his wedding. He had children.

Q: Was he married to Mary Magdalene?

Aaron: Yes, yes. Now, I know that this may go against some of your own religious beliefs. Please do not take me as an authority. If what I speak resonates as truth for you, use it. If it doesn't, simply lay it aside. I can only speak of my experience. There are no absolutes. This was what I experienced.

Q:  “Did Jesus live on after the crucifixion?”
I spoke earlier of the trainings of cellular regeneration in which I had become somewhat of an expert, in my life as Aaron. This process involved work with certain kinds of fluids, harmonics, and other tools, and it was part of the training that we did at Mount Carmel, preparing people to know how to take care of this beloved one's deeply injured body. For such cellular regeneration, one had to almost halt all body processes, to a seeming death. Thus he was also well prepared, having learned how to move into a place of apparent death and internally to regenerate the body tissue.

I would say that he almost completely left his body during the crucifixion, but left a spark of his essence in it so that to the soldiers he appeared dead. He was removed from the cross. He was carried off into a very well-prepared chamber. We had access into that chamber. It was a cave owned by one of our community. We had cleverly blocked passageways with rocks so anybody simply coming in and looking would not see that there was access. But as soon as he was put in and the door was closed off, we had access in to his body to care for him and work with all our regeneration processes, while he worked at his end. Meanwhile, we had groups of people in different places, working with harmonics to help support the regeneration of the body cells.

The Jeshua who emerged was different from the Jeshua of days before. His body was at such a high vibration that many could not even approach him. Perhaps I'll save more about this for Easter.

Q: I know we've seen all kinds of different images of Christ-- short hair, long hair (inaudible, asking if any of the pictures come close to what he really looked like).

Aaron: I've seen pictures, some that come close to what he looked like, but none that catch it perfectly. He had a somewhat darker complexion than in many of the pictures, and yet had fair hair that flowed long, and a beard. I think the strongest point of his appearance were his eyes because when one looked into his eyes, one saw God. One saw the whole universe in his eyes, and kindness, and love.

Q: You mentioned a celestial event that caused much light to shine from the heavens on the night of Jesus birth. Please clarify what this involved.  Was it two planets and a star in conjunction?” 

Aaron: Remembering here that I was a 6 year old boy, I simply saw this and was told by my father that this is what had happened. Now from my perspective, as a spirit plane being, it seems true to me, yes.

Q: And you had mentioned that it was a 3,000 year cycle, that this re-occurred? When will it return?

Aaron: One moment please... I am told it will vary but approximately that.

Signer: It will come back in 3,000 years?

Aaron: Well, it will come back now in another 1,000 years, give or take several hundred years.  Laughter

Q: So when Aaron talks about our consciousness moving from everyday consciousness into divine Christ Consciousness, what are we doing to help this consciousness to come back into us and the earth? (inaudible)

Aaron: I think the most important thing you can do is to be responsible for yourselves. Each of you is some balance of positive and negative polarity; every human is. You did not come into the incarnation to be perfect and free of negativity. Negativity that's expressed towards others does harm and is unskillful. But negative emotion in itself is just energy; it is a teacher and  a reminder of compassion. It's a part of your human path for learning. Body pain, emotional pain; these remind you to open your heart and have compassion.

So the most important thing that each of you are doing, or have the opportunity to do, is to commit yourself to be an instrument of love and light as best you are able. And then, as I described before, to learn the skills, and there are set skills through meditation that one can learn: bringing awareness to the arising of negativity, and also awareness to the presence of love, and expressing gratitude for that love. Working with the skills. Asking spirit for help. Acknowledging, when you feel you've done all you can, and surrendering the small self to the greater self. This is part of co-creation.

At some point here or at Deep Spring I would love to do a day-long session, a workshop on co-creation and manifestation. Knowing how to manifest that which you seek for the highest good of all beings.

This means letting go of the “I want” and asking for the divine to come into you and express through you into the world, and offering gratitude that you're in a situation where you can bring this forth. Gratitude is a very powerful emotion. Gratitude truly breaks down the walls of fear and connects you to the world.

I would like to ask something from you. A dear friend of ours in Ann Arbor who has been here with us, L D, just had heart surgery and she is not doing as well as would be hoped. Would you please spend a minute with me simply holding her in the love and light of your hearts.

I want to add here that L is largely responsible for all the editing in Barbara's book, Cosmic Healing, and for much of the editing of my words in The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues. She has given enormously of herself in the creation of these works. So could we just hold L in the light...

(silence; additional names offered, silence)

Aaron: May I add here the Forty Seven Stories of Jesus book was compiled carefully from hundreds and hundreds of pages of manuscripts by Bill Altork. Bill has also recently had some major surgery, so please also hold him in the light.


Host: Thank you, Father/Mother God, for the healings that are occurring as we hold all these people in light and in your love. Amen.

Aaron: If the time is right, I will release the body to Barbara. Before I do so, my deepest love and blessings to each of you. As you celebrate on Christmas morn, celebrate the birth and growing of your own highest consciousness into the light. Remember, you are the Christ as well as is Jeshua. Give thanks for that which comes forth through you.