November 12, 2013 "How does chemistry express consciousness", Private Session (Excerpt)

November 12, 2013, Private Session (Excerpt)

Q: This is more of a conceptual question. How does chemistry express consciousness, and vice versa?

Aaron: When I think of chemistry, I think of the 84 primordial elements in the periodic table of elements. Here we are speaking just of the chemical elements. The primordial elements have existed in their present form since the formation of the earth. Everything is made up of elements. Elements combine together, at a certain level of connection-- very hard in your human language... this instrument has never studied chemistry and has no English vocabulary for my thoughts here.  The element itself, the bare primordial element, already has awareness.

There is a distinction between awareness, with nothing, no idea of separate self, which is aware, but is just pure awareness; and consciousness that shifts into a self, something or somebody to be conscious. In meditation we teach people to rest in awareness. At the point where the whole self, the body, the ego, all seem to dissolve, there is still a presence that's aware. With consciousness there's more, “my eye sees this,” seeing consciousness, my mind touches a thought, knowing consciousness. There is a “me”, a self related to it.

So we start with the elements that have an inherent awareness. Every element has an awareness, but it doesn't see itself in relationship to other things. It's not self-aware, it's aware. It's awake. At certain levels of connection of the elements, consciousness may come up. The consciousness, I can't really tell you where it comes from. When you have simply the tiniest cells of a fetus, they're not yet awake. They're aware but there's no self in it. At what point does that fetus attain self-consciousness? You have an ocean, which is made up of millions of billions of molecules of water and other elements that are compounded into the water. Is the ocean aware? At what point does it become a conscious thing rather than simply awake?

There is much conjecture over this. I can tell you what I think, but I am not an authority. I think that love is the turning point. And again, we would have to define love. Love is the ability to perceive a self and an “other” as non-separate, or even as separate; it doesn't matter. There is the cherishing of what is perceived as the other, as of the self. Something that is aware and not yet perceptive of any self or other is not yet capable of love. So the primordial elements are not yet capable of love. They are not conscious.  Consciousness then is an essential ingredient in the fuller expression of love, which was the foundation plan for this whole Earth experiment, to create a plane on which love could expand.

(added later as transcript was reviewed, in reply to question from Barbara) A: I find that elements can be taught love through love, and slowly become conscious. Thus, some of the earth at element level - soils, oceans, crystal - are becoming conscious. This awakening will support he transition of earth to a higher consciousness.

BB: then why do we teach pure awareness rather than just focusing on consciousness?

A: resting in awareness, free of a notion of self, one begins to understand the distinction between awareness and consciousness and know consciousness as a tool, the taking on of a notion of self as a temporary tool, and not an ultimate reality. You pick up consciousness, use it, and lay it down.  When not recognized as tool, it becomes a dictator. When understood as tool, there is a power in the Conscious Self that can be utilized to create in a way that pure awareness cannot create. Such Consciousness knows its interconnection with all that is, yet has the ability to utilize free will and intention for service, to co-create. This is all part of the akashic-field work we are currently sharing. In the akashic field the being experiences a balance point of ultimate and relative reality.

Q: And Jesus Christ as an exemplar?

Aaron: Yes. Because prior to his birth on this plane, the essence that he was, that divine essence was aware. But Awareness needed to come into a human form in order to fully express and expand outward the power of Love. (This is what I have just said above; in coming into incarnation, he brought the ultimate and relative together, through free will and intention).  

(end of excerpt)