May 4, 2012, Friday at the Beach, Emerald Isle Retreat

Akashic field; spaciousness vs. emptiness; experience of spirit; remembering wholeness on all levels and inviting its manifestation; “what does this distortion protect me from?”; power animals; guides and spiritual support; remembering vs. healing; co-creating with spirit.

(much noise  distortion of wind on mic, best-guesses/paraphrasing in places where only some words were audible)

(Aaron begins: J, my love to you. J has been sending back transcripts as fast as we can send them out to her. I think half the retreat has already been transcribed. J, we feel your presence here in this circle. I wish you could sit here on the warm sand with us, dangle your feet in the ocean. Perhaps at another opportunity. But we thank you for your work. You are very much with us, even if at a distance.)

Aaron: If it had been an exceptionally warm and calm day today, I was going to send you all into the ocean to try an awareness exercise, but I think today is not the right day for it. You could try it in the pool if you wished, but it would not be the same thing. I was going to have you form a long line with a head and a tail, simply holding hands. The intention of the head is to catch its tail. The intention of the tail is not to be caught. The people in the middle have perhaps the hardest time because they are half head trying to catch the tail, and half tail trying to get away.

The object, of course, is to feel within the akashic field all the movements and energy. To get out of the small self and feel yourself as part of the whole. I feel like you could play it on the beach, but you would have to be careful. I wouldn't want anyone to fall and get hurt. So in the water it seems safe (inaudible).

Only questions, today. I will not say I have nothing new to tell you, but we've done enough. I'm happy to answer questions.

Q: What about sharing the experiences of yesterday?

Aaron: Yes, that's a good place to start. (about rolling down to the water)

Q: So I rolled down and landed on my belly and just looked with my eyes closed. And I saw a sort of light start forming in the middle. And when I looked closer, there was a kind of a, it looked like kind of a gel, plasma. First it was in a circle and then it started flowing, stretching out in a sort of “pull” kind of way, like taffy when you pull it. And then I saw other streams of it.

(Aaron says something inaudible about taffy off-mic, lots of laughter)

I'm going to bring this home to my son! This is for my son. I have been refraining from eating it! When I get on the airplane, it will still be there.

So I was wondering what that was...

Aaron: Q, I really can't tell you what it was. Nor do you need to know. It's just the image that came up. Movement, energy, this particular vision of it. A place of connection.

Q: One connection with the akashic field, not the whole field.

Aaron: Not the whole field but that part of the field in which you were resting. Others?

Q: It took me a lot of sitting (in the shallows) to get to the place of no self, and then it felt very freeing and very childlike. And I have to say there have been many times I've wanted to go roll down a beach and I haven't done it. I think it's a good exercise to have, because there was no self too. I think the no-self piece is the piece that allowed me to just really get into it.

But it's interesting, because there are things like that that we do that we might not do without the permission of a group. Even to go out into the front yard and do yoga. We might want to go out there and stretch, but... you would think, “You're with me.” But, you know, sometimes we need to have a class to go to, to allow us to partake of things that are there all the time.

What I enjoyed the most was the warm sand, lying in the warm sand. The feel of the sand all over, and the heat of the sun. And it wasn't hot, it wasn't scorching, it was just perfect. A perfect scorcher, a perfect day for that exercise. Not today!

Aaron: Thank you, Q. I wonder if some of you (remember being a child) when burying yourself in the sand. (inaudible, about Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan)

One of Barbara's children and Barbara's favorite activities was to climb to the top of a large dune and roll down. One would somersault down, roll down, in any way except-- well, sometimes on the feet, jumping in giant strides. How high is Sleeping Bear Dunes? Several hundred feet high. 400 feet. So it's a long way down, steep.

Q: I liked the experience very much, and there was fear, because I got triggered into remembering a time when I was small and I broke my collarbone running down a hill. So it was mixed. (Aaron, inaudible, asking about release of that old fear) Yes, yes. It's because when I got to the bottom I was whole, no broken bones.

Aaron: I would guess that at a cellular you released some of the old tension, some of the old karma in the body itself. Others?

Q: When we did this exercise three years ago, I did not experience any sense of anything. This time both in rolling in the waves and rolling down the hill, I experienced a loss of boundaries. Just became one with the elements. It was beautiful.

Aaron: And the difference is not in the exercise, of course, but in you.

Q: I was ready.

Q: When I started rolling down the hill, I felt like I was in an energetic cocoon. It was symmetrical, perfectly balanced with a lot of support and love. And then I started resisting and it came apart, and I landed flat on my stomach in the sand. So I said, “Let me do this again.” The next time I was more heart-centered and I continued rolling. (I eventually stopped. laughter) But there was less resistance.

Aaron: (The point of, part of) the exercise was rolling out of the self. Others?

Q: A few years ago when we did this, I too was thrilled to have permission to be a child, and I giggled and rejoiced. This time I felt great peace and harmony with the elements. Nothing shocking. Very pleasant. I loved the concept of rolling, my ego rolling out of me. I only got to do the water part briefly, and felt that was a better place for me to be shocked and challenged and watch fear and ego and equanimity flow, but I didn't get enough time.

Aaron: A few years ago, on a different beach, different place, there was more of a shelf by the water. Like the incline back here, but twice as big, dropping down into the water. And Barbara spent over an hour delighted to simply climb up and roll down. I watched her first do it as a self, and gradually how much self disappeared. There wasn't even a child at play anymore. There was simply emptiness taking delight in the elements and the world. That's how I conceived of the idea for this exercise. Others who would like to share?

Q: Rolling down the hill the first time, I was very aware of rolling down the hill. The next few times my body was feeling rolling down the hill, but I didn't, until I was still, at the bottom. Rolling into the waves, my ego was there because it wanted the water to be warmer and I couldn't <> with that!

Aaron: Anyone else to share? (no) Then let us simply open this to your questions.

Q: John last night talked about spaciousness and emptiness as if they were synonymous. But it seems to me that there's a subtle difference between the two. I'm wondering if you can comment.

Aaron: First, I did not hear John's talk. I also do not want to get into semantics and linguistic terms. Spaciousness and emptiness can be defined in many ways. As I would define them, emptiness is what I call the experience of knowing oneself to be empty of any separate self. It's not that there's no ego there, but there's no self-identification with the ego. There is an ego, and it's empty. There is no self behind it, it's simply propelled by old conditioning. If there is a true experience of emptiness, then that self cannot be in charge. It's just seen as appearing. “Oh, hello.” But it's clearly not the essence of the being.

Spaciousness can be experienced without emptiness. There can be a self experiencing the spaciousness, different degrees of spaciousness, until a total spaciousness opens, which becomes empty. Within that total spaciousness there's no self. It's empty. But spaciousness has many degrees.

Right now a number of you are experiencing a sense of spaciousness, but not emptiness. I repeat: I do not know what John said last night. I do not mean to contradict him.

Q: So the ocean is devoid of a separate self, so it's empty.

Aaron: The ocean is empty of a separate self. The beach is empty of a separate self. The sky is empty of a separate self. They may or may not be experienced as spacious. And since ocean, beach, and sky do not have that form of consciousness, they don't experience themselves as spacious. However, each of you is devoid of a separate self though that may not be the conscious experience of the moment. You are empty of that separate self. And, because you do have both consciousness and awareness, you may open into ever-increasing spaciousness.

At that extreme edge of spaciousness where nothing is solid, there can be no separate self. But at the beginning it may be mundane consciousness experiencing spaciousness. The experience of spaciousness through pure awareness is quite different than the experience of spaciousness through mundane consciousness.

Q: How?

Aaron: How? You tell me.

Q: How is it different?

Aaron: How is it different? If you're experiencing spaciousness through mundane consciousness, what are you experiencing?

Q: When you experience spaciousness through mundane consciousness, if you want to see the vastness of the sky, you need to have a bird far away so that you have a sense of perspective, or clouds. When you don't have self, then you don't need that bird or those clouds to have that sense of vastness.

Aaron: Yes, thank you. But it can be even simpler than that. Each of you sitting here right now, simply open your eyes and look around and feel the spaciousness of this moment. Mundane consciousness simply looking out on a beach, sky, ocean, people. But if the mind is somewhat still and the scenery is open and spaciousness, there's a sense of spaciousness, of non-contraction.

Now imagine the experience of spaciousness through pure awareness. Take a minute to open to pure awareness. Stepping back from the self-centered stories. Releasing self-identification with the thoughts, letting them rise up and float away.

In the first case, you are experiencing spaciousness as a mundane object, within the mundane field of consciousness. In the second, you are experiencing supramundane spaciousness, which is  quite a different object. This can only be perceived by supramundane awareness. Can you feel the difference? Please share.

Q: From the place of presence, or the akashic field, it seems that deep seeing really kicks in. And the world reveals itself in surprising ways. It has a feeling of reading karma, reading patterns. Could you speak to that?

Aaron: You are moving deeper out of relative reality and into subtle and causal reality wherein energy is more important than solids. The energy flow itself is the condition that comes together to create the very temporary solid form that then breaks apart.

Think of if you took a movie of somebody making a sandcastle at low tide, spending an hour or so building it just right. And then the tide coming in and a wave hitting it and its breaking apart. Now think if you could pick up all the energetic substance-- the joy of creating the castle, the sand itself and its joy in participating, the ocean moving at will with its tidal pulls, the waves hitting the sand castle, all the energetic movement of the ocean as the tide moves in-- and if you could capture all that energy somehow on film. That's what you see as you go into the akashic field, but in a much greater way. So you see all the, I call them ripples of disturbance, but I don't mean that as a negative term. Joy is one ripple of disturbance, anger is another. Intention is a ripple of disturbance. They each are disturbing the still water, as it would be disturbed if you trailed a finger through the still water. Energetic ripples. So you begin to see the whole thing.

The effect this has is to release judgment and need to control, and to enhance compassion, because you see how everybody and everything is subjected to these various ripples that move out beyond the center that they experience as self. Then enormous compassion for all these different selves whose energy fields are colliding, sometimes in lovely ways through friends spotting each other in the distance and rushing toward each other with a hug, to drivers not paying attention and their vehicles crashing into each other. Those vehicles are not caused in some preordained way to hit each other. But certain ripples of disturbance have been created through various karma and energy that somehow enacted this collision. These two friends are not preordained to find each other on the beach, but energetically they were drawn together.

We start to see deeper, then, and to start to understand what we are responsible for and what we are not responsible for, which helps you let go of some of the fierce judgments you have had for yourself. “I should have known this. I should have done it better.” It helps you let go of judgment of others, and helps you more cleanly/clearly invite a positive outcome energetically. It also, I would hope, helps you release feelings of unworthiness.


Q: Last night we were with the brothers and sisters of light and their healing energy. Could you talk more about our role in working with that healing energy, whether it's feeling our bodies or our spirits? How do we go about working with that energy in skillful ways?

Aaron: It begins with mindfulness and knowing your highest intention. After the session last night Barbara was feeling quite ungrounded and needed something to ground her. She went into the kitchen. T at first offered some kind of chocolate balls. Barbara said, “No, what I need is carrots, cheese and carrots.” So T prepared her some cheese and carrots.

Now, Barbara loves chocolate, but she knew chocolate would escalate this ungroundedness and that, there was some fruit in the chocolate, yes, but even so the sweets would have enhanced the ungroundedness. Her intention was to ground. You begin to know what you need and reach out for it. You invite it.

Loving spirit is everywhere around you. Negative spirit is around, too, hovering on the edges. If you're very angry at someone and you are thinking, “How can I get even?” you're probably going to attract negative entities that say, “Oh, why don't you try this or that negative action?” And some part of you that's more grounded in sila is going to say, “No, I don't think that's appropriate.” But if you're very caught up in the anger, you might get carried away with that idea for a while, before you stop.

Positive polarity is around you. So when you see the “I want to hurt him back” come up, and you stop and ask spirit, “Please support my release of this anger and help me open my heart with compassion,” spirit will help you.

You are constantly drawing to you whatever you seek. You need to know what it is you seek. You need to be grounded in mindfulness.

These brothers of light and the Mother are deeply positive and loving entities and their greatest delight is to support the spiritual seeker to advance, to grow in consciousness, to grow in compassion and wisdom, to release old karma. So they will always be available if you ask for their help.

Part of the challenge is in receiving. In your normal everyday state, there's only so much of the high vibration you can take in. As you were sitting last night in that circle, most of you could feel the high energy in the circle, yes? It was your own vibration bouncing off the vibration of your comrades. All of you holding this intention for the highest good of all beings, and with love, that was raising your own personal vibration to the point that you became more receptive to what the brothers and the Mother had to offer. Without that receptivity, they can offer but you can't take it in.

Remember that these entities do not “heal” you; they help you to remember your won wholeness sand manifest it, if that is your intention. That is why we call it spiritual energy remembering, not healing.

Q: How long do those spirits hang around?

Aaron: They are here right now. Spirit is always with you. Sometimes you are aware of it, sometimes not so aware.

Q: I felt them in that room for another hour or so.

Aaron: They have been with us the whole retreat. You felt them more because your vibration was higher. You were more sensitive to them. You were in a more spacious and empty place.

Q: So are they always with me?

Aaron: Your own guides are always with you. Those specific brothers and the Mother are not always with you, but they will come if you ask for them.

Q: I just say, “Help me?”

Aaron: You can ask for them. Let me ask a question first. How many of you have developed the habit, when you're feeling stuck, to say, “Aaron, help me?” How many of you feel me approach when you ask for help? (many) Okay.

The Mother is a deeply loving entity, very accessible to people. She has an extremely high vibration so she needs to tone down her vibration to keep it available to people. But she has the skill to do that.

Those of you who have been to the Casa and have met some of the specific entities there have gotten to know, one of you one entity, another of you another entity, who has worked with you. Each one seems to have your own primary care physician there. You're laughing, but sometimes you go through the line and the entity who is incorporated says, “Come back this afternoon, your doctor is not in the body now.” It's not that the one who's incorporated can't help, but, the one who is specializing in helping you is going to be there this afternoon, come back. It seems odd at first but they are separate entities, although they work in unity and harmony with each other. So one knows more about your situation than others. And rather than pass it all on, they simply say, come back and let your doctor work on it, just as you would if you went to your family doctor's office and a substitute was there. If you had a specific situation you had discussed with your doctor, the substitute might say, “Come back this afternoon. Your doctor will be back.”

Q: Do we have to remember their names?

Aaron: Of course not. But if you do know a name, that's helpful. “Aaron” is easy. “The Mother” is easy. For the others, you can simply ask for “a brother of light who can help support these intentions to remember and re-manifest wholeness”

Q: Last year at Emerald Isle, was that Mother who was here?

Aaron: Yes, but she was not incorporating as much energy into Barbara's body as she does now.

Q: One of the things I was aware of last night was in the palms of my hands, heat.

Aaron: Energy coming through. (others also, speaking of heat, hands turning red) That's normal. Let me say something else here.

Several entities incorporated last night, mostly the Mother. One of the brothers of light is more skilled with working with body and physical maladies and healing of the body, so he came in a few times. While the Mother was there, he just slipped in, did some supportive work for a few seconds, and slipped out. Some of you were aware of that. But also, while the Mother was in the body, several of these brothers of light, who are skilled physicians in terms of the body and in terms of karma and the energy field, were walking around with the room.

This is the training that Barbara was given this year at the Casa. It was rather intense and specific. It was about how to hold open what she views as a portal, a doorway, so that entities who are not incorporated in her body may use her body as a way of moving into this plane energetically. She's in a sense holding the doorway open between the heaven realm and this realm so these entities can come through and work in a skillful way. This is different than incorporating an entity. She is learning how to hold both at the same time. So this is what she was doing last night.

Q: So if Barbara is not holding that portal open, we can still receive...

Aaron: You hold the portal open. Each of you do so by your asking, by the sincerity of your asking. If you ask for help to get even with your neighbor, you're going to bring forth a different kind of entity than if you ask for help for opening your heart or re-manifesting the wholeness of  your sore elbow. The sincerity and love in your asking holds the portal open.

All of you are mediums. You all have the capacity to be mediums in that way, conscious or unconscious. When you are meditating and are restless, a lot of thoughts, and you simply at some level ask for help to settle the mind, you're not asking for a specific entity, you're asking love itself, the dharma, the Buddha. You're just putting yourself in the hands of that deep compassion and wisdom, and knowing this small human cannot do it himself or herself. It's not that you can't do it yourself, it's that if you have support, why not use that support? The Buddha Nature comes through, the awakened self. That support is with you. So you simply ask for the support you need. If nothing else, that focuses your attention and intention, and helps draw what you seek to you, just because you are requesting it. Again, the law of attraction.

Q: When I had rotator cuff surgery and went to Venture Fourth three days after, you brought in a brother of the light. He stayed with me for several weeks. I did not need pain pills, felt little pain. I still went through rehab, but I coped really well.

Q: I have noticed a lot of physical agitation, squirminess, recently during meditation. Does that have something to do with high energy?

Aaron: Agitation during meditation, restlessness, comes from a different place. If you have that high energy that the brothers are bringing forth and supporting in you, it will help you ground and center. It will help you move away from restlessness. So the restlessness is coming from ego level restlessness, agitation, tension. And the work is simply to note it and be present with it, and find, right there with the agitation, the stillness. If that high energy is there, it will help to bring balance to the agitation and invite you deeper into the stillness.

Q: Last night I experienced a lot of peace when the Mother came in, like a warm blanket of love surrounding me. And later on that evening, the agitation started.

Aaron: Nothing is coincidence, Q, but I think that her blanket of peace led you to open to deeper places in yourself wherein there is still agitation and discomfort, and to allow yourself to experience those and work with them skillfully. So that was something that was buried, and the blanket of peace allowed it to come more to the surface.

Q: How do I work with it skillfully?

Aaron: The same way you work with any restlessness or agitation. Note it without trying to fix it. Just make space for it. Breathe with it. If it's unpleasant, know it's unpleasant. If aversion comes up, know there's aversion. Gradually allow yourself to shift into the still center even while the agitation is swirling around you, and to shift the sense of identity from the agitation to the stillness, letting go of the agitation. It's just superfluous, let's call it ego activity, or habitual pattern activity.

For many of you, the way you handle any feeling of discomfort is to tighten up. So it's just the outflow of that habit. What was happening was an opportunity you sought, supported by the Mother and brothers to look at this habitual patterning and move deeper into the innate place of stillness. Choose stillness, not to get rid of the agitation, but simply to know both are there and there is a choice where one will focus attention.

In reply to Q, yes, I remember that experience with the rotator cuff surgery. There are some specifically named brothers from the Casa. The one that came in that night was one expression of the entity we call Dr. Augusto. Because of misuse by some people saying that they're channeling these entities around the world and charging people, Joao made a very clear statement, “Nobody channels these entities but me.” And of course this would not be the same entity. The metaphor was given recently. If you have a cow and you milk the cow and you squirt the milk directly from the udder to your mouth, that's one form of the milk. If you squirt it into a bucket and refrigerate it, it's the same milk but it's somewhat different. If you then skim the cream off the top, you have skim milk and you have cream. They're from the same source. If you make it into cheese or yoghurt or ice cream, you can't say it's not that cow's milk, but you can't say that each of these end results is the same.

When Medium Joao says, “Nobody channels these entities but me,” of course no other medium will channel exactly the same expression of that entity, because these entities are huge, and only one portion of them comes through.

So in those days, Barbara simply used the term ”Dr. Augusto”, and then she decided-- Heather was with us that day--after some discussion with Heather, the suggestion came from the entities themselves to simply call them Brothers of Light.

Now, two of the brothers that were with us last night were expressions of entities that also come through at the Casa. But they made the very clear statement, “We love and respect what happens at the Casa, but we're free agents. We may come through where we wish. Just don't call me Dr. Augusto, because I'm a different expression of that energy. The energy that comes through Medium Joao has been given the name Dr. Augusto. I'm a different expression of it.”

So an entity that you experienced last night was a different expression; we would not give him that same name. We've been experimenting with names. But I want to make it clear: it's a different expression.

Q: As long as we're free agents, was the loving mother in fact Mother Margarita?

Aaron: We are more cleared to call the Mother by name because Joao does not channel female entities. She is a mixture of Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, and Mother Margarita, or Santa Rita. She comes sometimes expressing more of one, sometimes expressing more of another, depending on your need. Each one has the capacity to bring forth different kinds of energy. So the balance is not always the same. Several weeks ago in a healing service, perhaps 70 people came up for darshan, one at a time, and I think each one experienced a different expression of the Mother. She offers what is useful of her self, sometimes toning her energy way down when somebody could not hold that high energy, sometimes bursting it forth.

Q: I'm thinking of people we know who are suffering in some way. Can we play any role in helping to enable them to experience some of the healing energy that we've experienced through the entities?

Clean to here

Aaron: As long as you do not violate their free will choice to continue to suffer. In other words, if somebody says, “I want to heal. I want to feel better.”, but they push away any opening of loving kindness, they continue to repeat the beliefs that hold them in a limited place, you cannot take that away from them. All you can do is love them. But people who are receptive, yes, you can pray with them; you can work with them.

We had a situation several years ago at a day of meditation. One woman was a bit agitated because her brother-in-law was literally in the hospital dying, experiencing organ failure of many of his organs. She was on the phone with her sister. There seemed little the doctors could do for the brother-in-law. He was very open to any support that might be given. So this woman and Barbara and I sat in meditation together for about an hour. We needed her because she had a direct experience of the brother-in-law. We were working with the akashic field, working with the Casa entities; inviting the highest healing possible for him. About the end of that hour she got a phone call from her sister saying he's off the critical list. This all came through. It just shifted energetically for him because he was ready to receive it.

It's not that we did anything miraculous. We simply offered, like you might offer food to somebody who was starving. And if they say, “No, I can't eat that,” then there's nothing you can do. But if they say thank you and drink or eat it, they may recover. Perhaps another being not so much avoids recovery as chooses this opportunity to transition and that may be a loving choice.

Q: So we can call upon you, Aaron, in those moments to help us to direct that supportive energy to others?

Aaron: You can call on me. Almost all of you had a direct meeting with the Mother, and you can call on her. And even those of you who did not meet with her directly, where would she be? She's always available. She is truly a part of you!  She's a loving being, or collection of beings. So yes, you can call on her. You can call on me. And those of you who have worked with any of these specific brothers of light can call on them. I say those who have worked with them, because you know their energy. Anyone can call on them, but it's easier if you know their energy. If you have never worked with them, they will still come if requested but you may not so easily recognize the energy field.

You can call on your own guides. Basically what you're doing is calling on all the forces of love in the universe to support the highest possible healing for the highest good. Then you are opening into the akashic field.

You're also acknowledging, “I do not know what is for the highest good.” There was one beloved sister who attended this retreat for many years, and who many of you knew and loved. She eventually transitioned out of her body with the cancer. But for many years, three times a year when Barbara was in North Carolina, the brothers would work with her, and she always experienced a deep reduction in pain that continued for weeks or a few months, before the pain of the cancer returned severely enough to need heavy medication again. So they were not able to heal the cancer. I would not say they failed to heal the cancer, but at some level it was J's conscious decision to be ready to transition. She may not have said, “Yes, I want to die.” Certainly I don't think she would have said that. But she knew that she had done the work she had come to do, and it was okay to leave the body at this point. So she eventually did that and in a peaceful way.

The entities would not heal her against her will. I would not say it would have been against her will. But they simply supported what she seemed to choose for her own highest good. She was ready to go on, to the next experiences and learning.  

Each being knows what it needs for its highest good. You come into the incarnation with a plan, understanding what it is you most need to learn. A book that may interest you, by Robert Schwartz is called Your Soul's Gift. It's his second book. He used four mediums and spirits to better understand the reasons for people's situations; Barbara and I and three other people. He interviewed many people about their soul level plan. Why had they lived in this lifetime with terrible childhood abuse, a body that was not physically capable of movement, blindness, abandonment as a child, whatever they might have experienced. Why would one choose this?

Meeting with each person, we helped them to understand what the soul had planned in the incarnation and how they were living that plan, and that they no longer had to suffer from what they had experienced, but could allow a deep healing so that they no longer lived in the image of victim -  of rape, of abandonment, of disabled body. No longer held to the idea, “Something is wrong with me.”

I think his book is profound. I agreed to work with it because I believe in what he is doing. This is book two. I am not in book one, I am in book two and worked with a number of the interviewees. It's available from Rob or from Amazon, and perhaps also through Deep Spring Center. It is in bookstores, too.

(inaudible speaking, off mic)

Q: I wondered, why wouldn't I want these entities to be with me all the time? Why not?

Aaron: Daughter, I'm laughing at your question! I'm not laughing at you. There's no reason why you would not want them to be with you all of the time, but some people have the idea, “I can do it myself.” Or they simply forget that this help is available. You're not used to thinking in those terms. Or, at some level you don't really want the help. You want to stay with the distortions. What do the distortions protect you from? We ask people with a lot of anger that question, sometimes. If you release this anger, what might you experience? What does this anger protect you from? People see the way it makes them feel strong and safe. So sometimes we don't want to ask spirit's support because we're a little afraid of the answer.

Remember that spirit does not heal you; spirit supports your ability to know your wholeness nd enact that wholeness, expressing it ever more fully.

Q: You mentioned that we should ask our spiritual guides for help.

Aaron: I mentioned that you could, not that you should.

Q: You mentioned guides plural, more than one guide. Do each of us have more than one guide?

Aaron: You each have numerous guides. You have personal guides. You have guides such as me who are master teachers. You have usually more than one personal guide, different levels of personal guidance. They are of ascending vibrational frequency. At the beginning, you may not be able to access the highest frequency guide. But as you grow and learn and your frequency grows, you begin to be able to access the higher vibrational guides. The guidance you need is always there. You also have what we call power animals. Those of you who were in Venture Fourth experienced the meeting of your power animals, and it was a profound experience for many of you.

There are many different kinds of guidance, and it comes in different ways. A friend who was asking a question, I believe the question was whether the water in his home was clear enough, or whether it had some small pollutants in it that were causing harm to him, and so he wanted guidance on this. In meditation he asked for help. He didn't hear anything. But when he went out in his car to do some errands, the first truck he saw had a big sign on its side, “Spring Water”. And then two or three minutes later, another truck at a different intersection. “Spring Water”. Three or four times. It was a very clear statement from spirit. If you can't hear us, we'll get to you another way. So of course he went out and bought some spring water.

Q: They were not saying, “Your house has spring water.”

Aaron: No, they were suggesting, “Go buy spring water.” Because of recent news of water pollution, he was asking the question, “Is my water coming from the faucet pure enough or should I go buy spring water?” If you are sincere, spirit will find a way to answer you.

Q: You mentioned personal guides. So I was wondering if it was a personal guide who was active, influential in this situation that happened to me. I was driving in the car with my son to a cub scout meeting. We were late. I was driving faster. I saw a car pull out too much and took my foot off the gas a little. I was thinking about telling my son, and I said, “Pay attention to the road.” So I went to look at the road, and I saw nothing. It was black. And it stayed like that for about one second, maybe two. When finally it came back, my sight, a pick-up truck was pulling in front of me to make his left turn. I had the right of way. My first impulse was to quickly turn to the left and go into his lane, that he was leaving. And I must have missed that truck by a centimeter.

Aaron: (inaudible) I have rarely but occasionally helped Barbara in those ways when something in traffic pulled out suddenly and she didn't see it. Just suddenly my voice saying, “Pull left!” And she's used to following my suggestions, so she pulled left and then saw this car pulling out into her lane. Your guides will help you. (inaudible) They will support you. But all too often you experience that guidance and you shrug and say, “Oh, I'm imagining it.” And then we can't get through.

There's another situation in which Barbara was pulling out from her cabin to drive down her half-mile long single-lane dirt road. I asked her to go very slowly. Normally she goes slowly; it's a rutted road. But I said, “Go slow. Go very slow.” Just as she came around the final curve a big tree was coming down over the road. Had she been there 10 seconds earlier it would have come straight down on her car. I energetically felt the tree was ready to go. It had not started to fall when she left her cabin, but I could feel its fragility and that it was going to fall any moment. It could have been 10 minutes later. It could have been before she reached it even with speed. But I was able to communicate with her. I didn't say, “There's a tree going to fall on the road,” I just said, “Use caution. Go slow.” So in seeing it coming down in front of her, she was able to brake and stop.

We are with you. We wish you well. We don't want trees to fall on you or cars to mangle you.

Again, I want to ask, shall we stop to give you this time to celebrate together as humans? Perhaps it's time.

(recording ends)