May 2, 2013 Thursday Morning, Emerald Isle Retreat

(This talk not yet corrected by Barbara and Aaron)

Aaron: Good morning. We teach you not to think in limited terms. Yet when Barbara first got this machinery, I thought to myself, “I don't know how to use that!” But clearly I've mastered it. I may be ancient, but I can type into an iPad and run its recorder!

What we're going to do tonight really relates to the akashic field work that many of you have been doing with me in the afternoon. What the entities, the Mother and the Brothers and Sisters of Light are doing is going with you into the akashic field and seeing your intention and the ripples of distortion that interfere with the fullest manifestation of that intention. Within the akashic field are both the ripple of distortion and the ever-perfect. So they are simply shifting your gaze that's been on the distortion-- “Fix it! Fix it! What am I going to do with it?” - “Look, it's clear.” Helping you to see that place of clarity and then asking you, not necessarily verbally, but telepathically asking you, what do you choose?

We will support your choice. They will not support enhancing the distortion, but they will simply hold space for you to continue the distortion if that's your wish. But if your genuine intention is to release that physical, emotional, spiritual, mental distortion, they will help focus your attention on the area of clarity, support you to co-create with them, to enhance that clarity, and bring it up into this mundane realm, manifest it in this realm.

The physical body is the slowest. So if there's a physical distortion like a broken bone, unless you are already adept at this work, it's rare that it's going to heal in that way. It will heal much faster than it would otherwise have healed, but it will still take time, in terms of your linear time.

The spiritual body is the lightest. Karma can be shifted very instantaneously. But if you still carry the idea mentally of the distortion, you re-create the karma. The mental body is the second lightest, below the spiritual. So your vipassana work helps to clarify the distortions in the mental body so that it can be clarified more quickly in the spiritual, and in karma. Then it seeps down to the emotion and there's more of a release, and then the physical body can express that new way of being by expressing greater wholeness.

Please consider tonight an experiential exercise at working in the akashic field. Do you have questions?

Q: Is it possible that we have mixed intentions, that our mental intention is positive but there is a sub-conscious intention that would promote the distortion to continue?

Aaron: Sometimes. A frequent one for spiritual practitioners is the idea “I don't want to take more than my share, so I should only ask for help with one thing here.” Now, if you were to go into the ocean with a small thimble and say, “Well, I need water but I don't want to take more than my share, so I'll just take this,” --the ocean of course is not unlimited. If you had billions of people each taking a thimbleful out, there would be a significant drop in the level of water. But we're talking here about the unlimited. So the human distortion for loving beings is “I can't take more than my share.” And then instead of asking for everything you need, you limit it.

For two years at the Casa, Barbara did not ask the Entity about her hearing, because she said, “Well, he knows what I need. He knows what I request. And it's not really a need anymore. I can live perfectly well deaf. But there are certain other conditions in the physical body that really need attention so I want to focus my attention on those.” And finally I said to her, “Your intention is important. And when you focus your intention on this, this, this, this, the whole picture, then it's very different than when you say, `Well, this one's not really important, just focus here.' -`Okay, well if you just want us to focus here, we'll focus here.' Don't say this isn't important because you think it shouldn't be important. Nothing is trivial. But also don't come into this with a `fix me' attitude, but know you are co-creator.”

The same thing is true within the whole vipassana retreat. You are co-creator of how objects arise and pass away in your experience; the kinds of objects, the way you relate to those objects, and co-creator of liberation, in the small sense and in the permanent sense. It's up to you.

Ask for everything, and watch anything that tends to limit you. Another place where people get stuck is to say, for example I had somebody come to me who had not a serious heart problem that hospitalized them but a heart problem that kept them somewhat limited in their activity. They were angry at being thus limited, but this person said to me, “I should not ask for help with the heart problem because it's a wonderful teacher for me to bear being limited in my activity.” Well, let's cure the heart problem, and if you need something to work with to be limited in your activity or to watch aversion to being limited in your activity, maybe you can break a toe! (laughter) A toe is a lot easier to <cure/heal> than a heart problem!

Other questions?

Q: In stating your intentions, is it best to state them in terms of-- for example, rather than saying, “I want help with unworthiness,” say “I want help in becoming more loving to myself and others.”?

Aaron: Yes. That's a perfectly appropriate question. Be sure that you phrase it with “I want help with the feelings of unworthiness,” not “I want help with being unworthy.” (laughter) Let me rephrase that. You don't want help to become unworthy. “I want help because I am unworthy, to cease being unworthy” is a very different phrasing than “I want help to release the feelings that I am unworthy, the belief.” You're not unworthy. Nobody is unworthy. But some of you have a belief. It's not the unworthiness that needs to be released; it's the belief that you're unworthy. Be clear on it. Do you understand?

Q: I understand it. But I'm still not clear… is it best to state the intention in terms of old habit energy, such as unworthiness or fear, or in terms of the positive quality you want to acquire or enhance or become more aware of?

Aaron: In general it's more helpful to phrase it in terms of the positive qualities because if you focus on the negative quality, in a sense you keep re-manifesting that negative quality. You keep giving it energy.

Barbara with her severe osteoarthritis in her shoulders at first was working with “Please help release the osteoarthritis. Heal the osteoarthritis.” And in a sense she was giving energy to that which she sought to release. I asked her to change the intention's wording to “Please allow me to experience the full openness and strength of my shoulders,” which invited her to give attention not to the ripple of distortion but to the wholeness.

Nevertheless, if you have a very bad toothache, you might specifically say, “This toothache is killing me. Can you help?” That's okay. Just don't spend all your time focusing on, “Get rid of the toothache. Where is it coming from?” - the stories and so forth. “Is the dentist going to need to pull out all my teeth?” Rather, stop, take a deep breath, and know, remember, the mouth that didn't hurt. Go down to your feet. Do your feet hurt? No. Thank you. No foot pain. Belly? No, no belly pain. I invite the same experience in my mouth. Okay?

Q: In terms of limits or lack of limits, I always wanted to be able to fly. And I don't mean in an airplane! …

Aaron: I have two suggestions. 1) A vow to yourself when you leave this incarnation to come back as a bird. 2) Get a pilot's license. There are certain things the human body is simply not suited to do. The bones are too heavy. The body structure is too heavy to fly without some kind of artificial aid. Now, you could invent some kind of big mechanical wings and a motor that will keep you aloft. It will give you the sensation of flying. But this human body in itself, unaided, you have to accept this is the form of the body right now.

To be unable to fly is not a distortion. What we're talking about is going into the akashic field and clarifying the distortions so that everything that is possible can manifest. However, unless you lighten the bone structure and grow wings, this body truly cannot fly, and I don't think you want to walk around in what would appear to other humans the very distorted form that would allow flight.

Q: But in Anna, Grandmother of Jesus she describes things like bilocating. She describes an incident where, at least the way I understood it, one of the tests that Jeshua had to go through was to fly over this physical chasm. So not flying-- how about bilocating?

Aaron: Bilocating is easy. That's something you can learn to do in the akashic field. All of you are new to this. This leads me to a longer talk and I don't want to talk too long. I don't want to cut into your silent meditation period. There are so many skills that you had once in other form. Many of you were Lemurians, for example. Many of you had different kinds of abilities. Coming into this carbon-based body you lost many of these abilities. There was a voluntary allowance of shift in your DNA structure that led to loss of certain abilities like telepathy.

Now you are ready to become what you once were but were not spiritually mature enough to hold. And you asked me in Seattle, you said it sounded like I was speaking with some urgency. There is an urgency because the Earth is involved in this transition into a different density. And the density is either going to be positively or negatively polarized. The outcome depends on those of you who have such strong positive polarity to have the love and the courage to go into your heart, to master these skills, such as entering the akashic field and inviting the shift of the distortions, inviting the Earth to express wholeness and love and vibrancy. So many of you are remembering rather than learning these skills.

I'm curious. For those of you who participated in the akashic field meditation yesterday, and some of you have experienced that before, but for how many of you did it feel like you were remembering the akashic field rather than meeting it for the first time? Many of you. For others I think you will realize you are remembering when you allow yourself to realize. Because all of you who participated were remembering, have done it before.

In Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, the experiences, let us call it the initiations Jeshua needed to move through were a matter of progressively realizing his divinity, which means his ability to co-create with everything for the highest good, and to understand that everything is divine. To draw everything up with him into that divinity, which is what he so masterfully did, and still does.

Now each of you is having the opportunity to know your own divinity with more clarity and more trust, and to invite everything into that. Barbara, meditating on the beach this morning, she was feeling a great connection with the ocean, with everything. She was going into the akashic field and back into this Barbara, sitting in the rain drenched and cold but openhearted. Asked support not to leave anything out of that circle of love. And suddenly her eyes saw in the sand these little black squiggly things moving toward her, one coming from there, one from there, one from there. They looked like large centipedes. She couldn't tell. She didn't have her glasses on and it was raining, and she couldn't really tell what they were, only it was not just a piece of plant matter blowing. It was moving in a much more steady locomotion. It was clearly some kind of insect life. And she immediately thought, centipede! They were all coming directly at her, slowly.

She saw the separation and aversion come up. She had just been reflecting on the power within the akashic field, and if one is to hold that power, one must do it with the deepest reverence for every form of life, and yet the compassion to say no to negativity. But these were not negative beings; they were just something crawling toward her on the sand. Slow enough that she was able to pause her tension, to feel with vipassana, noting the tension. Noting the possibility right there with the tension of the open heart. Really extending blessings to these small beings. Letting them know, “If you need to come up and crawl over me, it's okay. I would prefer you not do that. But if you do, I continue to bless you, and I will not harm you.”

She looked at her watch a few times and she thought, “Well it's one more minute. They're getting closer. Okay, I can ring the bell now!” (laughter) So there was a little bit of resistance! But she knew she was willing. If they started to move faster and if it was still 10 more minutes and they actually climbed up over her, it would be okay.

Interestingly, when she got up and went to look, I guess they were sandworms of some sort because as soon as she walked close and her vibration hit the sand, they disappeared. She never got close enough to see what they were.

Let us stop here. It's 9:30. I want you to have time to meditate. My blessings and love to all of you. This is not exactly the question period we envisioned, but I suppose it was a useful one.

(recording ends)