Jan 16, 2006 Brazil - On Healing

January 16, 2006  Brazil, Talk on Healing

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron It is a joy to see you. You are well. That's not so much a question as a statement. I can see your radiance...

Q: Thank you.

Aaron: I begin with the statement that I will be very gentle with Barbara's body. She has had surgery 5 days ago. So it's very important not to overtire the body. So we will go as far as I feel we can comfortably go and then we will stop. I am laughing because  Dr. Cruz is looking over my shoulder and saying, “Be careful of that body!” (laughing) He knows that I will be thusly careful.

We come together with a question, what is healing? Given that there is that Ever-Perfect, what is there to be healed? And yet, you are all here because you seek healing or seek to support the healing of others. This takes us to the deepest place of understanding. I use the three kayas, as the basic articulation of it. You understand those kayas. You understand the relative and mundane level, and the supramundane level, and the bridge that holds them together. I could give you a one-line answer to “What is healing?” It is the movement of the mundane into the expression of the perfection of the supramundane. For some people, that would be enough answer.

Let us take these off. (taking off shoes) Much better without shoes. I trust nobody will be uncomfortable in my bare feet! Ah, lots of bare feet. The pavement is warm, it's lovely.

My intention with you is to go considerably deeper. We will go slowly and perhaps over several nights if needed, or whatever time we find to do this. But I want to be as thorough as I can, both because I know this material is for the book and also, and more important, for your own present information and use.

What is it that you are here for? What is this healing and how do we best come to it? We begin with the obvious, the statement of the 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spirit. Each body has various levels, from the etheric through the astral and on to the causal and cosmic. We have some charts here, I believe, on the computer...Let us view this chart.

Cosmic template - the ever-perfect. We can touch it, but can't connect it to the relative plane.

Transpersonal body - The place where we connect with the universe. Has 2 levels, cosmic (Causal state) and non-dual consciousness (High-causal state). This last is the Dharmakaya and contains everything else.

Astral template - ties together the etheric and causal. Visually, the energy bands go in both directions, literally tying together the Dharmakaya and Nirmanakaya. This template could be considered the sambhogakaya template. It includes all the bodies below.

Celestial body -  this is at the high end of the subtle bodies, or the beginning of the causal state. It's a higher level of the Higher Etheric body, but similar. This is considered the emotional level of the spirit plane, involved with such higher emotions as compassion and unconditional love. These emotions can only be deeply experienced from a place of no-self. It's named for the celestial chakra that opens from the crown.

Astral body - the subtle body that connects the physical, mental and emotional bodies (gross state) with the transpersonal (causal and high causal) . Third eye chakra.

Etheric template - This is the first entry to the subtle state. It carries the template for the causal level of the mental, emotional and physical bodies, but is not based there. It is still subject to distortion. It is part of a network with the ever perfect template (cosmic),  the astral template, and the lower template which is the etheric template.

Higher Etheric Body -  the energetic level of the combined mental and emotional bodies

Mental body - usual meaning; this also has an energetic component. “Mental Body” is not the just thoughts, but the energetic background to the thoughts and the expressed ideas.

Emotional body - usual meaning; the auric fields of the emotional body follows the outline of the physical body. “Emotional Body” is not the just emotions, but the energetic background to the emotions and the expressed emotions.

Physical Etheric body - This is the first energetic level of the physical body. It is the first layer of the aura. It is the energetic level of the gross state; the physical structure cannot exist without this energy field.

Physical body - the actual, manifest physical form at a level of the single cell, and collection of cells we call “body.” .

We start here with the physical form body and physical etheric body. (pointing to each on the chart) The physical etheric body is the energetic level of the physical form body. The emotional and mental bodies are also at the form level. The higher etheric body is the energetic level of the emotional and mental bodies. These are all on the etheric plane.

So we have the form level, or nirmanakaya1, synonymous names, with the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and the etheric template of those bodies. Then we have the higher etheric body, which is the energetic level of these, followed by the etheric template, which is the first entry into the subtle state. . I'll let you read  the chart.

Beyond the etheric plane we have the astral body/ astral plane and the causal body/ causal plane. These are the expressions that flow out of the ever-perfect. They are all subject to distortion.


I hold this water bottle.  Look, if you will, at the scene before you through the transparent bottom. There's distortion created by plastic and water. The Ever-Perfect is there and there's nothing less than perfect about the plastic and water, and yet there is a distortion when you look through. I use the word “distortion” not as something negative but simply as a bend, as when you hold a flashlight to water and watch the beam.  As it hits the water it seems to bend because of the heavier density of the water. There's nothing bad about that, it's simply the effect of the heavier density.

As we come down from the causal through the astral and into the etheric, the density becomes heavier and there's more distortion. You are further from that Ever-Perfect template.

Have you ever played the old children's game “Whispering Down the Lane?” You have a line of children, and one whispers something to the next one, perhaps, “I love ice cream” and the next one says to the third one, “I love to scream” and the third one says to the fourth one, “I loathe to dream” and the fourth one says to the fifth one, “I loathe Dorene.”  Ongoing distortion! Each one gets it, and changes it a bit.

Think of your various bodies as a set of whisperers. The causal bodies pick up information from the Ever-Perfect but they cannot feed it directly down to the form level. Rather, it has to go down step-by-step-by-step. If each of these bodies is clear, what is transmitted comes out clear in the form body, which perceives the Ever-Perfect and expresses it. But that's not what happens for most humans. It is distorted by beliefs, by spirit-level karma and karma stored in the body at a  cellular level. The whole message becomes distorted.

So again, tackling that question, “What is healing?”  It is the resolution of distortion so that the form bodies can get a direct message from the Ever-Perfect.

Do you have any questions so far?

Q: No.

Aaron: You know that there is an Ever-Perfect level of the form and emotional body. We ask, what prevents you from manifesting it? If you see that there is distortion and hold the intention to manifest the Ever-Perfect, then why is the distortion perpetuated? If you were drawing a picture of the plant, here, drew it and you looked and you said, “No, I've got the leaves a little too broad,” you would erased it, you would correct it and that would be it. You still are not seeing the plant but the impression of it through contact, consciousness and perception, but it is as clear as it can be.

But what if you were looking at that plant through 14 different mirrors, some of them with the fat kind of lenses as you find in the Fun House, or colored lenses, so that you couldn't really tell what was true? What if you perceive the distortions and you know Mirror 7 makes things fat, Mirror 9 makes things too bright a yellow? You try to correct for those distortions that you know. But you still are guessing and the guesswork is influenced by your old belief systems, how you think the plant should be, so that there's not a direct relationship to the plant. You cannot see the plant, only the mirrors and old myths about how it should look.  

How do you make a direct relationship with the Ever-Perfect level of the 3 heavier bodies? You can begin to do that in meditation, but there's a difficulty.  At the cosmic consciousness template, the Ever-Perfect template for all the 4 bodies, there is what I would call a layer of thin, transparent film. You cannot break through it. Use the image of a deep, pure underground spring. The water is absolutely pure. It's encased in hard rock so there's no soil to crumble into it. It's absolutely clear. If it has access from the surface, impurities can enter. There is a thin film over the top. You can push into it without penetrating it, so that you can look around and see what it's like under there but you can't get into it.

If you stand on the outside and look in, you're in the situation of the person looking in the mirrors. How do you get to know that Ever-Perfect level? Take a guess. Meditate. In meditation, as the heavier bodies dissolve and self-identity dissolves, you enter into that space that can see clearly into the Ever-Perfect and bring out what is seen. This of course is the sambhogakaya, connected to dharmakaya and nirmanakaya.

To put this on a more accessible level, the work is to come to know the ever-perfect while still holding space for the distorted expression. Let's use a physical distortion, Barbara's deafness, as example. These ears don't work, there some kind of distortion. She also comes to know that which is not deaf, literally. There is still that level of Ever-Perfect where the ears can hear. She regards that perfection and then observes the belief systems that have held her trapped in the idea that the ears ARE deaf and that she has to fix the ears to become non-deaf. This is a going somewhere as opposed to resting in this moment where there is no deafness. As long as she is striving to become non-deaf, she is giving energy to the perception that she is deaf. But denial of the deafness is not the answer. That also gives energy to that which is denied. The work is to hold both, to acknowledge the deafness and rest in the ever perfect.

You know enough of my teaching to remember what I teach about emotional distortion. Right there with anger is that which is not angry. Right there with fear is that which is not afraid. You don't attempt to fix the fear so you can finally get to non-fear. You don't attempt to conquer the anger; you hold loving space for the fear or anger and rest in that which is not afraid, not angry. Awareness holds the space of non-anger even while emotional consciousness experiences anger. You see the vastness of that which is not angry and you believe in it, you know it. First you believe in it and then you know it. And then when anger comes; it's just anger. There's no contraction to fix or to get rid of it.

This, interestingly, is easier learned with emotions than with the physical body. With the physical body, if there's a broken leg—you're running, you fall, snap! The leg is broken. It's no different. Right there with the broken leg is that which is not broken, and when you hold to that Ever-Perfect, you find the leg very quickly knits itself. There are cultures in which this is done in less than an hour. People sing to the leg and bring it back to its original wholeness. The singing is a way of recognizing the ever perfect template and inviting the leg on the outer physical level to remember  that template and restore itself to that pattern.

So, so much of distortion is based on the belief systems. Within those belief systems are the limits that you set for yourself. Then we would say that healing is the transcendence of the belief systems that have held you to the limited state of expression of non-wholeness. You look/live beyond that and truly express the wholeness.

To do that, there has to be a deep insight into intention. If the intention is based on fear, there will be grasping and contraction and it won't work. It can't be based on bargaining: “I'll do it. I'll do this or that and then this or that will happen.” It won't work. The intention really must be no less than the highest intention to reflect the divinity that you are, as fully as possible into the world for the good of all beings because to do less than to reflect that full divinity is a disservice to all beings. It's a very brave thing to do. Is there a question?

Q: Can you restate the highest intention that you just spoke?

Aaron: The highest intention would be to express divinity as fully as possible, because to do less than express the full radiance of that divinity is a disservice to oneself and to all beings. So it challenges you/one. This is the ultimate service, to express one's unlimitedness. And ironically, the ultimate service to self seems to be to express one's limitation, to hold one's limitation. Can you understand that?

What if we very badly needed to lift a heavy container of water. These flowers will die, they are parched. Here's a heavy bucket. I am strong, but I don't want to intimidate you so I pretend to be weak. I actually believe I'm weak. Oh, I can't lift that! We'll lift it together, but I'm still not strong enough...  so the flowers are dying. So holding to that limitation is a disservice. It would also be a disservice to boast my strength , then drop the bucket half way through the watering. This is ego! But when I express the fullness of my being and am courageous enough to express my unlimitedness, it serves all beings.

I want to clarify this. We certainly can't say that Barbara's deafness has not served beings. It's been an important teacher for many beings. But her not being deaf will also be an important teacher. At one time it was appropriate to be deaf as it was called forth by various environmental, genetic, and karmic conditions. Those conditions are resolved. To hold them out of belief is a disservice. Yet if the body cannot heal, at this heaviest level, that also does not mean there has not been healing, only that it has not yet moved through to the heaviest bodies.

So it was a process that she was willing to go through on one level and karmically obligated to go through on another level. And, enough of it. There's no reason to hold to that limitation. But to say, “I don't want this limitation! I'm not going to be deaf!” with fear, with contraction, with anger, doesn't resolve anything, but just gives more energy to the contraction and to the belief in limitation. This is just as if I say, “I won't be angry! I won't be angry!”, giving more energy to the anger. “I won't be deaf! I won't be deaf!” gives more energy to the deafness. It keeps the cycle going.

Only knowing that which is not angry right there with the anger, releases the anger. Only knowing that which is not deaf or carrying any physical distortion, right there with the distortion and the honest acknowledgment of the present distortion, that is what releases the distortion. No matter what others do to help you, you must make this step for yourselves.

Looking back to the chart, healing of the physical is impossible without healing of the etheric level. Even if the etheric level is cleared, it cannot hold that clarity unless it is using as model a clear astral template. Usually this is not so; thus we have the ‘whispering down the lane' effect. The astral template takes the cosmic template as model. The distortion must be cleared all along the line if  the clarity is to be maintained on the form level,  whether it be of physical or mental body.

(The next 4 paragraphs were added later, Feb 15, 2006 from an individual session) The body energy patterns are conditioned by karma, genetics, environment, and more. Energy often slides back into old patterns as long as there is no change beyond the etheric body.  So working on the etheric body is not enough. The works needs to happen at the astral and causal levels.

The causal template is the place where change can be held. This template is of the causal and astral bodies. One never forces, but invites, the causal template to more firmly hold the patterns of the cosmic template, and reveal those patterns to the etheric level, which in turn reveals it to the physical.

Think of a young animal who has suffered deep trauma that has brought forth distorted patterns such as backing away from loving attention out of fear. You repeat the positive feedback each time the creature approaches. At first the fear remains along side of the movement to come forth. Slowly a new pattern is ingrained until the old memories literally die away. You saw this in your old collie, Beau, who shook with terror when he first entered your home, and later became what you referred to as ‘the teddy bear,' so loving and trusting was he.

As we work with the cells themselves, and the energy patterns that hold the cells at a certain vibration, these changes will occur, literally changing the tissue at a cellular level, and changing the causal template so if the cells are damaged, they replace themselves according to that new template. It is all at a substantially higher vibration. The same is true of the distortions of the emotional body.

You ask why some people heal who do not understand this? Many beings come here at different levels of spiritual awareness. The farmer may come with a hand badly mangled in farm machinery. He's upset. It's painful. He can't feed his children. The doctors in the hospital have stitched it up and put it in a cast but it's not healing right. The entities in their compassion simply heal it. The karma that led to that mangled hand in the first place is still going to have to be resolved by this man in this or a future lifetime, but for now, his highest intention is not to resolve his karma, it's to feed his family. This is his free will decision.  The entities work with you where you are.

But many beings come here with very deep spiritual understanding and with the highest intention for both physical healing and for the resolution of the karma that helped create that situation.

Then fast healing of the physical may both not be of the highest benefit, and may not be possible because of the held beliefs that must be resolved. To heal it would be to impose something the body and mind are not yet ready to sustain.

When Barbara first came here, if the entities had said, “You want to hear, that's easy,” and healed the deafness, there's so much that Barbara would not have learned. She understood what I'm saying on a conceptual level 2 years ago but she still had work to do to internalize it. She had not yet come to fully believe in that within her which hears. Now she does. Now that is no longer a restriction, there's no longer grasping, she is fully resting in that which hears while holding lovingly that distortion which doesn't hear, and this is the place of healing. It doesn't matter whether it's on a physical or an emotional or a mental level. It is the release of the distortion through making so much space around this distortion, holding it so lovingly, and resting in the Ever-Perfect until the distortion has no more nurturance and fades away.

There's one more step that's of vital importance. The body deteriorates and has a heavier energy. There is an Ever-Perfect level but at times the body may have deteriorated past the stage where it can easily be restored. Regard, for example, somebody with cancer that has attacked many of the organs. Even if the cancer could be fully released out of the tissue, the organs are not functioning. There is no shame in not being able to fully heal the body. If somebody has lost a leg, even if one comes fully to know and express out into the world the perfection of the body, that doesn't mean they're going to be able to grow a leg back. It's very important that people not feel ashamed or that they have failed in some way because they do not bring forth physical healing. The deeper healing is the knowing of one's innate perfection.

A one-legged man can express that perfection far more radiantly into the world when he knows it, regardless of the lack of the leg, than can somebody whose body is intact but who is very concerned over the little warts and scratches and sees his self as imperfect. The healing begins with cognizance of distortion at the form level, be it the physical form, the emotional or the mental form level. These are all nirmanakaya. Do you understand that Nirmanakaya is not just the physical realm but the form of the emotions, the form of the mind and thoughts.

From the sambhogakaya level, become that pole that I have spoken often about, touching the nirmanakaya form level and seeing the distortion, and seeing also the thoughts about the distortion, such as shame about it or fear about it, or grasping to conquer it, and so forth. We talk often about a practice in vipassana, Proper Object, where there is, for example, the itch and then the urge to scratch the itch. The itch is one object and the impulse to scratch it is another. The broken leg is one object and the relationship with that broken leg is the next object.

So one sees the physical, emotional, or mental distortion, and then one sees how one is relating to that distortion and works to learn to relate to it with more spaciousness and more kindness. Only then can one begin to reach for the Ever-Perfect. If you go to the Ever-Perfect too soon before you have established a kinder relationship with the distortion, you hide out in the Ever-Perfect and do not engage in a willingness to embrace the distortion and the relationship with the distortion. Is that clear?

When do you move to the Ever-Perfect level? When?

Q: In meditation?

Aaron: In meditation you move to it, but when? I've just said that it's important not to try to go there too soon as a way of avoiding the distortion.

Q: When we have more compassion for our fears, anger, ...

Aaron: And need it be perfect compassion?

Q: No, just lovingkindness.

Aaron: Yes, lovingkindness. There's a very clear place that most of you have seen in yourselves and in others, a place where the relationship with it shifts and the heart begins to open. And at that point, one begins to move in meditation toward the Ever-Perfect. You can begin with a simple question, what if this were healed? What if this were healed? On the one hand, rejoicing, and on the other hand, oh, how would that be? What if your voice were completely healed, K, how would that be? And so forth. We've talked about that. You understand what I'm saying. And I know the others of do.

Coming to that place where one sees one's fears, one starts to see how one has held oneself in limitation. What if I did not have to be perfect? What if I could speak out my truth? And so forth.

This is a very important area to work with. One must acknowledge the discomfort. Many, many years ago, after Barbara worked with and resolved the rage at her deafness and began to consider healing, she spent over a year in which she addressed what was an equally difficult question: what if I could hear? She had to acknowledge the fear, all the things she did not want to hear, the pain of the world, the screams of the world, to be able to say, “Yes, I'm ready to be intimate with both the joyous laughter and the agonized screams of the world. I don't need to hold myself separate from that any more.” This is the recognition of one's moving into limitation and one's ability to transcend that limitation, to drop it off.

So, of course, these compassionate entities will help you wherever you are. If you go in and just say, “Fix me,” they'll do the best they can but will also try to impart the  awareness you're not really resolving the karma. But each case is individual. Somebody who has cancer might not have the luxury of time to say, “Well I want to resolve all the karma,” just, “Let's resolve the cancer. Then I can get to the karma.”  Each person has free will. What is it you want?  Another may wish to head directly to the karma. One question to ask is if there is contraction, using one choice to avoid another. There is no right answer, only to follow the loving path of the open heart.

It's very important for you to reflect deeply on what you most want in order to spend your time here as profitably and as wisely as possible.  That is Healing 101. On another night we can go on to Healing 201. Are there questions?

Q: We talked about the film, the veil, touching the Ever-Perfect. When we cross over, when we leave this body, do we penetrate, and go right through?

Aaron: My dear, I wish it were that easy! Your illusions go with you. Whatever limiting beliefs, distortions and so forth, are carried with you.

Q: I understand that after death on this plane that we carry with us all experiences in <>. I'm wanting to know if that's the place, the Ever- Perfect, where we rest.

Aaron: It is but you do not know that it is because you cannot see it if,  after you leave the body, the distortions and sense of limitations are still primary, if there has been no clarity about the distinction between the nature of mind and objects of mind.  If you can know the Ever-Perfect during the incarnation, then you will know it after the incarnation. It will be much clearer between lifetimes. But if you have not permitted yourself to know it in the incarnation, how could you recognize it out of the incarnation?

This is one very important reason for learning to know that divinity and perfection, that radiance, while still in the incarnation because then when you leave the body you're awake. You catch that radiance, otherwise it just goes by.

I would liken the situation to a dream experience. There may be a moment as you fall into the sleep and dream state where there's some cognizance that you're dreaming. Have you experienced that? There is a brief moment of knowing you're dreaming and then you're gone. The dream is so impelling, you're gone. You're caught up in it with all its joys and woes, one moment sweating and groaning, then grasping at delight. There is no awareness that it's a dream. As you move through that transition, there is a moment where that full radiance becomes open to you. If you have trained and know how to hold that space of clarity and not get lost in the dream quality of the between state, then there's a very different experience. All that comes past you in that transition is recognized as conditioned objects,  as thoughts, forms, and so forth, nothing solid. You rest in the innate perfection. But there must be training to recognize that moment and stay with it. This is why complete enlightenment is possible at death if it has not been found in the lifetime but if there is good preparation for it. You learn to recognize the Ever-Perfect and you are able to rest there.

Let me give you a simple metaphor here. Let's say that you are very, very thirsty. You have not had food or water for several days. It's easier to live without food than without water. Very thirsty. Suddenly doors open and there in front of you is a banquet table with wonderful aromas, some of the most exotic, beautifully prepared food you've ever seen. Your favorite fruits and meats and vegetables, everything that you most love to eat. And there's also a simple pitcher of water. You see the pitcher of water. That's what you need. Can you stay attuned to the pitcher of water with all these aromas coming at you? Easily!

This is the value of vipassana practice because we learn to see objects arising and passing away and to see the contraction, grasping, or aversion with those objects as objects in  themselves, not building any self identity with what arises. Grasping is just grasping; aversion is just aversion. There's no fear of what has arisen. One is not pulled off center by it. In meditation, if you are with the breath and suddenly there are bells ringing,  you note, “bells, bells, hearing, pleasant,”  and come back to the breath. Then there's shouting, “hearing, hearing, unpleasant, unpleasant.” Even the arising thought, “I wonder what that is?” is noted, “—ah, thinking.” The impulse energy comes up. “Let's go see. Ah, impulse.” But one stays centered and on track. One doesn't get pulled away. As you develop and deepen in the ability to rest in awareness in this lifetime, then during the transition, you're able to rest there and hold that Ever-Perfect.

It is not so hard to know the Ever-Perfect; it is not so hard to touch it. What is much harder is to come to know all the habit energies that have held you into denial of the Ever-Perfect and of the self as expression of that Ever-Perfect, to recognize these energies and not build more identities, but to let go and return to the deepest truths. There is such strong habit energy to hold the self small.

There is that beautiful quote, it is argued whether it is by Marianne Williams or by Nelson Mandela, but you all know the quote I'm speaking of, of not holding yourself to limits, that it does nobody good for you to believe limits of the self.

So, healing. It really is the perfect exercise to teach you to hold the balance between relative and ultimate. Think of healing as a training ground. There's nothing else that can teach you this in such a vital way. When there's pain in the body and mind and you yearn for healing and freedom from that pain, you have the perfect catalyst to invite the learning to hold that balance, to bring compassion to that which is pained,  to hold the Ever-Perfect, and open into the fullest expression of that Ever-Perfect. Releasing 10,000 lifetimes of habit energy and the belief that you are small, that you are flawed, limited, you finally know the innate perfection. Then karma is resolved.  Nothing pulls you into rebirth.

I would say something about that film over the Ever-Perfect. Let's use the image of Van Gogh's painting, Starry Night. Do you know that painting? Yes. We give you all brushes, palettes, and canvas, and say, “Okay, here is the painting. Please copy it.” Are you going to make a perfect copy? Some of you will make a better copy than others. Some will make a more accurate physical copy. Others will better capture the mood. Nobody can copy it perfectly. Here the output depends somewhat on your skill, so that the metaphor is flawed.

If I have that Starry Night and a mirror and hold a mirror up to it, the representation in the mirror will depend on the clarity of the mirror. If the mirror is distorted in such a way that it elongates everything, it would change the painting in that way. If the mirror is flawed with flecks so that there are spotted areas, it will change the painting in that way.

You cannot break through the film into the Ever-Perfect when you approach the Ever-Perfect with a belief in distortion as ultimate reality. Let us look at the broken leg. You look at the Ever-Perfect where there is no broken leg, a leg that was never broken. It's always been strong and intact. But there's disbelief because the leg is throbbing and you know it is broken on the relative level.  If you disregard the throbbing, you cannot bring healing because you are in denial about the relative presentation. If you regard only the throbbing, you cannot bring healing in any rapid way, because there is a contracted energy that sees only the distortion, feels urgency to fix the distortion, and ignores the innate perfection. Only by holding both can you move into a direct experience of the ever-healed and the ‘to-be-healed.'

Similarly, if you look at it from the perspective of the distorted mirror, you can't really see the Ever-Perfect; you're limited by your beliefs. When you look at it with the clear mirror, you can't get through the film but you can pick up the perfect image and bring it back to the leg that's broken. To do that you have to work with all of the bodies: the belief system and the mental body, the emotions and how it feels to have a broken leg, the one who is angry, the one who doesn't want the pain, the one who says, “Ah, I get a break from work now.” All of those things, you have to look at all of those different emotional distortions. You have to look at the whole image of a somebody who wants or doesn't want a broken leg. Through this kind of work you purify the mirror. The purer the mirror, the clearer the image of the Ever-Perfect and the more cleanly it moves down into that area of body distortion.

Think you of a pipe. Here is our Ever-Perfect spring and we've plunged a pipe into the spring with a pump to pump the water out. If the pipe is rusty then what comes out? You say, “This is a perfectly clear spring. Here I have a big glass holding tank and the water looks all reddish and mucky. What's wrong?” It can't carry the pure water out because the pipe is not clean. If the pipe is polished perfectly, it still cannot carry the same water that was in that enclosed underground space. As soon as it comes through it's touching the atmosphere, it's changed. But it's as clear as it can get and still be in the physical level of being. It doesn't have to be perfect. You work to clarify the vessel through which the image of the Ever-Perfect comes, to bring it to that which is diseased or distorted.  

The entities work at two levels. One is to bring forth energetic healing, literally, to the physical distortion. For example, working on creating a nerve pathway, a neural pathway for sound, where Barbara's original neural pathway was irreparably damaged. So they work energetically to create physical healing.  They also work with you to the extent that you offer the intention to purify the vessel that you are and allow you to touch into that Ever-Perfect, to participate increasingly in the healing. And that in which you participate maintains itself far better than that in which you do not participate. Thusly, we get people who come here and the entities help them release cancer, and two years later they have cancer again because they have not touched the Ever-Perfect, they have just released the cancer.

Are there questions? Perhaps you would like to reflect on what I have said and we can meet on another night and talk further...

Q: Ave Maria is playing in the apartment.

Aaron: Pray that these ears will soon be able to hear it.

Aaron: One of the hardest things, something that Barbara is working with now, is that she is very clear that the karma has been balanced. She sees deeply into the Ever-Perfect. She sees no reason why there should not be hearing, and she must understand that it is not a failure if hearing doesn't come. She says, “Thy will be done.” This does not mean her will/desire to hear is superseded by some external will, but recognizes that her own highest will is for that which serves the greatest good. Let go any grasping. State the highest intention, to hear if that is for the highest good, then let go. We'll see what happens.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with me tonight. It is good to be with you. I am very available and happy to speak with you. Barbara's energy has been fine here, it has not been diminished by this, but your support as I release the body will be helpful. Is there anything else before we close? (No) That is sufficient for tonight, then.

Let us just join hands for a moment of prayer and gratitude.

We offer thanks to all those gathered here, beings on so many planes, here to support healing. Here to support the evolution of consciousness and the opening of the Earth plane into higher consciousness. Here to support growth in wisdom and compassion. Through our work here, may all beings on every plane find freedom from suffering, find happiness and peace.

As we part, I would remind you, you come to me with so much love and see my divinity quite easily. Please see yourselves in the same light as I see you. I cherish each of you, the radiant soul that you are, and the loving, brave, and sometimes frightened human being. May you be happy and have peace. I wish you good night.

1 Nirmanakaya: Kaya means body. Nirmana is form, thus, Nirmanakaya is form body. The other two kayas we'll mention are Dharmakaya, the truth body or  in this chart, cosmic template. Sambhoga means ‘wealth'. There is a sense of a bridging or transition in Sambhogakaya.  It contains both Dharmakaya and Nirmanakaya.