January 28, 2012 Abadiania, Brazil

January 28, 2012 Saturday, Abadiania, Brazil

Again we are gathered in the pousada courtyard and again we did not start recording until part way through. Tonight Aaron is incorporated but is strictly monitoring his energy; very little of his energy coming through.

Aaron: ...If I bring in my energy, it's more than a fire hose, more than a dozen fire hoses. If I bring in a garden hose I can still communicate with you but I'm not creating turmoil in the Current. So that's what I'm planning to do here tonight. I am fully incorporated in the body. Barbara is not present. This is simply an opportunity to sit around the campfire together, as it were, and share questions.

I was deeply moved by your sharing in the circle. So many of you are opening your hearts. You are all here at the Casa, here in the incarnation, to learn one thing, and that is love. So many of you suffer from a similar issue, which is—how can I best phrase it?-- feelings of inadequacy or uncertainty; feelings of a subtle wrongness, or a big wrongness at times. Not that you've done something wrong, it's just something that you seem to be born with: doubt, fear.

This is a long time in the making. We go back to the ancient story of the Garden of Eden and the belief that somehow you did something wrong that got you evicted from the Garden. But of course nobody did any wrong and nobody was evicted. What happened was you ate of that apple of knowledge, and instead of being dependent children you began to evolve into your own radiance and divinity, your own maturity. At that point you were still quite immature. You were babies. But the intention had arisen with that bite, and you no longer wanted to be kept in a crib. You were willing to take on the burden, responsibility, and joy of free will and of spiritual evolution into maturity. But many of you did not move beyond the old belief, “Oh, I did wrong. I got booted out.” I'm not saying it was you or you or you (glancing at people), but your karmic ancestors and consciousness itself picked up these ideas.

We'll pause for a moment...(i-phone recorder paused and not immediately restarted)

...unworthiness. It's not due to anything bad that you did, although each of you in past lives has done harm. Of course you have, you're human. But it's not about any badness in you but rather the experience of yearning so much to come back into the Garden, so to speak, to come home, to rest again fully in God. The feeling continues that you've been pushed away, separated from God, so the mind thinks you must have done something wrong.

You are all healing that old myth, healing it each in your different ways. For those of you who practice vipassana, you are healing the myth through watching the stories arise; feelings of shame; feelings of guilt; feelings of fear and their accompanying stories. Watching if you inadvertently err and then cast huge blame on the self, without forgiveness or kindness. — (turning to the small dog who lives in the pousada and has just self-assuredly climbed on to a neighboring lap) what a sweet animal. What is the name of this lovely creature? (Q: Pitooka (peetooka)) Pitooka has a very lovely energy; a very loving being. Pitooka has no sense of shame and unworthiness. (laughing) Pitooka is more evolved than some humans!

So in your vipassana practice, you watch the feeling of, “Oh, I've been bad,” come up and you know, “This is a thought.” Maybe you did make a mistake. If so, ask forgiveness. But don't build an eternal idea of badness or unworthiness. You who practice vipassana know this. You who don't, I'm not going to go into the details of that practice now. Only, each of you in your own way is moving yourself toward what you began in that gentle step out of the Garden, which is the aspiration to move into your fullness of being, into the fullness of your divinity as expression of God, and to know that expression and the power of that expression to do good in the world. To bring love and healing to everything that you touch.

When you dwell in the ideas of unworthiness, wrongness, and so forth and attempt to fix yourself, you're simply holding yourself back from the real responsibility of evolving, your choice of evolving into higher consciousness. That which believes in its unworthiness cannot possibly move itself into higher consciousness. It's caught itself in this trap.

Then you must ask, “Is there some reason I am afraid to move into such higher consciousness?” I think it's because at some level you understand how powerful you are; you see that there are still negative emotions and negative thoughts and that you can enact that negativity.

If you are afraid to allow the fullness of your power because there is concern about the possibility of negativity, then you're not going to allow the fullness of your power. None of you are fully ready, at this point, to express the infinity of your power, but you are far more ready to take that power than you realize because all of you are so deeply committed to doing no harm, to bringing only love, and you don't trust that intention in yourselves. You're constantly looking over your own shoulder, fearing you will make a slip. But there is only love. I would not be giving this talk to the crowd who were thieves and murderers. They haven't yet evolved to the point of commitment to do no harm. But those of you who have thusly evolved, trust that intention in yourselves. This is the radiance and beauty of you, and this and only this is the core of the salvation, not only of your world but of the universe.

I spoke of this recently, that the Earth is a kind of test zone, a place where positivity and negativity are somewhat in balance. The theory is there is a deep enough grounding in positive polarity on the Earth through these archangels to shift the Earth. It only has to shift slightly. It doesn't have to be 90% positive/10% negative, only maybe 55/45. Just to shift slightly into the strong positive polarity of service to all beings, of non-contraction, of the open heart.

And then we're back full circle into, “But I can't do that!” Your old fears and doubts. Why can't you? Is this what you want? Then do it. Bring forth this love that is the essence of your being and allow it to express. Allow your power to express, always watchful, always mindful, lest some old karmic tendency, some old habit slip through and bring some kind of harm. As Barbara described the other day, the fear when somebody came in with a great big bag of herbs that needed to be mailed, “Oh, if my group takes those, they won't have room for mine.” And she acknowledged it right after: that fear was not wise. That response was not skillful. And she worked with it to help release that subtle tendency of fear. Each of you must do your own work in this way. But don't be afraid of these tendencies when they come up, simply note them and take care of them.

That's enough of an opening talk. Now I would like to hear your questions. They do not need to relate to my talk.

Q: I lost my appetite three days ago. Should I be concerned?

Aaron: They are doing some deep work on you and it may have caused the loss of appetite. No vomiting? No. No nausea? No. No worry. But do eat enough food to sustain you, even if you have little appetite. A soft-boiled egg, some soup. Make sure you eat...

Q: Here I know entities are working on me. But how do I find out or become sensitive to what they're actually doing? Do you know what they did?

Aaron: Daughter, I hear the fear in the question. Do you hear it? Let me give you an imaginary situation. You have parachuted out of a burning plane and found yourself in a strange country where nobody speaks your language. You've injured yourself in landing. You're bruised, a broken leg, you're cut up. You spend 3 or 4 days lost in the wilderness with these injuries, and then people come and get you. They're smiling at you, showing human kindness. They immediately move to take care of you. They give you some food and water. They put you on a litter to carry you. Are you going to keep asking, “What are their real intentions? Who are they? What are they doing to me? Where are they taking me?” Or can you just rest and trust that they're taking care of you?

I'm not suggesting that you have no responsibility here, but the first step is trust, and then the second step is to understand what's happening and how you can participate in your healing. But the first step is trust. Do you understand what I'm saying, daughter?

Q: Yes. What can I do to help the entities in their work?

Aaron: At this point, what you can do is simply to trust that you are being taken care of as is needed, and to ask in your heart, in your meditation in the Current room this week, what can I do to advance the situation? What is my responsibility? What do I need to know? But if you don't get an answer, just relax and let yourself be taken care of.

Again, going back to my metaphor. There you are with your broken leg and your cuts and other injuries, and you start to ask, “What can I do? What can I do?”

“Nothing. Lie there. Let us feed you. Let us heal you. Start with that.”

Again, it is only the starting point but the rest will unfold. Once that wounded person is able to sit up, is able to walk with crutches, then he or she will be directed: “You can come to the kitchen and wash dishes now.” “Thank you.” “We'll give you something to do.” “Okay.” Will you try that? Thank you.

I want to ask here to make sure my energy is not too high. (assured it is still low) 

Q: Do the entities sometimes give their messages to me and my guides as well as through dreams or intuition and/or synchronicities or other forms of conveyance?

Aaron: There are various ways that such messages will come. The more conscious you are, the more they will come in your meditations. (Pitooka is barking. Aaron stopped talking. People ask if he heard the barking) Aaron: I do not hear since Barbara's body does not hear. But somebody said stop so I stopped. I felt the disruption energetically.  

The more conscious you are, the more you will hear directly in your meditation with, I would not call it conscious mind but with pure awareness—open, receptive, as I heard Pitooka. When that access is denied, then spirit will come to you through whatever ways it can—through your dreams, what you consider intuition, through sometimes lucid dreaming and sometimes simply a dream. And you may have the same dream over and over and over until finally you wake up and say, “I've had that dream 5 times this week. What's this about?” Well, finally the message is getting through, knock knock knock knock!

(someone has walked into the courtyard and passed through; there are a few guests that are not part of the group) I don't want to be speaking when somebody comes through that is not part of the group so please let me know if such happens and I will just stop for a minute.

Does that answer it, Q?

Q: Abadiania has such a high density of positively polarized beings. Are there any areas on the Earth that tend to have a highly negatively polarized density of beings?

Aaron: Yes. There are places that are highly troubled politically, like Afghanistan. It's an interesting phenomenon. What happens is that beings that have the intention to live their lives thriving on fear and pain of others are drawn to incarnate in such areas where there's strife. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany, where there was already a move in that direction. Many beings of, let's call it more neutral polarity, were incarnate there and were easily drawn into the negative, into a fear-based direction, service to self.

But we must not turn our backs on these areas and think of them as simply negatively polarized areas. I used this example the other night, that the Earth is facing the sun and one side is bathed in sunlight and the other side is dark. And yet the Earth is constantly turning and the dark side comes to the light, and the light side comes to the dark. If the light side is truly light, it carries its own radiance through the darkness. If the dark side were ultimately dark, it could not be lit as it faced the light. But the dark side is not ultimately dark, it simply is conditioned darkness, perhaps very deeply conditioned, and yet, the light will shift it. Love will shift it.

This is why you must practice love, especially when there is negativity. The more negativity, the harder it is to practice love and the more essential it is to practice love.

Q: Sometimes I experience the Current as being very vibrant, kind of electric, and other times I experience it as being deeply peaceful. So I'm just wondering kind of what that's about.

Aaron: The Current is both! Picture a large bucket of water, hundreds of gallons. It's an empty bucket. There's a hose pouring into it. Gradually the bucket fills. The bucket is on a pivot so when the water level gets above a certain point, it tips. All the water pours out. It pours into a pool below where there's a pump that pumps it back up and it fills it again. At that point where it has fallen out and there's just water in the pool, it's still; then it starts building up again, filling the bucket until it's full and it pours out.

I want to set this visual image in place. Now, what I see happening is that there are times when the Current is like that still pool. Many of the people in the lines, in the hall, in the Current, are in a still, openhearted, uncontracted place. Not all, certainly, but there's a balance of quietness. But then, it builds up. I'm not talking about literally pushing but the energetic feeling your space is getting too small, feeling sadness or fear, it builds up. Or simply high energy builds up, not necessarily grounded in discomfort. The bucket starts to fill until you feel the tension in the room. “Oh, it's about to tip!” (Tipping sound.) The tipping can be joyful and exciting, not necessarily painful. Then it becomes still again. Sometimes this occurs several times within a Current period, sometimes once or twice during a week, depending on the energy of the people in the room.

One of the things the Casa entities seem to do is to always watch that nobody is underneath the bucket when it spills! To keep a safe environment so that it will fill up, it will spill, it will settle, it will rise again, it will fill up, it will spill, it will settle...

You're moving through these energy periods. Part of the reason for moving through them is to learn that you CAN be experiencing this rising of energy without contracting around it, as we always do with our meditation practice. Tension is just tension. That which is aware of tension is not tense. You rest in that awareness and watch tension without needing to be reactive to tension.

Can you picture yourself standing under this filling bucket? There's going to be tension. Well, all that's going to happen is a waterfall is going to drench you. But you all love the waterfall! Okay. If you stand under it with fear you're going to be resistant to it and close more into the self. But if you stand under it saying, “Ah, that's nice. I'll experience this waterfall. Okay, let it fall. It runs off of me.” So you can see the opportunity to practice with the shifting energy in the room.

The entities do not control beyond a certain point, when a lot of tension arises in the room. They allow it to arise, giving people the opportunity to work with it. But if it arises to, let's say that bucket is used to spilling when it's up to 100 gallons but it's capable of holding 500, 500 can hurt people. If it starts to feel too high, they'll gently let some water out. They won't let it get too high. So they're watching. But they're not trying to control what happens but to give each person the opportunity to learn from his or her own experiences.

M, does that sound consistent with your experience of the Current? I ask you because you have much more experience with the Current than anybody else here. (yes)

Q: I was wondering, my question was going to be, we were talking about light and darkness, and why the entities allowed the darkness right here, this being such a special place.

Aaron: Because there's free will.

Q: I know there is free will, but still...

Aaron: Let's take this step by step. First, the intention here is toward healing. If we keep all darkness out, those who need to be healed could not come!

Q: But they still come.

Aaron: I said, if they kept all darkness out, they could not come. Those who most need to be healed are often caught in darkness. We want to invite them in and help them to heal. What if I said nobody who has had a negative thought today can come in? Is there anybody here who could stay? Where do you draw the line? If you've had 10 negative thoughts you may stay but at 11 negative thoughts you must go? This just builds up more fear and negativity, “I won't have negative thoughts.” But the way not to have negative thoughts is not to say, “I won't have negative thoughts,” but to bring loving attention to negative thought and note, “This has arisen out of conditions. I do not need to self-identify with it, and I certainly don't need to enact it. And I don't need to be afraid of it.”

I don't know if M and M have heard this story, although the rest of you have. This is the story of the Tibetan saint Milarepa. He is meditating in his cave when the demons of greed, hatred, lust, and fear appear. They're hideous. The flesh hangs in shreds from the bones. Gore is dripping out. The bones rattle. They have bloody knives and swords. They have a foul stench. Milarepa looks at them and says, “Ah, I've been expecting you. Come sit by my fire, have tea.” “Aren't you afraid of us?” they ask. “No, your presence only reminds me to be aware, to have mercy. Sit by my fire, have tea.”

You are all involved in inviting your demons in for tea, making peace with them and not taking them personally. Not trying to fix them. You are working very hard with mindfulness to make sure you don't act them out and do harm. But other than that, simply putting them aside and handing them a cup of tea. And every time they try to talk to you and engage in dialogue, you give them more tea. “Shhh! Drink your tea.” “But, but...” “Shh! More tea.” Don't have conversation with them.

So this is what the Casa is able to teach, how to be with negativity while knowing your own deeply positive polarity and not worrying that some negative thoughts arise. Simply noting the conditions are still present for them so they come. As with Barbara's story, the conditions were still present for her to feel that moment of fear, “My needs won't be met. I won't have people to take the herbs home.” And then she had to do the work with it, and she did. She was able to note that that had arisen, to experience what I call compassionate regret that the conditions were still present for it to arise, and to bring in a balance, which is, in this case, service to others. Not to hold back for herself but to know that she cannot be taken care of unless everybody is taken care of, to really know that. So we work with the karma to see what's arising, but we need that little push to remind us of what's arising. This is where the negativity in the Casa is a teacher, not an obstacle.

There's a practice, how many of you have done the pushing arms meditation with me? Not all. Let us gently demonstrate this, as Barbara's shoulder has had recent surgery. One of you, to demonstrate it with me.

(demonstration of pushing arms, comments not transcribed)

We're learning to dance with the negativity. It's just a dance. (Barbara/Aaron spins around). Thank you.

So it's all a dance and the Casa is part of the dance, teaching people how to relate lovingly and skillfully to negativity rather than raising armor and fearing it, banning negativity. Because, there are two parts to this: the healing of those who must relate to negativity, and the healing of the negativity. The negativity is here because at some level it knows that this is a place of healing. So it comes, saying, “Oh, I only want darkness and I'm going to do damage.” It's very painful to be contracted like that. But it also says, “maybe there's hope. Maybe I can see a ray of light. Maybe I can return into that more spacious place.”

So the Casa does not say, “We will only heal those who are already positively polarized,” we heal everyone. We open the same door to all. And the Entities do not control beyond a certain point, but trust each person's ability to do his/ her work. They do shield you from any negativity that could truly do harm though

Q: Okay, thank you.

(Someone sitting nest to Aaron suggests that his energy is increasing.)

Aaron: Okay, thank you for warning me. Better? (yes)

Q: About Q's question, wouldn't different people experience different cycles of the pail filling and spilling? Rather than all at the same time, albeit with different degrees.

Aaron: I think all would experience the same cycle, but some would be in denial about parts of the cycle. Some would be terrified of parts of the cycle and want to run from it. Others would notice this is the natural cycle of birth and death, of life, of growth.

Do some of you remember my talks on kyo and jitsu energy? We have two different kinds of energy. Hold your hand out. Bring the other hand as if you were going to drop something very special into this palm. Can you feel the subtle, almost tingling energy in the palm, an expectant energy? We call that jitsu energy.

Now, touch down into the palm. Rest the palm on your lap so it's at ease. Touch. Can you feel that expectant energy relax? Can you feel the quiet? Kyo energy. K-y-o and j-i-t-s-u. All of life is a cycle of kyo and jitsu.

Breathe in. Breathe in as high as you can until the lungs feel full and you feel jitsu energy in the lungs. Tension. And then, just at that moment of exhale, part way out, can you feel it become kyo? The breath quiets. Now keep pushing out. Feel it become jitsu again. Breathe in. Just as the breath turns and you start to draw in breath, it becomes kyo. And then builds up to more and more jitsu.

This is the cycle of life energy. Think of waves hitting the shore. They build up and they crest. There's a lot of jitsu energy and then they slap against the sand. And there's a moment when it all stops and it's kyo; then they start to pull back out. It's ebbing and it builds up into jitsu again as it starts to swell into the next wave. Kyo.

Neither energy is better than the other. Both are necessary to life. The question is one of balance. Some people who are constantly tense and running around, let's call them jitsu personalities. And some people have stagnant energy; I'm not talking about laid back and at ease people, but people who have no energy whatsoever. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a kyo syndrome, just crashed, no energy. We strive to keep a balance. Neither kyo nor jitsu is inherently positive or negative, but imbalance leads to negative polarity because there's discomfort with it, and a fight against discomfort. It's not the discomfort that creates negative polarity but the resistance to the discomfort.

So, coming back to the question, if I see the pail filling, maybe I have a preference for staying dry. Maybe I can't walk for some reason; for some reason I can't get out of my chair. It's going to fall on me. Can I find equanimity with the fact that about every 7 minutes it's going to tumble over and drench me? The air is warm in the room. It's not really going to harm me. It's just the idea, “Oh, no! It's filling up!”

An aside from Barbara as I review the transcript. Aaron is basing his illustration on just such a bucket at a water park our extended family visited in November. There were also many water shooters. My husband Hal accompanied our grandson to that area of the park, looked up at this huge bucket and said, “Oh, I'm going to get soaked.” Our grandson replied, “Grandpa Hal, that's why people come to water parks!”

If I have equanimity with the cycle, in different terms I know that sometimes people are going to be kind to me. Sometimes they're going to be unkind. Sometimes things are going to go just the way I want, sometimes they're not. Sometimes I'm going to feel my needs are met. Sometimes I'm not going to feel my needs are met. Can I make peace with that and still know that I have the responsibility to choose where it's appropriate? If I don't want to get drenched, I can walk out of the range of that falling bucket of water. If somebody is constantly harassing me, I can make an intention not to spend time with that person. That's okay. I don't have to hate that person in order not to spend time, I simply choose from the goodness of my heart, “It's not good for me or that person. I'm helping that person deepen their unwholesome karma but letting myself be lashed out at by this person, so I choose to walk away.”

Maybe one or two more questions. Some people we have not yet heard from.

Q: The Mayan calendar says the end of the world is December 21. What does that mean?

Aaron: Barbara saw a wonderful cartoon that showed a man holding up the stone calendar and his friend is looking at it. The man holding it says, “I ran out of space.” (laughter)

Q: I sent it to her. The punch line to that comic is, “Well, that will get somebody someday!”

Aaron: I don't personally think there's any major significance to it. I don't think they literally ran out of space on the stone so much as, they were seeing ahead as far as the stars and the various systems of prediction allowed them to see, and that's what they came up with.

However, it is relevant that this year 2012 is a significant transition point for your planet Earth, because certain other planets and other celestial bodies are in a certain orbit that, I don't want to get into astrology here, I am not an astrologist. Let us simply say, for eons your Earth has been coming to this point of transition into a higher density. I can't say it will happen in 2012. It might happen in 2013, 2014, 2015, but it is a period of transition.

This is why there are so many entities, both positive and negative, trying to push the Earth either into positive or negative polarity. I said that it only needs 55% in a person and in the planet to shift the whole Earth into positive polarity, but those who are of strong negative polarity don't want to see that happen. So as positivity strives harder to bring the Earth into positive polarity, it's like a tug of war, negative polarity strives to pull it back into negative polarity.

There is only one answer: love. That's why you're here at the Casa, learning love. Learning how to respond to negativity, not with more negativity, not with pushing, but just letting it go past and then, assuming a position again (demonstrating push hands?), standing there. You are not collapsing, you are remaining strong, holding your feet grounded in the earth, your heart open. Knowing your deepest intention to touch everything around you with love. Not to be pushed by negativity. Not to give in to negativity. Only to feel compassion for these beings that are so deeply pained because of their negative polarity. You keep holding the door open for them into the light. This is all you can do.

This is not a “New Age” teaching. Going back 2,500 years, the Buddha said, “In this world hatred never yet dispelled hatred. Only love dispels hatred. This is the truth, ancient and inexhaustible.” (from Dhammapada)  This is all you are doing, learning how within yourselves to manifest that truth; how not to bring hatred to hatred but only love.

So, 2012 is a time of transition. It's a very important time and all of you have come into incarnation with the intention as positively polarized beings-- all of you, regardless of your doubts, you are all positively polarized beings with a strong intention to help this shift into positive polarity. Let's say you are in training in love's army, learning how to bring love to negativity. This is your practice grounds.

Q: To get to this point of equilibrium while we are hanging in the balance, are we moving from a negative position or a positive position? And how did either of those positions start?

Aaron: I think it's more neutral. All of you have deep karmic conditioning to contraction. If somebody pushes you, you tense. I'd like you to try this. Each turn to a person next to you. Make a partnership. Many of you have done this before. Turn and face each other...

(exercise not recorded; one pushes and the both observe any contraction around pushing another or being pushed. Can there be no contraction around that contraction, just noting it with compassion?)

So what we are doing here is learning to bring kindness to the mammalian reflexes, to tension, to feelings of anxiety or sadness or fear. As long as you are human, there are going to be physical responses. There are going to be emotions. You don't have to be afraid of them. Your work is only not to enact them so that if somebody pushes you, you punch back or armor the self. Not to enact them.

This is the path to the shift in polarity. Positive polarity's indications are service to all beings and non-contraction, spaciousness. In meditation, in the Current room and elsewhere, practice the experience of spaciousness. Observe contraction. Breathe in to contraction. Open your shoulders. Open your chest.

Barbara reported earlier, two weeks ago, that she had the experience that the entities were drilling a hole in her head and that they were pouring energy in all the way down through the chakras, and as if something was opening. Her whole body was being opened out. She felt there was no way she could contract against it; it was just filling with this loving energy.

I'm not suggesting you imagine that, but find your own experience, each of you, of non-contraction. It may come through a hymn or other beautiful song, through a prayer, whatever it is. In the circle today each of you spoke of the opening heart. When there's contraction, what allows you to come back to the experience of the open heart and to affirm: “This is where I stand. This body, mind, and spirit are consecrated to the light. No matter what pushes against me, I will not hate it. But I will sidestep it. I will dance with it. I will walk away, if need be. I will keep my heart open to the fact that that which is pushing against me is suffering. It's a deeply suffering being, negatively polarized. I sit it down. I give it tea. I don't get into a dialogue with it.”?

It's after 9pm. I think that's enough for the night. We can pick this up another night. My blessings and love to all of you. I thank you for the deep work you are doing with the high intention to love. Through all of your work, each of your work, may all beings be healed. May the whole Earth, and from the Earth, the whole universe be healed.

As one being moves itself from neutral into positive polarity, and then a dozen beings, and then a million beings, slowly the Earth shifts from neutral into positive polarity. And because of the high vibration, it's no longer a suitable place for lower vibrational beings. Lower vibrational beings that are based in fear and negativity are very uncomfortable in loving vibration. They'll turn elsewhere.

Hopefully on Earth, many of them will gradually shift themselves into positive polarity also. But when you hold strong to that high vibration with a commitment of service to all beings, of love, of consecration to God and to the light, eventually negative polarity loses interest. It's like a bully who sees he can't scare you so he goes and picks on somebody else. Now, we don't want him to go pick on somebody else, we want him to change himself. But eventually when he finds that nobody is going to be bullied by him, we hope he'll give up. That's the way of bullies. But if not, he'll go elsewhere, to another plane of learning that suits him.

As the Earth emerges into a 4th density planet there will be other third density material planes where those who are of lower vibration and still need to learn these lessons of love have the opportunity to evolve. But no longer on Earth, because Earth will be raised up into a higher vibrational planet.

So, my blessings and love to all of you. May the divine heart of all things guide us ever deeper into love and into the highest service for all beings, so that this Earth and eventually our whole universe may become that Garden of Eden from which we first emerged on this path to maturity and the return home to Eden.

May all beings love and be loved.

May all beings be happy and find peace.

I thank you. I'm going to release the body to Barbara.

(session ends)