March 15, 2006, Brazil - Pictures at the Casa

March 15, 2006 excerpt - A Question on Pictures at the Casa

Aaron: I would like to speak here to a question that came in to me today during a conversation with a friend in Connecticut. This is a friend who has been with us at Casa de Dom Inacio, the healing center in Brazil. The process there is, there is a medium.  Barbara is a medium, and I move into Barbara's body. At the Casa there is a man named Joao, or John, in English, who serves as a medium. Various healing entities come into his body, all very powerful physical healers. They do both non-physical and at times physical healing work, for example surgery to remove a tumor.  They work through Joao's body. There are many entities but perhaps 30 or so that take turns at times using his body, with a core group of 5 or 6 that are more frequent visitors.

People may send pictures there. The picture is shown to the entity that is incorporated into Joao's body. The entity is able to diagnose the situation from the picture and to help heal the person who may be thousands of miles away.

So our friend's question was, how does the picture carry the energy of the person? It's just a photograph, a piece of paper. How does it carry the energy? How can they see what's wrong with the person by looking at the picture?

If you have a dear friend who drives a certain kind of car, you know their car very well. You drive home past your neighborhood grocery store and you see that car in the parking lot. It would not feel strange to you to feel some certainty, “Oh, my friend is there in the market.” You'd see the car. The car is an expression of your friend.

Each of you has a very distinct energy pattern. It's a far more distinct and unique expression of you than your fingerprint, for example, which can be marred by burning, and even your retinal patterns can change. It's certainly more individual than your car! Each of you has a distinct energy pattern.

Many of you will have had the experience of having a loved one come into the room when your back was turned, yet somehow you know they're there. You can feel their energy even if they're very silent. Do you know that experience?

They're sending out their energetic pattern. For me, I do not recognize faces, I recognize energy. I've come to recognize many of your faces, but if one of you appeared to me with a paper bag over your head, I'd still know who you were. I'm reading your energy pattern. If one of you put on a mask that disguised you so perfectly to look like another one, you couldn't fool me. I know who you are from your energy pattern.

When somebody sends a picture and request for healing to the entities, there is an intention that is raised, to offer this request for help and healing and the intention to heal in itself. In the physical process of having a photograph taken and mailing it, in a sense the seeker is sending their energy out, just like one of you could send energy and thought to another. Distance doesn't matter, whether it's in the same room or far away.

Have any of you had an experience of feeling distress from a loved one who lives far away and later finding that that loved one was indeed experiencing some distress at that time? So the entities aren't doing anything here that you could not do. They're receiving the energy, but this is their work and they're attuned to it. They do pick up a physical image of that person as they receive the energy. Then when the photograph comes in, it's just a reminder like seeing the car in the parking lot. The car is not your friend who is in the store, the car is the physical reminder of your friend, and you tune into your friend's energy there in the market.

The entity looks at the picture and immediately  knows, this physicality connects with this energy stream, which it has long since read and reflected upon, way back at the point where the intention was first raised to ask for support for healing. That asking is what created the connection. The entity read the body at that point, read the request for healing telepathically, and noted what was required. So it's just a reminder, “Ah, here is this need. Connect.” Whether the person is in front of them or 2000 miles away. Connect. And then send the energy back, supporting what healing may be supported in whatever ways are appropriate.

Our friend in Connecticut is on the last stages of a book and came to me this afternoon with this question she wants to include in her book, and I said it would be best for me not to try to give her the material over the telephone as she had no way to write it all down, but that we would get this transcribed as soon as possible and back to her. So thank you for hearing with me, if it seemed like a strange question. Your other questions?