May 3, 2012 Thursday Afternoon at the Beach, Emerald Isle

Akashic field; akasha; cohesiveness of akasha; experiences of all ground vs. primordial purity; living our highest intentions with help of these practices; spirit entities and support; law of attraction;

(On the beach; some speech/questions hard to hear)

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. We have another beautiful afternoon on the beach. We're going to spend a fair amount of time today with “doing” exercises. When I say doing, I hope there's pure being in your doing; not an active self, just nobody rolling down the hill, nobody sitting by the water. Emptiness.

What is the difference between akasha and the akashic field? Anybody want to give a try at it?

Q: I think of akasha as the element as it expresses out of the akashic field, similar to the other elements, except that akasha is the element that contains the other elements, that creates the space for the other elements.

Aaron: Thank you; very clear. Earth, air, fire, water, and akasha or ether. So the akasha is literally one of the elements. All the elements contain each other. All are present, each in the others. All are present in akasha, no different than the others. But the akasha has a binding quality so it holds all the other elements together. It not only is the space but is that which binds them together. So that when you have an object, like ocean, that is expressing in large part as water element, but earth, air, and fire are also there, the akasha is the binding element that holds them all together in what we call the akashic field.

So akasha in itself is just an element, but we do not talk about a water field or an earth field or a fire field. The akasha has a special quality of binding together and containing both. By containing, I don't mean it squeezes them. It simply serves as the space into which they all rest, and has the ability to help them bind to each other and relate to each other.

The akashic field is something quite different. It is the field—very hard in your English language. The various prepositions don't work. It is not in or around. It is the field created by the akasha and holding the akasha. Thus, when you go into the akashic field, you find all the elements including akasha.

You know how earth, air, water, and fire element feel. Akasha is a bit like walking into a room filled with odorless smoke. There's something there. It may be felt more as energetic, it may be seen as a mist, but it has the quality if you push here, it reacts over there. It's always in movement, each part of it fully receptive to and responsive to every other part of it. So that when you move into the akashic field and try to zero in on some object in the akashic field, everything related to that object is drawn forth for your awareness.

You don't need to know too much about this. I'm not going to ask you to experience akasha today. It's sufficient at this retreat to get a sense of the akashic field. You will start to understand the direct experience of akasha later.

When I read the akashic records, I'm going to a specific area of the akashic field in which the various karmic histories are filed, so to speak. Filing is a misnomer; of course they are not filed there, they are simply gathered there. They are drawn there by the intent to look into the akashic records. So the intention draws the various relevant karmic streams together so they may be reflected upon.

So the most important qualities of akasha are cohesiveness and spaciousness. That may seem polarized, opposites, to you. Try to think about cohesiveness. Holding everything together but in an unlimited way, so there is infinite spaciousness and yet nothing drifts off into obscurity. It's all there together.

I just wanted to clarify that for some of you. We need to go no further with it unless you have a question.

Q: If it's not sticky-- cohesive, but not sticky...?

Aaron: Is cohesive always sticky? No. Water has a cohesive quality. If some water spills on a table, it tends to puddle and not just spread into infinite thinness over the table. The molecules of water are drawn together. It's not sticky so much as inviting, gathering, drawing together.

Me here on the beach, I have a cohesive quality. I'm not sticky. But you're all here in this group and not scattered all over the beach because of your intention to learn what I'm sharing. Sticky implies a kind of force. Cohesive implies an invitation.

Q: When I experienced primordial purity, there was a uniform cohesiveness in the presence.

Aaron: You're saying there was a cohesiveness to primordial purity itself. Yes, because of its high positive polarity.

Q: Not akasha?

Aaron: Akasha's cohesiveness is based on it's fluidity, on that aspect of cohesiveness; it connects. Akasha is within everything, and has no singular polarity. The cohesiveness you experienced within primordial purity is based largely on the highly positively polarized vibration of primordial purity. It is a totally uncontracted—I don't know what to call it. It's not an object, a thing - simply primordial purity is completely uncontracted. There is a complete spaciousness and flow to it. But likes attract. This positive polarity attracts like positive polarity, and especially the high degree of positive polarity in primordial purity. So when you experience that in your meditation, you are experiencing what I might call—I am coining the term, here—the field of primordial purity. It's not this primordial purity or that primordial purity, it's the primordial purity, which manifests in many different ways. But it has a cohesiveness to it.

So when one is resting in primordial purity of the spacious mind, one will also experience the primordial purity of the body. Likes attract.

Q: So primordial purity is experienced by whatever it is perceived?

Aaron: The immediate area of primordial purity serves as the doorway to the vastness of primordial purity. In other words, when I look through that doorway, seeing through the primordial purity of intention, perhaps, looking at the deepest self-intention, primordially pure, that opens the doorway to other expressions of primordial purity. There is only one primordial purity, but it comes in many expressions.

Are there other questions?

Q: Is this like the scientific term “chaos theory,” where everything looks random, however, like polarities gather together?

Aaron: Everything is random because it has free will. And yet it is completely contained both within the akashic field, and, if it is of the primordial purity and not distorted, it's completely contained in primordial purity. So it's not really random, is it? Entropy. Do you know the term entropy? So yes, everything is decaying into chaos. And yet if you leave it alone long enough, it forms into its own clear patterns.

So entropy is not a natural law of chaos but a natural law of orderliness based on intention to live within the primordial purity. Eventually it pulls it back together, unless you're intent on creating chaos. You can keep the chaos going for quite a long time if that's your intention. But if you let it alone, it settles.

The familiar example is simply a glass container with a stopper, filled with clear water and some kind of sediment. If you shake it, the sediment will be stirred through the water. As long as you keep shaking it, the sediment doesn't settle. But the primordial purity of the water is always there, and when left alone the sediment will settle. And the sediment is the sediment and the water is the water.

I don't want to get into too much esoteric talk. I want to keep this focused on your experience of the akashic field, and how you as humans can work within that field.

Let me pick one more area of discussion, though. Do you understand the difference between the All Ground and the primordial purity? We've tossed that around quite a bit through this year. Much of this discussion was from last summer and the Seattle transcripts. All Ground and primordial purity. Does anybody want to take a try at that?

Q: All Ground is Dharmakaya. Primordial purity is the Unconditioned.

Aaron: That is accurate, but can you explain it further for those who don't quite follow you?

Q: (inaudible) All Ground is the container for primordial purity... (inaudible) (now on mic) All Ground is the dharmakaya. The dharmakaya contains everything, so therefore the dharmakaya contains primordial purity.

Aaron: Within the dharmakaya is the primordial purity and the distortions, and all the karmic triggers that support primordial purity and those that lead into distortion. All of the karma, all of the different streams, it's all there within the All Ground. So the All Ground, yes, is Dharmakaya. You think of the dharmakaya as being simply the divine, the everything, but it is the everything in all senses, not just the divine itself but everything. The nirmanakaya and sambhogakaya are there within the dharmakaya. It's all there together.

Someone has asked me yesterday, was I planning this teaching years ago? Of course. First you had to understand the three kayas. Step by step, we go along. Who knows where we'll be in five years? Perhaps floating on clouds over the ocean!

So everything is within the dharmakaya. The primordial purity is one expression of the dharmakaya that you find when sila is strong and there's the deep intention to release any negative currents, to release anything that is not fully wholesome. One keeps refining the energy field until it is distilled into this nugget of essential light, radiance, and love, without any ripple of disturbance.

So the primordial purity and the All Ground are not separate. It is your intention that uncovers the primordial purity within the All Ground. And similarly, it is your intention that releases anything that is not primordial purity when you enter the All Ground and the akashic field, seeking to purify and release anything not primordial pure from that space within the akashic field. Then you see the ripples of disturbance, like a little bit of pride or jealousy or anger. You see the intention—see is not the best word, simply know the intention to not carry this any further, not create further ripples of disturbance. And within the akashic field, love and wisdom understand how to release whatever is not needed so that what remains is just this nugget of crystal, this ever-clear light.

Now, I'm sure that's perfectly clear to all of you!

When you get the transcript back, simply do some reflection on it. It's not something you have to understand perfectly at this point. We are not working with the intellect so much as experience. What is the experience of the All Ground when you feel the ripples of disturbance in it? What is the experience of the primordial purity? Can you recognize that within the ripples of disturbance and focus on it? That's what draws your attention.

And as you release your attention from that which is not primordially pure, the cohesiveness around this dissolves and it drifts away. It's not that it escapes from the akashic field. Everything is in the akashic field. It simply ceases to have energy and winks out. Since it ceases to exist, it's no longer in the akashic field. It's gone. Smoke that has burned itself out.

Now, with this in mind-- first let me ask if there are questions.

Q: Can you repeat everything that you said? (laughter)

Q: Can you just touch us on the head and we will be there?

Aaron: You would regret it, because that would take you to a place you are not fully ready to enter. There would be a lot of turmoil because you would see the primordial purity so clearly and yet not fully be able to manifest it, and be caught in a lot of frustration and pain. It has to happen gradually, naturally.

Q: It feels like, with these concepts, that we touch into them and when the time is right, they manifest themselves to us. Something bigger than us takes over.

Aaron: Exactly, exactly. Barbara has been at Tibetan retreats where the lama did empowerments, reading from some scriptures and then walking around the room, 200 people, touching each one on the head with the scripture book, which was supposed to bring instant opening, what Q just asked, can you just touch us and zap!? People felt the high energy of that. But many people were not yet ready to manifest it. And maybe it will be ten years before they are ready. This also happens at the Casa when people enter that high energy field but are not yet fully ready to do the inner work; it must be a gradual change.

I am giving you no less of a transmission, a direct transmission. But instead of zapping it energetically into your head, I'm asking you to become responsible for it by gradually letting it unfold within your experience, so that increasingly you can live it.

Q: It seems as if something bigger than us begins to take over.

Aaron: Yes. The higher self, which is connected to the divine and to everything takes over, and the small self is no longer running things.

Q: And then we get it, “Aha!”

Aaron: Yes, because what blocks your getting it is your ego that is trying to figure it out, rather than just relaxing into the deepest truth.

There needs to be the commitment, as much as possible, to live consistent with this primordial purity, which means understanding the primordial purity, and simultaneously not to chastise the self when there is not full recognition of or ability to manifest the primordial purity. So it's the mixture of wisdom and the open heart, constantly progressing. But increasingly you do see the streams of distortion. You see these subtle currents. You smell them, you taste them, you feel them. You see them energetically. You know when something is off-center. And you gradually begin to bring it back into balance.

And it is the commitment to do this that keeps bringing you back into the primordial purity and releasing everything else, clarifying your karma, clarifying your energy fields, and thusly allowing you to live increasingly from the primordial purity, with the primordial purity, and expressing it everywhere into the world.

If you walked into a beautiful flowering garden, enjoying the colors and scents, but somewhere in the corner there was a big pile of dog feces, fresh, smelly, not a pleasant smell, you would know, “This is not the garden smell. Let us clean this up and release it.” It's not garbage. You may compost it in some way. It's not bad. But it's not the sweet smell of the flowers. And then over there there's skunk cabbage, and it doesn't have the smell you have come to understand as primordial purity, but has perhaps a decaying odor.

We just keep looking at the karmic streams, the subtle places where a little bit of grasping or anxiety or doubt or feelings of unworthiness surface, and say, “Aha, there's one thread. I don't have to follow it back to its historical origin. I just need to attend to it right now by holding it in the container of love until it dissolves.” Mist blowing away. As it dissolves, you're left with the primordial purity.

When you do this in as much of your life is as possible, but with kindness to the self, inviting, never forcing, watching areas of resistance, using your vipassana practice as a wholesome tool, being mindful of what has arisen, that it has arisen out of conditions and is not self, holding space for it until it dissolves, slowly all of this decay dissolves leaving the primordial purity.

It's easier and easier to find, the further you go. Just as a simple example, consider a thief who is used to taking whatever he wants from anybody at any time. At one point begins to snatch some food from a man who is clearly very poor and has ragged children at his side. And then some small inner movement says, “No, this man and his children are starving.” So a bit of light has come through. He continues to live stealing but it's not always so easy now, because each time he steals, he's led to wonder, “Am I harming somebody?” So the full grounding in self-centeredness becomes shaky and there's an “other” awareness that develops.

Gradually he finds he can no longer steal in big ways, but if he finds a dollar bill on the ground, he'll still pick it up. But as the energy field is purified still further, he starts to look around for who dropped this dollar bill. Who dropped this penny? How far back does it go?

So you just keep purifying these distorted streams, not needing to know the original karma. Sometimes it's helpful to know, but mostly the stream itself reflects what needs to be done. What needs to be done is to address that greed that says, “Oh, I need that dollar. I need that penny. I need that bread,” with compassion; and letting it go.

Once again, any questions before we move on to exercises?

Q: I decided that I wasn't going to be down here this afternoon. I was going to take a nap. Now, I don't know what happened, but (inaudible) something was pulling me, and I really felt like it was the energy pulling me down here.

Aaron: Of course! Of course! (laughter, inaudible) ... the akashic field discussions. There was a certain sense, a certain energy floating up to your bedroom and saying, “Come! Come!” And it's something that resonated with many without knowing what it was. It brought you forth because it felt wholesome.

Q: It was here. It was energy pulling.

Aaron: Yes. And nothing was forcing you, it was inviting you. Barbara had a hard time falling asleep after lunch. She was exhausted, perhaps over-exhausted. So it was about 5 or 10 of 2pm before sleep came;  her alarm went off at 2:15pm and she thought, “Hmm, maybe I can skip this.” (laughter) And something strong said, “No, you need to be there.” And it was not just obligation but truly love of the dharma, love of all of you.

Q: Speaking of energy, yesterday when Ariel came through Barbara, I felt a jolt, a physical jolt energetically.

Aaron: Ariel was limiting his energy as strongly as he could, but he has a huge energy, similar to what you feel at the Casa if Dom Inácio incorporates. There's a huge jolt of energy.

Q: Did Barbara feel it too?

Aaron: She does not feel it when he incorporates but she feels it afterwards. It's a strain on the body to carry that high energy.

Q: I felt it in my chest. My heart opened up.

Aaron: Yes. Barbara has been incorporating an entity who calls herself The Mother. She tells us she is a mix of Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, and a Casa entity called Santa Rita. She is a very high vibrational energy like Ariel. Like me, but I have learned how to keep my energy field smaller. But these entities simply let it out.

Many people deeply resonate with her. Perhaps she will come tonight.

Q: Did you, Aaron, incorporate Ariel?

Aaron: No, I step aside, just as Barbara steps aside. I removed my consciousness from the body so Ariel could come in. Sometimes there's a flickering in and out with these entities. A few of you, I think, were present at Corinthians Church for the last one... Perhaps 75 or 80 people were there. What Barbara has been taught this year at the Casa is how to be in two places at once. To allow the Mother or some other entity to incorporate and, simultaneously, with some small portion of her Barbara consciousness, to hold open a portal so many entities may come through and work with the gathered group. So that when one person is working with the Mother, coming up one at a time for darshan with her, that the other entities are orchestrating the spiritual remembering within the big room.

This asks a lot of Barbara. She is able to maintain that, but it is tiring by the end of several hours. But also she feels it to be a blessing, a joy. Of course, she's not doing this herself. There are other mediums present who are supporting the energy. She could not do it on her own.

What happened at the last Corinthians service, which I found very interesting, was that there was almost an instantaneous shift back and forth. The Mother would be incorporated. The person would let go of her hands. The Mother would lower her gaze. As that person walked out, one of the Brothers of Light incorporated and worked within the room, directing the other entities as to what needed to be done for a few seconds until the next person came in and took the Mother's hands and the Mother came back. So they were simply flowing in and out of the body.

There were basically four entities: the Mother, and ones we have called Father John, Father Kindness and Father Divine. Some interesting names! They each chose what we might call them.

Q: Are they the same as the Casa entities?

Aaron: One of them gave a metaphor of milk. That if you have a cow and you squirt milk directly from a cow's udder into your mouth, that's direct source of milk from a cow. If you put it in a glass and then drink it, it's subtly different. If you pasteurize it and refrigerate it, it's still the same cow's milk but it's subtly different. If you make cheese, it's different. If you make yogurt, it's different. But it's the same milk.

From that we got Udder Brother, Brother Udder. The brother then became Udderly Amazing, Udderly Delightful. We have all been playful with it. At the upcoming meeting on Monday night perhaps there will be some clarification of which names they want to be called. (the names above are the final decision, Mother and three Fathers)

Now, some of these are entities that do incorporate at the Casa. But his point was, what comes through Medium Joao is this milk, and what comes through Barbara is that milk. It's from the same cow. There's only one cow. But it takes different expressions. So we cannot call these entities, Dr. Augusto, for example, or Dom Inácio. They're not the same entities. They may be expressions of that energy, but you're all expressions of the One. But it's much clearer to give them a distinct name. I rather like Udderly Amazing! We'll see what he decides.

The reason I'm sharing this is that all of these entities are around constantly and available to you, as your guides are available to you. You don't have to incorporate them to experience them. You can choose to tune in and experience their energy. It's up to you.

There is never any force. It is simply offered, just like the milk is offered and you can drink it or not drink it. If it feels right for you at that point then you drink it. If you're on a non-dairy diet, you'll pass it by.

Q: I had a question about the akashic field. When I use the akashic field, it's like a magnifying glass. There's the big sun and I can find or do whatever I need to do. Is this correct?

Aaron: Because within the akashic field, you are calling toward you that which most needs to be seen, understood, and released or enhanced, to meet your highest intention. It's about the law of attraction. You're all familiar with what I call the law of attraction, yes? Okay. It's just a part of the law of attraction. What is your highest intention?

If you go into the akashic field with the intent of doing harm or mischief, then you'll draw negativity to you and the means to do great harm and mischief. That's why these things are not taught until sila is well-grounded.

Q: So if I wanted to access primordial purity, the way that you described, it's always a process of subtraction, getting rid of the clouds in front of the sun.

Aaron: No, you don't have to get rid of anything! Here is a jigsaw puzzle with 1,000 pieces, and there's an extraneous 1,000 pieces out there on the board, too, that are not related to this jigsaw puzzle. Let's say in this first instance they're clear. All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are of an ocean scene—sand dunes and ocean and sky, and the second puzzle has red streaks and brilliant colors. You don't have to subtract anything; you just sort through and take the pieces that you need. Leave the rest alone. Why get caught up with them at all? Subtracting them or getting rid of them gives them energy. Just pass through them.

Your law of attraction leads you to know your highest purpose, and this from the clarity of the akashic field, from pure awareness, because you can't be in the akashic field with everyday mind, only with pure awareness. Pure awareness focuses on what is desired, needed, to be manifest and draws it to you.

Q: But primordial purity is where there aren't ripples of distortion.

Aaron: It's not distortion if it's just swimming around there, minding its own business. It only becomes distortion if you become ensnared with it. If I don't mind those red and yellow and green jigsaw pieces floating on the board, I simply focus on the pieces that fill my need to assemble the sea and sky. I let the other go. Eventually they'll float off into their own jigsaw puzzle. Leave them alone.

They only have substance if I give energy to them. If I cease to give energy to them, they dissolve on their own.

Q: So if I'm going into the akashic field with this magnifying glass, I need to focus on the jigsaw puzzle pieces...

Aaron: You're going in there with a magnifying glass that allows you to discern what is resonant to your highest intention and what is not resonant, and simply to turn your gaze away from what is not resonant. When you're not giving it energy anymore, it drifts off. It's all there within the All Ground. You're not getting rid of anything. You're only drawing to you that which is important to draw to you.

Using an important mundane example. A certain person perhaps always stirs anger in you. You find yourself disturbed by this person. The person is sometimes very self-centered or arrogant, greedy, or slovenly. There are numerous characteristics you don't like in the person. Instead of focusing on getting rid of the dislike of the person, try to open your heart to the akashic field, feel the ripples of disturbance you experience coming from that person and between that person and you, and find that which is beautiful in the person. Then focus in on that which is beautiful in the person. In that way, you're not ignoring the unpleasant characteristics. You're simply not inviting them, through desire to fix or through fixation. You're just letting them be.

What you dislike in the person usually represents something you dislike in yourself. You're letting it all go and coming back to the innate beauty, the primordial purity, and holding that in your heart. Suddenly this person may start to change. Magic, before your eyes! Suddenly they're no longer slovenly, abusive, so self-centered. What's happened to this person? They are reflecting what you are reflecting to them.

Certainly you know situations, we see this especially in children, adolescents, where if they're with the “wrong friends” they can begin to act in a very negative way. If they're with other friends, they may be very polite and considerate and loving. So certain people draw certain qualities from them and other people draw other qualities from them. For the adolescent this is appropriate because they're testing all of these behaviors as part of learning who they are. Then they see the parts they no longer wish to reflect. This is why it's important to give your children space to experiment and learn who they are, and not try to force them into your mold of who you think they should be.

But the most important thing is to keep reflecting to the other person the primordial purity that you see in yourself and in them, not to get rid of something. Does this make sense to you?

I want us to have time to roll down the hill and perhaps to sit in the water. We'll talk more tomorrow.

What is this rolling down the hill exercise? Let's start with the question: who is rolling down the hill? If there's a somebody there, you're going to feel it. You can start with that just to see what it feels like. “Here I am. I'm lying down on the top of the hill and now I'm going to roll down. Is everybody watching?” Feel the ego there. How does it feel?

Rest at the bottom for a minute or so, just lying on the sand wherever you ended up. And then come back up to the top. Sit and breathe for a minute or two, coming back to a clearer space. I'm not saying a perfectly clear space, just a clearer space of emptiness. Invite emptiness to roll down the hill. Lie down on the sand. Feel the sun on the body. Feel the warmth of the sand and the grittiness of it. See the blue sky. Feel the breeze. Sink into all these elements to whatever degree it's easy. Sink also into the akashic field. And then simply let the body roll down the hill.

See if, part way down, you experience a moment of rolling out of the body, so to speak. No self in this body. It may only last for a moment, one or two rolls and then it's gone and you land at the bottom. Notice if there is just the brief experience of emptiness.

As you try it a number of times, invite the totality of the akashic field. See all the different streams that flow. The one who wants to get it right. The one who doesn't want to get sandy. The one who is delighted to be in this contact with the elements. See all the different streams, and see that none of them is solid and of the nature of a self. They're just various karmic streams. What remains? Let what remains roll down the hill.

Unless there's a specific question, I think that's enough instruction. Okay, will you try it?

(session ends)