October 26, 2016 Wednesday, Oakwood Retreat

(This talk not yet reviewed by Barbara and Aaron)

Q&A: wanderers, DNA changes, Alzheimers/contraction and disease, Father Joseph on healing and contraction, where does Barbara go when entities are incorporated, negatively polarized entities feeding off third density human/wanderers, lifejacket metaphor

Aaron: My love to you all. No planned talk here. I'd just like to hear your questions and we'll see where they take us.

Q: You have mentioned a couple of times this week about being an old soul, but a new human. An old soul is wise, but a new human is unwise. I don't get the connection, I guess that' what I'm asking.

Aaron: A new human may be very wise, but like a very wise traveller who understands people and that there are different cultures. But he understands, if he's never been to this country before, it's new to him. The language is new, the cultural ideas are new. So he has to take time to understand the culture that he's in. The new human, often an old soul, has developed on non-material planes, developed deep wisdom, developed an open heart. Then makes the decision, karmically and from intention, to come to the earth, both to purify his or her own karma and to support the awakening of the earth, the transition of consciousness on earth.

Q: Non-material?

Aaron: Non-material plane. There are material planes; earth is a material plane. It has its heavy density planet. There is a materiality to it. Some things are simply energy planes. There is nothing solid there. On earth, when conditions are present, something moves into a solidity. Certain conditions come— the seed from the tree takes root, is watered, the sun heats the soil, a tree sprouts, and suddenly you have a tree. It's solid, you can't walk through it (at least most of you can't!). So we call this a heavy density planet.

There are other heavy density third density planets like earth but not very many. Many of you who are new humans— do any of you know the term “wanderer”? Anyone unfamiliar with that term? This is a common metaphysical term. I don't really like the term because you don't actually wander anywhere, but I use it because it's a common metaphysical term. A wanderer is someone who did not evolve through the lower densities on earth but came to earth as a third density or higher density being. It doesn't have the earth experience. Many of you evolved through very basic plant life and then very basic animal life, moving through first and second density and into third density human, so the earth plane is home to you. You're used to the vibration of earth.

But the world traveler who suddenly comes to a totally different culture, totally different, and has no idea what's what there, would be a bit bewildered. Those of you who are old souls but new to the human experience and new to the third density earth experience come in and say, “It feels like I am encased in a diving outfit, trying to move through heavy water.” Can you imagine that feeling? If you've been used to walking, you take for granted that you can skip and jump and run, and suddenly you're put into a suit with a helmet, dropped 200 feet down into the ocean. It feels heavy. It feels unwieldy.

So many wanderers come into this experience saying, “What happened? Why is everything so heavy?” Not just the material world but emotions, the physical body, the whole interplay of energy; everything feels heavy.

So when I speak of a new human, there may be enormous wisdom, enormous compassion, the deep intention, again using the traveller analogy, somebody who has gone to a foreign country where there has been war and famine, a lot of hatred, a lot of misogynic experience, people filled with hatred of others who are not like them, and they go there, perhaps in the Peace Corps or something else, they go in unprepared, thinking, “I'm going to bring light and help people. My intention is to go there to serve.” But here is this place that's so filled with hatred. So there's wisdom, and there's deep aspiration to be of service. But how do I do this in this place that's so filled with darkness?

The earth is not so filled with darkness, but there is darkness and heaviness, especially with such lower vibration than you have usually experienced before. So the old soul who is a new human, he comes in and says, “How do I move around here? It's so heavy. It's like walking through a thick heavy fog.” It takes some work to get used to it. So it's a special challenge for those who are old souls and newer humans. And many of those are coming into the earth today because of the transition of consciousness and a deep aspiration to support that transition of consciousness. But it's as if they land, and they land in knee-deep mud. They don't know how to walk through it.

Because they are old souls, they learn, when I say quickly, maybe it takes several lifetimes. Maybe they get it on the first human lifetime. Nobody here is a first-time human, so although you may be newer humans, you've gotten your feet out of the mud. But some of you are still asking, why is it so heavy? Why is there so much hatred, so much suffering, so much sorrow? I've come to serve but I don't know how to serve because all around me I see such intense suffering.

Q: What about those humans who came to earth from Lemuria?

Aaron: Some of them came to work from Lemuria and then left. They were here, some never took incarnation on earth. They came as, let's call it, dare I use the term “transgendered Lemurians”? (inaudible) They were Lemurians. They came accepting the shift of DNA that would transform them into humans, but they didn't take birth here. They just emerged as Lemurians accepting this shift, accepting the change in DNA allowing them to be human.

Q: And they're still here?

Aaron: Those then continued that shift and actually took birth as humans with this changed DNA. Most of them, they're certainly old souls but they're not new humans. Most of them have been here for a long time. Many of them are your teachers, people who have supported the awakening of the earth through the centuries. And all of you who have any Lemurian ancestry, let's say any of you who have evolved through many, many, many, many centuries, have accepted that shift in DNA originally to cut the DNA strands.

Let me explain this. Some of you know what I'm talking about, some of you don't. Originally as Lemurians there was the power to create by envisioning something and simply creating it. What you saw, you could create. Whatever you imagined, you could create. I'm going to speak briefly here. All of this is in the Archives under “Earth History”, Archives/Aaron/EarthHistory. Many different talks, if you want detail.

As earth became more material rather than simply an energetic planet, there was a shift of— let's put it simply. I'm finding it hard to be brief, and I want to be brief. You and those of you who were here then, moving into a heavier material body instead of simply an energetic body, there was a heavier density. The materiality was heavier. You found you could no longer simply imagine and create. And yet still that was a capability. But you also now had the heavier material physical body, the mental and emotional bodies. You were no longer simply pure spirit body. This heavier density body, especially the emotional body, was not yet purified to any extent.

You saw how easily you could destroy, because negative emotion would arise, and if you had the power energetically to simply destroy, you could look at your opponent and say, (sound effect), destroy a whole land mass or whatever. It was seen that you could not both dwell in this lower vibration and maintain the powers that you originally had. You were in agreement with this, assuming you had a basic positive polarity. Not all did, but those with a basic positive polarity understood, “I am not yet ready to carry the responsibility of the heavier emotional body along with the powers I have brought with me through Lemuria and Atlantis.”

It was agreed— it was not forced upon you, it was agreed: all of those who choose to come into incarnation in this heavier body on earth will agree to this shift in DNA so that you can no longer use these ancient powers to create and to destroy, because you are not ready for that responsibility. You don't give a 2 year old a box of matches. He's not ready for the responsibility. It's wonderful to be able to strike a match and create fire. It's wonderful to be able to shoot a gun, if you need to to feed yourself. But you don't give the 2 year old the gun or the matches.

Now, eons later, you are all working, as at this vipassana retreat, to understand what it means to hold such power and not misuse such power. This is part of the move into earth as a higher density planet. So many of you are experiencing DNA changes to bring you back to that original DNA wherein you could create and destroy, because you are reaching a readiness not to destroy through fear and anger, not to create through greed.

There is a whole list of experiences that many of you have shared with me, and I have shared the list, it's somewhere in the archives, that you might experience as the DNA changes in the body. One of the things many people experience at the Casa (only at their own request, never forced on you) is support to move through these DNA changes. It's an uncomfortable change. It's like the snake shedding its skin. It doesn't fall off; it's got to slither out of it, and finally it's ready to leave it behind and grow a new skin. The new skin is big enough for it; the old skin wasn't.

So you are growing into a readiness for higher consciousness, a readiness to move into these DNA changes. To reclaim your birthright. And this is part of what the transition of consciousness is about, because the awakened human has made that transition of consciousness. The awakened human cannot fully make that transition of consciousness without either consciously or unconsciously completing the DNA linkages which were released eons ago. So you are awakening into the fullness of being the awakened one, the Buddha, the Christ, and knowing you are that. And the Buddha and the Christ of course do not destroy out of negative emotion. And they do not create from greed.

So you are all moving through this transition of consciousness, each in your own way. And so much of the work you are doing in your vipassana practice is looking at the arising of grasping, of aversion, and knowing, “These emotions can arise and I don't have to be afraid of them. If they arise, I can meet them with a bow, hold space for them, and release them without self-identity with them, so I can begin to trust myself and the power that I then have as a fully awakened being.” Taking us back to the Lemurians that many of us were, or the beings from other non-physical realms, awakened and of high vibration, that many beings were.

Q: I was wondering if it's possible to briefly describe how the wanderers are supposed to assist in this transition.

Aaron: Let's use a simple example. You have a village of people that are wise in their own ways, but also have little understanding. When the sun sets every night, they are afraid. “What if it never rises again? What if it's dying? — Hallelujah, the sun has come back!” Because they don't understand how the earth and sun interrelate. They cannot count beyond the numbers of their fingers. They cannot read. There are certain reasoning processes they haven't yet developed, not because they're not smart enough but because there's been no catalyst to develop them. They have no modern medical means. So many people die needlessly. They don't even know about basic sterilization processes.

You come into that culture. You cannot come in saying, “I'm great and I'm going to teach you everything!” You come in humble. The first years there you offer to learn, “Please teach me about your culture,” until you really understand about the culture. You can't teach them until you understand the way they think, until you understand the strengths that they have. And then you being gradually to share what is appropriate. You show them how they can boil water and that this will eliminate certain kinds of germs. You begin to explain basic bacteria to them. You teach them how to count beyond the ten digits. You teach them a written language so that they can communicate better with each other, leave notes for each other and so forth. You don't take away from anything beautiful that they've previously built, you simply enhance it.

This is what the wanderer has come to do. But the wanderer who sets himself or herself apart from the human experience and thinks, “I remember it differently and it's better. I want to get rid of that and bring this in,” they can't help. The wanderer who comes with humility and an open heart, willing to see things as they are, and then to share what they think might be useful, but offering it out, never pushing it on others, this is how the wanderer can serve. And that wanderer can begin to bring in that vision of a deeply loving earth plane, grounded in love and in light, in service to all beings, in a release of selfishness and fear. Holding the vision and living the vision as honestly as they can. This is what the wanderer does.

Q: Yesterday, I believe it was Father John in the darshan said there was a common thread with prostate issues. So I was wondering, is there a common thread with Alzheimer's disease?

Aaron: Alzheimer's is also somewhat grounded in contraction. All disease is grounded in contraction. And I say this very cautiously, because you must not blame yourself and say, “I'm creating my disease. I've done something bad and I'm creating—“ cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, prostate disease. Because it's the human experience to have contraction and release, contraction and release.

Jitsu energy that contracts. When we drop something in the hand, if I don't catch it, if I don't close the hand, it will tumble out. It's got to contract. But if I walk around with my hand like this forever, I'll have terrible arm, shoulder, and back pain. Contraction and release.

Each heartbeat, the muscle contracts and opens, contracts and opens. The lungs fill up with air and then release the air. It's all in balance. But when it becomes imbalanced, then you create an imbalanced contraction that will affect whatever predominant part of the body it touches.

With Alzheimer's, I spoke yesterday of the prostate and anger, and I don't want to oversimplify. But I used the idea, “pissed off.” Not allowing the piss to flow, not allowing the anger to release. With Alzheimer's, the mind is often clamped down and not allowing thoughts to come and go, but clenching onto some kinds of thoughts, pushing away others, which does not in itself create Alzheimer's but is one condition that can create Alzheimer's when other support conditions are present. The other support conditions may be related to the blood flow in the body, may be related to genetics, to all kinds of things. So we can't say this causes Alzheimer's; only, when there is Alzheimer's, one thing that can help is the release of “good thoughts, bad thoughts,” control of thoughts. Allowing the thoughts to move smoothly through the mind without believing, “I am these thoughts.”

I believe that successful experiments have been done with Alzheimer's patients teaching them mindfulness and releasing self-identity with what arises in the mind. And that has helped support— let me say this carefully, that has helped support less impact from the Alzheimer's. Helped support healing. But of course the other conditions such as genetic are still there. So we're not talking about curing it. We're talking about releasing the conditions that enhance, just as we release the conditions that cause prostate cancer by the release of self-identity with the negative emotions and allowing it to flow. Not holding onto the “pissed off.”

The same is true of any disease. Heart disease. The heart is a muscle. It beats. It opens, it closes. When we hold the body in contraction, that can impact the genetic tendency and other tendencies towards heart disease. But we're not saying it causes it, only it can impact it.

But what Father John was talking about goes deeper. Actually, a different entity. Father, you were deciding what to call yourself. You gave us the name Father Love and then you thought, no, no. He would like to be known as Father Joseph. Not to be mistaken for the Joseph related to Mary and Jeshua, but Father Joseph. Father Joseph, would you like to speak here directly yourself? He's reminding me he has never incorporated in this body. He has spoken to Barbara but not through Barbara. But he has incorporated in other places. I am reminding him she is a spacious instrument. I'm inviting him simply to try it.

Father Joseph: Wonderful! Wonderful! (laughter) Thank you for inviting me here. I do so love to talk to people! (laughter) What a joy to be in this room with people. So much of my work is in physical healing, and I find that almost all physical distortion is—Aaron, you're going to have to help me with vocabulary— is a result of unbalanced contraction.

Your— what is it called, Aaron? — vipassana practice is a way of observing these contractions in the body. But to try to get rid of contraction is just another contraction. Can you rest in the reality that the body does give rise to contraction, and that everything— as Aaron would put it: whatever has the nature to arise has the nature— Aaron is guiding me here— has the nature to cease. If a contraction has the nature to arise because of conditions, it can also cease.

If you believe it should cease, that's another contraction. The more you pay attention to this whole flow of contraction and belief, watch how it arises, and with each breath, holding the highest good of all beings in your heart—“This too I can release, and this, and this,” then you're not afraid of it. It comes. The leg doesn't stay up like that, it releases. Arising, passing away. There's no problem here.

But as I look around, I see so many of you with pains in your bodies that are the ongoing result of contraction, sometimes from infancy. The baby who was not fed on demand but by a schedule, so it as hungry and it cried, and its body contracted. And finally it was the time to feed it and it began to eat, “Ahh,” but it still held that, “Will my needs be met?” Maybe it ate too much because it was afraid it would not get what it needed, and then it vomited it up because it was too much. Then it was hungry again soon, but it wasn't time to feed it again. Imagine what that does to the whole pattern of contraction, both of the physical organism of the body and the energetic and emotional body. I'm not just talking of the physical but also the energetic and the emotional body. And the mental body, Aaron reminds me. You are — say it again; this is not my native language, Aaron is coaching me— you are perpetuating these contractions. And then you ask, why do I hurt so much? Why does my soul ache? Why does my body ache? Why is my mind spinning?

You have the capability to release these contractions. As they release, you have the capability to support healing of the body. Aaron, may I use Barbara as an example? He says I may. He's giving me permission for Barbara, since I am not as close to Barbara as he is. She came to the Casa last year. Many of you perhaps remember her being there. Aaron says many of you remember her being at this retreat last year and in very bad pain with severe spinal stenosis. The surgeons at U of M said it would take a major surgery that had some chance of being successful, and some chance of creating total paralysis from the waist down. The odds were good for success, but certainly not even 80% or 90%.

So she worked with one of the Casa entities regularly, monthly, through the winter. She came to the Casa in February and they did five surgeries, one each week, on her back. But as she lay in bed healing from the physical surgery, the majority of the instruction she was given was to watch tension in the body. To watch, when a thought arose, for example, “I am here in bed when I should be out working with my group.” Well, she had a wonderful assistant, actually two assistants— thank you, daughter— and another one who is not here. So she had all the assistance she needed, and she was not out all week, just a day or two.

But as soon as there's that “I should,” can you feel the contraction? Where does it come for you? “I should.” Where does the contraction of “I should” hit you? Different places for each of you, yes. As soon as that “I should” arose, different of the Brothers and Sisters of Light and Aaron helped her breathe out and in and find spacious release of the contraction, and the deep intention no longer to hold that contraction in her body. The deep intention for healing. Healing is not something that anybody can create for you, only to support you. But we can teach you because you are open. We can help to teach you how to move with your deepest, most heartfelt intentions to release that which has prevented you from manifesting the fullest healing. And this is taking us back to Aaron's description of the shift in DNA. Opening into that which is fully capable of the highest healing in every way.

So these operations would have been useless unless she was ready and willing to do that work. And that work was successful only because she was willing to do the hard work of looking at what does it mean to keep my heart contracted and armored, to hold on to an ego self. What does it mean to really let go of this, which is so much a part of all your spiritual work. When you work to heal the body, you heal everything, not just the body. And it's all about the release of contraction.

Some of you remember how she walked last year. But right now we've got another contraction. She hurt something in her leg about 10 days ago while walking on the grass in her yard, and this muscle is very cramped up. There's pain going up to the back, and we're working with it. So she's not walking as well as she was two weeks ago. Two weeks ago she was not using the walker at all. But last year she couldn't stand straight. Now she can stand straight, she can walk comfortably. (demonstrates walking) I know I'm walking the body, not her. But the body is comfortable, there's no pain in the back because she spent five weeks and more looking at all the places she armored the back. It's only that that allows the surgeries to be successful. Without that, it couldn't have happened.

So the healing that you seek is deeply possible, but no one does it for you. And the basic part of that healing, be it emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual, is based on looking at contraction in the body and the places you habitually armor yourself and contract with any kind of catalyst. Pushing… (demonstrating push arms) Now, he can keep doing this forever. Aaron has pointed this out. Eventually he'll get tired. I'm not tired at all because I'm not tightening my arm, just dancing with it. Dancing with all of the catalyst of the body. Learning to rest in the uncontracted.

I'm going to give you back to Aaron. He can state this more clearly than I can.

Aaron: Thank you, Father Joseph. So I am Aaron. Much of what we teach here is literally resting in awareness, resting in spaciousness. Breathing in, space, exhale, space. Breathe in and out with me… (breathes in and out very fast) No space, is there? It's just a moment of space. Breathing out… breathing out… space. Can you feel that small space between inhale and exhale? Resting in space. A thought arises. Give rise now to a planning thought. Let it arise in your minds. Then note planning, planning, and just come back to your breath and feel the planning thought cease. Can you feel the space into which it dissolves? It's just a small space, and it may come right back up again if the conditions are still present for it. But we begin to note not only the arising and passing away of objects, but the space between objects, and gradually in our practice to give more attention to the space between objects.

This is the difference between what I teach and traditional vipassana. Traditional vipassana watches objects arises, watches objects dissolve. May find a place of cessation of arising and dissolution, but then it starts again. So we watch it and we watch it. But when you instead focus in an ongoing way on the space out of which object arise, the space into which objects dissolve, and learn to rest in that spaciousness, it's like standing on two feet instead of always standing on one foot. There's balance. Objects will always arise and pass away, and there is space.

I think this has answered the question. Let us go on.

Q: I'm not sure if this is related, but the Mother said to me, “You are mankind. When you realize that, you'll have many responsibilities.” I have a vague idea of what this means, but only a vague idea.

Aaron: You are all mankind. Each of you has made the loving decision, nudged there by karma but not solely for that reason, to move into a physical human body. When you separate yourself and think, “This is about me,” then you cannot realize the deep intention, the bodhisattva vow, to serve all beings. It becomes only about you, and then there's a lot more fear and contraction. And it can't be intellectual, Q. When you begin to understand in your deepest meditation, when you have times, as I know you and almost everyone in this room have had, experiencing the complete dissolution of the ego, temporarily, and have felt your interconnection not just with other humans but the animals, with the vegetation, such deep compassion arises. And then the intention, the healing that you do for yourself, spreads out.

It's like if you had a glass of water, and you were very thirsty and I poured water for you. You had a big glass. And you looked around you and there were 20 empty cups, people holding them out. Would you grab yours and walk away, or would you pour some into each glass? And it has the, I would not call it magical, but wonderful quality that the more you pour into other glasses, the more you have. It's infinite. Kindness is infinite. Love is infinite. Everything you have to offer out is infinite.

So in knowing you are all mankind, your fears are not your fears, your fears are the fears of all sentient beings. Your hunger is the hunger of all sentient beings. Your love is the love of all sentient beings. And as that transition deepens and clarifies that this is not about you, suddenly the water is just distributed so freely and with such joy. Then you can truly do what you came into the incarnation to do.

Let's hear from some who have not spoken.

Q: What happens to Barbara's consciousness when a spirit comes in?

Aaron: She releases it out through the crown chakra. It is simply released. It is not gone. She is not deeply aware of where she is or who is speaking, but more recently, especially after this last trip to the Casa, the entities have been teaching her and helping me to support her in being lightly present in the body without any control of the body so that I can more easily, and especially other entities can more easily make use of her extensive and clear vocabulary. So it's not a tapping on her shoulder and saying, “How do you say this?” It's just that we as entities can move into her mind and find the words in her mind that express a thought most clearly. To do that, she is not as far out of the body as she was in the past. It is this also that is helping us to be able to shift one entity and another more clearly without— it used to be that I would leave the body, I could not leave the body vacant so I would bring Barbara back for a moment, and then another entity would ask permission to enter and she would leave the body again, which was a strain on her. Now because she can be subtly back in the body, she can become aware there is another entity wishing to use the body and give her okay, and it makes a much smoother transition. So it's much easier on her and on the body. Others?

Q: Can you talk about negative entities that feed on third density beings? How does it happen?

Aaron: There are negatively polarized third density entities and higher, just as there are positively polarized entities. We invite not what we seek so much as what we believe we need or are karmically caught up in. Barbara's children and grandchildren moved to the Ukraine for a few months with a 5 and 10 year old. The 10 year old was very open to trying new foods— cabbage, borscht, blintzes, who knows what. The 5 year old looked around and said, “Yoghurt, I want yoghurt,” only what's familiar. Holding onto the familiar.

As a human there are certain paths that you have followed perhaps for a long time, in yourself, in your culture, in your personal family and so forth. There is certain karma that you have come to heal. And there may be certain, if I could use this as a simile, foods to which you have become accustomed. For some of you, that food has been a food based in contraction. There have been what I would call negatively polarized entities that seemed to have supported you because they helped you to feel safe in some way, even though their presence felt dangerous or uncomfortable. It's very hard to change one's diet. So one becomes settled into something, always doing it this way, eating this or that, not because it's necessarily helpful or delicious, but because it allowed you to survive.

At a certain point, one becomes aware that one has co-created with negativity. One cannot blame oneself for this, it's simply a human pattern. One has sought to survive. This permitted survival. But as one becomes more and more aspiring to live with love, one begins to look at that which has been more contracted, negatively polarized, in one's experience, and gradually to find the courage to say no.

We have my old lifejacket metaphor. Most of you have heard this from me before. Your friends are all out swimming, and you come down to the water's edge. “I want to swim! I want to go out there with them. They're having such a good time.” But you don't know how to swim so you put on a lifejacket. I help you strap it on. I help you climb down the ladder. Tentatively you let go and you see, “Ah, it supports me. It's wholesome.” You allow yourself to be supported by it and to swim out into the deep water. And the summer goes by and you enjoy going swimming every day with your lifejacket.

Ten years go by. I come back to the same dock and see people in the water. And here you come, strapping on a moldy, rotting, mildewed old lifejacket, waterlogged. “What are you doing?” “This is my lifejacket, Aaron. You gave it to me ten years ago. It's what keeps me afloat.” But it doesn't keep you afloat anymore. But can you think of how terrifying it is to consider taking it off? I do not pull it from you and shove you into the water. I ask you to unbuckle it. I ask you to climb down and hold onto the ladder. I climb in there with you, in fact, to make sure you feel confident that you'll be supported. I ask you to gently let go of the ladder without moving far away from it, move your hands and feet, and feel that you have learned how to support yourself in the water.

As your confidence grows, you start to swim away. Maybe you get five feet away and think, “I better not go any further without the lifejacket.” But the lifejacket doesn't support you anymore. I even offer it to you to put on. Don't move your arms and legs, just let go of the ladder. Glub, glub, glub, because it's waterlogged. You come up and you realized, “I do know how to swim.” And gradually you develop confidence in your ability to swim. But it must all happen gently and without force, trusting your own awakened nature, your own loving heart. Your ability to say no to the waterlogged lifejacket. But also to thank it. “Thank you for supporting me for as long as I thought I needed you.”

The negative entity will try to convince you that it's still needed, so it's up to you to say, “No, I don't need you anymore. No, I am strong now. I am waking up. My heart is able to love.” This is what is able to say no.

And as we say no to such negativity, we're serving it in its own way, because such negativity wants to feed off you, but that's not wholesome for it. So each time you're able to say no to negativity, you help it to release and move into its own more positive path.

There was another question here.

Q: I had also read they tend to target wanderers.

Aaron: Yes, this is true. Not only to wanderers, but one of the places they attach themselves is to wanderers because often the wanderer who has come here and not fully acclimated to this heavier density but is still fighting the heavier density of earth, they feel like they're drowning. So then the negative entity comes along and says, “Oh, come with me, I'll help you. But you have to pay the price.” And this is an opportunity to gain confidence that you can do it on your own with the loving support that's offered, an opportunity to learn how to say no to the negativity.

The challenge for the wanderer is, for many of them they have not experienced negative polarity so strongly before, especially if they're newer humans. They've come from a plane that was of a very high vibration, and they come in here and it's a low vibration, and they don't know what to do with a low vibration. They're a bit paralyzed by it.

Let's imagine there you are in the water, thinking you're going to drown, and somebody comes along and says, “I'll toss you a life buoy, but only on my conditions. You have to come and serve me.” “No, because there are loving entities here who will support me and help me without such conditions.” So we say no. But they may say, “Oh, if you come with me it will be so wonderful.” I think of the Buddha's night of enlightenment and all the things of Mara that came to him, saying, “Come with us! Come with us! We have these delights for you,” and so forth, and his power to say no.

We find the awakened heart within us which knows how to say no. Therefore, these negative entities are not enemies but very challenging teachers. And when you can begin to relate to them as challenging teachers instead of fearing them and thinking they'll somehow snatch you— I think of the horror movies, The Return of the Body Snatchers! These negative entities cannot harm you unless you move into their force field. And you can always ask for help to pull yourself out. They cannot devour you.

They are teachers, frightening teachers, but teachers. The power I hope for you this week in this field of high loving energy is to develop more ability to simply say no. Each time you feel them coming to you, trying to talk to you, lure you in— “No, no.” And then reach for whatever is loving. If necessary, come ask Barbara or John, find them and hold their hand as you meditate, just to help support you. And you will not be the first who has done that. Don't worry about feeling odd doing it. Many have done it. It's fine.

Are there any more immediate questions? We will stop here, then, and let you get back to your practice. My blessings and love to you all. And Father Joseph sends his appreciation for this first opportunity to literally speak to a group of humans. He has done it through other instruments at other times, but not here through this instrument.

(session ends)