March 13, 2014 Private Excerpt on expanding consciousness and non-dual awareness

March 13, 2014 Private Session, Excerpt (beginning after Visuddhi Magga portion of recording, not transcribed) (Aaron has added a little as we reviewed)

Q has asked:

#3 - Do we really go anywhere? A supreme ruse!?!?

More and more, especially when driving, I can see how I am completely still - that it is the things around me that are moving.

And, while walking in a parking lot the other day, looking down on the sidewalk, I could see how the ground was moving under my feet but “I” am not going anywhere.

I felt, during this period of walking, as if I was a thin sheet of plywood - just “is-ness” of nothingness - with nothing behind me.

If the true me does not move in space and time, then are we not all duped by a wonderful (yet, maybe unfair) ruse whereby we think we're the mover of body,...

Such a wonderful ruse - but unfair maybe at some level?

Unfair because 99.99% of humans think otherwise - soooo many people, but very few seeing?

If this is accurate, why is it so? Why, in effect, dupe almost the whole world into believing X when it is really Y? Is this part of the awakening process and that is why it is so?

Aaron: (Speaking to Question 3) I would not call it duped, Q. It's simply that most of the world only sees with mundane consciousness. From the perspective of mundane consciousness, I am moving myself in mundane time and space; I am walking across the parking lot. From the perception of pure awareness, there is no self, there is no parking lot, there is no time or space. This awareness is everywhere. But the world is not yet awakened to that, in terms of the majority of individuated consciousness. Consciousness itself is unaware.

That piece of individuated consciousness you call “me” is terrified by the idea of “no  self” and the inherent non-separation from all-that-is,, I think mostly because people are not ready for the degree of power that comes when you understand, “I am connected to everything, therefore I am both powerful enough to make everything happen and co-responsible for everything that happens.”

Back in the time before time, when you were more of a crystalline body knowing your complete interconnection with all that is, but lacking individuated consciousness, there was telepathy and complete sharing of thought. There was no “my thought” just “the thought”. There was not the possibility to mature in wisdom and compassion, because there was no sense of the individuated self. You were not mature in that way.

You all agreed—when I say all, each of those who did agree—to make the shift into this more organic, mammalian form, to return in a much lower vibration, which meant releasing some of the DNA linkages. To come back in a form that saw in terms of duality, that saw the world as me and that. The intention was to use this illusion of duality as a path to growing beyond duality and simultaneously expanding wisdom and compassion. Do you understand why it could not expand as long as there was no duality? (yes)

So you allowed this. And since that very ancient time you have been maturing into a readiness to re-open fully into that non-dual awareness and live from there, while retaining the wisdom and compassion. This is what this shift into 4th density is about. I have said I think 4th density is going to be a very brief interval, moving on into 5th density. Fifth density human is going to know its connection with everything, to have enormous compassion, and to understand that there is still 3rd density life that does not know the interconnection. Fifth density consciousness will have the ability to live fully with non-harm; to feel ready to hold the vast power that it has when it knows its ability to co-create.

What if I were to look out there at the back yard and say, “I don't like this snow anymore.”? (zap sound) But if many people did that, what would happen to the grass, to the insects, etc.? Am I ready to take responsibility for the power that I have? Right now some of you could create that zap, but you don't fully understand yet what that means. So there would still be an ego doing it. Just, “I'm tired of the ice and snow.”

We will co-create the future world by millions of beings together, not necessarily sitting in one big park, because time and space don't matter, but by seeing the pockets of negativity, fear, and hatred in the world and holding them with love until that hatred simply releases because the vibration around it is so high that that negative vibration cannot be sustained anymore. Consider a large group of people singing a specific tone with perfect pitch. Those who are off-key will eventually be gently guided into the correct tone. Beings always have the free will to say, “No, I want to hold this negative vibration,” in which case they will probably choose to go elsewhere because the vibration around them is too uncomfortable. Would you choose to stay in a very hostile, almost violent situation or to walk away? This is no different. Negative beings will move to a different plane of being that allows, enhances and encourages hatred. But those who want to release it will learn how to release it.

So you're all moving in this direction. So I would not call it duped; mundane and supramundane realities are not oppositional but are two faces of the same coin, and exist simultaneously, but some are not yet ready to see that simultaneity. Beings are becoming increasingly ready to remember, but they're all facing the same dilemma you're facing: will I annihilate myself if I let go of the ego? So this whole transition will take some time, as beings become ready for it.

Here is the power of love, when you hold beings in such tremendous loving energy. Let me use an example, here. (drawing two sets of sharp points facing each other) You can see that if those sharp points bang into each other, they're eventually they're going to blunt each other, until finally... (drawing the softening as picture 2; and merging as picture 3) and then they really merge together.

You're moving through that process using this heavier vibrational earth plane as your school-room. You cannot leave out any steps. In order for this first step, sharp points banging into each other, to exist, there has to be a Me-1 and Me-2. At your present phase, we know that Me-1 and Me-2 are an illusion. But you needed to go through the whole process. Though it comes the learning of wisdom and compassion. The earth was created,  grounded in positive polarity; loving forces have supported your maturation and helped you to avoid destroying the schoolroom, though the strict non-intervention policy prevents them from directly opposing your free-will decisions toward hatred and destruction. But always there is and has been loving guidance.

So this shift into 4th density. There are still a lot of Me-1's and Me-2's in the world, but increasingly there are more of this (pointing to the merged lines), no separation. How does this, Me-1, relate to this, to the totally absorbed non-separation? What happens to Me-1 when it crashes into totally absorbed love? It just cannot perpetuate itself. So the more of you that reach these stages of releasing the ego and then merging with all things, the more that realized awareness and love-based energy will expand and reach out throughout the Earth and throughout the universe, really creating a shift.

Does that answer your question? (Yes.)

You said 99% of you must think otherwise. I don't think so. I would say 85% of humans think otherwise. But there are more and more who really do see. And each being who sees and sends out, really broadcasts that sense of connection and peacefulness and love, and yet is willing to say a compassionate no to the negativity and violence in the world, keep inviting this shift for others. The world is evolving. It doesn't have to be 95% knowing, it just has to get over the 50%. When 55%, or even 51% of you really understand that you are one, that there is just one love, one core of which you are all expressions, one divinity of which you are all expressions, the power of that 51 plus% will dissolve the rest of the darkness in the world.

It's similar to the way the snow melts. You don't need several 90 degree days for the snow to melt. It goes through a progression. When it gets up to 40 and 50, some snow melts. The temperatures drop and the snow freezes again, then up to 40 and 50 degrees again. It just keeps melting away. Spring comes. The spring of your world is coming.