Aaron and Jeshua, Seattle - May 12, 2005

Seattle Evening Session

Judi: I want to welcome all of you. I know it's going to be a fun evening with lots of in-depth questions because we have just a few of us, and yet there are many since, as Jeshua always says, each one of us represents the point of a soul-group, and there are many who are discarnate who are very interested in what goes on here and may nudge you to ask a question that you weren't intending to ask. So if you get a question and you wonder where that came from, it probably comes from the rest of the soul group, the other entity aspects of you around you.

So I invite you now just to take that deep breath and to allow the bodies to be comfortable in the chair, just to feel the body relaxing, settling in, letting all of the tension go. And then taking an easy breath, visualize the golden white light around you. Visualize it coming in through the crown chakra, going throughout the whole body down to the finger tips, down to the toes, turning on all of the lights of all of the cells of the body. Feel the body itself expanding in light, being nurtured and being nourished by this light. Feel yourself centered in the Christ light.

And in that place of the center of the Christ light, we will invite the one known as Jeshua, Yeshua, Jesus, to be with us in this way.

Jeshua: Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy of reunion. Great joy to behold you. It is a bit different to be holding the microphone this way…(clips on) Much easier to manipulate with hands free. Do you realize how wonderful the body is? How much you do with the body that you don't even think about? Automatic. It is most wonderful that you don't have to think about the body, that you don't have to remember to breath now, allow the heart to beat now, to keep the liver functioning, to know that every part of the stomach is working as it should, the intestines. It would keep you most busy, more than you are even now in the mind. It is wonderful that the body knows its divine nature and that the spirit of you is in charge.

(To Aaron) Beloved brother, I greet you. It is wonderful to see you this way. It is wonderful to feel your love. It is what you would see in this evening a reunion of times we have spoken of earlier, times of the one known as Barbara, Aaron, Jeshua. It is wonderful to see you.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I greet you in love. It is indeed a joy to be with you again in this way, to share the fire circle, as it were. (Jeshua: Once again) All of you are gathered here by the fire in joy and love, with the intention to know your deepest truth that so easily eludes you when you get caught in the relative aspect of your being. But when we gather here in this way, each person reflects that deepest truth out; what you experience then is the mirror, each to each, shining beyond the relative self so that the soul radiates. I return this to you, Jeshua.

Jeshua: Thank you. In ancient times, as you measure linear history, we met, all of us as you see individual aspects of the one Mind sitting here in body form, we met around the campfire many times to sing, to partake of food, to laugh, to ask, "How are you? What is new? What have you been thinking of? Who have you been studying with? What new ideas have come to you?" And on that note, to the one known as Door-in-Sky, I would ask, recently you have been listening to a teacher who has expanded your mind a bit;what did he speak of?

Door-in-Sky: He spoke of the DNA, the idea that consciousness changes everything in the life, particularly the mass consciousness, and the contribution of our great technology these days in which you can use equipment such as this computer here to register the amount of feeling or awareness in mass consciousness. And they showed a graph of the time of one day before September 11, 2001. A graph of years, that sort of thing, but a day before 9-11, 2001, the mass consciousness went up in a huge spike on the graph. That was the day before the attack on the Twin Towers. Also they did not have any information like that for the tsunami, but I am understanding the animals knew ahead of time, even to the extent that some elephants who were chained in their place, they broke loose the chains and left. All animals fled to higher ground so there was no animal which lost its life. So this is just telling me, of course, and I've been reading since, about how closely to the earth that the animal kingdom is connected. And it occurs to me that maybe we ought to go barefoot a little bit more! And begin to sense with our feet. That was just one of the things.

There was also an exposition of the Hebrew letters and their numeric equivalents. This is something; of course, that now my interest is peaked so I will go further into it.

Jeshua: Very good. You bring out the very good point about the animals and the way they are tuned in to energy and energy shifts. The ones you know as the animals are much less focused upon themselves. (Q: Right) They do not feel that everything has to revolve around them. They have, as what you would see, the antennae that reach out to feel what is going on with Mother Earth, also with the consciousness in the room, such as the four-footed one now is feeling. They are very much the receptors of vibrational energy.

D: Would you say that they do not have any ego personality such as human beings have developed?

Jeshua: They do have ego personalities, yes, but not to the same extent. They are more tuned in to the oneness and so they will feel subtle nuances of shift of energy, whereas humans who think they are at the top of the ladder are much more concerned about themselves and their own small yet important focus. So when there is a shift in vibrational energy about to happen, the small ones, as the four-footed one here, and the tall ones, such as the elephants that you mentioned, feel impending change and make adjustments.

Door-in-Sky: You see, this has been my primary concern living in these times with this great shift happening. If we could somehow or other convince enough people, a critical mass, to keep thinking, "Peace! Peace! Peace!" and working for peace overtly, and thinking so, and of course being at peace within themselves, we could stave off nuclear explosion or any humungous piece of warfare that somebody might think is necessary in the great planetary power struggles that are going on.

Jeshua: Ones do not understand the concept of peace. They do not understand the word "peace." As you can communicate with them what this feels like, what peace feels like, and what benefit it brings to them in their expansion of even body energy, aura, they will get a clearer sense. When one says to pray for peace or to visualize peace, often ones equate this with non-energetic, and they feel that it will be boring.

As you are able, as the teacher, to bring it to each one's level of understanding that peace means realization of much more potential, even as human, then there is motivation for them to equate peace with something that they want. At this point peace is like a concept that does not have a place to abide, rest, no peg to hang it on. It sounds like a good idea, but ones say, "If everything was peaceful, what would I do? I do like excitement." (Q: They like their drama.) Yes. So when you and other ones can be teachers to allow them to see that there is much excitement, expansion of energetic being in the realization of peace, then they are as the small child you were playing with earlier who wants to find out, "What is peace?"

Door-in-Sky: How about equating peace with a state of joyfulness?

Jeshua: That is a good step and yet many do not know what joy means. But it is a step, yes.

Door-in-Sky: Well, as always, you've given me something to think about.

Jeshua: Yes, and truly what you are envisioning as peace is a world that works together.

Door-in-Sky: Consultation and cooperation in place of confrontation…

Jeshua: Yes, very well put. I pass now to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I was not quite in the body when I greeted you the first time, Jeshua. Barbara and I were here together. But now she is at rest and I am fully in the body. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to speak in this way with both our eyes open and more give and take of dialogue as we had in those days when we both had bodies.

My sister, peace is a beingness, not a doingness. You understand that. (Q: Oh, I do.) You are all involved in a raising of consciousness—we seek the correct word. We're working with a new method of channeling, here, much more trance channeling than consciousness. I used to rely on Barbara's vocabulary, now I'm on my own!

The shift that we're involved in is one of consciousness beyond anything else, moving from mundane to supramundane consciousness. Each being that can hold supramundane consciousness holds the door open for others. As I said at the beginning, your souls serve as a mirror, one to the other. Your willingness to reflect that essence of your being, that supramundane consciousness, reminds others that that is also the essence of their being. The more you do this, the more the doors open. There is not a creation of supramundane consciousness, there is an opening to that which already exists. Therefore there's nothing you have to do because you don't have to make anything, it's already there. But you are all so deeply habituated to live the human experience in mundane consciousness with rationality, the mind very engrossed in what makes sense on the mundane level rather than open to the vastness of all the subtle energies involved in all of creation.

You cannot live purely in supramundane consciousness either. You're here in a body. You're here with a voice, the voice of the body, the physical voice and speech, the voices of thought, and so forth. How do you blend the two? How do you walk that path that brings, not creates heaven here on here, but creates—let us not use the word "creates" so much as invites the deepest projection of that heavenly aspect of this heavier density realm.

Door-in-Sky: How do we do it? Very carefully!

Aaron: Very carefully but even care can be a detriment when it comes from a place of fear. I'm talking here about the distinction between attending to with love, and that subtle fear-contraction that controls. For the human it's so easy to move into that control contraction.

The process here is one of blending the heavier vibration of the material plane, even on the elemental level, and the very high subtle energies, bringing together with love. The difficulty for most of you is that, although there is the intention to do it with love, you are not willing, most of you, to do the very precise, ongoing practice. It's like a child learning to play scales on a piano, or to write the alphabet. They must repeat it over and over and over.

So there can be a conscious practice of doing something very simple, like taking a drink of water. You hold the glass. You appreciate the water element in the body and the water element in the glass. You feel the blending of the elements in their outer expression as water, but you also know the water element in the cushion, in the carpet, in the trees. You experience that water element throughout all of creation. And as you take the glass, you very lovingly and with gratitude (drinks) invite the expression of that water element into your body. This is only the symbol for it.

If you do this kind of practice on a regular basis, you will find that gratitude is the key. Gratitude and presence. Take into yourself the earth, the air, fire, water, space, ether, feel the blending of it and feel your own existence on both the mundane and the supramundane level. This can wake you up into a strong projection into that innermost essence of being, apart from the person but without losing the person. There is no separate water and person, yet you're still swallowing the water.

May we hear other questions from the group, or just hear thoughts? What are you occupying yourselves with these weeks and months?

My sister, it is a joy to feel your presence here, to be here with you.

Q: I am so happy to see you and be with you, even for a very short time. I have been working in my salon 5 days a week, and my practice has been to deepen my experience, connection, with people I interact with. This is a tanning salon, very different kind of intentions from the clients than when we had a flotation business.

Aaron: You are not working with the flotation business now, this is different.

Q: Still I am trying to deepen my practice of compassion or kindness and empathy with the people I see. I very much connected with what you said about doing the scales, playing the scales over and over. It is a practice and I feel good about it. I feel like I can be there in an open space for people even for a very short time. It would be like, think of the grocery store clerk, the student, it's like seeing humanity in every face. So many different people, so many different opportunities.

Aaron: And yet only one person. Can you see that? So many different people and yet all one person.

Q: Yes, right now when I am talking to you, but I only think I get a vague sense of it during my day.

Aaron: It's important to pay attention both to the uniqueness of each person and also the coming together place. As you look at the person, speak with them, feel that core energy in them. Don't get lost in the core energy and lose the unique outer layer, but don't bypass the core because you're so involved in the outer layer. How can you connect to both in each person at the same time?

Q: By looking right in their eyes.

Aaron: Yes. We've been working a lot with the elements, as I started out with tonight, because two weeks ago we spent a week leading a meditation retreat on the ocean. People were doing meditation sitting on the beach, waves coming in, sun shining down, wind blowing, sand all around. Very much connected with the elements.

The elements have a very high vibrational frequency at the subtlest layer, and a much heavier vibrational frequency at this level where they turn to water or earth. When you are with a person, you can begin to feel the element structure in them and how it is balanced or imbalanced. Some people present themselves with very heavy earth energy. Some people are very fiery, flittery energy. Begin to feel the balance in each person. They're different. The earth-heavy person is different than the water-heavy, the fire-heavy or the air-heavy person. They're different. And yet the overall balance is there in each person. There's nobody that you're going to find who lacks completely any of the elements.

So attuning yourself to the element that is predominant in you in that moment and then feeling that element within the other person brings you together. Then, if the other person is angry at you, for example, expressing a lot of anger and agitation, and you feel your own fire energy coming up, you can choose to cool it with water. You invite in the water element, invite in the cooling. But it stops being your expression of the elements versus his or her expression of the elements; it simply becomes the element structure as it is experienced in this moment through these particular physical structures we call minds and bodies.

At that point it's so much easier to rest in compassion because the energy field is open. There's no contraction into the separate self. How can you hold your water element separate from his? Your fire element separate from hers? So the natural compassion can bloom because you're in a situation where the boundaries fall away. Do you understand what I'm saying? I don't want to be conceptual here, I'm asking you to relate this to your real-life experience, because I know you understand energy.

Q: I have done energy work in this line as well as bodywork. I see the example best when you talk about the fire and anger. Most of the time I don't deal with that kind of blatant energy in my inner actions with people.

Aaron: Let me be precise here. Fire that is balanced is warmth, compassion, energy. It's vital to the life process in human, animal, plant. Fire that becomes imbalanced becomes anger. We can't say the fire element is bad or good; what we seek is balance. I know you understand this from your energy work.

Let's look at the earth element. If you have earth and it becomes devoid of water, it becomes brittle, dried out. It can't carry any life, barren. When you add a certain amount of water, it becomes pliable soil, rich and alive, but if you add too much water it becomes mud. Then it moves into unbalance. If you add sun to it, it warms the soil, but if you add too much sun, it becomes desert.

Change that into human terms. Begin to reflect both upon yourself and those close to you in your home, and also the people you might meet only for a few minutes at a time. You begin to attune yourself to the elemental balance in them. You are not trying to fix them, you're not trying to, let us put it this way, it is not as you are hired to do massage and ease out the kink in the muscle. You're not trying to fix an imbalance in the element, you're simply reflecting back to them the possibility of balance, to help them awaken to that possibility in themselves. And as you hold that possibility, it moves through all of the planes, the heavier mundane level all the way up to the highest vibrational level, the subtlest level of the elements. Everything in the material world is an expression of these subtle elements created by the mind. The mind senses the subtle elements and it draws from those to create the floods and the verdant fields, to create the scorched forests or the green forests. You create it; no less do you create it in your daily life with your experience than in your garden. If your garden is dry, you apply water. If your garden needs sunshine, you prune back the branches that overhang so the sun can shine in.

In the same way, you can work with these very subtle aspects of being in your daily life to bring forth the richness of relationship to connect one heart to another heart, one soul to another soul. All in balance goes in that moment.

I would pass this here to Jeshua.

Jeshua: In every interaction that you have with another one, there is always opportunity, as you have felt, for love, for understanding, and the secret to that you have just spoken: it is to look deep into the other's eyes and to behold the Christ there. Not to look at behavior because behavior is often motivated by self-image, by old belief system of who they have thought themselves to be, or what they think they have to do to gain the reward that they desire.

But when you look deep within the eyes of another one, you behold not only the soul of that one but life essence, and there is the connection of oneness, the connection that was spoken of earlier that comes to the place where there is the consultation of what do WE want to manifest in this moment, where do we want to be together in this. And that is what you have been doing with ones that come to you. You know they come for a certain reason, obvious reason, but they also come to you because they want to know your peace, your joy of living. They want to connect in that place of oneness. And when you are able to, and you are, always, able to look into their eyes and to make that connection, there is a most magic moment that happens, a moment of what I would call the Christos, the Christ, acknowledging the divinity of each one.

You do this with the clients who come to you, you do this with the friends that you have, you do this with anyone you meet in your grocery store or on the road somewhere making purchase of something. As you will acknowledge their beingness by looking deep within their eyes, there is a connection for a moment or longer that says, "I recognize you." It is the same as you have the Namaste, "The Christ of me greets the Christ of you." It is the same without having to do the certain ritual that perhaps some do not understand and would resist because they would not understand it. But as you look deeply within their eyes, and you behold the love that truly is there, you are beholding yourSelf, the Love that you are. And that leads to the place that Door-in-Sky was speaking of, where there is the shift in the mass consciousness to the place where they can understand that peace can be fun.

What you do in your everyday activities is most important, not only to yourself as individual, because it is, as you are feeling the evolution and the practice of knowing deepening of your own awakening, but it is also impactful to the collective consciousness, and allows the collective consciousness to rise up higher from the place where there has been the focus upon all of the worldly things to the place where for moment and sometimes longer, there is a feeling of upliftment.

So what you do in every day is important. You may feel sometimes with the employment that it is something that you have to do or something that is just proscribed that you fill in the time of life doing such-and-such, but it is more than that because everyone you meet is by invitation. They are there by your invitation. You are there to meet them by invitation. And the Christ meets the Christ. And when that happens there is a divine spark that changes everything, an aliveness that happens, and one begins to feel the certain bubbles that happen in the solar plexus, the certain bubbles that rise up in the heart and rise up even into the eyes, and there is the feeling of "Life is good," for truly life is. And one comes to the place where my beloved brother has spoken of, of gratitude, gratitude overflowing, gratitude of being alive, gratitude for opportunity to be in interaction, one with another. Gratitude for the breath: the simplest and yet the most important aspect of this human life.

Beloved one, have you a question or a topic?

New Q: My life is pretty much in chaos at the moment.

Jeshua: Very good, that means you are in the midst of much change!

Q: I hope it's going to be good change.

Jeshua: It has to be for you have decreed it will be.

Q: I just came from a phenomenal seminar with 74 extraordinary people. The work that we did, it was an advanced class in a personal transformation class, there are a lot of them out there. I've taken a lot of seminars. Somehow I thought I knew what this one would be. Wrong. I didn't ask, I thought I knew. It was good that I didn't know because this phenomenal guard that I have inside of me usually sets things up and says, "Oh yeah, you think you're going to do this and you're going to break through that, well, we'll see about that." So it was really taken unawares. I think, I definitely know that there is a different relationship with this guard inside, and I've actually given the guard a new job… I believe she or he said yes, and that is to be the keeper of my psychic gifts, the guide for my psychic gifts. Did my guard agree? (Jeshua: Yes) so he's now the keeper of my psychic powers. (Jeshua: Yes) Awesome.

I had an opportunity to experience of listening to a lot of people towards me, and it was good. So I now have faith to step out. Having gotten rid of the guard, having really gotten at a core level that I don't have to change anything, I really don't need to learn anything else, and that I've got enough things already going, I just need to trust. (Jeshua: Yes). So I got that I hadn't trusted, that my head and my heart weren't connected basically because my head didn't trust my heart. I thought it was because my heart didn't trust my head. But it's my head didn't trust my heart. I did some pretty powerful coaching and I accepted coaching. As a result…

(tape turns)

…what am I committed to, can I do this?

The thing is that I am totally ready to be back in life entirely. I'm trying to clear up stuff, to be able to have the space, not all the stuff weighted down, because I didn't take care of business for quite a long time. I didn't have the mental or the physical energy to do it. And I just allowed myself to escape and not be responsible. So I've really taken on being personally responsible, and trusting, another thing I don't have yet because I can't remember it, I need to go back to my notes to get that word that I had stepped into the power of.

One of the things I did were some pretty amazing physical feats, on a ropes course. I don't know if you've ever been on one. Even like climbing this narrow pole that's 35, 40 feet, you've done that? You know, I mean like hello, they had us standing up on the top of the thing. Not even as big as my dinner plate! I'm not even so sure it was as big as my salad plate, you know? 35, 40 feet in the air. We had safety ropes, so that helped. Not that they were tense, you know, we weren't using them to do what we were doing, we had to rely on our body. I had a lot of physical repercussions, but I know my body is strong enough and that it's healing. It's tight… I'll be fine in a month or less. (Jeshua: Or less.) And I'm fine now, it's not that I'm not, it's uncomfortable. I DID it! I actually did it. I can trust myself. And that was just really amazing.

So there's a lot of things going on. I hope that I'm going to be able to return to my nursing.

Jeshua: Yes.

Q: I will be?

Jeshua: You will, yes. As you choose.

Q:Great, as I choose. I get to say?

Jeshua: You get to say.

Q: Awesome. Thanks so much.

Jeshua: You have come through a lot in what you would see 2, 3 years of your timing and even the last 2, 3 days of your timing. You have made choices along the way. The soul was nudging you to make choices, and you did. You made the choice to come to the place of trusting yourself, the divine self of you, even to trust the body, and the body in this realm speaks very loudly. It screams sometimes, "Do not desert me! Do not let me down!" And many times the ego gets so entwined with body that you cannot tell the difference as to which one is speaking. But you have found the place where you can trust yourself and you can trust yourself using the body, and now you can trust the choices that you make consciously. That is why I say to you, "as you choose."

Q: And I am so sorry, sometimes I forget to say Thank you—not sometimes, frequently! I forget to say thank you in the moment of receiving what I ask for. It's like I've been waiting for this one apartment for a year to open up, and it's opened up, it's just not at a really convenient time! With everything I need to complete, and then do all the physical things with moving, and right at the point of having stress to my body. Apparently I can do it! (Jeshua: Apparently you can.) So I will.

Jeshua: And you will, yes. Where there is desire, it will happen.

Q: Thank you for opening that space for me.

Jeshua: It is our pleasure. I pass now to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: My sister, as you speak, the image that comes to my head is that of the person who is hungry and goes to the market. You may go to the market simply with the idea of food, where you wander up and down the aisles until something appeals. Nevertheless, you have chosen a market, not a garbage dump. You know where to go to find that which feeds you. Or you go with the idea, "I want cereal," then you don't want through the canned soups. You may not know what cereal you choose, but you go to the cereal aisle. You are led where your heart pulls you. As you learn to trust your heart, you know that you will always find yourself in the right place, even if you don't understand why you're there. You may have come into the market thinking that you were buying a sandwich and suddenly you find yourself in the fruit juice aisle, and you realize how thirsty you are. You weren't paying close enough attention to have felt the thirst, but the spirit, the heart, and the body know and bring you where you need to be.

In just the same way in your lives you are led to different markets, so to speak: the marketplace of the classroom, the seminar; the marketplace of the business place, the tanning salon; the marketplace of your families, and so forth. You may not know exactly what you're seeking but if you relax, trust that you are there for a reason, and though the consciousness mind may not know the reason, still this is a wholesome choice. Now I'm not suggesting it's always a wholesome choice, sometimes you're guided to that particular place by fear. But even in that situation where you are guided by fear and end up, let us say in the Twinkies aisle, then there is the opportunity to stop and reflect, "Is this really what I need to take into this mind and body at this time, or shall I release the sweets and go to a different aisle, one that is more sustaining?"

So you don't have to be afraid of being moved into a place by fear, only to be present enough to recognize what has brought you there. Then it still is a growth experience. You are living, you are growing. You did not come into the incarnation simply to be led immediately to the right box of Cheerios or the right bottle of orange juice, but to experiment, "How does this taste? How does that taste? What does it do to me? Is it what I need right now?"

In the past, my sister, I think you have been tasting without allowing yourself fully to digest and see how it settles in you. And now it feels, from what you report, that you are allowing the food to settle and feel how it is and see what the nutrients are in it, and this is the big shift.

Q: The other thing that, something that we know or are told and we agree is true, that people are all mirrors for us, it's just the same thing (other Q) said. We know we're all one people. We know that we're just different faces, different ages, different experiences, just a little bit different drama going on in our lives, that we're all the same. We were asked to choose, people were asked to choose to partner with a person they liked least, one that they had the most issue with. And this woman came and stood in front of me, chose me. So I asked her point blank what her issue was. "What is it? How is it that you chose me?"

She said that, one, she didn't like the words I used. My words were too big. Two, that I talked in kind of like a seminar slang and she didn't know what it meant. And so I accounted for the fact that there's been a lot of this work out there for a long time now, and there's been a shift in the consciousness, that when you talk about, at this moment the words are escaping me, but when you're talking about our path, our choice, the challenges, there are phrases that are out there, and they're not new. You hear them on the news, you hear them on Oprah, you hear them on Dr. Phil, you hear them everywhere. And so that seemed to cut through a lot of time for me to use something like, people kind of know what it's all about... And I talked to her about a few other things. I was able to be a huge support to her, even when she felt she wasn't being supported. I asked her just as a place to look. Like it's a catchphrase, we don't respond to others or outside things, we only respond to ourselves, each and every one. No matter what the incident is. We are only responding to ourselves… So I asked her, maybe if she had this feeling where it might have actually been coming from, … the conversation…, and she did and she got this huge "Aha!" and then she actually allowed me to support her twice in huge decisions for her, and felt totally supported. It was a huge gift to me, that she allowed herself to trust me.

Jeshua: And again it was not by accident, it was by invitation.

Aaron: It's a wonderful process in that each who has one come to them finding issue with them has the opportunity not to get into the ego and take those issues personally, but to hear, "This pattern in me mirrors something that this person sees in him- or herself and with which he or she is uncomfortable." And yet, I must also hear and look at those patterns in myself and ask, "Is this what I wish to bring forth in the world?" Just because the person has an issue with it does not mean it's bad. But still I can reflect on it and ask myself, "Do I wish to hold to this pattern? Is it skillful or is it just a sloppiness I have fallen into?"

So often people create division by defending themselves, so that the process by which you have worked sounds so valuable, rich. What I am led to bring up here, I'm coming back to the transition of consciousness on the earth. Many of you have learned to take refuge in gross consciousness. It becomes a hiding place. It's an uncomfortable hiding place, it's a prison. And yet, at times you just fall into the pattern of the mind and the body and you forget the spirit.

When you see others who reflect that living in gross consciousness to an extreme and it's repellent to you, it's very important to ask yourself, "To what degree am I falling into this old habit energy? What can I do to draw myself into and rest more firmly in a higher plane of consciousness?" So that seeing the world around you and the mayhem in the world, this is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself that you can either add to the mayhem or transcend it and help bring others along with you. What do you choose? The earth is a place of choice.

Are there further questions?

Q: I just remembered what it was I was bringing in: focus. Now is that not good? As you said that,… yeah, bringing in the focus of things, just staying focused. I've created so much chaos, just my energy, just stepping out into a couple of new directions, 3 or 4 different things in the same direction of computers, so like anything that you could possibly imagine could go wrong with a computer or laptop went wrong in the last few weeks, and a great deal of money, but I feel like, "OK, you think you want to do this? Well how committed are you to it? What are you willing to do to break through this? Are you going to go off into the drama of all this, or are you going to stay focused on task? Just keep going forward no matter what it takes, no matter how many steps backwards. Are you determined just to take those steps forward?" And I did. Thank you.

Jeshua: You have brought forth much clarity.

Q: I did--for the first time in a very long time I feel clear on my purpose for being here. I'm pretty sure. I don't know what exactly… I know where to start now. Not at the top, but down here, moving forward.

Aaron: When the stories come in to pull you off focus, can you be aware of the arising of the story?

Q: Yes, I can now.

Aaron: Just naming it, "Here is the story." A planning, a story, a judging, a story, a grasping, a story, mind obsessing, replaying a certain scenario, just an obsessing story. That which is aware of these stories is not caught up in them.

Q: There's actually what is, and there's the drama of the story. And that's where I'm putting my focus—OK, this is what it is and it's nothing more. This is the event, that's the drama and the story. Just being aware of it. And it's like, thank you for sharing, I don't choose to get into that. Any more than to the extent I have to, to take care of business, to correct whatever the drama did. It's a huge thing.

Aaron: And yet, if you do find yourself caught up in the drama, it's just being caught up in the drama.

Q: Yes. Just like in the meditation…

Aaron: It happens for awhile and then you see it and stop and look. It's like walking on the beach as the tide is coming in and suddenly you realize your feet are wet and that you're getting cold. So you step higher up the beach and out of the ocean. But you will wade in the ocean until you're ready to step out. Not a problem, just a bit damp.

Q: A little uncomfortable until I decide; when I decide I'm tired of being uncomfortable, realizing I can move out of it. I'm doing my best to do that faster and faster, through choice.

Aaron: That's an essential point for all of you. Whenever you realize, "I'm uncomfortable. I do not choose to continue manifesting in this direction. What is it that I choose?" There's a very beautiful practice in the Buddhist tradition called Clear Comprehension. It begins with Clear Comprehension of Purpose: what is my highest purpose in this situation? And Clear Comprehension of Suitability: is what I'm about to do or engaged in doing suitable to this purpose?" If I want to keep my feet dry and I'm walking too close to the water line so the waves are coming in, that's not suitable. If I want most to be close to the ocean, then I let go of keeping my feet dry and I walk closer to the ocean. What is my highest purpose? Is my choice suitable to that purpose?

And here one starts to learn that there's not necessarily a good or bad choice, there is simply a suitable or unsuitable choice. There is not even a good or bad purpose. People have to choose different kinds of purposes from time to time. Ultimately we choose that which is for the highest good of all beings, but if a self-centered purpose comes up, one may need to enact that purpose and feel the repercussions of it to learn from that and see, "This was not what I wanted. I release this self-centered purpose." But you can't release it until you've had the opportunity to examine it and find out that it doesn't work, that it doesn't fulfill.

So it's very important to let go of how it should and just be with it as it is and ask, "Is this consistent with my highest purpose in this moment? Is it suitable?"

We would ask for your further questions.

New Q: What if I have more than one "purpose" or my "purposes" interfere? I want to hold high vibration for the planet and I also have a partner going through a lot of negative times. I can stay centered and hold compassion with him but it brings me down more, I can't hold that higher vibration.

Aaron: This does not sound like to me like a conflict! It's all in your head. In your head it's a conflict because you want to stay with the high vibration, but to hold that high vibration by pushing anything away is not to hold it authentically. Your higher purpose is to learn how to hold the high vibration no matter what is coming forth.

Anybody can stay in a heavenly realm by forcing everything else away. Can you stay in a heavenly realm even when there's shit raining down, if you'll excuse my expression. So if you look deeply, you'll see that your highest intention is not just to hold a high vibration but to learn how to hold the high vibration in a stable way. Then your relationship to your partner's difficulties simply become the teacher.

Q: So you spoke about the metaphor of the cave and the rock throwing (previous transcripts). What can one do if when you come out each time there are more rocks being thrown. (The rocks are not directed at me, just flying willy-nilly at the conditions that arise for him.) I want to be helpful but it seems like there would be a different approach to going in and out of the cave if it's just a single rock-throwing event versus each time one comes out there are more rocks flying.

Aaron: There is a word, communication; here is the ability to communicate your own compassionate intention to hold space for another, to hold a high vibration but not to become the receptacle of another person's garbage. You make it very clear when, when the rock-throwing begins, metaphorically speaking, that you don't intend to live your life in a cave. Therefore you ask the rock-thrower to become more responsible. If the rock-thrower wants to share a meadow with you then he needs to stop throwing rocks or become more sensitive to your suggestion, just, hand up, "Stop. Pause. Take a deep breath. Feel the tension in you. It's starting to pour out on me. Can we stop and hold space for it together?"

Then you are able to help him support that clearer, more loving action, not to act out of his own fear and contraction. And you are able to not have to retreat into a cave, which is not really an option. You can do it once; you don't want to live your life there.

The place of difficulty for you, I think, is that you, let's say there is a "should" predominant here. "I should be able to hold a high vibration." Now, let's suppose that you're a very good swimmer. You've swum out into the middle of a big lake. You're enjoying this long swim, basking the sun, rolling over and swimming some more, and suddenly you see a person playing in a canoe fall over and topple out, start screaming for help, just 10 feet from you. The current has caught the canoe and it's drifted away. You know that you're a strong swimmer but this is a 150 lb person and he grabs at you. If you think "I should be able to swim flawlessly and easily," then tension is going to come up because of that weight, but if you know that there's weight on you, "Of course I can't swim so easily," then you don't feel yourself coming up short. Rather, you appreciate your ability to stay afloat at all, to hold the weight of this person and help support him back to shore.

You are comparing yourself against that high standard of the perfect swimmer, that high standard of the high vibration that you felt when there was nobody grabbing hold of you, rather than appreciating that the weight pulling you down is really an opportunity to strengthen your swimming skills. Then when nobody is pulling you down, the vibration is even higher. Can you see how that would work?

As soon as you respond to your own lowering of your vibration with fear and contraction, you lose touch with the love, lose touch with the high vibration that keeps you afloat. When you relax, acknowledge that feeling of weightiness and the unpleasant feeling of the lower vibration, and open your heart to yourself, that immediately brings the vibration back up.

Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word that means dynamic compassion. Everything you describe to me in your life right now sounds like the invitation to come to know Ahimsa and practice it. Perhaps that is your highest purpose, and the forest has not been seen for the trees, as they say.

I will pass this to Jeshua.

Jeshua: In truth there is not much to add to what my brother Aaron has just spoken. As one will abide in love, nothing else can come nigh your dwelling place. Full stop, period.

Beloved beautiful one in the back there, how are you this evening? Would you speak of something in this evening?

Q: On the journey up here, driving up here, I just had a moment of clarity to realize that all judgments for me reside in being fearful. The ego is tightly woven in that so that whether it's a judgment about appearance or anything, it's afraid that I am somehow diminished by that, that's the root of it. I'm not sure if that's the universal root, but for me…

Jeshua: And it is, in truth, the universal root. That, "Perhaps I am not good enough. Perhaps my self-image" whatever that may be, and it is molded by not only this lifetime but other lifetimes as well, "is not perfect." This root comes from Truth, with a capital T, in that you are perfect. And the divinity of you knows that you are perfect. But through eons of time, an identification with the manifest form, this reality, the separated ego has begun to think that perhaps, "I could be other than perfect." And so, yes, fear comes in, judgment comes in. And as you have recognized this, then it is easy to let go of it. The awareness, as you practice this, will come easier and easier for you. As the awareness comes, then immediately you are able to let it go and say the other person is perfect as they are. "They are living their script, however they read that script, and I am perfect as I am reading my script and playing it." It was a very good revelation that you had.

Q: Astonishing!

Jeshua: Yes, exactly. Thank you for sharing that because it is truly something that all humans work with and through. The place where the Truth is known and remembered: that, "I am divine." And then forgotten, and then remembered once again. And it is as you have a saying in your world, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, my girl, practice." You are doing very well with it.

Previous Q: It's just so cool when we get these insights or these Aha's and we listen. You know? It's just an amazing thing too.

Jeshua: And it makes for such a shift, yes, not only in the individual consciousness but in the collective consciousness as well, for in Truth there is no separation. And as you have allowed the crack in the door to open and the light to shine through, it shines not only for you but for others who are receptive to it and wondering, because there are many who are struggling with the same aspect, same questioning. They have the opportunity--they don't always accept it at that moment, but they have opportunity -- to move into the light. Now I would pass again to my brother Aaron.

Aaron: I would simply remind all of you that you came into the incarnation having at times in past incarnations experienced the unworthiness and allowed that as part of the human experience because it is through the catalyst of the discomfort of feelings of unworthiness that you push through to take hold of the innate worth, the innate perfection. If unworthiness, the feelings of unworthiness, were not uncomfortable, what would encourage you to break through to this realization of Divinity?

It is not a problem, to feel unworthy. Uncomfortable, yes. Problem, no! Rather, one must pay attention and know it for the illusion that it is, that it creates discomfort, and it is the teacher, literally. Not a problem. And yet, the release of this whole concept of unworthiness and the experience of it, this is the highest fruition of the human experience, to rest, truly rest, in that innate perfection. At first it comes in little tastes; it tantalizes, like a tiny taste of ice cream on a hot summer day. Then you want more, asking, "How do I get into that space of ease?" That is what gives you the courage to look at the nature of the concept of unworthy, and finally to make the decision, "I do not need to carry this baggage with me any more." But it's not going to happen instantly. As Jeshua said, practice.

Jeshua: Further questions, comments? Beloved brother--you are looking like you have a question or comment.

New Q: We've been speaking of many things tonight. I want to touch back on gratitude and express my gratitude for the ones who opened their home for all of us. And then to express my gratitude both to you and Aaron. A quick question: is Aaron coming to Whistler?

Jeshua: As it is seen now, no, not this year, but the invitation is there.

Aaron: Not yet the gold coin to bring it forth! (added later)

Q: Then as you know, I went through a great deal of fear here recently. It relates with what we've been speaking about tonight. The big key thing for me in that one evening was, is that I looked at how all my life I created the role of the outcast or unworthy or not quite good enough, not just with the family but in society in every aspect. As I was blessed with the newsletter from Aaron and reminded to look at the fear, that you don't have to be part of it, many good things came that day. But the thing I was thinking about in the middle of the night is, it's like the paradox that I had to create this unworthiness and outcast role and stuff, to experience that, and then I could know better the oneness of all of this, that I can't be outcast or unworthy. (Jeshua: Right.) So it was a great revelation. (Jeshua: Yes.) And yes I fell on my face but I didn't lose the home. As it is seen now, foreclosure didn't go in today. So I thank all the helpful ones that made that possible. Special thanks to my brother Danny, too. I can't think of much else at the moment.

Jeshua: We have spoken often how it takes a master to choose a life that looks like it is not being lived by a master, and then to come to the realization that I AM the master, which is where you are now. We have spoken to you many times how you have been and are the teacher because you have had the courage to live a life that looks as the outcast, and to give to others the example that the outcast is truly "incast". And to invite others in. You have done that. All of your life you have felt that you were outcast and therefore you would make the extra effort to bring other ones into your circle of love. And it has been very good motivation to bring other ones in. They have felt your love and your support and your caring. And they have felt that because you have not put yourself above them, they could be with you easily. And it has been a great gift that you have given to many. Now you have given to yourself the greatest of gifts: to remember you are the holy son, child of the Father, never outcast.

You will never be without the dwelling place. It may change from time to time; it has changed from time to time. But you will never be without the dwelling place. You will never be without friends. You will never be without golden coins. You will never be without food. You always have that which you need. You have only to ask. And even before you ask, it is provided. But you know that.

Progress report? (Q: Sure. A+)

Aaron: I would remind you, my brother, if one plays a part in a play, and in that play one plays the helpless or downtrodden one, coming off the stage, one does not put on worn out clothes and walk out hunched over; one transforms oneself into one's handsome clothes and walks out with grace and joy, having played the part well.

If you play a part to give others an opportunity to practice, it is important that you not believe in that part as self to the point that you lose the truth of yourself. Jeshua has said you may play the part of the outcast in support of others. You have spoken of feeling of unworthiness. Others can learn through you. Create the story, the stage play to support them and to support your own learning, but don't lose track of the truth. This is only a part. Don't believe the story.

As a further suggestion, if you put on the, - we don't have this kind of material here tonight and I don't know what it's called, I'm not used to these kinds of fabrics, - the fleecy, sticky fabric, and you walk through a meadow in which there are many burs, the burs are going to stick on your pants. If you try to pull them off, they stick elsewhere. If it's cold and you have gloves on and you try and pull off burs with the gloves, the burs stick to your gloves. If you don't want burs on your pants, put on pants that don't have anything sticky.

What does it mean to take on the persona that is not sticky? This is the persona that knows its own divinity. Unworthiness may arise; it's just a thought, it doesn't stick because you don't give it anything to stick to. The arising of the thought or direct body experience of shame or unworthiness is just an experience. It's only harmful if you buy into it as a self-identity and keep spinning out, so you feel the need to keep replaying the role over and over and over. Otherwise when it comes up, each time it comes up it gives you opportunity to practice remembering the divine self, changing the pants, so to speak. Nothing sticky.

I am uncertain why you asked if I would be at Whistler. Please remember I am always available if you have questions. That is, the "I AM" within the self is available at all times. For the extension of the personal "I AM", a telephone is handy!

(tape ends, next tape)

Aaron: (After a pause, he verbally labels tape with date) I will surprise you all. Even a 500-year-old spirit can learn some modern push-button electronics! Do you have a question, my brother?

New Q: I have a question that I'm having a hard time formulating. It has to do with creating balance. It seems like things in my life have been changing so rapidly that it's hard to create a balance. Every time that I think that I've come back to some kind of balance, the center of gravity shifts and at times I feel like I'm constantly chasing after this center. Sometimes it can be very difficult.

Aaron: You missed the beginning of our discussion, you were with the child. We spoke about chaos and the value of chaos as a ground for change. One needs to move into the place of chaos in order to invite and allow change, because if one never experiences chaos one begins to bog down, not bringing in the new.

What I think is important here, Q, let us put this in terms of your meditation practice, that you take the experience of chaos as the primary object, and the unpleasant feeling of chaos, wanting things to be settled. You've heard me say this many times, that which is aware of chaos is not chaotic. The holding of chaos as the primary object is a way to bring forth pure awareness, and find yourself resting firmly in that space. It's the difference in orientation between one who is drifting helpless down a fast-moving river, floating, bumping into logs and rocks, the bank flashing by, waterfalls, chaos, and the one who finds himself on the same stream in a canoe with a paddle and good paddling skill, who is able to watch the constant change in scenery, come to each waterfall and rapids as it approaches and simply be present with that one waterfall, that one rock. There's no chaos: there's a waterfall, there's a rock. There's a still stretch, then a busy stretch.

Q: (Smiles) I know these things! There's no new information. The problem for me is the implementation. It seems like, to extend this metaphor, I'm not sure how to extend the metaphor, but the river is so huge and so turbulent and treacherous and dangerous that …

Aaron: Is it really dangerous?

Q: That's what it feels like.

Aaron: It seems to be. Is it really?

Q: Well, clearly I get caught up in stuff. I think that part of …

Aaron: At some level you must recognize there is a decision to see the river as dangerous. This is a choice. Certainly the river is fast-moving, that's not the same as dangerous. It may be wild and powerful; that's not the same as dangerous. What does dangerous mean? Dangerous to what? To the ego? To that which wants things to be just so?

Q: I see that point. I think what's been compounding it for me is adjusting to (their toddler), adjusting to his schedule, to the changes that are forced on my schedule. I haven't been meditating as regularly and as deeply and it's taking a toll.

Aaron: Your son is going to change week by week, month by month, until he moves out of your home, and then he's going to keep changing out of your home, and you're going to answer the phone calls. "Dad, I need this! Dad, that happened!" You'll hang up from the conversation. Your mind is churning. He's already forgotten it, this eventual college student of yours. You cannot live your life, Q, around the trying to create a schedule around others in your life. You cannot put the spiritual and meditation practice aside for that time when it's finally going to be peaceful. You cannot put anything aside. Rather, you must make the decision what is most important and how can you hold that focus, even with the ongoing chaos in your life, which if it's not coming from your son will come from your work, or your home, the renovation that you did, which I'm sure was disruptive. It will always come from somewhere.

I think the primary issue here is how do we find peace in the midst of chaos, because you never will be free of chaos. It is the human experience. And I think this is an important piece of the learning you've chosen: knowing that peace is within. When you say it feels overwhelming, I can certainly understand that. Remember, I have been a father and a mother, I have had many lives on earth. I have been the provider for a home and family. I have lived through very difficult times. So I know what it is to be human.

The human experience will break your heart. And yet it is in that breaking open of the heart that the true radiance can shine through. You cannot hold on to anything, yet you must love as fully as you can, even knowing that everything that you love will be lost. The four-year-old will replace the two-year-old. You'll never again have your son at the age he was today. You can't hold onto it. How do we allow that letting go? And we only can find that letting go from the deepest place of center.

We were speaking earlier of Clear Comprehension; what is your highest purpose? To live your life with love, could that be a statement of it? And then when that body energy contracts with the turbulence that's spinning by and you start to become reactive to it, can that practice of Clear Comprehension come back and remind you to just stop, and take one deep breath? That's all it takes. A yawn, that's fine. One deep breath. That cuts right into it. Then follow it by another deep breath. Get up and do 2 minutes of walking meditation; one minute, focused. One step, two steps, three steps. Center yourself. Don't wait for the turbulence to go away. Ask right now, within this turbulence, where is the center? Make just that your primary practice, not just for a sitting period but through the day. And don't expect perfection. The turbulence remains. You're not doing this to get rid of the turbulence. If we could extend the metaphor, it's as if there were a clear current cutting through the rapids. Your avoiding the eddies where you spin around. Does that feel workable?

Q: Yes. Approachable.

Aaron: Approachable, good enough. Approach it in the next day or two and let us speak again later in the weekend.

Jeshua: As my brother Aaron has just said to you, your son IS the meditation. Often my brother Aaron has said to you the importance of mindfulness, being mindful of where you are each moment, and to make everything that you do the meditation. When you lived the life as a monk, it was easy to spend the whole 24 hours, if you desired, in meditation, but that is not what you have chosen in this lifetime. It is, to a monk's view, more challenging this lifetime. But you chose it because you want to know everything there is about life. Therefore, you will go down a road that seems to be sometimes a detour and yet it is a treasure. You will go down another side road, and you say, "But I'm off my center." But you expand your center and you see that the side road is still part of the center. It is a treasure you add to the whole of the experience. Your son is the meditation, painting the wall is the meditation, doing the necessary household things are the meditation.

Previous Q: I remember another time when we were sitting here and Aaron basically said something like that, if you can expand yourself, I think it was something like if you expand yourself so that it's not this thing here, the center is not this thing here, but your ego's boundaries are looser, I don't remember exactly what he said, then your center is much larger.

Jeshua: And you do not feel off balance then because you realize the center is not just a point. Because if you have a point such as the child's toy of the top, when it is spinning you want it to be right on its point. When it starts to get off of the point then it starts to wobble and so forth. But if you have a larger point, then it has much more chance of staying what you would call balanced. And what you do with your life expanding what you would call the center, allows you to know balance in a greater form. So yes, you have remembered well.

Previous Q: What Q said and I said, that was a really huge thing that I was attacked with this weekend, this last 5 days, Wednesday to Sunday. It's the challenge, the daily breath, being in the life, focused meditation no matter what's going on. Saying focused and keeping our center, being aware of where the center is, the breath, no matter how agitated the energy, staying in a place of being calm about it, not being knocked so far this way that I AM the agitation or I AM the fear and the concern, just being present and staying focused and doing what's necessary, and not going off into this drama or that drama, or that physical body feeling. Just say OK, there, just breathing.

I don't know, this is something that, people don't see how hard that is. I was actually, I won't generalize, I was attacked for not knowing my emotion, not being my heart. Like they felt bored, they felt angry, frustrated… impatient, disgust. I'm going, Whoa! Here I am, I've been going through so much these 3 weeks to get to this space, and to keep being focused on getting things for what has to be done in June, fighting for myself and my labor and industry, all this stuff going on, and I'm just breathing and saying it's OK, just calming the energy. It's OK. Doing my best to just be present in the moment to share, or say, because I was also accused of being selfish, that I don't share things that would benefit other people maybe because I just don't think of it, I don't want to get into the drama or self-importance, not that that's where I come from but that's how it's received. Or just trying to stand up there and say I'm there to get rid of my guard, to connect my heart and my head, or to become totally open and present in the moment, which also means to be able to receive the guidance that I said "No thank you" to when I saw too much. I feel I'm ready to do that again. Disassociated, I was called. I'm going, Wow, these people don't know me, all they see is my being, my attempt to be a being of just being conscious and with whatever is in the moment and not the drama.

I actually didn't know how to respond to something like that, because you really can't, because the awareness of the listeners wasn't there. So I just said thank you and took on all of that, that was how I was seen. And just kept going. With that shift, not as a whole but one by one.

Aaron: But there is tension about being perceived that way. (Q: Yeah!) And it's important that you open your heart to the tension as sadness. This is how not to buy into their projections. As long as you hold the tension, "What if they're right?" you can't open to those places that might be useful for you to hear and simply release the rest. But to do that you have to touch the sadness, acknowledge it very honestly, acknowledge the anger.

This is where we come to that blending of the relative and ultimate. On the ultimate level, you recognize that much of what you heard was projection. And on the relative level, you recognize there is a hurt human being who wants to be loved. And both are true, not either/or. When you can hold that "both," then your heart can open to the hurt of the human and transcend that self-identity of hurt human, not needing to protect the self. And then you can release whatever is projected and unclear, untrue, and take into the self for consideration that which is relevant.

Q: As you said the anger… it did, it pushed some buttons that they would not know me and project that, their own feelings. I got that it was their own feelings. But when they said that there was fear—yes! There's fear for what I'm stepping into, letting go of that big bundle and going into the new space. When he said there was anger, he sees anger sitting in front of him, it was hurt, it was frustration, and-- there was a feeling anger. I went OK… I recognize that something was triggered and I choose not to go there, yet he picked up on it just like that. I had to breathe to move past it. I was a little less willing to share for a day or so, then I said I came here to play full out, I'm not going to let that happen…not giving the guard something else.

Aaron: You must understand that closure is a very normal human response. Don't judge yourself for it, just don't build a self upon it. That which watches the closure isn't closed. Watch the human closing up and come back to the open, radiant self. It does sound to me that the process with which you have been involved is a somewhat hostile one. My sense is that it will yield some kind of fruit for you. I don't know what but certainly you have in some way consciously chosen to participate in that process, if only to know that you do not need to participate in such process in the future.

Q: Not in that way. I could allow a huge space in that a lot of these people, having been doing so much of this work since I was 5 or 6, to have people are stepping into this hugeness of exploring themselves and releasing so much of their baggage or their judgments, it was only a 2nd seminar. First one was personal mastery in April (Klemmer and associates), then I did the advanced course which turned out to be samurai warrior training, awesome. They were tremendous. I saw people stretch and open up to things that, it was incredible. I had great respect and great honor for what was taken on and what was accomplished, and the windows that were opened in people, the doorways that they were ready and willing to step through. It was good to hold their listening and take on whatever I could get from that. I received a great deal of love by Sunday, even Saturday. That wouldn't have come if I'd made them wrong.

Aaron: My sister, I suggest as in all things that you take what is of value and leave the rest. May we ask if there are any further questions here?

Q: I know the answer! But I need just the twice-a-year reassurance. Just the state of the world. Too many things to say. Like I say, I can accept that it's all for good, but right now it just feels like a very strong downward spiral.

Aaron: It is a strong downward spiral. How far is the world going to go before people catch on that this is not where they want to be and bring it back up? Without a downward spiral, people can just drift and not pay attention. When they're drifting in that way, something has to catch their attention. The collective consciousness has created such a downward spiral that it's creating enough pain that it's forcing people to pay attention.

And there's going to be a response to that because there is on the whole a much higher level of consciousness. People with a higher vibrational frequency cannot so easily tolerate, or will feel much more discomfort with, the lower vibrational frequency that is prevalent in parts of the Earth today. Feeling that discomfort, people are much more likely to take a stand. But the benefit here is that many of those people who will take a stand have moved to a high enough level of consciousness to take a stand from a place of love rather than from a place of fear and hatred, so that what pushes back is compassion and not fear. Compassion is not about collapsing, compassion can resist, but it resists with love.

Jeshua: It is as my brother Aaron has said, the nature of being is balance, and like you have your pendulum which will swing to one side, it will in time come back to center and perhaps keep on going or perhaps not. It may be a bit of the moderation. As my brother has said, there are enough of higher vibration now who are waking up to the pendulum having swung quite a way to where there's going to be a reaction. There is the action, reaction, bringing it back to center. And the ones who are now in the higher vibration are not going to allow it to keep on swinging, so that you have the back and forth that you have known for countless ages.

It was the same in my day and time. There was much of chaos, hatred, non-love, violence. And there has been, yes, an evolution that ones have come through from that time. Now, you may look at it and say, "Well, not much has happened if it's about the same, but there is much that has happened on the evolutionary scale. I hesitate to use that word because it speaks of levels that are higher and lower. But on the evolutionary lineage -- perhaps that is a better way to put it -- there has been much that has changed because there are more of higher frequency now who have reincarnated to come back and change things, where they had been in other lifetimes caught up in the drama. They have completed with drama. They have been there, done that. Felt how it feels, had the catalyst, and had released the body. And they have come back, many of them such as you, at this time to change things.

Q: What's the time scale we're talking about?

Jeshua: It seems to me you asked that question about 6 months ago!

Q: I'm still waiting for something.

Jeshua: As it is seen now, in the next 3 years of your timing, there is going to be much shift and change. There are going to be calamities of political nature, of Earth, economics--yes definitely, and some of the Earth changes again, for Mother Earth is not separate from the collective intelligence of the one Mind. So there are going to be enough of what you call the catalysts in the next 3 years of your timing, that when you get to the next choicepoint in this geopolitical grouping, there are going to be many stepping forward. Already they are beginning; there is a fomenting of energy that is not quite but almost visible. It is happening in groups such as this, happening in groups around the water cooler at the places of employment where ones are not happy with what is happening, and yet feeling a bit power-less. And moving from that place, realizing that there are many, not just small groupings, but many across the face of not only this geopolitical grouping here, this country, but other countries as well who are complete with war, with violence and hatred and inequality, who want to know honor and respect once again. So in the next 3 years of your timing, this being what, the year 2005? By 2008, yes, you will see many changes. That is my best prophecy as to time.

Door-in-Sky: We will make that happen.

Jeshua: Very good. So be it.

Aaron: Remember, Q, that there is positive, negative, and neutral polarity. As positive polarity increases and the vibrational frequency raises, negative polarity compacts itself to bring forth its power. It's not going to give up so easily. Those in the middle, the vast majority of people, these are the ones that must be moved to make the choice for love. It's very easy, if you frequent a market where there is a bully who comes everyday, pushes people aside to get to the produce, pushes into people with his cart, you might watch that from a distance, or at least one of more neutral polarity might watch that from a distance and choose not to get involved. But when that bully grabs somebody, literally, and punches them and says, "That's my head of lettuce!" there's a certain point where you cannot tolerate that any more, where the person of neutral polarity sees, "I must take a stand here." I'm using a very silly example, but you understand my intention.

What's happening is as this downward spiral occurs, and there is indeed a downward spiral, those of neutral polarity are being called upon to make a choice, to find that of positive polarity in themselves, to learn how to speak from a place of love. And that is what is going to shift the balance. For those of you already of a high positive polarity, you already have high vibration, your work is simply to hold the space, to hold the door open, to keep the loving heart alive. I do not see this as negative but merely a, let us call it a growing pain.

Jeshua: Very good questions. Are there any more questions to be brought up? Yes.

Q: Can I ask something about the Earth changes? (Jeshua: Yes, of course.) A long time ago, very small, I've expected that Mexico is going to go and the coast of California is going to go, when catastrophic earth changes come. We're on the coast up here, are we safe? Here? Or are all of us going to be on a trip somewhere and not have to worry about possessions after the catastrophic Earth changes!

Jeshua: First of all, you are always safe. You are always in the right place at the right time, as you have divinely decreed that you will be. Now, the changes that you speak of are going to be gradual. You have decreed that as well. There are going to be some in some areas that seem more drastic than others, but as far as Mexico going and the coast of California and being on the coastline here, it is not going to be something that happens overnight. It is going to change, yes; that is the way of the physical mass, to change. But it is a gradual process that is already happening. And so it is not something you have to worry about packing your bags and moving inland. I know there were prophecies some years ago that said that you needed to move somewhere, and various parts of the country were looked at and thought to be more safe than others. And then it was found that there were certain other "natural disasters" possible in those areas, and so ones went scurrying like ants everywhere to find a "safe" place to be. Do not worry; you are safe. You will always be safe. As you keep your center within yourself, you will not have to worry about the geographical topography.

Aaron: I'm reminded of a story that Barbara read. An American man who was on a trip to Thailand had not planned to be in southern Thailand at all, but he found himself with a free weekend so he went south for the weekend, the weekend of course, the date that the tsunami came. He found himself safe, holding onto something above the water level. Everywhere around him was devastation and death, but he was able to pull 3 children up into a safe place. The waters receded, he went back to the northern area of Thailand where he had business and he asked himself, "What was I doing there?" He did not go there to die; he went there to save 3 children.

Q: When I first decided to move to the northwest, my mother was worried for me because of the earthquakes. I felt like, you know it's funny you bring that up because I felt like if that happens, that's my purpose, is to help. Because I had a friend who lives in Santa Cruz and was there during the earthquake and was able to deliver water just because her truck happened to be full of gas that day. Because all the gas stations ran electronically, and were shut off and no one could get gas, but she had gas so she could run water to people who needed it, and deliver groceries. So we're always in the right place at the right time.

And I also went through something a few years ago that made me realize that even if I were to get smashed up and die, I'm still safe. It's still OK. But you know, of course you don't want that, but at the same time I'm still safe in that way.

Q: I'm not actually afraid of dying; I've done that a few times. I don't mean in other lifetimes, I mean just in this lifetime! I'm not afraid of dying. It's just a matter of wondering, is it a wise choice? Making responsible choices in view of what we've been told. Maybe we've been told for a reason, right?

Jeshua: Of course.

Aaron: My sister, you hold the intention to be of service for the highest good. You sit in the back seat and you leave the driving to God. You've told the driver where you want to go, to be of service for the good of all beings. Whether you live or whether you die is irrelevant, the question is how can you be of the greatest service? And you'll be called to bring forth that service, whatever it involves.

Q: Every day for our whole life.

Aaron: I would suggest it is time to close this session. Barbara's energy is flagging here. Her body is weary. I believe that Judi's body is also weary at this point. Jeshua, am I correct?

Jeshua: You are correct.

Aaron: We hold you all in love and in light. Please know that deeply you are cherished and that you are not alone. I thank you for this opportunity to share this evening and hear the deepest echoes of your heart. I pass this now to Jeshua.

Jeshua. I echo what my brother Aaron has just said. It has been my pleasure to be amongst you in this way, to play with all of the questions of the mind, and to take them to the place of the heart that knows truly the divine guidance of the Holy Child. Go now in peace; go now in love, go now in the joy of life and live it fully. So be it.

(Session ends)

Copyright © 2005 by Barbara Brodsky and Judith Coates