October 2, 2011 Sunday, Corinthian Spiritist Church

(This talk not reviewed by Barbara and Aaron)

(A guided meditation has been  underway for about 15 minutes, not recorded)

Aaron: ...Opening the heart. Deeply aware of the intention to support each being's elevating himself or herself out of the muck and moving into a deepening awareness of his or her inner light and power.

Now, as the water pours over you, become as the great Master who stands above you, one more level of this cascade. Opening your own arms, your own heart, letting the water pour off your robes. Feeding this living radiance and love to all who thirst for it.

Be careful that there's not too much of a doer. The rock vessel that supports the waterfall is simply present. It doesn't think, “Look what I am doing,” it simply invites the waterfall to use it.

In the same way, offer your own body and energy, that the living presence of love may flow from the radiance too bright to look into, to the Master who softens it a bit, and to you, and on to all who need it.

As with the flashing red ball and the drawing together of current, feel around you now the energy of those throughout the room, and each of you deepen your own intention to be of service to all who suffer. And allow to deepen your sense of responsibility, a willingness to serve in this way, which means to let go of the idea, either, “Oh, I'm special,” or, “I am unworthy.” Neither of those have anything to do with it. You are becoming mature, responsible spirits, humans, knowing both the spirit within you and the human within you. Here on this earth plane it is the human that is most important, the human intention to bring healing and love.

We'll sit here a few minutes, now. Put your arms back up if you wish, receiving this living water into you. Open your eyes for a moment and watch my hands, bringing this water into me and then offering it out. Reaching up again and drawing it into me, into my heart, and then offering it out to all who have need. What is needed within me remains with me and all the rest flows out. Close your eyes again and we'll work in silence for a few minutes...

Please don't forget that you are not alone, but that this whole room is filled with beings doing the same work. You may wish to think specifically of beings or places of suffering in the world, draw this living river of light and love into yourself, and then, breathing out, send it out to the places of suffering. Be aware of your power, the power of your loving intention...

Feel yourself supported by the literally thousands of entities filling this space, some human and some simply spirit...

Envision with joy and gratitude those who deeply thirst, receiving these living waters, pulling their gaze up from the mud and beginning to see the light, and to trust their own capacity to rise into that light...

If certain individuals appear to you, don't be afraid to take their hands, to let this living river of love pour from you over their hands and faces, and to smile encouragement. But also know that each being has free will. You just keep offering and eventually those who thirst will find the water and drink. You can never force it upon another, only invite...

And now, gradually we'll let this scene close. Stepping back, with thanks to the Master who has supported this for you, not losing touch but simply stepping back out of that flow of water. Coming back into your own body. And open your eyes.

Thank you for doing that with me. Some of you could see it more clearly than others. As I said, some of you are more auditory, and you might want to try it again not trying to see the water so much as to hear this cascade, or simply to feel the energy of it flowing through you. Each of you is unique, and whatever works best for you is what is just right.

At this point, I'd like to hear questions from you, or any ways I can be of service to you.

Host: How many of you saw lights? (raise hands) How many of you felt energy down your spine?

Aaron: So most of you were able to experience this in some way. Good.

Q: What is the healing for mental illness?

Aaron: It's the same as for any kind of illness. Illness is a distortion that believes with a self-identity, “I am this.” I am mentally ill. I am sick with cancer. I am lame. And on the surface these things may be true. There may be a tumor growing. There may be lameness. There may be some mental distortions that are conditioned, through the lifetime or maybe past karma.

But any illness focuses on the self-identity with that and then tries to fix it, and thusly brings more attention to the negativity of the distortion rather than to knowing the wholeness. With any kind of distortion, the healing is to know the wholeness that is simultaneous with the distortion.

Let's use a simple example, a person who feels, “I am angry. I am always angry. I shouldn't be angry.” Whenever that person is angry, they notice the anger and then turn self-anger onto themselves: “I won't be angry anymore. No more anger!” How often does that person notice when they're kind? Do you think they ever notice? Rarely. Something happens that could be upsetting and instead the heart opens with compassion for the person who is rude or impatient with them, and there's a feeling of kindness. And they don't think, “Ah, in that moment I was kind.” It just goes past, and then another time anger comes up, ‘No more anger! I shouldn't be angry”

So, the healing is to be found in being more attentive to that which is whole and radiant in the self. Let go of trying to fix. We attend to the illness. If one has a cut, one washes it off and takes care of it. One doesn't deny it. One also envisions the whole skin.

Barbara a few years ago had a bad fall and broke her big toe. It was very painful. The doctor said “it's a clean break, we'll simply tape it and it will take about six weeks to heal.” So she went back home. She lay in bed. She couldn't do much. She couldn't walk. The foot was elevated, ice on it. And I said to her, “Instead of wishing the toe to get better and feeling impatient, can you see the wholeness right there with the broken toe? On one level it's broken, and on another level, all that's happened is that molecules separated. Molecules that have the ability to come back together, are actually now together if you let go of the idea they're pulled apart.” So I asked her to sing to the toe whatever tones, not necessarily songs, just OM... (OM several short pitches) whatever tones she wished to sing, whatever tones the toe invited.

For one night and a second day there was a lot of pain. Through the second night she realized she slept soundly, and when she got up the next morning there was no pain. I said, “It is healed.” It didn't take 6 weeks. That's only a belief, “It will take 6 weeks.” It will heal itself anyhow in 6 weeks if you believe it will heal itself, but if you believe it will take 6 weeks, then it will take 6 weeks. The wholeness is always there.

When she returned to the doctor, the x-ray showed not only that it was healed but they could not even see the break. There was no sign of the break. The doctor looked at the x-rays with amazement. This is how you heal any illness.

(Host asks if there are any more questions or comments for Aaron)

Q: I think the energies are so beautiful that everyone is swimming in the waters and floating.

Aaron: I just want to look into all of your eyes and see how beautiful you look... (walking around?) You are all so radiant. Can you feel the difference in your common everyday stance when you are armored, and right now when your heart is open and you're allowing yourself to be vulnerable; to be touched and to touch? There's such a big difference.

I know it's a lot to ask of you, to stay thusly open all the time, because the natural inclination when something comes at you is to pull back. But each time you pull back in that way, simply note, “contracting”. Right there with the contraction is that which is not contracted. It's the same thing I was just speaking of. The wholeness, the divinity, the radiance are there. Open yourself and feel the living waters so when there's contraction, “contracting, contracting,” --“Ahhh, come back to the true divinity. Come back to myself, my true being.”

Thank you for letting me look deeply into your souls. I love you.

(returns to sitting) At risk of embarrassment, I want to introduce this daughter without whom the book Cosmic Healing would not exist. Thank you, L, publicly. L did so much editing for the book, so much hard work to make it possible.

Have you any last question for me before I release the body?

Q: In the instance with Barbara's toe, is there anything that truly was to be done, or was it (okay) just to observe that change back into wholeness? Was it an act or just (an) observation?

Signer: Was anything to be done with the toe, or was it just enough to observe?

Aaron: To know the ever-healed. To recognize that right there with the break, not ignoring the break-- she didn't put on running shoes and go charging down the trail, she had to be careful with it. She put ice on it. She observed the fact that the molecules had pulled apart, but instead of getting caught up with that she immediately switched attention to seeing the molecules together. That could be translated as to seeing the tumor in the body and the body free of the tumor, to seeing the agitation in the body and mind and feeling the body and mind free of agitation, simultaneously. Which one do you choose? Which path do you choose?

Barbara, when she lost her hearing in 1972, the middle ear nerves that control balance were lost so she had to walk with walking sticks. And she had very little balance. She had to learn right there with the imbalance is balance. Now of course I'm in her body, not her, right now. She still doesn't fully believe she has balance, but-- (demonstrates walking with ease) (recording ends)