January 28, 2013, from Barbara and Aaron

January 28, 2013 Monday, Abadiania, Brazil

(Important; Barbara has had eye surgery and is not reading. This talk not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Barbara: We're all sitting here in the meeting room, and I want to talk in a brief way about what I've been learning the past few days, and which spirit has suggested I pass on.

First, you all know I've been working with the recurrence of malaria-like symptoms a couple of times a week, the fever, body shaking, loose bowels, and body pain. This has never been confirmed as malaria but my doctor in Michigan suspected it when I first had the symptoms, 2 years ago and returned home sick. His multiple tests revealed nothing.  The Entity saw my picture a month later, said he was healing it, and all symptoms stopped. They were gone for 19 months. They recurred this fall when my immune system was weakened by shingles. They've been telling me that they will teach me ways of working with this when I got here. They've been working on me in Michigan, but telling me they would teach me more.

So, sitting in current this week, my body started to shake and I was in a lot of pain. Are you familiar with the terms kyo and jitsu energy? Jitsu is a kind of grasping energy, and kyo is a very smooth, quiescent energy. Neither is “bad;” we have both in balance and that's ideal, but excess of either is problematic. Spirit asked me to watch the ways that my body moved into contraction; when I started literally to shiver and feel freezing and my body was shaking, to feel how it was.

My body felt like a tree reversed, the trunk and all the branches, like the central channel (meridian?) was then branching out into all the cells of my body-- into the organs, into the nerves, into the muscles, into the tendons. That contracted energy that was in the central channel was passing on to everything, so that the whole body was moving more and more into contraction. I saw that this was a habitual pattern, not just for me but for all humans. As we contract, we subtly move to fix the contraction and become more and more contracted. With vipassana we learn how not to get so caught up in it, not to try to fix it. But we're still not addressing the simultaneity of contracted and uncontracted, but are caught up in just making space for the contraction, not reactive to it,  rather than knowing that simultaneous place that's uncontracted.

So they asked me to become more aware of the open flow of energy. I was sitting in current and I was thinking to myself, “I can't stay here. I need to go back to my room.” I was in pain. I was shaking. They said, “Just breathe.” And they started to talk about tides in the body; “tides” was the term they used. I've heard that term used in cranio-sacral therapy, but I really don't know anything about it. But they asked me to watch the tides (I could discern three different ones moving at different paces) , the central tide, moving up through the spine, down, and to watch the frenetic quality of it. And just to breathe with it and to slow it down, and to follow it, like following a tree branching out into the arms, into the cells, al of which were in contraction; the places where I was shaking.

Usually when these come they last for 2 or 3 hours, but I worked with it for about 45 minutes and gradually it quieted down. So I've been working with that since Thursday, just watching, getting familiar with these tides in the body. I'm using that term because the entity used it, but I don't really know what it means completely yet. But I can feel the flow of current.

They asked me to imagine myself floating on a big pond or on my lake, with comfortable temperature water, nothing to bump into, just floating on my back beneath the sun, feeling the water pushing me a little this way and pushing me that way, almost a like a gentle water massage. Completely relax into the water and let the water flow through me; feel that openness of flow.

So this was step one. I'm being brief. There's a lot more I could say, but I don't want to talk for too long here. Another time, for those who are interested in learning more, I'll be glad to talk more about it.

The second phase really came this past 24 hours with the surgery, and it ties in with the first phase. When I got into bed last night, my whole body was shaking. Spirit said, “This is just the body's pattern when there's any kind of,” not necessarily trauma, but surgery is a certain kind of trauma. It's not unique to me; most of us humans do this.

It was pointed out that back in the times of Lemuria we were able to stay totally open and uncontracted when there was any kind of catalyst. But this was not a matter of free will choice, it was simply that the crystal-based body we had did not contract. But as our DNA changed and we moved into carbon-based bodies, we learned these patterns of contraction. I read something about, if you bring a needle to a leaf and watch it through a microscope, the leaf cells contract, just at the lightest touch. Not piercing it; just at the lightest touch. This is how the organic body reacts.

So spirit said, - this is the essence of their message - that much of our transition process here, as we move into a higher density, is releasing the old habituated patterns that are so deeply embedded in our cells, so that the cells no longer contract but that we remain open. It relates to having the heart open. It relates to not pushing away or grasping. 

I think most, if not all of you, have read Aaron's talk “Trainings” in Cosmic Healing. This is, Aaron says, basically a higher level of the spiral he describes there. The trainings spiral upward. We first learn how to be non-reactive to experience, to watch sensation and thought without self-identity to it, becoming more and more open. He says now the next step is literally learning just to find that openness and rest in that openness. It relates to the akashic field work, too, in ways that I'm not ready to talk about. I need to do a lot more meditation on it.

I woke up this morning maybe about 3am or 4am with a lot of body pain. I could feel the contraction, and I could feel the aversion to the contraction and to the pain. My practice is deep enough that I didn't move into aversive thought but just rested in spaciousness. But the body was still contracted around the pain. I was given the image, if there's a frightened kitten on the ground, you don't reach out like that (reaches out abruptly) toward it; it will just run away. Sit on the ground and open and invite. Really watch that kitten gradually relax in your totally open and inviting presence and energy, until it comes up and sits on your lap.

So spirit asked me to watch that process, to see the ways that I was not open. I was asked to find that which was already open, not to get rid of contraction and create openness, but to rest in the openness; to remember that whole energy of total openness; to feel myself inviting the kitten. Inviting is the basic word; to feel myself inviting into that open space. It's a space very empty of separation,. There was no “me” inviting, only love. Gradually I was able to then invite myself and my body fully into my heart until the pain resolved and the contractions resolved, and I fell back to sleep.

So I've been working with this on and off all day and trying to see all the ways that the work with the tides, which I'm continuing to do, and this openness interrelate.

Aaron talked about the fact that when we first came into human form we learned to be a self, and that other objects were “other”;  we were the hunter, perhaps, and they the prey. Me, going after that. And that even the loving hunter still is seeing self and other.

He said a primary part of our move through this transition and into higher density of course is the resolution of the separate self while still maintaining the simultaneity of relative and ultimate. I still exist, I don't disappear, but I'm not separate. So, the simultaneity of ultimate no-self and relative “me” is important, and knowing how they both come together.

He talked to me about an ancient lifetime of his in which he was a shaman and a hunter. His work was to bring food back for the tribe. He would feel energetically where the animals were, go to the place where the animals were, and simply sit on the ground armed with nothing but his knife. He would send out the message: “I invite whoever has agreed or wants to agree to co-create with us for the good of all beings-- not for me-- while you die, I benefit—but for the good of all beings, that you are willing at this point to become food for the people. Our prayers go with you, blessing you into a higher consciousness and new incarnation in a higher level of being. To feel our love and gratitude, and to feed us.” And he would just sit there holding that image until an animal would literally walk up to him and lay its head in his lap. He would spend some time with his hand on the animal, blessing it and appreciating it and thanking it, and then very cleanly slit its throat and carry it back to feed the people. And the people offered gratitude when he brought it back and consecrated this given life for the highest good of all that is. . There was no hunter or prey. There was the co-creation.

He said we have lost that ability, and part of our transition into a higher density and consciousness is the remembering-- not creating, it already exists-- but the remembering of this. Bringing ourselves back into this capacity, literally to co-create with each other and the Earth through this process of inviting, free of the contracted grasping of a self.

So basically I've spent all day inviting, feeling discomfort in my body and inviting loving spirit to help support the release of the discomfort. Inviting the cells of my body, approaching them like the frightened kitten. Seeing where there's contraction and trembling and inviting the cells of my body to release that contraction and the smooth tide and energy to replace it all the way out to the cells so that the water in the cells is literally open, just part of the smooth flow.

I know very little about this yet. It's been a wonderful exploration, and I'm immensely grateful to spirit for where it's leading. Maybe in another week I'll have more to share with you. But on spirit's suggestion, I'm sharing just this much.

I would be glad to try to answer questions, just a few, but I'm not sure I can. I'm not even sure I have more to tell you yet than what I've said. But I see how it all goes together, everything we've been learning from Aaron from the beginning about the open heart, and moving out of contracting, the whole trainings teaching, the akashic field teachings, and how all of it goes together. I'm just immensely grateful.

If there's anything that anybody wants to say or ask, please do.

Q: I'm wondering about the tides. Is it mostly connected to the central nervous system or the chakra system?

Barbara: Aaron will speak to that; he says...  He wants to say it in the first person but he is not incorporating.

Aaron: I am Aaron. Barbara is paraphrasing me; I am not incorporated, and am guarding any energy with great caution, so she is just passing on my thoughts, although in first person. She is here with eyes closed to hear me better, but fully conscious. The question was: are the tides mostly connected to the central nervous system? I don't want to assume that what I am saying here is directly related to what is taught in cranio-sacral therapy, which may use this term in a different way.

The tides are connected to everything. There is the central channel. There is the cerebral spinal fluid flowing through. There is the fluid in every cell in the body, and every cell contains its own piece of that tide. And every cell resonates with every other cell. So as the central channel calms itself down and moves more into a smooth rhythm, that extends itself out into every part of the body, into every organ, the muscles, the bone, the tendon, the brain.

Barbara: He suggests you Google “cranio-sacral therapy and tides” and see if you come up with anything. I wanted to do that and he wouldn't let me because I can't read. (Due to surgery on her eyes.) Anyone else?

Q: So, working with opening and relaxation of... kyo, inviting that kyo into the central channel, does this relate to our distinction between ease and dis-ease?

Barbara: We don't want it to be kyo or jitsu, but balanced. But Aaron says it's not specifically about kyo and jitsu, it's about non-perpetuation of imbalanced kyo and jitsu. Seeing where it's kyo and inviting it back into balance. Seeing where it's jitsu and inviting it back into balance. But basically inviting the body, I'm paraphrasing Aaron here, inviting the body to remember the innate balance of kyo and jitsu. Aaron reminds us, jitsu is just, if you reach out your hand, there's that subtle jitsu. And when you rest your hand, it's subtly kyo. The breath rising becomes jitsu and then kyo.

He says when there is balanced kyo and jitsu, then the tide becomes balanced. When there is an imbalance in kyo and jitsu, and he says most of us perpetuate some imbalance in kyo and jitsu, then the tide becomes unbalanced and out of rhythm.

Q: So also, just out of my own interest from doing cranio-sacral work, are these tides that you feel, are they longer than a minute, or shorter, would you say?

Barbara: I know nothing about cranio-sacral therapy, nothing. I've experienced it from a practitioner a few times, but I don't know anything about it. I'm experiencing what seem to be three separate tides, and I have no names for them. It's hard to distinguish between them. But one is shorter than a minute, and one is very slow, and one is in the middle.

Also, you (addressing the questioner) did something called “myofascial unwinding” on  me several years ago, and I'm experiencing how bringing the tide into balance and slowing it down-- not slowing it down, inviting it to come into its most balanced state, literally as its tree branches reaching out, affects the fascia and is inviting the unwinding.

Q: It is related, it is part of it.

Q: I'm wondering if (previous Q) is a cranio-sacral therapist.

Q: I've done cranio-sacral therapy and myofascial unwinding. I wouldn't call myself a certified trained cranio-sacral therapist. I've worked with (remainder inaudible, signer paraphrases it “I've done similar work.”)

(group conversation)

Barbara: ...Let me interrupt for just a minute. Are you (to different Q) a certified cranio-sacral therapist? (group conversation continues)

Signer: J, R, and J all have some knowledge and they are talking about sharing it some other time, if people are interested.

Barbara: It's 8:20. Let us go on. I'd be glad to discuss this with those who are interested in more depth. Let Aaron speak for just one minute...

Aaron: I am Aaron. The primary point...

Barbara: Aaron, I can't keep my eyes open without you incorporated. I'm sorry. He's saying, can we open the eyes so I can see? And I said no, I have to concentrate to hear what you're saying and consciously repeat it.

Q: Would it be good for you and Aaron to turn off the lights?

Barbara: No, it's fine. He says, okay, he will accept my closed eyes.

Aaron: The important point for all of you—all of you have been on this vipassana path on your own or with me for years, most of you. You have all learned how to be non-reactive to physical, emotional, mental catalyst, to note it and rest in spaciousness.

Now we're moving to another level where you take increasing responsibility literally for the body's seemingly unconscious reactions. There is nothing that's really unconscious. There is nothing to fix. You are simply using your intention for the highest good for yourself and all beings to invite the release of old distortion.

If you had an ongoing distortion (demonstrates with D, D is tapping him;  BB is illustrating and contracted response), if you have that ongoing distortion, through the years you've learned to soften it so that when that comes (to D: Tap me again) ...so I don't try to punch him anymore. But the body is still contracted.

Now we're taking it to another level. You are not fixing anything, you are remembering the uncontracted and how that spaciousness feels. The openness of the tides, the sitting and inviting, these images I have given Barbara this week, and the passing through Barbara onto all of you. When there's tension, invite openness. When there's some need, be as I was in that shaman lifetime and simply invite that which you need to co-create with you for the fulfillment of that need, because this is where the whole Earth is going. And it's the only way as you as a species are going to survive and that the Earth is going to survive, when you all learn to co-create for all together through this open-hearted invitational energy. You all have this capacity.

Barbara and I have been looking a little bit at the plans for the workshops that we will lead this summer and fall. I told her that the focus of these workshops would be on two things. Self-respect, with all the various practices that are involved in learning self-respect, which means not demeaning the self, not negating the self. Openhearted cherishing of the self, because until you can cherish the self, you cannot cherish others. And self-responsibility, being responsible to what arises in the self, any sense of separation. And all the various practices that we can use, that we can learn, to manifest that responsibility. In that manifestation is the true co-creation.

That's enough of that for now. But this is an important piece of it that I want to share with you. Thank you.

Barbara: Okay. Let me stop the recording.

(recording ends)