January 27, 2012 Abadiania, Brazil

January 27, 2012 Friday, Abadiania, Brazil

We are gathered one evening at Jardim dos Anjos, our pousada in Abadiania. Several people began to ask Barbara questions; then Aaron came in, paraphrased not incorporated, to reply. He is not incorporated because there is a request from the Casa Entities not to bring in that high energy, which could affect their work on people. Aaron had been talking for perhaps ¾  hour when we decided to record; this is recorded on an i-phone, and without mic,  not the usual digital recorder.

Aaron: ... But when Earth was created, it was created as a planet where there could be free will choice, positive or negative. One always bears the repercussions of the choice and thus karma.

I am having a little hard time saying this through Barbara, trying to keep my energy low. I do want to share these ideas with you as best I can, but am without my usual energy and clarity.

The guardian angels of the Earth—Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and the one you refer to as the fallen angel, all came together. He was not yet a fallen angel. They all came together to support that positive ground, to provide the positive ground for Earth, so that the Earth could be created based in a highly positive vibration. But there would be free will choice of polarity.

Sometimes people made hurtful choices, and the one that you call Lucifer became insistent that we negate the doctrine of free will so that people could not do harm. And the other archangels said, “No, the whole basis for their learning is that they learn from their mistakes; they ask forgiveness for their mistakes and learn to forgive others.” And this is part of the growth of positive polarity.

So, the one you call Lucifer went off one way and the other four went the other way. Negation of free will must necessarily lead into a doctrine of control, fear, contraction, and negativity, whereas the observance of free will and the open heart leads to positive polarity, spaciousness, and love. And there's no way lessons can be learned without making mistakes on this earth plane. Mistakes are part of the plan. They are not mistakes, they are teachings, as long as you do the inner work to recognize the teaching and ask forgiveness and bring balance.

Switching this to Barbara for a moment, as example. Some of you were there at lunchtime  yesterday when someone came from the Casa with many bottles of herbs, asking (her) if people could take them back. Barbara was aware of a need she would have to ask many of you to carry herbs back and mail them because she has so many pictures to take through the line and also wants to get these out as soon as possible, not have them sit here until she leaves. So she said no to the woman.

She realized several things that night. She saw that after today's surgery she would not go through the line today, not take her pictures, but also that she was acting from a place of fear, and in her fear she prevented some from the easy access to their herbs. She felt at first a sense of self-anger and shame, and I reminded her that's not a useful emotion. Just ask for forgiveness and look at the subtle contraction of fear: “my needs won't be met.” She worked quite a bit with the Seven Branch Prayer, which many of you have learned from me. Seeing the characteristic that came up of contracting and fear. What we call compassionate regret for that. Asking for forgiveness and looking for what would balance it, which of course is service to others, giving out. Not hoarding for the self.

So we cannot say this was a mistake; it was part of the teaching plan for Barbara. It was something she had to see one more time in herself; a karmic pattern which she thought was eradicated but which apparently is not quite eradicated. It still needed work. It still needed care.

So, to come back to the question, this is the function of negativity. Negativity is not the enemy. Negativity is the teacher because it reminds you to find that which is deeply committed to positivity in yourself and live that commitment wholeheartedly. When enough of you are doing that, negativity will not have anything to stick to and it will go. Everything arises out of conditions and passes away when the conditions have passed. So there is really only positive polarity and that which shadows—let us use the globe with the sun on one side. Yet the globe turns. No one side of the globe is always in the shadow. And yet one side is always in the shadow. When you start to see the globe as fully light even though one side temporarily is in the shadow, you start to know the whole globe as radiating light, and not to relate to one side as darkness. This is the same in yourselves. I pause.

(recording ends)